Quarterly Review: Kate Middleton’s 2nd quarter numbers

Quarterly Review: Kate Middleton’s 2nd quarter numbers

Second quarter review of Kate Middleton‘s appearances. Not too exciting since she was MIA most of the time, but let’s go through it anyway. There’s some other tidbits at the end. I was going to do the Hot Guy of the Month today but couldn’t pick a royal. Any suggestions?

Kate Middleton and Camilla at Trooping

Go here for a full list of Kate’s 2015 appearances. Kate’s appearances from April 1 to June 30:

    2 Official Appearances (both Royal Family appearances):

      Leaving the hospital with Princess Charlotte*
      Trooping the Color.

*The Court Circular counted the birth itself and not the photo op outside. I am counting the photo op outside as an appearance, because it was, though I would not add that into her overall totals for the year.

    2 Official Photos, Video Messages, or Quotes:

      1 Letter of support for Children’s Hospice Week
      1 Set of four photos Kate took
    8 Out and About in the UK (that we know of):

      3 Park visits
      1 Visit to BP
      1 Leaving KP for Anmer
      1 Dinner for Philip’s birthday
      1 Polo match
      1 Celeb meeting
    5 Shopping Trips (that we know of).

Adding these numbers to Kate’s previous quarterly totals, this brings Kate’s total number of days worked (not counting the birth/leaving the hospital) to 17. Yep, in six months, Kate has worked a grand total of 17 days.

Today, July 1, would have been Princess Diana‘s 54th birthday.

Speaking of Princess Diana, one of her favorite photographers, Mario Testino, has been chosen to take the official Princess Charlotte Christening photos. Hopefully Testino’s photos of Charlotte will be better than the photosopped-to-hell Jason Bell photos from Prince George‘s Christening.

Kensington Palace said: “The Duke and Duchess are delighted that Mario Testino will help capture this important moment for their family and look forward to sharing the photographs with the public.” [Daily Mail]

Testino said: “I am overwhelmed and honoured to be chosen to document this occasion and to carry on the documentation of the family that is the soul of this country, a country that has given me so much.” [Express]

The Daily Mail has issued a clarification to a story they ran in May about Carole Middleton moving in with Prince William and Duchess Kate, running their household, and causing tension in her marriage to husband, Michael Middleton. The DM said:

    “An article on May 9 said that, following Princess Charlotte’s birth, Carole Middleton would be living at Anmer Hall for a month where she would be running the household, and that this was causing tensions in her marriage. We are happy to clarify that Mrs Middleton had no plans to move in, or run the household and that there were no such tensions in her marriage. We apologise for suggesting otherwise.”

[Daily Mail]

I feel like we should take this correction at face value and rethink our previous stance on the relationship dynamic between Carole, Kate, and William, and Carole and Mike.

But the cynic in me can’t help but chuckled at the use of “had no” and “were no”. Both past tense. Because you could use “had no” and “were no” in sentences like these: “I had no plans to move in with my daughter and run her household, but then I moved in with her and ran her household”; and “There were no tensions in my marriage months ago, but now we’re not speaking”.

But in all seriousness you guys, Carole really wants us to know that she doesn’t live with Kate or run her household and that everything is fine between her and Mike. Why she was so bothered by this story she chose to correct it, and not the other million ridiculous stories out there, is anyone’s guess.

Photos: MOD Crown Copyright via Army in London Facebook

74 thoughts on “Quarterly Review: Kate Middleton’s 2nd quarter numbers

    1. Any member of that family, really. My first thought was Henri. Despite his being 25 years older than me and the same age as my dad, I find him completely swoon worthy!

  1. Pathetic!!
    So at the hospital – km couldn’t just vanish from the hospital to KP (she had to like all human beings, walk in out) – writing letters was done by Deacon, staff and was not km thoughts/brain at work (she barely could speak ) – Polo events in disgraceful in ragged jeggings as a RF even loving Nanny Maria dress better at home (and what Royal duties would km had perform playing with her kid instead of with carol or shopping) – unless she was fundraising for a charity at the Polo – and Photo of her kids – seriously, what a HOT mess!

    If Petulant km lazy pampered unroyal duties and tradition act as ‘regular’ living and breathing humans, with daily active life considered royal duties – then God help GB UK CW; IF PW workshy ever get closer to the Monarchy – we have a repeat of RF history coming up – Shameful!

