Kate Middleton doesn’t know if baby is a boy or a girl, will take summer off – KP says

Kate Middleton doesn’t know if baby is a boy or a girl, will take summer off – KP says

Do you remember when I thought Kate Middleton‘s statement to the Times was a PR diversion to take the heat off of the court ruling on Prince Charles‘ “black spider memos”? Some of you suggested it wasn’t a diversion but rather Prince William and Kate’s attempt at stealing the spotlight from Charles because they want to make Charles look bad – especially since Kate’s statement made her look good and Charles’ court ruling made him look bad. I think I’m on that train now. Because today, April 9, is Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall‘s 10th wedding anniversary, and today of all days Kensington Palace decided to hold a briefing for journalists on the plan for the birth of the new royal baby.

A spokesperson said: “The Duke and Duchess are hugely grateful for the warm wishes they have received from people throughout the UK and indeed around the world over the last few months. They know that people are excited Prince George will soon have a little brother or sister and it means a great deal to them that so many will be celebrating this important moment for their family. They are very appreciative that so many people share their excitement as they await the arrival of their second baby.”

Kate officially intends to give birth at the Lindo Wing – just like with Prince George. Kate is currently staying at Anmer Hall, but will move to Kensington Palace soon and be based there while she waits to give birth. William is going to be based at Anmer while he does his air ambulance BS. He will not be allowed to take a helicopter back to London when Kate goes into labor and instead he will be given a police escort while he makes the two hour drive.

After the disaster that was the #GreatKateWait of July 2013 – when journalists from all over the world descended on the Lindo Wing on July 1 because they thought George would arrive early in the month, and then ended up waiting in the hot summer for almost the entire month until George was born on July 22 – both the hospital authorities and the police are going to prevent the press from gathering outside the Lindo Wing this time until after Kate has gone into labor and is at the hospital. Also, a royal aide said: “We would appeal to all media to respect the family nature of this moment and provide the appropriate amount of privacy they should be able to expect.” Because, you know, PRIVACY!

I fully understand and agree with not letting the reporters gather outside the Lindo Wing until Kate goes into labor. I thought, and still think, it was incredibly rude of KP to be so incredibly vague about Kate’s due date last time when they saw the reporters waiting outside for weeks in the hot summer air.

KP will announce the labor via a press release, then over social media. Same with the birth. They will not announce the birth until they have had time to notify family – including the Queen and Prince Harry. They did this with George, too. They waited something like four hours to actually announce he had been born. They’ll do the easel thing again for this baby. However, if the baby arrives after 10PM the announcement will not take place until at least 8AM the next day.

No word if they will bring George to the hospital to meet the new baby, they will decide on the day (just so you know, it’s been four months since we last saw pics of George, and almost a year since we saw video). Will and Kate will spend a few days at KP after the birth – at which time the name will be announced – before disappearing to Anmer. William will take two weeks paternity leave. Also, Will and Kate don’t know the sex of the baby. So can we stop with the “finding clues to the sex of the baby in everything they do and say” crap.

An aide said: “The family will return to Kensington Palace where they are expected to stay for at least a couple of days. After their time at Kensington Palace the couple will return to their home in Norfolk.

“For the avoidance of doubt, like last time the Duke and Duchess do not know if their baby will be a boy or a girl.”

Also, KP shot down the idea of Kate hiring more staff to take care of the new baby, saying: “At this stage the Duke and Duchess do not intend to take on any additional staff.”

And it looks like the flurry of engagements Kate did in the first quarter of the year will not last after the birth of the new baby. An aide said: “As you suspect with two very young children her focus will be on her family over the summer.” So Kate won’t be doing a damn thing this summer. FFS.  Does she want us to hate her?

Link: Daily Mail.

Speaking of Kate not doing anything this summer, People has a source saying, “[Kate] felt she came back too soon last time. She wants to have that [family] and enjoy it with George and the new baby.”

Kate made her first appearance after giving birth to George a little over a month later, on August 30 at the Ring O’ Fire Anglesey Ultra Coastal Marathon. A couple weeks later she attended the Tusk Trust awards with William on September 12. She made a grand total of 15 appearances from August to December 2013.

In other Kate news, Patsy Kensit thinks Kate is “a modern-day suffragette who has done more to advance the cause of women than anyone else in recent years.”

Kensit said: “[Kate’s] so fabulous on every level. She repeats outfits, which is brilliant. I know it’s a shallow thing to say but I think it’s done so much for women. I’m not going to be forced to have to look different every time I go out. She’s like our generation’s suffragette.”

[Daily Mail]

What?!?!?!????????? Yeah, because Kate repeats outfits she’s totally this generation’s suffragette. Never mind not ever being financially independent OR being a man’s mattress for ten years before he finally put a ring on it OR having a codependent relationship with her mother OR everything else that makes Kate the opposite of a modern, independent woman. Nope, Kate repeats outfits so she’s totally more of a feminist than everyone else.

Now, if Kensit wants to applaud Kate for repeating outfits, and cites Kate as Kensit’s inspiration for repeating outfits, fine. But don’t make a blanket statement claiming Kate is a huge feminist icon and “our generation’s suffragette”, because that is straight up not true. Kate is the opposite of a suffragette.

Prince George Christmas Photo 3

139 thoughts on “Kate Middleton doesn’t know if baby is a boy or a girl, will take summer off – KP says

  1. Nothing these two do is coincidental. It’s deliberate. Why not let C&C have this day? Because they are stone cold, selfish brats. Mess up Harry’s Invictus Games opening day, jump all over the spider memo with a message from Kate that I won’t believe until she shows she means it.

    I truly hope one or two photographers show up and pool the photos. That would serve them right. I am glad we won’t have the breathless updates from these correspondents every time a shadow flutters by the door.

    As for seeing George, I’m beginning to think that we won’t see him in person at the hospital. I think we’ll get another Pa Midds shot of the family with the new addition. Nice of them to notify the family before they let the rest of the world know. Especially considering their past track record (the engagement)

    Just have the baby and retire to Anmer already. I’m rapidly getting tired of this whole thing.

    1. It does seem to be a pattern that W&K try everything they can to pull focus from others. With the pregnancy announcement there was kind of a reason to announce early (though they didn’t absolutely have to), but with this there is no reason at all to announce on C&Cs anniversary. W&K could have waited a few days, or done it a few days earlier. Because there is no reason at all for announcing it on the 9th, it really highlights the fact that it was a deliberate move to pull focus from C&C.

      1. It also flies in the face of their whole privacy mantra. If they want their privacy and don’t want the attention, why make all of these attention grabbing ploys? There’s something seriously messed up in those heads of theirs.

