Hot Guy of the Month – July: Pierre Casiraghi

Hot Guy of the Month – July: Pierre Casiraghi

Thanks for the suggestions for Hot Guy of the Month, guys. I’ve written them all down for later use. One suggestion was Pierre Casiraghi, the second son of Princess Caroline and seventh in line of succession to the Monegasque throne. When Googling each suggestion to see which one I wanted to cover first, I saw that Pierre is getting married later this month. So in honor of his upcoming wedding, let’s take a look at Pierre.

[at Monaco National Day celebrations in 2012]

Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi was born on September 5, 1987. Pierre has a degree in International Economics and Management from Bocconi University in Milan. Pierre works as a businessman, having controlled his late father’s construction business since 2009. He speaks French, Italian, English, and German. He also plays the saxophone.

He’s kind of got that old school, New England-y look. I dig it.

[at the Rose Ball 2015]

Pierre is engaged to Beatrice Borromeo. The pair will wed in a civil ceremony in Monaco on July 25 with a religious service in Italy on August 1. Because she’s kind of interesting, I want to talk about her for a minute. Beatrice belongs to the ancient aristocratic House of Borromeo which dates back to the 1300s and includes several Roman Catholic cardinals, one of which is a Saint (Saint Charles Borromeo).

Beatrice has an undergraduate degree in Law from Bocconi University and a Masters in Journalism from Colombia University Journalism School. She modeled for both Cavalli and Chanel as a teen, and is currently a full-time reporter for Il Fatto Quotidiano, and has contributed to Newsweek and the Daily Beast, and has worked as a television reporter. Pierre and Beatrice started dating in May 2008 after meeting at university.

[on a yacht in 2014]

Pierre is Vice President of the Monaco Yacht Club, and patron of “Sail for a Cause”.

[with brother Andrea participating in ‘Peace & Sport’ – Operation Poseidon in 2011]

In February 2012, Pierre was hospitalized following an altercation with Adam Hock in a Manhattan nightclub. Hock claims Pierre was the aggressor but Hock was the one arrested.

[at the control centre for the Solar Impulse 2 solar powered aircraft in Monaco in 2015]

[Rose Ball 2015]

Clearly Pierre and Beatrice have no problems with public displays of affection.

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53 thoughts on “Hot Guy of the Month – July: Pierre Casiraghi

  1. Sorry, but he gives me the creeps. Seriously. There’s something very cold and unfeeling that I pick up when looking at him. The photo where he and his fiancé are facing the camera is just awful. No warmth He’s just holding her in such a cold way. The photo of them kissing? She’s doing most of the work and he seems cold there, too. She doesn’t radiate much warmth either. Looks like a calculating witch to me.

    Wow, I am surprised how much I don’t like them after just looking at a few photos.

    I’m sorry that I don’t remember what his father looked like. Died in a boating accident, yes?
    Princess Caroline was a stunning woman. Her choice in men was not stellar. To me, anyway.
    Her daughter Charlotte is stunning, too.

    Thanks for another Hot Guy of the Month, KMR. Sorry that I am not enthralled, but it’s all a personal thing, isn’t it?

    Happy July 4th weekend to all in the States.

    I wish the christening was not this weekend. KMR, you worked so hard on the weekend of the Swedish Royal wedding. You need a break.

    1. I’m sorry you don’t like him. I’ll do better next month.

      Charlotte Casiraghi is beautiful.

  2. OMG, I don’t like him, either. His twin is the better catch, I think. It is his twin, right?

    I agree with Mary Elizabeth. We are supposed to be working on a project together and we are taking time to go on this blog before we start.

    I think he is one cold fish, too. And, the fiancée is a very mean looking woman, if you ask me.

    Not my fave hot guy of the month, but it’s always nice to look at these men, so thanks.
    And, to all the people in the States who will be celebrating this weekend, Happy July 4.

    Don’t work too hard, KMR. On the christening or anything else.

    1. No, Andrea and Pierre are not twins. Andrea is several years older than Pierre.

      Sorry you guys don’t like Pierre. I thought he was kind of cute in a New England frat boy kind of way, and he is getting married and her history is kind of interesting. My bad, I’ll pick a better one next month.

