Does Pippa Middleton do more for charity than Duchess Kate?

Does Pippa Middleton do more for charity than Duchess Kate?

You might think this is a silly question, of course Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, does more charity work than her little sister Pippa Middleton, who is not even married to the 2nd in line to the British throne and has no title to speak of (though she clings to that signet ring like her life depends on it). But does Kate really?

Kate of course does way more total engagements every year than the Pips, but how many of those are actually for Kate’s charities? In 2014, Kate did 15 total engagements that in some way involved one of her charities, with 10 of those being public appearances. In 2015 so far, Kate has done 7 total engagements that in some way involve one of her charities, with only 3 of those being public appearances.

Kate holding award small

Now, it is important to note that the most excursion Kate ever did during the 2014 charity visits was hand out awards and play with some kids. Kate did give a speech on palliative care, but that was during the Australia tour and not at one of her actual charities. But let’s be generous and count that. In 2015, during her public charity appearances the most Kate did was play with some kids. Though she did record a video message about Children’s Mental Health Week, gave a quote to the Times about children’s mental health, and wrote a letter of support for Children’s Hospice Week.

The amount of awareness and money Kate raises for her charities, though, is not calculable. At least not by me as I do not have access to those charity’s finances and whatnot to see if there was a bump in site hits and donations after Kate’s appearances.

kate easter show

Pippa became an ambassador to the Mary Hare School for deaf children in Berkshire in April 2013, and an ambassador to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in June 2014. Since then she gave a speech at a Women in Advertising and Communications dinner, competed in a 3,000 mile Race Across America in support of the BHF in June 2014, auctioned the bike she used in that race with proceeds going to the BHF in August 2014, attended the launch of the London to Brighton bike ride in January 2015, attended the Roll out the Red Ball charity auction in aid of the BHF in February 2015 where she also auctioned one of her dresses, attended Disability Snowsport UK’s first ParaSnowBall charity ball in March 2015, she recently teamed with designer Tabitha Webb to create a two-piece limited edition collection to raise funds for the BHF one of which she wore to a tennis match the other day, and competed in the London to Brighton bike ride on June 21 (with James Middleton) which is also in aid of the BHF. Pippa has also done several ski races for charity, including one in Sweden in 2012.

Not only does Pippa show up to these events, and compete in them, she gives statements about them, too.

Of her 3,000-mile US race, she said: “Every inch of the 3,000 mile race was worth it, to help the BHF fight heart disease. I wanted to complete this challenge to help raise awareness of the importance of heart health after learning that coronary heart disease kills nearly three times more women than breast cancer.”

Of Disability SnowSport Uk, she said: “I am honoured to be supporting Disability SnowSport Uk and as a keen skier myself, I feel very passionately about enabling those with a disability to experience the joy of skiing alongside non-disabled people.”

Of her collaboration with Webb, she said: “It was great to collaborate with Tabitha to design the style and look of the dress and scarf. As an ambassador of the British Heart Foundation, Iโ€™m delighted that all the profits of the sales will go towards their lifesaving research into heart disease. Creating the limited edition pieces was a fun and creative way to fundraise for the BHF London to Brighton cycle challenge.”

Of the London to Brighton race, she said: “As a keen cyclist, I am thrilled to be involved in this milestone year of the London to Brighton Bike Ride. This event is testament to the fact that cycling is such a great inclusive sport that everyone can enjoy and at the same time, through the money raised, it continues to help millions of people affected by heart disease.”

Giving a short statement about her charities… isn’t that what we keep asking Kate to do?

It’s been said before that Pippa’s cycling and skiing to raise money for charity is just an excuse for her to cycle and ski and is fairly frivolous in terms of charity work, and maybe so, but she is legitimately getting out there and competing in these events, and I have to give her props for that. Pippa gets a lot of criticism for her terrible book, terrible articles, and overall famewhoring, and it is all well deserved, but she seems to have also carved a little charity hole for herself, too.

Kate may do more charity engagements and have more charities she is patron of, but Pippa spends more time and effort raising money for her one charity than Kate does with any of her eight.

So, back to the title question, does Pippa Middleton do more for charity than Duchess Kate? In terms of straight platform and reach, no. Kate is the more popular and well known sister; she will always have a bigger platform and wider reach. In terms of actual effort and time devoted to raising money for charity, I would say yes. Not only does Pippa show up, she competes in physical races, and she gives statements about the charities which is something we say Kate should do. So from a pure effort standpoint, I would say yes Pippa does more for charity than Kate.

I have not covered the Pipster in quite a while, other than in relation to Kate, so you might wonder why I am suddenly lauding Pippa’s charity work. Full disclosure, I read about Pippa’s recent bike ride on Celebitchy, which prompted my title question by saying “it sometimes seems like Pippa does more actual work with her charities than Kate ever does”. I heard about Pippa’s charity work and races over the last year but didn’t pay too much attention, so I wondered whether Pippa really did do more than Kate. Then I went down the internet rabbit hole trying to find out. And out of internet Wonderland came this post.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to criticize with Pippa, but shifting the focus to charity work is probably a good move for her. And please, stay away from American TV. No one wins if you do American TV.

PS. Come on, Kate. I know you can be better. Please, please, please take a lesson from your sister and be better!

PPS. The royal finances will be released today, the Queen starts a 3-day State Visit to Germany today, and William and Kate are rumored to be attending Wimbledon next week.

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  1. I think Pippa seems to be more passionate, active and interested in her charities than Kate.

    I don’t know if she started getting involved because of the criticism she was getting and her PR person (or the Middleton’s) told her and the brother to start doing charity work. It could just be because she started getting more of a platform (fame) and decided to use it to highlight good causes.

    I remember an article in the DM about Pippa and James being “open” to charity work. Which annoyed me, cause if you care and want to help then go out and do it, don’t advertise it as if you’re waiting to see what great offers can come your way.

    Because of that article I can’t help but wonder if it is to tidy up her image/public perception after the not-so-successful careers moves, social climbing label, Paris gun incident and the rest of it or if this is a new career move altogether because the others didn’t pan out… Either way she seems to have thrown herself into it and she’s doing good work. So good on her.

    I also think it’s great that it’s centred around sport, she’s athletic so it seems more personal and her interest/passion about her causes come across as more genuine.

    Good job Pippa. It’s great that she speaks too!! She seems to know why she’s there and takes time to try shade some light on the work/need. Double win.

    1. This is a hard one. People like myself and millions of others give hundreds of hours (I volunteer over two hundred hrs min a year, and have vol since I was a kid-my choice) with little recognition and buttons for our efforts–dress up events, fancy dinners, name on plaques, awards, etc. We do it because we realm care and to help the effort grow. And here’s Pippa, getting attention for causes and giving what are decent not-to-focused-on-her speeches. But you were right KMR to compare the Midds to the Kardashians. They are so pathetic and contrived. To me, Pippa is empty posturing either to get the boyfriend to propose or some member of the aristocracy to “put a ring on it.” She’s been an active person for a long time, but never did any charitable work I could find until recently. People-and this is not just Pippa- that use an organization and he pain/problems that are rooted in its founding just piss me off. But I guess I’m glad she’s trying to do something useful with her life. To be fair, I think she would have made a better Duchess of Cambridge than her sister.

      1. Sugar, people like you who offer their time over and over again to causes they believe in are truly doing work that we can all try to emulate.

        Before I had my kids, I found more time to volunteer for charities that meant a good deal to me. Now, I can only do some of the many things I was able to do before. Yet, I try to make time. Not only to set an example for the children, but to feel better about the world by reaching out to help others who may need some assistance.

        You are to be commended for the hours and work you do. I can see why you would be put off by those whose “dress up” efforts are praised so highly. I guess it is all needed, though. Still, the hard work deserves more recognition. I hope you are feeling love and support from those you have worked for on a volunteer basis.

        Whatever the reason is for Pippa to be giving more of herself, I am happy she is doing it. If her efforts are coming from a good place, then I think she deserves credit for lending her name to causes. She is doing some work and speaking up, so that is truly more than Kate seems to do.

        As for Kate suffering from depression? Who knows. When she’s with George, she does not look very depressed. And, prior to either pregnancies, she was still very lazy and spoiled. No signs of depression then. So, I am not sure I buy into the depression excuse. Not even PPD.

        Depression is a tough illness. For the people who have it and for their loved ones. If Kate were depressed, it would be brave and truly a gift, if she spoke about her struggle with the illness. She would not have to go into details, just put a “beloved” face (yes, to many, she is beloved) on an illness that frightens many.

        That would take courage, though. As well as support and understanding from the Royal Family. I wonder if they would be so positive and helpful if she admitted she had depression — if, indeed she does.

        If anyone seems to have depression, I think it is William. I sincerely doubt he would be as willing as others in the public eye have been to let people know about his struggles.

        Of course, this is all speculation. So, I will end this comment.

      2. That’s amazing.

        Yes, the Middletons have never really being involved in charity, so it’s all fairly recent. So I can’t help but think it’s more of a PR move than we’ve always wanted to help people but didn’t know how.

        Kate only started visiting a children’s charity when she knew for sure the engagement was coming up soon, more like prep work for her duchess role. Katie Nicolle has written about it.

        I think it’s great Mary Elizabeth you volunteer and bring your kids along on the journey so it’s a value instilled in them too, that’s amazing. My parents were similar and I’m forever grateful that from a young age it instilled an awareness of others in my brother and me, particularly now in an individualistic society that can sometimes be self-centred and obsessed to the detriment of community others. It’s good to have an awareness of others, we live in a globalised world and in communities, so our actions actually can have positive and negative effects beyond our own lives, families and home.

      3. No, Pippa do NOT do more Charity – it’s all PR. The middletons want the exposure of pippa riding on PW km coattail, as all the middletons has done for over 15 years. The participation by Pippa and brother reported by people present -is they may ride a mile or so then drive/ stand around as spectators, to give the impression they did the full distance (same was done before and same done in US).

        They are NOT wealthy – their first home, schooling of three kids with workshy behavior (in order to stalk a prince/tilted aristo) had a lot of backing from uncle Gary (until they secure a ring)- maybe Pippa should get a job!

        Now workless km PR is trying to make US believe she may p/depression – (please they abuse female illness to their excuses), the only depression is from km withdrawal for ma carol to leave and go home, that has km in a panic (one married with kids cant be grown up adult??)- with the many homes nannies, chefs trainers, royal housekeepers with professional skills who know how to care for royals (more so than common carol)… that is bothersome to KM (who looked happy, well heeled at Lindo photo op (only a few hours after delivery), and pending move from KP to hide away at AH pampered life of luxury (with ma carol and the middletons) to continue.

