Royal Round Up: George, Harry, Ascot, Maxima, Charlene, Mathilde, and more

Royal Round Up: George, Harry, Ascot, Maxima, Charlene, Mathilde, and more

Happy Father’s Day to those who celebrate. Today’s royal round up includes some Prince George photos, Kate Middleton and Prince William, Prince Harry leaving the army, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel‘s wedding anniversary, Royal Ascot days 4 and 5, Queen Maxima, Princess Charlene, and Queen Mathilde.

Prince George, Prince William, and Kate Middleton

There is a feature in the June 29th edition of Star magazine of photos of Prince George playing with Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, while watching Prince William‘s polo match last Sunday. The feature also includes two photos of George with Nanny Maria seeing off Prince Harry as he leaves in the royal helicopter (the photo below). Star claims the photos were taken on June 12, but Harry did not have any engagements that day. Most likely the photos were taken on June 11, when Harry went to Staffordshire for the Camp Bastion Memorial Dedication Service. I thought at first it was Kate in the photo with George, and I thought, “Kate looks good in a plain white button down and non-skin tight pants; I wish she’d wear that to casual events”. Then I realized it was Nanny Maria.

Star Prince George seeing off Harry

Keeping in Prince George land, the Daily Mail claims George is left-handed (just like William). A “source who knows the couple well” says: “Young children can use both their hands but George seems to be very left-handed. More often than not, he uses his left hand to hold things and both William and Catherine have noticed this. William is thrilled his son has inherited this trait.” The article goes on to list a bunch of well known historical figures who were left-handed. Basically the article is another sugar piece about how George is the Most Special Snowflake out of all the Special Snowflakes because he is so intelligent and advanced. They use the below photos as evidence.

Overit brought up these photos in the comments of William and Kate talking and gesturing with their hands. Are they arguing? Kate’s face and gesture seems more like arguing than William’s face and gesture, but I don’t know. I could see it be arguing, and I could also see it not be arguing and just a discussion with hand gestures. Without a video I can’t really tell for sure.

Then theirs also this picture of William playing with Kate’s hair which seems to be taken during the same time frame. I don’t know what order these photos go in.

Along with it being Father’s Day, it is also William’s birthday. He is 33 years old today. Keeping with William, there is an article about the upcoming release of the royal finances, and about Prince Charles’ airfare costs. I’ll talk more about that later, but I want to mention this little tidbit tacked onto the end of the article that is supposed to make William seem frugal while making Charles look bad.

    “[Prince Charles’] spending on air fares is in direct contrast to his son William, who often takes scheduled flights. Last December, he travelled to New York with his wife Kate on a scheduled British Airways flight, while the pair also flew to Mustique for a family holiday in February aboard a commercial aircraft.
    “In May last year, William chose to fly economy class on an American Airlines flight from Memphis to Dallas as he returned home from a friend’s wedding.”

Yes, William flies on scheduled first class flights for official duties, goes economy when he has to pay for it himself, and then takes the royal helicopter 80 miles because he doesn’t want to have to get up an hour and a half early in order to go by car. Yep, William sure is thrifty.

Want to see a crazy headline I saw in the supermarket? William and Kate are totally moving to the Hamptons in July… according to OK magazine. Yeah, no.

OK Prince William and Kate Middleton moving to US

Prince Harry

On Friday, June 19, Prince Harry officially ended his time in the army. Harry will spend the next three months working in Africa.

    “The programme will cover a variety of activity in Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana. Prince Harry will learn about environmental education programmes… [and] will spend time working with experts at the sharp end of wildlife protection. He will join a team of rangers who are the first to respond to reports of poaching attacks on elephants and rhino. He will for a time work alongside some of the world’s leading veterinarians… And he will also work with park managers to learn about new technologies being used to enforce site protection.
    “Wherever possible, Prince Harry will be fully embedded with the conservationists and front-line staff he will be working alongside, including living in the same accommodation.”

