Back to Black 2: Kate Middleton’s revenge

Back to Black 2: Kate Middleton’s revenge

Kate Middleton visited Brookhill Children’s Centre in Woolwich yesterday, March 18 to see the work of Home-Start – a family support charity supporting families with children under five to help parents build better lives for their children; with 15,000 volunteers supporting 32,000 families. The two biggest headlines? Kate talking about her due date, and her cheap dress selling out. Seriously, that’s what the papers focused on.

Home-Start “provides support to families facing pressures caused by isolation, mental ill health, multiple births, bereavement, disability, poor housing or financial stress which can all have a devastating effect on parents and their children.”

Isolation? Like, because the parents don’t see anyone because they are too busy taking care of their babies, or because they live in a remote area? Or due to other reasons? Either way, that’s interesting. Isolation can certainly lead to depression, which can be traumatic and cause long lasting effect not only for the parents but also the children, so it’s interesting that they focus on that. Having some sort of support is such a big help when dealing with depression.

Kate learning about Home Start 2

Kate met with the staff and volunteers and families, and had a behind-closed-doors meeting with two families being supported by the charity. She also took part in (more like watched) a training session. Kate arrived at around 10:30 local time and stayed for about an hour and a half.

Kate met with the volunteers and families during a “coffee morning” where there were biscuits (that’s British for cookies, right?) on the table. Kate declined to eat one.

Kate visits Home Start 1

From the Daily Mail:

    Kate was asked by volunteer Christie Osborne when Baby Cambridge 2 is due, and Kate replied, “I’m due mid-April to the end of April. Not long to go now.”
    When discussing sleeping patterns and feeding routines, Kate said:“It can be hard, can’t it. So often it’s about giving you the confidence to interact with your baby.”
    She was given a potty training manual for Prince George to which she replied: “Oh that’s perfect. We will certainly be needing that!”
    As she was leaving, Kate thanked staff and told them: “I can now see how the work you does makes such a difference to all these families. It is remarkable.”

I’m kind of shocked they actually printed something Kate said, because they usually don’t. Either because she never says anything of interest, or because she speaks so quietly that no one can hear her. But the DM actually printed quotes – interesting. And she actually speaks loud enough for the you to hear her when she’s speaking to the kids in the video below.

Kate received a card with the kid’s handprints inside. Um… How is she able to bend down like that at eight months pregnant? Is that normal? I would think it would at least be super uncomfortable, if not impossible. But I wouldn’t actually know.

Sigh. I know my liking of Kate’s last two outfits caused a bit of a stir in the comments in the last Kate post, and I know most of you didn’t like the all-brown St. Patrick’s Day outfit, but I stand by the fact that I thought Kate looked good for the Afghan Service and St. Patrick’s Day. But Kate’s fashion high didn’t last long, for yesterday Kate was back to wearing dark colors when visiting children and children’s charities. Ugh.

Kate wore ASOS Maternity “Polka Dot Wrap Skater Dress” ($63.00). Kate wore a black coat while arriving, and the coat is not maternity whatsoever. The coat is from 2012 and reportedly made by Kate’s “private dressmaker”. I actually really like this coat; I liked it in 2012, too. But the coat is WAY TOO SMALL for Kate right now. She’s trying to shove her eight months pregnant body into a coat made for a non-pregnant, skinny woman. She can fit her arms into the coat, but it does not close in the front and is pulling at the back (UPDATE: So apparently the link I had wasn’t working for some of you, so here and here are two different links showing Kate from the back). It doesn’t look good on her right now. She really needs to get over the whole “trying to fit into non-maternity clothes” thing. At least she took the coat off when she got inside. The dress actually fits here, because, you know, maternity wear.

Kate accessorized with her Mulberry Bayswater clutch and her Stuart Weitzman Power pumps she’s been really fond of lately. The Kiki McDonough “Morganite and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings” made a reappearance, as did her Mappin and Webb “Fortune” Pendant and Cartier watch.

ASOS Maternity Polka Dot Wrap Skater Dress Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Morganite and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings Mappin and Webb Fortune White Gold Mid Length Necklace

An update to Kate’s calendar:

On March 27, she and Prince William will tour the Stephen Lawrence Centre in Deptford, then visit XLP in Gipsy Hill to watch an Arts Showcase presentation, and then visit an XLP community bus and the XLP mobile recording studio in the Hazel Grove Estate in Sydenham.

