Candid photos of Kate Middleton and Prince George published in Australian magazine

Candid photos of Kate Middleton and Prince George published in Australian magazine

So… Kate Middleton took Prince George to a working farm and petting zoo, Snettisham Park, recently and someone got close enough to take a ton of photos, which they sold to New Idea magazine. The farm is in Norfolk near Anmer Hall. According to the article attached to the photos, there were three royal protection officers with them.

The photos show Kate climbing the jungle gym with George and then sliding on the slide with him, among other things. Supposedly the photos were taken last week (but the article attached to the photos just says “recently”). There are a surprising amount of photos, and close up ones. They were clearly not taken with the best camera ever, but someone got super close to them and none of the protection officers did anything about it apparently.

Two questions: 1) Why did the protection officers not shut down these photos? 2) Is it normal for a nine months pregnant woman to climb a jungle gym and slide down a slide (I would think that would be too difficult at that stage of pregnancy but I don’t know; moms please inform me)?

My first thought with these photos is propaganda pics. Because these photos were taken from a very short distance and it seems weird to me that the RPOs did not shut them down right away. I mean, there were three RPOs there and not one of them noticed someone following Kate and George around and taking this many photos? Yeah, no. They knew someone was taking photos and probably knew who it was. I wonder if Prince William will complain. Hm…

It is sad that the only way we get photos of George is random (most likely) phone pics. It’s been so long since we got an official photo of George. It would be nice if William and Kate were more generous with him. I mean, one photo every few months isn’t going to kill George, or William. It’s not even intrusive. It’s just a photo.

The article accompanying the photos reads like fan fiction (or PR generated fluff to make Kate seem like a good, hands on mom?).

PS. Snettisham Park shared these photos on their Facebook page. The photos were posted on Facebook and Snettisham Park reposted them on their own page. Very interesting. The park in Bucklebury made it a rule that no one could take photos of anyone when Kate and George are there, yet Snettisham Park goes right ahead and posts the photos on their social media. Hm… Yeah, if it were some intrusive long lens deal the Cambridges were not aware of, I doubt the farm would be posting the photos.

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  1. While I’m glad to see pictures of George, there is no way this wasn’t a set up. They never let people take pictures of them out before. How many stories of RPOs warning them not to. People were complaining about not seeing George and suddenly here’s the hands on mom playing with her son at the park.

    And she is incredibly active so late in her pregnancy. I know it varies for different people, but the slide???

    I hate for the cynical side of me to sneer while looking at these pictures, but that’s just what I’m doing. She’s trying to buy some good will before she goes into hibernation. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t Jason or Rebecca taking the pictures. Giant sigh, but at least we got a sighting of George.

    1. I just said last Thursday that we haven’t seen a pic of George in four months and four days later there are new pics of him. Weird.

      Yeah, there were WAY too many reports of RPOs being super obnoxious about denying people the right to take photos of them out in public for these photos to not be a set up. Why on earth would the RPOs let someone take this many close up photos if they were not meant to?

      I hate that I view everything so cynically now, but it’s due to their actions and constant lying and BS.

      But I do like seeing pics of George. This farm playdate would have been a great opportunity to invite a few press and photographers and make a true photocall of it. But I guess the grainy pics are better than nothing.

      1. I agree KMR, I too hate that I view William and Kate through such a cynical eye. I used to be such a big fan of Kate’s, my family used to tease quite a bit about my “obsession”, but after reading about her pre-marriage lifestyle, then the Maldives trip, the countless missed opportunities to use her incredible platform for good and all the double talk I just don’t have the same respect for either her or William. All that being said, I do wish them both well and hope that someday they will truly embrace their destinies instead of hiding behind their false sense of normality.

        1. I think the biggest thing is the disappointment and disillusionment. I too bought into what they were selling at first and only later, because of their own actions, realized how duped I had been. That’s why it’s such a harder fall for them is because I did actually like them at one point, so they fell even farther to get to the point they are at now because they started off as a positive and fell to a negative, instead of starting at 0 or something.

      2. These pics scream photo op to me. I’m having a hard time believing that Kate didn’t know the person taking them. Since she has no friends, it must be Carole or Rebecca. But it’s Kate herself who’s responsible for publicly sharing them. Has to be. Shades of Diana taking the boys to Thorpe park. God. Kate pulls this shit, and it’s like she’s trying to tell us something, but I don’t know what. SMH.

        1. My first thought when looking at these was also photo op. There is no way someone that close could take photos without them noticing. Give me a break. Apparently they think we are stupid.

          The kicker to me is, that the photos were not printed in the UK. Which leads me to believe that Kate really wants us to think they were not planned photos, since the UK won’t print unapproved photos. By printing them in Australia it looks like these were not planned-or so they want us to believe.

          1. There are so many layers to this. I too think she must have known the person taking the photos and approved them for release. But then she couldn’t be seen allowing them in the UK so sold them in Oz/NZ to make it seem like she wasn’t in on it. She even didn’t wear make up or do her hair and had the photos be grainy to keep up the appearance of them not being approved. It’s very scheme-y. Kate couldn’t have come up with it on her own, it must have been Carole. Carole probably took the pics, too.

        2. Oh and RS you are spot on with the Diana comparison. It definitely looks like Kate is starting to manipulate the media like Diana did. It will be interesting to see what photos get ‘leaked’ during Kate’s extended maternity leave?

          1. Kate’s not following in Diana’s footsteps and this is nothing new. Kate has always had a photographer on speed dial and she’s always loved the paparazzi attention. When she was dating William, it was Niraj Tanna. That little tennis situation anyone. Owners of clubs would offer to sneak her out the back and she would decline the offer and go out in front. When they broke up she courted the press. When they got married we would always get pictures of her shopping at Waitrose or some other grocery shop. Whenever she was walking in the park with George (Maria glued to their sides of course) we’d get pictures. Niraj Tanna always knows where George is, in which park and that he was a boy, and when she arrived at the hospital to give birth to him. William’s too much of an idiot but anyone with half a brain knows can see that Kate has and has always been feeding this man info and calling him to take pictures of her. She’s always doing something to manipulate her image in the press. As far as journalists, Katie Nichols has always been on the Middleton payroll and now for America they have Simon Perry who’s constantly inundating us with ‘Princess’ Kate.

            As far as these pictures, I’m also thinking that they skipped the middle man this time around though. They’re just too close up and yes I know cameras zoom. I wonder if they took them themselves and then sent them to the mag.

          2. Are you certain about Maria being always glued to her, I though it was her female RPO, they have approximately the same height and complexion so they could be easily mistaken. In the pic both nanny and RPO taking George for a “walk”:
            Every woman around Kate all look alike (Rebecca, Maria, female RPO, italian cook) white with brown eyes and hair, and they are all approximately same height is freaky but then ‘white with brown eyes and hair’ is the most common physical characteristics in humankind.

          3. There was a set from last year that were only published on PopSugar. That’s where she’s walking beside the brown haired, brown eyed RPO and Maria wasn’t around. Again, another situation where she called the paps to do a look at me moment and the pictures published in foreign media (In fact, all of those park moments with George appeared in foreign media, especially Pop Sugar and were nothing but her calling the paps on herself so she could look like a good and involved mother). Only when Kate’s having a look at me moment, is Maria no where to be seen.

          1. Yes, more children more settlement (actions of some entitled lazy commoner).

            Nanny Maria (following royal tradition and Protocol for royal children ) is always glued … except on PR occasions – she is instructed/held back (at the residence or out of camera sight).

            In those photos, km have the look of a ‘sick’ woman – not sure when pregnancy become an illness (wow!) especially in 2d/3d Tri. Surely is hard being a royal with all the nannies staff, wealth, luxuries and not a day spent caring for your husband and child/ren.

    2. Banking crisis PR team propaganda for Prince William ifor sure – why do a member of the BRF/ heir to… feel it is necessary to hire a crisis PR team for his wife – shaeful!

      Prince George don’t seem to be happy may prefer to have his loving active nanny Maria instead of km. George only smiling at the fence with the camera person (other sites do have more photos published). He (George) should be bonding with his royal cousins on grandpa POW farm (as his dad and uncle Prince Harry), and HM estates where there are more than enough farm animals w/attendants, space to pet and enjoy the animals and outdoors playtime.

