Crown Princess Victoria brought Princess Estelle to receive the firs

Crown Princess Victoria brought Princess Estelle to receive the firs

You know how Prince William is a psycho about not letting the public see Prince George except for very special occasions to thank the media for being good little lackies and not disobeying him? Well Crown Princess Victoria is much more open with Princess Estelle. Not only does Victoria show Estelle more often, but it’s for more than just private photo sessions where the pictures are released weeks later. Victoria brings Estelle to official engagements (in Sweden!). Because Victoria understands her job and her child’s position in life. So yesterday, December 17, Victoria brought Estelle for the traditional receiving of the firs.

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle receive Christmas trees at Royal Palace

Victoria and Estelle accepted Christmas trees from students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet – SLU). It has been a tradition since the late 1960s for SLU students to give Christmas trees to the Royal Palace.

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle receive Christmas trees

Victoria and Estelle also did this event in 2013; and in 2011 (kind of).  Why does Victoria never wear festive colors to this event?  Maybe she wants the trees to stand out or something, but then at least wear a nice winter white.

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle receive Christmas trees 2013
[Victoria and Estelle receive the firs in 2013]

Crown Princess Victoria receives Christmas trees 2011
[Victoria receives the firs while pregnant with Estelle in 2011]

Back to this year. Victoria wore a grey coat by Swedish designer, Ann-Sofie Back – the Zip coat. She previously wore this coat in November on a visit to the Textile Fashion Center. Victoria’s shoes are by Acne Studios – the Floral Nova Fabric Flower Print Court Shoe.

Ann-Sofie Back Zip Coat Acne Studios Floral Nova Fabric Flower Print Court Shoe

Estelle was very seasonal in her red coat, matching red bow, and brown boots.

Princess Estelle receives Christmas trees

I want to talk about the SLU student’s outfits for a second. Did they purposefully dress like giant Christmas elves? I mean, this seems to be the normal outfit for this event. So they purposefully dressed like giant Christmas elves. I love it!

Giant Christmas Elves

Below are some assorted photos of the Swedish royals I never got around to posting. These include a portrait of Princess Madeleine and Princess Leonore released on Thanksgiving, and promotional photos for Aret med Kungafamiljen (A Year with the Royal Family) airing January 6 at 8 PM on BBC1 and SVT Play.

Princess Madeleine and Princess Leonore official 11.27.14
Swedish Royal Family SVT Aret med Kungafamiljen
Queen Silvia, Princess Estelle, Princess Leonore SVT Aret med Kungafamiljen
Princess Estelle, Princess Leonore SVT Aret med Kungafamiljen
Prince Carl Philip and Estelle SVT Aret med Kungafamiljen
Victoria, Madeleine, Estelle, Leonore SVT Aret med Kungafamiljen

Photos: Collsiö/SVT

43 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria brought Princess Estelle to receive the firs

  1. I posted something about George in the Buckingham Lunch thread without seeing this…

    The way they hide George is starting to really give out creepy vibes. At least to me.

    Prince William whines about wanting to be normal, but the Swedish royal family seems way more “normal” than he will ever be. I know the BRF comes under more scrutiny in the world media, but still.

    I love it when little girls wear tights and boots. Adorable. My favorite is Estelle with her uncle!

    1. I too think it’s weird that they hide George so much. William seriously needs to chill out.

      William tries so hard to be normal, yet he’s so guarded and awkward that even his attempts at conversation with others comes off stilted and weird.

      Hot men with babies does it every time for some reason. I kind of can’t wait until Carl Philip has a baby of his own, just because I want pics of him holding a baby.

        1. Thank you, Liz! I love that they do these videos during the holidays. I love everything about it: the apartment, Daniel, Victoria, and Estelle. They are a beautiful family. This is a family who knows that they will never be “normal”, but is accessible and relatable. Victoria often states that she loves her job and the people of Sweden and it shows. She will also hold hands with Daniel and wink at him, as she did at the Nobel ceremony. She loves her daughter and has spoken of the love and drive that she provides her. I simply cannot wait to see her reign.

          1. I wonder if Carl Gustaf would ever abdicate. There have already been three abdications in the last few years.

          2. KG strikes me as a very old school king in that I think he’ll reign until the end of his life–but he could surprise me!

  2. ya and george is quite a lonely kid, never seen with relatives from williams side its always parents, nanny, carole poor kid!

  3. Victoria knows what’s best and that’s to introduce Estelle to her role as she grows. Not dump it all on her at once, which is what William seems to be leading up to. George would be great in situations like this if he’s being taught to behave at events like Estelle obviously is. She’s a great little girl with a ton of personality.

