Royal Round Up: Sophie, Margrethe, Mary, Marie, Letizia, Charlene

Royal Round Up: Sophie, Margrethe, Mary, Marie, Letizia, Charlene

Royal Round Up! … with Sophie, Countess of Wessex, the Danes – Queen Margrethe, Crown Princess Mary, Princess MarieQueen Letizia, and Princess Charlene.

Sophie and Louise visit Ubunye Foundation 2

Sophie, Countess of Wessex visited South Africa on Friday, April 10, with Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and their two children, Lady Louise and James, Viscount Severn. They were there visiting one of Sophie’s patronages: The Ubunye Foundation – a rural development trust working in partnership with communities in the Eastern Cape to create a more equitable, socially just society.

Sophie said: “It’s very important for my children to see immediately from the moment that they come to South Africa that it’s not just about wonderful, beautiful animals and beautiful scenery. That there is a huge need to support, protect and nurture the communities that live around and within these beautiful surroundings.”

Three things I love: 1) Sophie said a few words, always great; 2) Edward supported Sophie to one of her patronages; 3) they brought their kids along – it’s a page out of the Crown Princess Victoria playbook and I like it.

Link: Express.

Sophie visiting Ubunye Foundation 1

Queen Margrethe‘s 75th birthday celebrations kicked off on Wednesday, April 8 (and will continue next week – the Swedes, Dutch, and Spanish are all attending, no word yet if the Brits will make an appearance) with a lunch reception at Aarhus City Hall. Daisy wore a repeated white outfit with purple and gold jewelry. She was the best dressed of the bunch, in my opinion, though her outfit is a bit obscured by the flowers on the railing. Crown Princess Mary looked fairly boring but she accessorized with a large sapphire, diamond, and pearl brooch. Princess Marie looked a bit better than Mary, and also wore a sapphire, diamond, and pearl brooch (though with a smaller sapphire).

The festivities continued that night at Aarhus Concert Hall with a Gala Night. Daisy wore some amazing sapphire jewelry – earrings and necklace – and a navy dress. She kind of killed the look with the fur coat (though this coat is better than some of her others). Sigh, she needs a fur coat intervention.

Mary and Crown Prince Frederik brought their two eldest children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, with them. The boys looked nice in their suit, and Isabella looked cute in her pink dress, but Mary stole the show in a repeated blue velvet Prada gown and a gorgeous new necklace.

Marie and Prince Joachim were joined by his two eldest sons (with his first wife), Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix. Marie wore a pink dress with beading. I’m not a fan of the neckline, but the dress is not terrible.

After taking last week off (with the exception of attending Easter Mass), Queen Letizia was back this week. On Tuesday April 7, Letizia visited the Spanish Red Cross. Letizia held an informational meeting with the new president, employees, volunteers, and partners of the Red Cross. They discussed the activities of the Red Cross in Spain such as social intervention, health and relief, environment, and training; as well as international cooperation and partnership. After the meeting Letizia toured the departments to greet the people working there. Letizia wore Hugo Boss and her Chanel Comète earrings.

On Thursday, April 9, Letizia presented the Scientific Research category of the Princess Girona Award to Samuel Sanchez Ordonez. The Princess Girona Award is intended to distinguish young scientists (including the humanities and social sciences), between age 16 and 35, with projects or research that is entrepreneurial, innovative, and has high potential for future development. Letizia attended on behalf of her daughter, Princess Leonor, who is honorary president of the Princess Girona Foundation. The Prince or Princess of Asturias is always the honorary president of the foundation; so King Felipe used to be honorary president when he was Prince of Asturias, and when he became king and his daughter became Princess of Asturias, the name of the foundation was changed. Letizia wore Hugo Boss again and her Links of London Hope Egg earrings.

On Friday, April 10, Letizia joined her husband Felipe to preside over the ceremony to deliver the 33rd “La Caixa” scholarships to 120 students in order to pursue postgraduate studies at universities around the world. The scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and cover the full cost of tuition.

Yesterday, April 11, Princess Charlene attended the “Saint Devote Rugby Tournament” in Monaco organized by the Monaco Rugby Federation in collaboration with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. That same day, Charlene and Prince Albert met with tennis pros Roger Federer and Željko Franulović at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco and had lunch.

