Princess Charlotte’s Christening (updated)

Princess Charlotte’s Christening (updated)

Yesterday, July 5, Princess Charlotte was Christened at St. Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Prepare yourselves, this post is going to get long.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, walked with their children from Sandringham house to the church. Prince George, in another SWF outfit, held his dad’s hand, while Charlotte was pushed in a Millson pram previously used by the Queen for Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Apparently there were a good 3,500 people who turned up to watch them walk to church.

Joining the Cambridge clan were the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Michael and Carole Middleton, and Pippa and James Middleton.

Charlotte has five godparents (as opposed to George’s seven): James Meade – an old Etonian friend of William’s; Thomas van Straubenzee – a friend of William’s since their Ludgrove days; Sophie Carter – Kate’s friend whom she met through William; Adam Middleton – Kate’s cousin, Michael’s nephew; and Laura Fellowes – William’s cousin, Princess Diana‘s niece.

Princess Charlotte wore the Royal Christening Robe made by Angela Kelly. The Honiton lace robe is a replica of the Christening robe made for Victoria, Princess Royal‘s Christening in 1841. The Lily Font and water from the River Jordan were used for the baptism. The Lily Font is a silver baptismal font first used for Victoria, Princess Royal in 1841.

[Charlotte got a bit cry-y when Kate picked her up out of the pram]

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, baptized Charlotte with the support of The Reverend Canon Jonathan Riviere, the Rector of the Sandringham group of parishes.

William and Kate chose two hymns, one lesson, and two anthems for the service. The hymns: Praise to the Lord, The Almighty and Come Down, O Love Divine. The lesson: Matthew 18, verses 1-5, read by James Meade. The anthems: I Will Sing With The Spirit and God Be In My Head.

[George peeking into the pram to see Charlotte – how cute!]

Following the 30 minute service, the royals, Middletons, and godparents walked back to Sandringham house were they had a tea and were served slices of “christening cake”, which is in fact a tier taken from William and Kate’s wedding cake. So they were served four year old cake. That’s… gross.

So enough about Charlotte, let’s get into the Single White Female-ing portion of the post. Prince George wore a red Rachel Riley “Smocked Set” (Β£85.00). I’m shocked he wore red and not blue. I voted for blue in the last poll as did a whopping 72.8% of you guys. 18.41% of you voted for white, and only 1.98% of you voted for red.

Rachel Riley red Smocked Set What color will Prince George wear bar chart

The problem with George’s red outfit, though, is that William and Kate are Single White Female-ing Princess Diana AGAIN by dressing George in a red outfit that is SO similar to the outfit William wore to visit Prince Harry in the hospital that many people thought it actually was the same outfit.

Along with George’s outfit, the venue, music, godparents, the official photographer, and even Charlotte’s middle name are all laden with Diana-inspiration. Enough with the SWF-ing already, William and Kate, it’s getting creepy now.

[George talking to the Queen]

Oh, and speaking of SWF-ing, I noticed this the other day. Is it my imagination or did William and Kate SWF one of William’s Christening photos for one of George’s Christening photo? Complete with mother looking lovingly at son and father looking pensively from over the top of the baby’s head. Too bad George’s photo is so devoid of color.

Diana v Kate first child christening photo
[Anwar Hussein/Getty / Jason Bell/Camera Press]

For the Christening, Kate chose her go-to designer for big events, Alexander McQueen. Kate wore a bespoke white McQueen coatdress. The poll for Kate’s color choice was not as close as George’s, with 57.75% of us thinking she’d choose white (or cream), and 20.36% thinking pink.

What color will Kate Middleton wear bar chart

I’m not going to lie, this is not my favorite McQueen piece in Kate’s wardrobe, but it’s certainly not my least favorite piece and I will give Kate props for thinking outside her comfort zone and choosing a different neckline.

[Aw, the Queen is smiling – how lovely]

Kate wore a white bespoke Jane Taylor hat which I actually rather like. Kate wore her Mappin and Webb “Empress” necklace and debuted the matching “Empress” earrings (Β£3,450.00). She also wore her Russell & Bromley 5th Avenue nude patent pumps, and her Cartier watch.

Mappin and Webb Empress Mini White Gold and Diamond pendant Mappin and Webb Empress White Gold and Diamond Drop earrings

Now for the guests:

The Queen wore an old rose Angela Kelly outfit, paired with her Gold Filigree Brooch, pearl earrings, and pearl necklace.

Camilla wore light blue, which is a color she’s been favoring lately. She wore her pearl and diamond earrings she wears so often, along with her four strand pearl choker with diamond clasp. Poor Camilla suffered a wind incident on par with Duchess Kate’s previous incidents. Out of respect to Camilla I don’t want to post the photo, but because I want to keep things fair and because I’ve posted many of Kate’s wind incident photos, I must post Camilla’s. Sorry, Camilla. Weight your hems next time.

Carole wore a beige-ish color coat and dress and matching hat. BTW, this photo of Carole smiling at George kind of creeps me out. I’m not sure why.

Pippa wore white Emilia Wickstead and a white bespoke Jane Taylor hat. Pippa’s outfit is similar to Kate’s in color and fit-and-flare style. Not going to lie, I actually prefer Pippa’s, but that’s just me.

Nanny Maria wore her Norland College uniform.

Princess Charlotte made the front page of several newspapers:

Daily Mail Charlotte cover Daily Express Charlotte cover Daily Mirror Charlotte cover Metro Charlotte cover


Apparently there were only 4 professional photographers allowed in to the paddocks to take photos and the royal photographers are not happy about it. According to them (via Mark Cuthbert), “the gloves are off now”.

I think it’s ridiculous that KP was willing to let thousands of well-wishers, all with cameras on their phones, into the paddock to see the royals, yet limited the number of actual photographers to four.

rookie tweet 1

Mark Cuthbert tweet 1

Mark Cuthbert tweet 2


Links: Daily Mail for lots of photos. Telegraph for just how much Diana inspiration there was. Express.

Photos: Getty / Rachel Riley / Getty and Camera Press / Mappin and Webb

PS. Happy (two days after) Independence Day to all my American compatriots. Let’s celebrate with Bill Pullman’s speech from Independence Day (1996). Best. Movie. Speech. EVER.

Hell yeah!

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  1. I noticed how hard Ma Middleton was trying to show how well she gets on with C&C – positively straining her scrawny neck to appease them.

    I thought Kate looked gorgeous, loved the vintage 1950’s feel but YUCK & ICK to mini-me George/William as a toddler. Enough, you creepy dudes.

    Many photographers on Twitter are raging about lack of access – Mark Cuthbert says the gloves are off. Ooh. OOH!

    1. The update wasn’t in the post when I wrote my comment – I’m not repeating the post, I promise! πŸ™‚

    2. Yes, carol surely was trying to give that impression – with only the middletons family permitted to attend (while other members of the RF excluded – Yorks Wessexs Philips, especially Prince Harry). There is a shot where carol continued hang around HM and HM turn away giving her attention elsewhere (as if to say ‘move on’ …).

      P Charoltte wasn’t too happy either, bumping up and down in the royal stroller with km seem hardly concern and more about walking and pushing in those heels (having small children needing attention). A photo shot show Petulant kept looking at km face if she km was coping – in shots she was not happy (even with all the fake smile in place) – snowflake was not happy to be pushing a stroller; and what a snob for Party planner carol km to have loving Nanny Maria dress in uniform (yes, it’s a credit to N/Maria school but seem more the icing to a caring loving person), why couldn’t she dress in a suit like everyone else – we all know she is more in tune with the children as her own; we are not fools – PG/C are only PR for km and Petulant William to justify two lazy workshy people from giving back in royal duties.

      The plan by party planner carol km was for Nanny Maria to push the stroller to church – which changed (HM/BP CH must have, for km to push Charlotte instead (and rightfully so)).

        1. A few news source reported the plan ‘just released’ -Nanny Maria would be walking to Church with PW km PG ,would be pushing the pram.

      1. If I’m not mistaken, the pram to church is a tradition. I don’t think it was easy for Kate to walk on what appears to be gravel while wearing heels and maneuvering a heavy pram with a newborn in it. I don’t think she was happy with it, she was just making do with her best.

        1. Your right, the pram is tradition. Did you see Kate had to push the pram up the a small hill since there were only steps? I actually felt bad for her since she was in 4in heels and trying to push a pram up a dirt hill. I was surprised Will did not take over the pram in that spot. So I agree she was just doing her best

          1. I felt badly for her having to push the pram up the hill in heels. Why didn’t William step in a push the pram up the hill while Kate held George’s hand? It would have been a nice gesture instead of making Kate do it in heels. She slipped while doing it, BTW.

          2. KMR, Kate probably needed the pram for support on that gravel road tottering on those sky-high heels. At least it looks like gravel, or at least an uneven surface to me.

          3. She’s walked in high heels to that church at least 3 other times with no pram for support and no problem at all.

        2. W&K are the ones who planned this parade instead of doing this in London like before. If W&K didn’t want Kate Middleton pushing the pram to the church, they wouldn’t have planned it this way.

        3. So, why wear 4 inch heels, then?? Or, at that point, get some help.

          I’m tired today and feeling very pregnant. I am sick of everyone cutting so much slack for KM.

          1. The last few days just so icky. Thanks for asking, though..

            I am constantly feeling hungry and tired and moody!

            I’m following my diet as per the doctor and avoiding the junk I am craving. I keep thinking, “all this is worth it,” but the last few days I have been so miserable. “Thank God,” I keep telling myself, “the baby is healthy and this is all supposed to be normal.” I am trying to be positive, but just need to vent.

            My husband made a smart remark the other night when he was trying to be helpful, something along the lines of “well, of course you are uncomfortable, but that is normal.” Yeah, like he knows, personally!

            He and his ex-wife had two kids, so this pregnancy stuff is not new to him. And, so he thinks he knows it all.

            God, see how cranky I am?

            If men had to give birth, do you think the world would end? I do!

            Aren’t you sorry you asked?!!!

          2. I hope the icky-ness doesn’t last too long. Does drinking ice water help with pregnancy cravings? I’ve heard that drinking ice water will help with normal food cravings, like when you’re on a diet and you want cookies, you should drink water and that will help you not want to eat. I don’t know if that works, or if pregnancy cravings are different.

            LOL I always think it’s funny when men try to be “helpful” in that way toward anything that is woman-specific. I’m like, “Like you would know!”

            LOL If men had to give birth, we would have had Matrix babies by now.

          3. Thanks for the tip, KMR. Will try some ice water. Hope it does the trick. Sorry for a huge vent on this.

            This morning, all I could think of was how much I would have loved an ice cream sundae for breakfast. Oh, we had the fixings for one, but I made scrambled eggs instead.

            Now, that I know we have the fixings, unless I start sipping tons of ice water, can you imagine what lunch and dinner will be?

            Have a good day and thanks, again. BTW I love the idea of MATRIX babies. lol.

      1. I mean, yes the neckline is similar, but Kate wore a coatdress, not a ballgown.

  2. Re them dressing George like Diana dressed William. This is starting to get…kinda disturbing. I’ve always tried and give them the benefit of the doubt as to their motivations (they obviously are going for this look), but at this point, it’s weird to me. My mother passed away when I was young, and it’s been a very long and painful journey to pull myself together and live my life without her, so I kinda get that maybe PW is doing this to try and keep connected to Diana’s memory. But at some point, it gets a little narcissistic, no?

    Coat dresses. No matter the season, DC and the others are always dressed the same. BORING.

    I feel sorry for these royal nannies having to be seen in public in these awful uniforms (like the ones in Monaco, too).

    In all the pics I’ve seen with DC holding Charlotte, she lets the baby’s head hang out there. What gives?

