William and Harry comment on Kate’s second pregnancy + other info

William and Harry comment on Kate’s second pregnancy + other info

Royal Baby Mania 2.0 is officially in full swing. Odds-makers have it at 50/50 it’s going to be a boy or a girl. Do you want to see something that’s actually pretty interesting? Go here for Trendsmap’s mapping of Twitter’s response to the news of Kate Middleton’s second pregnancy. I don’t know why I think that’s cool, but I do. Anyway, this post is an update with Prince William talking about Kate during his trip to Oxford, as well as Prince Harry’s response to the news during his Invictus Games appearance (poor Harry/Invictus Games getting overshadowed by Royal Baby Mania 2.0). There is other info from “sources” to get to also.

I transcribed Will’s comments from the video below (Will’s part is 0:00 to 0:25, the rest you can skip). I left in all the um’s and uh’s and stutters and everything (the Express, etc. take those out to make his speech read better in articles, but I left them in so that you get the full experience in case you don’t want to watch the video).

William said: “Uh, she’s feeling okay, thanks. It’s um, it’s been a tricky fews days, uh week or so, but obviously we’re [really struggles over word] immensely thrilled. It’s great news, um early says but I’m hoping we’ll just things settle down and she feels a bit better. But uh it’s important that we all focus on the the big the big news and the big international and domestic things that are going on at the moment, so um that’s where my uh my sort of thoughts are at the moment. I’m going to go back and look after her now.”

He’s so awkward and hates talking about his life so much. All the um-ing and uh-ing and stuttering… get it together Will. And my how fast he shuffled off that topic and onto “the big news and the big international and domestic things that are going on” (sidenote: do you think he really has a handle on current events? That vague comment makes me think he doesn’t really). What do you think Will was thinking while talking to the press? I imagine it was something like [in a whiny 15 year old’s voice], “Ugh, you’re so annoying! Why can’t I just live my life in peace be a pilot and just be normal? Dad! I need some money to go to Mustique and decompress, these reporters are bothering me! Kate, you stay here, George is bothering me, too.” That sounds about right.

In other William news, Will shaded George again. During his trip to Oxford, Will met Erica Payne and her well-behaved 12 week old daughter, to which William said: “They’re good when they stay like that. Quiet.” We get it Will, George is loud and you really hate it. Considering how much Will complains about George, I’m surprised he and Kate are having another one.

Harry was doing his Invictus Games thing when the pregnancy news broke, and the press asked him about it. Harry said, “It’s very exciting news, I can’t wait to see my brother suffer more.” Ha ha. He also said, “The last time I saw [Kate] she was okay, feeling pretty poorly, but that’s to be expected.” So maybe Kate is a bit sick, but I still doubt it’s HG-level sick. I didn’t transcribe the whole clip of Harry talking because it lasts for a minute and that would have been too much, so here’s the video.

There are other tidbits of information to discuss. Let’s bullet point!

    *Will and Kate supposedly only found out about the pregnancy recently and told close family (including the Queen, Charles and Camilla, and the Middletons) last week. They didn’t tell their aides that she was pregnant until Sunday.

    *Oxford officials weren’t told Kate wasn’t coming until 15 minutes before KP made the announcement.

    *Kate is not yet 12 weeks. Some reports say she’s between 6-8 weeks, others say 7 weeks, one said 10 weeks. When she’s past 12 weeks KP will announce the due month (as they did last time). Though reports are saying she’s due in April.

    *Kate is suffering from the same level of sickness as last time. But because they knew her history, they were able to catch it earlier so she didn’t end up in the hospital this time. She’s being treated at KP.

    *As I suspected, the early announcement was due to dropping out of her scheduled appearances. They didn’t want rumors to spread, so they went ahead and announced it. Here are some quotes from “sources”:

    A source said: “They really didn’t want to make this news public so soon. The duchess is not even 12 weeks pregnant yet. But when it became clear that she would not be able to attend the visit and that a number of forthcoming engagements would be affected, the duke and duchess made the difficult decision to be fully open about the pregnancy. It wasn’t a decision they were comfortable with having to make but they felt they couldn’t just keep saying all week that she was ill.”

    The source added: “Obviously they are delighted, but cautiously delighted because she has not yet reached the 12-week mark. It was felt that an announcement needed to be made because people would wonder why she couldn’t attend the engagement today.”

    A source said: “The couple were hoping she wouldn’t get so sick again but were prepared it might happen.”

My thoughts:

*Will and Kate were d-cks to their aides; and because they were d-cks to their aides, they shot themselves in the foot. The Oxford event and the Invictus Games appearances weren’t announced until last week, if Will and Kate had told their aides right away, the aides could have quietly cancelled her appearances BEFORE they made the appearances public, which would have meant NOT publicly dropping out last minute and NOT having to tell the public about the pregnancy so early.

