Swedish Royals: Silvia, Madeleine and Victoria step out for Childhood’s anniversary dinner

Swedish Royals: Silvia, Madeleine and Victoria step out for Childhood’s anniversary dinner

The unexpected news of Kate Middleton’s second pregnancy has overshadowed at lot, and will continue to dominate the press until the new royal sprog is born next April (seriously, the press will find any and all reasons to talk about the royal baby, including telling us what HG is even though they did that already with the last pregnancy–and do we really need other women’s accounts of it, Daily Mail? Or other women’s accounts of dealing with two kids under two? I don’t think so). Now that I’ve gotten completely sidetracked… This post is about the Swedish royals, because I won’t let them be forgotten just because Kate decided to get knocked up again.

The World Childhood Foundation celebrated it’s 15th anniversary yesterday, September 9, and Queen Silvia (the founder), Princess Madeleine and husband Chris O’Neill, and Crown Princess Victoria and husband Prince Daniel attended the gala dinner in honor of the anniversary. Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine were busy September 8 as well when both attended the third International Council meeting held at the Royal Palace–where they discussed issues common to the four sister foundations in Sweden, USA, Brazil, and Germany.

Silvia, Madeleine and Chris Childhood dinner

World Childhood Foundation works to prevent abuse and exploitation of children around the world (particularly from sexual abuse), and supports and assists victims of abuse. There are currently over 100 programs in 17 countries.

Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine Childhood annual meeting

During the annual meeting’s lunch on September 8, Caroline Engvall spoke. She’s a Swedish journalist and author and wrote a book about childhood sex trafficking. Madeleine closed the meeting by talking about Childhood’s ThankYou campaign.

Princess Madeleine Childhood annual meeting

The gala dinner was held at Berns and the proceeds went to Childhood’s activities.

As far as fashion goes, both Maddie and Victoria opted for black lace, while Silvia went with a green/blue/gold psychedelic floral textured gown.

Silvia, Madeleine and Chris Childhood dinner full

Maddie wore Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt. A black satin (?) dress with a black lace overlay and sheer black lace long sleeves. Her earrings are by Marni.

Princess Madeleine Childhood gala dinner 3

Princess Madeleine Childhood gala dinner 1

Princess Madeleine Childhood gala dinner 2

Victoria wore a dress from the H&M Conscious Collection. Victoria’s is a black version of the white lace Tiered Gown, with tulle at the bottom and three layers of lace. Victoria wore some fabulous earrings and a head pin thing. I’m not sure what you call it, but it looks awesome.

Victoria Childhood gala dinner jewelry

Victoria and Daniel Childhood dinner full

Victoria and Daniel Childhood dinner

Here’s an extra tidbit. Prince Carl Philip drove in some race on September 7, and Maddie came out to support him. She posted a photo to her Facebook page.

Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip race

Photos: Kungahuset.se/svenskdam.se/Facebook

13 thoughts on “Swedish Royals: Silvia, Madeleine and Victoria step out for Childhood’s anniversary dinner

    1. I appreciate that Silvia went for color, but I’m not a huge fan of her dress. It’s way too 70s for me.

  1. Queen Sylvia’s dress is very 70’s, but she came of age during that time, so I guess it works for her. My biggest issue with Sylvia is her plastic surgery has left her looking like “The Joker.” It sort of freaks me out. Looking at earlier pics of the family, all three ladies have had plastic surgery, but the younger ones look very normal and natural.

    I totally respect this family for their charitable work. They do seem to take it seriously. These ladies kind of make SOME members of the BRF look like total slugs.

    1. I kind of feel badly for Silvia. Her husband is a dog, and maybe she got work done on her face because she didn’t feel beautiful because her husband cheated on her so much. Who knows, but if that were the case, I’d just feel badly for her that she thought she needed to do that. Both Victoria and Maddie have their mother’s face shape, and if they saw their mother get work done, they may have learned to not like their faces either. Which is also sad.

      Eh, I like some of Silvia’s other outfits, but I just can’t get behind this one.

  2. Yes, Silvia used to be a beautiful woman. Maddie and Victoria are very professional, well put together, and well spoken. The one thing that I admire is that Carl Philip was the heir and now Victoria had her rights restored due to her being the first born. While GB will be run by kings, Sweden will be run by women, which rocks in my eyes. I love Victoria and Daniel also. He is a handsome guy. Chris, on the other hand, gives me the creeps.

    1. I admire the Swedish government for changing the male primogeniture to non-gender specific primogeniture, and that happened in 1980, so good for them for being so progressive. Even if King Carl XVI Gustaf was unhappy about it.

      I don’t know what it is about Chris, but I kind of get a similar feeling. I want Maddie to be happy, but Chris just seems… I can’t really describe it, but “gives me the creeps” is a pretty good way of putting it. As long as Maddie is happy and he treats her right, though, that’s what counts.

      1. What is your take on Sofia Hellqvist? I don’t know too much about Carl Philip outside the fact that he is quite handsome.

        What I find interesting is that despite recent scandals, Sweden loves their Royal Family. Daniel is not an aristocrat by any form and the king hated it. A lot of people view him as a success and are proud of him. I read that at a recent event, he got a standing ovation. He seems to really take his role seriously and is a great support to Victoria. I love it when he carries her purse for her. I know that it is totally stupid to say, but most men won’t do that and that gives you an insight as to who he is.

        1. “I love it when he carries her purse for her.” So cute! I think it’s adorable that he’s willing to do that.

          I think it’s interesting, and shows how sexist Carl Gustaf is, that he hated Daniel and took forever to agree to let Victoria marry him, yet Sofia Hellqvest gets the nod right away even though Daniel was a respectable man with a respectable job and Sofia is a famewhore who sold her body and her soul to become famous–and then latched onto Carl Philip as soon as she got the chance. Now, the feminist in me wants to qualify that statement with a “women are free to choose what path they want in life” and if posing nude for men’s magazines and going on reality TV is something she wanted, then that is/was her choice. But it shows what her personality was/is: someone who would do anything to become famous. So I just don’t really trust that type of person when they latch onto a rich and/or titled man. Granted, I don’t know her personally nor am I in her head and experiencing her emotions, so I don’t know what she’s thinking, but it just seems a bit sketchy to me.

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