        1. It’s a weird dichotomy. On the one hand William hates the attention from the press and public and wants privacy and to be left alone, but on the other hand William doesn’t want his father or brother to receive more attention than he does. I really do believe William wants to be left alone, but I think there is a lot of deep seeded animosity toward his father and brother and while William doesn’t want attention, he doesn’t want them to have it either. Like, if William could run and hide and sabotage Charles and Harry from the shadows, he would in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for him the only way to sabotage Charles and Harry’s attention is to put the attention on himself. That’s probably why William is okay with using Kate to draw attention away from Charles and Harry. William gets to hide while still drawing attention away from Charles and Harry. The easiest way to draw attention away from Charles and Harry is to use George, but William won’t do that because he’s trying to protect George (maybe William thinks he wasn’t protected enough as a child and is trying to make up for it by being overprotective of George?). But I guess William doesn’t care as much about protecting Kate? I don’t know. This is all speculation.

          1. I find it weird that Harry (the one family member that adores children) is thousands of miles away and is not going to be home until late may? june?

            I completely agree re: William and his attention drama.

            William is a complicated putz. On one hand he doesn’t want to do any work, but he has no problem swinging in and taking credit for things he didn’t do. But god forbid anyone else gets positive attention.

            It used to be just harry. Not he doesn’t want charles to get good attention.

            W&K will probably ignore his flower garden again. Hopefully granny and papa goes again.

    2. P rice William or is it KM and carol middletons PR boldly disrespecting the future King Charles – could work against P William km, ma carol and the middletos. Without a King Charles there wont be a King William (if PW is allowed/ or decide to step aside (to King Henry) as future monarch).

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kate and her Mama are already planning their wardrobes for the day, including that of George’s. It’s all one big photo-op for this family.

  3. I’m in awe of Jason. Seriously. We’re not hiring extra staff YET. I could go through all the points, but he’s carefully laying the groundwork for whatever whims W and K unleash on him/us in the future. For the record, I don’t believe for a second that they don’t know the gender of the baby, but I totally believe that Kate will spend the summer at her parents place. I mean Anmer isn’t finished yet, right *cough*.

    I’m not surprised Patsy sees Kate as an icon. Patsy got all her success by being sexually available to rich men too.

    1. Why don’t you believe they don’t know the sex of the baby?

      I do agree that while KP said Kate will stay at Anmer over the summer, she will probably end up at her parent’s. Katie Nicholl was the only reporter to get their 2014 summer plans right. All the other royal reporters said (after the April tour in May or thereabouts) she was going to step up her duties in summer 2014, but Nicholl said she was going to take the summer mostly off and hide at Anmer, and that’s what she did. That’s why I believe Nicholl when she says Kate will hide out at her parent’s house after the baby is born.

      PS. I have no idea who Patsy Kensit is.

      1. Regarding the baby’s gender, it’s fourth in line to the throne, and Kate loves to shop, and every parent I know knew the sex of their baby beforehand. Maybe I’m wrong and they really do want to be.surprised.

        Patsy Kensit is a serial wife and girlfriend of rock stars. Most recently Liam Gallagher of Oasis. He once left in the middle of a tour to play house with her.

    2. They knew george was a boy. She was seen buying a blue rocker or something. Harry also spilled the beans.

      This time they are sending confusing signals. (For attention imo )

      Although, thankfully, Tanna said it’s another boy.

  4. I thought the same as you, KMR, about the timing. Hot on the heels of stealing Harrys thunder with Invictus Games….it’s odd, truly.

    William wants privacy on one fat-fist, but with the other he demands to steal attention from his own family. He wants to be centre of attention, yet simultaneously cloaked in invisibility.

    One point I would add – I wonder if Harry buggering off Down Under is a middle finger up to WK & baby no2. Is Harry understandably cheesed off with William & keeping a distance on purpose?

    Something to keep our eye on in future.

    1. JL, You bring up a fair point about Harry’s timing Down Under. Could be a subtle way of distancing himself from the Cambridges. Harry appears to be having more engagements with Charles, too, which is noteworthy if only because William is constantly jealous of Harry. And if Charles has any sense of self-preservation (for himself or the entire BRF), he must realise how unpopular the Cambridges have become and could be raising Harry’s profile by giving him more engagements. All just speculation, though, but a seriously interesting one!

      1. How do we know about William being constantly jealous of Harry?
        I have read that before (on here) and I’m curious. I always thought of them being super close (at least up until w’s wedding).

        I have no doubt William is jealous of his brother’s good looks, considering he was handsome at some point 20 years ago, as he is now so unfortunate looking and Harry maintains his good looks + H has truly changed people’s perception of him.

        1. As with most things involving W&K, William’s envy of Harry is pure speculation based on what we’ve been able to glean from their actions. William puts Harry down a lot. He tries to mask it as a joke, but the jokes are more rude than funny – like a school bully. Bullies only bully because they are insecure with themselves. It just seems like William severely dislikes Harry getting more attention than him. Harry has a natural way with people and they just love him. Whereas William tries to make conversation and be funny and he comes off awkward and uncomfortable. I think William knows that Harry has a more natural way with people, and people like him more because of it, and that bothers William the Golden Child. The Golden Child thinks the Golden Child should always be the best at everything and get all the attention and love, and yet the red-headed, non-girl Second Child is so much better than the Golden Child in pretty much every aspect – without even trying. William is insecure with himself and takes it out on Harry with those snide comments he tries to pass off as jokes. I know they used to be close, but I just don’t see that anymore. William hides away as much as possible and Harry is off doing his own thing. I don’t think they spend much time together, and I just don’t think they are that close anymore. But again, this is pure speculation. It could be totally wrong.

          1. I think William is most definitely jealous of Harry now…he sees Harry’s fairly free and happy bachelorhood and wishes it were he.
            I think William is very unhappy married, whether it has to do with Kate or if it’s just marriage in general, I don’t know. But he sure doesn’t seem happy, and Harry does.

        2. I do not believe Priince William is jealous of his brother Prince Harry … they adore each other especially what they have bee through together; KM ma carol the middletons seem jealous of the princes closeness. its been said, KM carol middleton blame Prince Harry as partying/drinking with P William (both were pap on trip with Jecca Craig).

          Recently at the Afghan War and Commonwealth Services – KM always seem to be watching Prince William reaction while waiting on his P Harry to approach in greeting Officials (how they have been trained all their royal lives). KM seem insecure/jealous of the Princes closeness and the Line P Harry continues as a royal spare-heir (to King Charles).

          1. Both William and Harry admitted, in an interview, that William has always partied more than Harry. Middleton was known to drink more than both of them.