    All in all, I guess it was nice enough. Shame Harry couldn’t be there!

    Also – Charlotte is cute! She’s got the chubby cheekness going on, like her big brother!

    1. The thing is, why does one have to dress their children the way their deceased parent dressed them in order to “keep connected” to their deceased parent’s memory? Isn’t the middle name enough? It would be for me (and if I were to have kids, I would give them the same middle names as my grandparents, so no shade toward W&K for including Diana in Charlotte’s name). And what about doing the same work your deceased parent did? William is patron of several of Diana’s old charities. Why isn’t that enough? Why not just keep photos of your beloved deceased parent in the house? It just seems so over the top to constantly dress your child the way your deceased parent dressed you. That’s going beyond “keeping connected”, that’s SWF-ing creepiness.

      Re Charlotte’s looks: I can’t wait for the official portraits so we can get a good look at her.

      1. I agree with no shade for the middle name or even the venue choice. The outfit is a weird throwback. It’s like Will is trying to re-create his childhood. I agree with what you said, the best way to honour your parents would be to continue the work that they were so passionate about.

        1. Too many throwbacks to the 80s … very weird – why not create build P George individual.

          PW was limping – was he injured during training or on vacation – reports state he will be working after the Christening vacation and Wimbledon visit.

          There was no pram for P George Christening – he was held by PW.

        2. I actually don’t have shade for the venue, either. I know people are saying “how nice of W&K to deign to let the plebs watch them walk to church”, but I actually think it is a nice gesture. Clearly there are people who got enjoyment from going out there. And considering how closed off W&K are with their kids, it really is something that they let so many people get that close to them. I just think it was a d-ck move to only allow 4 photographers.

          1. It’s not like they were going to let the public and press run around. It was the same setup as at Christmas just with fewer photographers. The public is always behind gates and fencing and stuff when they watch the royals walk to church.

    2. Liz B, I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I can imagine how tough it is to pull yourself together, as you said, and try to live life without her. I hope you have wonderful memories that warm your heart.

      You must understand this situation better than most. I appreciate your comments about William trying to stay connected to his Mum’s memory by dressing his son the way he does, but I also agree that at this point it is narcissistic.

      It is hard for William and Harry, I am sure.

  3. Ok I am going to be brutally honest here.

    Can someone please take Waity to a paint shop and show her all the pretty colours that are out here so that we do not have to put up with the ivory/creams/whites anymore. Get some bloody colour in your wardrobe woman.

    As soon as I saw the pics of PG, I thought, “She is SWFing Diana again”. It is time that it stopped, it is not cute anymore it is bloody creepy. He did look adorable, but would have looked equally adorable in something from the 21st century too. I realise that these were new clothes but they have some adorable clothes out there for little boys.

    And what is with Pippa wearing nearly the same colour as Kate? Do these two do it on purpose or do they just not talk to each other?

    KMR the pic of Carole smiling at George was creepy….those teeth reminded me of the episode in Friends where Ross had his teeth whitened and it went too far.

    HM wasn’t going to get too close to Waity either. She was peering at Charlotte from afar.

    I loved the colours that the Queen and Camilla wore, very pretty and suitable. Waity take notes, you are married your big moment going into a church in white is over. You might not have read the memo, but everytime you step into a church you do not have to wear white. Get thee to a paintshop fast.

    1. I found the copycat outfit on George creepy too. They dressed him like a mini-William at the hospital too. Sadly, I’ve come to expect this unimaginative Diana worshipping from William and the Middletons. They need some therapy. William especially needs to deal with some mommy issues he’s obviously having with the engagement ring, close relationship to Carole, and dressing George like his personal mini-me.

      I think the Middleton ladies coordinate their outfits in advance. They’re too matchy matchy to be an accident two christenings in a row.

        1. That’s what I thought, too. She’s definitely smiling at him like, “I’m your favorite grandma, yes I am”.

      1. I’m kind of thinking William is trying to recreate his childhood in an attempt to “right the wrongs”. Like, HE’S going to do it better, unlike his parents who made a ton of mistakes.

        1. Exactly Β‘ I don’t think it’s about a connection with Diana. I think it’s about him recreating his childhood without all the wrongs of the past, I. E. Giving Kate those 2 newlyweds years to adjust, suing the paparazzi, fighting the press, “protecting their privacy”, etc.

          William needs therapy. I say that in the nicest way.

          1. including having the girl that Charles always wanted. Charles wanted a boy and a girl, and got two boys. William got the boy and the girl, so he’s one-upped his dad.

    2. I agree with the other posts, that photo of Carole looking at George is so creepy, it makes Carole look like she wants to EAT George! Or, more to the point, was she thinking “here comes my little meal ticket”?

      1. Cathy, I agree with you, I think that Carole is going to take a leaf out of the Queen Mothers book, and dote on George as he is going to be the future King. The QM did have a relationship with her other grandchildren, but it was very clear to all that Charles was her favourite as he was going to be King.

        Carole is going to do the same thing.

        1. Lets hope not!

          From carol the middletons own children having too close or interference with P George upbringing will be very bad for any royal role PG has in coming decades.

          Lets see carol dedicate herself to the marriage of her other two children and stay glued to those children.

          The royal family HM POW is very well capable of raising their own in royal traditions/standard – (that even carol or any middleton could ever imagine or understand).

          The POW (HM /BRF) was a great parent to his sons (just look at the middletons, who cant let go or loosen from P William).

  4. Regarding George – I think he looks adorable in that red outfit. The use of similar looking clothes is to link to the past — not necessarily Diana. She couldn’t have dressed William to come visit her in the hospital. They are referencing William. Just as Charlotte was wearing a family dress for the occasion and they were using Elizabeth’s pram to stroll the baby. They are using these things to create dynastic links to the past. The kids are named after the Queen’s father and son for heaven’s sake.

    The nanny in the uniform was unexpected and created a sense of class didn’t it? The help vs the royals and guests. No mistakes there.

    1. I’m surprised you’re giving them so much leeway. Aren’t you usually very critical of William and Kate?

      PS. References to the past are fine, when used sparingly. To constantly make references to the past seems odd. Dressing your kid in a hand-me-down is fine, but to actively look for outfits that are similar to ones you wore as a kid is over the top.

      But that’s just my opinion. I would want to dress my kids in things I thought were cute. I wouldn’t bother wasting time copying my parent or parent-in-law.

      1. Let’s be clear: it’s not mandatory in the royal household for the nanny to be in uniform. This isn’t the 1950s anymore.

        Diana didn’t require her Norland nannies to attend events dressed up in their uniform and Nanny Jessie Webb didn’t show up for PGTips’s christening in uniform.

        This christening was all about creating a throwback 1950s vibe so we had the throw back pram, the nanny dressed up, SWF’ing Diana’s 1950s outfit for William and a demure housewife in Kate and her husband William.

        What’s ridiculous is that these two people keep insisting they are normal, then throw a retro image staging of a christening and people then assume that’s what the BRF does.

        Diana may have used elements of the past in how she dressed the boys, but she managed to make it look modern and fresh.

        It’s scary to think that WK’s monarchy is going to look full on 1950s throwback when they take over in 20-30yrs time!!!!

        And not in a modern re-do of the 1950s. It will be done without irony or humour.

        And you can expect more Diana SWF’ing which even the staid BBC commented on. Their exact were, ‘the nod to Diana is something aided and abetted by the Middletons’.

        1. Do you think that they had an event planner, Herazeus? It felt like a theme party to me.

          I didn’t see the 50’s theme clearly until your post. I am appalled. Who does this kind of cr@p on such an organically joyous occasion?

          1. Well, the 1950s throwback is because that family is a 1950s throwback with the housewife Katey at home and Bill at work and yadda. I’m just so done with the padded bras that Katey usually wears (oh yeah, right, throwback) πŸ˜‰

          2. I think their event planner was Carole. I’ve come to despise Carole, and this performance just solidified it. I don’t understand why all the Middleton women were wearing white/off-white/beige/or gray — except that THEY wanted to take center stage. This whole notion that white is appropriate for baptisms is something new to me, but that’s what some people say. I just don’t buy it.

            I’m all for retro things, but for the love of god, they went overboard with that yesterday. This deal with George is getting creepy. That nanny costume was all sorts of wrong as well. It not only was downright ugly, it sent a bad message.

            This performance by the Middletons sent all sorts of wrong notions. I wonder if Mike M. doesn’t see this? Honestly, I’d be embarrassed by my family if I were him.

            Kate and William made some poor choices for yesterday’s event, if you ask me. I know you didn’t ask me, but that’s what I think.

          3. Speaking of Mike where was he at the christening? I didn’t see any photos of him. Did the media not post pictures of him or was he absent?

        2. Agree.

          This was all carol km the middletons (take a look how the RF was excluded), HM/BP POW – CH try to make some change to maintain Royal regal standard/s..

      2. KMR – all they are about is referencing the past to play on emotion and nostalgia. I didn’t say I was fooled by it!* πŸ™‚ This is a baby’s christening and I found the whole theme thing smacks of a bored housewife. I felt sorry for the nanny in her costume. I’m starting to think Kate is going mad – seriously – saw some pictures where she just looked crazy walking with the pram.

        Some people went to a church and had a baby baptized yesterday – not really that newsworthy imo.

        *Honestly all the Brits and royals seem to do is honor military history and bring up the past with all their commemorations — I don’t know what they are going to do when the Queen passes since Charles cannot invoke national feeling with WWII since he wasn’t around.

        1. “Some people went to a church and had a baby baptized yesterday – not really that newsworthy”

          You could say this about every single thing any royal in any country ever does.

          “An old woman went to watch horse racing” (The Queen at Ascot)

          “Some chick visited a special needs school” (Sophie’s recent engagement)

          “A ginger visited a memorial” (Harry at the Camp Bastion memorial)

          “Some chick celebrated her birthday” (Victoria Day coming up)

    2. I was horrified to see Nanny Maria in her uniform! I think that having your children’s nanny show up to the Christening in her school uniform is extremely nouveau riche and tacky. It’s an obvious, public declaration of wealth and having “staff” when the truly classy thing to do is have your staff wear professional suits and blend in with the group. It’s degrading to the nanny and embarrassing for the Royal family. Why did she need to attend the christening anyway? With both of their parents, plus extended family there, did they really need a professional child wrangler to manage one toddler and an infant? I think Kate/Carol is highly aware that the world thinks she’s an incompetent, uninvolved mum, so they had the nanny show up in uniform and had Kate awkwardly push the massive pram to assure the world that yes, Kate is a mom and her children know who she is. Just awkward and in poor taste, all around. Additionally, Camilla (despite her wardrobe malfunction—and at least she was wearing underthings) and the Queen looked fabulous and you can tell that the Queen really loves having two more great-grandchildren. George is super cute and seems active and curious, but totally detached from his mother and obviously very spoiled and catered to. The SWF-ing of his outfit creeped me out too. They could have gone with the classic look, but put a modern spin on it. I think Kate is completely clueless about dressing both herself and her children and her only resort is to copy almost exactly what Diana did. I’m sure Diana is looking down with massive love for her grandchildren, but I really wonder what she thinks about all the SWF behavior from Kate. Kate looked alright and like she had split the atom bomb, not popped out two kids like millions of other women all over the world. I guess they were trying to drum it in to the peasants that they are ROYAL and have GIANT prams, but I thought the uniformed nanny, the ridiculous pram, Kate’s plastic and fake smile and their extremely awkward walk past the paddock of peasants was the tackiest thing I’ve seen in a very long time. The UK people don’t want it shoved in their faces that they’re paying through the nose so two special snowflake children can be given everything they want and more just because of “tradition.” They are going to need to up their game and show the people why they deserve to be there, because if they’re not giving back while simultaneously putting on embarrassing displays of wealth and prestige, they just aren’t going to last. On the plus side, Charlotte looks pretty cute. Not mindblowingly adorable, but definitely a cute baby.

