Princess Madeleine is pregnant with her second child

Princess Madeleine is pregnant with her second child

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill.

Wow, more Swedish royal news. Super happy news. Princess Madeleine is pregnant with her second child! The Palace confirmed the pregnancy this morning.

The statement read:

    Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O’Neill are delighted to announce that The Princess is expecting their second child.
    The birth is expected to take place in the summer of 2015.
    “We are very happy and look forward to welcoming a new member to our family,” says Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O’Neill.

Princess Madeleine was scheduled to attend an event for the Swedish Equestrian Federation’s Jubilee Foundation on December 13, but cancelled last minute. I wondered what was up. Maybe the cancellation was connected to her pregnancy?

Anyway, super awesome news for Maddie and Chris. Leonore is getting a sibling! I don’t know exactly how far along Maddie is, but let’s say she’s 12 weeks now, that would put the due date around the beginning of July.  So she’ll be heavily pregnant for Prince Carl Philip’s wedding to Sofia Hellqvist on June 13.  Leonore will be about 16-ish months when the new baby arrives – she was born on February 20, 2014.

Congratulations to Maddie and Chris – so happy for them!!

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill Nobel Laureates Dinner

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill attend Global Citizen Festival

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill2

Photos: Madeleine’s Facebook

47 thoughts on “Princess Madeleine is pregnant with her second child

  1. This is such great news! This whole family is like a beacon of light compared to some others. Congratulations to all of them on the new one!

          1. Maddie’s older brother (2nd in line to the throne) is engaged to well, “lady” cannot be applied to Sofia Hellqvist no matter how hard her fans try. You can read KMR’s take on her here:


            It is strongly suspected that Madeline and Victoria do not like their brother’s choice of bride. Lots of passive aggressive things (Victoria never publicly congratulated them, Maddie let all the nasty comments about Sofia stay on her official facebook page).

            Maddie is now pregnant just in time to 1) take attention from the June 13th wedding or 2) miss the wedding because she will be too pregnant to safely fly from her home in New York for the event.

          2. Dag, my comment isn’t coming through, maybe because I put in a link. If you go to the search box at the top you can search for “sofia” That will bring up the article about Carl-Philip of Sweden marrying Sofia Hellqvist. You’ll be able to read KMR’s opinion and lots of comments about Sofia.

      1. Why is he a slimy king?
        (I hardly see any coverage of the Swedish Royals… have yet to catch up with the engagement post here on KMR).

          1. Oh, and I forgot
            3) he still whines and moans that C-P (the second born) is not the heir to the throne – 3 decades after the vote. He thinks the Swedes “stole” the throne from his precious son when they voted to eliminate primogeniture and make the first born (Victoria) the heir.

          2. CG comes off as a straight up sexist oink. Get over it, your baby boy is not going to be king (thank goodness considering his choice of bride) but your incredibly poised daughter who was your first born will. Suck it up and move on.

            I think allowing CP to marry Skanky is his idea of a consolation prize since the throne was taken away from him. His booby prize so to speak.

          3. I agree. And he’s completely passive aggressive about Sofia especially with his wife. Silvia was in the US hosting an event with Childhood and all of a sudden — she has to rush back to Sweden in the middle of the night because of the surprise engagement announcement. You cannot convince me anyone but the King knew that sh!t was about to hit the fan.

    1. No they aren’t, Maddie is known to be unpopular and can take Swedish money, but cannot be bothered to serve her country. How can she look after 2 kids now? Didn’t she abandon her poor pets a few years back?

  2. Excellent news! can hardly keep up with all this Swedish royal stuff…phew! Madeleine is so pretty, and I’m even getting used Mr Chris…yes, he should practice the smile as the smirky thing doesn’t do him any favors….wonderful news for the family though…

  3. Congrats to the parents and here’s to another joyful addition to a lovely family.
    I think Princess Madeleine is just gorgeous. She radiates in every photo.
    Her husband? Shy? I agree, he needs to smile. He has a beautiful wife and little girl. He has to be happy, yes?

    1. I think he’s happy with his family, he just hates publicity and he won’t play the PR game. He refused titles, they live a private life. He accompanies his wife on select royal duties (Nobels), but he is private individual who has been attacked by the Swedish press in their attempts to make Sofia look good. No wonder he looks grumpy a lot.

      1. I too agree regarding Chris. He seems shy and not at ease with the press but he has been a private citizen all his life up to last year? Specially if the Swedish press hasn’t been to kind to him, it must be hard.

    2. I agree with Pence. I think Chris loves Maddie, but doesn’t really love the spotlight it puts on him. I also think he may just not like having his photo taken.

      1. I agree. Unlike KM’s sudden supposed dislike of having her picture taken (after years of seeking out the camera), Chris has never sought out the press or lived in the spotlight. He seems to just want to go about his job and his family life without being under the microscope.

  4. Wow, royal babies all around! First Monaco, next Britain, it’ll be Monaco again because of Andrea Casiraghi’s second born, and then Sweden. I’m still waiting for a Luxembourg announcement with Prince Guillaume and Stephanie.