            Harry was quoted saying something about how he was looking forward to getting to know Middleton after the engagement. W&K dated/lived together for 10 years, but Harry didn’t get to know her then? The firstborn child doesn’t get William’s only brother as godfather, then named their press guy instead.

            William and Harry are not close, haven’t been for a decade.

    2. This is pure speculation, but it seems to me that while William doesn’t want attention from the press and public, he also doesn’t want his father or brother to have it either. It’s like he’s in some weird competition with them. I would guess there is a lot of animosity toward his father and brother for some reason. That’s probably what drove him to the Midds in the first place, and since then it’s gotten worse. William clearly hates his public role and hates the attention from the press and public, but then again he also wants to be the special golden child and he can’t do that if he has no attention on him. He wants to stick it to his father, and he doesn’t want Harry to surpass him in popularity. So he slinks away and pouts and uses Kate to draw attention from Charles and Harry. William really is a crazy ball of contradictions. I’d actually kind of like to sit down and have a chat with him and find out what he’s thinking and what his motivations are.

      If Charles doesn’t get to see George much, it’s probably more due to William’s own hatred of his father than anything Carole did. Carole just fed William’s pre-existing hatred.

      I don’t know if Harry deliberately scheduled his time Down Under to fall when Kate is due, but I really don’t think Harry and William are that close anymore.

      1. I agree, KMR. This is all speculation, despite so many incidents of William downplaying Harry. There is a noticeable rivalry there, at least on William’s part. I recall William admitting that he was so very jealous of Harry that time Harry was deployed to Afghanistan, obviously for that particular reason, and while it isn’t accurate to stamp this rivalry in all aspects of the brothers’ lives, Harry’s ease and comfort with the public, as you mentioned, makes William come off as awkward and void of charisma. Add to that an unpopular wife. Harry, in spite of his mischief, and, in particular, the Vegas naked photos, still garnered support from the the public and no less than members of the Armed Forces, (albeit in a tongue-in-cheek way). Wasn’t there a barrage of photos that came out soon after, of soldiers, both men and women, stripped down to their birthday suits, all in support of “Cheeky” Harry? I saw that as a demonstration of support and candid acknowledgement of their colleague as one of them. That sort of thing would have driven William wild with envy.

        1. @Violet Also, don’t forget when Harry himself said that William was jealous of Harry’s going to the South Pole because William wanted to go but was stuck at home with a crying kid instead.

          I think William has a lot of animosity towards Harry, on top of other reasons, because Harry does live his life to the fullest. He’s gone after his dreams to be in the military and worked hard to become an Apache (something William could never do because it actually involves hard work and proper training while William settled for a 13 week course that only allowed him to be co-pilot), he’s respected, when he knew he was no longer going to be going back to Afghanistan he didn’t sit and sulk instead he came up with the Invictus Games, and he’s not held down by a female he can’t stand and a kid he doesn’t want, and if he were to settle down today or tomorrow it would be highly likely to be to a woman who has something going for herself besides him.

      2. KMR you say that his strained relation with his father and brother drove him into Carole’s arms? Maybe, but I think it’s the other way around. I think Carole (and Kate) have been whispering in his ear telling him what a perfect special snowflake he is, and that has led to the strain. I mean Carole certainly would have wanted not just to cement her status as someone who tells Will “the truth”, which happens to be exactly what Will wants to hear, but she would also have tried to make sure that Will would be wary of anyone trying to limit her influence. Carole needs Will to need her. To run his homes, to soothe his wife, to raise his child, and to feed his ego. She really is indispensable. Imagine for a moment if Carole were to die tomorrow HYPOTHETICALLY. Would the Cambridge marriage survive?

        1. I don’t think that Kate, on her own, could have made William marry her in the first place. Carole is indispensable to this marriage. (IMO)

        2. I think Prince William has been given a rude awakening (Prince Harry and he knows!)- a serious jolt by km carol and the middletons of what he thought was a docile spouse/marriage.

          Only now there are two middleton babies – Prince George and 2d soon (see the smirk smile by km while looking at P William on the steps at the War Service; he was looking back but not smiling); ma carol is underestimating Prince William continued importance for her the middletons climbing to succeed.

        3. If William had not had problems with his home life and family he never would have been seeking that perfect family togetherness that the Middleton clan offered him. I very much agree that Carole played on his issues and insecurities for her own gain, and grew the cracks, but she didn’t create the cracks. If there hadn’t already been issues between William and his father, then there would have been no Carole. But I very much agree with your theory of how Carole treated and continues to treat him to make him need her and widen the cracks between him and Charles.

          If Carole were to die today, I don’t think the Cambridge marriage would last long.

    3. When Harry has publicly messed up (vegas, pot, costume) – William never has his back.

      There’s always a mention of William is so disappointed.

      Yet william has never publicly apologized for anything. It’s always Charles who ends up apologizing on behalf of willy.

      1. In two out of three of those (costume, drugs) William was at fault. Harry didn’t start Club H, William was the one who got that started and showed the poor example to Harry.

    4. Depending on the length of HM reign – if only King Charles could rule for a period – then pick his King Henry (Prince Harry) to continue in his stead … bypassing Prince William Line (km PG and the middletons) leaving the Monarchy to continue as true royals.

      Or a older King Charles pass to his brother _ York or Wessex.

      1. He will never give his brothers the job. He hates Andrew and no one cares about Edward. Princess Anne has no eligible heirs because she chose to pull her kids out of the line of susuccession.

        1. Anne’s children and grandchildren are very much still in line for the throne.
          She and her former husband refused titles for them.
          That’s why they are Mr. Peter Phillips and Mrs. Mike Tindall, but they remain in the line of succession.

          Charles will be king – He has been preparing all his life. After charles is the big question mark. William? Harry?

  5. “…it’s been four months since we last saw pics of George…”. I had no idea it had been that long! It got me thinking…remember how Charles and Diana asked the press to basically “lay off” the boys when they were young and in school, then, later, Charles asked the press to “lay off” the boys after their mother’s death? And, except for official engagements, the press pretty much obliged, at least until William graduated university.

    I’m wondering if the press will be so inclined to oblige William if he makes the same request for his son and other future kids. It seems to me the press may be so irritated at getting no chance to photograph George that no one will back off. I mean, it could be that once George is old enough to be out and about, he’ll be hounded by photographers who feel like they’re making up for lost time.

    1. That agreement was a barter. The press would leave the boys alone in exchange for organized photo ops. BUT as recent reporting and books (and the Levinson inquiry) made clear, the press weren’t really leaving the boys alone, they were just hoarding their stories for later dates. Paps were still following them (and the boys knew it), but since the pics weren’t being published the agreement was technically being honored. This is why William is so hostile to the press. They’ve been fucking him over for a long time. That being true, litigation and spiteful petulance is still a bad long term strategy. Especially for his kids.

