British Royals attend Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace; William makes fun of Kate’s hair

British Royals attend Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace; William makes fun of Kate’s hair

Today was the annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace for the extended royal family before the Queen relocates to Sandringham for the holidays. The Queen only invites her children, grandchildren, etc. to Sandringham for Christmas, so the Buckingham lunch is an opportunity to catch up with the extended family including her cousins and their families, etc.


As per usual, Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the lunch. William drove himself and Kate into Buckingham Palace without Prince George. Though interestingly enough, William drove himself and Kate and George and Nanny Maria out of Buckingham Palace. So George was sneaked in by Nanny Maria at some point. I guess they didn’t want him photographed as they arrived, because, you know, they just released three new photos of him and that’s all the peasants get! I’m sure William was probably hoping George wouldn’t get photographed as they left, but he did – hahaha.

Kate wore red for this event, because Kate always wears red for this event. She can’t bother to buy the red Scout hoodie, and she wears black to hang with kids, but she can pull out red for the Christmas lunch just like she can pull out bright ass pink for the 9/11 memorial but is in mourning for every other event in NYC.


Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice, and Prince Charles were also at the event. No Camilla, though. Hm.


PS. William paid a visit to Centrepoint before the Buckingham lunch. The media were not invited to the event, but Centrepoint live-Tweeted the entire thing Tweeted photos from William’s visit. A palace spokeswoman said: “The Duke paid an unofficial visit to Centrepoint this morning in order to meet some of the young people and show support for the charity at what is a key time of year for them.”

William at Centrepoint

William talked to a young woman who is training to be a hairdresser, and she offered to cut Kate’s hair, which William said was a “nightmare” because it’s so long. Um, didn’t Kate say at some point that she keeps her hair long because Will likes it long? Or am I imagining that?

William at Centrepoint hairdresser

Sigh, why must they take digs at each other? He says she looks like a banana in yellow, and says green is too bright; and she makes fun of his bald spot. Just get along already.

William at Centrepoint snacks

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76 thoughts on “British Royals attend Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace; William makes fun of Kate’s hair

  1. I did wonder why Kate went on a sudden visit to see a Scout troop. Today we get the answer… William was due to make a visit at Centrepoint in the morning. So the visit to Centrepoint gets little media time as the papers are fill of Kate’s visit. No wonder she was more animated?

  2. I am so sick of the two of them bitching about each other. They have a position in life and need to just behave. If you want to be “normal”give up the goodies that the people pay to keep you in your lifestyle. In will upset Grannie, but everyone will be better off.

  3. Of course William and Kate, like many royals, don’t seem to be too in love with each other. Perhaps the honeymoon is over. Camilla does have fatigue and vertigo, so maybe she felt unwell. Katie exhausts easily under the pressure to be interesting; for every public “engagement” she carries out, at least a week of retail therapy and a week of rest.

    1. Have you seen Victoria and Daniel? Felipe and Letizia? Willem-Alexander and Maxima? There are royals out there who are clearly in love with each other, which is lovely to see.

  4. So I think I’m alone on this, but couples do tend to rib their SO’s on occasion… Also, the Brits are known for being extremely sarcastic to their nearest and dearest. It’s weird, but I’ve read on other forums from Brits themselves on now they treat their best friends (mean) versus strangers (polite). My husband and I are not British, but we rag on each other in public too! Doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. 🙂 granted, it’s not all the time, but it does happen. This might be a cultural thing, and I’m no fan of theirs, but I’ll give them a pass this one time.

    1. Hi Lazykins,

      I completely agree with you, if a stranger were to hear my husband and I at times they would think that divorce was imminent. I wonder if some of this mutual ragging is an effort to appear like other married couples, i.e normal?