        Let’s hope HM POW insist – the children stay home with nannies at KP AH, instead of running around with km from KP-AH to buckleberry.

        1. Doolittle : You write “They are NOT wealthy โ€“ their first home, schooling of three kids with workshy behavior (in order to stalk a prince/tilted aristo) had a lot of backing from uncle Gary (until they secure a ring)”

          How do you know this – do you have a single piece of evidence you can use to back this up ? Any article ? Any news item? I don’t think you do. I think that you just made this up.

          I don’t understand this desire to paint Kate and the Middletons as the most horrible monsters that ever lived.
          Yes Kate acts like an idiot sometimes, is lazy, boring and probably stalked William. But the Middletons are rich. And Gary did not have to fund their lifestyle. If you look at the chronology of events you will find that Carole made her money many years before Gary did. She had a flourishing business when Gary was starting off.

          Please don’t make stuff up. We have a lot of material anyway. We don’t need to debase ourselves by making untruths up.

          1. It’s true, they’re rich. And even before Party Pieces took off, MM’s family had a trust fund set aside that more than covered their children’s exhorbitant school fees.

          2. My2Pence thanks for the article. Very interesting. Basically they are not sure how rich the Middletons are or where they got their wealth from. But they don’t say anything about Gary.

          3. My2Pence thanks for the article. Very interesting. Basically they are not sure how rich the Middletons are or where they got their wealth from. But they don’t say anything about Gary.

    2. I’m not sure about people who do a fantastic trip and say they are doing it for charity (hint, hint.. get out your cheque book now please).
      I’ve always volunteered, it’s been different organisations at different times in my life. There are thousands and thousands of people quietly going along and volunteering their time each week. These are the people to be thanked, not people (like Pippa) who do a trip that most of us would never even dream of doing – all in the name of charity?!?
      But I must say, Pippa still does more than Kate!

  2. KMR congratulations on another great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is a very good question and you are right Kate does “have a bigger platform and wider reach” but, for me, that does not mean she does more charity work than her sister.
    I’m not very fond of Pippa, never liked her and have to agree with the famewhoring that she seems to do (her family as well).

    We know or been told how fantastic/passionate sportswoman the middleton girls are, expect one shows it (Pippa) the other doesn’t (Kate).

    Every time Kate has had the chance to do some sport with people and for charities she found a way to show up with an outfit completely inappropriate and made a fool of herself (everyone remember the time when she tried to play volleyball with 5” shoes, if you read about it in the press it would seem she was amazing at it, if you watched the videos you know how awful she was).

    In occasions (if not all) she tried to get away with doing the exercises. For me this shows she is not there to truly participated in every way that she can, she is only there to wave, pet her glowing hair and blink the eyes a lรก Diana.
    (Diana always had a very round type of eyes which were exacerbated by makeup especially in the end of her marriage, If you notice Kate’s makeup has been made to change her eye shape to look like Di – if one compare the infamous interview Di made with Kate last video, you can really see the similarities)

    This brings to her speeches IMO is sad that a university student ‘the most intelligent’ woman to join the BRF was only done 7 speeches (and two videos) in the three years of ‘supporting’ charities. Not to mention the way she sounds! Pippa was done speeches and she does not seem to have the same speech problem as her sister.

    So to answer your question, I don’t know if Pippa has done more charity work than her sister, however she has done more for the charities she supports and showed more commitment to them, so IMO Pippa is best. (I still don’t like her, even though I prefer her to Kate)

    PS: I’ve always heard how difficult and amazing the UK schooling system is, so to me seeing and hearing Kate doing those speeches it just painful. To my professors if I or any of my colleagues were that bad at doing presentations we wouldn’t be able to complete our degrees – if english was not Kate first language it would be understandable. I wonder what went wrong, Bea has dyslexia and also has a 2:1 in uni and she is quite good with her speeches and the best of all she doesn’t need a paper.

    PPS: sorry for the long text

    1. Same here – on previous long post.

      I agree.

      Pippa is also alone – and Wimbledon is up; Peppa has daily photo ops PR doing nothing/no job – since the decade of km carol the middletons ‘Prince hunting’ scheme… and Peppa always had her drinking/ smoking/clubbing partner in km and PW with his many luxury vacations for the middletons – that is hard to beat now Km*3 is a crowd carol decide on second baby/children, royal wife/household to hopefully learn to manage (or return to middleton buckleberry – lose the title?!) – interesting times.

    2. I do think Kate is more passionate about sports than anything else. She is so much more bright and alive when doing sports-related appearances (even if she is wearing completely inappropriate clothing). You can tell she likes it the most. What I don’t understand is if she cares more about sports than children’s charities, why not take up more sports-related charity work. And I don’t mean that dumb 1851 Trust thing. I mean charities that help children through sport. There are a bunch of those that Kate could get really involved in but her staff have decided children’s hospices should be her main focus. It’s a poorly thought out plan since Kate clearly loves sports and doesn’t give any shits about children’s hospices.

  3. Pippa is not getting down and dirty with the peons in doing ‘charitable’ work, or labouring for a cause. All she is doing is elevating herself and her profile and proclaiming how important she is with fluffy offerings.

    To auction off a bike one rode in a race? Geez, the hubris is astounding- the ‘charitable’ factor, not so much. Standards for such work have been dumbed down and spun so much that the word has lost its meaning.

    She’s a social climber living off her sister’s connections. That tells us everything we need to know.

    1. Totally!

      We only to look at the daily PR photo op in the papers -get a job (useless workshy educated fake), if you don’t need the income, give to worthy cause/charity. Km carol the middletons don’t get it – it’s so much easier to actually work/earn respect from a productive life as a human being and to give back – than taking daily shopping PR trips and calling the paps on the location…

    2. And Kate is?

      I never meant to imply that Pippa is the most hard working, charitable person out there. But she does seem more actually active than Kate – who does not give statements and would never compete in a charity race.

  4. I’d say it’s a fair trade off. She loves sport competition, having her pic in the party pages, AND supporting charity all at the same time. She may have found her niche. She’ll never live that silly book down, so what can she do but move on.

    The world is full of “famewhores”, and not many of them are willing to put their social ambitions to use of the greater good. Wiser’s clap for Pippa. She’s earned respect, albeit grudging from some, but you can’t deny she’s just getting out there and doing it.

    Meanwhile, lucky Cambridge’s get the best seats in the house for one of my FAVORITE sporting events of all time. I am pea green.

    1. Hi, Ray:

      Finally got around to reading Chapter 4 of KN’s book on Kate.

      I posted my comments in the thread where you and I had an exchange about the book.
      I think it is the Kate and George watching the Polo thread.

      You are right about Chapter 4 of the book. Thanks for the heads up.

      1. Yep, thorns in the roses. The book is a lovely lush rose garden dedicated to the Middletons for sure, but definitely prickly in places…

        1. Ray, your comments made me laugh and smile! “A lovely lush rose garden dedicated to the Middletons….definitely pricly in places…”
          You should be paid to write a review of the book!

        1. No kidding. People would be hesitant to talk about Kate.
          I think Tina Brown needs to take on a new project and sharpen her knives.

          1. ooh, just re-read my post. I was not being snarky, just wondered if indeed anyone would say anything that wasn’t positive about Kate. I hope I did not sound insulting, I didn’t mean that.
            And, I really do wish someone like Tina Brown would do some major research and uncover some dirt for a book.

          2. mary elizabeth – we ALL want the fly on the wall tell all! May have to wait a while though, I’m thinking 10 yrs…

          3. Ten years?! No, we can’t wait that long.

            Kitty Kelley is good, too. Someone, please write the book.

            Gie, I replied to your comment on the Polo thread.

  5. Great question and a great post!! While Pippa might not “do” more charitable work than Kate, in terms of numbers, I know more about the charities Pippa supports than I do about Kate’s. Just by giving the press a bit of a sound bite Pippa has managed to bring quite a bit of attention to the charities she supports. When will Kate’s team learn this lesson?

    The only thing I know about Kate’s charities comes from the bloggers who cover her fashion choices, not from Kate herself. It’s rather sad that I know which designer she wore to a charity event but not much about the actual charity, to me that’s Kate’s fault. Her team really needs to get her public speaking lessons and a gentle reporter that she feels comfortable with to whom she give some sound bites. She is a grown woman who entered this marriage knowing that public service and public speaking would be required, so please Team KP quit coddling her, get her some lessons and get her out there. Quit relying on the bloggers to spread the news about Kate’s charities, she should be doing that.

    1. So true Lauri. We do know more as pip is out everyday and the paps are alerted to where/ when – so we hear of the event/s more than any km has or bother to aid work with – using her (km) position to promote/raise funds.

    2. Thanks Lauri! The question was supposed to be thought-provoking and it looks like it was.

      Even when Kate gives speeches she doesn’t highlight her charities. Because her speeches are basic hotwords and key phrases.

  6. An interesting question you have posed, KMR.

    Props to Pippa for saying worthy things about the charities she is working with now.
    As Lauri said, you learn a great deal from those statements and Kate should be paying closer attention to what her little sis is doing.

    If she’s trying to improve her image, as long as she is honestly working on behalf of organizations that could use her assistance, I say, “go for it, Pips!”

    1. Yes, I realize that Pippa’s charity work is used to improve her image, but as you said as long as the charity is being highlighted, which it is thanks to her statements, I would say that’s a positive.

  7. Something to ponder: What if Ma Meddleton is getting wind of the Royal Family’s disappointment in W&K?

    Maybe, she sees the writing on the wall and knows Harry is next up after Charles. Who else to push off as a mate for King Harry, but Pips?

    Improving Pippa’s image can only help, yes?

    Only kidding, but you never know.

    I do think that Pippa is giving more of her time and energy to her causes than Kate does for hers.’ I love the comments she makes (Pippa). They are a PR dream for all the charities she endorses.

    Jason, you need to point out Pippa’s positive role model image to Kate.

    1. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! That would be awful if Harry ended up with the Pips. God, can you imagine the look Carole would have at the wedding at having TWO daughters marry princes? I wouldn’t be able to look at her.

        1. I rewatched Kate and William’s wedding in advance of the Swedish wedding, and as Kate walked to the alter there was a shot of Carole and she just looked so smug. If she got two daughters to marry princes she’d look doubly smug. It would be horrible.

  8. Maybe Kate has been/is depressed? Depression can hit anyone, regardless of income or status, and people that never have experienced it usually don’t understand its implications, but just labels the depressed person as lazy.

    Just a thought. Maybe that would explain why she does not do much work, why her mum helps her despite all the staff and also why William seems to spend more time at home?