[Kensington Palace press release]

In Prince Harry’s love life news: US Weekly claims Harry and Jenna (not Louise) Coleman are totally banging after getting cozy at the Audi Polo Challenge on May 31. US claims Harry and Jenna met up and “got cozy” at a friend’s birthday party on June 4.

A source says: “They were really close. Harry was happy she could make it. They were laughing and seemed into each other.”

A second source says they are just banging for now and that it’s not serious: “They’ll never be anything serious because of their schedules. He’s off to South Africa and she’s going to be filming Doctor Who in the States. But, for now, they’re just enjoying each other’s company.”

First thought: Doctor Who is filming in the States?!?!?!? Why? Are they going back to Lake Silencio?

Second thought: I hope they get rid of Clara after this season. I’m so sick of her. I liked her at first, but now she’s utterly annoying. Sorry, Jenna (not Louise) Coleman, you’re pretty, but your character is awful. Please leave. You can have Harry, just get off Doctor Who.

Third thought: I wonder what happened between Jenna and Richard Madden. They were dating, and she accompanied him to several Cinderella premieres in March. But then Jenna got flirty with Harry. Jenna’s publicist wanted to make it clear she was not cheating, saying she and Madden split months ago. But that US article claims Harry and Jenna actually have known each other for a while, and did not meet for the first time at that polo match. Hm… I wonder if there was any homewrecking going on.

While US is claiming Harry and Jenna are totally on, OK is claiming that Harry and Cressida Bonas are totally back on and secretly engaged. LOL.

OK Prince Harry and Cressida Bonus engaged

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

June 19 was Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel‘s 5th wedding anniversary (the above photo is from the pre-wedding reception on June 18, 2010), and to celebrate their anniversary, Daniel commissioned Marie Louise Kold to create an artwork of Princess Estelle as a gift to Victoria. So cute. Happy (belated) anniversary to Victoria and Daniel!

Royal Ascot

MORE Ascot photos! The Queen wore yellow for day 4 of Ascot, choosing to forgo Angela Kelly all together and instead opting for a Stewart Parvin dress and coat and Rachel Trevor Morgan hat. HM wore the Botswana Flower Brooch – a gold and diamond brooch in the shape of a spray of sorgum or millet (the main crop of Botswana) given to HM by the President of Botswana at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kampala in 2007. On day 5, HM wore a peach/apricot Stewart Parvin/Rachel Trevor Morgan combo and the Three Thistle Brooch.

The rest of the Ascot photos are from day 4. Zara Phillips made a return, looking much better in this navy and white Paul Castelloe outfit than she did in the yellow one that led to some unfortunate rumors. Princess Eugenie was also in attendance for day 4. Speaking of Eugenie, she had a huge birthday bash (though her actual birthday is in March) last night at her father’s home in Windsor. There are also reports that she has quit her US job for one in the UK. Photos of some arrivals at the Daily Mail.

The whole York family came out for Ascot day 4. Joining Eugenie were Princess Beatrice and her Male Waity boyfriend, Dave Clark, and her parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.


Queen Maxima

Queen Maxima was out and about in the Netherlands on Friday, June 19, to open the Design Derby in Rotterdam. One of the exhibits she looked at was the blue felt plants designed by Wandschappen Ivo van den Baar and Nicole Driessens. Max paired a burgundy dress and hat with orange shoes, gloves, clutch, and necklace. I love her commitment to wearing orange.

Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene attended the 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival on Saturday, June 13, and Wednesday, June 17. On June 13, Charlene wore black and some beautiful ruby and diamond earrings. In the photo above she is posing alongside the cast and creator of the show Empire.

On June 17, Charlene and Prince Albert attended the Monaco Palace cocktail party during day 5 of the festival. Charlene wore a long white dress with pockets on the boobs. I’m not a fan of the boob pockets, but the diamond earrings are great.


Queen Mathilde

Queen Mathilde was in Milan, Italy the night before Carl Philip and Sofia’s wedding. Mathilde was attending the Expo 2015, visiting the Belgium pavilion. She looks really nice here.