      1. Hey, Bets! Agree with you regarding the Nanny’s uniform! Why can’t Will or Kate allow her to wear a nice dress instead? This just screams ”Know your place, slave!”. I thought the nanny is family? So much for the rice sack duo being ordinary and doing away with royal protocols. LIES!

        I just wanna point one thing out – Did you look at the photo where Will knelt down beside George and was trying to pacify him when he was throwing tantrums? Kate was holding onto Will’s back and was bending over to talk to George. Her facial expression was a bit too fake to me. Looking overly concerned and her frowning was over the top. Hahahaha!!! And why is it that I fail to see any warmth and bond between Kate and her kids? Just look at the way she carries both infants!

        1. She always tries to incorporate herself into the moment for the cameras. She did the same thing at trooping the colour.

      2. Bets, I did pay real attention to your sensitive post. The dressing of nurse Maria is seriously disturbing in regards to whom is closely advising Catherine or even more disturbing if she goes it alone with her own decision with no second thoughts. Either Catherine or this person thought that because of the top Royal couple was attending and because the Monarch especially is strongly attached to traditions, the opp was there for the taking to show off attachment and resolve to maintain traditions. It’s obvious the ducal couple is concerned about putting something right. Nevertheless, contrary to what Joe Public says, the Royals do not distance themselves from the people, yet, they connect with people from all walks of life through the numerous charities they support; hence, this dressing maria like this was profoundly misunderstanding of the affinities relating the people (the public) and the Royal House. It is a dead-cert Wills has grown tired of trying to put things in their context to his wife and in-laws, but do they listen? They surely are not even worth being compared to nouveau-rich, as they confuse and delude themselves (signet rings and all that jazz!). I may also be totally wrong…

        1. I completely agree. It was embarrassing and snobby. I don’t even think that Prince Charles’ nanny wore a uniform. In pics she seems to be wearing regular clothes. And it WAS the 1950s.
          This is definitely a Carole move. And a bad one.
          On the plus side, I loved what the Queen and Camilla were wearing. The pictures will look beautiful with Kate in white. I agree with KMR that Pippa’s dress was better. What a beautiful cut! Carole looked better than at George’s -I think her hat choices are usually tragic!
          Although I have. Also read the articles saying basically that Carole doesn’t care about what anyone thinks, she is going to do her thing. I just don’t think that is going to be good for anyone.

      3. Spot on!

        Loving Nanny Maria presence and royal approval by HM/BP POW with P George/Charlotte and N/Maria professional royal regal standards have erk carol the middletons losing sleep of N/Maria closeness to the RF.

        Hence, 3 -some wanna be carol way of pay back – nanny wearing a uniform (loudly defining Maria as ‘Nanny). Carol forgetting all the copying she km faking (nanny work was what Diana POW did …) and work that would do wonders for all carol middleton children.

  5. I had no idea they limited the photographers to four. I’m assuming Tanna wasn’t one of the ones who made it in the paddock?

    1. I don’t think so. Though he did say some paps managed to get into the crowd of public.

      1. It’s too bad that the best picture in the newspaper of the baby is the one of her nostrils and chin. And, yes, I’m really getting a Donna Reed vibe from this whole scenario. For reference, that was a show in the ’50s about a stay-at-home mom always attired elegantly in dress and pearls taking care of house and family.

  6. I am not loving this throwback to the 50s. William (might) will be the 21st century future king. I get the nod to continuity here, but the SWF has got to stop. The pram, okay, but maybe. George looked cute, but I think that Kate needs to give the boy his own identity. Dressing up him up like his a$$hole father is not a good look.

    Kate’s neckline is stunning. She looked really pretty. The hair and jewels were a nice touch. I’m just tired of those dinky fascinators worn by her, Scarole, and Orange Pip. Buy a decent hat. You can for the price of the fascinator. Scarole also channeled Katie with her coat. Kate has bunches of coats like that. I would be a bit miffed if my sister wore the same color scheme. I agree with the other poster that there are so many colors and palattes that Kate could wear. But leave it to her and she will find the most drab and boring.

    Here is my biggest complaint. They trotted Nanny Maria out in the Norland uniform. We never see her clothed like that. Never. IMHO, to trot her out there like that seems very rich and high handed. A very us versus them. A subtle hint about knowing her place.

    All in all, I didn’t like it. The walk to and from church was a bit like throwing extra sugar to the sugars. Keep them happy for a while and then go back to being lazy. It was hard to see Charlotte and it was very staged and treacly for me.

    I need coffee.

    1. Kate seems rather desperate to reinforce her class status doesn’t she? Maria’s outfit and the ponce pram and the way she dresses George. Hmm.

      1. That ugly uniform was appalling and very jarring. Here, we see the real Cambridges and how highly they think of themselves, so superior to all others. Bow down, you wretches.

        1. It really bothered me to see that. It made me extremely uncomfortable. We have never seen Maria like this before. She normally wears street clothes. It just reeked of elite. It makes me think that Maria has to be trotted out like a prop just like the kids.

          1. I’m with you, Rhiannon. I felt very uncomfortable seeing Maria dressed like that. It did smack of elitism and keeping her in her place. And, let’s face it, she is so loved by little George and I am certain baby Charlotte will love her, too.

          2. I have some ambivalence about this. Maria may have worn the uniform with pride since Norland is a prestigious institution and this was a formal event for which she was officially on duty. But she looked like the requisite servant hovering on the edge ready to respond to milady’s command; it just seemed a very glaring note and I’m sure bought into Kate’s superior view of herself. Again, fitting into that ’50s scenario.

          3. I didn’t see Maria as hovering at all. In fact, she looked happy and very relaxed, even in close proximity to the Queen. She looked more comfortable with the whole situation than Pippa, who looked lovely, but somewhat hesistant (?).

          4. @Ray,

            Of course the nanny hovers! That’s what nannies do.

            I thought she would be an honoured guest. But she was merely a servant. And unlike the Swedish Royal Family who could manage a squirming Leonore amongst themselves, all of these adults need a kid wrangler. Yes, they are all so ‘hands on’ with Georgie.

            No question in my mind that this was a blatant show of status. Bow down, ye wretches.

      2. It may have been Maria’s choice to wear that. She worked as a nanny to royalty before and she even went to a college that specializes in that. Maybe she felt that it was appropriate to the occasion.

        1. Wearing the Norland uniform is done with absolute pride – they are the best of the best. It’s not sneering at her at all.

          1. I saw a comment on Twitter that said wearing the Norland uniform is like a soldier wearing dress blues. So I agree that I don’t think it’s a negative. Maria probably wore it with pride.

          2. I am sure as Norland is considered the creme de la creme. However, she never wears it when photographed with George. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt as we do not see what goes on in KP or Anmer.

          3. She will probably have occasion to wear her full dress uniform very few times throughout her career. I believe she wanted to, regardless of what the Cambridges thought. People are making it “fit” as something the evil Middleton’s are making her do to show her place. What she IS showing, is that she is 100x more qualified to raise a king than George’s grandmother is.

          4. I was also thinking that the Queen was present, so maybe that was why she wore it? Yes she normally wears street clothes, but the Queen is never around. I am thinking she was proud of her uniform and felt it was appropriate since the Queen was there.

        2. Perhaps it may not seem that Maria was hovering, but to me wearing that uniform in the midst or on the periphery of her employers – for that’s who they are – means her role is distinctly marked as a servant. She may be proud of her uniform and happy and relaxed, but she’s trained to incorporate well and effortlessly in the upper social circles, I’m sure, and I think it would have been less obvious if she was wearing day clothes while keeping her eye on George. It really looked like the great divide, but I’m sure Maria is fine with that.

          1. I really hope so. It would be awful if she herself felt that her uniform marked her as “lower class”. On such an important day for her youngest charge, I hope she felt as important and needed as she looked. She didn’t want to blend in…she is raising the future king of GB! I thought she stood out in a good way πŸ™‚

          2. Maria is trained for and paid to accept all aspects of her job, and it’s a massive feather in her bowler to be caring for a possible future king. But I read that it’s at the discretion of her employers to wear that uniform, so I’m wondering more at William and/or Kate’s motives that they might have insisted she wear it to fit into their affluent family saga with uniformed staff. What an anachronistic throwback to another age in that outfit which fit that choreographed scenario.

          3. The Norland Uniform is actually supposed to distinguish a Norland Nanny from a “regular” servant. It’s worn with a lot of pride, and only on very special occasions. A Norland Nanny would be honored to wear the uniform, and it’s actually supposed to convey that she is more than a servant. I’ve seen documentaries on Norland College, the uniform is a Very Big Deal to them.

          4. @Francesca:

            Thank you for the info. I agree. Norland College is the most prestigious nanny college in the world. Wearing that uniform shows their status as the most well trained and qualified nannies in the world. Maria would be proud to wear that uniform.

          5. I have no doubt at all about the sterling reputation of Norland and Maria’s probable pride in her uniform, but I find it questionable about the motives of having her wear it at this event. I thought it was too glaring and obvious a show of status that a servant in uniform would have to wear it on this occasion. The public all knows who the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are. There seems to be a lot of split feelings about this issue, so I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

          6. The uniform did spark quite the debate. I had no idea it would be this big of an issue.

    2. I don’t think Kate was miffed Pippa wore a similar color. I think they coordinated. So Kate was fine with both Pippa and Carole’s choices.

      1. KMR, I wouldn’t be surprised if they coordinated their choices as a show of solidarity for the power family that they’ve become.

        1. Or so they would all match Charlotte’s gown. I wouldn’t put it past them to have taken an all female picture with Kate, Carole, Pips, and Charlotte (for their private use). And if they all wore white/off-white, they’d all match.

  7. Am I the only person who was distressed by the way Kate interacted with Charlotte. Her head was not properly supported from my view when Kate lifted her from the pretentious-mobile… sorry pram. And when pushing it Kate seemed more focused on photographers than Charlotte. Or even on George for that matter. Side note: how lovely to see will parenting I was surprised and pleased though he could have cracked a smile on his daughters day.

    Outfits today were a miss for me. The white/beige/cream Middleton women were pretty dull and a bit creepy. I so far seem to be the only person bothered by them all wearing similar outfits. Not a coincidence I think. It feels more like their forcing this sort of team thing between them. Like, “look how similar we are and how much we love Carole were grown adults who coordinated outfits”.
    Camilla -should know better! I don’t know what to say other than hopefully she’ll learn her lesson and not do it again… Like some people!!
    George… I don’t know what else to say. It’s creepy and narcissistic. Also I personally can’t look at those sandal and sock outfits without thinking George looks like a really camp 1970s postman.

    Best outfit award goes to HM pink was fitting and she looked so happy.

    Can we all agree that regardless of how high class you are the pram is pretentious. Also it made it difficult to see Charlotte.

    Ahh rant over. Congratulations Charlotte. May god bless you and may you have a long, happy and magical life.

    1. I see Wills’ ‘parenting’ akin to the way he puts his hand to Waity’s back when on show-to keep Georgie in line.

      BTW, I think Kate is back to looking smug/triumphant. So does the princeling.

      1. She did look really smug. She’s probably really happy she got a girl. You just know she’s going to create a mini-Diana with Charlotte.

    2. I just snorted coffee all over my keyboard… “thinking George looks like a really camp 1970’s postman.” Ahahaha! Yes! That’s exactly it. Maybe someday, he will ignore his duty like his father and become a “normal” boy and work at the post office (where he will donate his income to charity and live in various multi-million pound mansions and fly to work in a helicopter each morning). πŸ˜€

  8. I find it odd that only the immediate family were invited. Who baptizes their kid and limits the guest list like that? Is that a normal thing in the BRF? Or in the UK? Am I missing something?