    1. Completely agree about possible depression issue with Kate. Willing to give her quite a bit of slack right now because it. Doesn’t matter how much of a princess life one leads, PPD is a real thing and if she is dealing with it I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be.

    2. I don’t know if she is depressed – but at both Trooping and the Polo match I saw photos of Kate grinning madly at no one. It was very creepy and it made me think she was losing her mind.

      1. Depression is a quiet disease. You can’t really “see” it. I had a friend who was diagnosed with depression, you wouldn’t know if you saw her or talked to her.

      2. It was strikingly similar to how she had on that plastered smile during George’s christening. A few people suggested she might have been “Prozac’d to the limit!”

      3. I see worried!

        Km is to lose ma carol the middletons (and quite possible not move around with the children to buckleberry), and return to KP – royal duties (for all the wealth luxury lifestyle enjoy) this may be the straw… as this is not ma carol km plans – especially with km level, at university ‘hunting a prince’ mode.

    3. I don’t think it is depression. Harken back to her cousin saying that Middleton struggles to find other people interesting. She’s bored and finds none of these things interesting.

      When she does act, it is her usual OTT expressions and reactions when she THINKS she supposed to be doing something. She has apparently been told she’s supposed to pay attention, so every so often you see her snap back to attention and over-act to pretend she’s interested.

  9. I hate that signet ring. I needed to out that out there first. It’s pompous and pretentious.

    Ma Midds put her money on the wrong girl. Pippa is better suited for the DOC role. I think that the whole family are a bunch of scheming social climbers. Remember the comment about the girls being referred to as the ‘Wisteria Sisters’ as being highly fragrant and have the ability to climb. But, Pippa wins because she can speak intelligently and will fundraise.

    Speaking of speech, she and Kate have two different accents? I find nothing wrong with Pippa’s accent.

    1. I remember hearing right after the engagement interview that people who went to school with Kate were commenting on how much her voice changed, much posher than it was before. It seems that Kate has tried to “class” up her image by taking on a more aristocratic manner of speech.

      What an interesting comment about Pippa being better suited for the DOC role. She does seem to be much more outgoing and confident in herself. She certainly isn’t afraid of public speaking. However, I don’t know if she would have the patience to take Willy’s emotional temperature every hour like her sister does.

      1. Which is weird because neither William nor Harry have that super posh way of speaking. Kate actually has a more “posh” accent than either of them.

    2. Yes, I noticed that as well. Pippa would have what I would call a middle class accent while Kate has a very upper class accent. There are times when she sounds posher than William!!! It comes across as a very “put on” accent and this is probably why she doesn’t speak in public much as maybe she won’t be able to keep the accent going. It may also explain why when she does speak she comes across as “not that bright” – she’s so focused on maintaining the accent she can’t put together a coherent or intelligent sentence. Just my opinion :0

      1. Just Me Again!!

        I also believe that Pippa would be more suited to the DOC role. Whether you like her or not and for whatever reason she may be doing the charity work you have to respect the fact that she is doing it. It brings much needed attention to a very worthy cause.

        It’s clearly an indication that something is not right when you know more about the charities supported by the sister -in – law of the heir to the heir than the charities supported by the wife of the heir to the heir (I love that phrase – Heir to the heir!!!)

      2. Whenever Kate speaks, it’s like she’s focusing so hard on making the correct accent that her mouth does weird things. She never just relaxes and talks, you know. I agree with you that that may be one of the reasons she doesn’t make speeches or say intelligence things. She’s too focused on maintaining the accent and never relaxes.

          1. Oh I think that all royals including Maxima, Mary, Sophie of Wessex have had elocution before coming to the spotlight. Have you heard Maxima speak? She speaks in a British accent with a slight Latin American accent. And I adore Mary but think that she speaks in a slightly affected self-important sort of way that is reminiscent of Charles and bordering on pompous.
            The person who speaks wonderfully with beautiful choice of words is Queen Margarethe of Denmark.

    3. The signet rings are funny to me. Can’t quite place why at the moment, but they amuse me.

  10. Kate needs to find charities that she is passionate about! I’m not sure if the RF has an idea of what is a “good” charity for a royal to support or if this comes from Kate herself. Regardless, she’s picking the wrong charities and underperforming. The only pressure on Pippa is what she and Carole create…….so who really cares! She needs to find a job and let her 15 minutes go…..Pippa better suited for Kate’s role….I mean really!!! Pippa, please go away!!!

    1. Pippa is better suited in the terms that she’s willing to fund-raise, speak about and bring media attention to her charity. Which is what is expected of Kate (except the fundraising part) Nobody expects Kate to have encyclopedic knowledge about all her charities – just her turning up and saying a few words would be a huge boost for any charity. I don’t think she needs to be passionate about a particular charity she should just care about being able to make a difference. I’m sure the Prince Charles, Princess Anne and the others are not passionate about every single charity they are involved in but they still turn up and highlight the cause.

      And you’re right – Pippa does need to get a new career. She needs to forge out a new identity aside from being sister to Kate.

      1. Kate doesn’t like charity work! I think before she married PW she thought she would like it or could as least fake it. So until she is mature enough to handle it, maybe she should focus on the charities she has the most passion about. Learn the ropes on what comes natural to her and slowly include more charities as she get comfortable. All Pippa’s charities seem to be of interest to her, so she shows up and seems to be interested in them. It’s hard to compare the two, know one really cares what Pippa does, she just doesn’t want to go away. She needs to take note of other in-laws to the RF, none of them are trying to get the spotlight!!

        1. That’s probably correct but she spent almost a decade of her life trying to convince William she was the perfect one for “the job” surely in that time she found one worthy cause she could be passionate about? The charities she is involved with at the moment if she started engaging with them maybe she might develop passion for them or at least gaining the confidence and experience a working royal needs. A flow won’t grow unless you plant a seed and water it so my late grandmother always said.

          1. Hi Just Me, I think we are in agreement here. I just believe that Kate would prefer to do the “fun” things that Pippa does (bike riding for a cause etc), however its not typical charity work for a future Queen. I think if she was allowed to do some of the sporty stuff she likes, maybe the seed will become a flower one day.

          2. People are forever giving Kate the benefit of the doubt because no one can or believe or is willing to accept that she doesn’t have a charitable bone in her body.

            There were loads of articles during the GF years about how charities were always reaching out to her and how she would either not respond to their entries or pretend that she might be interested at a later date only to decline or to blame the palace for her lack of action, which the palace always denied.

            The only documented charity events she attended were parties that were more about the social aspect than the charity throwing the bash.

            She was last truly charitable as a teen, but only to service a goal ie school enforced charity work or chasing William around the world.

            We’ve seen time and time again that she’s only charitable when there is a party to be attended and no more.

            It’s been 13yrs since she hitched her wagon to William. She never developed a charitable bone, and she isn’t about to start.

          3. From what we’ve seen, I’d say that’s a fair assessment Herazeus. Basically, she has no inclination or affinity for charity work.
            So, what are her other options then? As the wife/ mother of future kings. Or maybe that’s actually it! How many other people are out there working to produce heirs to the throne??

          4. I think @Herazeus has a point.

            As much as we’d all love her to be the girl that advocates and cares for the vulnerable, people less fortunate or someone who cares about the world she lives in beyond herself, her family their needs and do good work Kate’s never been that girl.

            The only reason she did charity before the engagement was because of the party-girl lazy-matress image she had and the Queen suggesting to William she do some charity.

            “In 2007 the Queen quietly suggested to William that Kate get involved with a charity, and they both considered it an excellent idea. The Middletonsโ€™ family firm, Party Pieces, already had a connection with Starlight, a childrenโ€™s charity which grants terminally ill children a once-in-a-lifetime wish. Kate arranged to meet the charityโ€™s chief executive officer Neil Swan to see how she could help more. He said: โ€˜Kate was working with Party Pieces at the time and she came up with a clever idea for a party bag that doubled up as a colouring-in gift. She also designed some Starlight-themed crayons and other bits and pieces to go in the bags. To us, she was just Kate, and we would go and have meetings with her at Party Pieces, and sometimes she would come to us. She came up with lots of creative ideas for parties that we were arranging for sick children, and she did a lot of work below the radar.โ€™

            I don’t know if she agree because she was still campaigning for the ring and figured if the Queen’s mentioned a concern to William she should appear to care (cause we’ve seen after the marriage she doesn’t give too sh**s) or if William or Carole had to remind her the Queen needs to approve an engagement and it’s not great that bad news about her is reaching her ears.



            Charity with the Middletons isn’t always as clear cut. Case in point:


        2. If Kate wanted to do sporty stuff she would do them. Princess Anne and Zara were involved with sport, so it’s not a case of this isn’t lady like enough and they aren’t letting her. The Queen and the Palace are not standing in Kate’s way.

          There’s a reason why she’s called the prickly princess within the palace, no one’s telling her what she can and can’t do, she’s doing what she wants.

          i.e. moving to mama’s after George which was super costly because of the security (buildings, road changes and labour) and the palace wasn’t keen on because of the outcry they’d face over the finance. Or the million pound renovations that were assigned to w&k but they did their own thing and cost were over 4 million. Kate does and gets what she wants.

          1. True. Not entirely sure how reliable Tom Sykes of the Daily Beast is but it seems to me that a lot of what was going on at the Cambridges is because of what Kate wanted.

          2. Anne and Zara are into horses. The queen loves horses. Kate is into lets say more physical sports i.e. running, hockey and swimming.

        3. Km do NOT like WORK – nor to socialize, especially if said people are not titled aristo (ma carol training, and where posh speaking means nothing- ‘new (PW) money’). Km has not move on and is still ‘in university as PW live in’…

          1. Ha, the voice coaching is one point that always sticks in my craw about Kate. Usually that’s something reserved for actors or TV journalists, to make their accents easier for the gp to understand. She took the voice coaching….but rarely speaks in public. That makes it obvious she did it to “elevate” her social status. And now she doesn’t even sound like the rest of her family? Just makes me shake my head.

        4. What does that mean — until she is mature enough to handle charity work?

          I have seen children and teens getting involved in charity work through school, scouting programs, camps, or with their families.

          Kate is just not interested in working, period. That’s what I think.

  11. I’ve seen a few references on this post to Pippa’s signet ring so I had to google it. (I’m a newbie to the site!!) My God she does wear it a lot! I haven’t managed to get a close up of it – does it have the Middleton coat of arms or anything on it? I have learned something new today as I always assumed that signet rings were for men only. However, still can’t see myself wearing one.

    1. Yes, it has the Middleton Coat of Arms on it. I believe Carole has one. James rocks his too.

      They even wore it during their bike rider across America. I don’t know too many cyclists who would do that.

