William abandoned Kate and George for a hunting trip to Scotland

William abandoned Kate and George for a hunting trip to Scotland

Prince William is such a dedicated husband and father, you guys. His wife, Kate Middleton, is ill with hyperemesis gravidarum while pregnant with their second child, and he’s such a gentleman that he rushed home from work that one time to take care of her. He would never leave his sick wife and 1 year old son to trot off some number of miles to Scotland to go hunting… oh, wait. William was spotted in Scotland at the Balmoral estate on September 13 and 14. Clearly William thought he could slip away for a fun Scotland weekend while all eyes were on Prince Harry and the Invictus Games.

On Sept. 13, William was spotted driving to a grouse hunt, sans Kate, and on Sept. 14 William was spotted being driven (by Prince Andrew) to a church service, again sans Kate. (Photo links at end of post).

So William took a trip to Scotland last weekend after he attended the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games and some sports events the next day (that Kate was also supposed to attend but didn’t because of her “HG”).

Was Kate in Scotland, too? OR Did William leave Kate in London while he went on a solo Scotland trip?

If Kate was well enough to travel to Scotland, then she damn well better be well enough to travel to Malta. BUT if William left her in London and went to Scotland alone, then what an insensitive d-ck.

For what it’s worth, Emily Andrews (reporter for The Sun), said on Twitter:

So Kate was at her parent’s house in Bucklebury. So I guess she either wasn’t well enough to go to Scotland, or William (or his family) didn’t want her there. Still seems odd that she’s well enough to be away from her London doctors that were treating her at Kensington Palace. She better not cancel Malta, but she probably will. Emily Andrews also said this, re Malta:

I highly doubt Kate is “desperate to go”. Kate has HG so that she DOESN’T have to go.

None of the other royal reporters have mentioned Will’s trip or Kate’s whereabouts, and it has not hit the papers yet (except a brief mention of Will attending the church service in a Telegraph article, but it got overlooked due to the Queen’s supposed comment re Scottish referendum). I wonder if it will. This isn’t great PR. It makes Will seem like a jerk, and makes Kate seem well enough to leave London. Not part of the “Kate has HG and can’t do anything, and William is such a loving husband and father” storyline.

Do you want to talk about William’s wildlife hypocrisy? We could do that. This little hunting weekend is even worse PR considering William is a huge hypocrite who talks about wildlife conservation while shooting innocent animals for fun. He really is a major d-ck isn’t he.

I don’t have access to the photos, and while some of the photos are floating around Tumblr, I’m linking to the site they actually come from. I can’t seem to set the search to only include the photos I want to show, so I’m linking the individual photos (sorry about so many links). William driving himself to the hunt: here, here, here, here, and here. Andrew driving William to church: here, here, and here.

So we should know later today whether Kate will go to Malta or if someone will take her place. Stay tuned for that.

29 thoughts on “William abandoned Kate and George for a hunting trip to Scotland

  1. kate was never sick of HG or was exaggerating her condition , can u blame william kate and her family are suffocating him!

    1. Will spent 10 years with her and her suffocating family, if he didn’t like it he shouldn’t have married her. Since he did, he should now have to live with the consequences.

  2. I’m calling the HG severe morning sickness (if it’s even severe). As for Prince William, he’s showing his colors more and more as this marriage progresses.

    1. It was funny how last time her condition got downgraded in the papers from HG to severe/acute morning sickness to bad morning sickness to plain old morning sickness as her pregnancy went on. It’ll be interesting to see if they do that again this time.

    2. I’m inclined to believe she probably does get pretty terrible morning sickness. HG is more common amongst underweight pregnant women, and can even exacerbate their weight issues, leading to poor weight retention throughout the pregnancy due to malnourishment and dehydration, etc. Remember, she was unsettlingly thin throughout her pregnancy with George. I feel she has an eating disorder — perhaps bulimia like Diana — and her “HG” might be a comorbid condition. Due to her low weight, she probably does experience unusually bad nausea, and also might sort of encourage it subconsciously because she’s terrified of gaining weight.

  3. Normal women even if have HG MUST GO TO WORK !!!! So IMO Kate have to work, too!!! I know that she is a princess but if she’s pregnant she have the same obligation to work as normal pregnant women having HG. So IMO SHE MUST GO TO MALTA – that is her work.

    1. I had horrible morning sickness with my daughter, but I went to work. I would politely excuse myself and go back to work. It is not like she works a 40 hr week.

      1. She doesn’t work on an office like you. Her every move is photographed. What would she do if she suddenly became nauseous? REALLY!!

    2. I agree. I think it’s BS that she cancels all her appearances when most women can’t afford that luxury. Especially when her sickness isn’t all that bad.

