Kate has dropped out of Malta; William will go instead

Kate has dropped out of Malta; William will go instead

Shocking news, you guys, Kate Middleton has pulled out of her trip to Malta. Because, you know, she’s still just oh so sick with her hyperemesis gravidarum due to her second pregnancy. Prince William will go instead. Because that flying training he was supposed to start isn’t that important (even though his excuse for not going to Malta before was apparently flying exams).

You know what’s interesting, the fact that they were still considering whether she would go as late as yesterday night. This announcement was supposed to be yesterday, but then KP announced that Kate and Will were meeting with Kate’s doctors to decide if she was well enough to travel. So she was clearly well enough to considering going on the trip, but just not well enough to be cleared to travel. So… she’s really not that sick then, right. I mean, clearly we all know that she doesn’t have HG (and constantly talking about Kate’s fake vomiting makes me want to vomit for real), but she could have been a little bit sick, so not being allowed to travel makes sense, but that doesn’t mean she’s terribly sick, you know. She could easily be well enough to do appearances in England. But of course that won’t happen–unless there’s something super fun going on–because Kate will ride this wave of excuses as long as she can.

I’m really not all that surprised Kate dropped out. I mean, that’s the whole point of having the HG, right, so she doesn’t have to do any royal duties that aren’t fun. I guess Malta just wasn’t fun enough. Sorry Malta.

I hate to be mean to the Maltese during their 50th anniversary celebrations, but I will probably not be covering the Malta trip like I had planned to. Unless William mentions Kate or George (or is banging Jecca Craig), he isn’t all that interesting. As much as we complain about Kate and how boring she is most of the time, William is way more boring. At least with Kate there are clothes to talk about.

And it looks like I’m not the only one dropping out of the Malta thing like Kate is. Richard Palmer posted on Twitter that he’s probably not going to Malta since Kate isn’t, because William is boring and doesn’t sell papers. I’ll be interested to see how many royal reporters go on the trip. Hardly anyone went to Canada with Charles and Camilla earlier this year, and no one went to Canada with Edward and Sophie this past week.

PS. As I suspected, no one covered the “Will is in Scotland while Kate is in Bucklebury” story, except for a small line about it in one Express article. It’s interesting, the press could have made it a big deal if they wanted to about Will leaving his sick wife to go hunting, but they overlooked it for some reason. The fact that we all know Kate isn’t really that sick isn’t the point, the palace insists that she is, and Will leaving makes him look like an a-hole in that narrative. It’s the fact that their PR lies and their actions don’t match up that would have been interesting to see get called out. I wonder why the press didn’t cover it.

Oh, and William was totally partying with Harry at Clarence House last night for Harry’s 30th birthday. No sign of Kate, but clearly William doesn’t give a crap about leaving her last weekend and last night so she must not be that sick.

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    1. ..we had hoped Harry, or Sophie, but no, we get Willnot (what about those exams of his!!!) we couldn’t really care less – we are all very under whelmed – there’s more interest is when it will rain…yawn….personally disappointed as Harry would gone down very well…

  1. I’m not a fan of Kate either, and I usually agree on pretty much everything you say about her, but I think that stating that she is faking, or lying about her illness is a bit too much. I mean who would do that? And seriously, how does it work? Are they paying to the doctors, or simply just ask them to lie? And what about the people around her? Is really that easy to them to fool the people?

    I don’t get this woman… There are so many contradictory things about her: she clearly cares about her looks, and clothes, and likes the attention, and yet she avoids being seen in public (let alone doing charity). Why did she married this “prince”? Clearly not because she loves him so much (or the other way around). If she wanted palaces and luxury, then why not marry someone rich who doesn’t get this much of attention. But most importantly: why isn’t she doing what she had signed up for, instead of looking for excuses all the time?
    Really how many charity engagements she had in the past 3 months? It really pisses me off, that she could do so many goods, and yet….
    I just wanted to say this, and sorry for my English if there’s any mistake.

    1. @Dia – If you want to know why people feel she is lying about her illness, go back and read previous posts. I’ll summarize the arguments for that position here: 1) her symptoms do not match those of HG – people with true HG are bed-ridden, hospitalized, and unable to stop vomiting or do anything for months to meet the clinical definition. Last time, Kate was bouncing back from her alleged HG almost immediately afterward. Also, 2) During the previous pregnancy, she was allegedly so sick, but she felt well enough to go trouping around the Swiss Alps for a friend’s wedding, and she went to Mustique with her parents and siblings for a beach vacation. No way she could handle a long plane ride like that with HG.