    1. The whole thing felt very staged. So they only needed the bare minimum. But probably church space and maybe will not wanting it to be a mass event? With the BRF as soon as you start inviting extended family you have another 50 people coming. Haha

    2. Limiting is normal, most other royals have done so, but not to this extreme. Friends and family, beyond parents and those who are godparents, are usually in attendance. That being said, this is not your usual royal event.

      Wee Willy Winge and Waity put on quite a show. But, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they really live the life of a Donna Reed episode. What’s glaring to me is their lack of touch with the public. They clearly think that their “subjects” are dim and have the memory of knats because their actions are just so far removed from reality. The pair don’t attend church beyond Christmas and Easter, and Kate has been photographed shopping on the morning of the holy day many, many times. To be quite frank, I’m sure there are dozens of barristas who could confirm that Kate doesn’t observe the Sabbath. They are not fully committed, but rather it’s another show, which cheapens the entire event.

      Beyond the lack of continuity in their day-to-day lives, I too am incredibly put out by Maria’s clothing. Unless she is mandated by Norland to wear this uniform or be executed, this uniform should never have been seen. They should have insisted that she wear something more fitting for the occasion that would blend well and not make her stick out like a sore thumb. And, let’s be 100% clear in that royal nannies are not required to wear uniforms in any setting; just look at nannies prior. Why she wore this, I don’t know, but even if they didn’t make her wear it, William and Kate should have insisted on other attire so that she looks like part of the family, because she is. I would venture to say Maria is closer to George, and soon to be closer to Charlotte, than their parents proper. Many royals previous have said that their relationships with the nannies and headmasters/headmistresses were deeper and more meaningful than their relationship with their parents. Make no mistake, nothing is changing now.

      I do sincerely hope that William and Kate get a clue, and fast, because their hole is becoming deeper and deeper. I also hope that they start to be more concerned with what actually is instead of what appears to be.

      And, since their both looking so well, I expect them to do some actual work sometime this year.

      1. Katie, I love your post.
        William and Kate’s behavior is certainly strange.
        Oh, they want to be regular folk, but they surely know how to
        put on the Ritz and keep Maria in her place.

        I agree, that she should have been allowed to dress in a suit or dress and jacket and blend in like other guests. She is “family” and it’s obvious PG loves her dearly.

        As for the religious show they put on as part of the Christening, I am sorry to learn that Kate goes shopping on Sundays and misses the normal Sunday services. William and Kate are turning Royalty into the Kate and Will show and doing nothing to honor the Monarchy. If they are not seriously religious, if they don’t want to go along with the traditions, and if they truly want to live like regular people, shed those Royal titles, refuse the money and move out of the estate.

        Wonder how long they could survive on William’s ambulance salary?

        Gosh, I am tired of them.

        1. None of the younger royals attend church regularly. Even Charles doesn’t. The only one who is super devoted seems to be HM.

      2. To play devil’s advocate: there are LOADS of people who attend church on: Christmas, Easter, weddings, funerals, and baptisms. And that’s it.

    3. I said this last time when the “only invited the immediate family” thing came up. If I were to baptize my kids, I wouldn’t invite my aunts and uncles either. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want only your close family there, and not extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc).

  9. I can’t be the only person who would love to see the press turn on W and Kate. Like actually saying negative things. It’s not like theirs any privileges for Will to take away if they do anymore.

        1. Thanks for the link to the article, Lauri. I’m surprised to read something so critical of Kate’s style. I loved the last line admonishing her to stop borrowing from her mother. How about adding, “from William’s late mother, too.”

    1. Ahh I keep hoping it is going to happen instead of the overly adorning drivel we get instead. I want them to be honest for once! Besides Will isn’t exactly treating them well, like only allowing 4 photographers! He is trying to piss them off and I hate that he thinks he can control them. I hope they both get put in their places and realize that the media controls your image. The royals count on the public’s love, so if the media turn on them, who knows what would happen.

  10. Regarding the christening photo of George: that pose is very generic for its purpose. The photographer posed them that way.

    I find that entire only 4 photographers things ridiculous. In their head, they are “rewarding” those who toe the line (I doubt it there are only 4 photographers who do this), in the photographers mind set, they are being punished. Punished because William is butthurt. LOL. I’d understand their anger towards paparazzi is justified (the naked France pics were just terrible) but alienating official royal photographers is just a really stupid move. I miss the photocalls.

    1. I think one of the problems is that William does not/cannot distinguish between paparazzi and professional photographer. He hates them all.

    2. Without knowing the individuals personally or the situation up close, it comes across as passive aggressive and manipulative.

  11. I thought Kate looked nice. I really liked the neckline. Her hair being up was a nice change. I’m somewhat ‘meh’ on her wearing cream again. However, I think Carole and Pippa wearing cream was a bit matchy-matchy. Pippa looked nice, but basically looked exactly like Kate.

    I checked what the guests wore last time. Pippa was in cream, Carole in navy and Camilla in cream. What do you want to bet that Carole wore cream this time because Camilla did last time?

  12. I just wanted to comment and tell you how much I love your blog. I’ve been following you for a while now. Growing up, I was quite fascinated by British history, particularly royalty. My grandfather is a dual citizen of both the UK and USA. I always loved the royal family. My boyfriend often pointed out to me the hypocrisies of it (much to my dismay). Soon I found myself unable to come up with good arguements in their favor. I stumbled across your blog and my eyes were opened a lot. I see the Windsors in a new light. I have to say, I’ve grown to liking the Swedish royals much more. Anyways- sorry to ramble. Just wanted to let you know I’m here and reading. Thank you and please keep it up πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Rebekah, welcome! πŸ™‚ This blog made me realize too how great the Swedish royals are. I had no idea how much of a difference they are compared to the BRF. They feel more like a true family and not a firm.

  13. Thanks for the awesome post! Odd that Kate seems to have no friends? I feel bad for her. No old school chums to act as godparents?

    1. They did choose on of her friends, Sophie Carter. I was more surprised that the Queen allowed a Middleton to be godparent I would have thought she would have had enough of them by now.

      1. The thing is that her “friend” Sophie Carter is actually one of Will’s female friends that has to be nice to Kate because she is friends with Will. Kate supposedly has one or possibly two friends from her past, but dropped them once she got together with William.

        1. It’s not weird to be friends with your boyfriends female friends. It’s a good way to mark your territory lol

          1. We have plenty of stories about her doing just that. The choice of one of William’s female friends points out, again, that she has no friends of her own. She dropped her friends and only associated with the women of William’s set. They are his friends.

          2. Cathy, Jessica Hay was Kate’s classmate years ago. I doubt it Kate speaks to her anymore because Jessica keeps blabbing to the press.

          3. @J Jessica Hay is often quoted by New Idea as the source on on most of the stories the magazine runs about Kate. As the last story was fairly recent.

        2. Yes Bets that is what I thought, I thought she was a friend she had made through William. You never see any photos of Kate out with friends (outside of the early drunken days) even on her many shopping trips, or lunching with them, never anyone with her but the Midds. It’s odd. Presumably the other royals have friends?

    2. She seems to have forgotten Trini Foyle in her godparent choosing. Trini seemed to be the only friend she made on her own that she still talked to (the last spotting of Trini was in 2013, I think), but Kate ignored her both times for godparent.

  14. I was so surprised when I first saw the pictures of W&K&G&C on their way to the church, not at all what I was expecting. First, George in red!!! Is it the end of the world?? Did the second coming happen and I missed it?? I means geez the boy’s been dressed in blue since the day he was born, red was such a shocker. However, once it was pointed out how similar this outfit was to the one worn by his dad, it made perfect sense. I don’t much care for the constant reference to Diana but I did like that Will’s tie matched George’s outfit. I guess from now on, Kate and Charlotte will dress alike and Will & George will dress alike. Sigh…

    Secondly, Kate wore an outfit that actually showed a collar bone instead of being closed up right to her throat. I knew the world ended and I’m the only one left!! I liked this coat dress, the neckline was interesting and the darting on the bodice made the dress less boring. All in all it was a nice outfit for her daughter’s christening, nothing earthshaking, except the neckline, but nice.

    I have to say I felt pretty jipped that on the walk to church Charlotte wasn’t visible at all, in fact I still haven’t seen a good picture of her from today. The media went on and on about seeing the Cambridge family together but that didn’t happen, no one from the public got to see her. I couldn’t quite work out how they would have shown her during the walk while she was in a pram maybe have the cover open the other way?

    I thought the rest of the ladies looked nice. Surprisingly I even liked Pippa’s outfit, big improvement over the dress she wore to George’s christening. I liked Carole’s coat dress, this style really suits her and looks great on her. In Camilla’s defense it does look like she is wearing a nude color slip under her dress so there was no worry that we were going to be flashed a la Kate. As always, HM was the best of the bunch.

    1. I was annoyed that we didn’t get to see much of Charlotte at all. I thought Kate would hold her on the way to and from church, so that we could see her. But she didn’t show Charlotte to the public at all. Annoying.

  15. I think everyone looked beautiful. I loved Kate’s neckline but I have to say, Pippa stole the show. I absolutely loved her coat dress. Everyone keeps saying Carole’s dress is beige but it has hints of pink in it. I think that’s the color palette Kate told everyone about for the pics: blue, pink and beige. Everyone was in blue and beige for George’s christening pics but Charlotte’s will be a little different and George will stand out wonderfully in the pics because he’s in the sharp red.

    I love to shade when shade is due but I can’t find fault here. Good job Cambridges. Everyone looked healthy and happy and I especially loved George’s little tantrum at the end. I have a boy the exact same age and it made me smile. I know exactly how Kate was and William were feeling at the time. You want to show off the baby. You want to give the perfect pap stroll and give the people want they want but you’re dealing with a toddler. You could see the stress in Kate’s face a little bit. She wanted to rectify the situation but couldn’t because she had to stroll Charlotte. That’s how I know she’s a hands on mom. She’s always eager to get in there with George before he has a blow up (some of us called it hovering on the balcony during the troops of the colors). But, I’ll hand it to William, he seems very comfortable with his son and his moods. He’s a good dad.

    I’m not saying anything about their spending, or about their lack of full working schedule. That’s for another post. The christening was about showing off their family and the Cambridges do that really well, if for no other reason, because they are a solid unit. And that’s what William wanted and that’s why he chose Kate and the Middletons. Good for him.

    Sorry, this was a lot longer than I expected πŸ™‚

    1. Great post Jeanne, my sentiments exactly! I also just want to add that I agree with the other posters who say Maria wore her Norland uniform, because she was proud of it. She’s showing her status in “nannydom”, and it’s top shelf! Good for her.
      Can’t wait to see the MT portraits.
      Ps Camilla’s purse looked a little cowgirlish, and I didn’t think it went with her outfit or the event at all. Sorry Cam, other than that you looked fab πŸ˜‰

      1. With the fringe, yeah it does a bit. I knew it looked off but I couldnt place it.

    2. They way she cannot hold her daughter properly doesn’t scream hands on mom to me.

      Where was the public spectacle for the firstborn, the heir, the male child? Nope, we only put on this show for the GIRL child with her late grandmother’s name. This was an enormous PR show and one more attempt to excuse their lazy behavior by hiding behind Diana.

      I’m interested to see what will happen. Are the gloves really off now, Mark Cuthbert? They’ve been promising that for years and always cave to William’s demands. I’d love to see the press really take these two on publicly. Bring it on.

