Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas may be back together

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas may be back together

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas were spotted together on Tuesday on a movie “date”. They were with a group of friends and they left separately, but I guess they’re back together or something. By the way, Tanna and his assistant were the ones to catch this sighting. They saw Sex Tape, that movie that bombed earlier this summer with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel.

A “friend” told the Express: “Whether or not it will last, time will tell but I think it’s quite real and passionate. There’s unfinished business there.”

Even though earlier this summer a “friend” said: “That ship has sailed. The relationship just ran its course.”

Does anyone care? I mean, I’m a bit surprised that they decided to give it another go, if in fact that’s what they’ve done, but I think I’ve stopped caring. I don’t think Duchess Cressida is going to happen, even if they are back together. But I guess we’ll see.

Cress attended the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games, if that means anything.

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  1. I’m just not feeling the whole thing. While Harry may be attracted to her for whatever reason I don’t see her making it into the family. And if she does I can see her running after a bit.

    1. I see her as Kate 2.0 for the most part. I don’t think Cress would be able to handle being in the royal family and I don’t think she’d be a great partner for Harry in terms of royal duties. She just doesn’t seem like the royal duties kind of girl.

        1. I was going to say “dress like a hobo”, but then I thought “of course they would hire her dressers and stuff and change her wardrobe”, but then I thought that wouldn’t end well, so now I think she’d end up like Kristen Stewart, you can put her in a fancy dress but that doesn’t mean she’ll look fancy. Even in a nice gown Kristen Stewart always looks uncomfortable and not put together.

        2. I don’t think Kate really struggles with the dress code. Her “mistakes” are purposely showing more than she should. I mean, I doubt if anyone at KP ever thought they’d need to tell her to wear underwear for public appearances. Having the wind blow up a skirt that she “didn’t know” should be weighted wouldn’t be such a big deal if, a) she wore panties and, b) it only happened once. That’s not struggling with the code, that’s being an exhibitionist.

  2. I actually can see Cressida as a royal family member. Her mother and older sisters would be a great support system and they could help her tone down her outrageousness into an acceptable level of spiritedness. She may not be an intellectual heavyweight, but she doesn’t seem empty to me (like Kate). I can see Cressida happily jumping into royal duties. I adore Harry and I think they could compliment each other.

  3. I kinda like her. She marches to her own beat. But, I can see that she would find the whole BRF stifling. I just want Harry to be happy because he seems that he needs to be nurtured and supported.

  4. Yeah I think she could be a good royal, if properly trained. But I think it’s possible it would be Countess Cressida, not Duchess. There’s a desire to “downsize” the Royal Family, by ignoring the Earl of Wessex’s children’s birthrights, his decision to take an Earldom rather than the Dukedom of Cambridge that was planned for him, the stripping of bodyguards away from non-“core” royals (in Charles’ mind, anyone outside his immediate family), the refusal of the media to acknowledge the existence of the Sovereign’s younger children and their families, let alone her cousins. I think they will be very conscious that Dirty Harry will be 9th or 10th in line before he passes away (assuming Georgie Porige and his NN sibling each have two or three children), so they (the Palace) probably won’t give him a Dukedom. Of course he may also get the Dukedom of York in 40 or 45 years, presuming Randy Andy lives as long as his parents have and Willy doesn’t grant the title to his second son when he’s King (presuming he has another one).

    1. Somehow I think Harry and his future wife will figure prominently in the royal calendar as William and Kate have shown time and again that they will avoid it if they can. And why not have the popular little brother pick up the slack.

      1. Hmmm…@ Lisa – I really do think that I am agreeing with you here, but I’m not certain why yet….Harry is great (’tis he who should be coming to Malta…) he’s a natural through and through and is showing steadily that he can be trusted with royal duties and wholeheartedly takes them on board. I hope Harry and his future wife choose one another for all the right reasons; whether or not his wife to be is Cressida only time will tell; there’s certainly no social climbing her family needs to do is there?? I hope they are an item again – maybe I can see her doing royal stuff – at least she has some character we can identify with…unlike some…

      2. I hope that’s the case! Harry and a partner- one with whom a real, grounded, and loving relationship is evident- would be much more preferable than William and his Waity mannequin.

