Pippa Middleton at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

Pippa Middleton at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

Anyone want a Pippa Middleton update? I haven’t covered Pippa in a long time. Pips was on hand at the GQ Men of the Year Awards to present the Innovator of the Year award to Ewan Venters. So random, right? Why would they choose Pippa to be a presenter? Anyway, Pippa sat next to Conde Nast International President Nicholas Coleridge. Nico Jackson wasn’t there. I usually call Nico the Male Waity, but I guess he decided to stop Waity-ing and got a new job in Switzerland a few months ago. Who knows whats going on with that relationship. I wonder if Pippa got paid to show up to this event. I mean, her book bombed, she was fired from her part-time article writing gigs, what does she do to make money?

Pippa wore a pale pink sequinned dress by Hugo Boss–the event’s sponsor. I don’t like it. It comes to just above the ankle. I think it’s either too long or too short. Like, it either needs to be floor-length or be knee length, cutting it off at the ankle makes it look weird. Her shoes are ugly, too. I’ll say something nice, though, I like her hair up like that; it’s pretty.

With Ewan Venters:

With Nicholas Coleridge:

Pippa at GQ Men of the Year Awards

24 thoughts on “Pippa Middleton at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

  1. pipa is not an attractive woman and her sister is also overated, so she was onthe prowl for something better, poor pippa, shes past getting any attention from wealthy men, what can she offer these men NOTHING!

  2. You’re right, the dress length is horrid and even if it were a different length, it’s dowdy. If it were floor length it would be lovely for a “woman of a certain age”. Her hair? I realize you’re stretching to find something nice to say, but really? The hairstyle is also for an older (much older) woman. She could have a youthful updo….having one’s hair “up” does not automatically mean dull, but that’s what she’s got. Why can’t Pippa and Kate get it right? They’re young enough to dress with an edge, they’re rich enough to have stylists.

    1. Re her hair: at least it’s up, you know what I mean. I’d love it if Kate were to try that hair style, just for the change of pace.

      I think it might be the color making it dowdy, too. If it were knee length and in a jewel tone it would look fine.

  3. midd women no looks, poor fashion sense, no personality, you really have to wonder what was william thinking marrying one of them! I am sorry but passion lacks in this couple, date night indeed, they looked like two co workers out for dinner!

  4. I’m the minority, but I don’t hate the dress. The ankle hemline seems to work for this not-quite-serious award gathering. Her shoes seem like hideous daywear, though. The color flatters the tan, and if she didn’t have one, it would be a case of the frumpies.

    As far as work goes, there was talk at the start of summer that she might be work for NBC. I have no idea about her articles, but ooof, her book was dead weight with mundane tips.

    1. Yes, there were rumors of a possible NBC job. I wonder what ever happened to that. Were they just rumors started by Ma Midds to make it seem like Pips was a hot commodity, or was there really a job offer but the palace squashed it? I could see it being either.

  5. No I did not need an update on a publicity-seeking scraggly-toothed young woman with a vastly overrated behind and vastly too much time on her hands evidently. Thanks anyway!

  6. I don’t hate the dress. However, I am middle-aged and no fashionista. It looks like something a woman my age would wear, if it had sleeves. Oh, and I actually really like that skirt length for evening wear. In my day it was called “tea length.” I wish it would come back in style because it’s my favorite for formalism events.

    Now, regarding Pippa, herself, I wish she would get a life,various real job or career and move on. She doesn’t need to be I. The shadow of an older sister who lives in the shadow of her husband.

    1. Pips seems to be at the stage of “famous for being famous”, unfortunately. She really needs to quit trying to become a celeb in her own right and find a career and a life that makes her happy. But then again, maybe this life does make her happy?

  7. Pippa has has the difficult situation of being perpetually “the younger sister of” and like Lee Bouvier Radziwill (sister of Jackie Kennedy Onasis) will have to carve out her own niche. I see many similarities there. At least Pippa seems a bit more normal than Kate, less stuck on herself, and comes across in general as not so much of a doormat to powerful men. Go Pippa !

    1. “Pippa has has the difficult situation of being perpetually “the younger sister of” ” Very true, and she’s tried to carve out her own thing, with the book, with some other stuff, but it hasn’t worked for her at all. I think it would be best for Pippa to stop trying to be a celeb in her own right and just go have a real career and not worry about it.

    2. I agree. “Younger sister of” will follow Pippa around till she’s grey. She does seem to have that useless sort of fame, but I do like that she did a couple sporting challenges for charity. The ones she did we’re pretty tough.

      1. I respect her for doing those challenges. She knows what her strength is, and those challenges are probably a fun way for her to help with charity.

  8. I agree that Will married the wrong one. Pippa will work. But I am tiring of seeing her so much. Maybe it’s because we see her 24/7 and we only see Kate once every 30 days.

    1. I don’t think we see as much of Pippa as we used to. For a while there she was getting papped every day. Maybe I’ve just been ignoring her. Pippa, I think, is the more outgoing of the two Middleton girls. I agree that Pippa would probably enjoy the royal work more–she definitely has more hustle than Kate. But then again, Will probably wouldn’t want that; he wants someone to be lazy with him, who oddly enough takes a lot of the blame for the lazy title and he can fly under the radar. That’s changing, though, people are criticizing him more and more for his lazy ways.

      1. I wonder what Diana would think or even do about his laziness. While I would hope that she would guide him, I also think that she would indulge him.

        1. If Diana had not died, I don’t think Will would have gotten away with his laziness for as long as he has. Charles and everyone else only indulge(d) him because of the Diana card; if Will didn’t have that, I’m sure Charles would have not indulged Will for the years following his mother’s death, and now. Also, if Diana had not died, then Will’s hatred of the press for killing his mother wouldn’t be there. Maybe we’d see a whole different Will if she were still alive. Or maybe his BS would have manifested anyway, just in a different form.

  9. I really don’t get Pippa! She should really stay out of the spotlight. Her claim to fame is being someone’s sister, that’s it. With the attention she gets from the media she has absolutely nothing to say.

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