Prince William and Duchess Kate to attend Wimbledon + more park photos of Kate and Prince George (updated)

Prince William and Duchess Kate to attend Wimbledon + more park photos of Kate and Prince George (updated)

Double post today. July’s Hot Guy of the Month and some Prince William and Kate Middleton updates. Kensington Palace just announced several new engagements for William next week, as well as his official start date for his air ambulance job (finally). They also announced an engagement for Kate. Don’t get exited, she’s just going to watch Wimbledon. Oh, and even more photos of Kate and Prince George have surfaced.

**Update at end of post**

Here is what next week looks like for William and Kate:

  • Tuesday, July 7: William will attend 10th anniversary commemoration for London bombings.
  • Wednesday, July 8: William and Kate watch Wimbledon quarterfinals.
  • Thursday, July 9: William will visit the Imperial War Museum Duxford.
  • Friday, July 10: William will join HM and other RF members to watch Battle of Britain flypast.
  • Monday, July 13: William (finally!) starts work as an air ambulance pilot.

So Kate can go watch Wimbledon on Wednesday, but can’t watch a flypast on Friday. Because I guess tennis is more important than honoring those who fought and died in the Battle of Britain. FFS, Kate.

Several royal reporters have said on Twitter that they think it’s not right that Kate has chosen to go to Wimbledon on Wednesday but not the Battle of Britain flypast on Friday. I’m glad more of them are questioning William and Kate’s actions, even if it is just on Twitter.

So those new Kate and George pics…

New pictures have surfaced in German People of Kate and George at Snettisham Park in Norfolk. Not sure when they were taken but presumably sometime in June. This is the fourth set of photos of George and Kate/Carole taken at a farm park to come out in the last three months. And yet William still hasn’t complained.

Two things re these photos: 1) I really like Kate’s hair up like that; I wish she’d wear it like that to engagements. 2) I don’t think Kate is wearing her engagement ring.

On the topic of tennis, William and Kate have submitted plans to replace their tennis court at Anmer Hall with a new one at a different location on their property. Mirror story here. Planning application here.

One more thing, flowers brought by well-wishers to Princess Charlotte‘s Christening on Sunday will be taken up by workers from EACH and donated to them. Oh, and the Christening starts at 4:30PM on Sunday.


It seems there may be an explanation for why Kate is skipping the Battle of Britain flypast. From Richard Palmer at the Express:

    “But Kate, a former RAF wife, will not be there, prompting criticism from some who pointed out that she was not too busy to meet Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie last week or to go to the tennis next week.
    “However, an RAF spokesman said: ‘The reason she is not there is that all of the members of the Royal Family on the balcony are honorary air commodores and she isn’t one.’
    “Another source said Prince Philip had been the driving force behind the royal line-up at the 75th anniversary event. ‘He wanted a full turnout of honorary air commodores,’ the source said.”


Did they just throw Philip under the bus to excuse Kate? Also, that may explain the flypast on Friday, but not the 7/7 event on Tuesday that Kate could easily attend with William.

More from Palmer’s story:

    “Royal sources said Kate, who is on maternity leave, will be undertaking a small number of official engagements in the next month or so but is still focusing most of her energy on her family.”

Yeah, ’cause we’ve never heard that one before. I’ll believe it when I see it.

In Middleton news, Carole and Michael Middleton were in the royal box at Wimbledon yesterday. Carole wore a really unfortunate white dress. #NippleDarts

Camilla was also at Wimbledon yesterday, and apparently she and Carole sat quite close to each other and even chatted at one point.

In William news, guess who took a budget airline when he had to pay for it himself? The Petulant strikes again.

215 thoughts on “Prince William and Duchess Kate to attend Wimbledon + more park photos of Kate and Prince George (updated)

  1. Do Will and Kate even think about what they are doing? Where the hell is their brand new PR team? FFS all Kate had to do at the fly past was show up and be pretty. There are so many engagements like these where Will and Kate can just show up, wave along with the rest of the royal family and it could count as an engagement. At least it wouldn’t make them seem like total lazy asses. I’m seriously beginning to think that Will wants the monarchy to be abolished. If that is the case then I hope that Will and Kate know that they are not going to be enjoying the same level of perks if that happens.

    It makes sense that Kate would not wear her engagement ring when playing with her kid in a farm. But the lack of Will’s complaining is making me wonder if those photos are staged.

          1. I always Google the urban dictionary or acronym finder when coming across acronyms I don’t know. Very helpful in keeping internet-savvy. πŸ˜‰

    1. It looks as though Kate might be wearing makeup in those pictures, though they’re not clear enough for me to be certain. If she is, that’d make me think that the photos are staged. Who wears a full face of slap to go to the park with your kid?

      1. I don’t find her wearing makeup to play with hr kid unreasonable at all. Don’t people wear makeup just to buy stuff outside and it only takes 5 minutes? Considering she is a public individual, she needs to look her best all the time. We give Carole so much hate for looking like crap; Kate would get the same heat too if she steps out of the house looking like she rolled out of bed.

        I don’t think any park photos are staged. I also think William stopped being a whiny baby because the photos actually bring them some good press. Though, I don’t think the British media are too pleased about it.

        1. I know people who put on makeup as soon as they wake up, even if they are not planning on leaving the house. Some people just don’t like not wearing makeup.

        2. I certainly don’t blame Kate for wearing make-up for a casual day. I can just see the headlines and covers of magazines saying that she looked pale, sickly, tired, etc. The media shows no mercy to famous women, so I don’t blame them one bit for trying to look put together whenever they go out.

      2. Looking at these pictures it seems to me that Kate is wearing some eye makeup but not all of her face makeup. I think that while these photos aren’t staged per se, Kate might have been aware that photos might be taken so didn’t want to go completely makeup free.

        Personally, when I was younger I wouldn’t leave the house without all my makeup on but now I frequently go the whole weekend without any makeup on. My favorite is to wear only a bit of eyeliner and one coat of mascara, just to give my face some color to it.

      3. I don’t think wearing make-up shouts “staged”.

        I almost always wear make-up (well, actually just eyeliner + blush. Sometimes lipstick) just because whenever I don’t I end up running into someone I know. In my hometown I would never walk out without all three make-up items due to fear of running into an EX or any of their family members.

        Only time I don’t wear ANYTHING is when I’m headed to the gym or out on a morning run.

        When I lived in Mexico I would say almost EVERYONE left the house made-up.