Photos: my own snaps of Star and OK / Getty

55 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: George, Harry, Ascot, Maxima, Charlene, Mathilde, and more

  1. Charlene is really looking healthier/happier these days. She has always been a bit more modern / Gwyneth Paltrow / Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy in the way she dresses (to me) vs other royals. I like that.

    Also, people always make fun of the York girls (which most of the time is just mean) but I really think Eugenie is beautiful, plus she is a hard worker. I wish she could have influenced Kate more.

    1. Eugenie does seem to be making a go of working in the private sector. I don’t think she could have any influence on Kate seeing as they don’t get along but boy I wish she would talk to her sister about getting a job. What’s it been for Bea, 15 or 16 vacations in the last 7 months?

      1. Hmmm, maybe she should get engaged. Planning a royal wedding is a full time job, right? That would keep her busy for a year…

  2. Thanks KMR -lovely ‘Royal Round Up with KMR.’..

    Yes, nanny Maria seem to dress much better in causals and is not a RF. Was the helicopter P George seeing off with uncle Prince Harry, at dad POW Highgrove palace while P&family visited …

    There is also the ‘arguing’ look of km in Hello on PW birthday (at the bottom ). Seem PW was reminding km of something about Prince George – and she went off. It also seem km scolding is regular to Prince George as George is looking away, not giving km eye contact (and seem to be listening).

    Other occasions, Km seem to speak to P George with these facial wide open mouth interactions, as if George is deaf or a baby. In a few shots on the balcony, HM seem to be ‘interrupted’ with km standing behind, speaking to George loudly – HM seem to turn to quiet km but look at POW instead – when HM is around speaking, seem disrespectful for others and against protocol (RF Protocol km refuse not around to learn from members).

    Another way km refuse to interact with the RF -by staying glued to and pretend busy with P George.

    There is also news P Eugenie return to London working with a art gallery.

  3. William just got heat for taking a helicopter on a short jaunt to Runnymede. I think that the date of the photo is a big deal because if Harry didn’t have any engagements that day and he’s taking a helicopter on personal business, that’s a big deal as the Queen’s finances are coming out this week.

  4. Victoria and Daniel. What an adorable couple.
    Queen Maxima looks glamorous as always. You can see that everyone else is trying to pull off the big hats just like her. Is that an Orange necklace or collar I cannot tell? Queen Mathilde looks elegant. These European royals do set the bar high apart from Her Majesty. I think Eugenie looks like the Queen Mother when she was younger. Certainly the pretty one of the sisters. I do not like William emphasising with his hands. William looks cross and you notice he is not around Kate at the Polo. They are always butting heads. Kate does not look happy.

  5. Max slays again. That woman is flawless. Those colors/pattern/texture make my eyes twitch, but it works for her. Mathilde…I think that she has a very elegant and simple style, but that back combed hair irks me. It ages her and she is too young to wear that style.

    Prince Daniel is too cute for words. That was a nice portrait of Estelle. I agree that Charlene looks better than ever. She looks more settled and comfortable.

    Zara and Eugenie’s dresses are perfection. They both have curves and embrace it. In my opinion, Kate looks gaunt and frail next to them. There was a picture of Kate hugging Zara and it was off putting. Kate’s had two children and back to being pin thin. She looks wonderful with a little bit of weight in her face and body.

    George is adorable, but what kid wears cashmere to play? I don’t want people to breathe next to me when I wear mine, lol.

    I kind of hope that Sarah and Andrew make a go of it. They are a match made in hot mess heaven, but they work.

    HM always looks happy when she is around horses. You can tell that it’s her passion. And Harry…I have to commend him for putting actions behind his words in regards to conservation. It will be interesting to see what his life is like post army.

    1. It’s funny, because William is the one usually billed as the conservation guy while Kate is billed as the kids/young people one and Harry is the armed forces one – when their foundation talks about being about “armed forces, young people, and conservation”. Yet it’s Harry who is really getting out there and seeing and participating in conservation work first hand.

