Prince George spotted at park with Carole as royal finances released

Prince George spotted at park with Carole as royal finances released

Even more photos of Prince George at a farm park have come out, this time of him sitting on Carole Middleton‘s shoulders as they walk to their car. The two were spotted at Bucklebury Farm Park in Berkshire sometime last week.

Carole and George at park

Popsugar is calling George’s sweater green, saying it matches Carole’s green sweater, but George’s sweater looks blue to me. Blue sweater, blue shorts, blue socks, blue shoes… because that’s the only color they seem to dress him in.


  • I “ugh” at Chucks on toddlers. Those shoes are so expensive, why bother buying them for a kid who will outgrow them so quickly?
  • Another sweater to play outside. Is this one cashmere, too?
  • I love seeing George with messy hair.
  • Carole is totally wearing her signet ring on her right pinky finger. And is she wearing Kate’s Annoushka pearl drop earrings?
  • Why would you wear a skirt if you are taking a kid to play in a park? Wouldn’t you want to wear something more comfortable so you can play with them?
  • I wonder if Will is going to sue the photographer of these photos. He never did make a fuss at the pics of Kate and George from earlier this year, but he has sued photographers in the past and they issued a privacy warning in May.

Link to photos: Popsugar.

The royal finances were released. Prince Charles‘ travel bill is outrageous: more than £5 million (~$7.875 million*). Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s trip to New York last December cost £16,975 (~$26,700*) in airfare, while Prince Harry‘s trip to Brazil and Chile in April 2014 cost £19,304 (~$30,000*).

All in all the upkeep for William, Kate, and Harry (which Charles pays for) cost £2.9 million (~$4.6 million*). Though we have no idea how much of that went to things like Kate’s clothing and how much went to Harry v the Cambs. Why you ask? Because KP said they “can’t identify how much of it is allocated to their office” and they cannot break down specific costs. Which is either 1) utter BS, or 2) due to REALLY bad bookkeeping. If they are bookkeeping properly they should know exactly how much is allocated where, so either they have the world’s worst accountants or they are lying.

Apparently Will and Kate’s personal staff – including Nanny Maria and that new housekeeper Sadie Rice – is not paid out of that 2.9 million. But Charles has to pay for those people as well, even if it’s “privately”. Will and Kate don’t have the income to pay for them (unless Will is using his Diana inheritance, but I highly doubt that when there’s the Bank of Daddy to rely on).

In other royal finance news, Buckingham Palace is in need of £150 million worth of urgent repairs, to the point the Queen may have to move out.

*At today’s conversion rates: £1 to $1.58.

Links: Mirror. Express. People. Daily Mail.

134 thoughts on “Prince George spotted at park with Carole as royal finances released

  1. Prince George looks cute and seem to be in his element. I would never wear a skirt and that too a white one to a park! That’s disaster in waiting but of course I don’t know anyone who have money sources aka duchy to pay for wear one time only clothes that I can borrow from. I would have launder it myself if I had a stained white skirt! Happy to run around in dark workout clothes in the park!

  2. Prince George really is a brusier isn’t he. Why is George always out with Carole, Carole and Kate but never Carole, William and Kate I wonder. Carole does not look happy or at least enthusiastic. I wonder why all the blue and green as you can see the difference between the colours. I hope George enjoyed himself but his expressions are different around different people. Or maybe that is just me.

    1. It does seem weird that William is never in any of the candid shots of George out playing at parks. It’s either Kate, Carole, or Nanny Maria (or some combination). It could be that all these shots are set up by Kate and/or Carole and that’s why William is never in them, because they know he would not play along. But that doesn’t explain the shots of George with the nanny. Kate/Carole wouldn’t want those shots out there.

        1. I said the same thing further down the thread. I’ve read many books about Highgrove, Windsor Castle, etc. and the grounds look beautiful and lush. A child’s dream.

          1. Better question is: WHY do we see George in public parks with the Middletons and the nanny?” So they can be papped? I’m surprised Carole’s not wearing a Party Pieces promotional T-shirt. Too obvious?

          1. Says who, kmr? This is a fantastically wealthy family – you don’t think they might have a petting zoo? Especially Charles who takes an interest in farming? But that’s George’s Mountbatten-Windsor side of the family — The Middletons don’t have access to those lands… so they get papped doing middle class activities in public parks.

          2. I don’t know if Charles has animals or not. But Will and Kate don’t at Anmer Hall, you can see in photos and on Google Earth that they do not have that set up. And the Middletons don’t have animals. And they don’t have animals at KP or BP. The times we see George being taken to the parks with animals are Bucklebury Farm Park near the Midds, and that one near Anmer. Charles may have animals but Highgrove is not near either Anmer or Midd Manor. So it does make sense if they want to take George to see animals – because they don’t own any themselves – at a place that is close enough to only spend an hour or so, that they would hit up a farm near them.

            Or maybe they want George to interact with other kids and their own lands don’t have that?

            I don’t see why it’s such a big deal that they take him out to a public farm. George probably does play on their own grounds every single day, but occasionally they take him to a public farm to either see animals or interact with other kids.

        2. Marie Antoinette had a miniature farm where she played shepherdess. I think William would be furious at Kate and the Middleton family if they were staged. They know his insecurities no doubt after a few family suppers. I think Nanny Maria is just unlucky that the press find out. George looks a lot more relaxed with Nanny Maria and less miserable.

        3. Km and ma carol middleton many buckleberry visits in his toddler stage, help set up P George use of buckleberry farm – just as km carole- of 3 is a crowd and middletons wanted.