      As to why she would lie about it – it gets her out of work, which she has proven herself none too fond of. And these two lie about many things, which has been proven, so . . . they might lie just because. Who knows anymore.

      All that being said, she may very well have morning sickness, and if so, I wish her well. But that’s not HG. And, at least with her first pregnancy, it certainly had a convenient way of disappearing whenever there was a function, party, or vacation she wanted to attend.

    2. She’s probably sick with normal morning sickness, I just don’t think her condition is as bad as KP says it is. During the last pregnancy and HG claim, there were so many inconsistencies that lead to the conclusion that she never had HG like they claimed, and while she was dehydrated when in the hospital (as the nurse said during the prank phone call thing), that could have been due to anything considering she wasn’t vomiting that much in the hospital (as the nurse said during the prank phone call thing). She was perfectly fine to go to a sports award show only two weeks after her hospital stay (that was a surprise that she was never even scheduled for), and in January she was perfectly fine to fly to Mustique for a vacation–8 hours in a plane there and 8 hours in a plane back, with no hospital or doctors available.

      Keep in mind the doctor’s have never actually said anything, it has always been KP/CH, so they could theoretically say anything they wanted and as long as W&K’s actions don’t contradict that, we’d be none the wiser. The doctors can’t say anything because of doctor/patient privilege not to mention they get paid handsomely for their silence. So no need to ask them to lie.

      The problem is W&K’s actions do contradict KP’s claims, often.

      As far as Kate’s many contradictions go… yeah I’m in agreement there. I really don’t understand her sometimes. She seems to want to just be a stay at home wife and mother, but with a luxury lifestyle, so really she should have married a billionaire or something instead of a prince because clearly she hates working. And she loves having her photo taken when she wants it. I think that’s the thing, she only wants the attention when she wants it and no other time.

      She’s only done 4 charity appearances this year–2 in Feb and 2 in July. Last one was July 29 she went to a SportsAid reception during the Commonwealth Games.

  2. Okay, so she got out of the possible embarrassment of not having throngs of people show up for her in Malta. William now gets that honor, big snooze.

    On another hand, what is going on with Harry and Cressida and will Kate rise up from her sick bed to scream NOOOOOOOO!!!

  3. I’m sure her doctors told her to stay home because they have to cover their collective asses. If she were to go and have something dreadful happen, whether or not it related to HG, the doctor(s) who said go would be in a world of trouble.

    I think if William had been planning to go on this trip with her, Kate wouldn’t have backed out.
    He probably didn’t want to go with her, but now that she isn’t going, Will can have a little vacation from exams, an arrogant baby, and a crabby, insecure wife. And there may well be a “banging Jecca” story for you to cover, KMR

    So will Kate be sufficiently recovered to attend the Italy wedding? I’ll bet she is, especially if Jecca is going.

      1. Agree Debbie – I reckon this “pregnancy” cough cough was all about making willy go to Malta so he couldn’t attend the wedding without her. waity’s certainly played a blinder here

        1. Hasn’t she just, Marion? I’m surprised that many more are not questioning her motives…She had a duty to represent the Queen (which I thought was pretty brave of HM knowing that she likes flashing on overseas tours) and she becomes pregnant? With birth control as it is these days? She is a laughing stock and is making the UK a laughing stock too

  4. Maybe this is even good that Kate stays. In this way she can be with her little George and take care about him. IMO she is LOVELY MOTHER 🙂 She prefers to be with her little son instead of going to Malta and leaving him with grandma and nanny 🙂

    1. @Konrad: it´s kind of nice thinking good of other people and for children in George´s age is surely the best thing if mummy is always available. I was the first year also at home with my daughter, and then started work from a home office first. I was alone caring for my child, my husband working all day, the grannies both far away, like for many other women it worked, somehow it was a very beautiful experience to take care of my own child and become a mum. But do you really believe, if she´s not attending her engagements, she cares all the time for her child? I don´t think she´s a bad person, but she is very immature. I think as long Kate is running back home to her mother to take care for her, she is not a respectable grown-up and cannot really become a mum- she stay a daughter… She has so much help form her mother and her nannies. And surely she needs a rest from her child…like we saw earlier this year in her vacation with William WITHOUT child, i don´t blame her for that, but I wouldn´t have done it so early. And all the spa, cosmetic and hair treatments, does she take Goerge with her? She can do whatever she wants, but all the hypocritical behaviour is really annoying. She doesn´t want to work and she is not that type of mother caring all the time for her child, buth she claims both for her. By the way, does George´s nanny hasn´t also the right of a rest or free time, or vacation? And who is caring for Gerorge while Kate has severe morning sickness? And where- has he come to Buckleberry as well?