      1. Happy to see that I’m not the only one who has always been disturbed by how she holds her offspring. She let George’s head flop around too when he was an infant and she frequently held him one handed (so she could twirl her hair with her other hand) and under his armpits, which I happen to know is painful to them. I have cared for a lot of infants, both for work and in my family and I was always raised and taught to always support the neck and head because they are so little and fragile and they don’t have the neck muscles to hold their heads up without support at that age. Kate always seems so awkward holding her own kids! It really bothered me that she just let Charlotte’s head flop and didn’t seem to be paying attention. I also think they should have skipped the pram and just carried her in, but given Kate’s track record of tripping and falling over nothing, maybe the handlers were worried that she would drop Charlotte? She is all around an awkward and uncomfortable looking mother. The big, plastic smile that dropped right back into RBF didn’t fool me for a second.

        1. everyone seems to be going on about the way she holds the babies. She’s obviously holding them that way because of the christening gown. someone probably told her to do it that way to maximize exposure of the baby’s face and outfit. if the baby was in pain (or the neck truly not supported) the baby would have told the whole world. I understand what you are saying, it does look odd but I don’t think it means she’s a shit mom.

          i think she looks awkward and uncomfortable with her children in scenarios that include the BRF because she isn’t sure of her fit in it yet. She doesn’t know how to behave. She tries to be a model princess for them – the princess that they all want her to be: i.e. unassuming, gracious and perfect so she always ends up looking staged and plastic.

          It’s not the same in the “impromtu” pics of her and George playing. They might be staged most of the time but she’s allowed to be more casual and sporty and appears more real to me.

          The problem with Kate Middleton is she doesn’t know who she is yet or what kind of person she wants to be. And if she does know she’s petrified to be that person all the time especially when the royal family (and the cameras meaning the whole world) is watching.

          1. If god himself asked me to hold my child in a way that would maximize exposure to her gown and face, but could potentially harm her because I’m letting her head flop about, I’d tell him to shove it up his ass. What’s best for the children is what’s more important, not what’s best for pictures.

            I agree that Kate doesn’t know who she is and, I’m going to call a spade a spade here, that’s just pathetic. She’s had more time than any other royal bride to prepare, 10 YEARS; and she’s been coddled since she joined The Firm. She’s had YEARS off to adjust to her role, been given more leeway than any other wife, and basically nothing is expected of her. She’s lazy and all-around stupid. There is a reason Harry called her “The Limpet” and she was known in elite circles as one of the “Wisteria sisters”.

            What really gets me is that she’s letting a prime opportunity pass her by. By just showing up to a charity event, that charity receives huge press and people become aware of the issue(s). Just by standing there and smiling like an idiot (her forte), she could change the life of so many in need. She won’t, and that pisses me off.

          2. “She’s obviously holding them that way because of the christening gown. someone probably told her to do it that way to maximize exposure of the baby’s face and outfit. if the baby was in pain (or the neck truly not supported) the baby would have told the whole world.”

            Would any mother disregard the safe way to hold her child because someone else told her to adjust the baby to show off a christening gown that is a replica of a 100+ year old gown? That makes zero sense.

            Anyway, the public barely saw the baby’s face, just up her nose.
            Not to mention, Kate held her the same way at the lindo wing. Head unsupported. It’s ok for people to admit she doesn’t seem too attached as a mother.

            If Kate is so terrified of what people think, she was waiting around for the wrong husband.

          3. Guys, obviously no one wants the baby to get hurt. All I’m saying is if the baby was in pain it would have let everyone know via crying. I’m sure she was fine.

            I have my issues with kate but inattentive mother is not one of them. If anything, being a mom is one thing she’s not horrible at.

          4. She was crying when Kate picked her up as they arrived.

            We’ll just have to agree to disagree on her mothering skills or lack of.

          5. Has nothing to do with the christening gown. She held the baby the same way outside the hospital, not supporting her head properly.

          6. The babies were not wearing christening gowns on the steps outside the hospital Kate didn’t support their heads that well during those holdings, too.

            Something is seriously wrong with her.

          7. @My2Pence,

            Wow, thank you so much for the article! Of course we will never know how much of that story is true. But dang, if even only half of it is true, it did not paint Kate in a very good light! Really shows just how many games she was playing to get William. Since that article was before they got back together, now it really seems like William just settled since he had not considered her ‘the one’. And it wouldn’t surprise me to know that Kate planned to punish William for his nightclub photos by having her own taken since we know she wanted to make him jealous after their breakup. This article just makes Kate seem so manipulative. And Kate totally loves the fame. So I wonder if it is true that Harry thought the same thing. It is amazing to me how quickly the media forgets. They used to write horrible things about her and now all they can do is kiss her arse. Thanks again!

          8. An anecdote about neck supporting:

            When I held my cousin for the first time, his mother told me I wasn’t supporting his neck properly. He hadn’t made a peep.

        2. I agree with you, Jeanne. I think it’s more of a displaying thing, and I also agree the baby definitely would let her know if she was uncomfortable.

          1. The sack-of-potatoes hold probably is for display and for, in the case of the Lindo Wing, making Kate look thinner by hiding her stomach. Regardless of whether the baby is uncomfortable, not supporting the head is always a bad idea.

          2. Well, supporting a baby’s neck is not just about the baby being immediately comfortable, but also is about long-term damage to the neck before it’s strong enough to support on its own. At two months, the baby may not feel uncomfortable per say if her head is drooping – again, I think it’s more of a longterm thing.

    3. I’m glad you mentioned George’s tantrum, I actually liked seeing that. It was oddly refreshing. The media always goes on and on about how well behaved George is and he never cries. They then try and credit Will and Kate for this saying it is their parenting style. When in fact, it is just George’s temperament to not cry much. It is ridiculous. So I am happy that the media cannot say it this time, since George was doing what a normal toddler does πŸ™‚

      1. All the articles I’ve read always show George as a bruiser, tantrum-y baby. I’ve never seen one where he was well behaved.

        1. I believe I’ve seen every picture and video clip of George that’s out there. Therefore, I have to disagree with you on his behaviour. He appears to be a well adjusted, curious, and at times frustrated baby. He’s about to hit the “terrible twos” though, so we may start to see more public displays of “bad” behaviour. But, like others have said, he wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t have some displays of temper. He’s just a little boy, leave him be. If his personality still seems flawed to you when he’s 18…have at ‘im!

          1. At the recent polo match, the set of photos that came out later were accompanied by the story of him hitting another child with his toy.

          2. A picture of George hitting a kid with a toy. Awesome! One more example of how normal this boy actually is. He is not a preprogrammed robot with a perfect disposition beyond his chubby little years, whew.

            Thanks goodness I didn’t have paps following my children’s every move throughout the years. And good thing children are allowed to grow up and not be held to their behavior as little children, else I may have had to give mine back πŸ˜‰ And they weren’t “bad”, just babies being babies…that’s how she goes.

          3. He hit another child with a toy during the playdate in NZ, too.

        2. Those bruiser, tantrum-y beliefs all stem from comments made by William and Kate about their son. Mainly from William and then she started parroting him so I’ve never had much faith in them.

          1. And also his behavior during the NZ playdate (stealing toys, hitting a child), and his behavior at the zoo (trying to grab the bilby, throwing a stuffed bilby on the ground as soon as he received it).

        3. I think George did really well on his walk into the church. That’s a lot for a little child to take in. The crowds, the photographers, and the excitement of the event. I’m sure Nanny Maria helped prepare him for it.

      2. Hmm, interesting that other people saw a tantrum, I saw a little boy who has had a walk, then had to sit in church and be quiet, then a walk home while wondering… Just who are all these people? I think it was a little melt down because he was tired.

    4. I completely agree Jeanne. They looked beautiful – the entire scene, stage-managed as it was, was beautiful. Kate is a gorgeous woman and a lucky one. You can see that she and William are completely in tune with one another, the way they teamed up to pre-empt George’s tantrum. William bent down to reason with him immediately, and Kate ran her hand down his shoulder, gave quick instructions to pick him up and distract – well-known tactic of parents of toddlers everywhere and off they went again. You are correct- you can totally see the stress in her face and William’s for a minute. They were going pink from time to time.
      I wish we had more pictures of the godparents. I want to see what the other women wore.

      1. Meh. William and Kate never seem that “in tune” to me. Each always seems to turn away from each other when the other person is moving in to talk. And I do have to disagree with you–I can’t call any woman married to William “lucky.”

    5. I read your post and respect your pov, but I also wonder if Diana would have approved of the way Carole took her place with William. And, I truly think that is what Carole did. She saw William’s vulnerability and used it to make certain her daughter was the future wife of Will.

      If there was a sense of sincere good will in the Middleton clan — particularly, Carole, I would think differently than I do now.

      Diana’s memory is being tarnished greatly, if you thnk about it. Do you honestly think Diana would have wanted to see PG dressed exactly like Will when he was that age?. Carole is taking over and she has no business doing so.

    6. Re the color of Carole’s dress. I couldn’t pin point the color. It looked beige, light pink, off white. I couldn’t tell.

  16. As always, KMR, you’ve done a great job!
    Seems like the weather was lovely for baby Charlotte’s christening. She is adorable. May
    she have a happy life.,

    PG is darling, too. But, oh, no! The replica of the outfit William wore to the hospital to meet his baby brother! OMG! What is matter with the Cambridges? On the one hand, they must be reading this blog. “Put him in red,” on the other, the constant recrecation of little William’s clothes for
    George and Diana’s wardrobe for Kate is just terrible.

    Get your own lives, guys and honor the past by leading productive lives.

    Kate’s dress was beautiful. But, white? Oh, I would have loved to see her in a soft color.
    Carole and Pippa in a of solidarity with Kate by dressing similarly. Ugh.

    And, I concur with those who said pushing the baby in the pram did not allow anyone to see her.
    People wanted to, K&W! Remember that.

    I also don’t like the way baby Charlotte’s head isn’t supported properly when in Kate’s arms.

    Well, here’s to happy lives for PG and his little sister. Ones in which they will be allowed to be themselves and not replicas of Windsors of years gone by.

    P.S. Camilla! Where were your hem weights?

    1. The fabric of camilla’s dress is too fluttery and thin to have hem weights in it. When someone brought up months ago that Kate should start putting hem weights in her dress, I looked it up. According to seamstresses, the fabric of the dress has to be thick enough to hide the weights (usually little metal balls or something). The fabric used for summer dresses would not make the cut, it would look weird.

  17. My favorite pic was of George on tiptoe to see into the pram. Even brother wants a look at the Princess like the rest of us!
    Covering the princess for the walk to the Church…really?? I have a feeling the over-protectiveness will back-fire one day. Diana may have been a shy rose at first but learned to work the paparazzi later. I’m sure she would have doted on these two Grands, but would want them to be their own persons and have a healthy idea of who they are in the British world.

    1. Well said.

      I also loved the photo of little George peeking into the pram. So adorable.

      Diana would have been a wonderful grandmother. Obviously, not to these two children, though. I doubt Will would have married into the Middletons if Diana were still here.

      1. I agree. Diana just changed her game to get attention to show that she was a fighter. From the early photos of Diana I have seen, she looked like she would not say boo to a goose. Diana was a good mother that is the best thing I can say to her two sons. All we see is appearance with the Middleton’s. All we hear about their private life seems to be speculation as surely their behaviour would reflect in both.

  18. Eating wedding cake at the Christening of your children is normal here in the UK. It’s not gross – fruit cake laced with alcohol stays fresh as the day it’s made if it’s kept in a cool place & kept free from air & sunlight.

    It’s a tradition to keep layers for each Christening.

  19. Where to begin?

    Baby Charlotte is just precious. What a beautiful little girl. I hope she has a happy life. And, that she becomes her own special person, too.

    I could not believe what I saw when little Prince George appeared in the red and white outfit that was so similar to what William wore to the hospital when Harry was born. George is darling, but what is going on with the attempts to dress him like little Prince William?