          Ma Carol had to get in her two minutes of PR fame as well as POW. She seem to keep forgetting the middletons are not royal with this common signet ring thing…

          also at the Trooping… km and carol must have ordered loving Nanny Maria to change George for the balcony PR with the Royals photo appearance (middletons seem so vain/shallow); what other place is grander than appearing at HM Buck Palace to appear in formal dress and Trooping… P George was in one outfit in the window (which was more natural) compared to the change for the royal photo op (PR for km carol) on the balcony.

          Let’s hope the millions POW financial supporting and tax payers funded – will demand P and Km (pampered luxury secret life for 4 – shopping /vacations) – HM POW need to demand duties/work and KM to learn royal Protocol traditions (for these two workshy snowflakes).

          What should have began over 5-6 years ago for km – respect to HM POW RF and their traditions and duties, if she is to continue in this titled life of luxury then duties should be a condition not secretive pampered life hidden away.

          Sofia now P’ess of Sweden, has been working and performing royal duties even before marriage – P’ess Maddie is no where in the same Line as P* and is as hardworking for global charities /issues – the same of P’ess Mary other hardworking, dedicated royal ladies – Queens Max Math/ CP’ess around. It’s pass a decade for km who spend the most with renovations for two homes (and this 60k increase cost at KP -8k helicopter ride for short trips – staff when km is not working- or performing royal duties?!).

        4. Thanks Lady Blue! I can’t understand the need to go to a FAKE farm when you live on a real one AND you have (royal) relatives with REAL farms! Unless Carole thinks that a fake petting farm is actually a real one? (and Carole is just using George so she can get her photo taken?)

          1. Ok, Thanks KMR. I guess I’m too used to farms here in NZ. If the farm is working well and economically viable then the farmer doesn’t have time for visitors, petting zoos etc. But then Bucklebury Farm Park is 74 acres and I’m thinking of our family sheep station (1000 acres plus) or even a dairy/beef farm (500 acres plus). It’s good thinking from the owner of a small farm to put in other attractions to make the farm pay its way.

          2. Maybe Carole doesn’t want to have to drive to her daughter’s house everytime she wants to play with her grandson at a farm….

            Also there are benefits to petting farms vs just normal farms – like the fact that they’re actually set up for having a toddler pet them lol.

            Anyways, this is really like saying “why eat out if you have a kitchen?” Because it’s something different! Because it offers something new. Because you felt like it. I’m just not sure why they should be limited to their own farms.

          3. It makes sense that they would want to turn their small farm to having visitor’s too. Also Bucklebury Farm Park has way more than just a petting zoo. They have nature trails and a children’s play area as well as snacks and stuff. Even if W&K had animals at their house, they would not have the kind of set up that the Farm Park has.

            @Maggie: I agree with your last paragraph.

          4. The question was asked – why isn’t William engaging in this behavior? Why don’t we see HIM? And we’ve offered perspective that perhaps he prefers to play with his son privately on the millions of acres they own and not out in public for people to take photographs and gawp.

          5. @Maggie – Minneapolis
            Thank you for your comments. My point was that there are lots of farms with plenty of small/ baby animals in the royal family. If William and Kate are wanting to keep their family private and away from cameras then I’m sure a farm visit to play with baby animals and George’s cousins could be easily arranged. I am looking at this (possibly) from a different perspective than you. As I’ve spent a lot of time helping out on the family farm, especially as a child, I find petting farms fake. Sorry but I don’t agree with your last comment. Eating out is more than just about the food.

      1. I don’t think William is ever in the shots because I don’t think he spends much time with his family, and I believe shots are often staged and while he does not sue for them, he will not partake.

        The recent shots of George and the Nanny are not sue-worthy because they give the impression Harry visits his nephew.

        Seems like only occasional photos of Kate with or without George, or loving photos of Nanny with George, are “wrong” in Will’s opinion.

        So manipulative.

        1. Maybe William is at home in Norfolk or in London at KP and NOT in Bucklebury with Ma and Pa Middleton?
          Perhaps the reason for the photos was to show that George (and Kate?) is at Bucklebury Palace with the Middletons?

          1. Agree.

            Carol km and the middletons PR appeal rance as royal hang on – to show PG at buckleberry/farm as royaheir to heir… nothing to do with convenience or carol the middletons not wanting to drive to AH – we already know from reports that carol km plans is carol to take over AH staff the royal children lives (and KP if carol could), and intentions of km carol 3 some -to purchase a home (more Petulant funding another middleton home) for carol the middletons in AH.

            HM and POW must have strongly objected to funding Petulant km middleton 3 a crowd imposition on the royals and interference from carol in the royal children upbringing.

            as mentioned, Royal children are traditionally raise by loving nannies to provide stability and continuity in royal upbringing – and royals continue to represent the people, perform duties without the children affected by their parents travels.

    2. Is it traditional for the royal fathers to interact with their children via play dates at parks? The press always said that Diana broke the mold regarding these casual outings with her two little Princes. I guess no British royal fathers have followed suit? Or I haven’t noticed. The only activities royal fathers seem to enjoy with sons are hunting and playing polo.

      1. Yeah but William isn’t “traditional” he’s “doing things his way”. You’d think he’d want to emulate his mother’s model as much as possible, including playing with his son more.

  3. Richard Palmer certainly seems annoyed, doesn’t he?

    And I seriously call bullshit on the inability to account for how the money is spent. You mean to tell me that Charles can’t identify which monies are spent on professional vs. personal expenses? If he can deduct the business expense of Kate’s wardrobe off his taxes, you can bet he knows exactly how much was spent on her clothes. Probably to the penny. I don’t believe that statement for a bloody second.