        1. I am also one of those people who only feels comfortable in public if I’m wearing at least basic make up. Minimally, I like to use a sheer BB cream that doubles as moisturizer, but is good enough to moderately cover any under eye circles, a bit of blush and I’m good to go! If I want to look more polished, I add eyeliner or shadow (I can go simple or smoky, depending on what I’m doing), mascara, and lip gloss or (rarely) lipstick. That being said, if I’m going to be at home all day or am sick or just feeling super lazy, I will just leave it at a clean, bare face and let my skin breathe. I’m a tomboy at heart, but I also love to take wonderful care of myself and indulge in lots of mud masks and body products. It’s super fun, but I would never do any of it just to please or impress someone else. I think if Kate showed the flaws that we all see in her anyway, and didn’t try so hard to be a perfect plastic duchess, she would gain a lot more female fans. For example, if she had left the hospital, in soft pants and flats with her hair pulled back and minimal makeup, SO many women would relate to her and she would be flooded with warm, good wishes. I think her vanity is too fragile for her to show frailty in public, but she should let more hang out (and I don’t mean her genitalia!) and show some flaws or eventually, she is going to crack and have a massive public meltdown. She doesn’t understand that people don’t want to envy her, they want to relate to her. Until she figures that out, she’s going to continue to alienate many would be fans.

          1. Hi, Bets:

            I loved your comment. Especially what you said about how more women would respond favorably to Kate if she showed herself more as a regular woman. And, you are right, if she keeps up this façade, she will have a meltdown.

    2. If when HM Petulant divorce is in the cards then lazy workshy km with royal duties-not giving back to the people (for sure no Diana, POW) then RF photo ops with km is better not including her at most RF historical events. Carol Meddleton children seem allergic to actual work or for km to represent HM POW BRF.

      Photos of Camilla DOC shows little if any interaction with carol meddleton.

  2. Wow, what a selfish and clueless woman Kate is. She can, as you said, KMR, go to the tennis tournament, but not to a fly over to honor those who fought and died in WWII, Yes, ANON, where are the PR people?

    I, too, like Kate with her hair up in the photo., She wore her ring the last time she was at a farm for photos with Georgie and they were both sitting in bales of hay. So glad she is seemingly taking better care of Diana’s ring this time around.

    She looks like a farmer’s wife with that shirt on. More like a mom who is out having fun with her little boy, who looks like he is quite a pistol. Funny young boy!

    1. I actually like Kate’s flannel shirt in these pics. The color is nice. I’m not a huge fan of flannel, but I like this shirt.

      1. Her outfit/hairdo is one of my staple looks (minus the rubber boots). I have so many plaids, in many different fabrics for all seasons. But, being Canadian, I hope you can excuse me for it, lol!

        1. I live in Mr. from Ca’s old flannel shirts in the winter, so comfy and warm. Sometimes before he leaves for work(he works far from home) he’ll wear a shirt to get it all good and smelly for me so when I’m missing him I have a comfy reminder πŸ™‚

          1. …but km is not like one of us – who wants to spen d millions on renovations for someone who gives nothing back for the pampered wealthy lifestyle as public figure only to have two lazy P*km telling us they are one of us.

            We may as well ignore the Monarchy royal history and legacy that HM DoE near century dedication and hardwork – allow PW to live on 40k salary (continue on budget airlines without PO – from his latest foolish PR stunts, while spending on his latest -tennis court/using RF helicopter costing over 8k to fly, for 90 mins jaunt).

            No one wants to fund/bow to a RF that has no Regal royal significance or standing than the rest of us ‘regular’ citizen.

    2. Charlotte over at Duchess Kate is saying Kate isn’t going because everyone else on the balcony will be an honorary air commodore or something, and Kate isn’t one.

      Don’t think you need to be an air commodore to go to 7/7 commemoration, though.

      1. I guess all the people planning to attend the commemoration or fly by should stay home, because you cannot honor the fallen unless you’re an honorary something.

      2. Maybe they planned that this year only air commodores get to go? Eugenie and Beatrice and Sophie aren’t right? If they go, we can call Kate out on her bullshit.

        According to WIkipedia only the ff have that honor:

        Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Earl of Wessex, Duke of York, Princess Royal, Prince Michael of Kent.

        1. I read somewhere that Sophie is supposed to attend the flypast.

        2. Eugenie and Beatrice do not get to be used as excuses for Kate Middleton. B&E are not working royals and are not required to do any of the charity work or appearances they do.

      3. By that logic, no one in the crowd should come either. This is some strange logic they are throwing out there. The wife of a former RAF officer and future Queen is not invited to an historical commemoration? Might we be seeing some senility in Phillip?

        1. Could we be seeing Philip put her in her place? “You won’t work? Fine. If I make this decision, it will cause press and public speculation about why you’re not allowed to be there.”

        2. We’re talking about people in the balcony, not people in the crowd.

          I am wondering if they’re throwing out the excuse because not many of the younger ones can go? Harry can’t. Kate can’t. I don’t think anyone seriously cares if Eugenie and Beatrice comes or no.

  3. Yes, shame on Kate. What is wrong with her? How lazy and how insensitive can she be? Going to a tennis match, but not to a fly-over meant to honor those who were involved in WWII. Guess history means nothing to her!

    At least, William is making an appearance, or two. Then, off to work with the ambulance crew. Gosh, I sincerely hope he stays safe on that job.

    Kate does look nice with her hair up like that in the photos with George and with less make-up on,

    Now, seriously, we need to get to work.

    And, KMR, as Jenny said, no need to apologize for your Hot Guy of the Month. We all have different taste in guys.

    1. – Km couldn’t be bothered with the Garter, this – she was missing from a few RF events – Ascot week – Magna Carta … quite a few RF gatherings in June… but could show up at the Polo, Parks other PR stunts.

      Km )carol meddleton) has not learn anything in 15 years of hunting PW Title.

  4. So much for getting to work! Is that a brownish sweater little George is wearing? A new color for him! Hurrah!

    Jenny wants me to say that she liked the flannel shirt, too. Just said that it made her think of a farmer’s wife and not a more calculated and body conscious woman (like striped shirt she wore to the polo match that had the fibers that supposedly hide recent baby bumps) Ok, this time, we are getting to work.

    1. He was wearing a blue vest jacket thing, though. But yeah, brown. Shocking. Add that to the three other colors he’s been seen in..

      1. Looks like brown and blue sweater, but with blue pants and shoes. He is still pretty much wearing blue, so let’s not get carried away and think that Kate has had a little boy fashion epiphany.

        Have we ever seen a royal couple spend so little public time together? Except for Chas and Di?

  5. William, Kate and their PR team are absolutely tone deaf. Common sense dictates that if you’re attending a fun engagement, you’d better make it your business to attend the solemn one as well. William may be making the effort for now until that changes again, but frivolous Kate had better start making some smart decisions about her priorities and the impact these poor choices continually reflect on her image. Otherwise, she and William will be permanently branded as lightweights and parasites on the backs of the public who support the monarchy.

    1. So right! If she doesn’t go to the one, she should skip the fun event. These two become ever more pathetic as time goes on.

      What is it… Four and a half years of little work.

    2. Exactly. She doesn’t have to never attend fun events, but she needs to include the duty ones too. I don’t think it should be 50/50, but like 75/25 is good.