      1. And wasn’t the Middleton coat of arms created when Catherine became engaged to William? It’s not an historical COA that has been in the family for years. According to the Kate book (ah, there it is again), the coat of arms was designed with input from the entire immediate family. So, it’s fairly new to the Middletons, I believe.

          1. What I don’t understand is the significance of it? To me it just seems tacky and screams nouveau riche. Did Kate wear one before she got engaged and got Diana ‘ s ring?

        1. The coat of arms of the Middleton family was created a few months before the 2011 wedding. Mike applied for the coat of arms, instead of Kate who could have applied herself, so that he and his wife and kids could all use the coat of arms. Only after the coat of arms was created did the Midds start wearing the signet rings. Therefore, Kate never needed to wear a signet ring because by then she already had Diana’s ring and that’s better than any signet ring.

          Yes, the coat of arms was created with input by the Middleton family. The acorns stand for their three children, and the area they come from (Berkshire). The white strip signifies their love of skiing or something stupid like that. The gold stands for the fact that Carole’s maiden name was Goldsmith. And sadly, I knew all that off the top of my head.

          1. LOL. And sadly I must also comment without using google. I thought it was the chevron that representing their love of skiing. ๐Ÿ˜€

          2. It’s a thin white strip in the shape of a chevron. So we’re both right.

      2. Agree. But its reported, PJ did not ‘ride across America’ – state they drove most the way and socialize with participants.

  12. Emilia, CrazyAMG, I understand your opinions! If depression is the problem, then why has km not sought help? Lots of people suffer from depression they get help with therapy & medication! They continue or go back to work, they go on with their lives. People do not use excuses, because they have depression! When km got married she was told to research charities that might interest her,
    km did not do that! While kw where dating Kate did not learn public speaking or learn to write speeches! I cannot believe that I am defending pippa, is trying to help charities & causes, whatever her motives might! bill & cathy should be ashamed of themselves, but their not! If they were they would be working hard!

    1. I don’t know if Kate has depression, but if she does, we don’t know that she hasn’t sought help. Saying that she should do what everyone does and get on with her life is exactly the problem, though. Yes, a lot of people with depression ARE expected to “get on” with their lives, but that’s really not the best solution. Kate is lucky in that she doesn’t have to worry about doing that because she is financially secure. It would be better if more people with depression could take some time to get better like she is, if she is indeed suffering from PPD.

      1. The thing is, so many people suffering from depression don’t get help. They either suffer, or self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. There is a difference between saying “get over it” and “get help”. Telling a depressed person to “get over it” or “get on” with their life is not helpful at all and is completely dismissive. Telling a depressed person to “get help” is still a bit dismissive but at least they are acknowledging there is a problem that needs fixing rather than implying the depressed person is just being dramatic.

        As a person who has suffered from depression for 20 years, “taking time to cope with depression” is not necessarily the best thing to tell a depressed person. Because what happens is that depressed person will take that time… and continue to be depressed. It is so very hard to deal with depression because it warps your view of reality.

        1. Oh definitely! Sorry, I should have phrased my post better. “Getting on with it” is not NECESSARILY the best solution. I made it sound like it never is a solution, which is wrong. I guess mostly the point I was trying to make was really just that I don’t feel comfortable with anyone attacking Kate (or anyone else) for not getting help for depression, because that often is a symptom, as far as I know. And I just didn’t feel comfortable with the poster being like other people just go on with their lives why can’t she. Of course, you’d know better than me in all of this because I just know what I’ve learned in medical school so far and have not ever really struggled from depression. Thanks for correcting me ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Depression always has an underlying cause, and while medication can help with chemical imbalances the most important thing is therapy to deal with the underlying cause. I have been to several medical professionals who just throw medication at a patient and don’t seemingly understand why that does not help.

    2. Sorry I have to step in here.
      Not everyone who seeks help gets better right away. It can take ages and ages to find the right medication or therapy. And depression prevents people from continuing their regime, or getting help in the first place, because they cannot muster the strength and courage to go to a doctor about this, or they do not think they are worth helping.

      As a psychiatric nurse I implore everyone to please learn more about mental health issues.

      1. Finding the right therapist is the hardest thing about seeking help, in my experience. And yes, overcoming depression is not an easy process and certainly not a quick fix. You literally have to change the entire way you think and your entire view of yourself and the world.

        1. You are so right, KMR.
          Finding the right therapist is vital to one’s healing. If one goes the medication route, finding the right doctor who will really work patiently with you is also key. And, yes, people need to change the way they think about life and themselves. Very tough challenges.

          Not any of us truly know if Kate is depressed. Not any of us know what keeps her from being more active in her role as Duchess of Cambridge. The children will always be her excuse. No child should ever be any parent’s excuse for anything! Ever!

      2. Yes, Stephanie, I also think people need to learn more about mental health issues. Thanks for the reminder.

        Whn it comes to the subject of depression, the common belief is that people need to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps,” and get on with their lives. Many people just don’t have a clue as to how difficult it is for people who are suffering from depression or anxiety.

        When people comment that Kate must be depressed, it is not a fair assessment. How do any of us know for sure how she feels?

        If she were to lend her name and voice to this subject matter — whether or not she is depressed herself, imagine the positive impact that would make for those suffering from mental health problems? She seemed to be interested in the subject when she made that video statement about childhood depression this winter.

        1. Yes of course this is just pure speculation, but IF Kate was suffering from depression maybe it would be difficult to be open about it. I mean, the BRF seem to have a tradition of not admitting or acknowledging any kind of weakness whatsoever from any of its members. And they are not famous for their empathy either.

  13. I’ve noticed people saying they think Pippa does charity work for PR purposes, or that she doesn’t really get “down and dirty” with her charity work. I absolutely agree. I also think that both things apply even more to the royal family. We’d be kidding ourselves if we think the royal family would do so many appearances (not counting Kate in this lol) if it wasn’t necessary for good PR, which is key to them keeping their many, many benefits. And they certainly do not get “down and dirty” in charity work either. I think what Pippa does is better than what Kate is doing right now. Kate receives so many benefits and yet is not giving back. And when she does do an appearance, 99% of the time it is just her accepting flowers and listening to others talk. Pippa at least gives statements that actually explain what cause she is trying to help. And Pippa doesn’t have a huge staff who organizes everything for her (I think, although I guess it’s very possible we wouldn’t know if she did). So yeah, Pippa’s charity work is like how most socialites and royals do charity work. But I’d say she’s certainly doing it better than her sister right now, despite receiving far fewer benefits.
    The other thing I’d say is that I can’t really blame Pippa for using her fame to her advantage. First, that’s also exactly what the royal family does all of the time – why is it okay for them to do it but not anyone else? Second, she’s going to be famous no matter what. Unlike Kate, she did not necessarily choose this life of being followed around by photographers constantly. And unlike Kate, she is not protected from the pictures being published in the UK. If she has to face most of the negatives of being in the public eye that Kate has to face, then why can’t she face the positives too? Also in general I think it’s silly to get mad at someone for using what life gives them to their advantage. If she has the ability to make a ton of money off of a terrible book because of who her sister is, why shouldn’t she? Who wouldn’t do that? The royals get discounts on all of their cars just because of who they are – that’s the exact same thing. And that’s despite them having way more money than Pippa already.

    1. I quiet agree with everything you said Maggie. What a good point about the Royals doing charity for PR and not getting ‘dirty.’ It is no different for them, so why give Pippa a hard time for doing the same thing? I will say though, she has gotten more ‘down and dirty’ by doing the athletic stuff. Yes she likes being active, but the long bike ride or swim, were being more involved then most of the Royals are. In my view that is a form of getting ‘down and dirty’, since she is doing more than just showing up at an event in a nice dress and heels. She is a little more involved.

      I will say, I have never been a fan of Pippa. But I think she is in a hard position. I don’t blame her for taking advantage of the fame that has come her way. She isn’t the one who sought it out-that was Kate. Now she just has to live with the fame of being Kate’s sister and try and make a name for herself. Pippa probably wants to do something with her life so that she is not always known for just being a Royal’s sister. She probably wants to accomplish something and have a career. It would be hard being in her position since she has to constantly think about how her actions will affect her sister. If she does take advantage of things that are coming her way, then she is seen as greedy/social climbing/using. If she doesn’t do anything, then she is seen as lazy. It would be a hard path to walk. And yes, some of the jobs she is getting are only because of her connections. We will never know what she would have done with her life if Kate had not become a Royal. But honestly, who of us wouldn’t take the easy path to our dreams if we were given that choice instead of the hard one? If someone gave me connections and a short-cut, I would be stupid not to take them. Same for Pippa. So, I can’t really blame her and again at least she is trying to make something of her life and not just be known as Kate’s sister.

      1. I don’t think what we see of W&K is a good indication of how royals engage with their charities.

        How is Harry’s trek to the South Pole with injured vets not getting down and dirty. Camilla packs hyienge packs for victims of sexual assault. Prince Philip for years has been going on about the environment and drives around to meetings in London is this old car that runs of a battery or something ridiculous. Some of the royals do visits where there aren’t media, and I’ve read of Harry visiting hospitals to help morale of patients. If you’re doing it for PR then you need to have the media covering it, and many of the royals engagements don’t.

        Really look into the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles’ work.

        The Charles’ role, that he’s carved out for himself as POW, has been more a royal patron that leads the voluntary side of social engagement, he talks about issues that will be problems in the future (global warming, food industry; championed organic food before it was the it thing, conversation and new forms of energy, blasted and ridiculed for all of it) and he puts his money where his mouth is.

        Look into what he did with Dumfries House, conservation and high culture being combined with the economic regeneration of a depressed area in Scotland. Also in Poundbury in Dorset, during the last housing recession 20 years ago.

        Look into the Prince’s Trust, lots of innovate approaches that now state funded organisations are starting to copy and learning from. His work in the inner city, along with much else, gets no attention from the press.

        1. I agree / confirm your statement with what I’ve read. I think charity is one of the ways they find meaning in their life purpose, and they don’t always publicize it.

    2. I pretty much agree with everything too, but I can see a difference between the royal family using fame to their advantage and Pippa. First off, I’m not sure I’d call the RF’s influence famed based, but they definitely have influence. Look at the to-do over Charles’ letters. But Pippa is piggybacking off someone else’s influence here. That’s the difference as I see it. Pippa’s influence comes from wearing a very nicely tailored dress at her sister’s wedding, and capitalizing on her sister’s royal connections.

      I’m not mad at Pippa, but I don’t see her as being particularly socially minded either, unless you define socially minded as wanting to be in the upper echelon of society. As I’ve said elsewhere, my husband and I have done a lot of runs/bike rides that benefited charity over the years and that’s not what I call charity work. I called charity work what I did when I volunteered at a particular organization. I think Pippa would better be called a fundraiser for socially prestigious causes. I doubt we’ll see her do something controversial.