      Instead we have insincere fake PR and wannabes carol the middletons sources selling PR photos of George. Prince William downhill trend continues…

  2. Aww, very cute pictures of George, he sure is growing up fast! I think I’m agreeing with Lisa, this does feel a bit like a set up. I bet one of Kate’s staff took these or even Carole. It’s too bad that the rest of world gets to see these pictures but the British press isn’t allowed to print them, that just doesn’t make much sense to me in this internet age. If it wasn’t for these types of candid photos we wouldn’t know anything about George, is he walking yet, what color is his hair now, etc.. It’s kind of sad that it has to be this way but until William gets over his paranoia this is how it will be.

    The thing I find most interesting about these pictures is the fact that not in one picture is George smiling. In fact I can’t recall seeing George smile ever, not for his christening, not on the Aussie/NZ tour nor in any candid photos. Am I wrong here, maybe forgetting a photo of him smiling?

    I was very active in both of my pregnancies. My son was about George’s age when I had my daughter and while it was tough keeping up with a very active 2 year old, it’s just what you do. Kids don’t understand that mommy’s tired or her feet are swollen, all they know is that they want to play and want your undivided attention at all times. Of course every one is different but I haven’t seen Kate do anything that I didn’t do while pregnant. Well, I didn’t wear high heels during my pregnancies but I didn’t wear them any other time either.

    1. I remember one smiling of him in the play date with the other kids in Australia. But it is odd how they are literally playing and he doesn’t crack one smile. I bet if it had been Maria instead of Kate he would’ve been grinning from ear to ear.

    2. I saw a Tumblr pic of George smiling while playing with a ball and Nanny Maria. I went looking for pics of him smiling for the last post and couldn’t find one. I looked through the last several official photos and the polo pics and didn’t see a single one of him outright smiling.

      1. I just took another look at these pictures at World of Windsor and noticed that Kate isn’t smiling either. How odd that neither mother nor son appear to be enjoying themselves. I do wonder if George would have smiled if he was there with Nanny instead of Mummy. Hmm…

        1. I agree about the smiling. A toddler is normally grinning, laughing and squealing. And as a mom, lover hearing my kid’s laughter, which would make me smile. I see no happiness here.

          When I was this close to giving birth, I could not imagine going down a slIde. I would say that she may have fudged her due date. I hate to buy into conspiracy theory, but I’m calling foul here.

          I think that Kate is sending out some messages here. And it’s backfiring.

        2. I’m sure George would be happier. There has not been one picture of Kate and George, out and about, where Maria isn’t present. Even just walking in the park. In that photo that someone managed to snap of them at the Buckleberry zoo, Maria was stuck like glue to them. Another way we can tell that this is nothing but a set up as she’s nowhere to be seen in these pics. There is no one who can convince me that she has anything to do with raising this child or will have anything to do with the active raising of the other kid. George always looks happy and comfortable when Maria is around.

          This is just another moment for Kate to have a PR moment of look at me I’m a good and involved mom, same as those walk in the parks pics. On top of it this time around she knows William’s not going to raise any fuss because now, thanks to their sue happiness, the law firm that represents the BRF is no longer giving the family free legal representation.

      2. Kate looks constantly tense and stressed in George’s presence. He may indeed be a handful. This leads me to believe that the photos were arranged – looks like Mummy and baby were just going through the motions in a petting zoo, not particularly enjoying themselves, unless this is the Middletons’ version of fun. The one taken from behind them, Kate looks like she is dragging George down and he, in turn, is giving her the jelly legs. In the few photos I’ve seen of George, including those with his Nanny, he doesn’t appear to be fully engaged, or he’s sulking, or throwing a fit. The ones taken by Harry’s friend, for the Christmas portraits, on the mossy steps, were the only ones I’ve seen the little boy smiling, but this may have more to do with Harry being there for the shoot.

    3. I have children this age and can rarely get a picture of them smiling! Whenever they are playing or focusing on something new, my kiddos frequently have serious expressions or even frown (e.g., Christmas, Easter — huge frownie faces). After they are finished whatever they are doing, sometimes they will giggle and laugh and tell me all about it. Of course, the camera is stowed by then. In general, my kids are very happy and incredibly sweet. (Yes, I’m biased.) I’m sure some kiddos are easy to photograph smiling but I have a lot of pictures where my kids have the same expression as George.

      At the same time, the best smiles I ever capture are the ones I take. They smile at me like they smile at no one else. The smiles I manage to capture are absolutely heart melting. Wouldn’t it be lovely to get some pictures Kate has taken?

      1. Kate is supposed to be interested in photography. It would be such a good idea if she were to release her own photos of George. Kind of like how they released photos Harry took himself in Letheso last December.

        1. That is a GREAT idea, kmr, I hope KP is “listening”! People would absolutely love something intimate from the Duchess’ own camera. Wasn’t she at one time thinking of having an exhibit of her own photographs, was it pre wedding?? She did take some lovely nature snaps in Borneo, so she is pretty talented. Picture taking is an intuitive art, one that I will never ever ever be good at, sorry family.

          1. Lovely CP Mary as involved and sincere a mom with her children as ever. Sweden RF Princesses Victoria and Mad seem to be just as sincere and releasing photos of their child (do have their children interacting with the family and people).

            Km carol the middletons climbers (dont feel Prince William involved), have this PR insincere, fake partnership ongoing for gains from Prince George. KM PR stunt actually fail, emphasize the lack of involvement (re year long maternity leave).

            The papers in the past week, now have the middleton siblings everyday – PR for the middletons with the impending hospital stay and delivery of baby.

          1. I think Kate fell into the trap that a lot of amateur photographers do: thinking using black and white makes photos more artsy. It doesn’t. Black and white is great when used correctly, but it can backfire really fast the way Kate’s did, by obscuring the subject rather than enhancing it.

            I don’t think Kate is as great a photographer as people claimed she was (prior to the release of her work), or as she thought she was. But I did admire her for putting her work out there because I know how difficult that is.

            The fact that she got so much negative feedback is why I don’t think we will ever see her photography ever again. She should have taken the criticism and gone and practiced and made herself better, then released more photos and proved that she could take criticism and make herself better. But instead she probably gave up on photography entirely.

            It would be great to see her photos again, though. And I would love to see her personal photos of George.

          2. “The fact that she got so much negative feedback” – did she really? I don’t remember press and news outlets being that bad, or even critic about her pics. Ordinary and anonymous people yes, but the rest were quite nice, even though the pics prove otherwise in my perspective….

          3. There were a good number of professional photographers who weighed in (via articles in the UK press) on Kate’s pics and none of them were too kind. They all said she was bad – or at best, amateurish.

          4. This is where my rarely seen heart comes out because I felt bad when she released those and they were panned. So she’s not Ansel Adams; it’s hard putting your work out for public consumption. Mr. bluhare’s an artist, but he’s so terrified people won’t like his work he just does it for himself and that’s it.

      2. Ah, so sweet, Sarah. I loved that you said that your kids smile for you the way they won’t smile for anyone else. Yes, indeed, that is what captures and holds every mother’s heart.

        Love the idea of Kate’s photos being released, but doubt that will ever occur.

  3. Going down slides in the ninth month of pregnancy, very close to her time to give birth, and looking amazingly smaller in the stomach than she did in those pics from Downtown Abbey and at the Afghanistan engagement but okay

  4. They just need to call it what it is: a photo call. People need to see and feel engaged with Georgie. The whole article is a bit treacly to me.

    1. Speaking of treacle, did you see the article about the Prince George puppet who goes around sying “Oi! Treacle!” or something like that. 🙂

  5. Yes, I will join the collection of cynics. Complaints are constant that the public is not seeing PG and then, Bam, a photo opp of him with his Mum are printed in a foreign publication . Looks pretty planned to me.

    Kate must be in fantastic shape because I could not imagine going down a slide when I was nearly 9months, or 9 months pregnant with either of my girls. Also, her legs look so slim in those pants and she just seems so small all the way around.

    I have to say that with her hair in a natural style and little make-up, she is certainly not the same Duchess. Looks like a real person not some automaton.

    Little PG did not look too happy sitting in the haystack. Maybe, he was getting tired, or perhaps, he just was not having fun. You never know how kids are going to react. I guess having some one-on-one time with him before his sibling arrives was something Kate, like any Mum, was setting out to enjoy.

    Hope it was fun for the two, but truly, I am too jaded to think this was not planned. The photo op, I mean.

    1. I think he was feeding an animal in that sitting on a haystack photo. I agree he looks very grumpy and like he really gives no shits about feeding whatever he was feeding.