  6. I wonder why Kate puts up with this invasion by the press. Did Kate know that the photographers were there. It would be interesting to know the range of the lens.
    I think Kate and I own the same shirt. I do like Kate’s hair up in a bun. Why Kate cannot do the same for official engagements is beyond me. It is good to see William and Kate have a few engagements though if I were Kate I would attend the war museum and the other commemorations as it shows respect.

    1. I would like to add Kate does not seem very light hearted or even happy when compared with CP Victoria. I have seen happier shots of Kate at the Downton Abbey set or Wimbledon.

      1. Kate is chasing after a toddler. I could see why she might be flustered. And she does have resting bitch face.

        1. Yes, but when you are with your kids at that age, it’s a time of great discovery for them. I know this sounds corny and I also know it’s hard work, but somehow I would prefer to see a few more smiles from Kate when she is “playing” with PG.

        2. True. I am having difficulties understanding what resting bitch face is? If you don’t smile is that the kind of face. I sometimes get a little pensive in what I am thinking when I am quiet. I guess it is down to perception. I just am more animated around my nieces.

          1. It’s a term that describes a particular facial expression some women (and men) have when they aren’t smiling. When people don’t smile, their faces relax into a default position, so to speak, and people who spend a lot of time frowning, being angry, furrowing their brows and pursing their lips, wind up training their facial muscles to revert to those facial patterns when not smiling. Hence, the term “resting bitch face.” Basically, if someone has a cold, bitchy looking facial expression when their not smiling, that’s what it’s called. That being said, it’s a completely different thing from looking pensive, sad or a variety of other facial expressions. RBF only comes from consistently used nasty facial expressions and often betrays the person who wants to be perceived as wonderful and happy at all times.

          2. I have a resting bitch face. Not proud of it, but it is what it is. I can look downright angry and unapproachable. So, I have to be mindful to smile or fox it throughout the day.

  7. For those interested who don’t read German, the People headline reads: “Her Secret Private Life,” with the photo captioned: “A light-hearted moment: Duchess Kate enjoys her happy family life and days of adventure with Prince George, which are helping her to quickly get back in shape.”

  8. Not sure why it’s the PR’s team to advise on the situation. Perhaps it is the Queen, Charles, and William who need to have a word. It looks very bad to go to sports matches and but not military appreciation. The Duchess who thought to take her own pictures and go straight to twitter and bypass the traditional press may be in for a bit of a surprise.

    1. Naturally, the Queen and Prince Charles should be putting their foot down about Kate’s attendance at these important events, but it looks like nothing has really sunk in with this woman at this point if they’ve been trying to convince her to step up her royal duties. Who knows how many words they’ve had with Kate, if any? It’s well known that the Queen avoids confrontation and I know nothing about how Charles deals with this. But nothing seems effective; Kate just cluelessly does her own thing. I don’t know how much William would be urging his wife to attend given his own haphazard work ethic, but since W&K hired Jason and his super PR team I would think that Jason et al would also have a critical role in emphasizing the importance of attending certain events to maintain a nice whitewashed image in the public’s eye.

      1. As much as he probably needs to, I think Charles is reluctant to get on their case because she will just retreat to Middleton Manor and he will see he grandchildren even less than he does now.
        Will may be in a snit over that documentary that claimed that Charles approved the press leak about Wills meeting Camilla for tea in an effort to get the public to accept Cams. Yet here he is allowing more photos of his son and tabloid photos of Kate playing happy family for the same PR reason.

    2. Was it Kate’s idea to release the photos on Twitter? I thought that would have been a PR person thing.

  9. “So Kate can go watch Wimbledon on Wednesday, but can’t watch a flypast on Friday. Because I guess tennis is more important than honoring those who fought and died in the Battle of Britain. FFS, Kate.” KMR, this quote is an example of why I hope you never leave.

    I don’t think they count Wimbledon as an official engagement. That is no excuse for them going, but we’ll have to see if they count it or not. It is usually only official for the Duke of Kent.

    1. Thanks Pence. I don’t think they’ve counted W&Ks attendance at Wimbledon in the past. We’ll see if they count it this year. They didn’t count George’s birth in the CC, but they did for Charlotte. So anything is possible.

      1. Richard Palmer of the Express says some Wimbledon appearances have counted as work, whilst others have been private leisure time.
        Guess which one will be chosen to boost her numbers this year? πŸ™‚

        1. I guess it depends on what they do while at Wimbledon. If they just watch a match, then that’s probably just leisure time. But sometimes they meet the players after. So maybe that’s what counts as work?

  10. I do not know if this is true or not? The dm is stating that W.K. have applied to renovate a tennis court o A.H. I hop it is not true, then more taxpayer’s money wasted! Halia

    1. Yes, it’s true. I linked to the planning application in my post.

  11. Finally after lurking long term I am so annoyed by the lack of respect shown that I am commenting. Not only is the Battle of Britain commemoration at the end of the week, the day before the Wimbledon visit is the 10th anniversary of the London bombings.

    Fine if Kate wants to be private and take her long maternity break from “work”, but you don’t get to pick and chose the fun events.

    1. Hi Joyce, welcome!

      “you don’t get to pick and chose the fun events.” So true. If Kate wants to do fun events, then she needs to do the other events, too.

  12. I completely agree that it’s wrong of Kate to go to a tennis match and not a service to honor those who gave their all. However, I wonder if K&W’s thinking is if she attends the service then it would seem that she is back to work and people will start expecting her to appear at other engagements. What do you all think?

    1. It could be. I wonder how the Queen is allowing it. Surely she could block Kate from going to Wimbledon if she wanted to do so. Also Kate has already been at an official engagement since giving birth.

    2. Out of it, here. I read your initial post so quickly, KMR and failed to note that there is an anniversary coming up of the bombings in London on July 7th. Again, I am horrified that Kate won’t be attending, but can head on over to Wimbleton. With enough fuss being made on blogs and in the papers, I just bet she shows up. She better.

    3. No, I don’t think so, Lauri. I just think she is lazy and clueless and I am sorry about that.
      All those hurt/killed in the subway bombings. All lives lost in other situations and she cannot find the time to put on one of her stupid designer outfits and a fascinator and make a crummy appearance. Shame on her. Shame on William for not demanding it.

      If things get too hot for the Cambridges, I will just bet she makes an appearance. Won’t seem sincere, though. People are getting a good view of what Kate Middleton (yes, I still call her Kate Middleton) is all about.


  13. Is George wearing pants? I thought aristocratic families have their boys wear shorts until a certain age? I am just surprised to see him in pants!

    Also, since when do they announce Kate going to Wimbledon? Seriously, in prior years, they never announced it, but Kate would randomly show up. So, I am not sure why they are changing this year? In all honesty, it is not helping since it shows she can show up to Wimbledon and will be in London, but can’t bring herself to honor those who died for her future! It isn’t even like she has to do anything but stand there. I’m glad people are talking on twitter, but sadly the week of, all the papers will be praising Kate and how she has her figure back. None of them will point out her lack of responsibility and respect.