    1. Who gives people millions of pounds that can’t then account for them? Where did these numbers come from if not from smaller numbers?

      Also, if the UK citizens can’t see the George pictures then how is that a distraction from the financial figures they can see? Why is Richard Palmer pointing folks to pap pictures? So that they look at something besides the figures? Curiouser and curiouser.

      1. P W and km will be the end of the Monarchy (maybe P intention) – take all the perks wealth of the Line and position – while give nothing to the people or represent HM UK GB CW as a valuable intelligent leader ( if he has nothing to give now as heir of… how will Pw as POW or worse – monarch. In time the public will make the decision to get rid … and oppose PW* km (if she is around).

      2. LadyBlue I was wondering the same thing. Why is Palmer pointing people to where they can see the photos? Obviously he is still mad about how the Cambridges released the George/Charlotte photos on twitter. What is stupid though, is Palmer will be punished for actually voicing an honest opinion instead of just going with the flow and acting like the Royals are so gracious. Palmer will now probably not be a favorable photographer and will not be invited to special photo ops. I am glad to see a photographer voicing how annoyed he is since the Cambridges pretty much control them. And the photographers are supposed to be so happy when Will and Kate throw them scraps.

        1. Richard Palmer is not a photographer, he is a royal reporter for the Daily Express.

      3. Most of the British press aren’t fans of the way Cambridges deal with them and have an even poorer relationship with them and KP then any of the other royals.

        They’re upset the international media haven’t had their teeth pulled out like Fleet Street and without compensation anymore. They have to play by the rules palace sets up without the exclusives that the royals would usually give them when it comes to W&K. The other royals still hold up their side of the deal – The Queen with BBC in 2012, Harry with ITV and BBC, Camilla and Zara (royal windsor park doco) etc.

        It will be interesting to see where this ends up.

        For now the press don’t want to rock the boat, especially now with the phone hacking inquiry, because they don’t want govt. regulation. They avoided it after Diana by started self-regulating and made changes so govt. wouldn’t step in, like not printing pap pics of the royals, deals with the palace in exchange of stalking them like William at Eton, first day of Uni, his gap year, etc.).

        1. What I don’t understand is why the press keep putting up with it. Some W&K fans insist there is regulation that you’re not allowed to publish photos of children but that isn’t true.

          Or they insist the press ban for W&H after Diana’s death was extended to their children – not true. And there are published photos – taken in public places – of Zara and Peter’s kids, Louise and James, Lady Davina Lewis and her kids, the Linley and Chatto kids.

          The press are allowed to take pictures of all of those private citizens on public property and publish them for profit. But they aren’t allowed to take photos of taxpayer-funded W&K and their kids in public places and publish those?

    2. It is standard accounting practice to separate travel from other expenses such as clothing or salaries and to show a breakdown as to which person the expenditures related too. Also, in past years they have identified how much was spent on the DoC”s clothing and such, so why can’t they this year. Lack of transparency in accounting is a huge red flag that things are not what they seem. I wonder what they are trying to hide?? Over-inflated salaries for staff, huge clothing bills for the amount of engagements carried out, separate living arrangements? It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out and it will be interesting to see what it is.

      1. Hiding km and PW increase spending for hangers on middletons – trips/many vacations – huge luxury accommodations-shopping clothing – AH renovations – from tax payers funds/Duchy (none private or Pw funds). Petulant already spent his inheritance on carol the middletons buckleberry 7 million house/sibs apartment.

        Watch groups will need to investigate the cover

    3. It has to be absolute bullshit b/c I’ve read on the Duchy’s website that there is a strict delineation between public and private funding and strict accounting for how the money is spent.

    4. I am really surprised at how little coverage this has gotten in the online papers. I thought for sure the Guardian would have something to say about it. I guess the distraction of Prince Chubby Cheeks worked.

      1. Ya I am surprised too. I guess people are easily distracted! If I were British I would have been looking for the total

    5. I think it is BS too. It makes me wonder what it is they don’t want people to see. Maybe they don’t want to admit how much Kate spends on her upkeep (hair, makeup, botox, etc)….

      1. If they can’t precisely account for expenditures, then they show themselves inept at handling money. No legit organisation would put up with that. Place the BRF on a monthly allowance, then.

    6. bluhare, if what has been stated is only for “official business” and doesn’t include things like their household staff and expenses of running that large house — where does that money come from?

      Who pays all the travel costs from Anmer to Berkshire? Is that hidden in security budgets? Or is it all taken out of Charles private stash (not the $30+ million in annual Duchy revenue) of what he claims is his personal money? Wasn’t that what Diana’s settlement was? The money Charles claimed was his personal profit from the Duchy?

      1. Diana’s settlement was all the liquid assets (i.e. cash on hand) he had at the time. He prolly built up his stash over the years.

        1. That was what was written about the settlement, that she took all he had. Question is where that money came from. Was it a percentage that Charles was taking off the top of Duchy profits and calling his “personal fortune”?

          1. No it was evidently his liquid assets at the time and a loan from the Queen’s Duchy of Lancaster funds. The Duchy of Cornwall IS Charles’ personal fortune.

          2. Just like the Crown Estate, the Duchy of Cornwall does not belong to a member of the Windsor family individually as a person. The Prince of Wales is the steward of the Duchy lands as long as there is a monarchy.