      Re cashmere: I’m always worried when I wear cashmere. I love wearing it, but I don’t want to get anything on it, I don’t want to do anything exerting because I don’t want to sweat. I could never play in the dirt in cashmere, nor would I let my kids play outside in cashmere. I wouldn’t even buy cashmere for kids in the first place.

      I don’t know how I feel about Andrew and Sarah. On the one hand, they don’t work together, but they also don’t work with anyone else. I don’t think they will ever get married again, but they probably have and probably will continue to have a “we’ll be together but also get to bang other people, too” type of relationship. I think that probably works for them.

      1. ““We’ll be together but also get to bang other people, too” type of relationship. I think that probably works for them.” Exactly. I think had it not been for the, unfortunately named, toe sucking incident they would still be married.

        My daughter knows that when Mommy wears cashmere, you pat her on the shoulder and not rub. Yes, that is Mommy Dearest-like, but I can’t afford to buy lots of cashmere, lol.

        I really never bought him as a conservationist. His family has hunted for generations and I get it. If he refused and never did it, I would get it. Same goes for Harry. But, I will give Harry credit that he does try.

        I cannot wait to see what the expenses look like for the Royal Family. Tanna tweeted that they will not see any decrease in monies despite austerity cuts in the UK. There has to be a happy medium with the BRF.

        1. Cashmere on a kid is stupid, especially on a day where the kid could get messy. To me that says “I’ve got new money and I want to show that fact off”. Mothers in William’s peer group dress their children in hand-me-downs and easy to wash.

      2. I was so surprised to see Sarah at Ascot, I didn’t think Prince Phillip wanted her anywhere around him. I agree that her and Andrew have a more “open” relationship than most and it seems to work for them. How nice for their girls that even though their parents are divorced they are still friendly and can be around each other without it becoming WW3. Andrew has never been my favorite royal but I think he deserves a pat on the back for the way he has helped Sarah out over the years and it seems hasn’t been an ass about it.

        1. I agree, Lauri. Who knows who she would be if not weren’t for Andrew helping her multiple times? I think that she would be a modern day Mrs. Haversham.

        2. Yeah, I think that was really great that he’s been loyal to Sarah as a person and the mother of his kids. He’s always come to her rescue and no matter how bad things have been for her he hasn’t abandoned him. That’s something!

      3. This is Kate we’re talking about, she probably has her PA buy her specially woven cashmere toilet paper. That’s how much I think she cares about wasting the tax payer’s money. 😀

  6. The Queen looks fab in so many colors! My favorite during Ascot was the peach/apricot outfit on Day 5, second would be the mint she wore on Day 3.

    Kate is so disappointing – she can go to Prince Philip’s 94th birthday celebration at a bar at night, but not Ascot with the Queen during the day? Even Prince Harry managed to go right after meeting FLOTUS. She wants to make us believe that she is breastfeeding, how long was she at the polo match last weekend? Pfft *rolls eyes*. I don’t understand why she would waste an opportunity to flaunt new clothes and hats at Ascot, we know she wants to.

    The Yorks’ looked good at Ascot. I bet Sarah is wondering why she even divorced Andrew. Infidelity, I think, or she said on Oprah that it was the time they spent apart. She had to know that his time as a sailor was temporary so why get mad at that. I believe that Sarah, like Diana, couldn’t deal with the infidelity, so thus divorce.

    1. Actually, Sarah cheated on her husband. I’m not sure if Andrew ever did have anything publicized regarding being unfaithful to Sarah, but she certainly did. Then again, there’s people who think Andrew was quite at home on a ship with only men for company. I don’t know if I’m one of them, but it’s out there.

      1. Well, he was just embroiled in a “sex slave” scandal with that Jeffrey Epstein. So it’s probably the family circling the wagons, all hands on deck, be visible etc etc. I think he’s been cleared, but what a smear. Makes his ex look all shiny and new ;). I think the York sisters look wary when their parents are in public together

          1. Sarah said that Andrew being away in the Navy meant they didn’t see each other for long periods of time. I am not sure of the scandal about her. Could someone please explain.