  6. I wonder if these were taken a while back and not as recently as they want us to believe? Kate’s stomach looks smaller, so I am wondering if these were from 7/8 months pregnant? They just held off releasing them until the ‘proper’ time

    1. Could be, overit. Is it that chilly in that part of Britain for PG to need that wooly hat and what appeared to be a heavy jacket? Spring may not have sprung yet. Or, perhaps, the photos were taken a while back?!

    2. That’s possible. The article just said “recently” so who knows. I don’t know where the Twitter user got that it was last week the photos were taken.

      1. Well it is Scotland so it might well be last week, I’m from southern europe and spring is yet chilly, so they could be dressed appropriately. But is odd and look around in pics George is the only one dressed with that weird hat(?) and jumpsuit, Kate and the other kids are not that “protected for cold”…. Plus we are told George is a very energetic boy wouldn’t that outfit be too constrictive for a kid to run and explore?

  7. My mom says I need an intervention. I’m so hooked on this blog, KMR!
    My youngest is napping and I should be working on an article for a local magazine I freelance for and instead, I am on this site! Gotta go. Happy Trolling, all!

  8. I didn’t recognize Prince George. It must be because I have seen so few photos of the young prince.

    I guessed wrong about the impending birth of the second child. I thought Kate would have the baby on or before the 15th. My guess was because I thought they wanted their privacy and were trying to claim the due date was later.

    1. George has changed so much he doesn’t even look like the same child from a year ago in the NZ/OZ photos. I wish we got more updates on what he looks like. Babies change so much so quickly.

      The Lindo Wing has posted that the street/parking/whatever is only going to be closed from the 15th through the 30th so she must deliver between then or else. Watch the baby not come until May. lol

      1. My guess is these dates mean she’s due sometime in the middle of that range and they already know if she’s more than a certain bit overdue, they will be inducing her. So the baby is probably due around the 22ndish – and so by the 30th, she will have either gone into labor naturally or will have been induced. Either way, no need for restrictions after that. And it’s not like they can’t extend the restrictions later for whatever reason.

  9. My first two sons were 20 months apart & yes, I was on slides, in ballpits – you name it! It’s awkward, sure, but it’s not unusual if you’re fairly fit in the first place.

    Here in the UK, it’s been sunny but with a biting wind so the clothing looks feasible for last week. Lambs only birthed the past two/three weeks so judging by the size of the lamb I agree its last week.

  10. Forgot to say – toddlers don’t smile when they’re concentrating! His little face looks the very picture of concentration to me 🙂

  11. Photo op. Big deal. Maybe Katie did it in hopes the exercise’ll force the baby to come early. Touching. Really touching. Ugh! Willy’s too busy searching high and low for a mother stand-in he can rescue to complain.

    1. “Willy’s too busy searching high and low for a mother stand-in he can rescue to complain.”

      LOL Seriously, he has such issues. I can’t believe anyone around doesn’t see that. I mean, an air ambulance pilot for car crash victims? Hello.

  12. I am joining the cynical people here. Big set up, but Waity has not thought it all the way through. I expected her to be smiling just a little bit as she is spending time with PG, but instead it is like she is just thinking, “I can’t wait to get out of this place and hand this kid back to the Nanny”. PG is looking like he is thinking, “Who is this woman and why does she have a cranky look on her face….I want my NANNYYYYYYYYYYY”.

    1. LOL I love that Kate couldn’t get him to come down from the haystack fortress.

  13. I have seen these photos, the story is in this week’s NZ edition of the same magazine. It looks like Kate did know she was being photographed as she is looking straight at the photographer in some photos. She didn’t look happy while playing with George, in fact to me the whole thing seems like someone going through the motions. Like, I’ve been told to go play with the kid so I may as well. It doesn’t look natural. What is funny is that at one stage George has climbed up on some straw bales and Kate has a bit of a problem getting him down!

    1. I agree Cathy, I an in Australia and I bought the magazine and there is no way that she did not know that she was being photographed. It looks totally staged. I actually wonder how long they stayed there for. I bet it wasn’t long

      1. Hi Tanya S. I have a question for you. Was there anything on the cover of the Oz edition of the magazine about George and Kate? There was nothing on the cover of the NZ edition which makes me wonder if it was a late addition to the magazine. After all we do know what “New Idea” is like and they just LOVE the royals, especially Kate! And for once New Idea weren’t quoting Kate’s “oldest friend Jessica Hay”!
        I agree with you, it was… let George play for a bit but by the time he got to the bales of straw Kate was looking peeved, like she just wanted to grab the kid and go!

        1. Hi Cathy, there is something on the cover, right down the bottom of it. Did you find the article too sweet? I found that I needed to clean my teeth to get all of that sugary sweetness out of it after I read the article.

          Yep Kate was fed up and she was dragging PG away which is why he had the jelly legs. All the kids do it when they don’t want to leave somewhere LOL

          1. Yes the article was very sugary, like fan fiction or PR generated fluff to make Kate look like a hands on mom.

          2. Hi Tanya S. You must have read my mind! I wanted to reach for the toothpaste too! New Idea really excelled themselves this time!

          3. It was so sickening Cathy and KMR. I actually showed my hubby the pics and he agreed that she must have known that the photographer was there.

          4. I’m amused that you showed your husband and that he picked that it was a set up straight away! I think less and less people in Oz and NZ are believing the Kate hype now. Have you noticed that Kate seems to be appearing on less magazine covers in both countries now? It’s no longer like it was in Diana’s day where she seemed to be on the cover of every magazine each week.

        2. Yep Cathy, I have noticed that. I don’t think that she has even been on a Womans Weekly cover since she had PG. I love the royals have collected the souvenir editions of the Mags when they come out for my own collection. But I did not have the same excitement with Waity and Wills as I have had on past occasions. I just cannot help thinking that the marriage is in trouble and that they are going to split and it will affect PG and the new Baby badly.

          1. HI Tanya. You are so right! There is something definitely wrong with that marriage! And it is very interesting that the Woman’s Weekly hasn’t had Kate on the cover for a long time (I had always thought of that magazine as being super royalist too?!).
            How are things building up to Anzac Day where you are? It’s Poppy Day here and every one I’ve seen so far today is wearing a poppy. It’s nice to see here that the latest generation of children are still being taught about Gallipoli and the ANZACs. I think I’ve seen somewhere that Charles and Harry are both going to the dawn service at Gallipoli?

    2. LOL I love that Kate couldn’t get him to come down from the haystack fortress.

  14. I looked at the photos on Facebook and I have to agree, she knew she was being photographed. In the one of Kate and George going down the side-by-side slides, she has the same expression she uses in many public appearances, mouth open, pretending to be delightfully surprised by something. Too bad she can’t muster up some genuine enthusiasm for her own kid.

  15. I find the comments about George not smiling to be pretty amusing – babies have different personalities. He may just be the serious type. I once babysat a child who was nicknamed “the Professor” by his doting parents because he was very thoughtful and took everything very seriously. And his parents were wonderful people, and raised him well, and he himself was also a very happy child. People just express themselves in different ways. And that includes babies. Trying to further the whole “Kate is a bad mother” thing by reading into a toddler’s facial expressions in pictures is really quite silly. And pictures are never great representations of how someone is acting, since they represent just one snap moment in time. As for Kate looking a little tense – well, she is 9 months pregnant! It could be that she’s tired and just trying to keep up with her toddler.
    I do agree that these pictures are probably PR – but that doesn’t mean that Kate isn’t (or is) a good mother. She could be trying to advertise the fact that she’s a good mother and also actually be a good mother. Just a thought.

    1. Great common sense comment, I agree completely.

      People will always see what they want to see, unfortunately.

  16. It was nice to see Kate without a bucket of slap on her face. The photo op must have been sprung on her as she doesn’t have a tonne of blusher on and her hair (minus sausage curls) looks like it is held back with a scrunchie! EEKK!! IMO, Kate knew the photographer.

    1. Or she was trying to further the “I didn’t approve of these photos” thing. I think the photographer was Carole.

      1. I agree with you that the photos were taken by Carole. If it was Rebecca or a staff member then Kate would have been in full slap? Carole has been known to leak to the press before.

    2. What convinced me the photos are staged is PG looking over at the camera in the slide picture. I would think the photog had to be in pretty close range and therefore someone PG was familiar with (and likely who called his name) in order to be distracted enough to look at the photog as he is about to go down the slide. I think someone calling out his name for a picture snap might explain why the older boy in the pic also looks at the camera.

  17. My children are 18 months apart, so yes, it’s possible (and healthy) for Kate to be hands on with PG at this stage of her pregnancy. PG is adorable in the picture so I will give Kate a pass on the set up. I mean really, even the kid in the green jacket on the slide picture knows that his picture is being taken!!!

