Prince Harry tries his hand a photography while visiting Lesotho

Prince Harry tries his hand a photography while visiting Lesotho

December 5-9, Prince Harry made a “private” (or rather, “unofficial” since they are now releasing photos) trip to Lesotho on behalf of his charity, Sentebale, to see the progress made in providing healthcare and education to vulnerable children in the African country. Harry of course met and played with the children, but also visited the construction site for the new Sentebale Mamohato Children’s Centre at Thaba-Bosiu. Charming children and construction workers wasn’t the only thing he did while there. The lovable Ginger Prince tried his hand a photography – and he’s actually pretty good.

On the opportunity to document the visit, Harry said: “I have always enjoyed photography and the challenges that come with trying to capture the perfect shot, although privately I don’t take many photos. The best photos I have are in my head – I have some very special memories, mostly from Africa. But on this visit, I had the time and opportunity to be on the other side of the camera and take some photos in the stunning country of Lesotho for my charity Sentebale.”

Harry’s photos:

Prince Harry takes photos for Sentebale 1
[HRH Prince Henry of Wales]
Prince Harry takes photos for Sentebale 3
[HRH Prince Henry of Wales]
Prince Harry takes photos for Sentebale 2
[HRH Prince Henry of Wales]

I have to say, Harry is quite a photographer. These photos are very beautiful.

More photos from Harry’s trip (the pics of him baking are my faves):

Link: Sentebale.

44 thoughts on “Prince Harry tries his hand a photography while visiting Lesotho

  1. Looks like all of the personality of the Windsors went to Prince Harry lol He has his mother’s touch, that’s for sure.

    1. You are so right Liz. That last pic especially pulled at my heart. He is very much is mother’s son. I’m so glad he’s out doing this and hope to see more next year.

    2. Seriously. He has the most personality – or at least can express the most personality – out of all of them.

  2. If it wasn’t for the fact that Prince Harry needed to highlight Sentebale to bring in donations I’m sure he would have kept this trip under the radar. Good for Harry for the work he is personally doing for his charity. He’s more than a figurehead or a name on the letterhead. He’s actively involoved. Rather good photos too!

    1. Yes, I love that Harry seems to be involved in his charity. He also seems to be involved in the Invictus stuff, too. And yes, Harry is the right little photographer. Who know.

  3. Harry is fabulous! He’d better be careful though, her’s usurping his sister-in-laws supposed specialty in photography…lol

    Harry for King!!

    1. King Henry IX! He’s make such a better King than William.

      I wanted to keep the post about Harry so I didn’t mention Kate’s photos from 2012, but I think Harry’s are much better. Kate’s seemed super generic and the use of B&W was a poor choice to show the beauty of a rain forest, while Harry’s are beautiful and intimate portraits in which B&W is appropriate. Odd that Kate is the one who’s supposed to be the passionate photographer who has studied art, and here comes Harry taking much better photos than her.

      1. Because, as with much of her much vaunted back story, it is not true. They have come up with all kinds of things to make us believe that Kate is so suitable for her position as William’s wife and future Queen Consort, but reality is so horribly different. She’s developed minimal skills for basic survival in her life (other than being available for a rich prince). Any photography she did was probably still life stuff of the Party Pieces catalog line.

        1. Hi Lisa, yes I read that she did a lot of the catalog photos for her parents company, so not much of an artistic stretch. I agree that between being coddled first by her mother then by the royal family this woman will never have a chance to find out what she is truly made of. The only test she has had to face was the 2007 breakup and her solution to that was to wear even more revealing clothes and go clubbing. Oh and how could I forget the truly heartbreaking task of having to decorate two palatal palaces, poor baby. Sorry if I’m being too snarky, the holiday season is beginning to wear on me 🙁

          1. And decorating them seems to be a task she may not be up to either. Supposedly Prince Charles wasn’t impressed and if those videos William did recently are any indication, she’s not big on color. Which is odd considering how much she puts on her face. You’re not alone Lauri, I get snarky when talking about her too.