    2. Hi Lazy, Lauri, and Chic…I respectfully disagree. The kind of “digs” that are being described are really passive-aggressive and are probably fueled by some unresolved anger. It doesn’t mean couples are on the way to divorce court, but it means the relationship might need to be examined and fine-tuned. It could be something that seems very minor, like a wife who feels resentful because her spouse doesn’t help more with housework. She doesn’t want to bring it up to him because he does work full time (as does she), he’s truly a nice guy, and she doesn’t like confrontation. So she keeps it inside and it simmers and is released every now and then in the form of a “dig”.

      Sorry to rant, but I do not believe that people talk this way to one another when everything is truly fine.

      1. I think you may be on to something Dag. I teased my husband, but it was teasing. I have a pretty dry sense of humor, but I would have never said things like that about him in public. I think William’s comments come out because of frustration/jealousy/lack of real control over his life and it is very passive-aggressive.

        George probably kept him awake early on and later he probably doesn’t like that he’s a really strong willed little boy. So his comments about the noise and bath time and breaking things come out. He thinks he’s being an every day dad and sharing about his child, but it’s just not the same.

        Harry didn’t go to university, joined the military and got to go to Afghanistan to serve so he took many digs about him not being university educated. They are probably out of jealousy because he, as future possible King, couldn’t put his life on the line like that. Same thing happened with Charles and Andrew, but Charles was a heck of a lot more gracious. I think William is carrying a lot of jealousy when it comes to Harry. Harry probably has it made in his eyes. He can go out and party, get caught with his pants down (literally) and still come out smelling like a bed of roses. But Harry also understands that he has to put in the work to earn the respect. William, I believe, expects it to be handed to him.

        As for the comment about Kate’s hair. It could be a two-edged sword. On the one hand he could be saying it’s a lot of work for the stylists because it is so long and thick (which I say can be remedied by removing some of the extensions) and on the other it could be a little dig because there may have been times when he’s been standing around waiting for her hair to get taken care of.

        Long reply, but basically I agree with you. He’s not a happy camper and it comes out in his little asides.

        1. I wasn’t even thinking about all the things (people) you just mentioned…What you’ve added to my theory makes a lot of sense. And you summed it up perfectly…”he’s not a happy camper”.

          1. There’s that pithy saying, “Many a true thing is said with a smile.” That can certainly apply in William’s case when he makes these joking asides.

          1. She’s always had think hair – at least she did in those see-through modelling photos from college – but I do think she adds some extras in there from time to time.

          2. Yes, sadly enough, Kate feels the need to wear hair extensions. That explains the reason her visit to the salon takes 4 hours. When my hair was the same length as hers (and thick, flaming red btw), it took an hour to blow dry and hot iron into a style. Also, there are photos showing her extensions showing through her natural hair. Fake teeth, fake tan, fake hair. Fake Kate.

      2. I agree. If everything is fine, then there is no passive- aggressive teasing. That kind of stuff stems from unresolved issues, however minor and not divorce-causing they may be.

  5. I’ve often wondered why Kate takes all time and effort to blow dry, straighten, then curl her naturally wavy hair. When they toured the South Pacific I thought her hair look great, natural and quite wavy. I hope that as the family grows she will tire of time and effort and embrace her natural hair.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall during these Christmas get togethers! I wonder what the Princess Michael of Kent and Princess Anne would talk about? Or does Andrew makes digs at Charles of not allowing the “blood princesses” to hold paid positions within the family? Or maybe they all get along pretty well 🙂

    1. I feel like Princess Michael of Kent would be a major gossip and super judgy of everyone – it would probably be funny to listen to her gossip about everyone behind their backs. Anne seems like a major stick in the mud – she works hard, but also seems not to have much of a fun personality. Like, I doubt Princess Michael and Anne enjoy talking to each other. I know they’re royals, but they probably have a similar dynamic to other families – ie. dysfunctional where some get along and some don’t. I doubt they’re major drama in front of the Queen, but there could be if they weren’t on their best behavior, you know. I obviously don’t know for sure; I’m just speculating.