      1. No apologies needed at all. Mary Elizabeth and I want you to know that.
        Everyone has their own taste in guys. We thought the brother Andrea was the better of the two and to be honest, Pierre looks happier when with his bro then when he is with his woman.

        No need to explain anything. Or, to apologize. Now, we need to get to work, but will look at the new thread before doing so.,

        Be well.

        1. I kind of think the brother is better looking, too. But Pierre is the one getting married this month.

          Have fun working on your project!

      2. Hey, everyone’s taste is different. Some people like him; he’s not my favorite looks or attitude wise. Remember the nightclub brawl in NYC a few years back?

        The problem is there aren’t that many really great looking royals. You’re swimming in a shallow pool!

        1. “The problem is there aren’t that many really great looking royals. You’re swimming in a shallow pool!”

          Well said! lol!
          I remember reading a quote of Diana saying she brought the “good-looking genes” to the Windsors (which obviously failed William :p)

          I don’t recall all the past Hot Royals covered, I like:
          * P Harry (done 😀 )
          * King Felipe
          * P Haakon
          * P Carl Philip (done)
          * P Daniel
          * crickets… crickets…

          1. Could we add the husband of Princess Madeleine ?( I realize he is not royal). There are so few to choose from, I thought maybe there could be an exception.

  3. He is much hotter than Andrea. Andrea, like William, lost all if his hotness. Pierre looks very much like his father. I feel for him to having lost his dad in a tragic way.

    He and Beatrice make a beautiful couple. I hope that they are not hit by the Grimaldi curse.

    Great Hot Guy, KMR! Your need a vacation.

      1. Andrea looks gaunt and sickly, a far cry from his hotness years ago, and there are rumors about a history of drug abuse that most likely led to his current appearance. I’m not enamored of either brother, but Pierre is certainly the better looking of the two for me. He has a very Phillips-Exeter, Harvard/Yale look to him as well.

        And Happy 4th of July to all the American peeps here!

    1. Hey rhiannon, are you watching Poldark? If you aren’t, or even if you are, do I get Aidan Turner all to myself? 😉

        1. It’s a series on PBS about a former soldier who fought in the American Revolutionary War who returns home to Cornwall to find that the woman he was in love with has now married his cousin and his farm/homestead is in a terrible state of disrepair. Trials and tribulations all around, but this man is just gorgeous and the ladies of the town think so as well! It’s shot on location in Cornwall and the scenery is breathtaking as well.

      1. It was said that a witch cursed the family in the 13th century after the then Prince Rainier raped and kidnapped a woman. She cursed them with “never will a Grimaldi find true happiness in marriage.” Since then, it was said to be manifested in Princess Antoinette had a string of marriages, Princess Charlotte’s many issues, Grace’s car accident, Caroline’s first marriage, Stefano’s death, etc.

  4. I agree KMR, Pierre does have the old money, New England look to him, I could see him at home in at Kennebunkport. He is handsome in a classic way and I think he does an a “wholesome” look to him that I just want to dirty up a bit 🙂

    I have to say I like the fact that so many young European royal are multilingual, to me it shows an openness to other cultures. And it’s nice to see that he’s using his college education to earn a living for himself and not just living off his family money.

    Is it just me or do Pierre and Beatrice look like brother and sister?

    1. You made me snort when you said that you want to “dirty him up a bit”.

      He and Beatrice look a lot alike. It’s almost uncanny. She is a beautiful woman.

    2. Lauri – you missed the part where he runs his deceased father’s business. That is “family money”. 🙂 He’s got money on BOTH sides of the family and is marrying some deep pockets – like his brother did.

      1. Hi Lady, no I didn’t miss that what I meant was that he’s actually doing something not just leading the playboy leisure lifestyle. Sorry if that wasn’t clear 🙂

      1. I wish I was too. I do feel that all who life a public life, royals and politicians especially should be at least bilingual. Imo, it seems arrogant of them to expect everyone else to work around them. Just a little pet peeve.

          1. Hi Lady, That’s kind of my point, if they expect people to bow and scrape to them due to their position, the least they can do is learn the languages of those around them.

            Are you having a problem with me today?

    1. He looks very much like his father, Stefano. Stefano was a blond Italian man with a new England type looks about him. Your description of pierre’s looks also fits Stefano.