    1. I want to say Kate should burn the jeggings she wore recently, but that would be wastful. So hope she donates them to charity and never ever again wears them.

      1. And throw those terrible wedges on the bonfire! I’m also not a fan of the ever present beige LK Bennet heels, they look like heels my grandmother would have worn…

        1. The Wedges of Doom need to head towards the light… of an open flame.

  2. Bluhare is credited partially in this.
    The theory was mentioned the DM might see it easier to issue an apology than to ris their source being mentioned or outed by a leak in any investigation. The source could recant also after the DM puts themselves on the line stating this. And the stories gave such details. Too many to make up imo and not expect to get called out on it.

    And I find it odd right when this stuff really takes flight Carole is seen near her and her husbands home with George and not near Anmer. Suggesting she has never decamped to Anmer. I’m just not trusting of the press and overall PR. Even with photos or video the story isn’t always the reality. The timing of it all…

    17 days… And after her PR said she was so keen to return to work once she gives birth too. Many were really hoping she would follow up with some charities outside of tennis, polo, and sailing. Shame.

    1. I have no shade to throw about her being (mostly) MIA following the birth. Everyone deserves to have private time after having a baby. The test will be what her work ethic will be like when she’s back. I predict disappointment.

      As for the clarification…. what the hell? Suddenly Carole is sensitive to the criticisms leveled against her?

      1. I agree Red Snapper. I’ll give her some leeway because of the birth of Charlotte. But I really can’t imagine her doing much else for the rest of the year. She’ll find a reason to stay away from all but the major events and then we’ll see the walking to church holding hands on Christmas Day act they’ve been putting on the past couple of years.

        Kate, if you have anyone watching this blog, do us all a favor and prove us wrong. I know you don’t care what people think, but you really should because they finance your luxury lifestyle and keep you in your free homes and constant shopping trips. If William doesn’t want to work, that’s his problem. Show the people you are more than his mattress and ventriloquist dummy. Speak up for yourself. I know you’ve never probably done this in your entire life (starting with your mother) but it’s never too late to grow a backbone and act like a responsible adult. Consider the example you’ll give your children.

        That’s all.

    2. I did throw that out as a possibility because someone made a comment (on Celebitchy) about how it obviously wasn’t true that Carole was doing these things based on this apology. I just pointed out that the apology could have been made for other reasons than the story/stories being wrong. I do think that the Middletons threatened legal action; can’t think why the DM would apologize if they, or someone on behalf of them, didn’t. But thank you for acknowledging my incisive legal mind, Florc!! 😀

      I also note that no mention is made about what Carole and Mike were doing before the baby was born, just after, which leads me to think that it was the article about the marital problems because Carole was living at Anmer Hall and looking to buy a house close by being the cause of it. I also noted that those stories stopped immediately after the marital issue one.

      Bottom line is I don’t know if the stories were wrong or not; I do think there’s grains of truth in there along with the salt.

        1. Do you think there could be a backlash against in possibly more negative stories about William and Kate? I’ll be watching to note if there is a change in tone because of Carole’s complaining.

          1. I think that it will be the opposite. Niraj Tanna is fed up as is Richard (the reporter who’s name i forgot). This is the first time in the last 4 years where a lot of negative stories are coming out. I think that these reporters and photographers are getting tired of the restrictions. If anything, negative stories will continue to trickle out. It will be slow and steady. Will cannot keep this up for much longer.

          2. I think it’s interesting that there are so many negative stories so soon after the birth of Charlotte. I thought they would get a lot of sugar following the birth, but it seems the reporters are even more fed up with them and there are even more negative stories.

    3. That’s a good point about printing a retraction as to not out their source. I still think it’s odd that Carole pursued this story out of all the possible made up stories about her. What made this one special?

      1. Maybe a lot of people believed this one? A lot of the “shocking” divorce articles come from Celebitchy and the Globe; both notably untrustworthy. DM, despite being sketchy as hell, is actually acknowledged as a legitimate paper with possible factual articles. Maybe it struck them in the craw.

        1. Celebitchy does not originate any of those stories. They post about stories in the news. And the Globe, well, no one believes them.

  3. Kate surely crammed in many appearances earlier this year and just as you predicted, KMR, it’s close to nothing after Charlotte’s arrival. I can understand maternity leave, but I doubt if even later this summer, we will see much of Kate.