    2. I think I read somewhere that Edward will be granted Prince Phillip’s title when he passes – so that legacy will live on through that branch of the family. (Phillip was a bit bitchy about the whole Windsor last name instead of Mountbatten legacy) I was looking to see if Harry was given a house by the queen or his father in honor of his 30th birthday – but no one reported it – doesn’t mean he wasn’t gifted property somewhere on their private estates. I think Harry will be made a Duke – usually granted upon wedding – Charles is far too “old school” to let that tradition die out with a son of his.

    3. DOY title is granted to the 2nd son of the monarch and assuming that 2nd son has no male descendants to inherit the title. The only way Harry will inherit it is IF He outlives Andrew whilst Charles is on the throne. IF William inherits the throne before Andrew’s death, William’s 2nd son will be in line to inherit the title. Ditto Princess Anne’s title of Princess Royal will go to William’s oldest daughter as that title is kept for that specific reason ie oldest daughter of the monarch.

      Edward requested the EoW title for very stupid reason that he loved it’s use in the film SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, and it was granted on condition that he will inherit DoE’s title when he passes away.

      It was a compromise that one of Philip’s sons inherit his title because IF he’d married regular Jane Bloggs, his oldest son, Charles, would be in line to inherit it. Unfortunately for Philip, he married a monarch whose children have status driven titles that trump his own. I think it was a nice compromise.

      Edward’s children are legally princ(ess) due to inheritance rules that govern such things, they currently have the styles that are appropriate for the children of an earl. They are allowed to pick up their proper titles later. It will be interesting to see the confusion when he becomes a Duke, but his kids choose to take up their proper titles……

      Finally, Harry will probably receive a dukedom seeing that Charles is pruning the royal family tree such that ONLY his family is important. Charles is very status conscious. He will want to elevate Harry to the appropriate rank as an important member of the family.

      1. Harry will probably be granted his own Dukedom when he marries, and will not ever be Duke of York. If William has a second son, then that child will probably be made Duke of York at some point. There is no way Charles would let Harry be granted anything less than a Dukedom. And Andrew will still be alive when Harry marries.

        If Philip had married Jane Bloggs and not Liz, then he would be still be Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. Philip only received the title Duke of Edinburgh because he married the then Princess Elizabeth and was given the title by George VI–because something about not letting Liz hold the title Princess of Wales in her own right or something.

        1. In 1944 Herbert Morrison, the Home Secretary from Wales wanted to invest her as Princess of Wales in her own right to tamp down any Welsh nationalism during the war. The King refused because he was advised that constitutionally there was no prior precedent for Elizabeth to be made Princess of Wales in her own right; that it would downgrade and degrade her own title as Princess of the United Kingdom in her own right; and there would be the problem of what to call her husband because ordinarily Princess of Wales is a courtesy title for the wife of the Prince of Wales/ Having the glove on the other hand presented the awkwardness of having a male consort with the title of Prince of Wales being substantially outranked by his wife as heiress presumptive to the throne, since the Prince of Wales is the heir apparent constitutionally but now the Princess of Wales would be. Sounds complicated to me.