          2. Laura-In August 1992, paparazzi took photos of Sarah, topless and poolside in St. Tropez with her then 4-and-2-year-old daughters, having her toes sucked by John Bryan, her American financial adviser. The Sun published them and began her exile from the Royal Family. She wanted to maintain “good relations” with the Queen and the Royal Family, even though the Duke of Edinburgh loathes the sight of her and the Prince of Wales can’t stand her, so she accepted a very small financial settlement when they divorced. The problem is she is of the money-grubbing sort. Whatever you give her she will spend without limit or compunction. It’s all “me, me, me.” She goes on Oprah and Dr. Phil and cries about her miserable childhood (lies, she had a wonderful childhood), the coldness of the royals (lies, they just don’t like elevating British trailer trash to the fourth lady in the land) and her “neediness” (read: Give me money and attention, please). The woman was Kate Middleton 25 years before Katie showed up. Absolutely loathsome and repugnant woman. You could give her a billion dollars and she’d find a way to spend all of it and whine it wasn’t enough and she’s broke the poor dear and needs more help (and money). The problem with Air Miles Andy is he’s slow enough and gullible enough to be wrapped around her finger. They live in the same house. Exes, who couldn’t be married to each other b/c she’s unreliable and a philanderer but they live in the same bloody house. Ugh. The Queen should have given her a healthy settlement and said “Go to the U.S. and keep the hell away from me.” But now Sarah will be a perpetual problem to the monarch of the day and the rest of the Family until she’s found of a heart attack in her old age, with her latest boy toy, reaching for the half-empty bottle of vodka with one hand and a vibrator with the other. Good riddance to bloody rubbish. That’s who Sarah is, Laura. It may sound harsh but it is essentially true and everyone knows it.

          3. Seth pretty much nailed it. Sarah was a breath of fresh air at first. She was considered “refreshing”. Then it turned bad. The freebies, the Budgie books, and then her autobiography, etc. Just look up It’s a Royal Knockout for an idea. I wanted to root for her, but she keeps on stumbling. And she doesn’t know when to start.

            But, I also have a soft spot for her. She was crucified by the press for her weight and antics. There were constant comparisons to Diana. Sarah and Diana were frenemies at best. Seth is telling the truth, warts and all. Sarah is searching for something and still isn’t fulfilled after all these years.

    2. Firstly, they barely dated before they rushed up the aisle. I know Sarah grew up with Andrew, but it was more an acquaintance born out of the fact that her father was Charles’s Polo manager and so they were thrown together occasionally.

      Having rushed to the altar, they barely lived together as married couple and never cemented the marriage. Frankly, i’m surprised they had any kids, so little time did they spend together, famously 42 days in the first year of marriage.

      Not to mention all the pressure she had to represent the royals with no support from family. Very similar to Diana, but she didn’t and doesn’t have Diana’s fighting spirit. When the press decided to mock her and make fun of her and call her names, all without any support from her family or friends, it’s no wonder that she cracked.

      I’m not condoning her affairs, but being left alone to cope with an extreme situation where all you receive is negative pressure and reinforcement, very few people would turn that into lemonade. And you’d be prey to silver toungued lotharios.

      Andrew didn’t really get it until she was exposed. And to his credit he never blamed her, but stood by her. They never wanted to divorce. If they hadn’t been forced to divorce, they would probably still be together or their marriage may have lasted longer. They should have been allowed to work through that crisis moment of their marriage, but the media put the boot in and they had to divorce.

      Irrespective of what they do separately, good or bad, they remain a tight family unit. I hope they will not re-marry because Sarah was so desperate to leave the palace, if not the family. She has more freedom this way.

  7. Thanks for a great Royal Roundup KMR!!! I thought all the Queen’s looked lovely in these pictures.

    Max sure can rock the large hat look and I love the burgundy/orange color combo, I would never have thought of putting those two colors together, but she certainly makes it work.