      1. Oh, let us not forget that Anne is a born princess, whereas Princess Michael (aka Princess Pushy) is princess by title. I’m sure Anne looks down her royal nose at Marie-Christine the majority of times.

          1. I doubt it. Princess Michael didn’t get the name “Princess Pushy” for no reason. She’s said she has the most “blue blood” to marry into the Family since Prince Philip, she told a group of noisy African-Americans dining in a NY restaurant that either they should “go back to the colonies” or that SHE would “go back to the colonies” and apparently once she came down the Mall in a motorcade with lights, sirens, the whole thing, blocking traffic… while the Queen sat in one of her private cars being held back from entering Buckingham Palace because of her cousin’s wife. The Queen is also on record as having remarked (sarcastically) that Princess Michael is “a bit too grand” for the rest of the Family. Oh yes and Princess Michael’s father was an S.S. major during the Second World War. The Princess Royal need not look down her nose at Princess Michael; in my book, she’s leagues ahead of Princess Pushy.

  6. I think he makes inappropriate jokes because he has no clue how to socialize. Everyone around him probably humors him and pretends to enjoy his conversational skills because of the idea of being friends with a future king. Remember his horrible joke about seeing into his bedroom? I forget who they were meeting with, but that just showed how out of his element he was socially. Actually I kind of pity him because how would he go about making a group of friends who would be real with him? Also, I think he likes Kate’s hair long and was just making a joke.

    1. The bedroom line was directed at the President of Singapore. He really has no idea what is appropriate and what isn’t. He tries to be funny and it just falls completely flat, and sometimes approaches inappropriate.

      1. Like talking babies with Obama. He has no idea of how to do appropriate small talk. There are businesses that teach these things to executives. Maybe the new American PR guy will sign W&K up for classes.

        1. Maybe I’m hallucinating, but I’m sure at some point in time, future kings, queens, prominent royals were taught these things by people who were experts in their fields. Obviously William didn’t want anything to do with the lessons. Must consider himself a natural.

          1. I think that’s one of William’s problems, he thinks he’s a natural and an expert at all things that he doesn’t need help or advice from anyone.

          2. Willy is still riding on Diana’s coat tails–basically is is just a boy child like so many of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha male line.

    2. Hey, I think if I were Anne I’d be looking down my nose at Princess Michael’s grand airs and maybe give her some attitude if she deserved it! I’m sure Anne is cognizant of her pedigree, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she had that inborn superiority of a blood-born princess in contrast to one who married into the royal family with a shady family history and doesn’t have the demeanor or behavior expected of a royal. I do agree that that Anne is leagues ahead of Princess Michael; I’d think all the royal-born princesses such as Beatrice, Eugenie and Alexandra of Kent have that inborn air of natural and effortless royal to them.

      1. I don’t think it is innate (genetic/DNA). I think they were raised to be polite and carry themselves well, and most of us don’t receive that kind of etiquette training. Princess Marie of Denmark is an example – multilingual, went to finishing school. She isn’t noble, but she had the advantage of being raised with old-school manners, so fitting into a royal setting is easy for her.

        1. I don’t know much about Princess Mary’s upbringing, but she is a great example of preparing herself for her position and embracing it as well. I think she even attended a deportment school as well prior to her marriage. She has seamlessly incorporated herself into the DRF and it’s my understanding that she’s well-loved by the Danish people.

      2. Certainly Anne and Alexandra are very cognizant of their rank, especially Anne as the daughter of the Sovereign. But I think they have a natural demeanor and self-confidence from having been born into the (arguably) most important Royal Family in Europe. I think Princess Michael is constantly overcompensating for her low rank and lack of status vis versa the rest of them.

  7. A bit off topic, but it looks like Will got new glasses. They look good on him. I think I remember reading somewhere that he doesn’t like his picture being taken with glasses on.

    I’m sure they take private family photos, but it would be really nice to see a group family photo of everyone. Even with royals, it’s not often that you can get the whole extended family together.