      1. I didn’t know any of what you wrote. Is that why William hates the press so much? I mean I know he blames them, to a certain extent, for his mother’s death, but is he also hostile because they followed him? You’re right about his attitude not being helpful to his children.

        1. There is a story that when William was 7 he said he didn’t want to be king when he grew up, he wanted to be a police officer so he could protect his mommy. William has always hated his destiny and I think it’s possible he hates the press because they remind him of his destiny. Or it’s possible he has always hated the press because he saw his mother deal with it and wanted to protect her from it. I think William has a lot of deep seeded mommy issues.

      2. I remember seeing an interview with Diana’s protection officer, Ken Wharf, and he said that even as a very young child William hated the photographers and that Diana had to bribe him to be good and wave to the cameras for his first day of preschool.

        1. Yes, William’s hatred of the press started years before Diana died and the press started intruding into his adult private life.

      3. Definitely explains his zero trust attitude. This issue took root before William was playing with edible fingerpaint and taking turns feeding the token classroom pet in playschool. This is deep seated and part of his personality. It will never go away, no matter that he has duties to the Commonwealth, and that he is a future king. The interesting thing, is that he married a woman who is quite happy to be photographed, on any and all occasions, and is luckily very photogenic. Not saying this is a bad thing, but it would be interesting to know, what is her take away? What role does William fill in their relationship, that she balks at?

        1. Hi Ray,

          I think that her take away is making her mother happy and showing up all those people who thought she was too common to marry the future King. Since she obviously balks at anything resembling actual work it’s great for her that she married William since he isn’t too fond of work either and I’m sure supports her desire to be stay at home wife and mother. He also is supportive of her dependence on her mother and her need to be coddled and protected from any of the harsh realities of life.

    2. William would have to actually let the press in in order to take photos and video of George and the new baby in order to make such an arrangement work, and William doesn’t seem to want to do that. He wants to keep the press at arms length (or longer). He doesn’t want to share George with the world at all.

      1. I think William is projecting all of the neuroses and hatred of photographers and his future position that he had as a child onto George. He reportedly said early on that he didn’t want to be king and it’s documented that he hated the press. But rather than putting on his big boy pants and just freaking accepting his fate and dealing with it he’s going to turn George into William 2.0 with regards to the press and his future role.

        I have a feeling that George may actually be quite a little charmer, along the lines of his uncle, and if we ever got to see him it would be apparent and I think that would be like a stake through William’s heart. Can’t have the public loving the son more than the father. Although that’s what he would prefer with regards to his own father. Sorry for the rambling. Just these thoughts popping in.

        1. I think you are spot on with regard to William projecting his own insecurities and hatred of himself and his position and destiny and the press onto George. I think William has a ton of deep seeded issues that are unresolved and in his misguided attempt to shelter his son he is projecting all of those deep seeded issues onto him. William thinks he is protecting his son, but really he’s just hurting him.

        2. And, let’s not forget, PG also has Middleton in his make-up. I sincerely doubt Carole will ever let him forget he is a future King. I don’t know if I think he inherited Harry and Diana’s charisma and way with the press, but I do know that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to kids. They inherit positive and negative attributes of members of both sides of their families. And, they definitely are their own people, too.

          1. I kind of pity this new kid, because you just know Carole won’t care as much about it as she does about George. George will be treated like a king, because he’s the future king. And the new kid, and any other kids, will be treated like afterthoughts.

    3. Comments all over the blogs – the people are fed up of no Press/visits with Prince George in the UK; PG could very well become irrelevant to the people. As to Prince William left alone – St. Andrews University provided no protection to a future royal heir (… his marriage is riddled with dubious activities of one family/and a decade of hunting – etc.).

  6. This is the first time I’m commenting but the amount of work she does amazes me. KM averages like 15 work days in a quarter of a year. For a “normal” working woman, she works atleast 40 hours a week, counting to 12 weeks in a quarter that would be like 480 hours apart from running a house and taking care of family. I just give up on KM and her work ethic but will enjoy the comments on the blog. It gives me a something to laugh at and appreciate all hard working women. Well it’s already been established. But I just wanted whine how less she works and appreciated for it. I will not drag this out.
    I wonder how KM cannot be bored by doing so less!

    1. Hi Michelle!

      If I were Kate I would be bored out of my mind. What does she do all day to keep herself occupied? I would start doing a ton of engagements just so I would have something to do.

      1. I think there is a video somewhere of Princess Diana practicing with her speech coach. They are talking about all of her work. Princess Diana starts to really laugh and says something along the lines of “what else am I supposed to do with all my time”.

          1. I had seen this before but it was nice to go through it again. One thing that strikes me is the SWFng Kate is doing doesn’t just apply to the ring and style of dress, she also took the working with charities that focus on addictions.

            Why can’t she get a speech coach like her and work on that aspect? Oh wait, I know why, because she really doesn’t care about her charities or using her position to better other peoples lives, it’s all just part of playing the game for her.

            I did love it when the boys came into the room and Diana laid down the law with them. You could tell she actually was hands on with her boys. Kate could be, but we’ll never know because we never see George or see her with him very much and when we do he seems to be looking at everything except her.

            Oh boy, to imagine the kind of girl William may have ended up with if Diana were still here.

    2. I don’t think it’s fair to count only the appearances as work. They probably have background stuff too like meetings and prep.

      But considering all she does is parade herself…….

      1. If Kate ever seemed truly prepped for an engagement, I might agree with you. Her performance in most cases, though, makes me think that she knows only the bare minimum about the place she’s visiting, which doesn’t look like a lot of study or thoughtfulness to me. Now, she did seem fully prepared for the Downton Abbey visit…

  7. I don’t blame PW/Kate for keeping PG out of the media. Once they give access it would be difficult to take it back. As far as Kate taking time to prepare for the baby and not coming back as soon as she did for PG, I agree with her on that as well. IMO, PW needs to take the burden of appearances while Kate isn’t able. But of course, he finds something to avoid his responsibility (the pseudo Ambulance job!). My guess is that PW will be spending more time at home vs. working. As far as Kate being “our generation’s suffragette” well even Kate has to be laughing at that one!!

    1. W&K are not normal celebrities and George is not a normal celebrity baby. For normal celebs, what you say it true re giving access to the media and I have no problem with couples who want to shield their kids and don’t want photos taken, etc. But George is the future king of the UK and Commonwealth. The UK and Commonwealth need to feel some sort of connection with him or else they won’t care about keeping him around as king (if the monarchy lasts that long and if William doesn’t take himself and his kids out of the line of succession). Everything W&K&G have is because of the people, and therefore the people have a right to see the them.

