Harry, Pippa, Beatrice, and Eugenie attend wedding in Italy without William or Kate

Harry, Pippa, Beatrice, and Eugenie attend wedding in Italy without William or Kate

The young royals, Middletons, and Middleton-adjacents stepped out for the society wedding of Charlie Gilkes and Anneke von Trotha Taylor in Monopoli, Italy at the Carlo V Castle yesterday, September 19. Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice and her Male Waity boyfriend Dave Clark, Princess Eugenie, professional wedding guest Pippa Middleton and her Male Waity boyfriend Nico Jackson, James Middleton and his girlfriend Donna Air, and Carole Middleton were all in attendance. Not in attendance were the Grumpy Faced Prince William who was unable to go due to taking over the Malta trip and pregnant Kate Middleton who is stuck in London or Bucklebury or somewhere without her mommy to take care of her.

Man, Will and Kate must be so pissed right now. Will missed out on the big society wedding because Kate dropped out of Malta due to hyperemesis gravidarum, and Kate lost her nanny due to her mom attending that society wedding. Sad face.

Let’s do pictures and fashion. We’ll start with the bride because it’s her day, so Pips can just wait dammit. Anneke von Trotha Taylor wore this beautiful white lace gown with capped sleeves and a sweetheart neckline when she married Charlie Gilkes. The dress doesn’t have much of a train but she wore a cathedral-length veil. I think she looks lovely, but the hair falling in her face is a bit unfortunate. Overall, though, very beautiful.

Pippa wore a pink and purple Tabitha Webb Narcissus dress with a deep v-neck. Not going to lie, I actually think Pip looks really good here, much improved over her last fashion choice at the GQ Men of the Year Awards. Nico spiced up his dark suit with a light pink tie. He’s giving his best Blue Steel in this photo.

Eugenie wore a red dress, and I swear I can’t find a good picture of her anywhere. It’s like the photogs completely ignored her. It looks like it could have been a really cute dress, I wish we could have gotten a look at it.

Beatrice wore a white button down shirt and an orange skirt (and some really ugly shoes), while Dave Clark wore a light blue tie with his suit. I’m not feeling this outfit. I don’t like the whole “white button down shirt for formal events” thing.

Carole wore a floral patterned gown with capped sleeves in a dull shade of greenish-grey. I’m not going to say I like Carole’s style but she’s dressed better than this before. This is a miss. Donna Air wore what looks like a light blue dress with maybe a floral scarf and then belted the whole thing. Or maybe it’s all one dress? I think the light blue part would be great on it’s own.

And here’s our dear Harry–I’m putting him last because, well, his fashion doesn’t really vary. Harry wore a blue tie with his suit. I still think he looks best in a polo shirt and white pants.

22 thoughts on “Harry, Pippa, Beatrice, and Eugenie attend wedding in Italy without William or Kate

  1. Your description of the guests were spot on. I don’t know what to think of Eugenie. All I knkw is that she introduced Cressida to Harry. I’ve always felt some sympathy for the York girls due the press shredding their parents and Charles’ trimming down the BRF.

    But let’s talk about Ma Middleton. She absolutely rubs me the wrong way. She seems smug and cold. I remember reading an article about her meeting someone and finding out that they were an outsider. She said thay she needed to say hello to a friend and proceeded to go pet a dog. The one that mystifies me is Mike Middleton. The man is too quiet. I wonder what his take of this whole shebangabang.

    1. The article is in the Daily Mail. It was a while back. The reporter said where she grew up and it wasn’t posh enough for Carole. Mike was just sitting by the bar propping it up while Carole and Pippa worked the room. I would love to know what Mike thinks about the whole thing or is just so beaten down it doesn’t matter to him anymore. It would be interesting if he buys into the social climbing ethos too and just doesn’t say anything and lets his wife get all of the heat for it.

  2. You’re probably absolutely right about William and Kate being pissed. I was thinking Kate realized she couldn’t go to the wedding because of Malta and dammit if she can’t go, he sure wasn’t going either. Suddenly she’s ill enough to not only drop of out Malta, but to keep William away too.