      1. That’s totally fair, bluhare, although the way I see it is that the royals are piggybacking off of someone’s influence too. They have influence because they were born into a specific family. How is that not piggybacking off of the influence of their parents, who are piggybacking off of the influence of the parents before them? It’s not like Charles ever earned his influence or the right to write letters to prime ministers. He received that influence simply because of his mother, who received it because of her father, and so on. I guess for me, I don’t see the difference between that and Pippa receiving influence from Kate.
        I certainly don’t disagree with your second paragraph, but to be fair to Pippa, she probably could never do something controversial because it would reflect poorly on Kate and the Windsors. I’m not saying that that is why she isn’t doing it, but I’m sure she would be stopped if she ever tried.

        1. Yes, but they are a dynasty unto themselves, as I see it, Maggie. Pippa is one step removed from it; Kate married directly in.

          But can I stop for a minute and give everyone a shout out? Maggie and I are so used to people screaming at us that our opinions don’t belong here, that we should go find somewhere else to post because we never say anything they like . . . . ad infinitum. And I suspect a lot of you don’t agree with me on some things; it’s strange defending her sometimes I must admit. But I digress. Almost without exception people have been really nice and respectful, and it’s truly appreciated.

          1. Omg I would like to second and third and fourth this. I’m probably just going to repeat what bluhare said and end up saying it worse, but seriously, people are MEAN on other blogs, and you all have been wonderful, kind, and respectful to opposing opinions, and I appreciate that so, so much. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. Oh I have to fifth, sixth and seventh this! Haha coming from the same place you two did as well. Had to step back because apparently I’m too cruel to the precious snowflake.

            I am so happy I have found a place like this, KMR you are an amazing writer, and two of my favourite posters from past blogs are here ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. GAH!! Even when I have an “edit” button, I still miss my window!

          Maggie, re controversial. Yes, it definitely could be done. Diana changed the way people looked at AIDS patients simply by shaking a man’s hand without wearing gloves. The land mine charity wasn’t an “appropriate” choice either, although by then she was outside the family and there wouldn’t have been quite the political pressure. And as Pippa is outside the family, she has more options available to her, imo, than Kate.

          1. I admire Princess Diana for being brave and bold in some of her choices for what causes to pick – but realistically, there’s a reason the royal family was not very enamored with her by the end. They were afraid of her overshadowing them/Prince Charles, they were afraid of potential bad publicity, etc.
            I absolutely agree Pippa has more options available to her than Kate, but to me, I see the extra option for Pippa basically being something like writing a meaningless, terribad book that is totally capitalizing on who she is to sell. Not something that is actually both meaningful and controversial. Kate just seems so intent on playing a very Queen Mother-y, supportive role, rather than carving out something for herself, and I think the Middletons over the years have demonstrated a lot of respect for Kate’s desire to do this. But I can see how their actions would be interpreted differently by many others.

    3. The reality of MOST royals and their relationship with their charities – is it doesn’t bring press and awareness to the cause. The press really only follow the Queen and Kate. The purpose of the royal family at the charities is to function as a “well done!” to the actual people who are doing things to help others and make them feel as if someone noticed. Some royal connections can help bring in funds – if the royal makes an effort to do so – suppose they were to look in on a charity and see what is they needed – they may contact someone who can provide it or the backing for it. But it’s done behind the scenes. Another perspective is – William and Kate’s generation do not control the family wealth – that is all still held by the Queen and Charles’ generations and so W&K really don’t have fundraising power because their peers do not control the money. W&K may be friends with the Percy kids – but it is Charles and the Duke of Northumberland (Ralph Percy) who have the financial power to affect change.

      So there is a difference in what a royal with all their wealthy connections can provide an organization if they choose to – and the way Pippa uses the press to highlight causes.

    4. Maggie,

      There are a lot of negative views about Carole being a social climber and how the whole family is taking advantage of their connections etc…

      If we are in positions of power, would we not use our positions to advantage family members? For example finding a job for your children, extended family members in your organization if you are a manager. Although the code of business conduct is clearly there, many times, it’s not what you know that landed you that high paying job; it’s more of who you know instead.

      My brother has a friend who is a car salesman and I bought my cars from him since he gave me better deals. (Well by he gets less commission.) My grade school friend sells high-end kitchen appliances and she gave me everything at cost. Otherwise, it would have been Kenmore appliances for my kitchen.

      So I don’t blame Pippa. If I were her, I’d be out there (which she is very much doing) promoting a brand for myself. Unfortunately I am not well connected at all. I had to work hard for a professional career and making my own living. I do congratulate myself however, it would have been nice to have some nice connections.

      1. I absolutely agree! I’m in medical school and my mom tried to help me get into an even better one via a friend we had on the application committee. I ended up not applying because I felt uncomfortable taking a spot from someone else who perhaps deserved it more. But in hindsight, I’m not sure I made the right decision. Because realistically, maybe I could have gotten into that school on my own merit if some others hadn’t gotten in based on their own connections. So many people use their connections that at this point I feel like it’s kind of naive not to. Maybe naive isn’t the right word. Just like….too good-persony (my brain is clearly not working today lol!) in a way that can really just hurt you.
        And if someone is living below the poverty line with 3 children and cannot find a job except through a family friend, should we expect them not to take it? Obviously that’s different than what Pippa is doing, but then where do we draw the line? I don’t think there is an obvious place to draw the line since necessity is a different thing for everyone, so I’m okay saying that it’s okay to use connections always.

        1. HI Maggie, the thing Kate hasn’t realized where the Queen Mother is concerned is that She was an iron fist in a velvet glove with lots of charisma and as good at PR as Diana was.

          She didn’t arrive at her public or personal state by being petted and coddled. She gathered behind the scenes influence and exercised it. To extent that to her death, her word was final on the entire royal family, Queen included. There is a reason Hitler called her the most dangerous woman in Europe. She didn’t earn that epitaph because she was petted and coddled.

          Her public persona wasn’t just about looking sweet and silent. She connected with people and or ran a PR campaign where she appeared to connect to people. She made her feelings known on things that mattered to ordinary people whether or not those feelings were real and true.

          Kate doesn’t seem to realize what hard work the Queen Mother put into being the Queen Mother. It’s as if she believes the public persona the Queen mother put out without noticing the hard work that went into it or even realizing what a false image it was.

    5. Hi Maggie, I think you should look into Prince Charles’s work and you might think a little bit differently about royals and charity. Well, certainly Prince Charles anyway.

      I’d also say Prince Phillip. Both of them actually got bad press and were ridiculed for years because of their charity and work. Like, blasted as only the British Press can.

      Also, PC does got down and dirty with his charity work. Look into it, watch some docu’s if you have time.

      1. I’m actually a pretty big fan of Prince Charles because I like that he actually cares about a lot of things and likes to get involved (even when others expect him not to).
        As for Prince Phillip – on the eve of founding a major organization meant to fight against poaching, he went to India and hunted and killed a tiger. That combined with all of the racist things he’s said over the years makes me not like him very much. I will say that he’s been a very hard worker, royal wise.
        But in general – most royal charity work involves mostly lending their faces to a cause. The royals are almost never the ones actually organizing a cause, event, or anything else. Prince Charles is definitely the exception, but I don’t think it’s inaccurate to say this is the case for most other royals. I guess I just don’t consider getting down and dirty in charity work to include showing up, maybe saying 3-4 lines, accepting flowers, and watching other people show all the ways they have been working. That isn’t to diminish the impact royals can have by lending their faces to a cause – it’s incredibly effective for sure. Just not what I consider to be getting down and dirty ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. Agree Maggie, but with all the wealth of HM POW P’ess Anne Wessex, older royals and aristos – it’s more about the genuine dedication, a few hours a week/month of their time promoting the causes/needy, travel locally international – their Presence – position to raise awareness and funds from the wealthy by HM the RF that define ‘work’ (not our commoner kind work for sure). Those qualities workshy commoner km should embrace to give back (PW who take so much for now four family members) are lacking, as senior royals/heir to …

    7. “I canโ€™t really blame Pippa for using her fame to her advantage.”

      Well, that’s a popular utilitarian view of life; I happen not to agree with it. Nor do I agree that she is involuntarily famous- she courted (and still courts) fame. Lots of people connected to the RF live in relative obscurity.

      Let’s see, how has Pippa been advantaged? Well, she’s made a lot of money. So it’s all about money. She has shown herself to be without gifts or experience and yet she’s writing all sorts of things in all sorts of fluffy mags and offering brainless ‘Pippa tips’ (and now so is Carole). Lame. She is a talentless hack and yet we should applaud her for having no shame and hanging onto the gravy train.

      How about if she had some integrity and pride? I would applaud that. I don’t applaud shameless promotion, and I’d rather have my good name and self-respect than big bucks. But then, that’s me. I’m sure her situation appeals to those who are looking for easy money (not saying anyone here).

      She has her eye on the main chance. That is her entire raison d’etre, IMO. The rest is so much smoke and shiny mirrors.

      1. Oh I’m not saying we should applaud Pippa for anything she’s doing with her life. Just that I don’t have any problem with it either. I certainly don’t think she deserves any real praise.
        As for whether or not the Middletons/Pippa have voluntarily or involuntarily courted fame – I struggle with this a lot but I really think it’s mostly involuntary. I just think they’ve always been more visible because Kate has seen so much media attention over the past decade. And because Kate is seen so often with her family, rather than people her own age. The Middletons are very close-knit, to the point at which I think they are hampering their children’s development, but that also means that if one of them becomes famous, they all can easily become famous. Before the wedding, Pippa didn’t do much publicly that was capitalizing on her royal connection. After the wedding, just because of her dress (and probably because now she was the unmarried potential love interest instead of her sister), the paps started following her around a lot more and way more was said about her. I just don’t know how we can say Pippa instigated that. And at that point, when she was receiving almost as much attention as Kate but none of the protection from photographers, I’m sure it was a bit terrifying (I read the Middletons were considering hiring her a bodyguard). So if she had to deal with all of the negative parts of being famous, why can’t she get something good out of it? I just think that the media’s attention on the Middletons, especially Pippa, came before she started doing things that were obviously capitalizing on her sister’s marriage. But maybe I’m misremembering history – I’d be interested to hear what she did that came before the huge amounts of attention ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. I think that you are pretty accurate Maggie. I do not believe that they courted attention directly. I do however think that they are giant snobs, Carole in particular. I also think that they are keen to capitalize financially on any offers they get – be it clothes or Range Rovers or book offers. They will not say no to any benefits they may recieve.
          On another note, I think that it is absolutely hilarious that they wear signet rings with a coat of arms that is three years old. It is so pretentious that it beggars belief. That in itself is enough to have the true British aristocrats snicker and giggle about them at Loulou’s. I can only imagine what Princess Michael thinks of that. I believe that if the Middletons truly knew any real aristocrats they would realize this and stop wearing that dinky little ring. I also think that their social circle consists of rich bankers and business owners like themselves – probably first generation rich people, who covet the aristocratic lifestyle but do not even know what that entails and who have not ever really rubbed shoulders with anyone from that class.