Kate learning about Home Start

Rebecca Deacon cameo:
Kate arriving at Home Start

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94 thoughts on “Back to Black 2: Kate Middleton’s revenge

    1. I know. She really needs to cut her hair now. I was against it for a while, thinking she could just put her hair up as a middle ground. But she’s going to continue to wear it down, so she might as well cut it to a better length.

      1. There is nothing wrong with beautiful, long hair. Women pay a lot of money on hair vitamins and extensions to get this type of look all over the world. She looks great with long hair and I do not see her cutting it off anytime soon. It’s her head afterall and she obviously likes it long. While you may like your hair cut shoulder length, she prefers hers longer.

        We have no proof that Kate wears a weave. I too have wondered this myself. I know from watching movies that there are some fabulous ways to make someone with almost no hair, appear to have a lot. I am not talking about just a weave. If Kate wore a weave you would really be able to tell. If she does wear some type of extensions, it is done by one hell of a professional.

  1. Speaking for myself, when I had PPD, isolation and feeling cutoff/alone in the world was a big contributing factor to it. Once I realized what was wrong and asked for help, people visited, I was pushed to be around people more, help was offered – and it was INCREDIBLE the difference it made for me. That, plus super meds ha!

    Also, my mother was chronically ill and handicapped for 20 years (the first 20 years of my life) and it was always a struggle to not slip into isolation and to find communities where people made the effort to be in our life.

    Home-Start sounds wonderful!

    Re Catherine’s crouch – not crotch 😉 – I was NOT able to do that at 8 months. My belly was quite large by then, even though my baby was solidly in the average weight range. Perhaps it is her long torso that makes her carry the baby that way. When I see pics of her before the engagement, I’m shocked because it’s obvious she has the same body type as Pippa: longer than average torso, shorter legs.

    1. Isolation is the worst part of depression, and it’s a negative feedback loop. The more isolated you are, the more depressed you are, and the more isolated you become because of the depression, which only increases the depression. It’s awful. Having an organization there to support the parents and the children is a wonderful thing. Because it’s not just the parents affected if they suffer from depression, it’s the children as well.

  2. Oh yawn, Kate is in black again. But then she is visiting children so what do we expect?
    I hadn’t heard of this charity, it has an awesome number of volunteers which, I feel must indicate how many are needed! Yes, it is possible to feel isolated even when living in a big city. It must be worse if you are living in a tower block and the lift hardly ever works so you are stuck because you can’t get a pram or stroller down many flights of stairs.

    1. There are so many ways to feel isolated, even when in large crowds (or especially when in large crowds for some). I think it’s good that this charity takes isolation into consideration since it’s not something that is normally addressed.

  3. That’s a rather low cut dress from certain angles.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I have to doubt whether the dress actually sold out unless it was stocked in low quantities already. When her regular clothing sells out, we’re expected to believe that there’s a large group of women out there who just have to dress like Kate. Okay, I guess I can see that, but I’d expect more people from the UK to have mentioned seeing people on the street dressed like her.

    Now we’re told that not only are there enough women out there dying to dress like her to sell out clothing but there are enough pregnant women out there to be desperate to have her outfits. That’s already a much smaller subset of the population causing some huge run on clothing, unless women are buying the dress regardless of it being maternity wear. Either way, the whole thing seems a bit odd to me.

    1. I agree, I think the manufacturers do it on purpose to create interest, like “this is so desirable, that we’ve had to restock!” Ugh

    2. re the low cut neckline: maybe it’s a good thing Kate wore her long hair down, that way it covered up some of her cleavage.

      I don’t know about this dress in particular, but most of the time Kate wears seasons old clothing, so they easily run out of stock because there just isn’t a huge amount of backstock in the first place.

  4. Thank you for your post KMR. Home-Start sounds terrific and I’m glad we’ve gotten to know more about them through you and a few other media outlets. When the press primarily focused on Kate’s ASOS dress, I was pretty angry because this is such a good charity and it should be the focus. If she would just give a five minute speech detailing some of the work they do, it would turn the focus more on who she’s visiting.

    1. Hi Sugar, I totally agree with you. It’s so frustrating that all the focus is on her outfits and hair when it should be on the charity she’s visiting. I think some type of statement from her about the charity she’s visiting would go along way to shifting the focus back to the charity and away from her looks. Even if it was written before hand or prerecorded to go along with the visit, it would go along way to highlighting the causes she is so “passionate” about. Camilla is great about making short statements that the press can pick up on, Kate should take lessons.