    1. Also waiting for Victoria to announce a second pregnancy at some point. I’m surprised Maddie beat her to it.

  5. I remember thinking her dress was concealing her figure at the Nobels due to some sort of baby-related reason since it was shapeless. Quite the choice to keep a new pregnancy discreet- and good for her and her hubby. She seems radiant as a wife and mother, and here’s hoping Baby #2 is carried safely!

  6. Still won’t make this lazy and unpopular Princess liked. Nice try, Maddie, how about working for the people of Sweden for a change, girl?

    1. Can you please explain why you don’t like Maddie? She may have been wayward at one stage but she has settled down, is married and works for Childhood. Surely that makes up for mistakes that happened in the past? And she is there in Sweden for the big functions like the Nobel prize.

      1. I think Maddie, like all of them, was raised in a bubble and was a bit spoiled. Once the Jonas thing hit, she realized it wasn’t all sunshine and roses even when you’re a princess. She fled to New York to work for Childhood, grew up, met Chris, and has moved into a new stage in her life.

        Sofia is known to have many contacts in the press, even being pictured with them. For four years, the press has been tearing Maddie down (and now Chris) to try to make Sofia look good. Some people have fallen for the lies. Stories about Sofia’s past and C-P stealing other people’s designs are hidden away.

        Madeleine only takes apanage for the events she does in Sweden, when she is reimbursed for things like travel and clothing expenses. The main working royal family will be King, Queen, Victoria, Daniel, and eventually Estelle – so it is proper that Maddie scale down her work in Sweden. Her husband refused a title and runs his own investment business.

        They have a small grace and favor apartment to live in Sweden – for when she is there doing duties. The rest of the time, she lives in NYC and her husband supports her. Unlike C-P and Sofia, who live mostly off the taxpayers. And Maddie’s dog (Zoro?) is often pictured with them in NYC or arriving with them at the airport in Sweden.

        1. You’d better get over your Sofia-dislike and Madde-like, My2Pence, you sound like a know-it-all – which you are not, unless you live at the Royal Palace.
          Madde isn’t very popular in Sweden, wanting to have her cake and eat it, too. She remains a HRH while wanting to live anonymously in New York. IMO it’s one way or the other and she could also do the work she does as plain Mrs. O’Neill. She wants both worlds, that attitude sucks.

          And I think she could at least have waited until Leonore’s first birthday or have some consideration for her brother. On the latest pictures she looks like she’s happy to be in while she still can – sad.

          1. I’d better or else what? Are you twelve? Grow up.

            I’m allowed to have my opinion just as you are allowed yours. Take it or leave it. I’m allowed to dislike Sofia, everything she has done, and her fame whore ways. Yep, I’m allowed to think she is a horrible human being and to pity the people of Sweden. She’s in it for fame, and vulnerable children and Sweden’s reputation are at risk into the bargain.

            Maddie made her mistakes and she’s moving forward. Her reproductive choices are her own. She got pregnant very quickly both times, whether by design or happy accident. She didn’t announce it before the Nobels; they waited until after to not steal anyone’s thunder. Unlike C-P and Sofia who showed no considering for M&C when they announced their engagement on Chris’s 40th birthday.

            Maddie’s trying to find a balance between private citizen in NYC plus her royal obligations when she is in Sweden. She is rightfully dialing back on the royal work, as the SRF doesn’t need more than 4 full-time adult reps.

          2. Hi Anonymous. Why shouldn’t Maddie retain her HRH? She was born into the Sweden royal family and therefore has royal blood. The title is her birth right. She doesn’t need to go back to Sweden to represent Sweden and the royal family, she probably doesn’t even need to work in New York for Childhood but she still does. What ever mistakes she has made in her life in the past that may have been bad (I don’t know) I’d say she has turned her life around so, please, be happy for her?

  7. Wow, how exciting for this couple. Happy for them.
    I think it would be so soon.

    She is GORGEOUS. The prettiest royal. I follow her on fb and she seems very dedicated to her work and I love how she shares bits and pieces with her followers.

  8. I am hoping Princess Victoria is pregnant? When Victoria took Princess Estelle to see the Christmas trees, she was wear a very loose grey dress! Is it not good for a woman to have babies to close together? It is good news!

    1. Victoria has worn loose dresses before this year while not being pregnant at all. Wishful thinking galore and wanting to see things that aren’t there.

  9. @My2Pence: don’t you tell me what to do and no, I am far over 12, but what you write shows that you should grow up yourself. How would you feel if the things you write about Sofia were written about you? “But I didn’t do those things.” – That doesn’t matter. Then you would probably be in all states.
    You take it or leave it that Sofia WILL be a part of the royal family – you’d rather believe all the dirt written about her and ignore the good things that she does. All it shows is irrational hatred.
    You could at least talk with respect about her – she IS a human being despite what she did in the past (are YOU *THAT* perfect?) – common decency is something unknown for you, I suppose? I pity drama queens like you appear to be.
    IF YOU DON’T LIKE ‘EM, LEAVE ‘EM. Give your energy a relief and stop acting as if you are personally affronted by her coming onto the royal scene.