Photos: Video Screengrab/Ubunye Foundation Facebook/Getty

19 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Sophie, Margrethe, Mary, Marie, Letizia, Charlene

  1. So good to see the Wessex family out supporting Sophie. They are really good together. And it was really nice to see James as we see so little of him.

    Happy birthday to Margrethe! Looks like the color orders for the balcony appearance were muted so as not to take away from the birthday girl. Who did look great. Nice to see the elder kids out with their parents to celebrate grandmother. Hopefully GB will come through and send someone to represent them. I’m thinking it will be Edward and Sophie. Would be nice if it were C&C though.

    Letizia is like a little Energizer bunny. She just keeps going and looking great while she does. Also good to see Charlene out and about. She looked very relaxed and happy in some photos I saw of her.

    1. I’m not sure if the BRF will be represented this time – I think that depends on the Sophie and Edward’s schedule and since Sophie is in Africa now I doubt that they’ll attend. However. it would be nice to be proven wrong.

      I feel fairly confident that Charles and Camilla won’t be in attendance. It has always been Sophie and Edward who attend the social functions of the other European BFs. Charles and Camilla only visted Denmark in conjunction with QEII’s diamond jubilee.

      1. The live transmission from QMII’s birtday party has started and it has indeed been confirmed that there will be guests from all the European RFs, except from the BRF.

    2. I saw a closeup of Daisy’s engagement ring. Absolutely unique and beautiful. Maybe you could do a round up of engagement rings, KMR?

          1. A post on royal engagement rings would be very interesting. There are a few real stunners and some rather “interesting” ones as well among those rings.

  2. First and foremost, Happy Birthday, Daisy! I’m glad that Mary and Marie were understated as it was not their day. While I’m not fan of fur, it’s her thing. I would have liked to see her dress in full. I love her flair. I’m liking her more and more based on what ArtHistorian has shared with us. Mary’s evening gown and necklace are to to die for.

    Sophie is proving to be the hardest working royal outside of HM, Charles and Anne. She knows her stuff and is passing her work ethic to the kids. I loved her comment that SA is more than the landscape and wildlife. It makes me happy that Edward and the kids went to support her. My only qualm is the safari gear. It seems a little predictable. She could have wron a colorful tunic made by the charity.

    Leti never ceases to amaze me. Despite a mini break, she’s back at it. I am glad that she is bringing awareness and promoting STEM. I personally want both her Charlene’s wardrobe. It is simple and classic. It shows how styling and fit can do wonders.

  3. Awww, I love the photo of Charlene holding the little dog, I wonder if it’s hers. And the photos of her cuddling with the children are too sweet, motherhood has certainly brought out her warm and fuzzy side.

    How great is it that Sophie insists that her children see both sides of South Africa? It seems that the Wessex’s are combining holiday with charity work which is just lovely. It would be great for other royals to emulate this (you know who you are). I did feel her choice of outfits was rather on the nose and agree with Rhiannon that she could have pick an outfit created by her charity, that would have been a nice touch.

    Happy Birthday Queen Daisy!!! Thanks to ArtHistorian, I know so much more about the Danish royals and especially about the Queen’s creative flair that it makes me like her so much more. I agree with KMR about the fur coat however, none of other ladies were wearing any kind of cover or wrap and with Daisy holding the coat closed we never got a chance to really see her dress. But this fur coat in better than the other one she wears that reminds me of raccoon fur.

    I actually liked the muted colors that Mary and Marie wore for the afternoon events. Mary accessorized perfectly, as usual, and Marie’s outfit had a certain nautical flair to it. Loved seeing the children out and about in the evening. The young men looked so dapper and Princess Isabella look beautiful. The black tights with the mary jane shoes was a very appropriate look and the bright pink dress was perfect. Where to start with Mary’s look? Perfect, perfect, perfect! I believe her necklace converts into a tiara but either way it is stunning. I’m not sure about Marie, the blush pink seems to be a little too drab for her coloring and the neckline, um…I’m just not too sure about it.