    Love the fashion run down, Ma Middleton just doesn’t get any sympathy or compassion from me at this point. She is the ultimate schemer.

    I’m not too crazy about Harry or William in suits, I’m sure they cost a pretty penny but they seem to look off the rack to me. I think Charles’ suits are beautiful and they should take some lessons from him.

    1. Lisa, I was composing my post in my head as I scrolled down and read your post…you said exactly what I was thinking. I can’t remember which was announced first, but sometime during the summer I read that Kate was going to the wedding with William and I also read that she was going solo to Malta. Not only might the HG be an excuse, but she may have actually gotten pregnant on purpose, timing it to keep Will from going to the wedding without her.

      1. ITA with you both. And I definitely think this was an on-purpose pregnancy. Leaked for the benefit of pro-UK sentiment right before the Scottish referendum, and put into place to avoid Malta and ensuing expectations of actually stepping up her engagements.

        Unfreakinbelievable, really.

  3. so why was the middleton clan there? l thought this was pippa ex, and if so why was she attending,, does pippa even have a job, shes getting invited everywhere, a social climber no doubt, she really must stop wearing low necklines, like her sister they have droopy beasts!

  4. I Wonder that fact that Kate isn’t still hospitalized if she really feels so bad. In her 1st pregnancy she was taken there IMMEDIATELLY, so why not now ?? What do you think about sth like that: Kate lost her child (miscarriage), Royal family can’t admit that so now The Middletons and Palace are looking for a surrogate and false silicon pregnant stomach for Kate ??

  5. The reason the Middleton family was there because they where invited. As for Kate they wanted a close family maybe she got pregnant faster than they expected I really don’t think anyone uses a pregnancy to stop from going to a wedding

    1. The point is that Kate was meant to be going to Malta, representing The Queen. She could not have said that she was too sick (with HG) to go to Malta and then go to the wedding instead. The pregnancy wouldn’t/shouldn’t have stopped her going anywhere but if she could travel then Kate should have been fulfilling her royal duties.

    2. Or not intending to get pregnant, due to the photo evidence of her downing wine 1.5 weeks before they announced the pregnancy. Kind of like when she was still 1) self tanning and then 2) caught smoking on the balcony *right* before getting pregnant. Either they aren’t trying and they’re getting pregnant anyway, or she engages in a lot of behaviors while trying to get pregnant that are contrary to the advice of many medical professionals.

      The whole Middleton family decamping to the wedding just shows KM isn’t as sick as W&K want us to believe. Even William’s comments the day they announced and now do not say, “HG” but rather regular morning sickness.

        1. For some reason I tend to think that’s an old pic… like pre-wedding. Only because that pic is really close up, and if it’s recent then where are her bodyguards and why didn’t they tell the person taking the photo to stop taking photos and/or delete the photos since this person was ridiculously close to her. I could be totally off, maybe the bodyguards are cropped out and/or suck at their jobs.

          But even if it was taken near Sept. 12, that’s still after they announced the pregnancy, so still bad. But there’s really not a way to tell since the person who posted it on Twitter didn’t even know if it were new or old.

          Tabitha R is clearly a liar, no idea what her end game was.

    1. Kate was not hospitalized this time, that’s just bad reporting from the Inquisitr. In that article it says Kate was hospitalized, but then later in that same article it says that she was bring treated at KP. Bad reporting. Also, clickbait. Kate was not hospitalized this time.

  6. I think this pregnancy was planned, yes, but not for the purpose of keeping Will from attending a wedding. More like to have an excuse to get out of Royal duties. However, I do believe that when she realized the Malta trip and the wedding coincided, and there was no way she could change the dates of either event, she decided to drop out of Malta. With Mommy Dearest and little sis in attendance of the wedding, she would want to go and show off. “Severe morning sickness” gives her a perfect excuse. She doesn’t have to attend to Royal duties, the Queen can’t exactly get mad at her, and Will would look bad if he left his sickly wife to go party.

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