            If there was no monarchy, there would be no Prince of Wales, and those lands and all revenues from them would revert to the people as government property. That is how I understand it from some of the brilliant posters over on CB.

          3. Not quite. I misworded it slightly What I meant is that the profits from the Duchy of Cornwall is given as the private income for the Duke. Obviously the capital of the Duchy, like the Duchy of Lancaster is held in trust for future Dukes and the current incumbent does not enjoy the capital as income. The Duke is in right as the beneficiary of the Duchy but not as the outright personal owner. If the monarchy was abolished, the Duchy’s assets would be forfeited to Parliament to do with as they pleased. But the annual income from the Duchy is what makes up Charles’ personal fortune.

          4. In response to notasugarhere, wouldn’t it also be very frowned upon/a huge scandal if PC used up all of the Duchy funds during his lifetime? I may be wrong, but I have always been under the impression that the Prince of Wales is the Steward of the Duchy and is expected to run it profitably, so that he can maintain and pass on a stable fortune. That would make sense if it doesn’t really belong to any individual Windsor.

    7. I like Palmer because he seems to give so few shits at this point. He’s been burned so many times by KP that he’s just over it.

      1. Yeah I’m loving his new no bullshit approach to the royals, although it’s sad because it means he’s going to get frozen out and won’t hear leaked things and stuff as much I bet.

  4. These photos are a set-up!! Why is Carole walking around with a 1 year old around her neck… an accident waiting to happen! Ugh, it’s as if Carole is concerned about the royal finances and is trying to distract everyone….WTF. Of course they have an itemization of all of their expenses!!

      1. Yes, carol carrying the royal child very poorly (she look as if she could hardly manage) – additionally, PG is a big boy on her skinny frame – looks weird fake for this person who is insisting on ‘tea and guarding P km house ordering staff for things ‘just so’ to be in public with P George this way.

        Royal children heir to heir… need to have a much higher standard in public or would not need a RF (and loving Nanny Maria respects and honour PG as royal children, great) – carol hanging this royal heir to heir … on her shoulders seems degrading; had it been PW POW Prince Harry carrying P George this way that would be fine but seems disrespectful for a commoner middleton to do so in public. PG supposedly (until line changed) – is the royal heir to heir …

    1. I don’t get the issue with this…kids like being on people’s shoulders. Kate put George on her shoulders in Australia when he was 8 months old. It’s just something kids enjoy.

      1. Its very dangerous, IMO. I just notice something odd about the pictures. One shows Carole with her purse around her neck (with George) and in the other three photos, no purse??? What happened to her purse???

        1. The purse is never around her neck. The purse is on her shoulder. And the purse is in every single shot except when the bag part is covered by her body (due to the angle of the photograph) and/or when George’s leg is covering the strap. So the photos where there is seemingly no purse, it is because the strap on her shoulder is covered by George’s leg and the bag itself is behind her back, and due to the angle of her body to the photographer the bag is hidden.

        2. It’s dangerous to put your child/grandchild on your shoulder ? I see hundreds of people doing that all the time. I think kids just like to watch things from a higher vantage point !

          1. Guess there’s a lot of people who practice super dangerous parenting.

            Kids don’t need to be kept in bubble wrap.

            I’m sure as long as one is careful and holding on well to the child, no one is going to fall and smack their head open on the pavement.

      2. I was going to say the same thing, Maggie. Kate rode George around on her shoulders when she was playing with him in Oz. Maybe he likes that and asked for it.

        1. But he’s a bigger boy now, and Carole isn’t exactly a spring chicken, is she. This looks like a photo-op setup to me. Carole is looking pretty ragged too.

    2. How much does George weigh? Does Carole lift weights in her spare time? Being a woman of a certain age I would not even dare to attempt that, even though I do other heavy lifting. Carole, at 60, is a marvel and must still have a great sense of balance. I would love to see how she swung him up there.

      1. Have you looked at the popsugar pictures? You can see her lifting him, and there are some pictures where she looks relatively happy.

    3. She looks tense and miserable too! PG looks hot and cranky and she, in addition to aging very poorly recently, looks like she is doing a painful duty and is stressed to the max. It also looks like she’s gripping him way too hard. I’ve toted around my niece and nephew on my shoulders from when they were toddlers to now that they’re kids and I’ve never had to make a death grip on their legs like that. I am a safety nut when it comes to them, so i’d be the first to be as safe and careful as possible, but with the way she’s gripping him, it looks like it could leave bruises. He’s a sturdy little guy, so he’s probably fine, but I wouldn’t let someone like her spend time with the little ones in my family without supervision.

  5. I am going to venture that Scarole, pun intended, is SWFing her daughter’s earrings or it could be the other way around. She doesn’t look like she’s having a ball. She looks tired and irritated. Or, maybe she has resting bitch face. Georgie is cute, but they dress him like an old man.

    I’m going to guess that Will may take George out on the grounds of Sandringham or Windsor or Highgrove or BP. I’m basically saying that he may take George out on private grounds so as not to get papped. I would do the same thing if I was “fiercely private”. He and George have an easy rapport, so it can be possible.

    I want the nitty gritty like how much it costs for Kate to stay holed up at the Middleton bolt.

    1. Sadly all the Middleton women tend to have resting bitch face. They are all look better smiling. Kate is never as pretty when she has a straight face.

      1. Some years ago, I was shocked when I saw just such a face on myself in an unposed snapshot and was very dismayed at how severe I looked (I’m about the least severe person on the planet). So I’m willing to give Carol a pass here. Depending on the occasion, I make a conscious effort to perk up my features in a friendly direction, but you can’t be “on” every second.