    1. Glasses or no glasses, I think William always looks like a fully assembled Mr. Potato Head. If he ever wears a tiny sombrero I would blow a funny fuse.
      But I agree with you, the glasses do look good on him.

      And Bea rocking that new hairstyle? Loved, loved, loved it! Take note, Kate! You’ve been out glossy-locked, madam!

    2. The glasses do look different from the last time I saw him wear glasses. These rims are blacker.

  8. It is good to see Prince William at Centrepoint again. I agree that Beatrice’s hair looks fabulous. It looks like she made a real effort. Us Brits are polite to strangers and from what I have witnessed caring and teasing to Significant Others. How I loathe that phrase. Prince William’s comment is unusual.

    1. William has never said a kind thing about George; he’s always complaining about him. And he’s been rude to Harry numerous times as well. Maybe it’s because I’m a fuddy-duddy American, or maybe it’s because William has no sense of delivery when tell jokes, but his comments about Harry, George, and Kate don’t seem like playful joking to me; they just seem rude.

      1. And considering the public is not given a balance between both positive remarks and the negative comments (whether they are jokes or not), the negative is the only impression we have. Also, sarcasm and tone don’t always come across in print.
        William should especially be conscious of it when he is speaking to someone from a different culture.

  9. A couple of points, in fairness –

    Centrepoint confirmed on Twitter that all tweets were sent after PW had left. They didn’t live tweet.

    William actually said Kates hair is a nightmare FOR HAIRDRESSERS as it’s so thick. Not that it’s a nightmare, per se. He was empathising with a former Centrepoint (homeless) lady who had gone on to train as a hairdresser – basically saying he understands it can be a difficult job.

    There were no jibes at Kate, it was him trying to find common ground with a nervous woman.

    1. Thank you for clarification about Centrepoint’s tweets. I’ve updated the post.

      Well the for hairdressers bit is a much needed clarification. In the Centrepoint article it just said “nightmare because it’s so long” without saying for whom it is a nightmare.

      1. PW can be an absolute tool, but he was joking with this woman & finding common ground. It’s another example of the British sense of humour – I’m afraid it doesn’t translate across the pond.

        1. lol, I’ve been told I don’t have a sense of humor (by some commenter the last time I didn’t get a bit of British humor), so maybe it’s just me.

        2. Wow! I stand by my passive-aggressive analysis of rude comments, but that doesn’t seem to apply here because of those two words…” for hairdressers”…it just shows how important it is to hear the entire quote. Thanks!

    2. Perhaps William thinks Kate’s hair is a nightmare because Amanda can’t cope with it? I’ve got long, thick hair and when it’s cut right then it’s a breeze and so easy to style and wear! Please can someone give Kate a new hairdresser and a new stylist for Christmas?

  10. The way they hide George is way weird. I understand not wanting to be photographed at every waking moment, but they act like they live in constant battle mode with everyone but themselves. Do you think it’s because of Diana’s death?

    It’s gonna take a miracle for that child to grow up with a healthy attitude about his position.

    1. Yes, Liz, I do think that much of William’s desire in keeping George out of the public eye stems from the loss of his mother. Diana was literally haunted down by the paps day and night and I think he and Harry were too young to lose their wonderful Mum in any way, but the accident must have been horrific for them. Harry seems to be able to use the press to his benefit. That’s what Diana did. He also seems to be able to tolerate the media on other levels, too.
      William just doesn’t seem to be able to relax. Sad, but true.

      1. William’s hatred of the press started when he was a young child. There are many articles and stories out there to back this up. He has ALWAYS hated and resented the press, it didn’t start with the death of his mother. By age 3 he was already protesting having his picture taken. He uses the excuse of his mother – and the excuse of his wife and child – to try to shut down press freedom. In the end, it is about William not about the other people in his life.

  11. Okay, what is the deal with hiding George? I’m seriously asking this question.

    Every new parent (and grandparent) I’ve ever known has photos of the kid and wants to show photos of the kid. They can’t get enough photos. Look at people on Facebook…every time a kid turns around someone puts his picture on Facebook and dozens of people say the same things…”adorable”…”too cute”, etc.