  14. Just read about the Cambridge tennis court on the DM and commenters are not happy about it. One commenter pointed out that instead of going to Wimbledon these two should be meeting with survivors and families of those killed Tunisia as that’s what Diana would have done.
    Here’s the link
    For being college educated these two can be incredibly stupid.

    1. I have a feeling Kate was too busy doodling “Mrs. William Wales” and HRH Princess Catherine” in her notebooks, while creepily staring at William in class to actually focus on her studies. This child-woman, with a supposed degree and interest in Art History, didn’t even know who Faberge was or that he died long ago!

        1. During a televised news item where Kate was walking with HM to look at the annual royal brides’ wedding dresses at BP, they walked past some display cabinets containing Faberge eggs, and Kate asked whether they were still being made…..

          Now to be fair, the Faberge company makes trinkets like charms etc, but not eggs. The eggs haven’t been made for more than 75 yrs, and the royal family has the biggest collection of them outside of Russia (I think). Considering she allegedly curated the exhibition that she was about to show HM, and probably walked past the Faberge display cases, you’d think she’d be more knowledgeable about them and or have the foresight not to ask such a stupid question with a camera present and or ask the very knowledgeable royal collections staff to send her a memo about the eggs’ history.

          Most alarming of all, she’s a history of art graduate. Faberge, whilst strictly decorative arts, is world famous for his eggs. They’ve been the subject of literature, films (famously bond film called Octopussy), and art.

          One doesn’t have to have extensive working knowledge of them or even any particular knowledge of them except that they are Russian and haven’t been made since the early part of the 20th century.

          That was the first in a series of dumb utterances in public. No wonder she is silent these days. She kept saying stupid, mouth droppingly dumb things.

    2. Lauri I totally agree about the Tunisia victims. SOMEONE from the royal family should be there, whether it’s William, kate, or someone else. I teared up watching Maxima cry as she and Willem Alexander met the coffins of the Dutch people killed in that plane crash. That’s how it’s done.

      1. …. and not forgetting when Queen Rania and her husband met with the family of the ISIS victim ….

        Sometimes you don’t have to let the ”I am only second in line to the throne so I’ll just let my grandma and father do the work while I be useless and enjoy freebies” thought get to your head, Will. It just takes initiative and heart to do good, like your mother had.

      2. King Felipe & Queen Letizia of Spain ALWAYS attend memorial events and comfort grieving families. The British Royal family are cold and heartless including Kate. I wish Diana was still here to bring the compassion back to the BRF πŸ™

      3. There should be someone at the airport today/Saturday, for the arrival of the final remains and the start of the convoy. Only DoE has something on the calendar for Saturday.

    3. From what I gather from reading at Celebitchy, the new tennis court is being built crossing the property line and will be taking some agricultural land from the farmer next door. I can’t tell by how much the tennis court will cross the border.

      One thing that I find funny, is that William is into conservation. I’m not sure how much he is really interested in sustainability and the environment – I think that’s more the focus of his father and Prince Harry a bit. Prince Charles is working on making his Duchy sustainable and green and Prince William is appropriating farm land to build his tennis court on.

      1. I don’t understand why the tennis court is so huge that it takes up neighboring land. According to DM it will take up 3 hectares?? That’s freaking massive!! What the hell?

  15. It’s pretty obvious Kate isn’t going to show up at an official event unless it’s mandated by HM. She is fully on maternity leave and is only going to do things that make her happy.

    As for the PR team, they were handpicked by William and they can advise until they are blue in the face, but if they don’t listen to them anything they advise will not happen. And we all know that William believes he knows best.

    She definitely was not wearing Big Blue in the pictures. Good to see her dressed completely down. George is adorable and I liked the more casual look vs. Little Lord Fauntleroy.

    1. Exactly re the PR advise. The PR people can only do so much. William and Kate set their own schedules and if they don’t want to do something, they won’t (unless HM demands it).

  16. Out of it, here. I read your initial post so quickly, KMR and failed to note that there is an anniversary coming up of the bombings in London on July 7th. Again, I am horrified that Kate won’t be attending, but can head on over to Wimbleton. With enough fuss being made on blogs and in the papers, I just bet she shows up. She better.

  17. Well, to be fair to Kate, if she were to go on Friday, she would have to find a babysitter on short notice. /sarcasm

    1. I know right? How can we expect her to attend after her morning of being a stay at home mum, cooking breakfast, doing the washing up and daily housework, single handedly caring for a toddler and infant with no time to even wash her hair? Oh, wait… 3:-)

    2. Yes, it would be terribly difficult to get someone to watch the kids, afterall her mother isn’t around at all.

      1. Well, Cathy, we ALL know Carole is the kind of mom who likes to encourage her children from the sidelines. She just doesn’t like to get too involved in their lives, because she wants them to spread their wings and become their own person. I’m sure Kate wanted her to come to Anmer when Charlotte was born, but Carole said “no, this is something you can do on your own, just remember I raised you to be independent and think for yourself”. She is an inspiration to mothers everywhere πŸ˜‰

  18. It is disgusting that she can sit on her bum at the tennis, but cannot go to the Anniversary of the London Bombings or the Battle of Britain fly by. Such a lazy spoilt person

  19. Every visit that William has next week she could go as well, but she’d rather not and no one is forcing her to, or William is telling her not to go. Perhaps she is banned from these solemn events because of the one earlier this year in which she touched her baby bump and smiled making it about herself.

    If HM is not confrontational then she should let Prince Philip tell Kate the real deal, we know he likes to speak his mind lol.

    1. Given his age and poor health, I don’t know if Philip is up to taking Kate to task on her lackadaisical and selective appearances but Charles certainly should, especially since he controls the purse strings that fund much of W&K’s lavish lifestyle. Perhaps a tightening of the Duchy of Cornwall’s moneybag might make them rethink their position and step up their game to the appropriate level.

  20. Just an observational note – ever since the new PR fella started People magazine has been getting all these “exclusive” looks at the Middleton family and George. KMR, where the pictures are appearing is worth tracking imo. No matter which print magazine publishes them – they end up on the internet for folks to share. But I’ve noticed more and more that it’s People who are getting them first and out there.

    1. It’s more than likely to be the midd family pr.

      For all his bitching and moaning, william doesn’t flaunt or publicize his relationship with the kids. He doesn’t seem that interested in babies, but G seems fairly comfortable with him these days.
      (He allows/doesn’t stop waity and the midds from selling the kids out.)

    2. I noticed the same thing. Over the years many celebs choose People to publicize their marriage, the birth of their children and then the breakup. It seems to me that People treats them with kid gloves, never prys too deep or asks awkward questions. And you know Kate’s bestie Angie choice People to announce the birth of her children and her wedding to Will’s bestie Brad:) so it makes perfect sense that Kate would want to be on the cover too.