      1. Thanks Lauri, I’m really interested in this charity and admire both its focus and the 15,000 (!) people who volunteer. What a wasted opportunity not to tell us about these incredible people who reach out to those who are in one of the hardest places you can be. It would be interesting to know if they get a surge in volunteers or donations to help. If so, hat’s off to Kate that showing up and looking pretty get some concrete results. But if not, it’s just a photo op for her, a way for fashion retailers to make $, and for Kate to boost her work numbers. Time will tell.

        1. I completely agree with you two Lauri from Ca and Sugar is an amazing charity I would mind working for them as a volunteer.

        2. I am really interested in this charity and I’m actually glad Kate visited, because if she hadn’t I wouldn’t know about it. Hopefully others feel the same way and check them out now because of the visit, and they get an uptick in their number of volunteers and the number of people they help.

      2. “I think some type of statement from her about the charity she’s visiting would go along way to shifting the focus back to the charity and away from her looks. ”

        I completely agree. If the press had an actual official statement from her about the charity, it would put the focus back on the charity. I love that Camilla makes statements and comments about the charity she is visiting.

    2. Yes is very annoying that the press focus so much on what Kate is wearing BUT her own team is contributing for that, her fans also. The first question her fans ask is what is she wearing and so the press think is there job to inform the public – like if everyone cared!! As a matter of fact Kate’s team tell the press that is she wearing, so in reality they focus so much on that she is wearing bc is a combination of factors that Kate is contributing, probably bc she found essential for her public persona. It never occurred to any of you how suddenly the royal reporters go “it’s confirmed she is wearing this” or like that black coat was designed by her personal tailor – how could they possible know this? And you can see a change in reporters behavior, especially in male ones, in the beginning they didn’t acknowledge and know they go “Kate is wearing blue, or this or that” – even when they are not there to see it, they have to comment. Camilla Tominey has been doing some insightful video-reporting and she speak about this in the link below (about Kate team telling the press what she wears around 3.00)

      1. Yes, KP announces now what designer she is wearing for most of her engagements (except for the solemn ones like ANZAC Day and the Afghan Service). They didn’t used to. Back in the first years of the marriage, KP did not release the designer’s name. I believe that is a newer development (in the last year and a half, I want to say).

        This could be taken in two ways: either 1) KP wants the public and press to focus on Kate’s clothes, or 2) KP doesn’t want the press and public to spend all their time trying to id the clothes and instead spend less time id-ing the clothes and more time focusing on the places she visits. I think one could make a case for either.

    3. I’d even take a two minute speech detailing what she actually learned from the visit. Rather than a quick “I can now see how the work you does makes such a difference to all these families. It is remarkable” to a random employee as she’s leaving, how about a thank you speech with actual details of the stories she heard while there? But then again that would take some off-the-cuff thinking in order to speaking about things she just heard rather than have a speech written down for her. But really it’s not that hard to recall two stories she was told and mention them. Or just give broad strokes of what she learned during the visit to start.

    1. I checked and the first time I clicked the link it said Access Denied, then I clicked it again and now it takes me to the picture. So I can’t see the error again. I looked for the same picture on other sites and cannot find the same picture right now. If the link is still throwing an error, let me know and I will look more.

        1. Alright I think I know why. On my laptop, the link worked fine, but on my phone it did not. That may have been why. I got rid of that link and got two new ones that should work.

  5. I was stunned when I first read about this visit in the DM yesterday, Kate actually made a comment that didn’t sound too bad. Actually making a connection about mothers needing the self confidence to interact with their babies, kudos to Kate. Good girl!

    I thought she looked rather nice again, the dress was nice, not too short, and since she didn’t try to button the coat I was okay with it too. I do agree that her hair is in desperate need of a good trim, at this length it just weighs down her look. I don’t remember if I could crouch down like that when I was pregnant, it’s just been too long ago. I want to say that I could but my legs wouldn’t have been that close together, more spread apart to make room for the bump.

    I realize that she’s royalty now and all but I just don’t know if it’s in good form to wear 10’s of thousands of dollars in jewelry to charities that work with the disadvantaged. The Queen of course is exempt because the jewels she wears are mostly all inherited not newly purchased and because..well..she’s the Queen. I do love seeing Kate’s new pieces and speculating who bought them for her but I can’t shake this feeling that it’s not always in good form to wear so much. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

    Pippa was in the news last night attending a charity event and she had a few words to say as well. I think it’s kind of messed up that Pippa has said more about her charities then we’ve ever heard Kate say about hers. However, I think these types of sound bites could work well for Kate as obviously she either isn’t allowed to speak publicly or just doesn’t want to. They would provide more publicity for her charities and would make her sound like she’s actually interested. Here’s the link to the article about Pippa.