      2. I am very familiar with everything you have posted here. Edward prefers a lower profile and b/c he is the third son, it is highly unlikely that he will inherit the throne baring some mass incident. There is a debate in constitutional and Wessex circles as to whether the Wessex children actually have the title of Prince(ess) as granted under the 1917 Letter Patent by George V. Since the Queen is the Font of Honour, many experts say her word in this regard IS law, since as Sovereign she can grant and ungrant titles and status at her pleasure. If she creates you an Earl today, she can uncreate you tomorrow. Edward and Sophie wanted their kids to have a more “normal” upbringing (and by all accounts are succeeding brilliantly). If James and Louise want to take up their titles upon majority, they would be Prince James and Princess Louise of Wessex, unless their grandfather has died and their father has been granted the Dukedom of Edinburgh (It can not pass to Edward directly as he is sixth in line, since the L.P. in ’47 states “the males heir of his body”, which is Charles, William, George, Henry, Andrew then Edward in that order), in which case they will style themselves as Prince James of Edinburgh and Princess Louise of Edinburgh; presuming Charles permits them as King. There is absolutely nothing to prevent him from keeping the Dukedom merged in the Crown once he succeeds to the throne.

  5. I think Cressida is bland and boring, much like Kate. She would be a *perfect* wife for William, but Not Harry. If he wants to marry, He really needs a Sophie of Wessex type. One that appeals to people, actually does work, and likes what she does. Harry has shown himself to be Diana’s kindred spirit in terms of charity work and I think he needs someone equally charitable. Not sure where/how he’d find that person. I don’t think a lot of mothers care that he’s 15th in line to the throne (or whatever), it’s the glory of having a PRINCE for a son-in-law. So he’s bound to have girls being thrown at him left, right and center. To me, it doesn’t seem like he gives a crap about getting married. More like he’d prefer to have a steady string of gfs for life. Not a bad idea for a royal.

    1. ITA re Harry marrying a Sophie type. He’s obviously some one who connects with people and enjoys the Royal work. However, he does have partying/drinking tendencies. Normally I think people have to stand alone and not rely on their spouses to keep them in line, but I see Harry as someone who could really benefit from having the right type of wife.

  6. cressida has no dress code nor work ethics, she needs to look for an aristo who can pay for her lazy lifestyle, kate is enough shes is a disaster, two of this type the monarchy will be a total mess mess, he needs a woman who is confident enough to be out there, kate and cress are always MIA doing what exactly,??

  7. I was disappointed William married Kate.
    Hopefully Harry can find the right girl for him. It might not be Cressida. The Royal family would not be too accepting of her I believe.

  8. Call me sentimental, but I loved Chelsy. She was her own woman and was smart as a whip. You can tell that she loved Harry and truly supported him. While she parties, she so works as a lawyer. I will always hope that they find their way back to each other.

  9. yep chelsy was the real deal for him, they were a beautifiul couple, but she got too much hate from the media, while praising the stalker, surprise who turned out better chelsy of course!

  10. I don’t think Kate would be too pleased with Harry marrying Cress. Although I do think Cress wouldn’t marry Harry because she seems to hate the life that comes with him. If ever they do marry, I imagine Harry would be dragging her down the aisle (figuratively speaking)

  11. I used to wish that Harry would marry Cressida because she would be a total thorn in waity’s side. Now, however, I don’t care at all about how waity katie feels but I have come to have a lot of regard for Harry….sure he parties and does asinine things but he ALSO comes across as genuinely caring about people and does some remarkable things without the need for the cameras and press. I know that the cameras and press are why I feel the way I do about him but it just seems that Harry doesn’t play to them…he just does what he does because he is who he is. I love the dig he took at his brother…..something to the effect of being delighted to see him suffer more. (when the second miraculous awesome thrilling exciting unheard of before in the history of time coming of the 2nd coming for the 2nd time). THE SPARE is conceived and currently residing in the ever so royal hoo ha….and we’ve all seen the exit:) Anyway, back to Harry…..I am not sure that he wants to be married and I simply wish him the best. The best possible wife/or the freedom of bachelorhood.

  12. Oops….not the hoo ha (exit) yet….the royal bejeweled unique fabulous (probably has 7 or 8 kitchens and tons and tons of room to do whatever a royal baby does since they are totally and absolutely different from any other baby…hmmm….wonder if the servants will fit…oh wait….they can’t breathe in water…however holy that water may be) womb.

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