*Will and Kate were d-cks to the Oxford people. That appearance was completely overshadowed by the pregnancy announcement, and they didn’t even get the publicity of having Kate attend.

*”Kate is suffering from the same level of sickness as last time.” So not that much then? Just a bit dehydrated, possibly from the flu or just normal morning sickness coupled with not eating solids for the last few years (but still strong enough to drive herself to the hospital in London from Bucklebury and walk in unassisted), they’ll pump her with fluids and she’ll be good to attend a Sports Awards show in two weeks.

*I hate to say this, but… At least Kate is being treated at home this time so there won’t be any possibility of any dead nurses.

*As iamsoanonymous pointed out in yesterday’s post, Will and Kate didn’t HAVE to announce the pregnancy right now. I understand wanting to get ahead of the rumors, PR-wise, but that was a choice they made that they were not forced in to. I mentioned this the last time, too (on a different site). I just didn’t understand why they announced early if they didn’t want to. They could have given any reason for her being in the hospital. If they didn’t want to announce early, they didn’t have to. The early announcement last time was a PR move to garner her sympathy after the lingering France debacle and of course a way to get Will’s attention while he was off on a boys weekend–possibly with Jecca Craig. If Will and Kate wanted to wait and let Harry have his moment with the Invictus Games, they could have, and just dealt with the few rumors that came up. OR they could have been smart and told their aides she was pregnant BEFORE they made those appearances public and then none of this would have been an issue.

Want some end of post humor?

Kate's pregnancy, oldest trick in the book

Horribly sexist joke, but oh so apt right now.

You know, it’s really unfortunate that we have to side-eye every move Will and Kate make, especially when it comes to a new baby, but they’ve lied so many times and all their PR machinations make it impossible to take them at their word anymore.

Tidbits of info and quotes pulled from: Express 1, 2; Daily Mail; Mirror.

24 thoughts on “William and Harry comment on Kate’s second pregnancy + other info

  1. Nice summary post. The birth of a baby is (in most cases) such a happy even that I hate being cynical about it, but these two make it so hard, don’t they?

    They really did not have to announce it yesterday. They could have just had Kate not come (she’s dropped appearances without excuses in the past), or they could have made up something about Baby George not feeling well. It’s not like they’re above lying. This to me just reeks of trying to get out of almost everything (including Malta). They could, at the very least, have waited until after this week’s Invictus Games. At this point I hope she doesn’t attend the Games, because the focus will be on her instead of on the participating servicemen/women and on Harry, where it should be.

    I thought Harry’s joke about seeing William suffer, although no doubt said in a lighthearted way, was very telling. It seems William is complaining about fatherhood and George quite a bit to Harry. And this is someone who has full-time, abundant staff to take care of the actual “dirty,” tiring parts of parenting. He’s a bigger baby than George.

    1. It pains me to be so cynical about a pregnancy announcement. It should be a joyous time full of congratulations and wishing wells, but W&K have set such a precedent with their machinations that not even a baby announcement can be taken at face value. such a shame.

      It really seems like a slap in the face to Harry and the injured servicemen and servicewomen who are participating in the Games. I feel like W&K had other options that they didn’t consider. It’s just such poor timing.

      Yeah, I’d bet Will has been complaining Harry’s ears off about George. Will has complained so much about George to the public that he much be doing that 100-fold to the people he sees everyday.

      “He’s a bigger baby than George.” All I can think of now is a 3 year old George packing his bags and telling Will to stop being such a baby and then walking out of KP.

      1. Granted this is obviously me projecting since he’s only one, but sometimes, the faces he makes when he’s with them -I could swear Little G is throwing shade at his parents :).

        1. Maybe that is why Georgie Porgie always has on his grumpy face. He’s telling mom and dad to get to work so there still is a monarchy for him to head one day?

        2. Ha! I could totally see George throwing shade at his parents, age be damned. That’s probably why he’s such a rambunctious kid, because he purposefully trying to piss off his lazy parents. God, I can’t wait to see what George is like as a teenager, he’s going to cause his parents so much trouble.

    2. I found Harry’s comment very interesting too. William’s life no longer is about me, myself and I, which would be very difficult for someone as pampered as he.

      I especially liked how the reporter asked Harry as Harry was walking away how he felt about being knocked one more peg down from becoming king. Harry scoffed, “Good!” and kept on walking.

      1. Oh, I thought that comment was so crass and tasteless. Harry’s reaction was perfect – and, I believe, honest. He does more work than the future king ever has or will, but he does it on his own terms. And he says good because, unlike the actual future king, he believes being king *should* involve a lot of work and sacrifice.

