Duchess Kate plays with Scouts getting disability awareness badge

Duchess Kate plays with Scouts getting disability awareness badge

Just when people were wondering when the last time Duchess Kate did anything as a volunteer for the Scout Association, Kate shoves a Scout meeting into her schedule. Kate Middleton attended a meeting (for about an hour) of the 23rd Poplar Beaver Scout Colony in East London yesterday, December 16, in support of the Scout Association’s “Better Prepared” campaign.

Kate at Scouts meeting

I’m genuinely surprised she made an appearance; I didn’t think we’d see her again until Christmas. I’m guessing this was a last minute addition, seeing as they didn’t announce it until the day before. But, I mean, good for her for proving me wrong.

Kate handing out Scouts badges

Kate was with the Scouts while they were working on their Disability Awareness Activity Badge and many of the activities were designed to educate the children on the challenges encountered by people living with disabilities. Activities included decorating a cupcake while blindfolded, trying to cut a chocolate bar while wearing boxing gloves, and trying to eat a piece of chocolate using chopsticks.

Kate blindfolded
[This kid got bored of helping Kate and at one point walked away. The troop leader had to force him back to the table.]

Apparently Kate muttered, “No pressure”, before using the chopsticks because all the media were watching her. Is that really that hard? Whenever I go to the Chinese buffet I eat everything with chopsticks, including the apple pie and ice cream they have as dessert. It’s super fun. Not easy, but super fun. Picking up a piece of chocolate, though, that seems easy. But I guess it wouldn’t be easy to those who are not used to using chopsticks.  Maybe Kate doesn’t use chopsticks often/ever?  I always thought she’d be the type of person who would be into that, but I guess not.

Kate using chopsticks with Scouts

In “The people at Kate’s patronages make comments specifically about things she’s criticized for” news, the troop leader, Carlos Lopez-Plandolit, said of Kate: “It was amazing. She’s really spontaneous. She’s naturally gifted with children. I think she had a great time.”

Kate helping Scouts with disability badge

Kate even learned a bit of sign language. Or rather, she followed along as the kids learned the Scout Promise in British Sign Language. I’ve taken two semesters of American Sign Language at university and it’s not easy. It’s uses a different part of the brain from other languages; so while learning Latin will help with learning other languages such as Spanish, learning ASL doesn’t help with learning other languages and they don’t help with learning ASL.  Don’t know what this says about me, but it was harder for me to learn ASL than it was to learn Ancient Greek.

Kate playing a game at Scouts meeting

By my count, this is only the fourth pictured time we’ve seen Kate doing anything with the Scouts. Her previous outings include: a Scouts trip with Lupo in May 2012; another Scouts trip on March 22, 2013, this time in the snow; and the Scouts parade viewing at Windsor Castle on April 21, 2013. I found two other People articles talking about how she volunteered with the Scouts in Wales: one about gutting fish dated July 12, 2012; and a second one about knotting dated April 27, 2012. I thought there was a fourth pictured outing where she went camping, from June 2012, but that wasn’t with the Scouts. So, yeah, fourth pictured outing, if I’m not missing anything (please let me know if I am and I will update the post). *Pictured below are the March 2013 and April 2013 outings.

Kate cooking dough at Scouts event Kate at the Scouts parade at Windsor Castle 2

Kate decided to support the Scouts with her sartorial selection for this outing, choosing the i.SCOUT Ladies’ Zip-front Hoodie from the Scouts online store. The store offers the hoodie in three different colors – black, green, and red – but of course Kate chose the black, because she’s in mourning for… something.

Kate also wore black skinny jeans, because of course. She wore her Russell and Bromley Charge-It boots, and brought back her Kiki McDonough Grace earrings that she hasn’t worn in quite a while.

i.SCOUT hoodie
[The red is not pictured, but I’m sure it would have been a much better choice than black.]

Here are some more photos from this outing:

Kate preparing to be blindfolded Kate chatting with Scouts Kate helping Scouts Kate handing out disability badge

Link: Mirror.