      1. I completely agree with you here KMR. George is not some random child but the future King, that is if the monarchy survives his father’s reign. We’ve seen more of Maddie’s daughter and she isn’t even in the line of succession.

    1. It’s because she repeats her clothes, AH. I’m Gloria Steinem, then, if that’s the only barometer. I wore the same thing twice this week (the same people weren’t there).

      I just read the article in the DM about the woman who wears the same thing to work every day and I think she’s onto something.

  8. Kate’s first official appearance back after having George was the Sept 12 appearance. I don’t count the Anglesey one because that was not planned. She decided to show up with William as a thank you since they were moving. It was not official or planned. So, that was her own fault.

    I don’t mind her wanting more time off, but seriously, I honestly wonder how much time she spends with her kids. I still believe she wants more time off to get into shape. Also, by the end of summer she will be able to get Botox and dye her hair again, so that there won’t be any of the unflattering photos from last time around. I think she wants more time off for herself and appearance than for her children.

    An making a one hour appearance 2 months having giving birth and then having another month off is not hard work. I am not sure why she need more maternity leave. You have to work first in order to receive maternity leave. I am getting so fed up with these two.

    1. The Anglesey visit appeared in the Court Circular. It may not have been planned, but it was official.

      1. It seems that it was put on the Court Circular so they could say “look Kate’s back to work after giving birth only a month ago”. Pretty savvy PR move but also pretty transparent.

          1. Exactly Laura from ca, total PR move. I still think that “visit” was to make people forget that the first images of Kate pos-baby are the ones on a supermarket where she bought lots of frozen foods and alcoholic drinks, which aren’t good foods for someone whose supposedly being a hands on mom, breastfeeding and all…

    2. Spot o Overlit

      Ma carol km and the middletons plans continues – used millions of Royal wealth -shopping/luxury vacations/all the pampering and dieting and give nothing of duties service – to the people. There are many nannies and staff – nothing for km to do except buckleberry visits.

  9. I am getting bored of this. I agree that Ma Midds will make a point to trot George to the hospital. I really wish that it were Harry instead. Could you imagine the cuteness in that picture? But, since Ma Midds likes to show off her prize mare, Kate, she will milk it for every opportunity possible. I still think that she will hole up in Middleton Manor at some point. And I also think that Will will use the chopper to get there. IMHO, they are living separate lives. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husbands office manager, staff and everyone else knew when I would give birth and that he needed to be there ASAP. He took work closer to our home and was there swiftly. What married man in his right mind would be 2 hours away thisclose to the due date? I, for one, am not buying this b.s.

    Happpy Anniversary to Charles and Cam. I remember cussing at the television when they aired the wedding at Windsor. But, I have learned to respect Cam and even start to like her. I am so sorry that Will and Kate eclipsed their day. Clarence House published a lovely picture marking the event.

    1. If you had told me 20 years ago that I’d like and respect Camilla more than William’s wife, I wouldn’t have believed it! Frankly, I think their PR makes it worse by trying to spin their laziness and disregard for anybody other than themselves.

    2. Maybe KMR can do an extended post on C&C wedding and married years together. You know, highlighting their biggest charity moments, important works etc.

      1. That would be a good post. I’ll add it to the list. You guys are coming up with awesome post ideas.

  10. I think that Harry is getting away because it brings back too much of his parents breaking up in part because he wasn’t a girl. W&K probably know the sex (God help us it’s probably a girl) and Charles, who’s been something of a dick as a dad, has his momentary good points like spending more time with Harry one-on-one. PC has stoked the fire with hoping the baby is a girl, and that brings it back harder for Harry. He’s carried the real burden from his parents divorce, not Will. PW needs to get over his pissy histeria of the media, stop reacting, and start taking healthy control. Of course W&K don’t need extra staff- that means Carole doesn’t. Can’t keep them dependent when others are caring for.

    1. That’s not why Charles and Diana broke up and Charles eventually got over Harry being a boy instead of a girl and growing up he and Charles were close and still are. In fact, that’s what Diana felt was so ironic. The one he wasn’t so happy about’s birth culminating in a girl and red hair was the one he turned out to be closest with.

      1. My point wasn’t that C&D did or did not break up because of Harry being a boy, it was that it has to hurt Harry and be a reminder

        1. I didn’t miss your point. There has never been one word about Harry being treated differently by Charles because he was a boy and not a girl. The first few days he was disappointed yes and a bit of a dick head but he never treated him differently growing up. He was close to Charles. I’d say that the past 30 years outweighs the fact that Charles was a dick for the first few days of his life. Not to mention, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would move countries for that reason.

  11. Does anyone know how long William will be playing helicopters? I am not buying the whole two week thing off myself. Maybe I am wrong.

    It must be nice to take the entire summer off after giving birth. She gets so much time to relax and shop it’s ridiculous. What a smack in the face to call her the feminist of our time. Yeah right! Repeats outfits? Outfits that cost thousands! What about the women who wear the same clothes over and over to work everyday and can’t even afford a new bra or pair of shoes? What about the mother of 5 who works two jobs in the same clothes all week? How dare they compare her with any modern day femininity. Puhhh lease!

    I have given up hoping these two will be the fresh breath of air the press claimed the monarchy needed. They are selfish with George and will be selfish with the new baby. I can see the need for privacy but like it’s ben noted, we haven’t seen George in a long time. It isn’t a good look. They hate the public eye, yet they want all the lavish perks like palaces, island getaways, shopping sprees, jewels and then privacy. They make it a point to keep away as much as humanly possible.

    I will always have a soft spot for Kate, not sure why because she is a lazy and very disappointing but William is just bland and too “get out of my face”.

    1. There has been no official announcement as to how long William will be employed by EAAA. But I’m going to give him about six months before he’s bored, and about a year before he quits.

      1. Unless he developes a strong ‘guy bond’ with fellow crew members and the job gives him an excuse to not be at home.

        1. Hm, true. But I think if they actually expect him to work then his laziness will overcome his discomfort of being at home. But if he can arrange to spend time there while not actually working, then he’d be set and would probably never leave.

      2. Actually there was a mention when the post was first announced. He is expected to be employed by them for 2-3yrs.

        However, given his employment history and general attitude to hard work, your estimate is right on the money.

        Personally, i’ll be generous and say that he’ll stick at it, with extended holidays therein, for a year.

        1. I think it’s BS that they put all this money into training him and buy him a new helicopter, and he’s only going to be there 3 years *at most* (and we all know he’s not going to last the whole 3 years). Same thing with his RAF training. Such crap.