    I love Mathilde in the pale green or blue dress. Sorry, but in the first picture it looks green and in the second picture it looks blue. Anyhow, the cut is fabulous on her figure but I’m not a fan of the hat, it’s got a retro vibe to it but the dress doesn’t so maybe that’s it.

    Charlene looked lovely but I’m not a fan of the bright, red lipstick on her. Her features are so pale and delicate it seems to overwhelm. And I agree with you KMR about the white dress, the military look on the top but plain on the bottom, just doesn’t add up to a great dress imo. However, all that being said, in all the engagements she’s attended since the birth of her children she has looked wonderful. There is look on contentment and completeness to her that was missing before and her interactions with Albert are filled with so much more affection than before that frankly she could wear a gunny sack and I’d think she’d look great.

    What a great gift Daniel commissioned for his anniversary with Victoria!! I so wish that they would have another child, they both seem to enjoy being parents so much and Estelle has blossomed from all of their love and attention.

  8. KMR – June 30th is the end of the quarter – time for another report? All I’ve got is she had a baby that she presented at the hospital, used a piece of stationary for a press release for Children’s Hospice Week, released a photo that she took of a British Princess in foreign knits, and attended Trooping the Color. In 2015 – she’s spent 15 days in public. Which on June 30th will be 8% of the days… or said another way… 92% of her days have been spent privately.

    1. I just updated my “appearances total” page recently in advance of the quarterly tally. There were several park days and Trooping and the birth which I think it’s ridiculous that they counted.

      1. The park days counted? I thought she was just trying to be a good mom and be with her son at a “family” outing. (Oh, and Charlotte’s birth counted as an appearance, too)?!!!

        I am getting really sick of W&K.

        All this flaunting of PG does seem to be centered around the releasing of the finances.
        They had many, many months to satisfy the public’s curiosity and take him to one or two events with them. Or, release a few more photos.

        Just how dumb do they think people are?

        1. Lol, no the park days don’t count as official work, but they count in the “out and about that we know of” category. The court circular had Charlotte’s birth in it. George’s birth is not counted in the court circular. Don’t know what’s up with that.

          Yes, they are definitely using George as a diversion from the finances that will be released soon – this week I think. After the finance reports come out, we’ll have Charlotte’s christening and George’s birthday pics, and then we probably won’t see either of them again for a long time. Maybe we’ll get Christmas photos but maybe not. We got Christmas photos in 2014, but not 2013. So it’s not a definite.

      2. How the heck is the birth of Charlotte an “engagement” for Kate? Ugh, God these people make me ill!

  9. June 19th was also the Prince Edward and Sophie’s 16th wedding anniversary. Until Willy becomes King, I don’t really care anymore. How does Dave Clark support himself? Mooch off of Princess Beatrice? The less I say about Sarah, Duchess of York, the better. The thing about not having anything good to say… Don’t pay any attention to the supermarket rags. They make the stories up by night and sell them by day. I’d verify if they said rain is wet. I like all the colorful outfits at Ascot but some of the hats that were worn seemed really over the top (not by the royals, some of the pictures I saw from the Daily Mail).

    1. I love looking at the photos on the DM of all the race goers, my goodness some of the hats are architectural wonders!!! I did wonder at some of the outfits though as I thought Ascot had a very strict dress code.

      I’ve read that Dave Clark works for Virgin Airlines, does Bea mooch off him maybe?

      Congrats to Edward and Sophie on their 16th anniversary!!! Thanks for the reminder Seth 🙂

      1. Dave Clark used to work at Virgin Galactic, but now he works at Uber. He takes a lot of time off, though. He is always with Beatrice on all her vacations, and he hangs with her in the UK, too.

        1. Too many holidays. How is Dave going to support Beatrice without full time employment I wonder. I always like seeing the headlines in the magazines/papers when I see them and have a giggle. Harry did say not to believe everything in the papers. It is the biographies of Kate that I wonder really are true or just books bundled together quickly.

    2. Dave Clark used to work for Virgin Galactic, but now he works for Uber. But he seems to get an inordinate amount of time off seeing as he is always with Beatrice during every single one of her vacations, and hanging out with her while not on vacation.

