Princess Madeleine visits Ersta Child Rights Bureau with Queen Silvia

Princess Madeleine visits Ersta Child Rights Bureau with Queen Silvia

Princess Madeleine and Queen Silvia Ersta Child Rights Bureau

Princess Madeleine and Queen Silvia visited Ersta Child Rights Bureau on September 2 in Sweden. They met four young people about their experiences with the Child Rights Office and how they helped the young people and supported them in contacting the authorities. Child Rights Office is involved in ensuring children’s rights are not violated and offers children and young people support and advise.

Some more about the agency (this text was originally in Swedish, translated via Google, so apologies for errors and weird grammar):

    “In accordance with the CRC wants Child Rights Agency strengthen individual child’s ability to understand their rights and make their voices heard… We inform children about their rights, provide legal advice and help to understand the legal processes and documents, such as asylum investigations or decisions by the social services. Child Rights Agency’s role is to work with the child to explore their situation and concerns and together formulate a mission that gives the child to Children’s Rights Office.”

Child Rights Office was founded in 2011 and has the support of the World Childhood Foundation. Queen Silvia founded World Childhood Foundation and Madeleine works for Childhood USA in New York.

On a completely superficial basis, I think Maddie looks great and professional.

Princess Madeleine and Queen Silvia and staff Ersta Child Rights Bureau
Elin Wernquist Roberts, Ann-Sofi Wetterstrand, The Queen, Stefan Nilsson, and Princess Madeleine.

Princess Madeleine and Queen Silvia and staff and people Ersta Child Rights Bureau
Frida Rybo, Soma Cato Meris, Denise, Maria Soares Lindberg, Harmonie, Ida Hellrup, Queen with William, Elin Wernquist Roberts, Henrie, Tove, Princess Madeleine and Britta Holmberg.


22 thoughts on “Princess Madeleine visits Ersta Child Rights Bureau with Queen Silvia

  1. take note kate middleton, you can wear slacks and still look professional, l like madd, she looks like a real woman no need for stick thin sickly looks:

    1. I wish Kate would dress like this when she does a pants look. It’s much better than horrible skinny jeans and giant wedges.

  2. Long flowing hair, slacks, casual jacket = a great look. But then this is Princess Madeline, a blood princess, I agree – this is how you do the look!

  3. I love the Swedish Royal Family. While they have some flaws, I am looking at you King Carl Gustav, they are a great example if being a modern royal family. CP Victoria and PD work and are beloved. They also give the press and people limited access to Princess Estelle. I think that if the Cambrdge’s did the same thing, work and show off the baby a bit, they wouldn’t have the backlash that they do now.

    1. Victoria and Daniel are really good about granting access to Estelle. They know the public wants to see her, so they bring her out and don’t complain about it. I also love that because Victoria brings Estelle to engagements, she’s showing her how to work like a royal and be engaged from a very young age, which is great.

  4. …and might I add that Queen Silvia inspired Maddie’s involvement with this charity. It shows that Queen Silvia is a role model for her girls in how to live a life of royalty and service. This makes me a bit nervous for PG as his parents are averse to work.

    1. I love that Maddie actually works for the charity, too (Childhood USA). Not only does she bring awareness via her royal platform, but she also goes into the office and is hands on with the charity.

      Re the Cambridges. Yes, I fear that George will learn his parents hatred for the royal role and royal duties. That’s the great thing about Victoria bringing Estelle to engagements, is that Estelle is learning from an early age that being a working royal is a good thing.

  5. You made a comment on the other thread about the lack of response re other Royal Families. I will tell you this, you are right. I remember reading magazines like Majesty and reading about the Denmark, Swedish, Dutch, and Monegasque (?) families. But, because of the Diana factor, more people pay attention to the British family and that is sad because they have rich histories, too. I love Queen Maxima and I don’t think that she gets enough praise.

    1. I would be willing to bet that most people in the US don’t even know there are other royal houses in Europe, let alone want to read about them. It’s unfortunate, but even royal watchers are mostly only watching the British royals–and mostly just the young ones. Posts about Sophie or Camilla and/or Charles don’t get a lot of attention either.

