Duchess Kate drops out of Invictus events

Duchess Kate drops out of Invictus events

Sorry to spam you guys, but thought I’d post an update on Kate’s Invictus appearances. Kate Middleton was scheduled to attend the Invictus Games opening ceremony tonight, and an athletics event tomorrow. Kensington Palace announced this morning that she is dropping out of both. Malta is still up in the air and will be decided on closer to the time.

Kensington Palace said: “The Duchess of Cambridge will not attend the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games this evening or the athletics event tomorrow. The Duchess’s attendance on the forthcoming visit to Malta will be kept under review and a decision taken closer to the time.”

I’m not surprised at all that Kate cancelled the Invictus events. Had she attended it would have thrown a wrench into her HG claims. Why too sick to cancel Oxford but not too sick to attend Invictus merely two days later? So it makes sense that she cancelled.

As far as Malta goes, she’ll probably cancel that, too. Real shame, though. She would get so much glowing press if she still attended. Not only the glowing “pregnancy” press, but also glowing “she’s such a trooper” press.

Here’s the thing, though, Kate should be better by Malta. Malta is scheduled for the 20th and 21st, which is just under two weeks from when she announced the pregnancy. They say the doctors were able to treat her earlier than last time (when she went into the hospital), which means she’s probably not as bad off as last time (they claim she is, but if they caught it earlier then she wouldn’t have been at “I need a hospital” stage yet, so not as bad off). And considering Kate was well enough to attend the Sports Awards merely two weeks after she announced last time, then she should be feeling better by Malta. Right? So she shouldn’t have to cancel. But then again the Sports Awards were one night and Malta is 10 events in two days. So maybe not. She’ll probably cancel (especially if the HG is just an excuse to get out of royal duties). Such a bummer.

In fact, she’ll probably not work again for many months, or ever. The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English tweeted:

So expect Kate to be too sick to do anything in the form of royal duties until she pops out that kid next April. And then of course she’ll be on maternity leave for the next year. So don’t expect Kate to do anything for the next year and seven months, at least.

Prince Charles commented on the news of Kate’s second pregnancy. He was at an event yesterday and someone congratulated him on becoming a grandfather and he said: “I am already. But it’s wonderful to be a grandfather again. I’m looking forward to it – but I hope it will be a girl this time.”

According to legend, Charles always wanted a daughter and was disappointed when Harry turned out to be a boy.

Does anyone else love it when Charles smiles? I think it’s nice when he smiles. He has such a stern face when he doesn’t.

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      1. Are we supposed to think that Queen Fabiola of Belgium is a failure because she had 5 miscarriages and no living children? Her work with children, mental health, and the welfare of women in the third world makes her less of a successful royal female than workshy Kate Middleton? If W&K hadn’t had children, there are plenty of people in the BRF line.

      2. Anyone can get pregnant and have a baby or two. Honestly, Princess Anne did & she kept a busy schedule as a Royal; ditto for Zara Phillips, Sophie the Countess of Wessex, Princess Michael of Kent, the Duchess of York, Diana Princess of Wales etc. Millions of women around the world work in & around having babies so what Kate is doing is hardly unusual.

    1. Ugh. You know at one point Rebecca English was criticizing Will and Kate for not doing anything, and for the air ambulance BS. My what a quick turnaround.

  1. From comments I’ve seen other women with HG post, I don’t really think she has it. They say they spent months unable to do anything and were hospitalized during it for quite a while. Taking vacations and making appearances looking rosy cheeked doesn’t sound like HG to me, but maybe just severe morning sickness. If of course she is sick at all and is just using this as an excuse to skip out of work. Does this mean she’ll be missing Harry’s birthday party as well?

    1. If she didn’t miss Harry’s party we’d have a field day with the hypocrisy–for the sake of their PR, she better miss it. And if she doesn’t miss it and then cancels Malta, that’s some BS right there. But, yeah, I don’t think she has HG. I won’t go so far as to say she doesn’t have any morning sickness at all, because she probably does, but it certainly isn’t as severe as they would like us to believe. And she totally just uses it as an excuse to get out of work.

  2. If Kate really is sick she needs to stay home and take care of herself…or let the docs and her mom take care of her. Goodness knows Will won’t be watching after her. He has made it pretty clear that she and PG are are real drag on him. I expect him to be MIA during most of this pregnancy, just like the last one. Haven’t we all pretty much given up on this couple? Nothing they do is impressive, in spite of every possible opportunity and advantage. Sigh.

    1. Well he’s due to start his air ambulance job soon, so he’ll be able to escape into that and leave his pregnant wife to be dealt with by the help–just like his kid.