    1. Exactly! The kid in the slide photo is looking directly at the camera! Of course they knew they were being photographed.

    2. I don’t think anyone was suggesting that Kate was too pregnant to still be active with PG. Just the photo of her on the slide didn’t resonate too well with me. I was not huge with either of my pregnancies, but I sincerely doubt if I ever went down a slide at that point, even if my little girl did. I was there to enjoy her having fun, but Kate seems to be in amazing shape.

      1. Agree.

        In other frames km was lifting P George from the hay, in rubbery slippery boots on the stairs, and lifting/ pulling PG by the arm, when he pull away refusing to leave.

  18. Okay, so there is another Kate site I like to look at and I was just reading the comments section and had to come running back here!!!!! I just want to say thank you to everyone one who comments here. I know this is a more critical blog and therefore those comments are welcome, but I find a nice balance here. We can acknowledge when Kate has done something good and can point out when she has not.

    The site I was just on has gotten so brutal with the Kate fanatics saying that only positive comments should be posted. There is a huge debate over there from them saying their nicer than the critical commenters and blah blah blah. Pretty much looking down on anyone who doesn’t worship Kate. Supposedly calling them Kate worshipers is an insult (which I am surprised they think so). And there is particularly one annoying fanatic that always thinks she is right. Anyway, I know its off topic, but it made me really appreciate the community over here. So I just wanted to say a big Thank You!!! And vent a little from the sugar annoyance 🙂

    1. Hi Overit,

      I so agree with about the nice balance that KMR has created on this site. I too look at the other sites from time to time and the arguments that start because someone dared question Kate’s work ethic or time spent with George or pretty much any question at all, are so silly. I used to comment on two other sites but I got so tired of being called jealous or worse that I just gave up.

      The little community here is, in my opinion, like friends that I can share my thoughts with without judgement. I recall some posts ago when several people, myself included, shared some very personal and heart breaking tales of dysfunctional parenting and I thought wow, this is such an awesome place and I felt so lucky to be involved with such a great group of people.

      So before I get too mushy, I would like to add my Thank You to KMR as well!!!

      1. Hello to Lauri from Ca. I second that “thank you”!
        And I hope that you are feeling better too from sharing your story?

      2. Thanks Lauri! I think it is so great that we were able to share our stories and am so glad that we’ve all created such a good atmosphere here that allowed us to do that. Those experiences and traumas are something I don’t talk about with anyone else so being able to open up to you guys, and having you guys open up as well, was such a help.

        1. We most certainly appreciate this blog, KMR. and all the posters are great.
          Real people with real thoughts that can be appreciated by those of us who are also tired of the sugary tone of the articles that pop up everywhere about the Duchess.

    2. Thanks Overit, I appreciate that! That’s the reason I started this blog and am so glad that others appreciate the critical but still can point out nice stuff approach.

      PS. May I ask which blog it was? I was run off a few before I started this one.

      1. Thank you, KMR, for running a brilliant blog. Clearly the only one worth reading (and commenting on) amongst the related blogs out there. Always awaiting your next post…

        1. Ya, bluhare has it right, it is hrhduchesskate. Which is actually a good site except for a few of the commenters. They are such fanatics and make it too personal by attacking. The creator stopped the recent thread from last week as it was getting ridiculous. The writer allows all comments, but some of the fans are trying to run anyone with a reasonable attitude off the site.

          There are much worse blogs out there though. Some where the writer is so obsessed that they can’t stand anyone saying anything bad about Kate. Oh my gosh, there is one in particular which I read only a few blog entries from before getting nauseated. She made Kate and William’s love sound like fairytale and acts as though Kate is perfect and above reproach. I honestly feel bad for that blog writer because she is so blinded by her obsession. Oh well.

          So the comments section here is so refreshing!!!

          1. What’s OOS, ABKM? Don’t think I’ve seen that one.

            I agree, Overit. The atmosphere over there got pretty good for a while, and it’s dropped this year. No idea why. I still post over there, but I confess I wonder why sometimes. I bet there’s some others too. (Hi, Maggie. 🙂 )

          2. Maggie and Bluhare, please keep commenting over there. The sugars need a counterbalance. Plus, I love how it annoys some of the super sugars, like Royalfan who is always on her soapbox :). You make great points that anyone with a brain can see where you are coming from. They just can’t handle to truth (to steal from Jack :))!!

        2. Hi bluhare,

          I remember you from that site and am glad to see your posts here. Actually that site was the one I was referring to upthread, I got so feed up I just quit posting. It’s such a shame really as I think it’s a great site, full of interesting information on the various charities that Kate’s involved with and of course great fashion.

          1. So nice to see you here bluehare!
            I off for bed after a massive tv coverage of QMII’s birthday party – Tiaras galore! And Letizia wore a brand new tiara.

          2. There is something wrong with “brand new tiara”. I don’t even have a brand old tiara unless you count my Halloween one with the spiders or my St. Patrick’s Day one with the flashing green shamrock. 😉

  19. This is clearly a setup– these photos look very similar to photos of her at public engagements, trying desperately to look engaged. Further, Maria has been shooed away to make it appear that Kate is, in fact, George’s primary caregiver. That gives it away right there; this is a woman who said Maria would not be coming on vacation with George, herself and the lot, only to be photographed with the nanny taking care of George on vacation. Maria is the cornerstone of George’s life and where ever he is, she is close by to look after him.

    These “pap” photos, given to an Australian publication to be “leaked”, combined with the DM’s daily dose of PR fun (George thinks William is in the China cabinet, riveting read), make me wonder what have Wee Willie Winge and Waity done, or what are they about to do, that they need to trot George out to gain some positive PR? What will they do to tear this all down? Only time will tell. The magnitude can be gauged with how many George stories and leaked photos will come in the following days, combined with how many old Harry stories will be used to throw him under the bus, making Willie and Waity look saintly.

    On the positive side, it’s nice to see George with his parent. No matter what the motives Kate had, or has, George is probably delighted to spend even a modicum of time with his mummy.

    1. Yeah, it’s clearly a set up. The three bodyguards didn’t shoo away the photog and Nanny Maria is conspicuously absent from any of the photos.

      I guess we’ll wait to see what form the other shoe takes when it drops.

      1. Before they went on their Mustique trip it was reported they were going alone with no nanny or help other than the staff at the place they were renting and the security people. Then Kate and George were photographed with Maria so that put the kibosh to that!

        1. To be honest Kate didn’t said anything the press/Daily Fail did, curiously the pics with nanny Maria weren’t allowed in UK but guess which ones were?
          Yep Kate and Willy entering the plane with George, the bags AND no nanny Maria in sight!
          That a wonderful coincidence, don’t you think? 😉

  20. You know guys, my problem s that they re perpetrating the falsehood that Willy and Waity are raising Georgie Porgie, not Maria. I personally don’t see a problem with it. Royals and aristocrats(especially British royals) have been raised by nannies since time immemorial. Edward VII and Alexandra barely saw their children. Albert Victor and George were at the Osborne Naval College when they were 14. Winston Churchill said he had two conversations with his father in his entire life. His nurse Elizabeth Everest (nicknamed “Woom”) cared for him as her son. He was far more distraught at her death than his father’s. His mother became more like his older sister than his mother when he was an adult. The York children (David, Albert, Mary, Henry) were raised by Mrs. Bill, not the Duchess of York and certainly not Prince George. Princess Elizabeth was much closer to her parents than most royals but her nanny Clara Knight looked after her and Princess Margaret until the infamous Marion Crawford arrived as their governess when their father became King. Prince Charles’ nurses Helen Lightbody and Mabel Anderson were like surrogate mothers to him in the early years of the Queen’s reign when she was very busy. Anderson stayed on for decades, even becoming Willy’s nanny for a brief period before Diana dismissed her in favor of Olga Powell and Barbara Barnes. To us, it is perfectly insane. To the royals, even the young “modern” royals, it is absolutely normal.

    1. The issue is not that he is being raised by a nanny. I know that I would simply not have that for own child, but clearly Wee Willie and Waity don’t give a rip. ANYWAY! The issue is that they are trying to pass it off like they’re not. If the pair had said from the very get go that their child will be raised in normal royal fashion, that is by a nanny, there would have been some backlash but it would have been normal. Instead they’re lying saying that they’re doing much more than they are, and that’s the problem.

      Keeping in line with the lying about George, they’re lying about everything. They should just come off it already and say what they’re doing, that is a whole lot of nothing. If they stopped with this whole “we’re normal; we’re just like you” farce and made their intentions clear, thereby taking ownership of their actions, this would all be moot.

