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Carole and Pippa Middleton visit Kate and Princess Cambridge at Kensington Palace

Carole and Pippa Middleton were seen driving into Kensington Palace to visit with Kate Middleton and the new Princess Cambridge. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall were also spotted driving into KP. The Queen is currently at Sandringham and will not visit the baby today. It is possible she will not meet the new baby until Kate and Prince William move Prince George and Princess Cambridge out to Anmer Hall.

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Photos emerge of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George in Mustique

As many of us hoped, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and the Middletons were photographed in Mustique by a paparazzi. The NY Daily News published them – go here to see all the photos. They include a photo of Pippa in a bikini (and a girl in a pink bikini in the foreground with a wedgie), as well as photos of William, in tragic neon green swim trunks, with Pippa, James, and Michael Middleton at the beach. Also there are two photos of Kate holding George’s hand as they and Nanny Maria are out walking. The photos are from the back and side, and Kate is carrying a large bag in front of her body, so we didn’t get a good shot of her baby bump that I was hoping for. I really wanted a bikini shot of Kate so we could see her belly. No word yet if William’s head has exploded. God I hope he complains. That’ll be hilarious.

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Prince William and Duchess Kate hold hands as they join the royal family for Christmas church

Thank you for all the Christmas wishes everyone. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, or an awesome December 25th if you don’t celebrate Christmas!  To the royal-y things… Prince William and Kate Middleton are so in lurve, you guys! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held hands for the second year running while walking to the Saint Mary Magdalene Church on the grounds of Sandringham Christmas morning.

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Harry, Pippa, Beatrice, and Eugenie attend wedding in Italy without William or Kate

The young royals, Middletons, and Middleton-adjacents stepped out for the society wedding of Charlie Gilkes and Anneke von Trotha Taylor in Monopoli, Italy at the Carlo V Castle yesterday, September 19. Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice and her Male Waity boyfriend Dave Clark, Princess Eugenie, professional wedding guest Pippa Middleton and her Male Waity boyfriend Nico Jackson, James Middleton and his girlfriend Donna Air, and Carole Middleton were all in attendance. Not in attendance were the Grumpy Faced Prince William who was unable to go due to taking over the Malta trip and pregnant Kate Middleton who is stuck in London or Bucklebury or somewhere without her mommy to take care of her.

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Pippa Middleton at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

Anyone want a Pippa Middleton update? I haven’t covered Pippa in a long time. Pips was on hand at the GQ Men of the Year Awards to present the Innovator of the Year award to Ewan Venters. So random, right? Why would they choose Pippa to be a presenter? Anyway, Pippa sat next to Conde Nast International President Nicholas Coleridge. Nico Jackson wasn’t there. I usually call Nico the Male Waity, but I guess he decided to stop Waity-ing and got a new job in Switzerland a few months ago. Who knows whats going on with that relationship. I wonder if Pippa got paid to show up to this event. I mean, her book bombed, she was fired from her part-time article writing gigs, what does she do to make money?

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Cressida Bonas ups her fashion game for the paps, so does Pippa + Harry Look-alike dupes people in Memphis, and William’s future appearances

You know one interesting, and dare I say good, thing to come out of the Breakup of Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas?  Daily Cressida pap walk photos!  I’m not sure if she is still going to her job or not, but she has been papped almost every day since the news of the split broke.  So she might be.  It’s interesting that there was a report of her taking “compassionate leave” because she didn’t want to be photographed, and then the next time she gets photographed she’s looking the best I’ve ever seen her look, fashion-wise.

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Pippa and Nico take another vacation

Pippa and Nico Jackson have taken another holiday, this time a skiing holiday in the Austrian Alps (they were joined by his grandparents, wtf?).  Seriously, girl needs to stop vacationing and get a job.  And Nico needs to quit following Pip around and get back to whatever job he supposedly has.  I’m pretty sure they’ve taken more vacations recently than Kate.

The headline, and indeed a bunch of royal reporters on Twitter, is making a big deal out of the fact that it looks like Nico is staring at Pippa’s bum in one of the pictures.  Well, I don’t think he is.  It looks to me like he’s staring at whatever he’s picking off of his pants.  But whatever.

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Pippa talks about her bum in a speech, hires a new PR firm

Pippa Middleton made an appearance at the Women in Advertising and Communications dinner Monday night.  Pips was the keynote speaker, I guess.  She talked about how nervous she was before Will and Kate’s wedding in 2011, and how her dress “fitted a little too well”—she forgot to mention she was probably wearing butt pads, though.  She also talked about the downsides of fame and how the accusations of her famewhoring and cashing in on her royal connection by writing a book and everything else really hurt, and that the negative response to her book has been “difficult”.

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Pippa comes back from India looking incredibly orange

Pippa and her boyfriend, Nico Jackson, took a holiday to India, and arrived back in London the other day looking particularly orange.  Far more orange than she usually looks.  The Daily Mail said she looked “glowing”, but I disagree, she looks rough.  That skin color does not look good on her.  She probably just got a lot of sun while on vacation and that color will fade, hopefully.  Pippa is only 30, by the way, she looks much older than that in these photos.  She really needs to stop tanning.

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