    3. People has been getting the insider-y quotes and whatnot, but this is the first time any of the Peoples have published these types of photos of Kate and George. The first was New Idea, the second was the Daily News, the third was Popsugar, and now the fourth is People Germany.

    4. Maybe they are being given special favor and tips from the Meddleton Camp? People is the only magazine in the US that refers to Kate as “Princess Kate” or “Princess Catherine” so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were receiving special favors because of that. Although she is technically “Princess William” and People always gets it wrong, most other US publications just call her Kate Middleton.

      1. I think People is really pushing to make Kate the second coming of her mother-in-law with the whole Princess Kate thing. Problem is she is not nearly as charismatic or out there working as Diana was. You need to be seen among the people to be the “People’s Princess.”

          1. I find it funny as People made a huge stink about publishing pap pics of celeb kids, especially long range lens photos. They even went as far to say that unless it was an event and the parent okay’ed it, they won’t publish. Yet, all of the “candid” shots of George have been published in People. Just a thought, people.

  21. Honestly. Kate shows up and is her fake, obnoxious self or she just stays home.

    At this point, it’s probably easier to excuse her inappropriate behavior and her eyeliner of serious sadness off to the country.

    It’s absolutely pathetic that w&k have to count a birth and wimbledon as official royal engagements. Not to mention, waity doesn’t even “work” enough to qualify for maternity leave.

    Their pr can only do so much, they flooded the papers with all of the various w&k news at one time today.

    Hopefully G has enough time to teach her how to clap properly before next wednesday.
    Also the midd parents in the royal box. Vomit.

          1. And the most awkward clap of the year award goes to….

            It’s so weird. She’s clasping her hands and hesitating between claps.

          2. Ahahahaha! She claps as if she’s unsure of whether her hands will meet. I almost expected her to miss them entirely, like a bad high five that misses. What I imagine going through her mind “Kay, right claw flaps to my left…ooh, now it’s time to flap my left claw to the right.” πŸ˜€

          3. My 4 year old claps better than that. Instead of watching Diana videos, she needs to watch how people clap at gold tournaments.
            1. Keep one hand still and slightly angled
            2. Take the dominant hand and quickly and softy rap.
            3. Clap for five seconds.
            4. Stop.

          4. I never noticed this before. She can’t clap!! How is she ever going to play Patty Cake with PG and Charlotte?

            My parents used to always laugh at the way Vice President Gore clapped. They said he looked clueless when doing so. I wish I could get my “hands” on such video of him. This one of Kate is great. Thanks.

        1. Claps like a seal and waves like a five year old. She looked silly on her wedding day waving from the carriage like a little child. No elegance or manners to this woman at all.

  22. Ummmm, just saw some DM pics of Mike and Carole at Wimbledon. Was it chilly there, today? Carole seemed to be….cold. Maybe a light sweater would have been a good idea, or possibly some lining in her dress. I’m quite sure THAT’S not a McQueen design feature. #highbeams

    1. Whoa my god. I just saw the pic of Carole at Wimbledon and those nipple darts!!! That’s more unfortunate than Anne Hathaway at the Oscars.

          1. I updated the original post with a link to Carole’s #NippleDarts

          1. Wow, thanks, KMR.
            Where’s a sweater when you need one?

            I assume the lady to the far right in the photo of Carole and the two other women is Camilla. If so, Camilla seems to be looking at Carole and thinking, “Who the F are you?”

      1. The camera angle is unfortunate, too, in the way it captures the “profile” – intentional? Let’s hear it for princess seaming.

        1. I swear those things could cut glass. And in the photo of her talking to Camilla it is obvious that she does not have a bra on.

          1. Should we all get together, pool some money, and then buy the Middleton women some underwear? It seems they all have issues with bras and or undies (or the lack of underwear) at some stage.

          2. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why a woman of her age feels it’s OK to go braless. After a certain age, support is your friend, and I’d be mortified if my nipples were on display for the world to see.

    2. I found the body language interesting. I don’t think she’s talking to anyone, but she’s really leaning away from him.

      1. Maybe Pippa could use the underwear issue as a new Charity, “Underwear for Resting Bitch Face Woman”? Or Something like that.

  23. Honestly, while I find it hilarious that Kate giving birth was an appearance, I DO think the appearance outside of the hospital should count. It was obviously very short and just involved smiling and waving to William’s favorite photographers, but still, think about how hard it must be to give birth and then just a few hours later be expected to look fantastic and smile for the whole world. All the while knowing that you will be on the front page of so many newspapers and so you really better look your best. Like I think Kate does very, very little, but the expectation of royal mothers showing their new baby to the world actually seems like a pretty tough one to fulfill. I’m not a mother, but the ones I know would probably agree that the last thing they want to do a few hours after pushing out 8 lbs of human (and going through a long labor process) is dress up and look nice for millions of people around the world.

    Now omg I am so pissed Kate is going to Wimbledon but not the 7/7 anniversary. It pisses me off even more if Wimbledon will indeed count as an official appearance. Because if it’s official, then Kate can’t just say it was a typical date with her husband that any woman is allowed to take during “maternity leave.” If it’s work, then why couldn’t she do the more important work instead?
    Jason seems smart, so I imagine that this is mostly the Cambridges not caring about what people think. Because ultimately, he works for them, so he can’t overrule them if Kate insists on Wimbledon and nothing else.

    1. I was thinking about it and I actually think it’s rather horrible that we expect the new mom to make an appearance so soon after giving birth. I’m not a mom, but I would be pissed if I had to get all dolled up and go out for a photo op hours after giving birth. I think Kate, or Harry’s future wife, would be crucified if she tried to say no to the now-expected photo op, but I do think it’s a cit cruel to force them to appear like that. I do think they should release photos of the newborn, and the name and whatnot, but maybe not make such a spectacle of debuting the baby on the steps of the hospital.

      1. I am a mother of two and I would have hated having to make any sort of appearance to any public after the birth of my girls. That said, I don’t believe that the birth should have counted as work. I guess the appearance? Well, maybe a semi-credit.

        What still bothers me is the way Kate wanted to take the baby inside because she worried Charlotte might be cold and William replied, “No, she’s fine,” or something to that effect. So, when he’s ready to do an appearance, she and the kids better be, otherwise, it’s hands off the family.

        I used to feel for William because of his parents’ problems in their marriage and then Diana’s untimely death. Now, I just want to say, “You are an adult. Take control of your life and stop blaming everyone else.”

        1. We’re not sure what she said, that is conjecture. If they were worried about the baby being cold, they should have dressed her appropriately for the weather. Were they supposed to go back inside, warm her up, bring her back out, go back in, etc.

          Dress her appropriately, go outside, pose for 5 minutes, get in the car.

      2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the whole appearance at the hospital with the baby thing started with William and Harry’s births.

        I also believe the gray men could have controlled the whole thing and handled it more the way other royal families do and let the press know that they will be releasing photos of the mother and babies and there won’t be any press calls at the hospitals.