      1. What if she was sick on a Royal tour with such a hectic schedule? It isn’t like she could run to a bathroom in the public eye. Really where’s your compassion???

  4. I think that the palace found an excuse that most people would not question. Until they did. The sad thing is that many women suffer worst cases than this. I find it funny that she was pictured drinking wine recently. I am sure that the vino set off the HG.

    1. I think they thought they had a great plan, make a big deal about the hospital visit and use HG as an excuse and no one will question it, but then there were so many things coming out that were in direct contradiction to that story that a lot of people started questioning the HG.

      I guess W&K want us to believe that they didn’t know she was pregnant when she was drinking the wine at that dinner. It was about two weeks before they announced the pregnancy, and at that time they said they had only known for about a week. I don’t know, that whole timeline seems off to me.

  5. Well, well well…..so prince conserve the wildlife overestimated his importance….or, he was just so upset and concerned and worried about his puking wannabe princess wife that he forgot he cares about wildlife conservation….hmmm…..it would seem that some reporters/journalists/ photographers aren’t hushing up and actually have the cahones/integrity to speak the truth. Oh my, wills must be livid but can’t control ALL the press what with the internet and all these modern methods of communication…..so, is the puking princess puking in the bejeweled toilets at the palace….or in the ones that wills bought especially for this purpose and had delivered to her mummy and daddy’s big big big new house that they had to have because they really worked hard to p**p their daughter out? Of course she was a willing and eager prostitute/concubine so can’t blame it all on mummy.
    I lost respect for the queen when she blatantly sucked up to Scotland….so much for the non involvement rules and protocol…mingling with the people….and then when they swoon and can’t possibly vote to free themselves of the leeches things go back to the way they were and everybody forgets about the sucking up which is totally beneath the Firm…couldn’t possibly have seen it…
    I hope that waity stays the hell out of Malta….oh, I know that Malta will be devastated and crushed if she doesn’t deign to grace their country but if she goes the sugar overload will be even more nauseating than…oh how brave, courageous, dedicated, giving selflessly….blech!!
    This trip is really just PR crap anyway……a royal goes to a country to help them celebrate getting rid of the royals???

    1. I can understand the BRF sending one of its members to Malta to celebrate their independence from Britain because Prince Philip was sent twice. The first time was the day Malta was granted independence, September 21, 1964; I guess the Queen didn’t go because Prince Edward was only six months old. And the second time was Freedom Day in March 1979 when Prince Philip oversaw the departure of the British forces. I found this information on Wikipedia, search Timeline of Maltese History.

  6. Kate has her nanny aka her mom looking after her…
    George has his nanny…
    So, I don’t blame William for leaving because obviously no one needs him at home.

  7. I hate to throw this out in the universe, but do you see this marriage lasting? I don’t think that Kate will ever leave, but I don’t see a lasting partnership here. If Will got tired after four years before, do you think that he can be with her for a lifetime? Thoughts?

    1. I’m of two minds. Part of me doesn’t see this marriage lasting, he will divorce her and marry someone else at some point–kind of like Charles did. But then part of me sees this marriage lasting because another divorce would be such terrible PR, but they’ll end up hating each other and never spending any time together.

    1. I’m not sure Willy ever wanted the child, he seems to resist his obligations with extreme prejudice lol. Harry made it pretty clear with his comments about enjoying his brother’s ‘suffering.’ Will’s comments about how loud George is, etc. It just seems to me that he isn’t so thrilled about settling down. Kate, absolutely, seems to have won her most coveted prize. But I don’t think Will got what he wanted- I’m pretty sure that would equate to abdicating and living a wild fun life in Africa or something.

  8. Something about Willy is so childish to me. He knows how to act the part of sensible, concerned man, but his annoyances and dissatisfactions come through often. He strikes me as being so childish about his romantic relationships- or relationship, I feel like Kate was the only one he ever had. I’m sure he had fleeting, honeymoon-phase courtships but Kate seems to have been his only real relationship. Maybe that’s why he’s such a kid about things. He may think the grass is greener, something to that effect. Can’t be held down by his obligations, must escape and be selfish when it suits and won’t cause a PR nightmare. I feel like Kate will tolerate ANYTHING from him, and has to play him like a fiddle with The Rules and all the tricks of the trade for taming alpha males. Won’t that get so old in a few years? I give it 5-10 years and she’ll have a total meltdown like Diana did. Or he’ll be jetting off to Africa for a little Craig time a bit too much and it will be a giant thing. Just my observations.

  9. I had hyperemesis graverdarum for all my pregnancies. I had to work or bills did not get paid. The doctor put me on anti nausea suppositories which helped. I worked even on the day I delivered and my pregnancies were high risk.
    People who are raised with wealth do not realize how lucky they are.

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