    Kate’s look was gorgeous. I think that is the nicest outfit I’ve seen her in — EVER. However, I just wish it was a soft color and not white. The Middleton women in their white/cream tone really annoyed me, too. Although, Pippa really looked nice. The nicest I have seen her, too.

    The photo of Carole all smiles at Georgie gave me the creeps, too, Yes, she is a proud Grandmother, but that look left nothing to the imagination when it comes to whom Carole thinks is George’s fave relative. Ugh.

    I did not like to see Maria in the nanny uniform, either. Although, perhaps, as stated already, she chose to wear it. To me, it just was very much of a way to put her in her place.

    William with George was very sweet. And, for goodness sake, Kate, support your baby’s head.

    Ok, I think I have said what I needed to say. Hope everyone in the States had a nice 4th of July and long weekend.

  20. As I said in the post with the poll, because the majority of us voted that George would appear in blue, he would appear in a different color.

    Other than that, they didn’t disappoint me as they did what I expected them to do. Little to nothing. I didn’t think they whole selfie thing meant they would take selfies and they didn’t. Kate looked like a Stepford wife, William looks more and more like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. George is adorable, what I saw of Charlotte looks like George at that age.

    HM looked radiant in her pink. Loved Camilla in her blue.

    The godparents were all people basically in William’s camp. Even Kate’s “friend” was William’s originally. This confirms to me she has no friends of her own.

    The Midds – Scarole, Orangina and Wolfman James v. the Normal Mike

    I really don’t know what these two are trying to accomplish. Are their views of normal based on television reruns from the 50’s? Do they really think this is the way normal people live and dress their children? Eh…I wish the children the best. And I don’t mean William and Kate.

    1. “Kate looked like a Stepford wife, William looks more and more like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons” and “The Midds – Scarole, Orangina and Wolfman James v. the Normal Mike”. I love it. But, Mike has a super power. he can make himself invisible. He does that quite well.

      1. Seconding the thumbs up for the descriptions. It was robotic showing of people dressing and acting for a different age.

    2. I will never be able to unsee the comparison between William and Mr. Burns lol! He really is starting to look more and more like Mr. Burns as he ages.

    3. lol they’re probably thinking “We gave you color, what more do you want from us?!”

      Lol “Wolfman James”.

  21. I thought Kate looked beautiful yesterday! I love everything about her outfit! And it made her look very slender-though her face still has a little more on it which looks good! I normally hate coatdresses, but I thought this one was beautiful. The neckline was finally different as well.

    My only small complaint, like others, is that I wish she had chosen a different color. How many white coats does one woman need? Seriously, I wonder how many she owns including the maternity ones. I think something along the same lines, like a very soft pink would have been lovely. But overall she looked beautiful and I am glad her hair was up!

    I know Kate wore these heels once before back in 2012. I wonder why she has not worn them since? Like the white coat, how many pairs of similar nude heels does she own? At least change up the look πŸ™‚

    1. These heels debuted at a Garden party in 2014.

      Kate has a ton of nude heels. She also has a TON of black suede pumps…. that all look the same. I don’t know why she keeps buying shoes that all look the same.

    1. Hello, Shiv,


      Glad you posted this link. So, the uniform was more than likely worn at the behest of Nanny Maria’s employers!

      Kate and William — especially, Kate, I think, want to keep Nanny Maria in her place. Sad, but true.

      The more I look at the photos of the processional to the Church, Kate is really a major prima donna. She really is more interested in herself than the baby and George. Perhaps, if I saw the entire thing and not stills, I would think differently.

      Also, PG doesn’t seen to know who HM is! Sad! I’ve looked at the photo several times and am startled by his lack of recognition of her. Even if he is 2 years old.

    2. Thanks for the link!

      Does anybody know, is Rebecca Deacon still working for Kate and Will? I haven’t noticed her recently. Of course, that could be due to Kate being on leave.

      1. I thought I saw a glimpse of her in one of the video clips. When they reach the church and the Cambridges head in, you can see her(?) in a navy sheath through the gap in the hedge. She quickly steps back, but it looks like her to me

    3. Hi Shiv!!! Welcome to the comments section!

      From the article you posted:

      “However, the nanny school says that the ensemble doesn’t have to be worn by graduates unless their employers want them to – which suggests the get-up was worn at the behest of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

      So yeah, I guess W&K wanted her to wear the uniform. Doesn’t mean she wasn’t proud to wear it, though. Interesting, though, that W&K made Maria wear her nanny uniform but Kate’s bodyguard got to wear a normal dress.

  22. Those signet rings really rub me the wrong way. You’d think it’d just be a constant reminder that the primary reason they get any attention is because their emotionally stunted daughter/sister married a royal jerk. I understand being proud of your family history and station in life but they did nothing to earn it. I guess Kate did- by waiting around for 10 years. They all seem like somewhat pleasant people but just absolutely so self satisfied. I don’t know why that’s so irritating to me lol

    1. Maybe the signet ring should have also included the Number 10 in its design.
      Ten years is one heck of a time to wait for a guy to put a ring on it.

  23. Thank you KMR for the post about Princess Charlotte’s Christening. I think Kate had a nice updo. Though the way the middleton ladies were all dressed in cream/white/ivory I don’t know. I dressed in a colourful dress for my niece’s christening. Prince George looked cute and upstaged his sister a little. I really thought they would dress him in blue but the red outfit looked cute. However this swf of his outfits which is more Kate than William and her poses mimicking Diana looks strange. I liked how William comforted his son. There is obviously a bond there. However in one of the daily mail photos Kate is glaring at George as if to say how dare you steal the thunder from me or Charlotte. Just an observation as her face looked very animated.

    1. Not counting her ponytails, I usually love Kate’s updos. I actually copied one of her updos for my wedding – hopefully that doesn’t make me too much of a sugar. πŸ™‚

      1. Which updo did you copy? I liked the one where she had pearl pins in her hair.

          1. That was a pretty updo from Kate. And with a hairclip and veil, that would have looked so pretty.

  24. I am totally confused and disappointed! This whole event seems to have Carole written all over it! I really believe that she has this obsession with Diana. She uses this to influence PW/Kate. Its really weird! The whole event was overly staged. I didn’t like it! I didn’t see any photos of Mike Middleton, was he in attendance? How could William have an event that to me was an obvious nod to his mother and not include his brother? I would think he would do any and everything to make sure that PH attended. Kate made sure that her family attended yet no Harry!!! I’m over Pippa…yuck!! I thought Kate, HM and Camilla looked lovely! George was dressed as if he was in the 1800’s again! I expect Kate will dress Princess Charlotte as if she was a character out of Pride and Prejudice! Carole looked like she was “in control” and William looked controlled. I took another look at the side by side of PG and PW, its weird! Its one thing to have Charlotte dressed in a historical christening gown, but there is no explanation for dressing PG like PW…..its weird!!

  25. For what it’s worth I would like to share that I am a woman born the same year as Diana and followed her through the years.
    I never recall once a Nanny being so conspicuous in photos as this one. They were always casually in the background doing what they do without drawing attention. Diana herself had a comfortable feel about her, where this group “The Cambs” seems all caught up in themselves.
    I sometimes wonder if HM wishes Diana back….
    PS…I feel like Diana set the tone…but why aren’t they complying to it? They want everything matchy matchy but what about the tone? Diana truly loved people and it showed through her actions. PW acts like he has a cobb up his arse! PH is more truly Diana’s son and oh how I wish he could take over!

    1. W & K & the midds want people to love and favor them like they did with the very popular Diana. They fall very very short. For people without any achievements, they are all so very entitled to everything.

      Harry inherited the best of both his parents, it’s not surprising that he is put off by the lamebridge drama.

    2. Hi, TJ,

      Exactly! Diana was so beautiful in her dealings with people The way she looked at
      her babies and little boys was with major love. The way she treated others was amazing.
      I agree that Harry should have been there. Ok, he’s away, but somehow, if William had made it feel “right” for his brother, don’t you think Harry would have been there.

      Diana worked so hard to give her children a sense of right and wrong. She wanted them to honor their Royal heritage and be there for all people. Harry got the message. William needs major emotional healing. He is a Royal Mess.

      BTW, “cobb up his arse!” Wow! So true.

  26. I’m a sucker for ceremonies and rituals, so my view of the event may have been distorted by somewhat misted-up rose-colored glasses, but I thought they brought it off beautifully. Kate looked lovely and radiant, and the whole group outside the church seemed relaxed and happy. I do agree, though, with the “enough yet” reaction to George’s outfit, as cute as he looked: he’s his own little person, and even though he’s not aware of it shouldn’t be a vehicle for channeling his father’s issues.

  27. I read that Nanny Maria is well trained in the martial arts and evasive driving as well as defensive pram pushing. I would love to see her in action mowing down the evil paparazzi with her lethal pram! I wonder if that’s a steel-rimmed bowler as well.

      1. Thank you; Maria evokes images of Super Nanny to the Rescue! It was discussed on Celebitchy that she needs her own action figure, lol.

    1. I saw someone mention that on Twitter. I don’t know. To me it looks like a trick of the position of the baby, the folds of the eyelids, and the eyelashes.

  28. To be honest in body language a hand on the shoulder means that the girl wants to get close or show possession of a guy. Kate keeps doing it as she did it when William earned his wings in the RAF. It is like saying he is mine hands off. Kate seems more interested and obsessed in William than holding her children. That is my opinion. Sorry if it offends.

  29. It’s really sad that William and Kate can’t think of any more substantive way to “link” to Diana than George’s clothing. As KMR pointed out above, why don’t they emulate her work ethic and patronage of worthy causes?

    Are they going to dress Charlotte exactly as Diana was dressed?

    The most disturbing aspect of this whole thing is making Nanny Maria wear that horrible uniform. Yes, they are making a statement that says, “We are the upper class family and you are the servant.” Diana would never have done that.

    1. Uh oh, fast forward twenty some years, and Charlotte wears Diana’s wedding gown!

      Or, if they have proms in the UK, imagine Charlotte in one of Diana’s amazing one shoulder satin numbers.

      I smell a TV show entitled: What Would Diana Wear? (A/K/A What Will Charlotte Wear?) Cameo appearances by Kate, of course!

      1. Yes secondary schools have proms. My brothers all boys school in Cornwall had dances with the all girls school in the sixth form which is 16 to 18 years of age. I doubt George or Charlotte would go to a comprehensive. George will possibly follow in William’s footsteps and go to Eton. Charlotte to Malbrough perhaps where Carol will still be trying to be in control.

  30. They are delusional. This was a weird event harking back to the good old 1950s. I thought they were modernizing the monarchy? Poor George, looking around for his nanny.

    I like the Queen and Charles, but letting a very lazy, damaged man and his deranged wife/motherinlaw near the throne isn’t going to end well. They should’ve given Bill the ‘duke of windsor’ title.

    Where is that sweet, charming, and charitable ginger, Heiry? On a continent away from this freak show.

      1. Certainly not a typo πŸ˜‰

        I wonder why he stayed away. Just coincidental or did he purposely avoid this nightmare (or he was he even invited at all).

  31. I am so so so glad other people felt the same way I did about Maria in that hideous Norland Nanny-Mary Poppins uniform. Surprised she didn’t carry a satchel and an umbrella as well. How embarrassing for her. She doesn’t look very happy at the event, either. For a couple who posture themselves on being normal and on a first name basis with staff at home and then demand that she dress that way at a family event is unbelievably arrogant. It’s also insulting to the memory to William’s mother Diana, who was herself a nanny and whom I’m sure would never would have asked and never would have agreed to something so demeaning in public. I hope Maria hands in her notice.