  5. I know you can’t talk about William’s clothes like Kate’s, although I despise that brown belt he wears with denim, I hope some press covers his visit. After all, they’ve got the perfect headline for both days: “William covers the tour meant for Kate.”

    1. I think that it’s going to be interesting to study his demeanour. After all he’s missing out on his friends wedding, oops I mean studying for vital flying exams

  6. At least Willy will notch a few more royal “engagements” for this year instead of pretending he’s an helicopter pilot. The Queen had been on the throne for 7 years by this point. Bonnie Prince Charlie was engaged to Diana and had done duties for years.

  7. IMO THIS KATE’S HG is very strange. IN her 1st preganacy she was taken immediatelly to hospital and she spent there few days. In 2nd pregnancy she has apparently HG, too, so why she is home, at KP ?? Sb can explain this difference to me ???

    If Kate’s HG is a hoax than why she is hideing herself from public ?? Since the annoucement of her 2nd preganacy public opinion can’t see har. Why ??? If HG is a hoax than Kate feels good enough to go to the public.

    1. Kate needs to stay home until the new set of silicone fake pregnant tummy-dummies arrive by special delivery. You can never be too thin or too rich UNLESS you are supposed to be pregnant but don’t have enough body weight to conceive naturally as other women do.

      1. Yes, it can be true but, do you mean that surrogate gave birth to little Prince George, too ?? If you mean that, than why Kate can’t use fake dummies from “her 1st pregnancy” ?? Why she needs to buy new one(s) for “present pregnancy” ??

        1. And another thing: it is very beggining of pregnancy so even if Kate could bee seen WITHOUT PREGNANCY TUMMY it isn’t strange. So IMO she could go to Malta and she doesn’t have to hide herself. She can IMO normally show herself to public and when fake tummy arrived and when “pregancy” will come to this moment when tummy is bigger and bigger then Kate can wear silicone fake tummy and normally go to the public.

  8. For all you judgmental know-it-alls…. Karma can be a bitch…. I just know that the day will come when the nastiness will come back to haunt you. Shame on you! May no one have pity on you.

    1. I’m not trying to start a fight, I’m just curious…if you find these observations offensive, why do you read them? Why do you take the time to criticize others for simply having viewpoints different than yours?

      Do you really think that we are all going to say, “Oh my gosh! We’ve offended Carol! Let’s all stop having opinions!” ?

      The only good reason for reading comments in a forum/blog that represents a different interpretation than one’s own is to expand one’s mind and viewpoint…somehow I get the feeling that is not your purpose.

    2. I’ve never seen you comment here before Carole-without-an-E. Why did feel the need to suddenly pop up and reprimand everyone on a site critical of Kate for, well, being critical of Kate? It is like walking into a bar and chastising everyone for drinking in a bar. What? There is drinking in this bar?! LOL!

    3. Heh. Chiding us for criticizing Kate for the reasons we do- being fake, not giving a flying concern over the monarchy, and being super superficial- is really, really funny.

      I knew she’d drop out, that phony faker. And barely anyone seems to be covering William. It is too bad that no one thought to send Sophie.

  9. I don’t believe for a New York minute she was *ever* planning to go to Malta once she found out she was pregnant. I think they delayed announcing it until the 11th hour to make it appear as if it wasn’t a fait accompli. They really do think the people are buying what they’re selling.

    Also, I know I’m simply repeating myself, but – while she may very well have morning sickness, from which I hope she recovers, no way she has HG if she’s hiding out at the Midds’. She’d be at a hospital.

    Ah well – on a nicer note, has anyone seen the video of Harry and the little girl at the Invictus Games? A little girl got separated from her family at the concert after the Games, and was being blocked from seeing anything. Harry noticed her, picked her up, put her on his shoulders for the remainder of the concert. He really has Diana’s touch with people, unlike Will. Even if you want to be cynical and call it good PR – isn’t it better to be like that rather than the alternative?

    1. The late announcement to me signals that she’s totally well enough to do appearances, just not overseas ones. Also, it signals that she doesn’t have HG if she’s totally well enough to consider going to Malta (even if the doctors told her not to), and you don’t just recover from HG that quickly. So if they were hoping for any other message to be sent with the late announcement, then it backfired, at least for me.