Photos: Scouts Twitter/Ali Cokeley-Clarke Twitter/UK Scouting Twitter

46 thoughts on “Duchess Kate plays with Scouts getting disability awareness badge

  1. Im beginning to think the hot pink 911 memorial coat was some kind of Eff You. To whom I don’t know, but she’s been wearing mourning colors (black, gray, dark purple, dark blue) exclusively for, what, five weeks now? Why? Is she mourning her failed marriage? Is it because darker colors are slimming, except at WTC memorials? “I will we’re black everywhere, except when actual death is involved, and then I will wear Malibu Barbie Pink! Lovely”

    Also, not to get all tinfoil hat but I like to lurk in the comment threads, well, all over the place really, posting occasionally, and it seems to me that pro Kate comments are on the rise everywhere. Maybe I’m wrong and the NY trip just brought the sugars out of the woodwork, but I’m wondering if the new PR has been contracting out to counter the negativity. Not just the Daily Mail, but celebitchy too. Has anyone else noticed?

    1. I was thinking the same thing re the pink coat. It seems like she’s worn dark colors everywhere but the one place that was appropriate. It does feel like a big, giant FU to wear bright ass pink to a memorial site where thousands died while wearing dark mourning colors everywhere else.

      1. Black, really, at a Scouts visit? She loves to dress in cheery colors for the children, I must say. I would have gone for the green hoodie, but since she likes those nice bright colors every once in a while, like at the Ground Zero memorial, she should have chosen Independence Red.

        But she does look like she’s very engaged with the children.

  2. More black??? Seriously, she must be insecure with her body. The red would have been perfect for this, especially with the holiday. Also, I do believe Kate is pregnant. BUT where is her bump?? She is 5 months pregnant, with her second baby (which you normally pop sooner) and yet there is nothing. I know she is tall and thin, but she should still be showing by this point. The hoodie is baggy, so maybe she does have a small bump, but in that case, why does she hide it? She doesn’t have to wear skin tight clothes, but she also doesn’t have to wear super baggy clothes. Makes no sense to me.

    1. Kate is said to be 5’6/5’7. Average height, not super tall. She has a long torso and short legs, along with being stick thin.
      That’s why she goes for the sky high heels when she is around 6’3 william.

      1. She’s actually on the taller side; 5’9/5’10. But you’re right, that’s going to be a little baby, the way she’s coming along.

        1. She isn’t 5’10”, people just think that because of her heels. She is around 5’7, 5’8″ at the most. That is still taller than average, which is 5’4″

          1. I don’t think she’s 5′ 10″ either. If she were, when she has her heels on she’d only be about an inch shorter than William and it’s a lot more than that.

    2. She’s squarely in the average height range.

      I’m 5’10 and believe me, I had a recognizable “oh, she’s pregnant!” bump at 5 months. Not huge, but recognizable.

      I think it’s just her choice of clothes. If she wore a top that wasn’t so baggy, we’d probably see it.

  3. I am amazed at just how plain and average she looks without her expensive clothes, and she looks like a 47 year old gosh!!!

  4. I found her eye make up ridiculously thick. I too have noticed many comments about how classy, and wonderful she is. Wearing that hot pink coat in New York to the 911 Memorial was poor taste and insulting. That is a special place and when you visit you dress appropriately.

  5. Sorry but I see this visit as a pr stunt. Kate was active with these kids, was it to make us forget how hands off she was during that visit in New York? And wearing that hoodie makes it obvious just how ordinary she looks.

  6. Score one for Kate. She looked like she had a ball. She was dressed appropriately for the visit. I lIke when she wears a ponytail though. I am not a huge fan, but she did a good job.

    I’ve been questioning the bump, too. I look at it this way re the bump watch: people don’t see Georgie, so they want to watch the bump as that will be the most they will see the new royal baby. I think people have a natural curiosity and want to make sure that she is on track and progressing. I could be wrong.