    The fact that he is a royal doesn’t really answer the question.

    If anyone can shed some light on this for me, I would be very appreciative.

      1. I do think it’s because we live in a different time than when Will and Harry were babies. They cannot follow Diana’s lead and think it will still fly with the 24 hr news cycle and constant need for new stuff. They need to update the way they do things. A peek at how Victoria and Maddie have handled their babies would do W&K a world of good.

  12. Just had a thought about the Christmas lunch – George was taken in separately, yes? And nobody got photos at all of Nanny driving him in…so I wonder if he was at his regular swimming time in the Buck Pal pool (with Maria), and then joined his parents afterwards.

    That would explain no photos at all of Maria/PG entering Buck Pal as it would have been an hour or so before the others. Also, as a Mum to three sons, anything that tires your toddlers out before an event is a GOOD thing! Maria, if not Kate, would have known this.

    So maybe not hiding PG, just smart parenting to take steps to ensure he wasn’t a bundle of energy when they needed him to behave.

  13. I also think William’s comment about Kate’s hair was his way of relating to the young woman who must have been very nervous meeting him.
    My hairdresser and I have been joking for years how much a good stylist would want to get her hands — and scissors – on Kate’s mane. I wish she’d cut her hair. She’s getting up there in age and such long locks just don’t flatter the way they once did. Time for a make-over!

    1. I’ve seen women well into their 50s with hair longer than Kate’s and they look fabulous. Kate, simply put, just does not carry herself well and hides behind her hair.
      IMHO, I don’t think a shorter cut would make any difference on Kate whatsoever. She is just head to toe blah.

  14. William seems so out of touch when he meets new people. He seems like a bumbling mess.

    I’ve always found it interesting that Nanny Maria has a passing resemble center to Kate.

    1. Lol, maybe the resemblance is calculated so that when Kate steps in to spend some time with George, he’ll be happy and delighted to see her!

  15. A nightmare? Her big glossy beautiful hair is her best feature. He really does seem to throw her under the bus. I don’t even care when it’s blowing about in the wind I still love her hair best down and with lots of volume and her big below-the-chin curls. I’m glad she bites back and makes fun of him too, he needs that.

    1. That’s b/c he’s insanely jealous of her press coverage. He’s boring as buttered toast except when he’s making inappropriate ‘jokes’ that aren’t the slightest bit funny. Charles had the same problem with Diana, but he had enough class to take it out on her in private. Willy doesn’t have class. Look who he married.

  16. I see these two as volcanoes with cracks that are venting…a little here…a little there…she and her flashing and him and his cheap shots….I see a resentful putz of a prince and a very disappointed woman/child…he resents everything and wants everything….she has realized that the book has chapters after ‘happily ever after’ and is having to deal with the mess she got herself into…a husband she trapped and cornered…who didn’t want to marry her…a baby she has to pretend to care about and be hands on with…pregnant again…knowing that her husband is free to do what he wants…when he wants….and with whom he wants…she hasn’t that freedom…or much of any freedom….vent…vent…cracks steaming…if this marriage implodes you can bet that the sparkly bejeweled mafia will circle the wagons around their own….and she knows that too….and I don’t think that wimpo would lose much in the implosion…he has a support system of sorts which if for no other reason than ‘image’ would gladly throw wasteofspace under the bus and her pimp of a mother wouldn’t give a crap about her daughter’s pain….this vile woman is all about status….I think that’s why she allows wasteofspace to run home and hide out…keep the status….at any price….I don’t see it as being supportive …I see it as protecting the social standing…wasteofspace gets some potshots in but she is up against HER son…I personally think it’s destroying credibility in the ‘firm’….two future ‘leaders’ acting this way in public…I appreciate (don’t understand) British humor but this is cutting however supposedly teasing only it is…just my thoughts

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