        Also, there’s a couple of reasons they did these so quickly:

        1. Security reasons: they wanted them away from the hospital and back in a more secure location as soon as physically possible.

        2. The hospital wanted them gone so their other patients wouldn’t be inconvenienced. I’m sure having then there with the added security concerns threw the regular order of things out the window for quite some time. The hospital would not have thrown her out had there been complications or she needed the rest after a long labor, but I’m sure they were looking at things with their other patients in mind.

        3. You know how they are SWFng Diana. Therefore, the appearance (in their minds) may have been mandatory.

        On one hand I feel for her having to drag herself out there so soon after the birth, but on the other I think that if they can control the British media to the extent that they currently do regarding their privacy, then they could control this too. Let’s face it, the BRF needs some spectacle from time to time to keep people interested and this is a prime moment for them.

      3. It is what most other European royals do. Charlene of Monaco was different with the early arrival of the twins. They did a photo shoot in the hospital a few days after the C-section and released the photos themselves. Victoria was only in the hospital 4 hours, but they all posed together with the car seat on their way out.

        1. They do the same in Denmark with the add on that the proud father addresses the press quite soon after the birth as well. Then they do a press call as they leave the hospital with the newborn.

    2. I don’t think people would be as appalled over counting this as an engagement, if they were attending 250+ engagements a year.
      If they were doing that much, counting the birth wouldn’t be necessary.
      They are really trying to count anything and everything for the end of year tally.

      I don’t think she would’ve missed or opted out of recreating the lindo wing scene. She loved the attention last time.

      1. Kate presenting her baby to the world, with full court make up, heels, couture clothing and dolly curls is all on her.

        When she presented PGtips, she was much more natural, a blow dry yes, but everything else very simple. Even the dreaded eyeliner was at a minimum, and she looked amazing.

        This time around, she went OTT and now everyone thinks that is the way to present the baby.

        Much of what these people do is SWF’ing Diana. The other royals simply walked out of the hospital with their babies and we had pictures later.

        And i’m so tired of the ‘WK are the heir to the heir’ therefore their stuff is a big deal. No it is not. Their way is to pretend to be low key whilst being extremely drama queeny.

        They re-write the narrative of Diana to make it seem that they are going above and beyond her actions or that she was indeed forced to do these things when in actual fact it may have been the fact that Diana delivered at a publicly accessible hospital which allowed media to camp outside and therefore baby presentation, Diana style, was born.

        For both births, WK set up microphones and press pens. They really didn’t have to do that. And as we saw with Charlotte, they ignored the set up and went home directly.

        In as much as I sympathise with the performing monkey thing they have to do to keep public goodwill, they lack the original thought to come up with their own style and presentation and instead fall back on SWF’ing dead mummy.

  24. Also I think William hasn’t complained about pictures lately because he usually can’t complain if British press isn’t publishing, since it’s harder for him to sue foreign magazines for publishing pictures, especially in public areas. I think the only reason he complained about George pictures last fall was because it was the same paparazzi exhibiting stalking behavior, whereas maybe he just thinks these pictures are more randomly acquired based on luck, and not following his child around, so it’s less scary.

    1. Tanna wasn’t stalking. They were trying to say he was because they like to jerk him around. They also appear to have prevented him from getting a permit to take photos in Kensington Park when the other paps got permission. It is an obvious personal vendetta. Very funny since he’s the Middleton’s go-to pap.

      1. I can tell you for a fact that there is MUCH more to that story than was made public. I won’t tell you what because it would violate a trust; but I wouldn’t post this statement if I didn’t know what happened.

        1. Hmmmmm…. methinks he saw something! Dammit bluehare — write under another name and give us some suggestions on what it could be! Use the name “not bluhare!”

        2. LOL you guys. I’m not going to break a confidence but I can tell you that if I were George’s mother I’d have been freaked to the gills.

          1. Okay, can you at least tell us how your source knows? It sounds like William was in the right then? Since you have a source, does that mean you get insider info on Will and Kate? I just want to know what Kate is really like, lol

          2. I don’t know anything about William and Kate. I know something about this particular incident, and it was scarier than what was reported. That’s all I’m going to say on it.

            Look at the bright side. Now you know I keep my word!

          3. That makes me even more suspicious of the relationship between Tanna, the Middletons, and William. If he’d really done something worthy of being arrested, why didn’t they jump at the chance?

            That’s a rhetorical question, bluhare.

  25. Honestly, these days Kate strikes me as a wooden empty-headed mannequin. No heart, brains, wit, charm or compassion. The only difference is that a mannequin has an an excuse for sitting around doing nothing.

    1. At least she has babies. I’m sure she will pop a third one and take another 5yrs, AT LEAST, to raise them and care from them.

      I knew she wouldn’t step into royal duties the moment they announced they would give them the first 2 yrs as newlyweds to “settle, adjust, familiarize”, etc. (I knew she would start having children soon after and then THAT would be her excuse).

  26. Here’s a thought for you all. With HM not budging at all at Trooping, to allow Kate to be visible…and now Philip (and presumably HM) not requesting her attendance at the Battle of Britain flypast…I wonder if HM & Philip are pissed with her/sidelining her. Perhaps knocking her down a peg or two? We had this with Diana too.

    Would explain the very frosty atmosphere amongst them all recently.

    1. IIRC – they started taking perks away from Fergie and sidelining Diana’s work and official trips because that’s where it hit her hardest. Her public image.

      Kate obviously doesn’t give a flipping flip about her image or what people think of her. And, a new tennis court and wimbledon are nice perks.

      Imo – if william wanted to divorce her right now, they would only be to happy to plan “another holiday in france,” asap. However, her presence suits william for the moment, which makes for frosty family gatherings.

      Why on earth do people bend over backwards to accommodate william? For all of their complaining, the press had a huge hand in creating the monster, named Bill.

      1. Everyone, the press included, felt so sorry for the boys losing their Mum. He was given a huge leash & learnt some bad habits that were solidified over time.
        I think he’s a tool, and not worthy of Diana. I far prefer Charles & Harry who both have duty in their souls, like HM & Diana did.

    2. I think they have been very careful with Kate to try to walk a line where they could use her to make the royals look young and glamorous while at the same time not letting her develop a public image that would allow her to retain goodwill should she ever split from the royal family. If Prince William was being a good prince, not shirking work, etc. then this would have been a good strategy. I think he could have deflected a lot of criticism from both himself and Kate, even while Kate was not carrying out many engagements.

      At least, that’s what I think is happening ….

      1. That’s a very interesting point of view, Jennifer. It’s true, the BRF has been burned badly more than once. Maybe she is just a figurehead within the family, and is told what she can and can’t do at all times.
        Oh, to be a fly on the wall for just one day!!!

      2. For the millionth time. She sets her own schedule. They all set their own schedules. The only person who might be holding her back is her husband, not her in-laws.