      1. The late reply, to me, signals that wimpo has to go in her place. Faith accomplis. He can no longer attend the Italian wedding this weekend. Studying for flying exams..less than a week after supposedly starting his training course? Don’t make me laugh…The Lamebridges PR think we are,how stupid?

    2. How absolutely adorable…..I am American but I love Prince Harry and maybe I’m naive but I don’t see Harry playing to the cameras. He’s done some really nice things for people and seems to be genuine and unimpressed with his title. His brother on the other hand and his fake phony clingy needy desperate attention seeking…(I know I hide my feelings well so will just say it….I can’t stand kate!) Wills got backed into a corner (PR works in mysterious ways) and thew her THE ring, showed up in Church, said I do (seriously? They had been doing for years and there’s a really nasty rumor out there), did something absolutely and totally incredible and voila there’s a cute little prince (George..none of this can be blamed on him). Now here we are with a stream of sugary stories about the awesome love struck couple who saved the monarchy! Blech! Now we are being fed the ‘oh she so wanted to go and is absolutely devastated but she’s barely able to lift her head poor dear.’ What a bunch of PR generated crap and a total and utter insult to our intelligence. She is an absolute disgrace and it angers me that she takes a horrid condition and uses it to her advantage…women have suffered terribly with HG and kate ain’t one of them….not now and not with George. I really expected her to go to Malta and subject everyone to her phony grin, wave, touching her hair….NOT flashing….well, I was wrong. (the reason I thought she would is so that the press would be swooning and fawning….oh how dedicated, oh how brave, oh such courage….certainly not because she gives a rat’s ass about anything or anyone but herself (after shagging and bagging wills)….this whole thing is sickening. On a side note the Middletons’ et all sure seem to be full of themselves and consider themselves to be ever so important. (Where I live mothers who pimp out their daughters are arrested). Congratulations to Malta on your 50th year of independence:-)

  10. l dont understand these two, WHY do they hide george sooo much?? The european royals are doing an amazing job with their kids, vic and daniel are a hands on parents, even CP mary and fred of denmark kids are never locked up, oh (and danish royals have some very cute and handsome boys, george will have competition) you always see them out and about , really kate and will need to go back for parenting classes the poor kid always look constipated except with the nanny then he looks genuinely happy

  11. You know I think people are being quite hard on her about her tough pregnancies. Kate wasn’t just ‘being dramatic’ when she was hospitalized for her condition with George. It’s serious. Can you imagine feeling like absolute shit constantly? She can’t go to Malta and have a puking episode in from of the cameras lol give her a break. She isn’t a career woman, she’s a professional wife and mommy and plenty of women do the same. Hell Diana was the exact same way

    1. So, if you believe that Kate has really HG, so why she isn’t hospitalized (during her 1st pregnancy with Prince George she was) ?? How can you explain it /? In 1st and in present pregnancy she has (officially) HG – the same serious in both pregnancies. So why is the difference ??

      1. Yes, in which way is Kate like Diana?
        I found a note on the internet, where Diana was at the same age like Kate:Only two stories from the life which speak for themselves:
        “Winter 1994. Diana drives through the streets of London. It is bitterly cold. She stops by a bridge under which junkies and homeless people are spending the night. Flotsam and jetsam of society. The 23 year-old social worker Paul George: “Diana spoke with us, the poor people!” Diana didn’t just take official appointments seriously, but was also there where she was needed.
        A ballet dancer is infected with HIV. His death is just a question of time. Diana got to know him through her work with the AIDS-Help. She accompanied him on his difficult way with the illness, and asked him to phone her when he was reaching the end. For two days and three nights she held the hand of the AIDS sufferer, until he breathed his last breath.” She was 32 years old like Kate is today. But the worse thing, making people believe Kate is like Diana is: I feel so sorry for Diana´s private life, beeing betrayed and used by her husband and Camilla and then after the divorce the Press was hunting her till death with bad press!
        Kate gets mostly from all big newspapers good press… Kate is good to sell, you can write the weirdest things, nothing to do with truth, the people buy it. It´s a money-making-system, that goes on and on…

    2. I think people would be inclined to go easier on her if her previous claims of HG and her behavior meshed. Last pregnancy looked something like, “‘Oh, I am too ill to even consider working!’ said Kate as she splashed in the warm Mustique waters and planned her upcoming trip to Switzerland.” With that precedent in mind, why wouldn’t people be suspicious of her claims of debilitating illness this time around?