    1. I think the bump watch is definitely a curiosity thing. They’ve been playing up the pregnancy since six weeks in, so people are bound to be curious.

  7. I thought she did well and I really liked the picture of her with the bandana on her head- she looks relaxed and just going with things. I agree about the black- ugh. I think it’s sad that she negates her entire pregnancy. It’s like the black is code for hiding a dirty little secret. Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life and brings so many people into it. She minimizing it to a “bump” which I think gives play to all the surrogate talk, it’s really that she seems divorced from her changing body and life– it’s not scripted (aka controlled)! I think Kate freaks out when there’s anything she can’t control or isn’t sure of. She should remember NY–we inoculated her– and “roll with it!”

    1. Hi Sugar,

      I think you bring up a valid point as to why Kate seems to “hide” her pregnancy. Your sentence “pregnancy is an amazing time…. and brings so many people into it” is the key point. It seems to me that Kate might feel that since she shares so much of her life with the world, she is desperately trying to keep this one thing private and special. When I was pregnant with my first, my co-workers treated my belly and unborn baby as if it was their own. While I certainly appreciated their amazing support there were times when I just wanted to scream, Hands off this is my belly and my baby!

      1. Hi Lauri, I think you are right that she probably does have a sense of “bugger off” to everyone about her changing body, and is sensitive to criticism–I remember my no-kids boss telling me I looked like a battleship crossed with a whale on my 2nd. Haha, but it hurt my feelings, and Kate would get nasty barbs by the thousand. But I think there’s a spiritual growing she’s missing when you’re changing. It’s like, come out of that shell and become the new edition of you. But she doesn’t seem to want to or maybe she doesn’t have an individual personality?

        1. I don’t know if she’d get nasty barbs about her body while pregnant. Most people who are critical of her (IMO) actually applaud the extra weight because it doesn’t make her look so severe and aged. I just think she has a body image problem and needs to see herself as slim as long as possible. Because at some point that baby is going to be up front whether she likes it or not.

          1. And pregnancy is something that should be embraced, not ashamed of, if that’s what she’s feeling. Kate wants to disguise that bump as much as she can, and then she’ll go into seclusion for the remaining last months so no one will see how large she gets.

          2. I think she has to be hyper-sensitive. She’s had her mother sculpting her whole life and definitely wants to appear model thin so she can fulfill the narrative that she was a diamond in the rough. But I can appreciate that somewhere in a corner of Kate is Herself, and she might not like having strangers touch her stomach or feel like her body is out-of-control. I was thinking about all the black and wondering if she’s lactating and doesn’t want a leaky boob photo. That doesn’t excuse the Barbie coat and smiles at Ground Zero.

      2. I can completely understand not wanting to share your pregnancy with the public. Especially since people for some reason think a woman’s pregnancy belly is public property. I wouldn’t want people touching me without asking. But the problem with Kate wanting to keep her pregnancy private is that her whole PR revolves around her pregnancy and they’ve been playing it up since six weeks in. If she wanted to keep her pregnancy and family/child for that matter private, then she should shift the focus to be on her charity work. If she focused more attention to her charities, and actually was involved and gave speeches, then the focus would be on that; but she doesn’t and instead uses her child and pregnancy as an excuse not to work, so everyone focuses on that instead.

    2. I agree with your statement about how she “negates her entire pregnancy” and find that extremely sad. I think Kate doesn’t feel comfortable with the extra weight and that is why she dresses in black all the time (while pregnant) and with the huge coats. I too don’t think she needs figure hugging items (but she doesn’t seem to mind those when she isn’t pregnant) but what is wrong with wearing maternity clothes???

      She looks better with a few extra pounds. Most of the time she is so painfully thin she ages her face and while she has a small waist, she looks strange with such narrow and nonexistent hips plus her wide back and broad shoulders make her look like a strange coat rack. Her body was better when she was in the university and her face (besides being younger) looked better fuller. I read somewhere William used to tease her and call her chubby. I truly hope that is not true bc the last thing you need is your partner messing with your mind when you have body image problems… anyway… so much speculation :p

      Feeshalori is absolutely right when she says she will seclude herself towards the end so we don’t see how big she gets.