    2. Yeah I agree with Overit – all the Middleton women have rather unpleasant resting faces. It’s because you can tell how hard their faces are then – they don’t age well and so much weight loss, tanning, and drinking can’t help. Pippa’s resting face is better than Kate or Carole’s imo and I think it’s because she’s a healthier weight.

      1. Thre’s a downright bitchy look to Carole and often Kate takes that on, too.

        Everyone has their moments, but Carole seems to be always in a nasty mood. Even a smiling photo of her seems tight and controlled.

        She didn’t seem like a happy camper to me with PG sitting on her shoulders. He is a big boy and I am sure it was not comfortable carrying him around like that. But, Carole, Queen of Marketing and PR, thought it would make her look like so wonderful a grandmother.

      2. I don’t really see a problem with Carole’s weight. I don’t know if that is just me? I am quite slim myself and my mother is has the same sort of look as Carole. To me it looks quite healthy, honestly. Kate at some points has been quite seriously underweight, IMO, but I have to say that I do like Carole’s look. I think that she has maintained herself quite well. I mean, she is close to 60 now !

        1. Carole hasn’t always been this thinthinthin. She did a big weight loss before the wedding and now she’s down in the underweight category like her eldest daughter.

        2. That’s completely fair. Carole looks quite gaunt to me in these pictures, but it might just be me. I’ve never really struggled with weight issues and have always teetered between slightly underweight and right at the borderline of healthy weight, so I understand how some people are just slimmer than others. The only reason I said anything is because Carole was not nearly as skinny at the beginning of Kate’s courtship with William, and that’s what bothers me. If she was always this skinny I wouldn’t say a thing, but I just don’t think women in their fifties (or thirties for the matter of Kate) lose so much weight without either some serious/dangerous dieting (given that Carole was always a healthy/skinny weight even when she was heavier) or healthy issues. It’s the change that bugs me, not the weight itself. But I maybe she just lost weight naturally! And I wouldn’t blame her for dieting – I just would be afraid of public pressure making some go too far, i.e. Princess Diana.

    1. I did notice that smirk on Kate’s face, too, which I thought was odd at the time, as if she couldn’t contain herself, or her mouth was trembling uncontrollably during her wedding.

      1. Oh, Violet, I’m so glad you mentioned the smirk!

        I’d been out of the BRF loop since Diana died, and knew nothing about Kate and Wills. But I do love epic weddings, especially royal ones. So I watched. And that’s what drew me back into the fold- the irrepressible smirk on Kate’s face. At times, it was as if she couldn’t hold back on it. You described her expression so perfectly- it smelled like triumph to me.

        So I have been interested in the Dolittles since then because it seemed to me that the bride did not have the sweet, joyous look of brides I had known. This was something different. Wills didn’t look overjoyed either. I had no idea she was a Waity but now the expression makes sense. It’s all been fascinating.

      2. That “smirk” was a small smile when William said “for richer, for poorer”.

  6. When I saw this yesterday my cynical side immediately emerged and all I could think was staged Carole Middleton moment. She’s been out of the public eye for a while and she wanted her moment of glory.

    “Look at how close we are! I carry him on my shoulders, we’re great mates!”

    No matter how she wants it to look, it appeared awkward to me. She didn’t look very happy during the shots. I imagine George has got some weight on him. He’s a husky little guy.

    Guess I’m just a little tired of staged photo opportunities. They are so using PG at the moment.

    Regarding the amount of money spent by the Cambridges v. Harry. You know darned well the lions share of that money went to the Cambridges. They don’t want us to know exactly how much because they are well aware of the backlash that is starting with them and they are covering their behinds.

    Just my two cents worth.

    1. It’s interesting that during the polo match, Charles did not interact with George at all, and now Carole is riding him around on her shoulders. I don’t know if the photos are staged, but it is interesting that Carole has more interaction with George than Charles does.

      1. We have seen a small subset of the photos taken that day. Even the ones posted on HATC are only a subset. Charles may have played with him in the tent out of public view. He may have played with him outside the tent – and those are more photos that aren’t being published.

        All we have is a handful of photos — an example of how we can be manipulated by a small selection of photos to believe a certain narrative. We haven’t seen the full story.

      2. I know. Interest though that Charles was interacting with Zara, Mia and the Phillips, there are tons of photos with him close by, laughing with them and his grandnephew and nieces but NONE of him interacting with PG. Not even on Getty images. As if a photographer wouldn’t take that shot if it happened. Kate was all over George, it seems like she didn’t give PC or anyone else much of a chance to play with PG. She’s seriously far removed from the rest of the RF majority of the shots.

        If the Middleton’s call in paps this would an occasion for one, Carole PR – look who’s the hands on grandparent after all the photos of PC with everyone else’s grandkids but his own at the polo.

  7. I feel like if the photos were staged, Carole would have looked far better and happier. These pictures don’t really get across the feeling of a loving grandmother taking out her grandson for a fun day at the park. And aside from that, she just doesn’t look good. That really cannot be a healthy weight for her.
    My guess is that she looks a little unhappy because it looks like George was trying to crawl down on his own and she was trying to make sure he didn’t fall.

    1. Makes you wonder why George wasn’t walking beside Carole holding her hand if he was that fidgety and squirming on her shoulders. That must have been uncomfortable for her judging by the look on her face.

    2. Yes, George was squirmy and that’s maybe why Carole looks so grumpy.

      1. …. yeah I feel like this was an irritated post. “Gee”, “Making excuses”, “We are just jaded here in NYC” “Good for you”.