    Lastly, what is up with all these engagements??? I mean Kate is due next month shouldn’t she be at home, laying on the couch, eating bon bons, ordering Carole around?? I speculate that she will take an extended maternity leave, except for Royal Family events, and wants to make it look like she worked so hard before the baby was born that she’s due for lots of time off. I wonder if her and Bill have a vacation planned so that the new baby can bond with the new nanny, like that trip to the Maldives after George was born.

    1. My bad, I thought Pippa just made a statement about this event turns out she actually made a speech, at a podium, in front of actual people, with a microphone 🙂

        1. Pippa is not being controlled by the RF and you see how this makes all the difference in the world. She is not being controlled like Kate is, so she can do and say as she pleases.

    2. Great suggestion about the sound bites. Jason is probably picking that up right now. Maybe the increased work load is helping too. by being out so much, she’s going to start talking more and getting more in the groove of public speaking at least personally, and then on to more. Pippa seems more outgoing than Kate. I have two children who will work a room and another two who are very introverted (all biologically related and raised). Jason seems to be hating his stride. It should be an interesting year.

      1. I’m really hoping Jason will turn things around after the baby is born. No extended maternity leave this time. They know what it’s like raising a baby, they have a full time nanny plus Carole and whatever other nannies/maternity nurses they are hiring. There is no reason Kate can’t pull herself together for a few hours a week. I hope Jason can persuade her of that.

    3. I have two thoughts on the expensive jewelry:

      1) It’s tacky to wear such expensive jewelry to an organization or anywhere where she’ll be meeting with people who are in any way financially not well off. It’s seems like she’s throwing it in their faces that she can afford all this expensive stuff while they are barely making ends meat, if that.

      2) Why wouldn’t she look nice when meeting with the people? It’s more respectful for her to dress up and look her best when meeting people. It would be disrespectful for her to not bother and turn up looking like crap – not even bothering to get her hair done and whatnot. What, are the people not worth Kate’s time to make herself presentable?

      One of my main problems with Kate’s expensive jewelry is that her pieces are so expensive yet they are tiny and nothing special. They are not worth the cost, you know. If she were wearing interesting, pretty, and/or large pieces that were expensive, I could understand the cost, but the tiny bobbles she wears are overpriced.

      I’m still on the fence about whether the expensive jewelry is disrespectful or not. My first thought is that it is, but then if she didn’t bother that may also come off as disrespectful. So yeah, I go back and forth. The jury is still out in my own mind.

      1. I have the same problem with her jewellery. Not only are they small and inordinately expensive. The designs are boring and unimaginative – and not products of superior craftsmanship or a unique artistic vision. I’m very interested in jewellery design and whether it is expensive high jewellery with precious metals and stones, or weird avant-garde stuff using ceramics, plastic, 3D printing, etc. – what I value is that the pieces have an aesthetic individuality.

        Kate’s pieces just seem like expensive run-of-the-mill and those few pieces that are more statement like in their design often look cheap despite expensive materials.

        1. I agree with you both about the jewelry. She wears some really pricey pieces at really wrong times. It does come off as stuck up and “I am better than you” in my opinion unfortunately. The new blue set she wore to the Afghanistan service was really, really appalling and ridiculous.

          One thing I like about Sophie is that she wears a lot of regular jewelry from Heavenly Necklaces, known for fabulous fakes. It shows respect at her outings. She has a pretty pricey watch she has been wearing since the 90’s I believe, a Jaeger lecoultre but for some reason this does not bother me as much as Kate’s Cartier watch. While I am not always too keen on Sophie, this does stand out to me and shows she is not very shallow and does not want to throw it in ordinary folks faces that she has more than they do.

          1. Keep in mind Sophie does not have the same kind of clothing budget Kate does. Edward and Sophie get a lot less money from the Queen in order to carry out their engagements than Charles does from the Duchy of Cornwall. Sophie wouldn’t have the same sort of funds to buy super expensive dinky jewelry. Kate, it seems, has much more of an allowance from Charles when it comes to her wardrobe.

            Re Sophie’s watch not bothering you while Kate’s does: I would guess it’s because she’s had it since the 90s, whereas Kate got her 6K watch just last year. Sophie’s expensive watch has been grandfathered in, while Kate’s is brand new.

  6. Oh it’s possible to bend down like that….

    When the bump is fake and there is no baby taking up room.
    I find her behavior is so weird for someone, who is supposed to be pregnant. She doesn’t have any maternal instinct.

