It’s official: Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby #2

It’s official: Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby #2

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant for the second time. Kensington Palace released a statement this morning confirming the pregnancy.

    “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their second child.

    “The Queen and members of both families are delighted with the news.

    “As with her first pregnancy, The Duchess is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Her Royal Highness will no longer accompany The Duke of Cambridge on their planned engagement in Oxford today. The Duchess of Cambridge is being treated by doctors at Kensington Palace.”

So Kate is opting out of the Oxford visit today. I’m wondering if she will still attend the Invictus Games opening ceremony and/or the Drumhead Service at Lee Valley Athletics Center. Both are this week (as of right now I guess she’s still planning on attending the opening ceremony, but we’ll see if she drops out or not). I’m also wondering if Kate will still take the Malta trip coming up on the 20th and 21st (no decision has been made yet, they’ll make a decision closer to the time).

Not to be a downer, but I am wondering about the timing of the announcement. It would have been nice if they had waited to announce until after the Invictus Games, so that Harry’s thing would get some press, but now it’s all going to be royal baby fever and the Games will be overshadowed.

I’m sure they announced it because she’s not going to the Oxford engagement and there would have been a crap load of questions if she dropped out the morning of, so they got ahead of that and made the announcement.

But it sure is a great time to make a baby announcement, when Scotland is causing waves with their independence vote coming up and making headlines.

I wonder how far along Kate is. KP didn’t say in their announcement but on Twitter the royal reporters are saying that Kate is not yet 12 weeks. That would make sense. If they were forced to announce early to abate questions due to dropping out of Oxford last minute, then it would make sense that she wouldn’t be 12 weeks yet.

Ugh, do we believe the HG thing this time around? I hate to bring it up, because it’s horrible to question someone on that type of thing, but after all the BS surrounding her previous bout of “HG”, I really don’t believe her this time. It feels like she’s going to use this as an excuse to get out of the boring work. Not all work mind you, just the boring stuff. Like the Oxford visit is totes boring, but watching an opening ceremony is fun. Like how the Sports Awards were fun enough to not be sick for last time, but everything else she had to cancel.

Ugh, it makes me sad that any happiness I experienced with this baby announcement was immediately washed away with feeling sorry for the Invictus Games for getting the rug pulled out from under them media-wise, and with not believing the HG claim.

Anyway, congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton on the pregnancy news. Prince George is going to be a big brother–they’ll need to keep him away from the baby lest he pull it’s ear like he does with bilbys and Lupos.

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  1. I don’t know why all women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum just don’t get the super-covenient Kate gets that still lets them run around, shop and do everything else but work. The timing caused me to raise an eyebrow but I think the announcement was more about bailing on the engagement but who really knows. Btw, had the funniest dream that made me think of you. In it, Dr. House was a Time Lord but for some reason was not fond of me calling him Doctor Who-House.

    1. I think it had probably everything to do with dropping out of Oxford last minute–they wanted to get ahead of the questions and rumors and conspiracies that would have come up if she dropped out without saying why (or giving a really lame excuse). But considering the precedent they’ve set for themselves, the timing just seems fishy. It’s like nothing they do will ever be considered in good faith again because they’ve acted so shady in the past. It’s like how people say never have a reputation where people could make up lies about you that would be believable… W&K did the opposite with all their machinations and PR BS over the years.

      It would be hilarious if Dr. House became The Doctor. A grumpy, pill-popping Time Lord would be amazing.

      1. I know what you mean. Honestly the timing is just so super convenient that one of the first thoughts that popped into my mind was wondering if they even bothered with a pregnancy test. Because if it turns out she’s not really pregnant, they can always get a surrogate. I don’t think they used a surrogate with George but all the rumors probably gave them an idea. I think basic human nature is initially giving people the benefit of the doubt and the couple has earned the amount of distrust people have in them.

        1. Or claim a miscarriage and garner even more sympathy.

          Ugh, I feel so horrible saying that.

      2. However fishy cancelling an event last-minute might seem, I just don’t understand the point in making the “very difficult” choice of announcing a pregnancy before you’re earlier than you planned to. Who cares if the press kind of froths at the mouth for a few days? Why not let the press guess, and keep the pregnancy on the down-low until you’re past the window where miscarriages are most common? Unless Kate wants the sympathy she seemingly gets for suffering (1) hyperemesis gravidarum, (2) having to live her life under the constant scrutiny of the greedy press, and (3) the potential mass-outpouring of sympathy if she miscarries?