      1. Could it possibly be something to do with William not being particularly happy with the timing of this baby? I don’t think he was looking forward to baby #2 so quickly.

  8. Wow, what a shock to see Kate so dressed down and hip hip hooray no Wedges of Doom!! After I got over my initial shock, I liked how Kate dressed for this event. The sweatshirt and jeans were perfect for this event, I might have changed the sweatshirt color to red and put my hair up in a ponytail, but other than that she looked fine.

    1. I think Kate looks her best in casual/sporty wear so other than the black, I think she looked good on this occasion. But I agree, she should have worn a ponytail to keep her hair from flopping around and either the red or green hoodie.

    2. No Wedges of Doom! I’m actually surprised. Happily surprised. I think low-heeled boots are a step in the right direction. That direction being sneakers. But still, boots are better than Wedges!

  9. Oh, I agree. Please, no more black. Working with the kids at the holiday season, why not at least a splash of red?
    I do think she seemed to enjoy the children and that’s fun.
    As for the bump… A woman whom I know from work is so skinny, it’s sad. She told me that each time she was pregnant, she hardly showed and she got back “into shape” nearly a month after delivery, so she rejects all the ideas that Kate is/was not really pregnant.
    All the black is truly depressing. Is it a sign of her emotional state? Surely, I hope not.
    George is such a darling baby and I am sure the new baby will be adorable, too. So much to love.
    So many amazing facets to her life. It would seem sad if she were so unhappy about her body’s changes throughout pregnancy that she was depressed.

    1. The woman who is super skinny… is she naturally skinny or does she have an eating disorder? I’m asking because you said, “it’s sad” which makes me think she had an eating disorder. If that’s the case, then her being super skinny throughout pregnancy isn’t a good thing or natural.

  10. I didn’t like this look at all. Her outfit so blah. I understand going for comfort and the hoodie was appropriate for the event + promoted the organization but I think:
    – she should have worn lighter or blue jeans for a nice contrast with the black hoodie and black boots.
    – those suede boots are a strange combination for the hoodie, not to mention the diamonds
    – her hair looks like mine when I just run out of the shower 😛
    – if she was going for all black some tennis shoes would have gone better with the outfit.

    * I was looking at Kate picture pre-engagement. She wore her hair in ponytails quite a bit + casual messy buns and looked great. I think a messy bun would have been great for this event and outfit or even a nice ponytail. She looks like she just jumped out of bed or ran out of the shower and just applied kilos of eyeliner :/

    A casual look shouldn’t equal unkempt.

    “I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little, if only out of politeness…” Coco Channel
    Especially if you are the Duchess of Cambridge and you are visiting little people (children) for an event right before Christmas.

    I also can’t understand how such events almost always last an hour or less. God, even at the gym the hour is nothing 😛 I will start taking her interest, generous heart, etc. seriously when I hear her visits last longer. Sorry, for me it is all a PR appearance to make her look like a lovely human being.

    1. I said this to Cathy upthread: aren’t all Kate’s appearances PR appearances? It doesn’t seem to me like she does anything because she’s truly passionate about it.

  11. I hope she doesn’t have an eating disorder. She seems to have a weird fascination with imitating Diana (dress when presenting Prince George, engagement photo poses, the same style dress when getting off the plane in Australia, the PR, etc.) I hope she isn’t trying to imitate Diana’s problems too. That’s kind of off topic but she just struck me as so skinny looking and that’s in contrast to her figure before she got married.

    1. How utterly awful would it be if Kate gave herself disorders just to imitate Diana. One would hope Kate would have learned from Diana’s mistakes and not suffered from those disorders, especially since William is all about shielding Kate from everything his mother went through.

  12. Loving her hair color right now, it always gets brassy/highlighted while she’s pregnant. She is in dire need of a tan and some bright lip color though, she is one who needs a tan and a good gloss

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