Princess Estelle Christmas photos!

Princess Estelle Christmas photos!

I know we just had a Swedish Royal Family post yesterday – and we’ll have another one on December 20 when the entire family attends the Swedish Academy formal gathering – but I just had to post these new photos and video. The Palace released three new photos of Princess Estelle for Christmas, along with a video of Estelle and her parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, decorating the Christmas tree at their home at Haga Palace.

Princess Estelle Christmas 2014 1

In the photos, Estelle, in an adorable little reindeer sweater-dress, plays with tinsel while sitting on the couch, decorates the tree, and gives a big smile to the camera. I love these Christmas photos. First, I think they are incredibly festive for the holiday as Christmas photos should be. Second, I love candid shots. I mean, I obviously love a nice photo where they smile for the camera (hence the lead photo), but I love getting to see real movement and genuineness in photos. These are perfect.

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These photos were taken at Haga Palace, where Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle live. Haga Palace was originally a royal palace, but was given to the government in 1966. As a wedding gift from the government, Haga Palace was given back to the royal family to be used by Victoria and Daniel after their wedding. They moved in in the fall of 2010 – after their June 19th wedding.

Princess Estelle Christmas 2014 2

The couple also released a short video with a Christmas greeting at the end – after footage of Estelle decorating the tree. I’ve watched this video at least a dozen times already. Estelle is just so adorable!!

BTW, I noticed one of Princess Madeleine’s engagement photos on the table behind them in the video. I love that Victoria has a photo of Maddie and Chris in her home.

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  1. I will admit that I’ve watched it just as much. Estelle is beyond cute. She is well adjusted and well loved. Their apartment looks beautiful. I have been crushing on Daniel and Carl Philip for a while now. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I found the video Adorable. What lovely little family. So spontaneous and Estelle looks genuinely happy. It is not as stagey as Kate and William. Victoria and her husband are obviously bringing Estelle up with a balance between public and private life.

  3. OMG, what an adorable family!! I love that we got a little glimpse inside the palace and their private living area, but wow that’s an awful lot of white furniture to have with a toddler. 🙂 This is will sound funny, but at first I thought it was weird that V&D were speaking Swedish to their child, I mean how can a kid understand Swedish?? Duh! The holidays are turning my brains to mush 🙂

    1. LOL I was that way when I saw the video of Leti speaking Spanish at the UN thing a while back – at first I was surprised she was speaking Spanish until my brain kicked in and then I was like duh of course she’s speaking Spanish.

  4. Now that was cute! This seems like a genuinely happy family and I can honestly say that CP Viktoria appears to really embrace and understand her family’s role.

  5. Thanks, KMR, for this post about this wonderful family. It’s interesting how many of us are eager to read as much as possible about this family.

    1. Considering I’m falling more and more in love with the SRF, I’m glad others like them, too.

  6. The relationship between Victoria and Daniel and between the two of them and Estelle is so sweet. The more we see of them as a family, the more impressed I am by how they’re raising their little girl. Thanks for the great post, KMR!

    1. I loved the bit at the end when they were wishing everyone a Merry Christmas (God Jul) and then Estelle popped out from under the pillows – so cute!

  7. Oh, yes, KMP, thank you for the photos and the video. What a precious little girl and what a dear and loving family. My goodness, the world needs more positive, loving images like these.
    I agree that Victoria and Daniel have found the perfect balance between royal obligation and a happy personal life. Good for them. Wishing them continued joy and love.

  8. I’ve been watching the TV show Welcome to Sweden (it’s great). These pictures made me laugh because there was an episode about how Swedish people decorate in a solidly white pallet. The main Swedish character said something like “colors are not for walls!”

      1. You can watch it on Hulu. Amy Poehler’s brother is the star, and there are many Amy cameos which is a huge bonus for me!

    1. I like the all-white color palette (if you can call “all-white” a color). It looks like every cover of Good Housekeeping. You can change out the throw pillows or artwork to make a big difference. I read once that chairs are always backed against the walls in Swedish decor, instead of in seating groups in the middle of the room. Is that true?

    2. Thanks for sharing that detail about their home decor. I am now going to watch the show. I love learning about other cultures (the reason behind my interest in the royals).

  9. I love that you cover the SRF. There is so little coverage of them. I think Maddie sparked my interest after her wedding and I love the fact that she lives in NY and how she has a fb (lol).

    This is a lovely family. Princess Estelle is super adorable.
    I think her parents are really doing things right 😉

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