    1. Yes, Estelle knows how to behave, even when she was younger. George is a brat who would scream and try to punch someone. I think it’s excellent that Victoria is introducing Estelle to this life early, considering she’ll be Queen one day. Too bad William doesn’t take this same approach; he’s too busy trying to thwart the media at every turn.

      1. William and Harry were introduce to being public figures early (photo shoots climbing on trains or fire trucks). William screetched about this from day one, numerous stories about this. He will make the situation even worse for his son by hiding him completely so we end up with George “Howard Hughes” Middleton.

        1. He’s definitely doing George an injustice by possibly instilling in him from an early age an unhealthy dislike of the media and reluctance in his role as a public figure.

  4. Thanks for the great post KMR! Estelle is such a little cutie!! I love the hair bow 🙂 Victoria and Daniel look like they are doing a wonderful job raising this little princess. Including her in occasional events is a wonderful way to get her comfortable in front of crowds and cameras and of course with her future role as Queen. It seems to me that the British Royal Family takes themselves way too seriously at times. The other European royal families are much better at presenting a human yet regal face, the only British royal who does that well is Harry. Ok, the Vegas trip as a bit of a blip on the regal radar but he does the natural and open gig better than anyone else. 🙂

  5. I read this with interest. What you need to remember is that for William, the press are why his mother is dead. They effectively hounded her until she died, and then took photos of her whilst she was dying. The UK press are notorious for bad behaviour. After Diana died, the press agreed to stay away from William and Harry to let them grieve and grow up without the same kind of extreme press intrusion they saw with their mother.

    Be it right or wrong in the long run, I can easily see why William wants to shield his son and wife from that.

    1. The problem with this version of the story is that William has always hated the press. Always. From the time he was a young child, he battle with his parents over having to have his picture taken and get used to the press. He is using his wife and child as an excuse, but his loathing doesn’t stem from the death of his mother but from his own early childhood. He isn’t protecting his wife and child; he is using them as an excuse to keep the press away from himself.

        1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Diana played games with the press. She’d call them and use them when she wanted, but then expected them to disappear when she didn’t want them around, and when they didn’t she got upset. Right? Kind of like what William does.

          1. Yes, he learned at the hands of a master. As much as I admire her work, her relationship with the press is something else. William has hated the press from day one, then he watched his mother manipulate the press once he was older. So he plays the same games she did.

            Example, leaving a club with Middleton while they were dating. No one followed them. They drove around the block, waved to get the press attention. Press followed, then William claimed harassment for being followed.

  6. Can I just say that the Swedes have the cutest and funnest royal traditions ever? Just cute and homey and nice, not crazy formal all the time. When I compare these pictures to the BRF, it’s like night and day. Of course all families are different…but still. Oh, and Vik should BURN that coat. Not flattering at all.

    1. I should do a Camilla post where she invited sick children to Clarence House to decorate their tree. I was going to – the photos were great – but then never did for some reason I can’t remember now. Camilla wasn’t super stuffy for that event; it was nice.

  7. Adoring these pics! I love, love the one of Carl Philip with Estelle, but the one of Victoria holding the reins such a great pic all around– literally and figuartively she’s holding the reigns and handling things while Danial is alongside, strong and smiling with his “hey babe” look. They seem to have the relationship that most of us hoped charles and Diana would have. Who cares who “rules?” It’s a team, yes one will have the title but the other is a critical support. You can feel Victoria thriving in her relationship. Team Sweden!

  8. Oh, yes, what an adorable child Estelle is. And, all the photos of the Swedish family are delightful.
    Thanks KMR for posting this. I agree, the photo of little Estelle with her “hot” uncle is great.
    Isn’t it a shame that little George isn’t allowed such precious moments, too. I think William is still so shell-shocked by the loss of his mother that he will keep the child out of the public’s view as often and for as long as he can.

    1. You could be right about Will in that he keeps his son out of public as much as possible because of his mother’s death, but he needs to stop. He is making the situation about HIM (surprise!) and not what’s in the best interest of the child or even the family as a whole.

  9. What a treat! and I love the term ‘Team Sweden’ (Sugar) great pics and Estelle is just adorable…fast becoming my favorite royals….

  10. I was just saying the other day that the Swedish Royals are my favorite you know. But the British Royals are still their to. I love these pictures so lovely. Queen Victoria soon hopefully. She been ready in my eyes. Madeleine is beautiful and estelle will be a good Queen.
    I cant wait for Gods Splendid Reign! How lovely the bride of Christ (a real woman) the new eve will rule with Christ. I can’t wait. See the real Glitz and Glam! 🙂

  11. Fantastic set of pictures. So glad you write about the Swedish Royal Family, because they’ve got it so beautifully together and they are wonderful to see.

    Likewise totally agree it would be amazing to see a picture of Harry and George.

    (Oops. Pardon my prior entry!)

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