          2. Lauri, KM being the catalog or web photographer thing was proven false. All the photos had a photo credit for a woman who worked at Party Pieces. This woman was conveniently used later as a Middleton family photographer for something (perhaps to keep her silence?).

      2. Art was the one area where Harry excelled at school, maybe because it didn’t involve a lot of reading (the rumored dyslexia). A teacher made claims about doing his work or tests for him, but that was proven false.

        1. Interesting about the rumored dyslexia- I’d never heard about that. Wonder if it’s true? I ask because my brother is dyslexic and I am a recessive carrier- the way it plays out in women is it can make it difficult to read and process (precursor to ADHD/ADD) but brilliant abilities, including often hyper sensitivity including to others. Wouldn’t that be interesting if that explains some of what Diana said- how she was thick as a plank, but really if she was a recessive carrier, processing was just harder- has nothing to do with intelligence but people judge and call stupid if it takes longer. Another part of recessive is heightened emotionability/sensory. They’re always touching, struggling with up and down emotions, but it’s because they feel. Is that so terrible in a sterile world?

          1. Sugar, that is fascinating. Thank you for sharing that info! It would interesting if that was part of why Diana was the way she was, instead of the more popular theory that she must have had BPD or something like that.

            Beatrice has publicly-admitted she has dyslexia. Harry never has stated it openly so it is still rumor. It comes from a comment from Jeremy Clarkson of the tv show Top Gear who said Harry told him that when they ran into each other somewhere. It would go a long way towards explaining Harry’s troubles at school.

  4. Wow, the photo of the herd boy is simply outstanding, stark and simple. Harry truly captured this young man’s essence in this shot. I think it would be wonderful if Harry auctioned off some of his photos for his charity, I bet they would command top dollar!

    I have been trying for years to get my daughter interested in Harry with no success! Darn!! I wonder if he likes older women?? lol

  5. I adore Prince Harry. He has matured from a thoughtless idiot (Nazi costume…) into such a wonderful character. And character is it – he’s interesting. Such a natural – he has “it”, that indefinable characteristic that his Mother had.

    Gosh I miss Diana. She’d whip William into shape quick damn smart.

    1. Totally right- if Diana were still alive, William wouldn’t be the way he is. Not because of the accident but from afterward, when the BRF pulled him back into their elitist world, that THAT’S who you really socialize with, not the riff-raff. They Hated Diana doing all the things she did because they think that demeans royalty- to be accessible- and because it’s way outside their comfort zone to hold an AIDS patients hand, etc. They are so conscious of their position they forget we are all still people. Victoria in Sweden gets it.

    2. I agree completely about Harry. It’s easy to see real growth and maturation from him over the years; he’s clearly made mistakes, learned from them, and used them to make himself into a better person. Like all of us, he’s far from perfect, but it’s obvious that he has grown tremendously. What a contrast with his brother, who has stagnated.

  6. Yes, to King Harry! He is indeed his mother’s son.
    Years ago, I saw a documentary on TV showing a younger Harry visiting Africa and relating so beautifully with the children. He is a natural. So kind and caring. So much fun, too.
    I always had a feeling — and still do — that he might make it to the throne . I would not want anything bad to befall William, but perhaps, he does not really want the job.

    At any rate, the photos are also quite amazing. What a turn of events for Harry, who is always on the other side of the camera to be able to use a camera himself to capture images. I also was quite taken with his comment concerning the best pictures being in his head,

    Oh, Harry, I have a gorgeous,kind, fun-loving sister for you! And, I promise, I won’t turn into a Pippa.

    1. I have a weird feeling that we might get an Edward VIII Part 2 situation, where William abdicates – and takes his entire family with him – leaving the throne to Harry. I just don’t think William wants the job, nor can handle the job. May just be my wishful thinking, though.