        1. He was rumored to be starting the six month training program in September. He will not be starting “work” at EAAA until if/when he completes the six month course and passes all the exams.

  3. I agree with you KMR, we will see very little of the DoC until April. She will hide in Berkshire, KP, and Norfolk. Any appearances will be very carefully planned and insulated. Once January comes around she won’t do anything until April like she did his year. I believe the HG is a huge smoke screen. It’s too played out like last time– like they dusted out the “pregnancy plan” that was used last time, with a few minor changes. Same time of year, go into hiding/vacation, friends/sources say she wants to get pregnant by December, then an abrupt announcement brought on by acute morning sickness, canceling events…I also don’t believe they didn’t know she was almost 8 weeks pregnant until she suddenly got sick. I smell a rat. Why can’t they be more transparent?

    1. I smell a rat, too. So much BS with them. And you’re right, it’s the same plan as last time only this time Kate didn’t check herself into a hospital to grab Will’s attention.

    1. Lol, they’ll use some sort of “she *needs* a vacation to recharge after all the HG, you guys, but she’s still *so* sick that she can’t work” line to explain it away.

  4. I don’t wish illness on anyone, but since there’s very little chance she has HG, I have no compunction in saying I’m glad she wasn’t there. After dropping her little bombshell Monday, she would have been the center of attention. And that’s not fair to the Games’ participants or Harry.

    I’m sure she’ll emerge for social functions, the Middleton pilgrimage to Mustique, and the numerous hair appointments and shopping trips we’ll find out about through Twitter. Otherwise very little, except for the gushing reports of how she’s getting ready for the baby and preparing little George to be a big brother, etc. I’m making myself gag just imagining it.

    1. “After dropping her little bombshell Monday, she would have been the center of attention” Very true.

      Yeah, her HG is the rare, magical kind that lets her go to weddings and vacations but prevents her from actually working. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to all the fawning that is bound to come from the pregnancy press.

    2. William and Harry and Charles, without Kate there, seemed relaxed and like it was “good ol days.” When Kate shows up William looks annoyed and or wondering what mishap she’ll do next; Harry tries to defuse things with humor; and Charles perhaps wonders if the bills are worth it as Kate twirls the hair extensions he paid for. If Kate convalesces at home for close to a year it might be quite lovely. We, the public, won’t have to endure the over saturation of the media as far as Kate is concerned.

    1. “Does Kate not like it when she doesn’t have a camera on her?” Yes. As long as she gets to say when the camera is on her. Pap photos that she didn’t set up and Twitter sightings, she doesn’t like.

    1. It’s nice that Harry’s family wanted to show their support, but yeah Kate would have done something to steal the spotlight.

      1. If they hadn’t announced the pregnancy, their showing up would be completely normal and objectionless, and a supportive thing to do. But, setting aside the pregnancy issue, I admit to being extremely annoyed that they stuck their names on the charity as its “patrons” just to up their numbers. This was Harry’s idea, his brainchild, and their using it for their purposes when they haven’t done a damn thing for it is just low.

    1. God forgive me but thank you for saying what I’m thinking…I absolutely agree that she deserves to suffer…she wants to be like the rest of us, no? The PR machine is in full gear and it angers me that they take us for fools….FORCED to announce…..no flippin’ way…..two grown people at least chronologically can be FORCED to tell the entire universe that the swimmer nailed an egg but not FORCED to do anything else….as far as HG she doesn’t have it and she didn’t with George either….she indirectly caused the death of another human being (a nurse btw who actually helped people) by whining for attention….I suspect that there was a hissy fit thrown and then when the nurse killed herself …..it was ‘oh, no big deal’ and it wasn’t….for the love of God how is she so important that someone’s prank asking about her is huge…..a woman who bared all on a balcony in France is such an important private person that one mustn’t speak of or to her? Blech! Whatever ‘previous’ emotional issues that nurse had the fact remains that this utterly selfish and arrogant female’s game pushed her over the edge….and waity and wills never looked back as far as I know…furthermore if the palace could take care of her this time they could have last time…she WANTED to be in the hospital and attract attention no matter the cost to others. A desperate insecure self absorbed woman/child.

        1. What a bitchy comment. If you can’t respect the opinions of others ( and no one said you had to like them or agree with them), then maybe this isn’t the place for you.

      1. Like I said to Leona, I don’t think Kate deserves to suffer physical harm. Comeuppance, most definitely, but not in the form of physical harm.

        Having said that, I agree W&K were not “forced” to announce, they did it for sympathy and so Kate could get out of work.