    1. I’d agree with you since there is no way I could have bent down like that while I was pregnant, but her face looks so much fuller when she’s pregnant (actually it looks so much better since it’s normally so gaunt). So I believe she’s really pregnant.

      1. Her face is fuller and she has a much larger chest than normal. She usually has a very small bosom otherwise. So, I do think she is really pregnant, however, I am not sure how she can bend like that….

        1. Easy enough to add weight to her face and boobs. She eats more and goes back to more of her pre wedding weight. She can Aldo wear a padded bra to go with a padded stomach.

  7. Maybe we need to start screaming “More emphasis on the charity DM, not Kate”, but she needs to put them in the forefront during her appearances by saying something public about them. Her actually speaking about something other than “Hello, what’s your name” will get quotes as we saw above. Come on Kate, your sister can speak in public, get it together.

    A prediction – once she returns from her maternity leave Jason will have her give a speech. It will be short, she will read it word for word from the paper she clings to with a death grip, but she’ll give a speech.

    And not to be snarky, but I think Nanny Maria will have the whole potty training thing under control.

    1. I think you’re right about Kate giving a speech when she comes back from maternity leave. In the videos I’ve seen of the Queen making speeches she reads it word for word, rarely looking up or making any inflections. So, I don’t have any problem with Kate doing the same or even how Camilla does with her short statements, something, anything would be better than silence.

      Yeah, I’m sure Nanny Maria will be the one potty training George as she will get tired of changing nappies pretty fast once the new baby arrives.

      1. Yes, the Queen reads straight from the paper. I kind of think this is why William does that as well, because he’s copying granny. And Kate does the same thing, because she’s copying Will.

    2. Maxima sets a royal gold standard for speaking, in my mind–check out her speech to CGAP (in a second language, no less) in 2013 for an example of an intelligent discussion by a woman comfortable in front of the microphone =

      I don’t expect Kate to do as well. If she reads off her notes, that’s better than what she does now. But some smart comments that last longer than a minute or two really would be a nice start, especially if Pippa can do it.

      1. That video just proves that having notes and looking at them during the speech is fine, as long as you don’t only focus on them, and have confidence in your voice – no stuttering or shaking voices. Max looks at her notes, but her voice is confident. When Kate looks at her notes, she takes long pauses and is shaking in her delivery. She really needs a public speaking coach.

      2. Maxima’s husband King Wille-Alexander is also an excellent public speaker – his speech at the recent state visit in Denmark was very good. It was something that was commented on in the live broadcast. Furtmore, he apparently gave an excellent excellent speech in Holland after that recent plane crash where a lot of Dutch citizens lost their lives.

    3. I hope you’re right about the speech.

      And yes, Nanny Maria will be toilet training George. Kate will be “too busy” doing whatever, and William just doesn’t give enough shits.

      And yes, it is partially the press’ fault for not bothering to talk much about the charity. Sometimes they barely even mention which charity she was visiting (it’ll just be a throwaway line mentioning the name). Making any sort of statement about the charity would go a long way to put focus back on the charity, since of course the press would print what she says.

  8. Kate did a great job engaging the children!! I thought she represented herself and the charity well. Another step in the right direction toward giving a more formal speech. I wish she would put her hair up, it was frustrating watching her play with it while talking to the children. I don’t blame Kate for not eating the cookies, didn’t look appetizing at all. As for as her dress, she’s 8 months pregnant. As long as she is comfortable, that’s all that really matters. Her body is probably going through changes daily at this stage in her pregnancy. It is absolutely possible to bend down when you are pregnant! You just need to understand your center of gravity.
    Pippa, Pippa, Pippa….. I guess her being at the event did shine light on this charity. However, I await the day that the Middleton’s stop using their connection to Kate to grab the headlines. It has to be frustrating for other Royals who have worked years with charities and can’t get the media to cover their work, to see Pippa get so much media coverage (just because she is Kate’s sister).

    1. I am of two minds about Pippa. On one hand, I agree that it must be frustrating for other Royals who have worked so hard and for so long without the proper media attention they deserve. On the other hand, I can understand her taking advantage of some of opportunities that have come her way. And if she is using her popularity for a worthwhile cause such as this charity and the British Heart Association, and not just to hob nob with celebrities, then more power to her. Although I don’t know if being photographed with Heather Mills will do her any favors.

      1. I can’t believe Heather Mills saying that kids nowadays not knowing who Paul McCartney is but they all know her being a ski something. I have never, ever heard of Heather Mills until she was wedded to Sir Paul. And now I hear so much about her, all in a negative way. Vile Vile Vile!!!