      1. Exactly. I would have had sympathy as I suffered this awful debilitating sickness with my first child. At no point during my pregnancy could I have gone to a glitzy gala to hand out medals and the thought of travelling in a car (let alone an aeroplane) used to send me into a panic. I certainly couldn’t have travelled to Mustique (an island with limited medical facilities) via a jet and one of those rickety Island hoppers, within a couple of weeks of ‘HG’ being diagnosed. It sickens me that people gave (and are giving her) so much sympathy for normal pregnancy sickness under the guise of HG. Diana ploughed on with engagements through hers, even though she admitted that she felt awful. I have massive sympathy for anyone who suffers with real HG. l have nothing but disgust for this charlatan and her equally obnoxious husband

    3. Yes she was!! Witnesses said that she was looking relaxed and laughing when she entered the hospital? really? And why travel that far to London. She was in Berkshire at the time so she could have travelled to the local hospital. No need for the drama and no need to announce the last pregnancy (or this one) so early. Drama queen and attention seeker

  12. @M123 kate is lazy and only cares about herself, you expect people to be sympathetic to a woman who would rather go shopping, vacay, berkshire instead of showing that she cares, working only once a week is not too ,much to ask!

  13. Does Kate need to stay off her feet until the possible ivf takes hold? This idea keeps popping into my head for some reason. It would be an excellent smoke screen to use HG as a cover. Especially if she is staying with mummy and Dada. I do wonder who is minding George. Has anyone seen George SMILE yet? Not talking abouts smirks or burps; I’m referring to a genuine giggle wholesome harhar that most toddlers have often.

  14. I’ve been both a royal watcher and a conspiracy theorist for some time now. So, naturally, I think Kate Middleton is a conspiracy; against both the British royal family and also against the world at large. My theory is that the world’s 2 biggest media moguls,Rupert Murdoch & George Soros are using Kate to undermine the longevity of the monarchy and dumb down future generations by making her the laziest, most silent, anorexic, vain, gold digging exibitionist, anti-role model in modern history. Notice how criticism and critical blogs disappear? Or, how hypocrisy and character flaws are ? Kate seems racist to me, and the exact opposite of African child nurturing Princess Diana. Whom I think would’ve totally prevented her dear son Prince William from dating, ley alone marrying were she not murdered by the paparazzi… God help us all!!!

    1. theRealness: You are so very, very correct about Kate. (I don’t know about racist part though). William had a responsibility to ensure he selected a wife who is worthy of such a position and he did not – Epic Fail!

      Kate NEVER had a serious job, for any serious length of time. Lived off her parents’ money her ENTIRE life. Never dedicated herself to charities (besides the odd one) before marriage. She enjoyed holidays, shopping, night clubbing and being available to William. What does that say about her? Why should the British accept such a woman and one who gets paid from the Public Purse? Look at the other European princesses who were commoners and married royalty – they all had careers and were accomplished women. Even William’s ex-girlfriends from very wealthy families are all working constructively.

      Kate Middleton sets women back generations. Stupid people need to stop admiring her clothes, hair and see her for what she is – a gold digger who chased a high social position over work, laziness over contributing to society, obtaining an expensive education and wasting it by not applying it, having privilege without earning it.

      Her luster will wear off over time and William and the British will be stuck with the “biggest ant-role model in modern history”. Future Queen-consort? – c’mon folks get real!

  15. I find it interesting that so much innuendo and attacks are made with no real evidence. Saying Catherine doesn’t have HG is based on hatred and jealousy. If you’ve done any reading, you would know that HG doesn’t behave the same way every time, and they were more prepared for the possibility for HG the second time. And please give me evidence for her not working. Working for your family doesn’t mean you’re not working, and in fact there is strong historical precedence for working for your family; much stronger than not. Also unless you have personal knowledge about what she does everyday, do you really know that now she only works once a week? Understand, I’m not saying that any of you are wrong, just that I would like to see someone be negative in a way that employs intelligence and facts, not just gossip.

  16. Christie, you can feel how you like, but the reason the Royal Family exists is to carry out public “engagements”, in exchange for living in quite comfortable conditions, not to mention having people bow and curtsy to them, call them “Your Royal Highness” as if being royal means they should be elevated above the rest of us b/c they were born into a particular family. Britain could just as easily designate Joe and Jane Blow as King and Queen as the Windsors. And Katie married into this family after doing very little for years. I’ve worked for my living since I was 16, spent seven years to get a bachelor’s degree while working.

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