      1. Women in europe are entitled to that IF they work 40h a week, and the big majority doesn’t take all that time… So no Kate is not entitled to 6 months of maternity leave.

  12. The photo at the top of this blog echos to me what I have long thought. Every time there may be something happening in the Royal Family Kate (and Jason?) manipulate the public view back on them. Would it have been so hard to let Charles and Camilla have their day and then have the press op about the new baby a couple of days later? Just mean. And as for that photo? I do believe Kate placing her hand on the top of the baby bump was deliberately done to draw attention to her and she would have known the papers the net day would be full of photos of her and not on the REASON they were all at St Paul’s which was a church service for fallen soldiers. There was the possibility of a photo of members of the Royal family standing there supporting Prince Andrew, but no… Kate makes it all about her with a well placed hand. And Kate is smirking in that that photo – she appears to smirk when she thinks she is doing something clever.

  13. I am wondering if the ‘Sugars’, will start to get as bored with Kate, as many of us here at KMR. If she takes the summer off, they won’t have anything to swoon about and may begin to become bored with Kate.

    Once she looses her fan club, then what…?

    1. I don’t know. The sugars have been pretty accepting of Kate’s patchy appearances and are still very much on board with her. She may go away for a while, but they will come clamoring back as soon as she does. It would be interesting to see what would happen if even her most devoted fans don’t care about what she does. It would be interesting to see what Kate and her team would do.

      1. Well, shes just a young girl settling into her life as a royal, and she has two small children, and multiple homes, and her secret charity work…..you guys are the worst with your “expectations” and your “standards”. So jellus. Get a life.

        1. Red snapper,
          This is a blog full of critical reviews and points of view.
          Am I jealous of Kate. In ways, yes. I am very jealous that life is so easy and she never has to worry about bills and finances, but that is where the line is drawn.
          What am I not jealous of? Her laziness and disgusting behavior in public. Her lack of work ethic and independence from William and her aging parents. Her waiting around for 10 years without attending a finishing school, bad manors, her bad choices to wear brand new jewels and too expensive clothes at seriously somber events. Her need to call her mom for comfort at 33. Her long vacations for no reason other than being able to. Smacking us all in the face for her turning into a royal version of a Kardashian.

        2. Great sarcasm RS lol. That’s what they say isn’t it. They’re like a broken record. It’s just so sad and pathetic

        3. Sorry Anna, my iPad doesn’t have a font for sarcasm. My comment was sarcastic, not to be taken seriously. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

        4. OMG Red Snapper! You are sooooo right. Kate has such a rough life, we should all fawn over the poor thing. Everyone should just stop being Jellie! 🙂

    2. May I say, as I post on one of those blogs, that I really dislike the term sugars. It’s as bad as haters. Both terms turn a diverse group of opinions — on both sides — into one homogenous blob and removes all individuality and humanity, with a derisive one word term.

      I prefer “over invested”. Covers both sides nicely. And, yes, there are times I definitely find myself over invested.

  14. I am also disgusted that W&K could not let PC and C have their special day without putting out their little announcement. Yesterday, I posted in another thread that Kate would be taking a longer maternity leave with this baby than she did with George. So, all the events that were crammed in this year were in the guise of making her look so good and caring. Now, it’s back to normal with Lazy Kate and Out of Touch Will. Sad, but true.

    I’m sure the appearance they make on the hospital steps with Baby 2 will involve all the hoopla of the previous unveiling of PG. What bugs me is that it will take at least 2 hours for Kate’s hair to be done and then there’s the make-up to consider. From what I remember about giving birth, the last thing I would have wanted to do before leaving the hospital was to have a hairdresser come see me and work for hours on my coiffure. I’d think she was more of a real person, more of a feminist, if she looked a bit more natural when she stormed out of the hospital in her “red” dress and wedgie shoes.

    I agree with Rhiannon, too. No husband wants to be two hours away from his wife in the days leading up to her possible labor and delivery. And, I’m also sure Kate and the babies will hustle on over to Middleton Manor for total R&R Carole- style. Ma Middleton cannot wait, I am sure, to start molding her second Royal grandchild.

    Harry seems to be sending a message by being away. His hard work was placed in the shadows thanks to Kate during the Investus Games. Why would he want to be there and bask in Will’s glory, when it seems his brother — once so close to him – is dissing him big time now that he’s a “Middleton.”

    As for Kate being this generation’s suffragette, who is kidding whom?? Is this based only on the fact that she recycles her wardrobe? What a slap in the face to women who were brave enough and persistent enough to break through barriers in years gone by. In fact, I am loathe to accept the fact that suffragettes are needed in most nations today. Not third world countries, but places like the U.S. and UK where women have reaped the benefits of their sisters who struggled before them. Give me a break. Kate has it made in the shade.
    I’m with those who have said they are sick of Will and Kate.

  15. Has anyone even seen Carole and Mike lately? Seems like they’ve gone to ground, and they used to keep up a fairly steady stream of public appearances. Well, C did, anyway. Are they laying low on purpose, due to public opinion, or is it all just a coincidental flatline on their social calendar? I have to say, I think George looks like his Grampa Mike! Wish I could see some more pictures, though…

    Remember when C&D had the press into their backyard when Will was a toddler? He would go right up to the cameras; they filmed him playing and running around. I wonder if they’ll do the same with George? They all looked quite happy and relaxed that day, laughing with the press and at Will’s antics and curiosity.

    1. I’m being snarky here, and think Mike should, if he isn’t yet, be getting some photography lessons from Mario Testino. All those photos he took of newborn George were ghastly. How many newspapers ran highly photoshopped photos that Grandpapa Mike took? Surely, having owned the copyright to those photos, he would have been paid handsomely for their use in major publications. It wouldn’t be out of their depth for the Middletons to be scheming on how to profit from this second baby.

    2. The couple who sends out “Look at what a normal-royal family we are” styled propaganda pictures is never going to allow the press that kind of access. They even hired private photographers.

      Charles and Diana weren’t opposed to having one of the royal photographers from the press pack take private photos of them.

      Kent Gavin – a member of the press – took the pictures at william’s christening and was the only photographer allowed on the royal barge at the flotilla.

      The only way you might see a video like this… Is when Harry announces his engagement.

      1. This video of the young princes playing piano is so charming. So very delightful.
        Ah, how happy they were back then. Prince Harry seems to still have a happy side to his life, but PW strikes me as being sad.

  16. Oh, and I just wanted to say that in reference to the photos of PG at the beginning of this post, I was startled to see him sitting on such a dingy backdrop. Those stairs are obviously very old, but so dirty. Is that an official photo? He’s a cute baby, but the setting is ghastly.