        1. Yeah, I think most people know who Paul McCarthy is and have no idea who she is. The only thing I even know about her is that she had a nasty divorce from Paul.

      2. Laurri from Ca, my issue with Pippa is I don’t understand why she is so popular? What has she really done other than walk down the aisle behind her sister in a plain boring dress!!!

        1. As I recall, it wasn’t the dress that gained her such “exposure.” It was how her rear looked in the dress. And, I think it is terrible how the Middleton siblings and parents are making out like bandits thanks to Kate’s marriage to PW.

        2. I don’t really know why Pippa is so popular. After the wedding there was all the hubbub about the dress and how her rear looked in it and then the speculation about her and Harry and her close friendship with the next Duke of Northumberland. The press just couldn’t seem to get enough of her, there were tons of photos of her just walking to work for goodness sakes. I feel like the press was trying to make her into the next “it” girl but I don’t think the public bought into that, one Middleton girl was enough. In a way I feel that Pippa’s popularity was/is simply created by the press and nothing more.

          1. Lauri from Ca, I agree. When all is said and done, Pippa is very talented when it comes to sports. She should stick with that.

    2. I always get the impression that Kate is okay with and encourages her family to do that. They’ll never stop using their connection to her as long as she’s willing to let them and no one else steps in (like QEII).

      1. Maybe this is frowned on but goes with a shrug. It’s part of British history to have self-enriching spousal relatives who profit from the marriage.

        1. Here’s a point of view…. you know how Andrew, the 2nd son, and Edward the 3rd son are dependent on the Queen and Charles for their lifestyle because there is no family money from Duke of Edinburg? Well the Middleton family money is going to have to support the “non-Monarch” relatives of George – his siblings and his children who won’t ascend to the throne. Or said another way – Kate’s children and grandchildren who aren’t the heirs – but are still royal. So it makes sense the royal family is fine with them banking as much cash as possible – it’s going to fund QEII’s descendants – her blood relatives.

          Princess Margaret would have had a very different life if she were financially independent from the royal purse. Andrew and Edward and their children are going to have a bit of a shock when it is their brother the King and nephew The Prince of Wales in charge of the money – and not their mother. Bea and Eugenie are going to have to marry some money if they want to keep their lifestyle.

          1. I read somewhere, the QEII has set up trust funds for all her grandchildren, wouldn’t she do the same for great grands as well. If that is true, Georges’ non monarch siblings should be fine. The descendants of Georges’ siblings are going to have to fend for themselves.

            From what I have read, historically, pimping your daughter out to royalty or aristocracy is a old tradition in Britain. Carole is just following traditions set forth years ago. I would have thought that the RF would be able to avoid the social climbing moms and dads, but obviously not.

            I still think Carole is behind Kate’s sudden work ethic, she has to see that not everyone is falling in line and loving Kate just because she nabbed William and is pretty. Not a lot of people care about either of those things. (Although I will admit my sister is a big Kate fan, not sure why)
            Diana had her own following and work ethic both before and after the divorce, Kate not so much.

          2. “historically, pimping your daughter out to royalty or aristocracy is a old tradition in Britain. ”
            It worked for the Boleyns.

          3. Cloudycat, The Queen doesn’t have an endless supply of money to set up trust funds – if you have to split the pile among all the descendants – everyone gets less as the family grows. The Queen has 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 2+1 on the way great grandchildren — and her cousins and niece and nephew are part of the Windsor trust fund bandwagon as well. (Have no idea if the Windsor family money supports the Bowes-Lyons side of her family). It’s to the benefit of the family to marry wealth to maintain their status. No one is sorry that the Middletons make money to contribute to the family finances.

    3. I agree. She did a wonderful job engaging the children and families. I think Kate is becoming more relaxed with these appearances. I credit Jason for that. He must be working with her. Yes, I would like to hear Kate speak more, but I can imagine how stressful it must seem to anyone in her position to go outside of her comfort zone.

      Did not like her dress. Thought it was a tad too revealing in the bodice area. Would have enjoyed more color at the event, but that’s me.

      At any rate, kudos to Kate for getting out there so often in the final stages of this pregnancy.

      I was also intrigued by the comment above concerning her long torso and how that may be impacting the way she is carrying the baby. I know I would never have been able to so easily bend down when I was pregnant. Get up with ease, too. Obviously, Kate is in pretty good shape.