      Andrea and Charlotte look like Grimaldis. Their grandmother Antoinette to be precise. Her looks were inherited by Caroline, Rainier and Stefanie too. Andrea lost his looks because he had a very serious drug problem for years. He’s a poster child for the visible effects of drugs….like those faces of meth time lapse videos that show people’s physical deterioration. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was hooked on meth.

      Albert looks exactly like Grace Kelly and other Kelly relatives. His behaviour and girth makes people overlook the resemblance. It’s easier to see when you google pictures of him in his 20s and younger when he had all his hair.

      1. Correction: meant Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois NOT Princess Antoinette. The former is the grandmother Caroline Etal resemble whilst the latter was Ranier’s sister who didn’t really take after their mother.

  5. KMR – he’s definitely got his Grandmother’s, Grace Kelly. Irish genes – I don’t see too much Monasque or Italian in him. She grew up in Philadelphia society. I agree with you about Charlotte – she is stunning and I LOVE the fact she had a baby with Gad Elmaleh (Jewish) and didn’t bother with marriage. In a Catholic country no less! She is awesome. No one said a word.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that Haakon is next month!

    1. Actually, I can see some of his father in him. His father had light hair. I think it was the early 1990’s, some lovely photos of Caroline wearing a stunning blue gown (complete with tiara and hair up) on a balcony with her husband were published. I think her husband died shortly thereafter.

      Anyone out there with the facts and a better memory than mine?

      1. I remember that picture! The blue in theirs eyes, dress and sea was stunning.

        He was killed In a speed boat accident in Monaco. The kids were very small. It was sad because he and Caroline had to wait to marry. She had to get her marriage to Junot annulled. She was pregnant woth Andrea at the time and when allow to marry, it was a civil ceremony. Many were wary of Stefano because he was younger than her and considered a playboy.

        They were quite a match. I remember reading about them in Majesty magazine. They had beautiful and loving shoots.

        Caroline was obviously devastated. She left Monaco soon after his death. She moved to the South of France and had a case of alopecia.

        This is from memory and may have left some things out.

        1. I love how the Monaco royals have so many marriages, children out of wedlock, and all sorts of drama. The Brits would be crucified for that stuff.

    2. He’s the image of his Dad. Not Grace Kelly.

      Some of the photos look like out-takes from feature films. No kidding. The photo of him being kissed by his fiancée looks like a scene from some hot film. And, the photo of him standing alone on some steps really looks like the opening scene of some film.

      Still don’t find him hot. Looking at photos of his dad, I can see that he was, though.

      Sad for Caroline. She has not been blessed with good fortune in love. I am sure very hard for their kids, too. Charlotte looks so much like her mother did when Caroline was younger.

  6. KMR:

    lol I’m one of your fans that ALWAYS look at your blog before getting anything done like: studying, crying, working, eating lol you get it 😉 Thanks for all the hard work!!

  7. No apologies needed KMR because everyone has their own likes, but neither of the Casiraghi brothers do anything for me. I don’t mind him being the Hot Guy for July in honor of his upcoming wedding. But meh…lol

  8. He’s a lot better looking — or was — than his sons. Charlotte is the spitting image of her mom, Princess Caroline. I don’t see Grace Kelly in this guy at all.

  9. I don’t find him that attractive either, but not on the ugly side either.
    He does seem cold and a bit smug.

    This is completely unrelated but I have been wondering. Why is Albert called PRINCE instead of KING?

  10. I think I have to agree that Andre is it is the better looking brother. Pierre does have the old school New England look but looks rather cold to me. Beatrice seems intelligent and classically good looking but again gives me a bit of the shivers.
    I googled Stefano and he was handsome. So sad for Caroline. I think Charlotte does have some good looking genes thanks to her dad and pleased she is a mother. Isn’t there a half sibling as well? Happy 4th July to you across the pond and to my youngest niece Charlotte whose birthday is today. I had relatives in America when my great aunt Maud went with her new husband on the Oceanic. They were meant to go on the Titanic but my great aunt changed her mind as she just didn’t want to go for some reason she could not put her finger on. Maybe Andre could be next month please.

    1. So glad your great aunt missed the boat, Laura.
      She must have had a premonition and I’m glad she did not get on the Titanic.

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