        I just feel like if she had cancelled for some “minor health issue” or something, people would have speculated somewhat, but without an official announcement, the Invictus Games would still have made the top headlines and if Kate showed up at the opening ceremony, healthy-looking and smiling, nobody would really care. She may very well be one of those women whose “morning sickness” truly fits the definition, where she’s better in the afternoons/evenings, and feeling the worst of it at the start of the day. So just schedule her for appearances later in the day, and n a few more weeks, she could make the announcement when she wanted, and have a very valid excuse (in hindsight) for ditching on today’s visit.

        I suspect, though, Kate’s looking for an excuse to bail on as many appearances as possible in the coming weeks, and also that Kensington Palace wanted to manipulate the Scottish vote. Hence, the announcement today.

        1. I agree; the so called ‘difficult decision’ is rubbish – a minor health issue could have been proffered and no-one would have been the wiser (for now). No, my view is that the announcement is entirely politically motivated re the Scottish vote. I have every sympathy with morning sickness; it is dire indeed, but let’s face it; there will be a ready reason for baling out of anything now which doesn’t involve shopping, vacationing or choosing kitchens and will remain so for the next few years… Bet you the Malta visit is rubbed off the calendar, so please send us Sophie…..thanks

          1. The timing is really suspect. My second thought (my first was poor Harry getting his Invictus Games overshadowed) was that the pregnancy was to distract from the Scottish vote and sway it in favor of the Union.

          2. Agree baby announcement seems to be driven by the Scottish vote, and to sway it in favor of the Union.

            I’d still like Kate to go to Malta, because it would be fabulous PR for her to go on the heels of the pregnancy announcement. But if not, I adore Sophie Wessex. She’s got herself together really well, and it’s too bad William couldn’t have picked someone with that kind of strength and self-purpose.

          3. Kate would get so much good press if she went to Malta. Of course there would be the usual glowing pregnancy stuff, but then there would also be the “she’s such a trooper” stuff, too. It actually would be the best choice to rehab her image.

        2. I agree. I thought this with the last early announcement. They could have waited to announce, but they chose to use the pregnancy and “HG” for public sympathy and as an excuse to get out of working. And again, they could have waited, but they chose to use the pregnancy as a PR tool and to get out of working.

  2. Oh well, looks like Jessica Hay is right.

    This calls for celebration! Call the carpenters, we need a new kitchen!!

  3. A new baby is always reason to celebrate. I just find the timing to be bad. This is PH’s time to shine. I think that it will be interesting to see what her workload will be. I think that Malta will be out, but she will go to the “fun” stuff instead. I do not believe in the HG either. I had friends who had it and they were troopers, but then they were working women who cod not miss a day or have the luxury of staying home.

    1. I really feel badly for Harry. He worked so hard to publicize the Games and make it happen, and Kate pulled the rug out from under him and all the athletes.

  4. Well at least all those vacations they’ve taken had some result: another excuse for Willy and Waity to not grow up. God save the Queen.

    1. God save the Queen is right. Long live Queen Elizabeth, because the future isn’t exactly bright where Will is concerned.

          1. It’ll be a much smaller Family. The Gloucesters, Kents and the Kent sisters will be long gone as will probably the Princess Royal. The Duke of York and the Wessexes won’t be too far behind. Once the Queen’s cousins are out, the Dukedoms of Gloucester and Kent will be non-royal dukedoms, b/c the Royal Family at the moment are the male-line children and grandchildren of the Sovereign; when Prince Richard and Prince Edward die, their successors will be extended family but royal themselves. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are already being phased out and the Wessex children are being treated as a Lord and Lady, though technically they are Prince and Princess (an announcement from BP doesn’t take legal precedence over a Letter Patent, which is a form of law, no matter how much BP wants to hem and haw about it). It’ll be Willy, Waity, Georgie Porgie and his spouse, NN and their spouse and their kids, and Prince Harry and his family if he has one (assuming Bonnie Prince Charlie becomes King. If he dies before the Queen or somehow Parliament bypasses him, Harry’s kids will be Lords and Ladies, not royals)

          2. I remember once during all of the “why isn’t anyone taking Harry off the market talk” I thought to myself, “What if Harry asked me? What would I say?” My answer was no because I wouldn’t want to deal with the inlaws and the fact that I would have to curtsey and defer to them. I would be more tolerable if I admired William and Kate and saw them as humble hardworking people who wouldn’t stoop to manipulation and lying but I don’t see William and Kate that way.

          3. It’s the fact that you would have to defer to all the people “above” you that’s the turn off. Having to defer to Camilla and Kate would be some BS right there.

  5. I hate to believe the arrival of a baby is anything but good, but this baby is awfully useful at thwarting Cambridge criticism- Two Kitchens Kate, William’s Air Ambulance gig. By now, they know Kate is prone to hypermesis gravidarum, so pregnancy is an especially purposeful choice.