      1. Very good comments, mary Elizabeth, I concur with everything! I’d just like to add my own tidbit concerning her hair. I think it’s entirely appropriate to wear it down when interacting with children; more to their level(?) than a fussy overdone updo. And I believe it’s real…and it’s spectacular! I have cousins with hair like this. You love to hate them for it, but alas, they are born with it. Also, hair vitamins work like a charm. I started using them and now I won’t go without, EVER.

        1. A good chunk of her hair is legit, but some of it is hair extensions–she’s been papped with the extension clip showing, even though the palace tried to hand-wave it as a scar.

          1. I am not sure that picture was extensions. If Kate does wear extensions, they appear to be weft extensions with adhesive. That line was too long and too close to the forehead. The application goes under parted pieces of your own hair, hiding any track marks and they do not go near the front hairline at all.

            Personally, I think a good chunk is real too but may use pieces on occasion. Surely not anything like micro links or individual strands. I guess we will never know unless one of her stylists squeal to the press.

            There are plenty of women here in the USA that have way more hair than Kate and it is totally real. Kate spends a TON of time at home and I doubt she washes it often while lounging about and surely never blows it out with heat or uses any curling/ hot tools for weeks (sometimes months) on end. This makes the hair so healthy and it appears to grow longer because less wear and tear, meaning less breakage and an easy time to grow hair. The more you leave your hair alone, the healthier and longer it will get. I also believe they also use a no heat method to curl Kate’s hair. It is called flexi rods and they stay in for a few hours and you can create a barrel curl at just the ends if you only roll it up a few inches.

    4. Yeah those cookies didn’t look great, but I saw some chocolate covered strawberries in one photo that I wouldn’t mind having.

  9. I am willing to forgive the hair. She is doing better. Her sound bites, especially where she knew about the charity and could speak to it was good. I think that she has potential. She just has to realize it. I think that in a short time, Jason has done wonders. If it lasts remains to be seen. I will bet that Kate will lay low for a while. Work a bit and then have another. I think that she realizes that as long as she’s pregnant, she will have the goodwill of the public.

    1. “I think that she realizes that as long as she’s pregnant, she will have the goodwill of the public.”

      I agree. Pregnant people will always naturally have the goodwill of the public, and it’s good that she’s not squandering it this time like she did last time. As you said, what she does after remains to be seen, but for now she’s done WAY more than I thought she would these last three months.

    1. Yeah she did. To play devil’s advocate though: Kate toured the entire DA set, which would have taken a lot of time. Maybe there just wasn’t as much to do at the charity center. Granted chatting to people can easily lead to well over an hour before you even notice it, but just a thought. I was actually impressed a bit that she stayed for over an hour, since her normal time spent at a charity is 1 hour.

  10. Doesn’t this dress resemble the one the Duchess wore at the engagement?? Except that this one costs way less. Now that’s a winner. Next time show up with $300 earrings and $100 pumps. That’s being one of us down here.

    I skimmed through the St. Patricks’s day post and WOW….Whatever W&K, Carole, PC do, it doesn’t put food on my table. I don’t have a lot of time to participate in blogs but do come back to KMR time and time again to enjoy with you all here.

    I was going to post about Carole but I think I will wait or else I’ll get rotten eggs. :)))

    1. Yeah there was a kerfuffle in that St. Patrick’s Day post. Having talked it out a bit, hopefully we’ll move past that bump there.

      Feel free to post your thoughts on Carole; I promise to keep the rotten eggs… far away from me because rotten eggs smell bad. 🙂

  11. Mmm, not half-bad, Kate. I agree concerning her PR guy getting her out there and Kate working more of late. Didn’t like the dress much. A tad low-cut in some of the photos. And, please, cut that hair! Otherwise, I think she did make an appropriate comment and I give her credit for working so much at this stage of the pregnancy.

    As for the media focusing on what she is wearing: It seems that is what most people want to see and hear about. I like the conspiracy theory that the dress’ manufacturers may be holding back on stock and then claiming that after Kate wears their wares, everything sells out. Look, we focus a good deal on what she wears, too, but it seems the majority of people here want her to line up with good causes and do as much as she can to help their efforts, too. I wish others would feel that way, too.

    Still, I am happy to say that I thought this appearance was more positive than negative.

    1. I was surprised they printed any of her comments to people, and of course I want her to say more, with more detail, but it’s a start. Hopefully it won’t be a one time thing. And yes, I commend her for making so many appearances in the last three months, I really didn’t think she would be out and about this much, and she proved me wrong. So good on her for that.