  32. Hi, I’ve only posted a few times, usually I just like reading the posts and comments, but a few thinks caught my attention.
    The first thing I noticed was the way Kate was holding the baby, it looked like she wasn’t supporting the head, and I wondered about the pram, it’s fifty years old, haven’t there been safety improvements in that time? It just look so high and hard to maneuver. I liked the nanny uniform. If it was worn to something like her graduation from Norland, but most people know who she is and maybe just a blouse and skirt would have been appropriate. I thought this whole occasion looked forced and not joyful. ps did anyone bring flowers for the charity?

    1. Hi Grumpy!

      I was wondering how many people brought flowers as well. From the pictures of the crowd I saw, I didn’t see anyone with flowers. I saw EACH tweeted about the flowers going to the hospital, so I assume there were some flowers. But I doubt there were as many as, say, at Christmas.

  33. KMR, did you notice that Charlotte’s christening coin had her full name while George’s only had his first name? Technically Charlotte’s title is HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge just like George’s is HRH Prince George of Cambridge. But the christening coin for Char said Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Will and Kate cannot let any opportunity to remind us of Diana go by, can they?

    Making this christening a ‘public’ event while keeping George’s, the heir’s, to the point, getting Diana’s favourite photographer, christening Char in the same church that Diana was christened, George’s dress… all this actually very disturbing. It’s gone past the point of throwbacks (which would be the pram, the christening dress, etc) and veered into creepy. If they were trying for a throwback they all simply should have dressed in costume dresses and turned it into a theme party kind of thing. That would have been way more fun and genuine.

    I sincerely feel bad for Charlotte. She’s got a tough life ahead of her. Being a royal is hard enough but she is also Will and Kate’s kid. To add to the stress there will be endless comparisons and references to Diana that Will and Kate themselves will make. It will be hard for her to be her own person. I also wonder if George would be jealous of her on growing up since Will and Kate will be more focused on turning the golden girl, Char, into a Diana instead of turning George into a King. If she has blue eyes, God help her.

    I also agree with all the commentators saying that they were horrified that Maria had to wear the uniform. It might totally be possible that Maria chose to wear that uniform because she was in the presence of the Queen, it was an ‘official’ event and she was on duty, etc. But I have to respectfully disagree. This isn’t the 90s and I don’t think any nanny would wear that dress where they share a centre stage with royals. Most nannies tend to blend into the background instead of standing out as a sore thumb and that was what Maria was.

    If she wanted to show some college-pride I think she would have worn a simple coat with the Norland logo emblazoned on it. And she isn’t required to wear the uniform unless required by her employers. So given Will and Kate’s history I am inclined to believe that they asked Maria to wear that uniform. I actually think Carole might have had a hand in it. The Midds want to show off their status and pretend to be royal. Hence establishing a clear line between servant and employer, excluding other royal family members and friends (including Harry) and talking the walk from church to Sandringham like the royals do every year.

    1. Re the coin, I saw that. So weird that Charlotte got so much more attention for her Christening than George did. George only got his first name on the coin, and a private Christening with no public viewing. Charlotte got her full name, plus a ton of people watching them walk to and from the church. And W&K had to okay the coin design, so you know they did that on purpose. So blatantly trying to summon up goodwill from Diana’s memory.

      1. You’d think Charlotte was a future monarch, not George, with the amount of attention and possible expectations lavished on this child. As Anon so astutely put it, I feel sorry for this girl myself.

        1. Seriously. Charlotte got way more attention than George did for his Christening. It’s so odd that the spare got a bigger to-do for her Christening than the heir did.

      2. Yes, but then again, she has Diana as part of her name. You were so right when Kate was pregnant, KMR. You hit the nail on the head and hoped the baby would be another boy since a girl would constantly be compared to Diana.

        Charlotte better be one tough little cookie. She is going to need to buck her Mum and her dad. Grandma Carole, too. I say she will be up to the task. Let’s hope so.

        1. I said in another comment that I have no shade for Will wanting to give his daughter his mother’s name as her middle name, because I would do the same thing for my kids. But the problem with them using Diana’s name is that they are going to run it into the ground using it for fake goodwill. And poor Charlotte is forever going to be compared to Diana.

      1. β€œKate’s never really had style.”

        Never have truer words been spoken. Kate has always dressed based on what she deems is appropriate for the situation she is in at the moment. Subdued college girl while in school. Sex kitten/club girl for William during the clubbing years. Dutiful RAF girlfriend during the getting to know the royals a little phase and now she’s kind of pulling a mix between casual yet still has it mom in her jeggings and this is how I think a royal should dress mixing Donna Reed with HM only with shorter hemlines and goofy hats.

        Problem is she needs to be herself, but she doesn’t know who she is.

        By the way, it does look like the gloves are coming off in the media. I can’t recall anyone criticizing her like this before.

        1. I agree about Kate dressing for the situation she’s in at the time. every time I see a picture from her clubbing/winning William back days I have to do a double take as her style has changed so much since then. I realize that she doesn’t want to wear those types of sexed up clothes any more (thank god) but she has swung so much the other way she just looks dowdy and dull now. The first year, year and a half of the marriage her style was great but since then she has struggled between yummy mummy or matronly mommy. I wonder if the first year or so was so great because it was new to all of us? And now 4 years on it’s just boring.

      2. Pippa article:
        Part of me feels sorry that her plans aren’t working out for her. At least she is putting herself out there. She seems to have some ambition. Even if she does have the luxury of only playing at working.

        Kate article:
        On the one hand, I agree with the author about Kate not having a strong sense of style and dressing old for her age. On the other hand, I thought she looked really nice at the christening, and was less dowdy than many other times we see her. But then, maybe my standards have lowered.

        Kate can afford a real stylist, and would benefit greatly from having one!

      3. “It is hard to believe, looking at the pictures, that they are both just 33.” So true. They never look like a youthful couple. Although I will say I did like this coat, it is not her worst one. I think coatdresses in general age Kate. To me she has never looked her age.

        The article quotes one ‘expert’ as saying Kate’s neckline aged her. I disagree. I actually thought the neckline is what gave her more of a youthful, modern feel. But maybe that was just me.

        “She’s clearly much cooler than this in real life.” Is she? I want to know how that fashion editor knows or thinks so? Her off duty clothes are generally the same outfit that we see.

        1. I really liked the neckline of this coat dress as well. It was open, but didn’t show too much. And it wasn’t buttoned up to her chin.

          1. I liked this neckline too. It was such a shock that she deviated from her puritan look of the choke-me neckline. If I never see her in either a puritan neckline or a Peter Pan collar again I will die a happy woman.

          2. I agree. As far as coatdresses go, and she has plenty of hideous ones, I thought that this was one of the nicer ones. I liked that the article called her out on “dumbing down” the McQueen label. It’s about time someone said that. And I hope someone sticks it to Sarah Burton too for aiding her.

      4. Wow, the gloves really are off.
        I thought Kate’s coat dress was lovely. I adored the neckline and wonder why the reporter thought it made her look old. I did not like her hat, though.

        Truly, it is surprising to read this article. I guess the press is mad at W&K.

  34. I still like princess charlene and Albert christening of twins, it was just fabulous, elegant, regal, and charlene sure looked involved with her tiwns. kate always seems shes trying too hard, but always falls short, sorry I was not impresseed by the overall take on this ceremony, it was just weird, george should never have dressed like that, he looked idiculous and funny, the guests where were they for gods sake, this couple is just weird!!

    1. The pictures were very nice but it was clear that neither Albert nor Charlene actually know how to hold their babies. I do not think that I have seen more awkward pictures of parents holding their children in my life.

        1. jenny and My2Pence: really ? NO bias here in your responses? Especially in the light of “Kate is a bad mom” comments we just had above? Have you seen anyone hold a 7-8 month old the way Charlene is? Away from her body, not nestling her own flesh and blood? She is as detached from the child as I would be if someone asked me to hold a hedgehog. And look at the way the boy looks at Albert – he is a novelty, not a familiar person. The kids seem quite demure and not very active or engaged for their ages, I have to say.

          bluhare: Yup. These pictures along with the pictures of the christening, where the boy or girl was sliding from Charlene’s arms solidify my opinion. Poor poor Charlene. The woman strikes me as so numb she probably does not even know how to connect with her own children. She must look at Kate and curse her.

          1. Oh, Newbie and there is no bias from you?
            I’d like to state something as politely as I can.
            What is so nice about this blog is that people can agree
            to disagree. Your capitalizing of the word no was not called for.
            It was angry and hostile in my humble opinion.

            I have looked at pictures of Charlene and Albert with their babies and see much love. Many times, Charlene is bending over and kissing the baby she is holding.

            I loved the photo of little George looking up at Kate with that huge smile on his face at his christening. I also do think that when Kate does not support her babies’ heads, it is wrong.

            You are entitled to your opinion, but I choose not to be called biased. Again, we are all entitled to our opinions and you should respect that, I think.
            I think that is what most people here do.

          2. Calm down, Jenny. These comments are all in jest – none of this matters. Although I do understand it is hard to convey tone over print. There was no hostility, just a bit of jest, that is all.

          3. I stand by my initial post, Newbie. When one is “jesting,” does one use Caps? When one is expressing anger, one does.
            Please don’t tell me to calm down. Again, this is a blog that features mostly understanding people who allow each other their point of views. I really don’t appreciate being called out by you. I hope that is clear and I hope you will understand. After all, this is print and not my voice speaking.

            I am sorry but I don’t appreciate your comment.

          4. Okay jenny, got it. You don’t appreciate my comment, LOL. No need to apologize over that though πŸ™‚

          5. Why no need to apologize, Newbie? I think you were spoken to on this blog in a fair enough way and if someone thought you were being rude to them, all you had to say was, “Sorry that you felt that way. I did not mean it.”

            I agree that there is no need for nastiness on this board. Someone else’s comments were taken badly recently and they
            were removed. Your words sounded nasty to me, too.

            KMR, we do try to be more understanding of others’ points of view here. I suggest someone explain that to Newbie. Someone who has authority, that is. Thanks.

          6. mary elizabeth : The “No need to apologize” was for her – meaning that she did not have to preface her statement “I am sorry I don’t appreciate your comment”. I was pulling her leg.

            Look, I really meant the initial comments in fun, not at all from hostility, and was taken aback by the reaction. I called out the two posters to begin a discussion, not to be mean to them. It was not from hostility at all. I thought that I explained that the first time but it seems that was not enough. I don’t understand what was so rude about what I said (was it just using the caps ?) , but I take your point and will refrain from engaging directly with other posters. This forum is a bit of fun for me in between things I do, and I really don’t want to offend people or begin any sort of war. Just trying to keep it light with banter, I am sorry it failed.

          7. Why would Charlene curse Kate? Even if she is an awkward mother, Kate’s example is not much better. Among the royal houses of Europe, there are far more comfortable mothers to emulate, like Victoria, Maxima, or Mette-Marit.

          8. ” I called out the two posters to begin a discussion, not to be mean to them.” IMO those two phrases don’t go together. “Calling out” is immediately a negative and mean thing. State your counter argument, don’t try to start a fight by attacking posters instead of their argument.

            I think they’re doing fine with the twins. They have many nannies, not doubting that at all. I don’t see anything concerning in how Charlene is holding the twins.

            And yes, I have concerns about how KM does not support the necks of the infants, shown in multiple photos and video.

          9. I don’t really think Newbie was being rude – just pointed out that there may be a double standard in how we judge Kate vs others’. It wasn’t a personal attack – it was an argument responding to other arguments. And I’m not sure if Newbie meant “calling out” in the exact same way that others seem to be interpreting it.