      1. I know, that’s my point. If they actually were raising him on their own, living in a two-bedroom cottage in Wales with a couple of bodyguards, doing their own thing, that’s one thing. But they are trying to have their cake and eat it too, which is not. I LOATHE hypocrisy. Just pointing out a long, rich history of royals and nannies, though this is the first generation I know of to lie about how much time they spend with the kid, b/c it’s become a societal expectation. In the British upper class before the 1960s, no one blinked twice that children were given over to nannies and governesses to raise; their parents had far too many responsibilities to do otherwise, especially royal parents. But since then, there’s been a fortunate reversal in that.
        As a sidenote, when Charles and Diana took William to Australia as an infant, there was a lot of criticism among the chattering upper classes b/c it was unprecedented for a royal infant to accompany their parents on a tour. A lot of people unfairly blamed Diana. It was actually the Australian Prime Minister who wanted William along in hopes of boosting his standing during the upcoming election during the “Young Glamorous Royals” tour. Diana had been prepared to follow royal and aristocratic tradition and leave the little s**t at home before the P.M.’s suggestion. I say the young and glamorous b/c Charles had a standing in the 1970s not dissimilar to Willy’s among the sugars now. There was chattering talk in the early 1980s after Willy’s birth, that the fuddy duddy Queen should relinquish the throne to the young and glamorous Charles and Diana with their adorable babies William and Harry. This was before the Wales went to war against each other. There is nothing new under the sun. Willy is more popular in opinion polls than his father that just came out but unless his father wants to have more time to talk to his plants and roll in the mud with his second wife, there is not a snowflake’s chance in the most fiery of hells that he will not ascend the throne after the Queen dies. The monarchy is not a popularity contest, “The Royals” on E! not withstanding.

        1. You’ve been able to watch The Royals? I couldn’t get past Elizabeth Hurley as the queen. I can do regal better than she can and I can’t act my way out of a paper bag.

          1. I’ve caught a few minutes here and there. I haven’t actually sat down and watched an entire episode b/c it’s too much art trying to imitate life. But the bits and pieces I’ve seen, seem to be more attractive stand-ins for C&C and W&K.

        2. So true to you both (except if POW passes before HM or too old, the Line could change to the Yorks or Wessex (becoming DoE) who may be much more stable and in tuned with HM -royal traditions duties/ the British Monarchy values).

          The energy spent by km carol and the middletons (other than to be glued to Prince George for personal gains-while disrespect to the BRF traditions) and P William ‘that they are just like us’… But the facts are – km carol and the middletons stalked ‘wait’ a decade for P William to have access to the BR lifestyle, says it all…

          Another marvel – P William is close to carol the middletons climbers due to ‘close family’ – the same encourage, isolate P William and George from the closeness by HM grannie, doting caring dad POW and sibling Prince Harry (other RF/cousins growing up). Km carol cant have it both ways.

          Diana POW did no such maneuvering with her sons; she respected HM BRF history traditions, and bond with the Princes as a RF member (heir to P Charles).

    2. Excellent! It is very easy to forget that a lot of things that we feel as completely natural like the bond between mother and child, is more a product of nuture than nature – and that child-rearing are practiced in different ways in different social settings and historical periods. Fx, I was initially rather shocked when I read about how aristocrats and royals reared their children in the 16th and 17th centuries. Royal children got their own households immediately and their parents would sometimes visit them. Many aristocrats not only had their children raised my nurses and tutors but actively sent them away for 5-6 six years. In fact, it was highly unusual for an aristocratic woman in these times to keep her child with her!

      1. I’ve read copious amounts about Winston Churchill and his parents were apparently even more negligent by even the standards of the day. It wouldn’t be unusual in the late-1800s for parents to have brief audiences with their children at the beginning and end of the day; Churchill went months without seeing his mother or father. It’s a testament to his resilience that he didn’t go bat crap crazy but of course it was a much different time. His father was dead by the time he was 21.

        1. Yeah, the Churchill’s were rather dysfunctional. There’s also some great vintage gossip about the Marlboroughs – especially regarding the marriage between one of the Dukes and an American heiress who really didn’t want to marry him. They eventually got divorced and she wrote an autobiography that I’m trying to get my hands on.

          1. From what I read of the Churchill’ family. Winston was close to his mother. His mother was an American who came over to England. One of the buccaneers like Cora in Downtown Abbey. In exchange for the wife’s money the wife received a title and her children were aristocracy. I like to think the Churchill’s were eccentric. Churchill’s nephew or something married Jessica Mitford.

  21. Maybe they leaked the photos to an Aussie press to steal attention away from Harry who’s down under now. Hmmmph…

    1. I hadn’t thought of that, but good point. Harry got a ton of great press last week from his arrival in Oz.. If these pics of Kate and George were taken last week it would actually make sense that she was trying to steal focus from Harry.

      1. I feel it’s less she, and more of whoever they’ve put in charge of their publicity. Jason? Carole (haha)? It just seems so odd; by all appearances the Cambridges stand alone. Their pr seems designed to take front row at all times, seemingly using tactics to deflect press from other members of the “family”, good or bad. Could it just be bunch of crazy coincidences that they’re all laughing about behind closed doors? Are we just looking so closely that we find a thread to unravel in everything that they do? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that royal family for a week…what’s REALLY going on?!!

  22. Hello everyone !
    I muss confess I’m surprised you all think it is probably a PR operation ! Don’t you think Kate would have put some make-up on and wear a less old and dirty jacket ?
    I think it was a real day out, somebody took pictures with a phone, which Kate saw but she thought maybe that the person would keep the photos for herself (which I would have done, IF I had taken photos !), so she didn’t say anything.
    As for the “engaged” look, have you already try to take care of a very young boy while being pregnant ? I absolutely adore my children, and I’m now pregnant with the 4th one, but when I’m at the playground with them, I’m sure I don’t look thrilled !!! I’m tired, and I watch if they don’t hurt themselves, or annoy an other child, or do some stupid thing like children do very well ! Of course, I smile sometimes, but the photos are just one second in an entire afternoon… I’m sure Kate enjoyed it or she would have sent Nanny Maria to do it : I call a babysitter when I’m not in mood to go to the park, I assume Kate would do the same !! The thing is, I’m a little younger than she is, I have a part-time job, but I would LOVE to have a full-time nanny to take care of my children when I’m tired, busy or just reading a good book or something ! My children are one of my greatest joy but, OMG, I would love to delegate (is that correct ?!) sometimes !!!! 😉 Am I an awful mother ?! 😉
    Well, it was just my opinion, and in a poor english ! Sorry !
    Have a great day (we have a beautiful weather here in Paris, which means… the children will want to go to the playground !! Yeaaaah !!! 😉 ) !

    1. For me the reason I think it is a set up is because none of the RPOs stopped this person from taking pictures. This is not the norm for this couple when they are privately out especially with George.

    2. I think if Kate did set this up, then it would make sense that she wouldn’t wear make up or nice clothes. She wants it to appear that the photog caught her unaware and that the photos were not approved.

      And as Lisa said, it’s more about the RPOs not stopping whoever took these photos. The photog must have been fairly close – close enough for Kate and everyone else to know they were taking photos – so the RPOs would have seen them and would have shut them down if they were not okay’d by Kate for release. That’s the main reason I think she knew they were being taken and was fine with their release.

      PS. I don’t think wanting someone else to take ones kids off ones hands for a while makes one a bad mother. Nor do I think wanting to go back to work full time makes one a bad mother. One doesn’t have to be completely devoted to the kids to the point of losing oneself in order to be a good mother. It’s not about whether Kate is a good mother or not, it’s about the lying about being super hands on when she has a full time nanny. (To Kate) Just admit you have a full time nanny and be done with it. Stop trying to be “normal”.

      1. I don’t know kmr, when does Kate go out in public that she doesn’t get photographed? Seriously, if almost term, and you’re taking a toddler to the park…hell ya, I’m putting on the slob jacket, 3rd day hair is anywhere but on my face, and moisturizer is maybe the only thing you want or have time to slap on. She doesn’t have to care what she looks like, this girl cleans up good, and she knows it. She isn’t going to shy away from photo ops, her whole life is a photo op once she leaves the privacy of her home. Whether she likes it or not. I guess she decided to like it. Will on the other hand…

      2. “It’s not about whether Kate is a good mother or not, it’s about the lying about being super hands on when she has a full time nanny.” – YES exactly! keyword lying- why do they feel the need to lie, sooner or later everyone will know.