  6. Charles and Camilla are slowly warming up on me. I want to hate Camilla, but she is a good worker and supports the charities that don’t get the same exposure like advocating for rape victims. I feel more pity for Charles because he has waited for so long to be king. But, he was one of the first to tout organic living and environmental protection. Sophie had some early missreps , but has gets it right each and every time.

    1. Charles and Camilla have such bad raps because of the lingering mess with Diana, but they’re not terrible. I respect that they work hard for the charities that mean something to them. I respect that Charles forged his own path when one wasn’t clearly defined for him (by starting his own charities and working for things he felt passionately about decades before anyone cared about those things, like the environment). It’s a shame that his son didn’t learn anything from him.

      1. I will never warm to Charles and Camilla no matter how many good things they may do, because of the way they both treated Diana. She was a naïve 19 year old who loved Charles and thought he loved her. They didn’t try to shield her from their affair, nor did they actually admit it, either. Instead, Charles treated Diana as if she were inexplicably and unreasonably possessive and jealous. He made her seem crazy. When in fact, she had every reason to be possessive and jealous. She was the one married to Charles, and she was the one giving birth to and raising his (their) sons. It would have been better if they had all sat down before the wedding and had a candid talk about what was really going to happen after the ceremony. At least then Diana, had she chosen to go along with it, would have known what to expect. They were older, worldly, experienced, and yet they were unnecessarily unkind and cruel to a young woman who had no support system. People seem to have forgotten that Diana’s emotional issues were all a result of the way Charles treated her. It’s not as if her behavior drove him away…his behavior drove her to emotional instability.

        1. Is it possible for one to hate a person personally, but still respect them professionally? I think it depends on the person/situation. For me, it is possible in this case.

          I think Charles is a horrible person for the way he treated Diana. I think Charles is probably pretty selfish when it comes to his personal life (hey, maybe that’s where Will gets it from?), and doesn’t really respect the women in his life (he certainly didn’t with Diana; and as far as treating Camilla as marriage material, he didn’t respect her either–good enough for sex, not good enough to produce heirs–he probably treats her better now, but who knows). In his personal life, I think Charles is a dick.

          However, professionally, I respect him. I respect his sense of duty as Prince of Wales, and I respect that he created things for himself to do–the Prince’s Charities and all the charities he created. Instead of sitting back and floundering around like William the Reluctant does, Charles created something to keep himself occupied while he waits to be King. I also respect that he has ideas and stands by them, even when people are making fun of him (the environment for example; he was interested in that long before it became cool).

          So I have a love/hate relationship with Charles. Or should I say respect/hate relationship with him. I respect him professionally, but hate him personally.

          There are of course cases where the personal heinousness is so great that it overshadows the professional and therefore I can never respect the work. Like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski. They are such horrible people that I cannot respect their work. I refuse to watch their work because the men gross me out so much and I don’t want to support them in any way.

          1. You make a very reasonable argument regarding Charles’ professionalism and I have to say I see your point. He has carved out his own niche, and he hasn’t really had any support from his parents. I have to admit (reluctantly) that he does seem to take his role seriously and that is commendable.

  7. I love her outfit and the fact that she looks healthy and not starved. She is so pretty and seems to work really hard with her charities. So much more admirable than the Duchess of Wedges.

  8. I appreciate that Silvia took on this highly-charged issue, 10 years ago now. The two of them boycotted the recent Polar Music Prize because of the honors give to Chuck Berry because of his human trafficking ties. It is a fine line for them to walk as royals, and I’m glad they’re doing it. I also think working for Childhood is a great way for Maddie to serve with out being a “working royal” in Sweden. Now all they have to do is prune CP and the Snake out of the “working” family…

    1. I love that Silvia, and now Maddie through her work with the charity, took a stand with this issue. And I respect them for boycotting Chuck Berry’s prize win. They stuck to their beliefs, and that is admirable.

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