        1. I kind of thought asking Harry about how it felt to be father away from the throne was a but rude, too. Who asks that? I mean, come on.

      2. I liked Harry’s comments about wanting Will to suffer more because I feel like Harry is throwing shade at Will because Harry’s been hearing first hand how much Will hates George and his loudness.

  2. My parent’s watch The Five on Fox News. It is a show about current events and they have four conservatives and one liberal Bob Bechtel (think that’s how you spell his name). Anyway, I was at my parent’s house last night when at the end of the show they announced Kate and Wills baby news. I loved that the lone liberal on the panel deliberately started SNORING loudly to express his boredom over the whole thing already. Classic. Loved it. How many people on the news would dare do something like that.

    1. That’s amazing! I wished I’d have seen that, is there a Youtube clip of it? I must find it! That’s great because, as you said, not many people would actually have the balls to do that.

        1. They had a written transcript of the entire show and it edited out Bob’s snoring while the lady made the announcement. I don’t know which news anchor she is. They have a couple of blonde ones and she is the regular who I see on The Five when I’m at my parent’s house.

  3. Great post as always. Thinking back, neither Will nor Kate have ever spoken about Georgie Porgie in loving terms. They make him sound like an a-hole. I agree with you. If he was such a pain, why have another? It wouldn’t kill them to say one nice thing. They that feel that it makes them seem normal, but it makes it look like Georgie is an inconvenient jerk.

    1. Sorry. My last sentence was to read, complaining about Georgie makes them seem normal, bit it makes them look as if he is an inconvenient jerk.

    2. You’re right, they’ve never said anything nice about George, ever. They say these comments as a way to appeal to the public and “relate”, but most parents actually love their children and talk fondly of them all the time (seriously, new parents always think their kid is so special and never shut up about how great their kid is). While all new parents complain about lack of sleep and the crying, etc. they wrap those complaints in cooing and loving compliments. Neither Will nor Kate has ever said anything loving about George. It makes it seem like they really can’t stand him.

  4. I don’t think this was a planned pregnancy. wasn’t she just drinking wine at their “romantic dinner” and carrying heavy bags last week or so? If that’s the case, it’s called a condom or birth control. Much easier and painless than a 18 year minimum commitment

    1. I wonder when they found out about the pregnancy. Because they supposedly told family last week, and Will said she’s been feeling ill for a few days to a week. But she was drinking wine and running through King’s Cross with heavy bags not even two weeks ago. The timeline seems a bit sketchy.

      1. And, of course, William took care of Lupo while Kate lugged around those heavy bags at the railroad station. What kind of husband would allow his wife to do that, especially if they knew she was pregnant? William may be a prince, but he’s not a gentleman nor debonair.

        1. Will is such a dick that he probably finds Kate’s sickness (she probably has some morning sickness even if it’s not HG) to be a huge inconvenience to *him*. He didn’t care at all that Kate was struggling with a giant baby and the wind and her dress blowing up and stairs while arriving in New Zealand. He’s not a gentleman at all.

  5. Loved your post and agree. I think they could’ve pushed this announcement back and not overshadow Harry’s Invictus Games, really not a nice thing for a brother to do. As for their talk of Harry bet Will has had his eyes opened with regards to raising a rambunctious child. If he looks back at tapes of himself when he was small he’ll see that he was a little hell raiser himself.

    I remember an article where he mentioned that George cried a lot until they started feeding him solid foods, the poor thing was probably hungry. I imagine Kate was breast feeding and he needed to be supplemented, he was a good sized baby. Also I don’t think she fed for too long because she went from a pleasant size back down to stick with nothing up top in no time at all. I hope they don’t treat the second child the same way. My fear is that this one will be a quieter child and George will get shunted off to the nannies.

    These two need to get their acts together, if they don’t want the life then Will needs to step down and take his family to the country and stay there. But that would mean giving up all those wonderful perks that come with it (and no doubt lured Kate in) so I don’t see that happening.

    1. I feel like Will has always had some sort of hate for Harry. He’s always been really rude to him, making jokes about him in public that aren’t just fun and playful, but actually kind of rude. Maybe Will resents Harry’s place as spare who doesn’t have an much responsibility? Because Will seems to detest responsibility.

      Yes, they did say that he only started sleeping through the night after Kate started feeding him solids. Given his size, he was clearly getting nutrients, but maybe not enough simply because he was such a large baby. Who knows. If this new baby is quieter than poor George, they’ll probably never look at George again.

      Will seems like such a hypocrite. He complains about all the trappings of royal life, but clearly doesn’t want to give up any of the perks.

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