          1. yes they did, until they were papped with one and the press wrote about it. they had to come clean since everyone recognised the nanny in question from the Diana era.

            then the new nanny maria was also papped first before they admitted to having her, so they sent out a story saying she was temporarily for the NZ/AUS tour since the other nanny was too old to cope with a tour. When they went to the Maldives without PG who was papped once again with Maria, they admitted that Maria was infact full time, but they’d left her and PG behind to learn his routine and receive instructions on his care from Carole!!!

    3. If someone really did realease the photos without consent I can only wonder who or why?

      It’s obvious they were taken by someone they knew not just some random pap. But let’s say for arguments sake someone was filming Kate and PG playing then why were they allowed to keep the photos. An actual royal is out of the Q. And if we rule out her PR team then it’s pretty much down to Carole.

      Who I only think would release pics if she was in them. As if to show how involved with George she is. After that you run out of options. And any friend (if she had one) of Kate’s would be in the dog house majorly for selling them and they’d know who did it because they took the photos.

      So the only plausible explanation is a PR setup. Quite sad that it was done this way. As a proper photo op or just some personally relase d snaps from W and K themselves would do the same trick. And being that it comes off an outcry for more PG pics it probably wouldn’t cause anyone to judge them for “giving the people what they asked for” while improving Kate’s image.

      Instead it’s all tricks and manipulation.

      1. Carole is lying low at the moment. There’s been too much talk about her involvement in the Cambridge marriage and George’s life. She’s a housekeeper, she placates Kate, she hand feeds William cheesy toast! The Midds will never get that Earldom if the bad press continues. And Carole wants that Earldom bad. That said she totally took the pics and sold them with Kate’s permission. IMO.

        1. The fact that she’s the ring of doom is visible in the pictures conclusively tells me that Kate is/was OK with this PR set up.

          she wears hides the sapphire inside her hand when she is caught unawares, and turns it top side up when she’s being photographed. In public, private or not. It’s a known habit.

  23. I was wondering if anyone had made the connection between Katies due date and the Queens (actual) birthday on the 21st of April. Can you imagine the press if Kate drops a girl on the Queens birthday? Would they even comment.

    Honestly I tire of hearing people praise Kate’s even existence, like “oh she took her kid to a park so she’s such a a hands on mom” not like that’s something every parent does at some point. Which is followed by a bunch of people talking about how down to earth she is “just like a commoner” which is painfully ironic IMO.

    I am just preparing myself for the inevitable Kate sychophancy that will come when she delivers. Like she’s just pulled a unicorn out of her ass.

    Honestly this woman gets on my every last nerve. And I keep hoping for something that tells me George is actually loved and taken care of and not going to grow up to be a spoiled distant manchild with no hope of cutting the umbilical cord any time soon like his mum.

    1. “drops a girl”. She’s not a Holstein. That’s actually degrading to any woman who’s ever given birth. I don’t care if you like/love/hate/could freaking care less about the woman, respect that she’s a human being. That said, the rest of your comment was very good and well written, and I agreed with, well…99% of it.

      1. It’s just a saying. Respect has nothing to so with. All mammals who give live birth to a baby, do so the same way. If a human woman or her doctor didn’t reach down and catch her baby within their arms, the baby would effectively drop after being pushed fully out. On top of that, as humans who walk upright, the baby is coming straight down and we have gravity to help out.

      2. THANK YOU RAY!! I too agree with most of that comment except for “drops a girl.” In fact, sayings such as this are used to make women seem basically like broodmares. Sholux – a lot of things can be “just sayings” and still be degrading. Even if it is an accurate phrase, it is still one that historically has been used to degrade women. “Bitch” is also “just a phrase” but one that is also wrong to use.

        1. My apologies. That probably wasn’t the most appropriate phrase to use. What I meant to say was if she “delivers” or “has” a girl. I’m not sure where the nastiness came from but your right it wasn’t okay.

          I suppose what I find to be “not okay” is the way the media treats Kate like some sort of brilliant genius for giving birth. She’s a person, a woman and women have babies. It’s momentous and special and should be celebrated but it’s not any special talent. Kate needs to contribute more to the world than her uterus. And yet she’ll have at least the next few years (or more) doing less than enough work and being let off easy because she “just” had a kid.

          George is almost two and people still call her a new mum and act as if she’s a liberator for women and a sufferagete because she spends an hour just barely working two years after having a kid.

          I’m all for women making their own decisions post-pregnancy and taking time to raise their kids, or if they want going back to work. It’s the adoration I can’t accept. She has not done anything worthy of the idolization she gets in the years since she was married. And we need to stop the media acting like she has.

          Thankyou, and again my apologies.

  24. Please excuse my ignorace, how cold is it in England? I wonder if these pictures are recent?
    On another topc I do not know if Sophia Hellquist loves C.P. or his position? I am going to wait & see! Halia

  25. jason probably saw that twenty-plus days of Kate-absent days before the birth, with unscripted news stories potentially pointing out that Kate’s setting up for another long break would be bad PR, so we get Rebecca’s snaps. I think Carole would have an A-class phone, so probably a flunky’ pics. Also, I’m surprised the odds makers have the name Charlotte up so high. Earl Spencer named his youngest daughter Charlotte Diana, so if anything could be worse than having W&K have a daughter saddled with Diana’s name is two little cousins with the same name. It would be a sick version of Country Mouse/City Mouse. But in this day of attention-seeking drama/manipulation equals success, maybe both would benefit.

    1. Her legs are spread to accommodate the bump.

      I’ve never, ever seen anything to make me doubt either pregnancy was genuine, but people will twist anything to see what they want to see.

      I was picking my son up like that right up to giving birth – sure its awkward, but if you’re fit & not overweight so the bump is neat, its fine.

      She’s a skinny pregnant woman, end of.

        1. Totally, whole heartedly agree! The slide! I would love to have seen footage of her maneuvering under the wooden bar to sit upright (while watching George). I am rather surprised she did this if she was being photographed because she could have looked really awkward. I don’t care how fit she is or how small the bump is…it boggles my mind. She is tall too. I was skinny, small bump, and fit too and wouldn’t have squatted the way she does in public with no hesitation or accommodation of movement. Then the bump also magically folds. I agree with Kip. Foam. Always thought both were foam. She is in waiting now. Fits that William is not close by too.

    2. The picture that I’m having difficulty with is the one where George is holding the bottle. She has one leg bent back under her, and is leaning wayyy forward. And it is right next to one where she is standing, showing a sizable stomach. She can sit like that and not have her chest resting on her stomach? Even on the slide her coat is bunched up like you would expect on someone 9 months pregnant. In the bottle picture, her chest even looks flat again. Looking at those 2 pictures side-by-side, you’ve got to wonder. I’ve never been pregnant- how many women would even try to sit like that? Why would she not just sit like she would on a chair, slide back on the bale and hold George between her knees?

      1. Because when you’re pregnant and you DO let yourself sit down completely, it’s even harder to get back up. It’s the same reason you’ll see pregnant women go for hard-back chairs instead of really soft, deep-seated couches.

        1. Like on I Love Lucy!! When Lucy was pregnant with Little Ricky and sat in the super comfortable chair she couldn’t get back up again.

    3. Kate is clearly always in very good shape, so I’m not surprised she can do this while pregnant. Look, pregnancy makes it hard to bend over because your center of gravity shifts and puts weight on muscles we don’t use much just to walk around normally. But if someone works out, they WILL use/tone up those muscles, so when pregnant, they are more limber than most.
      Can we just talk about this faked pregnancy thing a little realistically for a second please? There is no way…no way, the royal family would ever let a faked pregnancy happen. There is no way the Cambridges would risk it. They would be too worried about someone touching the bump and realizing its fake, or the bump accidentally falling off, or something accidentally piercing it, or like 8239120389012 other possible scenarios that would almost certainly lead to the END of the royal family. Seriously, if people found out a future Queen was faking a pregnancy for an heir, the royal family could not survive it. They know that. They aren’t idiots. They may make stupid decisions sometimes, but this would be monumentally terrible.
      If you really want to theorize – here’s some explanations, ranging from plausible to not so much.
      -Kate’s just in good shape (this is a woman who can run in heels on the beach!) and her bump is small
      -Kate is “lucky” in her pregnancies (as lucky as one can be when they have HG) – her body doesn’t grow as much aside from the bump as some other ladies’ do.
      -these pictures were taken earlier than reported (maybe the Cambridges were trying to stop them and ultimately failed or wanted to stop them but then changed their minds for PR purposes or the photographer had to clear some legal grey areas before releasing them or something else)
      -they fudged a little about her due date so that she could go on maternity leave earlier; so, she’s not actually 9 months pregnant yet.

