Tiara Tour 2015: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Maxima, HGD Stephanie

Tiara Tour 2015: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Maxima, HGD Stephanie

Lots of tiaras popped up this week, so let’s take another Grand Tiara Tour of Europe on this Friday evening. Queen Elizabeth paid a State Visit to Germany with a State Dinner on the second night giving us lots of jewels and a tiara; Queen Maxima and other Dutch royals held a reception for the diplomatic corps and popped up in tiaras; and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie and the rest of the Luxembourg royal ladies put on the tiaras for National Day celebrations.

British Royals

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip paid a State Visit to Germany this week. I’ll include more photos from that visit in the Round Up on Sunday; this post is just for the tiara appearance. On the second night of the visit, June 24, they attended a State Banquet at Schloss Bellevue Palace hosted by German President Joachim Gauck.

The Queen ruby-ed it up with Queen Victoria’s Crown Ruby necklace, earrings, and brooch. She wore her favorite tiara, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara (also called Queen Mary’s Tiara as it was a wedding gift to Queen Mary, wife of George V). HM wore the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany sash and star (Germany), and the Teck Corsage Brooch pinned to the back of her sash to keep it in place.

Menu: Brown trout, horseradish and roasted lettuce heart, game broth with filled pasta, saddle of Müritz lamb with mustard and thyme, Beelitz asparagus and potato cake variation of strawberries, elderflower and Alpine buttermilk.

Dutch Royals

On June 24, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima held a gala reception for the diplomatic corps. Princess Beatrix (formerly Queen Beatrix, Willem’s mother) and Princess Margriet (Willem’s aunt) also attended.

Maxima wore an orange lace Valentino gown repeated from 2002, which actually looks very beautiful. One of my favorite gowns from Maxima. Max wore Queen Wilhelmina’s Ornate Pearl Tiara (also known as the Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara, though it has no connection to Württemberg which is why I’m leaving it out of the name). Maxima also wore a pearl brooch and earrings, and no orders.

Beatrix wore a blue dress with really poofy sleeves, and the Diamond Star Button Tiara (the stars can be changed out for pearl buttons).

Margriet wore the pearl version of the Dutch Emerald Tiara.

Luxembourg Royals

Luxembourg Royal Family l

Luxembourg National Day celebrations took place this week. As with QEII’s State Visit, I will cover more of the Lux National Day celebrations later, this is just for the gala reception held on June 23. The Grand Ducal Family hosted members of the government, heads of the administration, and foreign ambassadors, and the royal ladies showed up in their gowns, tiaras, and orders.

**The following positions are based on the above photo.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa (front row center – wife of Grand Duke Henri) wore a green dress and the Belgian Scroll Tiara (a diamond tiara with crescent, palmette, and scroll motifs), pearl earrings and brooch, and the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau sash and star (Luxembourg).

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie (front row right – DIL, wife of HGD Guillaume) wore a slinky silver dress and the Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide Tiara (a sapphire and diamond tiara with leaves and berries motif), and the Order of Adolphe of Nassau sash and star (Luxembourg). PS. I’m surprised Guillaume and Stephanie have not announced a pregnancy yet. They got married in 2012.

Princess Claire (front row left – DIL, wife of Prince Felix) wore an off-the-shoulder red dress which would have looked much better without the puffy sleeves, and some major ruby and diamond jewelry that includes earrings, necklace, and bandeau tiara. She also wore the Order of Adolphe of Nassau sash and star (Luxembourg).

Princess Tessy (back row right – DIL, wife of Prince Louis) wore a strapless purple gown and matching purple jewelry. Tessy wore the necklace, earrings, and tiara of the Luxembourg Amethyst Parure. Tessy also wore the Order of Adolphe of Nassau sash and star (Luxembourg).

Princess Alexandra (back row left – daughter) wore a blue one-shoulder gown and the Citrine or Topaz and Pearl Tiara. She also wore the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau sash and star (Luxembourg).

National Day 7

National Day 6

Photos: Getty / Cour grand-ducale/Christian Aschman / Cour grand-ducale/Marc Schmit

38 thoughts on “Tiara Tour 2015: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Maxima, HGD Stephanie

  1. Jumpy claps, jumpy claps for tiara time!!!

    Loving the ruby jewelry on the Queen!! And I agree with her on the white dress in order to highlight the jewels and of course the wonderful tiara. Is it just me or has she gotten more stunning as she’s aged?

    There’s not much to say about Max!! Perfection needs no words, simply to be. The dress, the jewels, the tiara and her best accessory, her mega-watt smile. I wish I could be so kind to Princess Beatrix but unfortunately that dress does nothing for her. Still how great to see her out and about with her son and his gorgeous wife, they all seem so comfortable together.

    Wow, the dresses worn by the Luxembourg princesses were not what I was expecting, rather sexy imo and not what one normally sees on a princess. I agree KMR the puffy sleeves on Claire’s dress really took away from the rest of the look but the jewels she wearing are stunning. I am on the fence about Stephanie’s dress, I feel that the color rather washes her out and the slinky-ness of it, I don’t know, just feels off. But on the other hand kudos to her for taking a risk. Plus she knows how to wear her hair for a tiara, she does some of the best updos I’ve seen on a royal. I too wonder when her and Guillaume will get around to having babies, Claire and Felix had one within a year of their marriage. I have noticed though that Stephanie doesn’t do many solo engagements yet so maybe she is still settling into royal life.

    1. I am in love with those rubies. I want. I love rubies.

      I wouldn’t have thought an orange lace gown could work, but Max pulled it off.

      I was shocked when I saw Stephanie’s dress. It was way more sexy than I was expecting.

      Stephanie does very little engagements in general and only a handful of solo ones.