    1. The photos of him sitting alone on the steps (of KP) are the official Christmas photos. They are the last photos we got of him.

  17. Well, this press release didn’t contain anything unexpected. How nice of Jason to leave so many openings for another nanny, a stay at Bucklebury, an unexpected engagement by Kate which will earn her such gratitude from the public. And how savvy of Jason to hold this press meeting the day of Charles and Camilla’s anniversary. He is certainly earning every cent of what he is paid.

    I am finding that I am feeling rather fed up with William and Catherine. In my opinion, they behaving like the trust fund brats of a minor noble rather than the grandson of the Queen and future King of England and the Commonwealth. Both William and Kate are so unprepared and uninterested in being prepared for their future roles that I shudder at the future of the British monarchy.

  18. I can’t speak to if Wee Willie Winge and Harry get on well or not; in fact, I couldn’t care any less. William is one of the biggest disappointments in royal history, and he’ll be remembered as such. Sadly, he’s doing himself in, Harry is just icing on the cake.

    What is most ridiculous, and not even Jason can explain this away, is that William will be 2 hours away when his wife could give birth. I know that some will say that it’s because it would be very unpopular for Wee Willie to take some time off from his new “job” around the due date, but honestly, when has William ever given a right rip about what other people think? He’s got to be one of the most out-of-touch royals in modern history BECAUSE he does what he wants regardless of the opinions of those who fund his oppulent lifestyle. That being said, it’s incredibly clear that he’s not interested in the birth, or Kate for that matter.

    The whole fairytale marriage/ happy family thing is so played out and such a blatant farce. It’s incredibly clear that William is disinterested in being a husband, and doesn’t like children in general, including his own. He’s not interested in the birth of this one, nor the subsequent children that will surely follow; he simply pretends if for no other reason than for legitimized “time-off”.

    I don’t admire Jason, and I would never want his job; he’s surely got his work cut out for him. He should start playing Harry up a bit more, there’s more to work with there. And, as an aside, Wee Willie and Waity better hope beyond all hope that Harry marries the dumbest, most ridiculous woman on earth– I’m talking don’t leave the house without a name plate kind of dumb, because if he doesn’t they are in for a load of hurt. If she’s interested in more than Starbucks, GTL, minus the “L”, and shopping, she’s going to run circles around these two and that won’t sit well with petulant Willie.

    1. Yikes. I shudder to think what kind of hell William would put Harry’s wife through if she actually outshone him and Kate.

      1. These two have set such a low bar it won’t take much at all. I bet Harry’s new wife gets the same treatment that Sarah Ferguson did; for a while there she was the breath of fresh air until she wasn’t. And then it will start because William and Kate will have to look better than Harry’s little upstart. That’s if history repeats itself.

  19. Katie, I agree with everything that you just said. I really think that the marriage is a farce. I think that William was pushed into it by Ma Mids and he is now resenting his wife and child, soon to be children.

    I so hope that Harry marries a really nice down to earth girl. He is showing so much more maturity than Wills nowdays and he is not likely to be trapped into a marriage. He will learn from his brothers mistakes. I do feel bad though that the brothers relationship has suffered because of Wills and Waity though. I do really think that Harry thought he was going to be getting this wonderful sister in law and instead he ended up with a self-centred, selfish, immature brat instead. I have not seen a pic of the three of them together laughing since before PG was born. Harry would be a wonderful Uncle and is a shame that he does not have a close relationship with PG at the moment.

    It was also atrocious to put the announcement out the same day and C&C’s 10th Wedding Anniversary, it could have easily waited a day or two. I am sure that Jason is very unpopular with some of the other press people who work for the Royals, and they are also not stupid. If I were Waity I would be watching my back, they are going to know that it all came from her and they would have to be getting sick and tired of her stunts.

    1. I’m betting Harry’s next gf is an aristocrat party blonde with no clear future. He means well but his choice of women has always been a tad questionable.

      1. I agree that Harry’s wife is most likely going to be a blonde aristocrat (… who most likely graduated Stowe School as the last three have lol)

        However Harry’s taste in who he actually dates are certainly not the ones to have unclear futures. The women he’s dated that I know of: Chelsy went on to work in law (I actually do think hers in unclear despite this but I know many others don’t so I digress), Natalie Pinkham is a television presenter and reporter, Florence aka Flee is a model and actress, Cressida is still working her desk job for Mubi and modeling and acting (There are those who don’t like her but they in no way can deny that she’s spent the time since her break up with Harry doing something and that Mubi wasn’t a front). All do have something going for them and none of them have had to hide behind their parents shady business and specially conjured up part time jobs at Jigsaw. Natalie and Florence have gone on to marry well and I don’t know if Cressida is ever going to get back with Harry but even if she doesn’t she’s also most likely going to go on to marry well also. So no unclear futures, at least no anymore than the rest of ours is, that I can see.

        1. This!!!

          People always say such horrid things about Harry’s exes and his future GFs/Wife when it is as clear as day and night that he chooses girls with jobs or ambitions to do more with their lives……and follow through on that.

          William was rejected by all the women who went on to make a go of their lives and settled for one who, but for brilliant PR as a GF, was the laziest of the lot with no ambitions whatsoever. It doesn’t make sense that people are disappointed by Kate because what you see now is what she was like for 8yrs. Infact, i’ll be generous and say she’s shown some improvement because as every charity that approached her came to learn, she wasn’t interested at all and or blamed the Palace for her lack of interest, meanwhile she was seen partying and shopping daily whilst clocking in a minimum 9 ten day long holidays every single year. Her PR as a GF was so brilliant that people are genuinely disappointed in her, but we shouldn’t be.

          All Harry’s GFs, be they studious or models, have a work ethic. I don’t care if people say they benefit from the connection, anyone who comes into the royals’ orbit benefits from the connection, so to me that’s not a good argument.

          All of this to say, that Harry’s wife, should he choose to marry, will not disappoint as far as work ethic is concerned.

  20. J, I am hoping and crossing everything that I have, that as he has matured his taste in women has too. I really want a nice, sensible girl for him. Someone with a bit of brains who can actually use them.

  21. Tanya S, Katie, J, I am with you 100%. Except on the issue that William doesn’t like children. I think he shows the most warmth and true nature when with them. It’s the adult public and the media that sicken him.
    Harry’s choice in women so far has not seemed great. How wonderful if he met a kind, loving, independent woman who would do the Royal Family good. Someone who would inspire others and help those in need, too. Harry has it in him, I think, but he better choose wisely and soon. He’s getting up there and the longer he goes without a wife, the harder it will be for the woman he finally does marry. He’ll be way too set in his ways and not good husband material.
    I, too, think it so sad that the brothers who were once so close are no longer so. Thanks, to Kate Middleton, most of us think.