      But seriously….what do you think most pregnant women do if they already have a toddler? The usual pregnant woman can’t afford a nanny or any kind of help, and many don’t have a husband or boyfriend to help, so they HAVE to watch their children and pick them up when necessary. This isn’t really out of the ordinary.

      1. Oh Maggie, your no-nonsense Midwestern sensibility is SO refreshing. The “fake pregnancy” people are probably the same who think 9/11 was a governmental conspiracy, along with every other momentous/terrible event of the last fifty years. There are so many people who would need to be paid off or shipped off to Australia if this was a conspiracy, they’d have to create a new state for them all. All of your possible explanations are entirely plausible. Pregnancy is not an exact science, even today. Maybe she’s 38 weeks, maybe she’s 40. The only ones who would really know are Willy and Waity. I have a friend who’s one of the most petite women I’ve ever met. I visited her and her husband on New Year’s Day. From the back, you would never know she was pregnant. From the side, you barely could see she was pregnant. From the front, if you didn’t know her, you would think she had a little extra weight on her. She gave birth to an 8 lb baby boy on February 3rd after almost 24 hours of labor.

        1. The “fake pregnancy” people are probably the same who think 9/11 was a governmental conspiracy, along with every other momentous/terrible event of the last fifty years.

          Sorry to burst your bubble but I and most that I’ve encountered aren’t. But I do understand that it’s easier to liken others to being crazy or completely dismiss them than try to see their side in any capacity.

          1. Excuse me, there’s no need to be rude in expressing your opinion. I find conspiracy theories to be over-the-top. If there was enough valid evidence, I would be willing to support your theory. But there’s nothing but vague innuendo. You cite no authorities, no experts. If it was a fake bump, there’s a great deal of work to go into it. She would risk the end of the British monarchy so a surrogate could carry the baby? I think not. I don’t dismiss people easily, I dismiss questionable theories without valid evidence or documentation to back up said theories. Where are the people who purchased the bump? I suppose the royals have bribed a bunch of newspapers and the entire Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital. They would risk the illegitimacy of the child and the end of the monarchy so Katie doesn’t have to go through the trauma of childbirth? Please with all due respect, do grow up and give people credit for having agency in their lives. Things are not a gigantic conspiracy.

      2. The biggest reason for me is heirs have to be “of the body” not “of the surrogate’s or someone else’s body”. George wouldn’t be in line if Kate didn’t actually carry him. I don’t think Kate would risk everything to fake a pregnancy. She knew going in that was #1 in the job description.

        1. Honestly, I am not one to declare conspiracy, but her behavior is off.

          Different sized and collapsing bumps, aside.

          Have you seen her skip down a flight of stairs at 8 months pregnant in high heels? She certainly doesn’t act, as if she has one maternal bone in her body.

          If Kate thought she could get away with it, she would do anything imo. These two have spent 10+ pounds on houses they may or may not live in.
          Clearly they don’t live in the real world, they live in one where everything gets excused/covered up because William is golden.

          The royal family has not exactly embraced Kate or George. She has not been given any royal jewelry. Did you see the christening? For an heir, it was weird to put it nicely.

          I can’t put my finger on it, but something isn’t right with kate and these kids.

          1. I will. I don’t care. There will always be those who’ll ignore what’s right in front of their face who try to make others seem crazy for their beliefs (even when they have valid observations to support their side) but to me if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. There are too many things, most of which you’ve listed, that added up, don’t equal right. What I love about the whole thing is that the Surrogacy Conspirators, as we’ve been named by others, have a whole list of these things that the other side can never refute as a whole. But to shut them up, all you have to do is ask for an explanation of how a bump that grew to this proportion at eight months (and then shrunk again several times and is yet another reason why these recent pictures above can’t possibly have been taken earlier than last week because then we’d yet another explanation of how it shrank yet again but I digress ;))
            can disappear when she does this
   (Closed leg crouching)

            Then you get nothing but crickets. My favorite lol.

          2. I take your point, Kip, but I don’t agree with you about faking a pregnancy. I really don’t think Kate would risk it and not every pregnant woman is maternal. I have wondered why Kate doesn’t appear to be part of the royal fold though.

          3. The relationship goes both ways.
            I think on some level the BRf was willing to accept her and help during the adjustment, but a distance has grown on both sides.

            The royals have given up with her. They are now giving her all the rope.

            She plans her own schedule and has access to unlimited funds. She has yet to realize her “part-time royal role, full-time royal perks” lifestyle isn’t endearing her to the public.

            IMO ma midd is very territorial and doesn’t want her to turn to some other figure, say Sophie.

            I would bet the bank that the BRf does not find her “me me me” attitude all that appealing. They can’t count on w&k to represent the firm.

            There was that info slipped into a recent article that William passed up a “boring” event and Anne picked up the slack.

            A work ethic, a sense of humor, and a truly thrifty royal. She knows the meaning of the word duty – Anne for queen!

      3. I have to agree. And, when I see people commenting on the “fake bump”angle, I just skip over that part of the blog. I can’t get on board with that opinion, too fantastical (is that a word??) of a tangent for me. But, many different opinions make for interesting discussion on this blog, in most cases. There are some really well informed people who participate here. I’ve learned loads from them.

    4. Agree. But why the ‘bump’ was so high and small again (recent carpet outings big coats…), and from other photos – where the bump seem low. This constant shifting /sizing is strange (if we are big – we only get bigger, not smaller; the same with the baby lower as you get close to delivery).

        1. do they not teach human biology in school any more? especially how bodies behave during the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy?

          the bump tends to be high during the first 6-7months, but as the due date approaches in the final 6-8weeks, the baby starts to turn around so that it’s head is at the bottom. this movement is gradual, but it results in the tummy going from high to low. what old wives’s tales describe as ‘the baby dropped’.

          as for day to day size of the bump, babies move around during the pregnancy. they don’t stay in one position which causes the bump to look different from day to day.

          PLUS several of the royal reporters have spoken about media photoshopping Kate’s bump to look bigger or smaller depending on the story. i’d stick to video in terms pf trying to figure out how big she is because the photos are not entirely accurate.

          Finally, apparently, Kate hates being bigger. more so this time than last time. she is dressing her bump in ways that make makes it smaller.

          Finally, i’m with Seth and Bluhare. this type of surrogate conspiracy would need an army that would include entire governent and judiciary because the constitutional law as quoted by Bluhare that surrounds Kate’s pregnancies is ironclad.

          As Seth pointed out, it would need an entire army of people to carry it out, all of whom would have to be shipped off somewhere with absolute guarantee that they’d never divulge the secret.

          Not just medical and household staff, but the government itself since HM and the PM and home secretaries would have to sign off on it too because the lie affects their responsibilities.

          it would be nothing short of a coup since it would end the monarchy in one fell swoop and We’d become a republic if it got out.

          Carole and Kate didn’t plot to catch William to risk a surrogacy.

  26. Still no tantrum from Prince William?
    I haven’t read anything about him being extremely upset and I am surprised.

    I could understand they did not complaint about the pap snaps of Kate and George while in Australia – not wanting to be angry at the host country nor annoy them in order for it to be a successful tour but then again, it was so much good press for Kate, that it makes sense they would be happy about it.

    So, no complaints or threat of lawsuit this time either… makes me wonder about the special place of Australia in their heart (since they have only been published there). Prior to their tour I read articles of wanting to leave the commonwealth. Perhaps it is just crazy thinking…

    Again this article painting her as the best hands-on mom+ no anger fit + in your face pictures/camera… way to use George on a PR move.

    1. I think George was born (or at least timed) for PR purposes after the Special Olympics brouhaha and naked France pictures. He’s been a PR child since the announcement that he was on the way, and he will be a PR child as long as William and Kate can use him for that.

      1. Ain’t that the truth.

        Any park pictures with Kate has been nothing but PR for her right out of the gate.

        Australia was PR stamped all over it. They knew exactly where the paps were standing so they could avoid them. They could’ve avoided them but got in plain view instead. On top of it, them taking George in the first place and them visiting the same place Charles and Diana went and standing in the same position was nothing but a [highly creepy] way of trying to raise the popularity of yester-years and have it rub off on them. So was releasing that ugly Mother’s Day portrait.