    Great to see Leti out and about, looking so professional. IMO, the heels she wore to pass out the “La Caxia” scholarships look like some type of medieval torture device. I know she wears high heels all the time but these look especially high and so very uncomfortable. All in all though she certainly seems to be enjoying being Queen and has taken to her new role so well, very inspiring.

    1. Thanks for the link, Laurie of CA. I loved the photos of Princess Charlene. She really has come into her own after the birth of the twins. My one piece of advice to Albert would be: Lose weight. You have one gorgeous wife, there. Start taking better care of your looks.”

      Leti is quite beautiful and always so very busy. Love her work ethic and her poise and grace. The black dress was stunning, but oh, my, those shoes! As already posted, her feet must kill her! I liked the black pants, jacket and white blouse, but the grey pants with black jacket, not so much!

      I think Marie and Mary looked fabulous, especially Marie. Perfectly dressed for the occasion. And, happy birthday to Queen Daisy, who looked amazing.

      Good for Sophie, Edward and their children. Taking a page from Diana’s book, wouldn’t you say?

  4. I think it is great that Sophie introduces her children to her charity work – immense wealth and privilege can function as an insulating bubble that cuts the priviledged off from the rest of the world and the people who live under very different circumstances and hardships.

    I love Daisy’s white suit – it is very flattering. It is also a repeat from her 40th Jubilee celebrations. It was quite appropriate that both Mary and Marie dressed down since it was Daisy who was being celebrated. A note on Mary’s sapphire brooch: it is a lovely Edwardian piece that once belonged to QMII’s grandmother Margaret of Connaught, the mother of Margrethe’s mother the late Queen Ingrid. It was given to Mary after Prince Christian was born.

    As to the evening outing:
    I quite like Daisy’s fur coat though I do realize that it might be a controversial opinion. I love Mary’s dress! It is actually a repeat that has been altered with a new square neckline, which I find immensely flattering, especially since it gives room for the new necklace. The necklace does look it could be converted to a fringe-style tiara, just like Mary’s wedding tiara can be converted to a necklace. That is typical for a lot of fringe-style tiaras. I kind of like this type of multi-functional pieces of jewellery. A lot of tiaras from the late 19th century are convertible – fringe tiaras to necklaces and floral tiaras to brooches or smaller hair ornaments.

    Regarding QMII’s artistic bent:
    Last week Danish television showed a documentary on the Queen’s artistic endeavours. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m very much looking forward to it. Incidentally, her husband is also an artist – a poet and a sculptor. In another interview the Queen said that if she hadn’t had the duty to be the monarch she would most likely have been a full-time artist! I find that interesting, especially she wouldn’t have become Queen if the succession hadn’t been changed in 1953. Art is definitely some that is immensely important to her and I like that she pursues it even if people say that she has no place being an artist because she is also Queen.

  5. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you that Sophie didn’t point how we must preserve the beautiful animals so her children can enjoy them.

    If I didn’t know better, i’d think she was making a dig at Prince Petulant!!

    I adore Margarethe’s white outfit. She looks really good in it. ArtHistorian, how tall is she?

    Marie’s dress looks like a repeat, it might not be, but for some reason it looks very familiar.


    1. I actually don’t know how tall she is but her sister Benedikte is also a tall woman though neither are very tall by Danish standards. I met Benedikte last year and she is about my height (perhaps a little shorter) and I’m 176 cm’s tall.
      Speaking of height, I can’t get over how tall Prince Christian is already at 9 years old!

  6. How lovely to see Sophia and family in Africa, that is wonderful to show her children her patronages, highly commendable. Oh My! what attractive looking sons Prince Joachim has, how they have grown, they look like a really nice family, great to see. Princess Marie looked smart in her navy and white suit. Princess Mary absolutely nailed it in her blue velvet gown, from hair, makeup, dress and jewellery, what a polished and well groomed look. She just oozes class now that is something you cannot buy! you either have it or you don’t!

      1. Thank you for that ArtHistorian, What a lovely photo of the Countess, the lilac gown is really pretty and suits her perfectly, she looks beautiful. I did not realize she had remarried, I need to seriously catch up!

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