        I guess some us just don’t belong here OR at HRHDuchessKate! hahaha.

      2. @bluhare and Stephanie:

        There is nothing wrong with different viewpoints, postulating different theories, or even just playing devil’s advocate.

        The only time it’s not okay is when it is super conspiracy theroy-y and not constructive. Like saying Kate used witchcraft to trap Will, or that Kate is being used by the evil Jew overlorads to turn the monarchy Jewish (I had someone send me a link to a site that said that, it was insane and disgustingly anti-Semitic).

        1. The problem I have with it, and perhaps I’m overly sensitive given the treatment the three of us have had elsewhere, is that poster took on Maggie, not what Maggie said and was snide to boot. I agree with Stephanie’s take on the comment. Chloe never countered anything Maggie actually has said, just sneered about her being optimistic. That’s a personal attack which I didn’t think was tolerated here. But it’s your blog not mine.

          1. This is what happens when I read the comments in the admin section and not on the actual site. I just skimmed chloe’s comment and didn’t realize how overly sarcastic and kind of rude it was. I’m sorry I didn’t catch that earlier. I’ll go ahead and remove it.

          2. Thank you very much! (This is to KMR for pulling the post even though it now looks like I’m talking to myself!) 🙂

        2. Bluhare and Stephanie sum up my issues with Chloe’s post perfectly. It was a personal attack, and nothing else. But oh wells. Other blogs have prepared me well for this, and in general, this blog has been far kinder to me than others and I still appreciate that.

          1. As I said to bluhare, I didn’t catch it earlier because I didn’t see it and then just skimmed it when I replied to bluhare earlier. I’m sorry I didn’t catch it earlier Maggie. I’m going to remove it now.

    3. Thanks for the support, bluhare and Stephanie 🙂
      Isn’t it funny how I’m basically called an eternal pessimist on certain blogs and an eternal optimist here? 🙂
      I have to say, this is the first time I’ve been called an eternal optimist and it was meant negatively! Hahaha.
      Chloe – I don’t really appreciate the ad-hom, but I’m going to choose to take it as a compliment, because I’d like to be an optimist just about now. Just remember that you don’t really know what my life is like, so maybe you should refrain from commenting on what it must be like. In fact, many would say that sunshine isn’t on my side right now. But whatever. Just a thought.

  8. I’m sure they CAN provide more exact breakdowns of what the money was spent on, but they just won’t. I do get why they combine the Cambridges and Harry for these reports – for one thing, they share a lot of office things, like the Foundation, certain employees, social media accounts, etc. I think they share an office too but I’m not entirely sure. They certainly share a communications team. It seems to be a trend in general to combine them as one entity, and so this isn’t just a random one-time thing. But yeah, really no reason not to separate the expenses more, except they are probably afraid of the extra scrutiny.

  9. At Highgrove, Charles has a lovely estate and encouraged his boys to be invovled with the animals and gardens.

    This is a documentary from the 90s with a glimpse into the estate, how gorgeous! To think all that’s been improved over the last 20 years.
    Harry and will make an appearance at 13:00, helping out with the lambing.

    If george, waity, and 2.0 are staying at bucklebury…
    cha-ching Lucky taxpayers. How much is it to guard them there? 10,000 pounds a week?

    Surely that money could be better spent to support the disabled brits, who are likely to have their benefits cut in a major way.

    At the same time, w&k can’t explain how they spent 4 million pounds between the two of them, while doing the least amount of engagments of the brf.
    (Sugar excuse – But there isn’t enough money for will and kate to work more)
    There is ALWAYS money in the banana stand!

    (I am guesstimating that single bachelor Harry spent around 600,000 pounds, give or take.)

    1. Didn’t William help with a calf being born years ago. I read on the Newsround website that he said it was wonderful experience and one of the best he had helping the birth and the reporter said how Kate must feel. I think Kate and Carole do seem to look awfully smug or bad tempered at times. I put it down to what they are feeling in the moment and trying to anticipate William’s needs and analysing him. Pippa as you say looks slightly better as she takes care of herself and has probably gained a more realistic expectation of things in life. Well we can hope.

    2. Ken Wharf’s comments on the costs of her staying in Berkshire with one child. Costs would go up with two.

      ‘The former Scotland Yard inspector fears this would in turn affect the royal couple’s popularity with the public, who may not be so happy about a royal baby if it means their taxes are going towards a round-the-clock security service.

      He said: “The cost implications of this operation for just a week would run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Beyond that, a stay by Kate into weeks would surely hit millions of taxpayers’ money.”’

  10. Isn’t Berkshire 3 hours from Anmer Hall? So I guess KM isn’t living at Anmer, she’s living with her mother again. Went from Trooping of the color June 13 straight to Berkshire for a week or two? Hanging out there, popping in to polo for some PR candids before the $4.6 million bombshell is released, and returning to Berkshire.

    Otherwise they took a kid on a six hour RT drive to play on a farm.

    1. I guess the petting zoos are the Midds’ version of Diana taking the kids to McDonald’s. With all the farms available to the Cambridges, with real lfe learning, perhaps accompanied by someone like grand dad Charles? Yet they take George to some other working farm instead of one that George will inherit. How does this make sense?

      And, yeah, that crossed my mind as well- they’re supposed to be holed up at Anmer, and yet they seem anywhere but there. I’m guessing Kate ran home to mummy, while Will lives the bachelor life and grabs the helicopter for a visit so his kids know who he is.