    1. The Luxembourg’s have a lot of bandeau type tiaras which are small and dinky.

      But then they also have this:

      Luxembourg Empire Tiara

      1. That’s classified as a tiara? What’s the next level up? That’s what this boss headgear should be. Wonder how much it weighs…yowza!

      2. That is one of the really big-gun tiaras among the European royal houses. It is in the same league as the the Swedish Cameo Tiara and the Swedish Braganza Tiara! Wowza!

        It must be quite heavy though. I remember Queen Silvia saying that the Braganza is very very heavy and quite difficult to secure.

        The Cameo Tiara:

        The Braganza Tiara:

        I really do love the Wüttenberg Pearl Tiara that Max wears. She debuted it last year at their State Visit to Japan. It seems to have been gathering dust in the vault for a long time though I do know that Beatrix wore it at her wedding.

        The Girls of Great Britain really is QEII’s go to tiara. I read that she received it from her mother as a starter tiara.

        The Luxembourg royals also has some lovely art deco tiaras. They actually have quite the tiara collection (they are also the richest royal family in Europe), though I’m not keen on the citrine tiara.

  2. The Queen looks magnificent. You can still see girlish qualities in her eyes. And I say that with much love. She is one of the few women who can be dripping in jewels makes it looks classic. I love that tiara. I wonder if she will lend it to me after I marry Harry?

    Max slays again. So much perfection. Princess Beatrix is a wonder. She lost her husband and son in a very short period of time, so I will be kind. I just wish that her tiara was bigger. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to tiaras. I want them big and fabulous.

    I find it uncanny how much Gulliame and Felix look alike. I often mix the two up. Claire’s gown would be perfect if you removed those sleeves. Stephanie’s dress reminds me of the slip dresses that Courtney Love used to wear in the 90’s. There’s something about her that I can’t put my finger on. But, I’m intrigued by her.

    1. I always think what if the Queen lends the Girls tiara to Harry’s wife for the wedding? People will go nuts, considering Kate only got the dinky Halo tiara.

    2. That tiara is HM’s favorite tiara. If she lent it to Harry’s wife for the wedding or any time after, that would be shocking.

    3. Well, Beatrix’s tiaras usually get a bit lost in her big hair. When she wore the big Sapphire Tiara that Max wore at the Inauguration, you couldn’t see the sapphires at the base because of the hair.

      QEII does know how to bring the bling for state occasions. So does QMII and Queen Silvia! With the added bonus that Silvia often adds jewels in her hair – like a diamond riviere necklace casually woven into her hair do. I have a particular love of jewelled hair ornaments and I love that both CP Victoria and CP Mary seem to have been inspired by Sils lately.

        1. The Swedish RF’s hair stylist ought to give master classes in tiara hair.

          Regarding, Silvia’s use of hair ornaments and intricate hair styles: She once said that at events like tthe Nobel Dinner, a lot of people are only going to see the back of her head so she’d like for them to have something interesting to look at.

  3. I am impressed with Queen Max for being able to get into a gown at least dozen years after the first wearing.

    Is there any chance Stephanie is pregnant? Just my guess.

    1. The comment section after the article was funny. One person mentioned that of course, two couples that spend so much time and energy on behalf of charities would have much to discuss.
      Angelina and Brad do, but W&K?

      Earth to sugars, “WHAT????!!!”

    2. I saw that and wondered what they would have to talk about. Brad and Angie have been really hands on with their charities, whereas Will and Kate just pretend to be.

  4. My goodness, HM is beautiful The tiara and ruby necklace lit up her face, but even more so, that gorgeous smile!

    Maxima is gorgeous, as always. I was surprised to see the bones, though. She has lost weight and I beg her not to go down anymore. She always amazed me by her willingness to look like a real woman, not some skin and bones representative of the fair sex.

    I loved her dress very much.

  5. KMR,

    thank you so much for the jewelry post. I could look at those magnificent and unique pieces all day. Queen Elizabeth is absolutely regal. She has an astonishingly beautiful way about her…even at her age, i think she is just gorgeous….the epitome of an english rose with a resilient nature. I dread the day she is no longer going to be with us and inevitability Camilla will be a sorry replacement for such a dedicated, strong and honest person. I hope young women in Britain take stock from her Majesty and NOT Catherine…Catherine character and sorry work ethic could never hold a candle to the Queens sense of duty and tough as nails personality. I will get off my soap box now lol

  6. Wow that tiara rocks. Definitely on a par with Maxima.
    I like the different colours that the Luxembourg Royal girls are wearing. The dinky tiara’s do fit nicely on the heads of the royal girls. Was Grand Duchess Stephanie royal before she married? GD Stephanie is probably finding her style though she looks like she needs a safety pin or two. Thank you KMR.

  7. Looking good QE and DOE! Girls is my favorite tiara of all time.
    Claire Beverly Hills 90210 called (the 90’s one), they want their sleeves back. Maxima in ORANGE lace of all things but this one is great on her.

  8. What was Beverly Hills 90210? May I ask? A friend of my brother’s went to that high school where it was filmed but never explained the series. I am guessing it was a high school soap/drama.

    1. It was a TV show about a bunch of highschool friends. Two of them are brother and sister played by Jason Priestley and Shannon Doherty. I can’t comment anymore since I only watched 3 episodes. :)))

  9. I just about fell over when I saw the ruby set on the Queen. i LOVE RUBIES!!! I really think she needs to let me borrow those for a bit. I think rubies have hidden healing powers and I need to test that theory…lol

    I do love it when the ladies trot out the tiaras. Thanks for the great post.

    1. lol when you’re done borrowing the rubies, you can send them my way.

  10. I think that is one of my favourite tiaras of QEII. It’s substantial, yet delicate looking at the same time. And those rubies! I can’t even begin to fathom the number of carats in rubies she is wearing!

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