        George’s first birthday pics where they went to the Natural History Museum, that Kate’s patron of but had never visited and hasn’t been back to since, was PR for her flashing her ass in Australia

        Taking George to polo on Father’s Day (honestly, call me cynical or mean or whatever but I honestly think that that wasn’t planned and Kate just showed up. William wasn’t exactly thrilled to see either of them and Kate pretty much looked like she didn’t want to put up with George and as we’ve all seen that’s how she always looks around him when it’s not an official moment)

        Christmas pics, that I believe were taken a month or more in advance at that, were to distract from the fact that NYC was a bust.

      2. Oh for sure George is a PR baby conceived purely to take heat off of the France pics. Will and Kate only ever use him for PR. Poor George. Hopefully Nanny Maria loves him.

    2. Perhaps Wills has checked out. If this is the umpteenth time Kate and company have done this tatic it no longer has an affect on him.

    3. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t make a fuss. It is a foreign publication and he can’t do anything and his complaining would be pointless, but I’m surprised he didn’t complain anyway. He did several times before. Maybe his team told him it would be pointless to complain and would onyl make him look bad?

  27. I find it very surprising that a genuinely pregnant woman can move as she does. Something for me is most certainly ‘off’ and my red flags are waving. I had the very same feeling with her former pregnancy the moment I saw her ‘post birth’ with an obvious hard, high firm bump. But who am I? Just an interested party.

    1. You’re supposed to have a hard firm bump one day after giving birth. The bump isn’t just going to soften because the baby is no longer in there. That would mean the baby was the thing providing its structure, which would obviously be a terrible setup because then every time something touched the bump, the baby would feel it and easily be hurt by it. There’s protection for the baby in the bump (muscles and tendons mostly). That protection doesn’t just leave with the baby lol. Like come on, people. I’m not a Kate fan by any means, but let’s not forget basic science and common sense here.

      1. The protection doesn’t leave just because the baby isn’t there anymore? Well, do tell us what it’s sticking around for. Sorry to break it to you but the womb starts to contract back into the body shortly after the placenta is delivered. The stomach may not be 100% flat but it’s headed that way. Her stomach should not have been as high and round as it was. Disappeared completely? (would’ve been more apt and believable than still looking as though she was still 9 months pregnant as everyone loves to point out how fit she is and most fit women lost the pregnancy belly and weight very quickly compared to those who are not) No. Looking as though she’s still 9 months pregnant and about to pop? Also, a no.

        Also, uterine contraction, which causes the uterus to contract after the baby and placenta has been birthed (proper name being Uterine atony) is really important. If there is poor or no uterine contraction after the placenta has been delivered, it could lead to hemorrhaging in the woman. ( This can lead to death.

        Lastly, don’t presume to tell us to not forget about basic science and common sense, especially when you don’t have all of the information under your own belt. Most of us have not formulated our opinions based on nothing. We know the science, the common sense, the capabilities of the human body, and of course a lot of women chiming in have been pregnant their own selves and we’ve based our opinions on those things compared to our observations of Kate. If others still want to disagree, fine but our opinions aren’t based on nothing. You should also consider educating yourself past those basics.

        1. I agree, Sholux
          I also think if we weren’t talking about Kate, and instead a different celebrity or the lady next door, people would note these observerations more willingly. The bump, her actions, and clothes just don’t add up. On a personal note, I was all baby in front and only weighed 16 pounds more. All baby and placenta. My bump did not fold. By the way, I read on celebiTchy at some point that there was thought the Queen Mother had a surrogate. I think, but not sure, that this comment was from someone such as LAK, whose seems very informed and objective about the BRF.

          1. Carrie, the QM supposedly had artificial insemination, not a surrogate, because she didn’t like sex.

            I wouldn’t hesitate to call Kate out if I thought she was faking it, but I don’t think she is. I’m not a maternity nurse or OB/gyn, but I thought all babies move around and so the belly changes shape, that people carry differently, and so forth. Have you see the photos of the model who just had a baby? She took a photo on 4/13 (I think??) of herself in her underwear and had the baby two or three days later. She looks a lot like Kate does. Not everyone is out to here at 8 or 9 months pregnant, and one of my coworkers looked just like that too. She didn’t really look pregnant until right before she delivered. And she was thin, and I’m really not making this up. And Kate is fit, everyone here should agree to that based on all the conversations about keeping her weight down.

            Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, certainly, but I’m not with you all on this one.

        2. LOL okay Sholux, I’ll be sure to tell my medical school professors that they’re doing a poor job of educating me.
          Maybe I was a little rude in my last post. I do apologize for that. But seriously, the idea that a future Queen would risk faking a pregnancy is just so ridiculous. It’s so risky!!
          And as for the science – yes, obviously the protection and everything else in the uterus doesn’t stick around forever post-birth. My point was that it also doesn’t just magically leave post-birth, and takes TIME (more than 24 hours). Here’s a way to look at it – for the average woman, it takes 9 months to get to a uterus that big, so, it takes 9 months to get rid of it all. It is physically impossible to go back to even close to a flat stomach in 24 hours, and it is basically physically impossible to have it recede much at all in the first 24 hours. This is basic science. Seriously, if you disagree about this, then I just don’t know what to tell you. This isn’t even controversial in the medical community. Women are supposed to still look 9 months pregnant the day after they give birth.

          1. Maggie,

            I am no conspiracy-fan, and most of the time I am too tired to judge people by their opinions. Nevertheless, dismissing a point of view without second thoughts is the lead to the wrong, regardless. Maggie, by the ninth month every gesture or body move, for the expecting woman, becomes a physical effort. She would be showing tiredness; significant weight increase; strain would be showing on her face bending or kneeling, and it would take considerable effort every time she would re-take a upright posture; she would need to have a grip or a bit of help when exiting cars or standing up.; her hands would hold her womb at times when the baby moves – the ninth month is littered with these little incidents or signs; her capacity to move freely would be by then diminished; her womb would have gone bigger and bigger, not shape-shifting more or less constantly; she would not bear high-heel shoes as well. Yes, my scientific knowledge is not that of an expert, though no one can dismiss common sense, Maggie. No one in first place wants talk of surrogacy, sure! But then, there are a few things about these pregnancies, as stated, which do not just add up. At nine month, you do feel for a pregnant woman when you spot one. This sentiment is crucially lacking when you look at terminally-pregnant Kate, you see. Just saying…

        3. 2 days after I left the hospital with my daughter, we stopped off to buy diapers. Lady in the checkout line asked when I was due. The bump is very obvious, for some people anyway, for a few days after giving birth.

    1. I understand your perspective, Bluhare. I just can’t fathom how the bump collapses on video which I seen a few times during both pregnancies.

  28. I ventured over to a pro-kate blog and they noted that she is wearing her Barbour jacket from a past season. A jacket she has worn on multiple occasions and apparently can still fit into at nine months pregnant.

    Wherever this baby is coming from… I hope it’s heathy and Nanny Maria adores the little one, as much as she cares for george.

    The preview for the “new spitting image” newzoids is out.
    George is a card and they totally got Kate’s new voice.

      1. “Helped by his mother, her prominent bump hidden beneath what appeared to be

        ‘William’s green Barbour coat,’

        Prince George tenderly gave a bottle of milk to one of the farm’s new-born piglets.”

        William has a blue suit and one blue jumper that he wears all the time.

        Kate’s style gurus never miss anything. Her “prominent bump” was displayed under her old, trim, brown coat.

  29. Is it just me or has Kate been working along a timeline all these years. When Kate split from William that must have panicked her. Surely Kate should have found someone else at 21 years old in 2005 or 25 years old in 2007. Or though the danger of having a public romance and William’s mattress might have worked against her. I hope the baby is healthy and has a safe delivery. I cannot take anymore Drama.

  30. I would like to add that the French count pregnancy to 41 weeks. However here in the UK you are not allowed to go over two weeks so you are then induced. It also depends on amount of oxytocin in the body.

  31. Kate and William are starting to look a lot like the English version of the last king of France and his frivolous wife. Too stupid and insulated to see their castle crumbling around them. Anmer will be their Petit Trianon where they can pretend to be ordinary folk.

    This rant is brought to you by William and Kate’s latest excuse to do nothing and hide out for an extended period of time.

    1. I swear, the poor Queen must be reading these articles and shaking her head. She would know the trouble that Whingy and Waity are bringing to the Monarchy and she cannot do anything about it. If she was worried about Charles, I think that she can rest a little bit easier. I think that people will accept Charles as King when the time comes, however I am not so sure about Whingy and Waity.

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