        1. I don’t think it’s as easy as setting a schedule.

          The Royal Family members need to be invited onto the balcony for events, such as the RAF Battle of Britain 75th anniversary. Witness the balcony of the “paired down” royal family that made randy Andy go berserk. Many people have criticized Kate for not joining but she might not be allowed to join.

          I’m sure that other events which are ceremonial in nature and/or understood to be representing the monarchy (ie openings, accepting gifts, etc., not simply publicized support of charities) are also under the Queen’s control. They are surely organized through the Palace offices / schedulers, who ultimately report to the Royal Family members paying the checks. We all know who holds the purse strings and it most definitely isn’t Kate or William. Remember how Prince Charles closed their press office?

          So, there are many reasons to believe that William and especially Kate are not in control of their own public image, even if they still manage to do things their way or not do things at all sometimes, and even when they can control how they appear and what their behavior is when they are out representing the Monarchy.

          In other words, I do think there is support for my comment above that the Royal Family would try to manage or steer Kate’s image separately from the image Kate may or may not want to promote. I’m also not saying the family has or had evil intentions for her image, but they most certainly would not want another Diana situation should a divorce happen.

          1. Re Kate not being allowed to join the balcony flypast: The Express article I quote in my post says that Philip said only honorary air commodores can be on the balcony and that’s why Kate wasn’t invited.

          2. They never restricted who could be on the balcony during HM’s other jubilees, but they did for her Diamond Jubilee. Who knows why they chose to restrict who could be on the balcony this time. Or even if that is the reason. Just because the Express’ source says that’s the reason doesn’t make it so. I was just repeating what was claimed in the Express article.

          3. Yeah, I think it’s good to have that info in the post, and there is a very good possibility it is restricted this time to honorary commodores. That would certainly fall in line with the Queen trying to keep the attention on the event and mainly the permanent royal family members and not on Kate or Camilla for example. Keeping Kate out of events would help prevent her from increasing her influence with the public like Diana did (or maybe Kate decided not to go so they restricted it to Commodores to save face). Restricting Camilla might keep ill will from increasing regarding the whole Diana/Camilla/Charles background. It seems like introducing Camilla into the royal fold has been successful, but in part probably because they managed PR in such a way as to bring about that success.

          4. All engagements listed in the CC are representing the Monarchy. Those day to day engagements are not controlled by a central office. This has been shown with examples of three royals being in the same town on the same day – because nobody’s schedules are centralized.

            The cost of those engagements are not underwritten by a central royal checkbook. The costs are borne by the local councils, which is another way they hide how much the monarchy really costs.

            IF they restrict her at these big events, my guess would be NOT because they are worried the public will love her. They’re worried she’ll pull another giggly, hair twirling, laughing at the Remembrance book appearance.

            They had her at a solemn event a few months ago. She hadn’t done many appearances late in the pregnancy. She shows up in a new outfit and $50,000 worth of new jewelry.

            Maybe they’ve learned that she deliberately draws the attention to herself, and that is what they do not want. Not that she draws the loving attention of the crowd but that she pulls stunts to get noticed. That was also a Diana trait in later years.

        2. The RF is a firm, HM even calls it The Firm. Kate does not set her own schedule, she is a junior (albeit important) cog in the massive behemoth of a wheel. Plus she doesn;t have the backbone to set her own schedule!

          1. They all set their own schedules. The Palace has said so multiple times. Other royals have said so. Reporters asked directly a few years ago and the Palace said on record that she sets her own schedule.

            I don’t think she’s without backbone. She is getting everything she wants and refusing to work in return. She’s lazy because she wants to be, her husband is lazy and he wants to be.

            HM and Charles are spinning their wheels and clueless how to dynamite these two into working. Here’s a tip: Stop funding their lives.

  27. * Kate looks great with her hair up and with her current body (most of the times she looks like a sad hanger with her super wide back/shoulder area and her tiny a$$). Hope she doesn’t lose a lot of weight.

    * Georgie is a cutie πŸ™‚

    * Their “appearances” wow. They just confirm how entitled, spoiled, insensitive and heartless those two are. I feel like everything they do and DON’T DO is a big middle-finger to everyone.
    Maybe it’s just me and a complex or something…

    The DM now trying to PRAISE William bc of his “humble-self” flying commercial: WHATEVER! Don’t be humble William, be a Prince (future king) who is worth his weight in gold and is making his country proud. Cut the “normal” crap and man-up.

    * Carole is surely looking her age. What an unfortunate outfit. Glad she had her signet ring to save the day πŸ˜›

  28. You guys I think you are not being fair to Kate. I mean seriously, watching a tennis match is hard work. First you have to try and show emotions with your facial expression which is hard after just having a few new botox injections. Then you actually have to move your head back and forth to follow the ball. That is very dangerous as Kate could pull a neck muscle! Add that with trying to clap-which lets all admit how hard it is to move your hands together in a quick motion. Clapping alone takes concentration in order to not miss one’s own hands. Plus Kate has to focus not only on the game, clapping and facial expressions, she also has to focus on how she looks from every angle for the photographers. I mean, Kate seriously has it rough!!!. I wouldn’t do another appearance after that either since that would have taken all my energy. Lets give the girl a break ok? Her life is very very very hard and she deserves our sympathy.

      1. Lol, Overit. And it’s so true; she has to concentrate extremely hard flashing Big Blue with that awkward reverse handclap. What’s a delicate snowflake to do?

    1. Haha Overit, funny! Kate will need another vacation after all that effort at Wimbledon. Seriously though, how does the RF tolerate this woman and her mother?

    2. “Clapping alone takes concentration in order to not miss one’s own hands.”

      Is that why she grabs her hands every time she claps?

  29. I’m confused – Sophie will be there to watch the flypast on the 10th but not Kate? Has Sophie been made an honorary air commodore? Also, why won’t Prince Charles be there either?

    1. I have actually been avoiding the Daily Mail since my surgery. I don’t think it was on purpose then, but after reading the story I don’t really miss it. While I love that William may be trying to include his father more and absolutely applaud having Charles work with George and teach him gardening and about being a future King I have to ask why hasn’t he started mentoring his eldest son in the same subject.

      And I (and it’s that dreaded cynical side peeking out) just find it really hard to believe that Camilla and Kate are getting close. I can see Camilla making the effort, but I think it may all be lip service for Kate. I can see her going back to Carole, telling her everything Camilla said and the two of them mocking her. See that cynical side of me just can’t believe Kate would take advice from anyone except her mother about raising her children. Or pretty much anything for that matter.

      Okay, going to stuff the cynical side back in its steel box.

      1. I agree Lisa, it’s great if Will & Kate are going to include Charles more often in George’s life. And yeah, like Kate is confiding in Camilla and seeking her advice about how to raise her daughter in the royal family.