    I don’t believe that they wanted to steal Prince Harry’s Invictus thunder, but getting pregnant knowing the Malta tour is expected seems like flipping the bird.

  6. Kate reminds me of one of my mom’s frenemies. Every time the woman is expected to go back to work she gets pregnant.

    After they married most people gave Kate and William the benefit of the doubt and waited for them to work full time. Then, after two years and mounting impatience Kate gets pregnant. HG and maternity leave gave Kate almost two years off. Now, that her “maternity leave” is just about done, here comes HG and sprog number two. The woman has perfect timing.

    Here is to taking bets that Kate will have the energy to shop and holiday still.

    1. Given that I believe George was a PR baby, and that this one is probably also a PR baby, she really does have perfect timing.

  7. From the Celebitchy thread. I would link to this directly, but the thread is over 300 posts now and you might miss this comment. If it is not okay to put this here, please delete.

    I think this is a really good point-by-point of how the HG was dis-proven and the Palace admitted it wasn’t HG after all.

    LAK says:
    September 8, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Actually, the last time, every single royal reporter confirmed that she was fine by christmas, having announced first week of December and been hospitalised for less than a week. This report didn’t make front page news, because everyone was in a snit about the pap stroll they organised for christmas day. It was repeated when Mustique holiday happened, but again few people took notice.

    Further, with every subsequent reporting, the level of her morning sickness episode that required hospitalisation was downgraded such that HG at first announcement of pregnancy was bad morning sickness by birth date.

    Last time, she was suffering so badly from HG that she managed to drive herself (or if i’m being charitable, security drove her) all the way to London despite the many hospitals along the way, walk into the hospital unaided and be diagnosed with HG that same afternoon.

    Too many loose ends.

    More control this time. This time, the message can be consistent. Unless one or the other let’s the cat out of the bag as they inevitably do.

    1. Yes, the HG thing was pretty much dis-proven after a while considering so many things did not add up. It’s crazy that they are using the same excuse–and saying that her HG this time is just as severe–when by the end of it hardly anyone believed she had suffered from true HG last time. But now all the reports are HG this and HG that again. We’ll see how long until the reporters aren’t calling it HG anymore.

  8. Is this a good way to cancel the Malta trip as them have realised that Kate would be crap? Better bring on the surrogate fast if this is a “false” pregnancy. As for saying she has HG? “Yeah, right!”

    1. I don’t think they cared about how bad Kate would have been during the trip -I think she just didn’t want to do it, and this was her way of getting out of it.

    2. Yeah, Malta will probably be cancelled. But then she’ll be just fine to attend a “fun” event.

        1. I forgot about the upcoming friend’s Italy wedding. It’s supposed to be in September. So if she goes to that and skips Malta and the Invictus Games, well then their PR cover story will be blown after only a few weeks.

  9. Hello! I found this site referenced on the “Duchess or Diva blog” – it’s nice to find another place that isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid about the young branch of the RF.

    Here’s what I had to say at DOD about the situation yesterday – nothing new, I know, but I do believe it’s fairly accurate:

    So #2 is on the way. Just in time to quell the peasant murmurings about all the renovations, and her lack of work . . .and to get her out of Oxford and Malta and all future work . . . and to steal thunder from Harry’s work with the Invictus Games.

    These two are nothing if not predictable.

    Not being a total witch, I of course wish mother and baby well – I just wish she took her duties seriously. Ah well.

    I also agree with those here who’ve talked about the magically fluctuating HG. It appears when there’s work to be done, but obligingly receeds when sports and glamorous events with celebrities crop up, when there’s a high-class friend’s wedding in Switzerland (complete with trouping up the mountains), when it’s vacation time in Mustique, and when there’s loads of shopping to be done. How convenient!

    1. Hi and welcome! I forgot the renovations as an excuse. Will’s air ambulance gig is probably another factor, too. I guess this is also a PR baby, just like George.

  10. ya ma carole and her spawn used all tactics to get the ring, now they are using the same strings for her to stay out of work as much as possible but enjoy the wealth and the pampered lavish lifestyle!

    1. “now they are using the same strings for her to stay out of work as much as possible but enjoy the wealth and the pampered lavish lifestyle!”

      So true!!

  11. Duchess Catherine is too thin, this is why she has Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Underweight women have a 48% chance of this condition during pregnancy.

    Making babies and arm candy for William is the only thing she has going for her, she hasn’t been very active with charity or any other royal duties, and I guess she won’t be going to Malta (that’s a hard one), either now. How convenient.

    In terms of the Scottish referendum, this would be a good reminder to give these breeders the shove.

    1. Kate has the most convenient form of HG known to man. I’ll be interested to see if this announcement affects the Scottish vote, since announcing the pregnancy seems like it was timed to sway the vote.

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