    It’s never easy to stay close with a sibling if you don’t like their spouse. At one time, I think Harry and Kate got along in a childish way. Now, her spoiled behavior and her laziness seem to be turning PH off.

    1. In his WWTW interview, Harry admitted that he didn’t really know her at the time of the engagement. Sure, she had been trailing willy for 8 years, but didn’t get to know his brother?
      He also supposedly called her a limpet.

      In the beginning, he gave her a chance, but waitys don’t change their attitudes/workload. I think he has also clued onto William and isn’t pleased with him either. There has been an obvious chill between Harry and the Doolittles.

      In my opinion, the midds are so arrogant that they don’t realize that their prized pony, kate, isn’t safe; she hasn’t been warmly embraced by the public and she has a dismal royal engagement record.
      If a war of the cambridges is launched… There will not be a lot of sympathy, understanding, and divorce £££.

      As for Harry’s bride – what a tall order that will be.
      I hope he finds a lovely woman and they make minced pies out of the in-laws.

      1. I wonder how committed William is to his marriage. I think we can safely say that he’s not pleased with Kate as a professional royal. Her lackluster performances seem to work his last nerve. That might not matter so much if he’s happy with her privately. I’m wondering if he is, or ever would, consider divorce. In the short term, it would be a disaster. The privacy he cherishes so much would evaporate, it would be a gossipy freeforall , and he’d have to eat it. But he might consider worth it in terms of his long term happiness. I know many have said that if he ever fell in love for real, Kate would be out the door, and I’m sure that’s true, but he might enjoy a return to his bachelor days. Maybe even take another gap year so he could really savor the experience.

  22. Reply to RS:
    If she didn’t spring baby number one on him, I think he may have gone for a divorce in 2013. 2012 was a wakeup call for him, in regards to her. They were fighting all throughout the jubilee. But surprise, surprise the babies came and he now he seriously stuck. (Will he just fly away at some point?)

    As long as his pr people stick around, they will continue to spin his poor personal choices into positive “modern monarchy” decisions.

    Where will they be in five, ten years is very interesting question. I don’t see them lasting that long. I think they’ll get divorced at some point. The press is waiting to bring them back down a few pegs, That will not be a good look for either cambridge.

    What’s interesting to me – is that they both seem much more relaxed on their single engagements. Get them on a joint date and the jaw and fists start clenching like mad.

    1. Hi Kip. I agree with you. William was trapped into that marriage and that is the reason why he is not happy. Kate is not a good pick for the wife of a future king, she doesn’t appear to have the staying power at anything. Minimal investment in “her charities”, if it wasn’t for Rebecca and now Jason I wonder if she would do anything at all. It sounds snobby to talk about breeding but those who are aristocracy or have spent their life in royal circles know what would be expected, it seems that Kate was motivated by dreaming of marrying a Prince and her “stage mother’s” dreams. for Kate did the story end with “and they lived happily ever after”. Did Kate even think about what happens next? I think that with a different wife William would be fair happier and really less stressed than he is now. He did say in an interview that Kate had a bad temper so I’m thinking that it’s Kate and Ma Middleton forcing the rules in that household and that is why William is discontent. Will the new baby bring changes? I don’t think so, I hope it isn’t girl as I think that will make matters worse. IMO.

      1. I don’t think Kate and Carole ever put much thought to the “what comes next” question. They were too focused on getting the ring to plan for if they actually achieved their goal.

        1. In the immediate aftermath of the wedding Kate was making comments about how well William was “taking care” and “looking after” her. It seemed normal at the time, starting a new life as a royal would be daunting for anyone. And then William withdrew his support. We can only speculate as to the reasons. My theory is that Will was aghast at her smug, famewhorish ways during the California part of the Canadian tour. In any event, he is clearly allowing her to sink or swim on her own. And she is flailing. The Sugar Bowl can make excuses all the want, but her contributions to society, as well as her personal improvements have been minimal, if that. Carole must see that. She must. The fact that Carole hasn’t been able to manipulate Kate into being a better royal indicates that it is impossible to do so. She guided Kate into getting William to the alter. Carole can teach Kate, and Kate can learn, but there are hard limits. And Kate seems to have reached hers. My question is, can William accept this? Forever?

          1. I think you have accurately captured the dynamics here. And, I think the question you ask, about William accepting the status quo, is interesting. I believe he is dreadfully unhappy in his life with Kate right now, that he is in love with Jecca Craig (has been all along), and that he will eventually leave his marriage to Kate. I would never have predicted this even 6 months ago, but I do now. Look at his father…he had an affair with a woman he loved while in a loveless marriage, left the marriage, and married the lover…and he’s going to be the next king. There is no reason for William to stay with Kate once she births #2.

    2. They really do seem to enjoy doing solo engagements more than duo ones. Will is always clenching his fists when he’s with Kate.

  23. I think the Cambridge’s know whether it is a boy or girl. They must do. William does look unhappy and Kate just keeps on smiling when William is being mean to her. I think William did love someone in the army but something happened. I don’t think it is usual for them to be living separately. Not good for Prince George. Poor babies mixed up in what appears to be a marriage of dependence. Kate is an eleven stage clinger who cannot even cope when William goes away on a tour. I think William and Harry are both naturals with children. However William showed more affection to the elephant than to Kate.

    1. The Queen doesn’t like children at church, and James is 7, so I think he doesn’t attend Easter church or Christmas church because the Queen thinks he’s too young for church.

      1. KMR, I came across a family photo of the Wessex’s. You couldn’t fake the happiness that family have. I think Edward and Anne to some extent are fairly grounded and it reflects in their children. William and Harry probably just want stability. Kate and her mother just bring drama which the media want to sell papers. How much PR is this new baby bringing before it comes into the world which is not right. I am very much surprised that the younger royals hidden away. There is privacy and then there is non existent contact.

        1. I read many of the articles that celebrated Edward’s 50th birthday and they all said that Sophie’s near death birth experiences forced Edward to take care of his family because she was poorly for a very long time. Even after being released from hospital. Apparently being in sole charge (with Nannies) of one and then two babies and a very sick wife (no HG fakery there) really brought him down to earth and cemented their family unit.

          FYI: Sophie was so near death that HM actually abandoned her ‘no royals at a death/sick bed’ rule and personally visited Sophie in hospital AND at home.

  24. From what I remember Edward was very worried about Sophie and Louise. Even when James was in hospital, Edward came out smiling and showing how long he was with his hands. Sophie had had an ectopic pregnancy before Louise. William came out the hospital, rolled his eyes and went home.

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