      1. I wanted to add to above comment- the farms that George will inherit…taking him to those would strengthen his identity and sense of belonging, encourage stewardship. But it looks like William would rather alienate him from his destiny in search of some perverse “normalcy”.

        1. I think that taking kids to petting zoos when they are quite young is very normal to do if you live in the countryside. When my son was a toddler he spent one morning a week at a petting zoo with our nanny as part of a nature camp. It is a nice activity for them because kids that age can not focus on toys for long and can not keep themselves entertained. Where I live many children do that regularly. I do not think it is unusual.

          1. …. but P George is not normal or a regular kid – and of all the things to learn with his curiosity, buckleberry farm is not it – as POW is reported saying, PG need to be learning about his destiny the BRF /the people (BRF have their own estates of gardens and animals and many young royal cousins). This is all Petulant way of getting away to his ‘bachelor’ lifestyle – hence ‘three in the marriage’ (km with carol as companion).

        2. When George is King, I would hope that stewardship by him is encouraged not just for the farms he personally owns, but for farms around the country which all deserve protection. He’s going to be King of England, not just King of Sandringham. I’d be much more worried if he stayed holed up on royal estates constantly because then he would know nothing about how most people live.

          1. “I’d be much more worried if he stayed holed up on royal estates constantly because then he would know nothing about how most people live.”

            I agree. Humans need to interact with other humans, and not just family members. George needs to get out and interact with other people, not just because he needs to care about the people he rules/serves (which he does), but for his own mental health and sanity (that’s not a dig at the Middletons, Kate, or William; I would say the same thing about all children needing to interact with more than just family members).

          2. The Queen has spent virtually her entire life surrounded by courtiers, ‘yes men,’ government ministers and family. The only time she was away from the Palace guard was V.E. and V.J. Days. Even when she lived in Malta like “any other naval wife,” she had trunks of clothing, a lady-in-waiting and a Scotland Yard police officer with her. Prince George has led a different if less sheltered life from the Queen.

          3. This argument that there is cause and effect in ‘normalising’ experiences certainly doesn’t take into account how William turned out. He was introduced to the ‘normal’ world at large and look at the care and concern he shows for England (not). But neither am I about to argue that his experiences among the plebs made him indifferent to his duty.

            I think that they all live in an insanely privileged bubble, IMO, no matter how they seem to get down with the peasants, no matter the change in image. George’s life is no different. Better to ask the question, what makes a good king?

          4. MaventheFirst – I agree that William did not turn out ideally. That being said, he had to deal with his parents going through a VERY public period of adultery and divorce, and then his mother’s death. While I think William is stubborn, overly obsessed with privacy, and hypocritical in the way he loves the privileges of royalty but hates all of the “obligations”, I also understand why someone would turn out the way he did when I see the kind of childhood he had. His mother and his father both used the media to try and publicly humiliate the other, which led to some uncomfortable times for William, I’m sure. And then his mother died.
            All I’m saying is that in my opinion, it is certain that having a future King interact with others is better than having them not interact with others. I absolutely agree that no matter how much they like to think they are being “normal,” they are living extremely privileged lives. That’s actually my biggest problem with William and Kate – they like to act like they are normal except for when it comes to where they live and how they live. And there is a huge risk that this will be passed onto George. But I think the risk of George being snobbish and spoiled is even greater if he never interacts with the outside world.
            TLDR: I’m not positive that the strategy of having George interact with the outside world will work, but it’s better than not trying it.

          5. Harry had the same childhood. The same parents. The same death of a mother. There are claims that Diana overshared with William, but he was away at boarding school most of the time. I doubt to what extent all of that happened and how much was exaggerated in the PR War of the Waleses.

            From a very young age, William was stubborn and refused to do what was asked. The same time William was saying, “NO!” Harry was saying, “Yes, I’ll do it.”

            William uses his mother’s death as an excuse to duck out of duty and her memory to cover all his bad behavior. Harry uses the memory of their mother to inspire his own charity work.

            They are different people, always have been.

  11. Pity the poor UK taxpayers. The Royals surely know how to spend it, even if they can’t keep track of it.

    And, now major repairs at Buckingham Palace?!

    Can you spell austerity?

    The photos of Carole with little PG are her way of showing off and letting PC know that she is Grandparent Numero Uno.

    She does have one nasty face. Can she spell S M I L E ? ? ? !!!!

    1. To be fair, BP has needed repairs for a long time, but for some reason they did not do the repairs. I want to say that last year when the fiance reports came out it was said BP did not get repairs because that money was given to W&K for KP. And then of course W&K decided to live at Anmer.

      It’s creepy when Carole smiles because her eyes turn to slits.

      I posted this above, but I’ll post it here as well since you mentioned Carole v Charles:

      It’s interesting that during the polo match, Charles did not interact with George at all, and now Carole is riding him around on her shoulders. I don’t know if the photos are staged, but it is interesting that Carole has more interaction with George than Charles does.

        1. They’re not interacting. There are several photos of George and Charles in the same frame, but none of them have the two interacting. The most interaction I saw was in one photo when Charles looks down at George as George is seemingly walking by. George isn’t even looking at Charles in that photo.

          1. If you look at the various photo agency websites, there were plenty of pictures published to get a fair idea of what happened, regardless of what the papers say.

            Both charles and harry seem uncomfortable with the cambridges these days.
            Did kate even acknowledge them on the balcony at TC?

            I guess chuck and haribo have served their purpose for waity and now that she has G&C, there is no need for them.