        What I found interesting about this article, well three things, 1) it makes it sound like this is all due to Kate and how wonderful she is, 2) it’s coming hard and fast on the heels of the apology the DM issued to Carole, 3) the media has been going on and on about how W&K want to raise G&C with “middle class values” but now suddenly they want to start introducing the kids to the royal side of life. To me it’s such blatant brown nosing it’s almost comical. As bluhare said earlier there is much more to this story then we are hearing about.

        1. Did you notice that they are also praising Kate for bringing Camilla into the fold? Apparently no one liked her before Kate came along. Good thing Kate is an angel and can fix anything, lol. In all honesty, I am not sure how much the Royals like Kate, so I am not sure how she could help anyone else?

          1. Uh, I believe Camilla was already entrenched firmly in the fold before Kate came along so I’m calling BS on this propaganda. Kate is too lightweight to have any influence in the RF.

    2. Kate Middleton as the angel that is bringing Charles and Camilla into the family fold? Diana and Carole would have been close friends? We all know no one would have heard of the Middleton’s if Diana had lived.

      Wonder if the Middleton’s pay Jason bonuses for these PR articles.

  30. I’m done lurking. I love KMR. The duchess of do little really needs new pr people. I can’t believe that any pr person worth their salt wouldn’t be jumping up and down trying to get katie to realize going to Wimbledon but blowing off the flyby and the 7/7 remembrance just makes her look even more dense than the monoliths at Stonehenge

    1. Hi vicki; welcome! And I have to welcome you because I’m seriously going to steal “more dense than a Stonehenge monolith”.

  31. Kate should have to earn the fun and glamorous events by completing a decent amount of real work first. Make her earn points the way frequent fliers do in order to get their upgraded seats. And by the way, what’s the point of a PR firm to make those two look good if they’re not willing to work?

    1. I think William thought that hiring a good PR crisis manager was going to solve all his problems. And by that I mean William thought having a better PR guy would mean the PR guy would take care of getting the media off his and Kate’s back about work, and would shield him from the media more so he could do his own thing. Instead of realizing that the PR guy isn’t going to work out well if Will and Kate don’t work with him. A PR guy can only do so much when the press and public want to see the Cambs and the Cambs are not willing to work.

      1. I agree with you KMR, if the client isn’t willing to change his/her ways all the great PR in the world isn’t going to make them shine.

  32. You know after looking at more photos of K&G’s playdate it struck me that Kate can actually walk upright without clasping her crotch. I recall the Leicaster engagement that she attended with the Queen and Prince Phillip, she looked great, back straight, shoulders back with her arms at her side, it made her look so much more confident and secure. In the years since that time she seems to be more unsure and insecure, it definitely shows in her posture. I wonder what happened?

    1. Body language says it all, doesn’t it? I think she’s insecure and unsure because she still doesn’t have the approval and acceptance in the RF during these passing years. When she’s on her own in private, she looks confident. Mama Carole couldn’t have prepared her for that; she helped her get the title, but didn’t groom her as a diligent hard worker. I’m sure the Queen et al disapproves of her lazy ways, and it shows when Kate’s in their company.

      1. William doesn’t even have a wedding ring. My grandparents (both grandfather and grandmother) never wore their wedding rings. Michael may have forgotten to put it on, or he was working with his hands and didn’t want it on. There are loads of reasons people don’t wear their wedding rings that aren’t nefarious.

        1. Yes, so common. My husband has never worn one either. Question is, has Michael ever worn his ring? If he has, then it’s absence now could be telling. Unless he lost it, or is getting it sized, or who knows!

  33. Just wondering KMR, do you know how many jewels the Queen has bequeathed to Kate? I watched this documentary and one of the interviewees commented that the Queen had a knack of not giving any jewles to daughter in laws whom she considered troublesome. The queen never gave anything to Fergie and Diana only got a few because she was the mother of the future King.

    1. Off the top of my head the Queen has lent Kate:

      1) Halo Tiara for her wedding in 2011
      2) Diamond maple leaf brooch worn 3 times in Canada in 2011
      3) A pair of diamond chandelier earrings worn to the BAFTA gala in LA in 2011, and to the diplomatic reception in 2013
      4) Lotus Tiara worn to diplomatic reception in 2013
      5) Nizam of Hyderabad diamond necklace worn to NPG gala in 2014
      6) Silver Fern Brooch worn twice in NZ in 2014

      I have no idea if these were one-time loans or life-time loans, though.

      I, personally, tend to doubt their life-time loan status. The only one I could see being a life-time loan is the earrings because she wore them twice, two years apart. But she has had plenty of opportunity to wear these diamond earrings during that time and instead opted for her dinky ones. Why would she opt for those if she had the ones from the Queen available?

      Which documentary was it?

      1. I think Kate prefers smaller, dainty jewelry.

        Question KMR: the personal collection of Queen Elizabeth is her property right? Like, she could bequeath any of the jewels to anybody within the family? The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara are part of her private collection, does that mean that she could give that as a wedding gift to Prince Harry’s wife (to be hers as her property, not just a loan)?
        (Hypothetically speaking of course. I chose the Girls tiara because it’s my fave and Harry is the only eligible bachelor within the family.)

        This is the documentary.

  34. She looked great, IMHO. It’s nice to see her more relaxed. She looks like any other mum enjoying her kid. It’s nice to see her hair up and dressed in cute flannel. This is the best that she’s looked in a long time. And I’m adding royal duties to that list too.

    I am quite offended that she chose Wimbledon. Not surprised at all as she has rarely missed a year. The sole exception was when she was pregnant with George. I find it insulting that while she may not have been “invited”, she could have at least attend the fly past. She skips the duties and hangs with the stars or wants a new tennis court installed. The latter is a slap to the face of the UK citizens as they face austerity. And let’s not add that it was ill timed after the announcement of the funding of the BRF. If she wants to be the Real Housewife of Bucklebury, let her. Enough woth these shenanigans.

    Scarole looks rough. If I knew that I was the most maligned woman in the UK, the most I can do is wear a good bra, get my hair done and had my makeup expertly applied. She makes it way too easy for me to read her.

  35. Not wanting to spoil the Christening article but boy does Kate show a witches face in one of the photos from the Daily Mail. Perhaps that is better left until tomorrow.

  36. Kate looks cute in her wellies and gingham shirt. I like seeing her in her casual getup having fun. I think she’s wholesome and I quite like her. So what if she’s spoiled, jealousy abounds.

    1. OH, the tired old jealousy chestnut again.

      They are welcome to live however they want as long as they pay for it. No taxpayer funded security, no free mansions off the taxpayers, no inheritance from the Duchy, no funding from the Duchy. All of what they have belongs to someone else – including everything they milk out of Duchy.

      1. Lol, My2pence,

        The jealous comment only comes up from the sugars when they cannot form a logical argument to those who point out inconsistencies with Kate. Because they cannot think of a good response they instead just say ‘you are jealous.’ It’s like how little kid’s fight. It just makes me laugh.

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