      1. I’ve been saying and thinking the same thing. I think he’s going to wait until QEII is gone and Charles is on the throne to do it. He really doesn’t want the job and seems very resentful to me about being in the position he’s in. He loves the perks, but he seriously does not look like he wants to spend his life doing the other side of it. I think he and Kate will be happy being B list celebrities hanging out with the Beckhams, et al.

        1. I’ve been starting to think the same thing. I doubt he would do anything before the Queen were to pass away. He really seems to strongly dislike anything to do with royal traditions or anything to do with his royal position.

          My one question is, if William were to abdicate, would he be able to remove his whole family (George, new baby) from the line of succession and thus pass the throne to Harry.

          1. Parliament would have to pass an act removing William and his line.
            There is (very very old) precedent in the uk for both removing and leaving children in line.

            Considering W&K – it doesn’t make much sense for them to raise a child to be king, if they are removed.

            Harry has slowly, but steadily proven himself over the past couple of years.
            Should he inherit the top job – it would be 10-20 years down the line. It’s not like Harry would be forced to take the role for quite some time.

            Even Diana thought Harry was better suited for the job. She nicknamed him Good King Harry for a reason.

  7. KMR thank you for this post! I had fallen behind on your updates and had to play catch up. It was depressing reading about PW/Kate seeming to enjoy being Royals without putting in the work (oh, PW is an ass for making that comment about Kate’s hair). When I read your post on PH it immediately made me smile! Why is it so hard for PW/Kate to be so likable as is PH? When PH is on, there is NO one like him!

    1. Harry seems to have a natural charm about him – either that or he’s worked really hard to be charming – whereas William tries so hard to be charming and whatnot and falls completely flat because he thinks he’s a natural when he really is the opposite. He’s super awkward.

      1. Harry is very naturally charming. He just has it. I think he still works on his nervousness a great deal and tries to put others at ease.

  8. Thank you KMR for this wonderful update on Harry’s visit to Lesotho; for me, Harry has the magic ‘it’….he’s a complete natural…(sigh)

  9. I adore Harry. I see him as a cheeky imp, but also in touch with the common man. I hate that he used to be the butt if William’s jokes. William isn’t fit to tie his shoes.

  10. You can see that Harry’s involvement with his charity is genuine and from the heart, even though these photos are great publicity for Sentebale. He’s talented and has inherited his mother’s charm in droves; I just love that photo of him kissing the little one. And he can cook in my kitchen any time wearing that tie-dye apron! Check out more photos at the Daily Telegraph:

  11. You can tell through his body language that his interactions with the people that he meets aren’t forced. He seems like a very genuine and caring individual.

    I second the idea of King Harry! William really seems like he doesn’t want the job. Maybe he’s secretly hoping that the monarchy gets abolished before his time comes.

  12. Wow! This is the kind of compassion and dedication the world needs more of in our leaders. If William is smart he will keep Harry involved and not try to push him off to the side like his father is doing to his brothers. More of this from the BRF!

  13. I’m swooning at these pictures. Not only does he take beautiful ones, but he is just so genuine in the ones featuring him. It’s a shame the better brother isn’t heir. King Henry, indeed.

  14. This is a question for Kip. I wasn’t able to reply to your comment up-thread. You mentioned that if William’s entire line were to be excluded Parliament would have to pass an act. Do you know whether this act would also have to be approved by all the countries in the Commonwealth?

    I remember when they were wanting to pass the act stating that whether William and Kate’s first born was male or female that they would inherit the throne regardless of their sex. I know that that act had to be approved by the Commonwealth countries (I believe 15 countries in total).

    1. Yes, I believe that a removal from the line of succession would have to follow a similar pattern – a vote in the uk and other commonwealth countries.

      These types of things can and are done very quickly(i.e. duke of windsor). It would be a matter of weeks/months versus the years it took for the first born act.

      People may not like charles, but there has never been any doubt about his fitness/desire to take on the top job.
      Whereas, William has never wanted the job and avoids his royal duties at every turn.

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