          2. I just chuckled reading your comment KMR, I don’t know why. I think it’s just cause it’s strange, whole idea of it is so funny… but I know the reality is not.

            The relationship btw Kate and Harry has definitely changed. All the functions where they are together are vastly different from 2011/12/13.

          3. Yes, Buckingham Palace may be in need of repairs, I am just thinking of the poor taxpayers. The Royal expenses go on and on.

            If Charles and Harry are on the outs with the Cambridges, I wonder who to blame? Something really pulled William away from his father and brother. Something or someone?

            It’s sad that PC does not have more to do with his son and grandson. Sadder, that Carole seems to be as much to blame for the rift as Catherine is. In my opinion, anyway.

            Carole’s eyes do turn into slits when she fake-smiles. I think her negative thoughts and actions are firmly planted on her face.

      1. This post got bumped way farther down than where I intended, but it’s directed to KMR why repairs weren’t done at BP. I had heard that as well that the funds were redirected to overhaul the apartment at KP and Anmer Hall, which is such a shame given that BP is the official residence of the monarch and priority should have been given to its upkeep.

      2. The problem with the Buckingham palace is that they have been almost criminally negligent about the state it is in. Old buildings need a lot of upkeep and restauration/renovation really need to be done as as soon as possible because otherwise the damage will simply escalate. So now the palace needs a major overhaul, which will cost millions and probably also make it uninhabitable as long as the repairs are going on. Furthermore, you have to factor in climate changes, especially more rain since these old buildings are partciularly susceptible to water damage. If there are cracks in the roof, walls and foundations then it gets even worse. Doesn’t the Queen have an annual amount of money earmarked for the upkeep of the royal estates? If so, then it begs the question why that money hasn’t been used for a running upkeep to minimize the damage.

        QMII’s primary residence at Amalienborg is also severely damaged, especially water damaged. I have this from a completely trustworthy source who has seen the damage first-hand. And her residence had a complete overhaul 40 years ago – so that gives you an idea of how vulnerable old buildings really are. Add on the increased rain during the last few years and it is no wonder that the water damage is so bad. Furthermore, water damage also creates problems with mold, etc. Ideally, old buildings ought to surveyed routinely and any damage dealt with immediately. However, that is not really financially feasible or practical since the inhabitants would live in a permanent renovation zone.

        A few years ago there was a very severe rainfall that damaged even new buildings. The building my father worked in was completely soaked after – and it took 1½ of renovation.

    2. Ok, I’m not British so i don’t understand, but why does the Sovereign have so many official residences? Why not choose just one, BP or Windsor? And they look like they have plenty of room to accommodate other family members as well, so why do Charles and his siblings etc. have their own huge mansions? Where do they get their private income from? Why not live together in BP? Surely it contains different apartment-like setups, or at least these kind of adjustments could be made during the next renovation.

      1. Different monarchs have had different residences over the years. Windsor Castle was built by William the Conqueror in the late-11th century. The Palace of Westminster (where the Houses of Parliament meet and where “Big Ben” is) was the principal London residence of the monarch from the 11th century onward. King Henry VIII found Westminster too small and began enlarging what became the Palace of Whitehall, which was the principal residence for the Tudor-Stuart monarchs. Whitehall grew to over 1,500 rooms and was the largest building in Europe. Most of it burned in a fire in 1698. Whitehall is now a main road in central London along which is many governmental departments such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence, Cabinet Office, etc. and is a metonym for the civil service. Anyway after the Palace of Whitehall burned down, Kensington Palace was used by Queen Anne as the principal residence b/c the gardens were relaxing and it was in a more rural area of London at the time (in the early-18th century). King George I and King George II also used Kensington Palace extensively, but the principal residence of the monarch became St. James’s Palace, where the Court officially still resides. King George III purchased Buckingham House as a country residence for his Queen and daughters. St. James’s Palace became more dilapidated by the early-19th century and in 1837 with Queen Victoria, the court moved to Buckingham Palace, where it still remains. It’s not practical for all the royals to live in one home. Most of the palaces are large entertaining spaces, offices (and apartments for staff) and other formal rooms, not living quarters for the Family. Do most 60-year-olds live with their 90-year-old parents? No, it’s not practical. I don’t know if Charles and Camilla need five mansions for the two of them like they do but having everyone live in Buckingham Palace is not practical.

  12. KMR and Maggie:

    My intention was not to be hurtful. I guess when you are reading posts, you read what you want to read. If I offended anyone, forgive me. It was not my purpose. I have not been posting lately. Often read the board, though.

    I was commenting on Maggie’s overall optimistic approach to Kate and Carole and William and if I was suppowed to state examples, sorry I did not.

    I know there are supporters of Kate here and those who rant often. I just find it interesting that someone like Maggie can remain so optimistic and have such a nice outlook all the time. That is a compliment, not a slur. I am living in jaded NYC and dealing with my own issues, Maggie, so if I sound jaded or nasty, forgive me.

    Nobody knows what goes on in anyone’s life. If yours is troubled by anyhing, I hope it improves.

    Again, it was not my intent to hurt anyone or appear nasty. I was just wondering — and I can do that, can’t I? — how one can remain so optimistic all the time. That is a gift. It truly is.

    Perps, my wording was off. It’s gone now, so I don’t even know what I wrote.

    This is a really good blog with interesting people. No intention was being made to be nasty.

  13. KMR are you going to poll us on what color Prince George will wear to Princess Charlotte christening next Saturday.

  14. What is the point of the picture? This is a mystery to me! Maybe it is crystal to others. I am hoping people would explain it to me? Thank you! Halia

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