      I don’t think there is anything wrong in paying attention to what she wears. Looking at fashion and jewelry can be very enjoyable (hence the tiara posts 🙂 ), but it shouldn’t be the only focus.

  12. The thing I am most surprised about is learning that Kate has a personal dress maker. Why doesn’t she make more items for Kate then? Also, this is a nice coat, however, I don’t think it is a day coat. Maybe it is due to the ruffles, but it seems more dressy. It would be more fitting for an evening out in my opinion.

    1. I’ve read on another Kate-centric blog that her “private dress maker” is really Sarah Burton, the designer behind Alexander McQueen and also Kate’s beautiful wedding dress. I thought it might be someone at Buck Palace, someone on Angela Kelly’s team. I am leaning toward it being Sarah only because the maroon coat dress Kate wore for her first Sandringham Christmas (the designer was never named) is almost identical to the dove grey one she wore in Australia, same cut and style. Although it doesn’t make sense that Sarah wouldn’t want it known that she makes dresses privately for Kate. Very curious.

      1. Isn’t Sarah Burton pretty pricey? I’d wonder if these privately made pieces (which look like quality fabric) cost a pretty penny, and that would go against the script media of how “Kate’s just like us” because she wears affordable fashion like this ASOS dress. Maybe it’s ok when she’s wearing someone $$$ because it’s seen as helping fashion retail, but personally made makes her look like a Richie-rich?

        1. Well, just to clarify Sarah Burton doesn’t sell clothes under her own label she designs for the Alexander McQueen house and that stuff is pretty expensive. However, Kate wears pricey, bespoke pieces (and accessories) all the time so I don’t think that money is the reason why it’s being kept private.

          Kate has worn a several items over the years in which the designer has not been named, which made me think it was an in-house Angela Kelly or her team design. They would certainly have access to quality fabrics and their tailoring would be impeccable.

          1. Lauri that is a really interesting idea. I always thought that coat she wore for her first Christmas looked like an McQeen design. I wonder if Sarah has to keep it quiet since she is designing for McQueen? It might be considered a conflict of interest. Either that or she wouldn’t want people asking her to make them the exact same item she made for Kate. Sarah may just prefer to stay out of the spotlight. The papps may follow her more if they knew she was designing private outfits for Kate (maybe trying to get a glimpse). All I know, is you have made me very curious now Lauri:)

          2. They announce that it’s Angela Kelly designing for the Queen, though. So why wouldn’t they for Kate if Kelly was designing pieces for her? Not saying you’re right or wrong, just asking.

      2. I read that too. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I was shocked at how almost identical her Christmas 2011 coat and the OZ Church coat are. I had never seen a side by side before.

        1. actually Angela kelly isn’t designing for kate. she is designs for the queen and no one else. she has come out and said this. Sarah burton privately designing for kate does seem possible but i have no clue. it could be anyone

  13. I’ve been wondering why the only photos we have seen of Kate touching the top part of her belly, like most pregnant women seem to do, was at the service at St Paul’s. It seemed such a look at me look at me photo. The rest of the time she is clutching lower, stopping the fake belly slipping?

    1. I thought from the time I saw that photos that it might not be the baby kicking as was the conclusion. The place she is placing her hand seems too high – too much on her ribs. I think it may have been either indigestion, or one of the other royals said something and she touched her stomach and turned her head slightly in a “oh I’m so humble right now” type of way.

  14. So many people, not here, are praising Kate for working so much this month. But I was looking at an older magazine and realized Kate did something similar on her last pregnancy. In march she made 5 appearance and in April she did 6. Both of which are more than her normal appearances when not pregnant. She usually only does 2-3 a month if we are lucky. I find it interesting that she does twice as many appearances a month while pregnant. I don’t really believe it is to make up for her several months maternity leave. I am not really sure why she does it. Maybe as someone said above, a pregnant woman is loved. Kate can do nor wrong while pregnant.

    Also, I so prefer her ‘maternity’ style this time better than with George. All her outfits were way to short when she was pregnant with George and I think most of her coats were pretty unfortunate as well 🙂

    1. She probably does more when pregnant because she wants to show off the bump. One thing though, Kate did lots of engagements in March and April 2013 when she was pregnant with George, but only 1 in May and 2 in June before disappearing. So it is unusual that Kate is making so many with only 1 month to go until her due date. She had already disappeared by this many weeks to go last pregnancy. So there’s that.

      I very much agree that her pregnancy style this pregnancy is WAY better than with George. I didn’t like anything she wore when pregnant with George.

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