    You only assume that it was bad for CP & S to announce their engagement on Chris’ birthday, who says that he minded it himself? He is not a part of the royal family and wants a life in private. Madde is the one who could have taken her brother into consideration and at least wait until Leonore’s first birthday or until he is married. She had her wedding in 2013 and her daughter’s christening in 2014. Surely she could miss a year NOT being in the spotlight, this sounds all too coincidental to me. I think she is superficial, Princess Want to Have My Cake and Eat It too.

    @Cathy: If Madde wants to retain her HRH then she should at least live in the country she is a HRH of and do more work there. She wants to live anonymously in New York and only returns to Sweden if it’s absolutely necessary. That is wanting both worlds. It’s either one or the other.
    Madde is a royal when it suits her – I think that attitude sucks.

    Lots of people still have an inflated idea of royalty – while born royalty can suck at it and some commoners are born for the job. Madde should make up her mind, or at least her father should.

  10. @Anonymous: You brought up an interesting topic re Maddie wanting to have both worlds – considering we all complain about Will and Kate wanting the perks of both worlds – and it could have made for an interesting discussion. But you lost me when you started criticizing Maddie’s choice to get pregnant before her daughter’s first birthday. It’s Maddie’s body; she can choose to have her babies as close together as she wants. And who knows if this pregnancy was even planned – maybe it was a happy accident; it doesn’t have to be some direct FU to her brother.

    @All: This is precaution – Discussion is great and it’s cool to have differing opinions, but let’s keep it civil, please.

    1. KMR, I think it is an interesting discussion, royal vs. “royal but not working Royal”. W&K are in a different position, as they are in the direct line. Them wanting to have “a normal life” (their skewed version of “normal”) makes no sense. They are in the direct line, if the British monarchy is still around at that point he will reign, they need to step it up, prepare, and work. They are required to be full-time royals and dedicate their lives to royal service, not be a helicopter pilot and SAHM.

      Harry has a full-time career in the military. In the future he will be called on to do more royal duties, but far fewer than W&K. Beatrice and Eugenie are not working royals and Charles doesn’t want them to be in the future. They have to figure out how to be private citizens who belong to a public family.

      For people like Madeleine and C-P, the Spanish sisters, the Netherlands brothers — lthey aren’t supposed to be full-time working royals. Madeline is sometimes called on to do royal duties, but those are decreasing and will continue to decrease. She and C-P have to figure out how to be “occasional royals” — because they’re not supposed to be a full-time royal.

      Eventually, Maddie and C-P will be phased out of most royal duties — just like siblings of heirs have been phased out before. There are extended members of different royal families who do occasional events — around being private citizens — and that is where Maddie and C-P are headed too.

      All of this is playing out, as it has before, but more people can pay attention because of the internet. Other siblings and cousins of heirs have gone through this process before, but we haven’t been around to discuss them.

      1. I was actually going to bring the York girls into the discussion, because they are in a similar position and situation as Maddie – where they have HRH but don’t really do official royal duties, have outside jobs, and Eugenie even lives in NYC same as Maddie. But no one thinks they should give up their HRH status or anything even though they have real jobs and one doesn’t even live in the UK full time. The Yorks do frequent “celeb” events, too – like going to celeb-friendly clubs they know they’ll be photographed at, and fashion events, and whatnot. Yet they still have HRH status. Come to think of it, I bet Will and Kate wish they had that life – all celeb events and no royal work.

        I agree W&K are in a different position. William will one day (maybe) have the top job. He is in Victoria’s position, yet wants to have Maddie’s life (or even less, since Will doesn’t want to do any duties and doesn’t want to show George to the public at all whereas Maddie still takes part in family events and gives semi-frequent Leonore updates).

        And yes, there are always other HRHs in the royal families (siblings, cousins) that don’t really do official duties yet retain their HRH status.

        1. KMR, maybe this would be an interesting separate post? Working Royals vs. member of a royal family, and posters can chime in with what they know about different royal families and how the situation of siblings and extended family are handled in those.

          1. I agree with My@Pence. It would be interesting to have a post on this subject. There is no rule book that comes with an HRH if you are born with one. Who is to say who gets to keep it and who doesn’t? I’m from New Zealand so I look to the British Royal Family first because The Queen is my country’s head of state. I’m, personally, not impressed with Kate and William because he is in direct line to the British throne and he needs to step it up. As his wife I feel that Kate needs to step it up too. They are both representing the UK as well as the Commonwealth. It is different if you are not due to, some day, become King or Queen. What are the rules there? I feel that giving up an HRH would be like giving up part of your identity. What about people like Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, is he meant to give up his title because Greece no longer has a monarchy? It is a very interesting question. In my opinion Maddie is doing a good job, she is raising a family, married, working at Childhood.

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