      Lol, I don’t pay attention to tabloids except to have a chuckle at the headlines. That’s why I included pics of the headlines in the post, because I thought they were amusing and wanted to share so other people could be amused as well.

  10. Awesome round up KMR, a little tidbit from everyone!
    I don’t think anyone can wear yellow like the Queen. She glows in it.
    I don’t think the Cambridges are arguing. In fact,going by the last frame, he’s checking out her split ends. Or maybe he’s picking a piece of grass out of her hair (ya, that’s probably it ;). Hmmm
    Love Max. She could wear burlap accessorized a frisbee on her head, and I’d be like, damn, now I want a frisbee hat.
    Charlene is looking very fabulous, as well. It’s those babies. They give her confidence and bring her so much joy and purpose. Really happy for that girl.

  11. I agree with Kate being upset about something and PW calming her down. Zara looks great as a 50 year old women…. way to go Zara!!! York girls, yikes! Charlene just beautiful! Looks like PG dresses like he is in the 1800’s all the time!

  12. I don’t think George is left-handed – he held his toy car in his right hand for most of the polo match, and kicked the ball with his right foot. He also seems to use his right hand way more in other situations, like in those pictures from that park with Kate, he is using his right hand to feed the baby animal. Now I feel weird for looking at bunch of Prince George pictures and analyzing what hand he uses more, but let’s be honest, I really just wanted an excuse to look at his pictures because he’s adorable!

    1. Hi Maggie, I read this article early in the week and just thought of course a distraction is needed before the annual financial report comes out and what better distraction than Prince Chubby Cheeks. After all W&K need to deflect attention from the amount of money it costs to maintain them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustom. I did like the bit about that while the photos weren’t “staged” they certainly were “planned” similar I think to the park photos of Kate and George taken before Charlotte was born.

      1. ‘planned’, ‘staged’, ‘pap stroll’ call it any name, but it was deliberate. Especially when reporters are admitting that they were informed by KP of Kate and PG’s planned presence at the polo ahead of time AND that WK wouldn’t mind if photographs were taken.

      1. You are very welcome! I mostly enjoyed it because it was realistic about the royal family and the way they do things rather than just mindlessly being in love with everything they do at all times.

  13. Thank you for the royal round up, KMR!

    PW seems to write with his LH, plays table tennis with his RH and kicks a football with his RF…

  14. How does Maxima do it? If anyone else wore that dress and hat, I would have said, “Awful.” On her, everything struck me as awesome.

    I also love the fact that she includes orange in her many looks.

    Beatrice and Eugenie dress terribly. I just wish some stylist would help them. If Eugenie works so hard, that is a plus. Her sister? No, no, no.

    Charlene looks amazing with red lipstick. She is just so glam! Don’t like the boob pockets, though.

    Queen Mathilde is a lovely looking woman who always is so elegant.

    HM always looks so lovely, too.

    Kate and Will fighting? Why not? I think he’d be exhausting for her to live with and she would be annoying for him, as well.

  15. Thank you Rhiannon and Seth for the history of Sarah. I know Sarah was not invited to Edward and Sophie’s wedding and that was the only incident I did feel sorry for her as the York girls were much younger then.
    Kate and William are either fighting, going on holidays, partying or standing miles apart from each other. I think William needed a girl from his own circle of friends with lots of patience and being able to listen to him and for him to be able to trust her.

    1. I agree Laura, William needed a girl from his own circle. If he had married someone like that then he would be happier.
      Have a look at this post from KP, this is a great reminder of what William looked like pre_Middleton.

      1. How sad KP had to dig so far into the vault of photos to find a good picture of William, Harry, and Charles smiling and being happy with each other.

  16. Didn’t William smile at his passing out ceremony at Sandhurst? I know that was the last time I saw him. The link does not work for I am afraid. Apparently they photo shopped William’s smile at the wedding photo of Charles and Camilla. So William the petulant must have found something to smile about circa 2006.

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