  14. It’s always bothered me that fabulously wealthy folks ask others to donate to causes that they highlight. Which is what Pippa is doing. Her parents can GIVE the amount of money that Pippa “helps” raise with all her sports and not even miss it. So I find the whole thing to be a bit of a turn off. All the pleasurable things folks do in the name of raising money for charity are kinda bullshit. From balls to bike races. Just give the f#*king money to the real researchers and care givers who help others. Making a show about raising money is just self-serving — look at me helping charity! And I didn’t even use my own funds!

    Another point I’d like to make is Pippa is single and has all the time in the world to train and do these things. Kate has a husband/partner – in-law expectations – and kids to keep her occupied. So I ask – are Pippa’s sports challenges really just indicative of a rich single woman’s lifestyle? She has no job or family to report to and it is socially acceptable to say “I’m training for a charity event” – rather then just training all the time anyway because she likes to. It’s not like she’s spending her time curing the disease – she’s spending her time working on her own fitness level.

    1. We don’t know if her parents give money to charity or not. Anyways, would it be good if Pippa donated her own money? Of course! But that doesn’t make what she IS doing bad, as long as we’re realistic and don’t shower her with praise about what she’s doing. Because I’m sure the charities are pretty happy with the money they’re getting, even if it’s not from Pippa herself.
      And Kate rarely did charity work publicly while unmarried, so while your argument is true about her being married and a mother now, that was not always true. Also I know many mothers with two children who do much more charity work than Kate, despite having far less staff. Again, I’m not like hugely impressed by what Pippa is doing, but it really does seem like it’s more than Kate. Another thing to remember is that while Kate is married and has children, she also has received huge amounts of taxpayer money to renovate a huge, 21-room home (which she is also living in rent-free), and also gets funding for security. And, her staff is funded by the Duchy of Cornwall, which is basically taxpayer money as well. So there’s an argument to be made that she should be working more because that money is kind of like a royal’s “salary,” for which in return they do charity work. Pippa receives none of that, so she has less need to be doing charity work.

      1. I hope you don’t think I think Pippa is bad. I don’t. I just don’t think she’s particularly charity minded, and does the bare minimum to look good and keep her halo shiny. Maybe I’m too cynical for my own good. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Exactly, bluhare. The bare minimum to avoid “Beatrice press” – a wealthy young woman just leisurely traveling around the world with no cares. Pippa’s sporting around the world for charity!

      2. Maggie – The point I’m making about Pippa – is she hasn’t got anything else to do BUT workout and train for events. No job or family to look after. I actually disagree with your point that Kate needs to give back because she lives off taxpayer money. That taxpayer money comes via her husband – HE is the one that needs to be giving back to the citizen of the UK. Upon divorce, Kate would not be supported by the taxpayers. The royal family learned the hard way about a non-blood royal being the darling of the press and public and what happens should they separate. Kate will never be a Diana (lots of engagements) because of that. She’s going to be a Mountbatten-Windsor wife doing very little to distract from the rest of the blood family. She’ll join William in his role – but I doubt she will do much besides be a wife/support figure for William and a mother to his children. Would you say that a soldier’s wife needs to do charity work because the soldier is paid with taxpayer money?

        Meanwhile, I disagree that in return for “the salary” the royals are obligated to do charity work – they are actually ambassadors for the UK – representing them abroad as well as for the government in official capacity at home such as awarding honors and presiding over military parades. They visit UK business and charity to see their work and honor the people in those professions. It is illogical to give one family so much money to then go out and raise money for charity – since one could just give the money directly to charity and bypass the royal family. That’s not the function of the royal family in the UK.

        1. Soldiers wives don’t have chefs, housekeepers, gardeners, nannies, lavish vacations and unlimited funds for luxuries. Just sayin’

        2. If the BRF with issue with non-royals and avoiding another “Diana” centred around engagements then Sophie and Camilla would’t be doing all the engagements they are doing.

          It centres around the media – which is what they’ve done things different this time. Kate doesn’t do charity because she has other responsibilities – she never bothered when she was single – even the rowing thing she quite as soon as the relationship was back on.

          Kate is not just the wife of a future heir, she is a senior royal, which means it’s part of her job description to give a care about the people of the nation her family is monarchy over. From Queen Victoria and Alfred (more so Alfred) and from their children on social needs and reform (QV daughter and women’s rights/injured soldiers/the arts and education), particularly during the reign of King George and Queen Mary (the monarchy having direct contact with the people, visits nation wide to the miners-lower classes doing it tough) advocating for the people and helping disadvantaged groups has became is part of the role of the British monarchy.

          That’s why the Queen’s cousins still do charity and some even taken on royal duties, and they aren’t even senior royals. Even the one’s who are in the CC still do charity.

          Through the agreements with editors and the palace and William have worked hard to make sure we won’t have another media hyped up and obsessed over “people’s princess” – mind you that was a name Tony Blair gave her after her death. Every day inches were dedicated to Princess Diana. From the get go, which she hated and they all thought would die down once the engagement/ the wedding fever was over.

          William, even more than much the palace, have worked against that with the legal letters to editors from the get-go, form the agreements for them not to use pap pics, and Kate’s non-actives besides partying with a tight group of friends and “working” for mom and dad – there’s always been little to write about Kate. Not even during the wedding, KP has frosty relationship with the British Press and give them very little, if not nothing. The courage was vastly different to the coverage Diana and Charles got.

          Kate doesn’t have Diana’s charisma or style and so very little is known about her still (4years in), she doesn’t speak during her engagements – not because they palace tell her not to but cause she hates it/is afraid to/is too self conscious – I’d know but it’s her choice, and you see this in the impromptu moments when she has to (UNICEF engagement) and the few live speeches she’s given. She doesn’t take an interest in her work and so does not up skill the tools she needs for royal duties.

          No one is stopping Kate from doing meaningful charity but Kate.

          1. Kate did not apply for a job – Kate married a Prince of the UK. There is no “job description” other then to provide heirs.

            Again, it is illogical to give a family millions of pounds to then “do charity”. What does “do charity” mean? Pretend to be interested in the welfare of others? Do you need a family to walk around to visit all the charities in the UK? For what purpose? To raise money? Wouldn’t it make sense to give the charities all the money you paid that family? I don’t understand the logic that Kate employs all this domestic help therefore she can go and visit charities. Does Kate’s presence cure diseases or provide any tangible benefit to anyone at any charity? Does any royal’s presence? Did anyone who was ill ever say “I sure hope a royal shows up so I can get better!” “Thank God that royal came by, now we’ll all have jobs!”

            It would seem all the charitable work done by royals over the last 100 years or so hasn’t amounted to much – given that there are now more charities then ever! And everyone is living under austerity measures.

          2. The whole point of a monarchy is that they represent and care for the nation.

            If they didn’t revolution took place their heads got chopped off. French Revolution. Charles the first in the UK.

            Do a bit of history on the Monarch and you’ll see that getting involved socially, especially after V&A and the King George is part of the role.

            The State (govt) has sold out to big money, so there is a vacuum in regard to looking out for the welfare of the people and not just the 1%. NGOs and charities do that and part of the changes in the honour system was the monarchy encouraging and rewarding that work. And with Charles we’re seeing it evolve to leading it.

            Don’t just look at the present but watch how the monarchy has evolved, responding to the times and how they stayed relevant.

            The BBC has some great documentaries.

            And the logic isn’t Kate has domestic help so she should go out and do some work, the logic is Kate married into a family who’s existence is social service, hence tax funding. She didn’t marry a wealthy business man or aristocrat (and even they looked after the families on their land, provided protection and were paid taxes in return, initially actually look at the history of UK to get a better understand of British society), it would be fine for her to be a housewife is that was the case but her job, as written even by Prince William, is Princess of the United Kingdom – that’s a public role. It’s not just a responsibility to William as a wife, and even William said it himself, as does Harry, it was about someone who would “taken on the job”. If William meant just having kids and being his wife anyone could do that, but there’s always been a lot more to the role. Look at all the Queen-consorts, which Kate will one day be.

            Read and watch Diana’s interview or anyone who knows about monarchy in the UK, the job is more than birthing kids.

          3. Gie – you’ve stated one of my points — that royal’s charitable work isn’t about others – it’s about maintaining their status. They show up because it makes THEM look good – not that it actually provides any benefit to the people. How many people do you know that patronize 77 organizations like Sophie does? How effective do you think she actually is in supporting the goals of those organizations? IF she worked every day of the year – she’d still only be able to spend 4 days at each organization. We know she doesn’t work 365 days of the year. Again, they are doing a crap job if their role is to care for the people – the UK might be better off putting their money in some Disney stock.

          4. Forgive me, LadyBlueRibbon, but I think you are missing the boat on this subject.

            No one is suggesting that a Royal Visit to a hospice or hospital will cure a patient. Nobody is saying that patients are lying around waiting for Kate to visit them, shake their hand and have a word or two with them?

            However, any interest — any opportunity to help someone else makes a difference. Witness, as previously mentioned, how Diana changed people’s perceptions of how one might contact AIDS if they merely touched an AIDS patient. Diana, shaking the man’s hand while not wearing gloves, made a huge difference. To that man, no doubt, but to others, too. She showed people they had nothing to fear and that did an enormous amount of good.

            You also said Kate did not apply for a job, she married a prince. I beg to differ, she knew what would be expected of her and I’m sorry but the role of the wife of a future King, the role of a First Lady of any nation, the roles of any woman in a Royal Family come with obligations beyond having babies. Especially in a modern world where so many people need help, comfort and care.

            Kate knew what she was getting into and even if William set up boundaries with the media, she would have had to be a total idiot not to realize that there would be things she could not avoid doing throughout her marriage. Things she might not find fun, interesting, or worthy of her time or interests. Still, a job is a job and yes, she has a job. She’s sure as heck being paid an enormous amount of taxpayer’s money, isn’t she?

            If she really were to be only the mother of William’s children, why not be a full-time mom, sans nannies. Now, there’s a concept that would bump her up a great deal to many women.
            And, the word “only” is not meant to be a slur, just a description of what she wants her responsibilities to be.