          10. I will say, I don’t really see anything wrong with how Charlene was holding her baby. I thought the positioning was done to make sure people could see the baby (something people complained Kate didn’t do at this christening).And I really don’t get when Charlene held the baby away from her body. All the pictures I’ve seen are of her snuggling-ish with the baby and/or kissing it.
            I’m sure they have their nannies and perhaps don’t take part in things like changing diapers – but the complete change in Albert and Charlene and just how happy they’ve looked since the babies were born makes me think that they aren’t detached. I just think Charlene has a certain public persona that makes her appear kind of cold in general.
            For what it’s worth, I also don’t think Kate is detached and seems to be quite focused on being a good mother.

          11. Be nice, guys.


            Here’s a tip for everyone: when trying to emphasize a word, instead of using caps, use *s.

            So instead of: I LOVE Captain America.

            Go with: I *love* Captain America.

            The * emphasizes the word without conveying any sort of anger which caps tend to do.

          12. KMR, “be nice,” was not the type of reply I thought was needed as I thought Jenny was being nicer than Newbie, but then, Newbie graciously explained herself. So, I guess all is in the past.

            I do want to stress that this is a blog that allows differing opinions and also respect for the feelings of others. I’m sorry but I saw the initial two posts that Newbie made — especially when she shot back telling Jenny to “calm down,” to be slightly inflammatory. I am glad she did not mean it that way.

            I’m also surprised that Maggie of MN, who was a previous target on this board was not seeing this altercation the same way as I did, but we all have different opinions. Others, though jumped to her defense. And, as already stated time and time again, when reading words, we often don’t see how they are meant to be taken. In verbal interaction, we do.

            I like the idea of using ” ” around the words and not caps when we try to make points. Thanks for the idea, KMR.

            I did want to be allowed to make this statement so thanks.

            Jenny happens to be a friend of mine on and off this site, but had this been said to anyone, I believe I would have acted the same way.

            Again, to Newbie, now I see your point. Thank you all.

          13. I said “be nice” instead of something harsher because of the fact that Newbie explained herself and apologized to Jenny in a later post. I’m sorry I didn’t see the altercation sooner. I was away from my computer yesterday.

            I think it’s very important that we all remember tone cannot be conveyed in text. I’ve been on both sides of tone not coming across correctly. I have overreacted to things people have said, and they have not understood why I got so upset until I explained it. And I have said things that were supposed to be innocuous that were taken as rude, and did not realize it until it was pointed out to me. Sometimes you really don’t understand why someone takes such offense to something you said until it is explained to you, at which time you apologize and take more care in how you say things in the future.

            I, personally, don’t think it’s necessarily bad to question people’s motives (if done correctly, without being rude). People can have clouded judgement without realizing it – trust me, I know, I’ve been there – and sometimes it takes someone questioning you to make you realize it. I don’t think Newbie went about it in the best way. It’s easy to be snarky but because tone cannot be conveyed in text it doesn’t always come across well. Jenny took offense to Newbie’s comment and pointed it out (in a very nice way, and I commend her for not getting too hostile when it is so easy to do so (again, I know, I’ve been there)). Newbie apologized, and hopefully will take more care next time.

        2. and why not, I have observed both couples and I still think Char and Albert are hands on parents, kate and william parenting looks like a job to them!!

          1. Thanks, Newbie. I took offense and did not need to. Appreciate your kind words. And, to you, thanks, as well, KMR.

  35. I’m mostly a lurker here, but I wanted to chime in on the nanny uniform.

    I’ve read a lot about the Norland College and I’ve watched a couple of documentaries. The uniform is a Very Big Deal to them. It’s meant to show the nanny is more than a servant, by wearing this special uniform. The DM article was misleading. Norland Nannies do not wear the uniform every day, unless required by employers, instead they are encouraged to wear slacks and blouses that are more practical, like we’ve seen Nanny Maria wearing several times.

    However, as mentioned above, the uniform is like dress blues for those in the military. The uniform is very appropriate on special occasions, and Nanny Maria was probably proud to put it on, as it’s sort of a status symbol in the hired-help world. It shows that she’s a VIP, and superior to other servants, nannies, etc.

    Don’t forget, Norland Nannies devote their entire lives to this profession. I’m willing to bet Nanny Maria purposely chose to wear that uniform because she knew she would be photographed, and it shows her elite status in the nanny world. It’s very different and much more symbolic than a typical maid uniform.

    Here’s a better link “On the job, most graduates wear the modern uniform or street clothes, reserving the traditional dress for special occasions.”

    1. I’ve never seen Nanny Maria looking so pallid, like she hasn’t had a proper night’s rest in weeks. It is more than likely that she does all the parenting of those two children behind closed doors. Kate doesn’t even look like she is comfortable carrying a baby in her arms, and this, her second child.

      Not sure about the Norland uniform. I find it odd, in this day and age, to parade around with your servants (aren’t they called staff or employees nowadays?) dressed as, well, servants. She is identified in most photos as the Nanny; no need to reinforce her place by making her dress like one.

      1. Plenty of nannies in the upper east side of NY wear uniforms, especially when guests are present. I personally have friends we visited once with our kids whose nanny was wearing her uniform the entire duration of our stay there. She did not speak a lot of english, however, lol. These friends are not known for their down-to-earthness, so I can’t say I was surprised.

    2. Hi Francesca!!

      Thank you for the information. I agree Maria was probably very proud to wear the uniform.

  36. Here are the commemorative coins struck for both children. On George’s coin, his name is Prince George of Cambridge with none of his middle names, but for Charlotte they made darn sure that her middle names were squeezed onto that coin. Why for one child and not the other? So that the Diana mystique is eternally perpetuated ad nauseum! The MO is just so predictable.

    1. Charlotte’s coin looks so cluttered with all that stuff crammed onto it.

      1. That’s because they had to make sure that the homage to Diana was included on the coin so all the names are crammed in. How subtle is that?

  37. Any guesses on when we will see the Testino photos? Anyone remember how long before the professional pictures were released last time?

  38. Carol’s outfit looks like something Kate has or would wear. Which I am not sure if that is a compliment to Carol or an insult to Kate?

  39. The christening photos will most likely come out wednesday/early thursday to detract from a negative response to their Wimbledon attendance.

    So predictable.

  40. Katie, Adam & Tanya S. I agree with you all! I cannot believe what I saw! Two innocent children who are in a bad movie that was not anything to do with the present reality! A smug & condescending mom! A father that does not understand a sheltered & confused son! A daughter who had a bumpy baby carriage ride! Poor char & Geo not once did the pathetic parents try & comfort their children! Mom lifts a crying Charlotte & laughs as the baby is upset! Seriously who does that? George prefers nanny over his parents(I do not blame the toddler!) George has short legs & has to keep with to long legged adults! To me it looked like Bill & Kathy were auditioning for a reality show? Tanya S your right get Kathy to a paint store! I have never seen a person addicted to every shade of white! The nanny in uniform is interesting, is this to that people know that the parents are privileged & rich? I wonder if getting the nanny to wear a uniform a female middleton idea? If it was, does mean the parents think that the nanny is not their equal? If it was the nanny’s idea I respect the nanny! The 3 middleton females in the same color? Are they for real gosh( I am shaking my head!) Oh those poor children with inadequate & pathetic parents! Did anyone notice chuck kept is distance?

    1. yep their parenting sucks, they are not proud of their kids, the nanny should have had a better uniform, oh well she shouldnt upstage madam, who looked like a nanny herself, running off with that awful ugly thing called a pram!! and the babies head hanging down, it cant get worse than this!!

  41. I think we’ll see the pictures on Wednesday. Throw the peasants a bone so they’ll forget that katie missed the 7/7 remembrance ceremony. Had to rest up for a day of awkward clapping at Wimbledon

  42. My take on the Norland uniform – I don’t doubt that Maria Teresa finds great pride in her Norland schooling, and in wearing that horrid uniform. I also don’t doubt that the Cambridges made the decision for her to wear the uniform. As proud as Maria may or may not be of her uniform, she doesn’t have say over what to wear to such a historic occasion. Kate would have every right to hold veto power, if not just absolute decisionmaking, over the nanny’s clothing for these events/whenever she’s working in general. The nanny has never worn such formal clothing before, and Jessie Webb did not at George’s christening. The theme of the event was very clearly about being vintage-y, old-fashioned, and traditional. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is when Maria Teresa all of a sudden wears this uniform that clearly designates her as a servant.
    So, I hope Maria Teresa felt incredibly proud of herself on the day of the christening, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Cambridges perhaps chose for her to wear the uniform for messed up reasons.

    1. Yes, you’re absolutely correct that Jessie Webb didn’t wear a uni to George’s christening and just blended in. And that watch fob on Maria’s uniform screams vintage as well.

      1. P. S. Maggie, I agree with everything you say.

        And to add: This begs the question why *didn’t* Jessie Webb wear a uniform for George’s christening when it was more of an historic occasion than Charlotte’s? George is, after all, a possible future king. This particular christening was carefully staged and choreographed as if for a Merchant Ivory production. This family realizes the gold they struck with having a girl and will capitalize on it at every opportunity.

        1. Here’s a theory:

          Jessie Webb was invited to George’s Christening as a guest, and Nanny Maria was working during Charlotte’s Christening.

          Therefore, Webb got to wear whatever she wanted, and Maria had to wear her uniform.

          1. Anything is possible, but again for a second child, this was more highly showcased than George’s christening and requiring Maria to be asked to wear her uniform as part of the production. She has certainly worn her low-key clothes while on duty taking care of George on other occasions.

  43. why do those two always look like they want to run and hide, always, everything they do is done in a hurry and not organized at all, just look at Al and Char who took time to greet their people and later celebrate and still a live streaming of the occassion geez!!!

  44. I have read the cambridges announced that the nanny was not a guest at the Christening! I do not know if this is true or not?

    1. Halia, where did you read that?

      Nanny on call. Thus, the uniform?

      I am sad that Nanny Maria is not appreciated more. Maybe, she is in private.

      She will have her hands full with a 2 year-old little rascal like PG, who is cute and feisty and with an infant, too.

      1. Well, Nanny Maria was not on the guest list that KP gave out. So I would assume she was not a guest, but rather working during the Christening.

        I would think W&K would hire a second nanny for Charlotte, right? I know nothing has been officially announced, but still. They probably have more than one nanny.

  45. Kate did look nice for the christening but I’m afraid that Pippa upstaged her again as Pippa looked way better. I’m not sure what the story is with the 3 Middleton women in white, maybe Carole thinks that you should wear white (or a colour very close to it) when you go to church? (we will all find out when Carole publishes “Mrs Middleton’s book of Manners” due out soon only on the Party Pieces website)
    I’m also a bit lost as to why Kate was pushing that pram, she looked like she was pushing a shopping trolley, it made me think of a fashion show I saw a few years ago where the models walked the runway pushing a pram each. And it looked like the thought going through Kate’s head went something like this…. “I’m the star of this show, I’m the star of this show”
    It just looked awkward, I think it would have looked better if she had carried Charlotte (but supported her head PROPERLY) or maybe Maria could have pushed the pram? Some may think I’d being elitist but William is second in line to the throne and one day she may be Queen Consort, she should start acting like it!
    I do want to give some praise to William as he looked after George well, especially when he was tired after the christening and needed some reassurance.
    Best picture of the day must have been George tippy toeing to have a look in the pram at Charlotte, now that is CUTE!

    1. Carole didn’t wear white for George’s Christening or for church last Christmas. I think Kate was the one to tell Pips and Carole to wear something in the white family so that they all went together… and matched Charlotte’s gown.

      I agree Kate should have held Charlotte while she walked to church. That way the public could have actually seen her.

  46. Was that Rebecca Deacon stepping in to help out at the church? It was when Kate was going to get Charlotte out of the pram. If it was her then she stepped back quickly as she must have realized she could be seen by the crowd, and that means the cameras?

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