        1. I don’t wish kate or anyone else physical harm and I am sorry that I came off that way…..what I meant was morning sickness (it’s nasty but worth it in the end)….I also don’t wish ANY harm to the innocent tiny life she is carrying..I hope that she has a healthy baby for the BABY’S sake. I also enjoy seeing her humiliated and embarrassed if she’s capable of those feelings but physical harm….no. I hope I redeemed myself somewhat.

    2. Kate doesn’t deserve to suffer physical harm. I totally agree that she needs some comeuppance but that should come in some other form. Because a) she won’t learn the things she’s doing are wrong because the physical pain has nothing to do with her wrongdoings, and b) I don’t wish physical harm on anyone.

      1. I remember that when I was in labor with my daughter some nurse miscalculated and didn’t call the doctor in time….she kept telling me ‘don’t push, pant like a puppy’….for a while my mission was to track that nurse down, wait until she was in labor (ok, so not possible but…..and tell HER not to push and pant like a puppy. OT but hopefully further explains what I meant…

  5. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this baby was waity’s plan and decided without wimpo…..we will of course never know…..just like we’ll never know if there was a conception before she landed him…..what better way to trap a man than to….well, anyway…..I sincerely hope that this tiny life is healthy….the baby is a whole different ball of wax than his or her parents….

  6. it was really sad how wimpo and waity took the death of the nurse so lightly, less concerned, whether the nurse had issues or not , she committed suicide after the prank call, they could have at least shown they cared, but no… They only care about themselves only!!

    1. Let’s be honest, you know she has/had them already. They’re just being honest about it, to a point (I say to a point, because they’re all “Kate is finally getting all this help with her baby,” as if she didn’t have it already.”

  7. yep she needs a army to look after her kids, she still stalks william you know, her stalking tendencies will never end l think it will ge worse!

  8. William should be working his full time job when she gives birth, so he won’t be around to wrangle George and the new baby with her. She’ll need time to hang out with her new neighbors and exercise to get back into shape after the baby and the possibility of having two babies with George’s personality on hand is probably scaring her senseless, so here comes the staff of nannies.

  9. “to hang out with her neighbours” kate only hangs out with her family and securirty staff who have to protect her, shes not a friendly woman!

  10. What amazes me is how women who have actually had HG still defend Kate! One said she had to keep trash cans in every room in case she couldn’t make it to the bathroom. That type of condition doesn’t just go away when you feel like shopping or going on vacation!

    1. I, too, am amazed women who have suffered HG still defend Kate when it’s clear Kate doesn’t have HG (and didn’t with George). It should be the most obvious to those women that Kate is faking.

    2. I don’t know want to judge people without knowing them, but I can tell you the few women I know who’ve had real, diagnosed HG (not just bad morning sickness) have all called shennanigans on Kate. With HG you can’t get up, you’re stuck in the hospital, you are literally vomiting hours and hours a day. You can’t make sudden trips to Switzerland and Mustique and play field hockey in your heels. So those who are supporting her are, IMO, either bs-ing or they’ve just had morning sickness, not real HG.

  11. According to “New Idea” (an Australian women’s weekly magazine which is also published in NZ) Jessica Hay is saying that Kate is pregnant with twins. The same article also says that the due date is 22 April 2015. So either KP is wrong and Kate is still in touch with Jessica or Jessica Hay should sue as they are using her name to leak information.
    My other question is – how do they know it’s twins as the foetus has only been in situ 3-4 weeks? Do they know this as it is an IV baby? Or the surrogate’s doctor implanted a couple of foetuses?
    There is no problem with going down the IV path but the Malta trip has been planned for a long time so implant before the trip?

  12. Continuing from my comments above. I do think that the pregnancy announcement is more about giving Kate a reason not to go to Malta (and embarrass the Crown) than saying that Kate has HG.

  13. PEOPLE…….JUST READ ON PEREZ HILTON THAT SHE ***MIGHT*** force herself to go to Malta despite severe….yes severe morning sickness. (after 4 tries I gave up on commenting there so lost url) how brave and courageous is that…….puking in a palace and willing to leave to help celebrate Malta’s independence. So, let me get this straight….a puking royal is going to help a country who got rid of the royals celebrate that they got rid f the royals? The world waits in breathless anticipation…..will she or won’t she…….however will anyone sleep until she has weakly thumbs upped or down this terribly terribly yes I said terribly important decision….!? Well, I am going to try to sleep and await the morning’s headlines…..I can barely wait until I know…will she or won’t she…..PR much? (if she goes she’s ever ever ever so brave and ‘dedicated’ and if she doesn’t she wanted to but she can’t because the toilets in Malta aren’t ready for royal puke but she really really really really WANTED to work. She wins either way…right? HG my fat aunt Harriet after he went on the nutraisystem diet and made friends with Marie Osmund! What an INSULT to anyone’s intelligence…Good night.

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