            What a concept, Kate. Being a full-time mom. Now, there’s your cause! Tackle it with your entire being and you will be elevated in my mind.

          5. Didn’t Kate promise to ‘hit the ground running” in the engagement interview? Did it actually mean running away from royal duties? Why would she say that unless she had some notion of what she was taking on, which was way more than just being a wife and mother. Otherwise, when Wills ascends the throne (heaven forbid!) it should be “King William and Mrs Cambridge”, rather than Queen Consort Catherine.

          6. Maven, that’s a good point. Kate did say she was going to hit the ground running if I remember correctly; she just neglected to mention in which direction!

      3. Maybe Pippa sincerely enjoys doing the charity work. Now that she’s begun doing it, it’s become a passion of hers. It’s a possibility.

        The pastor at our little Lutheran church says there are 3 ways to give in anything you do: time, talent or treasure. If you can manage all 3, how wonderful. But everyone has something they can contribute, if they truly want to.

        1. But does he count training for a sport as charity work? I think “the time” your pastor refers to is the actual ministering to people – serving meals for the hungry, visiting the sick and the elderly, etc. The “talent” he refers to are doctors who share their skills without pay in clinics and folks with cooking skills who provide meals, people with knitting skills who provide clothing. “Treasure” refers to money – donating to research to find cures or cover hospital expenses – or to buy art supplies for poor children.

          Pippa doesn’t spend any of HER time, talent or treasure with other people. She spends it training for sports and asking folks to sponsor her. Other people are actually putting up the funds.

          1. Frankly I kind of wish Kate would do less of what she does and more of what Pippa does. I admire the people who actually provide meals, clothing, money, etc. to charities. I admire the ones who actually meet with those the charities are involved with. They are the true heroes to me. But sadly, they don’t do nearly as much for charities (aside from emotional value) as a famous person lending their face and showing up to a random event for 30 minutes and helping them raise millions of dollars. What bugs me about Kate is that while she DOES technically meet with the people the charities are trying to help, that’s all she does, and I think that is a huge waste of the incredible platform she has been given to cause change through. Given Kate’s role in society, and given Pippa’s too, I think the charity is better off if they say a few words about them and lend their face to the event, rather than showing up occasionally to cook food or something. Now, it doesn’t have to be either or! It could be both, which would be cool. But if it has to be a choice, I’d pick Pippa’s method over Kate’s, just because I think it utilizes their skill-sets better.

          2. i think there is a huge misunderstanding of what is possible for Kate to do.

            most of that misunderstanding, heavily promoted by the royals in general and WK specifically and inexplicably accepted by the public, came about because of the car crash of Diana.

            Diana came into a family that was remote and not at all in touch with the people and happy to be that way. She brought them down to earth and they hated her for it even though it helped revitalise their institution. It showed the public the advantages of having the royal family.

            However, in that process, she overshadowed them. This became a huge problem because they didn’t and couldn’t match her natural gifts.

            As much as the royals changed after her death, they also put it about that their role was impossibly limited and in-laws couldn’t outshine the blood family. That was primarily a self-preservation thing in case they had a repeat Diana in their midst.

            When Kate came into it, this idea was cemented. So Kate can’t apparently get down and dirty in her charity work…..And yet, Harry as a royal is doing just that. He is showing that whatever the rules are/were, the royals and in-laws CAN get down and dirty.

            The Yorkies have also shown they can get down and dirty on their charity efforts.

            The idea that Kate can’t get down, dirty/work more than William and any number of excuses made for her, is being driven from on top. It’s not true, but if it’s repeated enough the public believes it which then normalises the situation.

            in some ways it is also a form of self preservation for Kate and the royals because Diana showed what the royals could be, and the present lots are still falling short of that.

            Harry is the only one who is coming close to that Diana ideal. The others have garnered positive notices due to a combination of longevity and genuine attachment to duty whatever that means and a longstanding PR campaign to keep them in the hearts and minds of their public. ‘ a royal must be seen to be believed’ is their standard motto. i’d say that if you see something often enough and it is a primarily positive experience, you begin to have affection for it even though you can’t quite define said pleasure.

          3. LadyBlueRibbon, it means anyone can give, and it doesn’t always have to be money. And yes, he would think Pippa was giving her time and her talent to help fight heart disease.
            You can question her motives, as you like. I like to think she’s doing it, because she wants to and enjoys it. She also enjoys getting her picture taken, so….win/win for Pips.
            The fact is, she’s raising money and awareness because she is high profile. I almost think it would be worse if she didn’t use her “fame” to help out. Because then she would just be a shameless richy rich with time for nothing but fun.

      4. Didn’t Clarence House say that Kate did charity work before marriage? Forgive the pessimism in me but I would love to see the work Kate did before she married William. Why hide her work under a bushel if you are marrying an heir to the throne.

    2. Unfortunately in our society if a famous face isn’t attached people don’t often take a second look. I hope Pippa donates. I think creative and new ways to highlight ways that others can get involved or that create awareness aren’t bad.

      If it wasn’t for events that are put on I wouldn’t have found out how bad the situation with human trafficking is. Even bicycle races create awareness, generate conversations and are practical ways different people can get involved. I can’t go work in a safe house but I can donate money and do walk around in my city that highlights an organisation that works to help trafficked victims, houses them, give them free legal help and helps persecute traffickers. It’s not just wealthy people’s responsibility to do something about injustice, where I can I want to help because I think 12year olds shouldn’t be sold off into brothels.

      If you can donate large amounts of money great, and if you can highlight a great because our society pays so much attention to rich and famous people, then great, why not use your fame and influence for good. The more people we can have being educated and volunteering or donating towards issues that they wouldn’t otherwise have known about then great. If more people are being helped I’m okay with it, even if it means some people might be doing it for PR, whatever their intentions if someone who is vulnerable and in need is getting helped it’s better than nothing.

      1. Yes, Gie, we do live in a world where putting a famous face on a cause does help with fundraising. Knowing that, Pippa has loaned her fame to causes she believes in, it seems.

        If Pippa did nothing but ride her sister’s coattails, I would resent her. I do think she is using her name and face recognition to help charities of her choice. That’s more than others do. So, I cannot fault her.

        I think people are under the false impression that one has to spend tons of time doing charity work for it to make a difference. Any time that anyone does something to help another person, something beautiful happens. We should never lose sight of that.

        One of the best organizations I ever volunteered for was New York Cares. The concept behind the organization was to let people find the cause they wanted to back and allowed them the time they needed to fulfill that goal. In other words, nobody at New York Cares ever said, “You have to spend one afternoon every week working for this charity.” They worked around your time and interests and found things you could do — even if just for a few hours every other month.

        I tip my hat to any and every person who can spend tons of hours each year working toward helping others. Without people like that, the world would be in even worse shape than it is now. However, even if it’s just shopping once a week for an elderly neighbor, or stopping by twice a week to an animal shelter to pet the cats and dogs and drop off some canned goods of food, someone who does such things is making a difference! If everyone found time every month to do just one thing, imagine how better life would be for all.

        When you have the time and energy and financial resources to help others, I think it should be a natural inclination to want to help. So, good for Pippa.

        I don’t want to go overboard with my praise for her, but I do think she is doing something worthwhile and deserves to be acknowledged for that. If she sat on her bum and did nothing, she would deserve a ton of negative comments.

        1. If she sat on her bum and did nothing, she would not get negative comments from me. Who actually cares about Pippa’s life? If she didn’t place herself in the news I would be totally indifferent.

  15. Question. Why does Kate insist on carrying those dinky little clutches when she knows she’ll be interacting with the public? Trying to juggle flowers, and stuffies, and homemade cards, AND a McQueen minaudiรจre? Just looks silly. Like really, she’s surprised people are going to be handing her things, still?
    RD probably totes a big ass black Louis Vuitton that can fit 10 of those weenie boxes PLUS a litre of Evian, a MacBook Air AND a Costco sized bag of chocolate covered almonds. Hello!

    1. I don’t mind that she carries her little clutches as fashion accessories (though I don’t know why she bothers since she doesn’t need a purse or to carry anything, so they are kind of pointless other than as fashion accessories, but whatever), but what I don’t understand is why she doesn’t hand her clutch to Rebecca when she does a walkabout. Kate knows she’s going to be shaking hands and accepting gifts. And she even hands the gifts off to Rebecca, but keeps her clutch! I makes no sense to me.

        1. Lol. When she is holding a clutch, her crotch clutching seems less weird. It is SUPER weird when she holds her hands there, especially one hand there, while not holding anything.

        1. Haha, just got a visual of Kate holding a bedazzled blankie in one hand and sucking her thumb with the other!

    1. It wouldn’t strike me as beneath Kate to go as low as this to covet her prized Prince. For someone so plain, and not particularly brilliant, and without any known activities that she seems to excel at… hmmm, what were her chances of snagging William, when William had an eye for the strikingly beautiful? I think there was a mixture of being constantly available, having a family that highly encouraged the relationship, manipulation, some emotional blackmail (I covered up a serious secret that could get you in trouble, and put up with all this public humiliation for you), and using her “common” background when it suits her, but one that she seems ill at ease to relate to. Her actions, post-nuptials, certainly show someone who is insecure and obsessed with keeping her prized possession at all costs. All IMO, of course.

  16. Theres nothing done by the midds for notthing, in the ebd of it all its all about acquiring more dont be fooled!!

  17. I have a really random question that I don’t know where else to post. If anyone could answer this I would be delighted. I apologize that this is so off topic, there just isn’t a posting that has a Kate vs. Sofia element. My question is if Kate Middleton and Princess Sofia met, who would have to curtsey to who? Or are they both of the same rank?

    1. Sofia would have to curtsy to Kate. Kate’s rank is closer to Crown Princess Victoria’s husband, Prince Daniel as they are both future consorts to a monarch. Although Prince Daniel’s rank is higher to Kate’s since his wife is first in line and William is only 2nd. Princess Sofia’s rank would be equivalent to Prince HArry’s future wife since both Harry and Carl Philip are younger siblings to a future monarch.

      Just to be clear, technically Daniel, Kate and Sofia don’t have ranks of their own as their “rank” derives from their spouses.

      1. But Sofia is a Princess while Kate is a Duchess. Wouldn’t Kate have to curtsy to Sofia?

  18. I’m not going to give too much hate to Pippa for doing charity stuff no matter how self serving the reasons might be. She was not required to do this, she could have just quietly melted to the background like James has. Quite frankly, maybe she enjoys the attention and doing charity work gives her a better image. Also, it’s quite common for the richer classes to lend their faces or money to charities. It’s a sign of wealth: so rich you can toss thousands to charity without hurting your lifestyle.

    1. Exactly. Pippa doesn’t have to do anything related to charity if she didn’t want to.

  19. I”m still skeptical, though. I think it more a sign of nouveau riche, of flaunting one’s wealth – the signet rings and spanking brand new Range Rovers and BMWs the Middletons all seem to drive nowadays, and wanting to be accepted into the old established families, that, surprisingly still own a few beaten down Isuzu farm trucks.

    1. My Grandmother was an aristo (from Kent) and had ties to the Royals and I always got the impression that it was considered extremely tacky to flaunt wealth. According to my grandmother, whose brother spent a lot of time with the Royals, they tend to dress in shabby clothing and drive beaten up, practical cars when they have free time and aren’t working. When my great uncle visited Sandringham, he brought one old suit, just in case, and the rest of his kit was old wellies, old trousers and old hunting jackets. According to him, they are surprisingly down to earth, eat what they hunt and live fairly simply (other than copious supplies of booze, EVERYWHERE). This was a couple of generations ago and my grandmother is long dead and same with my great uncle, so I have no idea if they are still like that, but in their generation, money wasn’t talked about or flaunted and only the nouvou riche were tacky enough to engage in that kind of behavior. The other side of my family were circus folk and bar singers, so can’t supply any info from them, haha!

      1. Well someone should tell the royals that it’s tacky, because then perhaps Charles will stop chartering a luxury private jet for hundreds of thousands of pounds any time he has to leave the UK. Have you seen pictures of this private plane? It’s ridiculous. Someone should also tell William to stop going to Mustique or the Maldives, and someone should tell all of them to stop spending millions of pounds of taxpayer money to renovate their already quite lavish palaces. ๐Ÿ˜› I just think it’s a little unfair to judge people for driving nice cars after making more money and then say royals don’t flaunt their wealth, when the Queen literally wore a 10 million pound crown to the opening of Parliament (and ironically gave a speech on austerity measures), and when they own (and use) many, very large…palaces. Like how is it flaunting wealth to drive a BMW but not to live in Buckingham? ๐Ÿ˜›
        Like here’s what I think honestly – for royals, because they are afforded such luxury and wealth and have had it in their family for so long, pretending like they are “normal” and dressing in shabby clothing, etc., is just a “fun” thing for them. I don’t think it’s about not flaunting wealth, although they probably think it is. I just think it’s like a hobby for them. It’s the same reason that when Kate goes grocery shopping, I don’t get why everyone (I’m not talking about on this blog, but in general) is like “omg she does her own grocery shopping!!” Because doing your own grocery shopping when you know your housekeeper or personal assistant can do it for you if you don’t feel up to it is very different than doing your own grocery shopping because you absolutely have to. It’s maybe different for people with “new money”, because they had to work for it, so it probably seems a little odd to them to work so hard for money and then not really use it. Like what’s the point of going from middle-class to rich if you have to keep wearing shabby clothes and drive beat up cars? For royals, the luxury isn’t so new, so I’m sure they enjoy a “break” from it every once in a while. But maybe I’m completely off base here.

  20. Here’s a bit in People magazine about W&K&H’s official “allowance”. I can’t believe when the palace sources say they can’t identify how much is spent on Kate’s clothing versus staff costs, any bookkeeper worth their salt would know to track all these costs separately. I’m pretty sure they know, they just don’t want to say.,,20395222_20932721,00.html

  21. New financial info is out via what Prince Charles released and what the Queen released.
    It seems like the official stuff (office, staff, wardrobe) for Harry, Kate, and William, is paid for with 4.6 million dollars. This does not include most travel, which comes out of the Sovereign Grant or is paid for by the country being visited, so I have no idea how they could possibly spend 4.6 million dollars.
    It seems like no new refurbishments were done on Kensington (although the reports only tell you if it’s over 5,000 so it’s possible something less than that was done).
    To go to the D-Day celebrations, they chartered a private plane for around 14,000 pounds (they went there and back on the same day). To go to Belgium (2 day trip), they chartered a private plane for 21,000 pounds. Now many royals do chartered flights, and they all bug me for the most part (especially when the Queen spends 20,000 dollars of taxpayer money just to go from residence to residence which isn’t even official business), but at least the other royals are busy and can maybe make the argument that they don’t have time to go through the process of being on commercial flights, etc. But Kate and William simply cannot say that. They also spent 17,000 pounds (almost 31,000 dollars!!) on scheduled flight tickets for the New York Trip. Now they had 8 people to pay for including them, so that’s 16 one-way tickets. I guess if everyone flew first class then that’s why. Not sure why first class is really that necessary, but whatever.

    1. Re first class: I’ve been told several times that the security people HAVE to travel first class for some reason. I don’t remember why, but it’s a requirement. As is a hefty salary and a specific amount of time off.

  22. Long time follower of the blog- but I’ve never commented! …I don’t think Pippa deserves as much criticism as she gets- but I don’t think she’s particularly extraordinary either. Like many have pointed out, she does charitable events that are “fun”. It’s like signing up for a 5k for charity. Yes the money goes to a good cause but you sign up mostly for your own enjoyment. I don’t really consider this charity or volunteer work. It’s recreational for her- better than nothing but I don’t think she deserves more praise than the average person for her “charity.” However, at least she is somewhat active with her organizations, whereas Kate shows up to her charities to go on tours, shake hands, receive gifts, pose for photographers, and do meet and greets. Aside from giving them publicity what does she actually do? I think it shows signs of arrogance and vanity that she is satisfied with this type of work. When I get involved with an organization I actually volunteer to do a job. I have responsibilities that I take on. I would never be comfortable just showing up with out a real purpose. Then again, there aren’t loads of photographers and people fawning over me when I show up. It seems like much of what she does is behind the scenes… but she is a patron, she is not the average person volunteering their time. She could use her role as DoC for so much more. The role of royals in modern times has become more of a public servant role. Kate does not seem in anyway inspired to make a difference- aside from selling clothes. Also- wanted to mention: I respect that KMR is objective and fair in her posts. She gives credit where credit is due but doesn’t fawn over everything Kate does. Other blogs are so sugary! And any criticism is quickly met with “So why follow her if you dislike her?” To that- I don’t know- I just do? And I don’t dislike her. I just wish she would grow up into the fascinating and influential figure she could be as DoC and future Queen consort. Anyway, I’m done now.

    1. Hi Stephanie, I think that you will find this to be one of nicest Kate-centric blogs around. We all have our own opinions and sometimes discussion can get a little heated but never nasty as is found on other sites. I am astonished at how bitchy people can get on the more “sugary” Kate sites, maybe they’re suffering from sugar overload?

      You have hit on my main frustration with the DoC,, her lack of drive to make any kind of difference in the lives of others, except clothing designers of course. She has such an incredible platform from which to call attention to many worthy causes and issues and does nothing with it. I used to hope that she might grow into that role as she matures but her past history and current efforts have led me to believe that the amount she does now, is the most she can do and will probably be the most she will ever be able to do. Sigh…

      1. Lol sugar overload.

        On your second paragraph: I think it’s funny/sad that super-fans think Kate will suddenly be super charitable and hard working the minute she becomes Princess of Wales. And yes, people seem to think that. I just don’t understand why Kate does not take the time as Duchess of Cambridge to prepare herself for the role of Princess of Wales, and I don’t understand why super-fans don’t see that she should do that.

    2. Welcome Stephanie A!!!

      I wouldn’t say Pips deserves more adulation than any normal person for her charity work, but I do think she is more active than Kate. Mainly because Pips gives statements about her charities while Kate does not.

      Thank you, Stephanie. I’m glad you like it here and we seem to have a similar outlook on Kate. I don’t dislike her either, in fact I want to like her. I want her to be better so that I can like her, you know. Give speeches, make statements, have personality, wear really awesome clothes.

  23. I hope I did not come across as cold & dismiss of mental health, that was not my intention my apologies! I was try to say that if W.K. do not start working hard, they might be taken out the line of succession? We all know what happened to Edward & Wallis!

  24. I found a copy of Pippa’s book in a clearance bin and bought it for $3. It really isn’t THAT bad. It’s just ok.

    1. For me it’s not that it’s bad so much as it’s just kind of useless. Like most of the advice just seems so obvious. But to be fair I haven’t read the whole thing.

    2. I skimmed the book at Barnes&Noble after it came out. It was very… not that informative. Each little article was so short and didn’t provide too much detail. I thought she could have provided a bunch more cute anecdotes or background information and she didn’t.

    1. Also I wonder if these were released in response to some of the recent articles about Charles and George hanging out. Or just more distraction from royal expenditures.
      The only thing that makes me think these weren’t released on purpose is that Carole looks terrible and I can’t see her or Kate being okay with these pictures being released. Seriously, I don’t like to talk much about women’s body weight, but Carole is looking kind of scarily gaunt (especially compared to how she used to look like 10 years ago). Women don’t just lose that much weight in their fifties without a lot of serious dieting and exercise, or with some sort of health issue. But now I understand why Kate always keeps slimming down – I’m not sure her mother is the best role model for a healthy weight to maintain.

      1. Carole looks rough. George is rather prominently displayed on her shoulders. He’s her golden ticket. So much for going incognito.

        She needs to put some lotion on those knees and take off that hidjus signet ring. Sorry, long night.

        1. Shocker, George is a study in blue. Again. I have a feeling we’re going to see many pictures of Charlotte in various shades of pink. Cause blue is for boys and pink is for girls, duh!

          Not a Carole fan, but that shade of green looks really nice on her

        2. I agree Rhiannon! Carole looks terrible and she looks like she is having trouble carrying George like that. So why bother? Because she wants to have George as close as possible?

          1. Carole loves the fame and publicity. This makes me wish that Diana was still here.

            I feel bad for the RPOs who have to be with her because of George. She’s probably very high handed with them.

            I look at this picture as “He may have been a royal this week (TOC, Polo) but he’s mine now.”

        3. Yes, Rhiannon. PG is Carole’s “golden ticket.”
          I wish Diana were here, too. She would have never allowed any of this go on.

          Carole is a scheming witch.

    2. Good grief! Carole will do anything to get her photo taken? Including carrying PG like that? She didn’t look comfortable carrying him that way, IMO it just looked silly!

    3. Hi, Maggie,

      Thanks for the link to the Carole-George photos.,
      Once again, another dismal photo of Ma Meddleton. Does she know how to actually smile?
      You know a real smile that lights up one’s entire face?

      She’s sticking it to Charles and Camilla, I think. “Look at me! Grandma Extraordinaire!”

      No wonder, Kate has so many issues. With a mother like that, who wouldn’t?

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