    Loved the photo of Diana and the remembrance of what would have been her birthday, today. 54, I heard on tv. I still think of her in the final months of her life. The best she’d ever looked.

    So, Diana’s fave photographer is going to snap pix of Charlotte., I also hope the photos are better than George’s were. But, it is amazing that W&K try to pay homage to Diana in many ways and yet don’t have her passion for helping others and being the People’s Princess. Kate thinks she’s a carbon copy, but I don’t believe she is.

    As for Carole and Michael… I doubt their marriage is all cuddly. Something is amiss between them.
    What man, may I ask, could stand a pushy wife like Carole? I get no warmth from her. No loving mannerisms. It’s all about what people can do for her. Even when it comes to her kids and grandkids.

    1. I’ve always gotten the impression that, while Michael M loves his family, he is completely over-run by his shrew of a wife and is embarrassed by all the attention his family receives. He always looks kind of chagrined and clueless and I have this feeling, he is the type to spend a lot of time in his potting shed, avoiding the whole thing. Doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but he clearly doesn’t have a spine and I can’t respect that.

    2. Will and Kate try so hard emulate Diana and SWF her and bring back that nostalgia, but they fail to realize the quickest way to emulate Diana is to actually devote themselves to charity the way she did.

      Re “What man, may I ask, could stand a pushy wife like Carole”: I’m sure a lot of men. There are men who like being submissive.

      1. I can’t respect a guy who lets his woman walk all over him. Or a woman who is a doormat, either. You are right about honoring Diana by doing the type of work she always did. To mean it from the bottom or your heart when doing it. Not just going through the motions.

        1. I was about to scream “SEXISM” at you based on that first sentence, but then you had the qualifying second sentence. Not respecting people if they are unable to respect themselves enough to stand up for themselves, I understand and agree with. But there are so many people who “can’t respect a guy who lets his woman walk all over him” but has no problem when a woman is a doormat. I, personally, don’t understand the desire to be submissive in general, but there are a lot of women who like that and men who like that, too. I think it is sexist for women to be allowed to be submissive while men can’t be. But as long as you think either gender being a doormat is a negative that you cannot respect, I’m good.

  4. Will her being at Wimbleton enjoying what most of us can only dream of watching in person, be considered an appearance?

    I really am shocked by the lack of concern William and Kate have for their positions and the people of their nation. To me, she can be cut some slack for the final days (month) leading up to Charlotte’s birth and the months after, but I see this continuing. Kate just shopping, hanging around celebs and being lazy when it comes to working in any way as a Royal.

    I had posted on another thread about this being the Anniversary of Diana’s birth. I just miss her beautiful ways, her amazing compassion and the way she worked as a Royal. She gave her all and was treated rather shabbily, I am afraid. I think guilt is a major reason that Kate is being cut such slack. Guilt and the fact that HM wants to continue to protect William and his wife from the press
    the way Diana was treated by the media.

    Nobody is asking Kate to be another Diana. We would like to see her being more active and more concerned about causes that are impacting so many people during troubled times. She should find her own causes and her own ways to help them, though.

    Again, I am just disgusted by the small number of engagements she has done this year. I think much was expected of both William and Kate. They have not delivered and to be honest, they give no indications that they will in the future.

    They do reap the rewards of being members of the Royal Family, though.

    KMR, I recall how you posted a few times before Charlotte’s birth, that you hoped Kate would have a boy because you believed there would be constant comparisons between Diana and a girl.

    I guess I see that coming. Choosing the same site for Charlotte’s christening as was the site for Diana’s is a start. So, is the christening coming so close to the anniversary of what would have been Diana’s birthday. And, the use of the photographer. At least, I assume, his pictures will be awesome.

    Wow, if Diana could see her Golden Boy now, I think she would be highly disappointed. Such a loving person, though, I think she would have cared enough to give him a dressing down and set him straight. And, I truly don’t think he would have married Kate had Diana lived.

    1. I agree, mary elizabeth, with William not marrying Kate if Diana had lived. He married Kate in large part (as far as I’m concerned) because he wanted the close, stable family life he perceived the Middletons to have. If Diana had lived, a large chunk of Kate’s appeal would not have been there, since he still would have had a mother and, in due time, potentially a stepfather (and Charles) to offer him that.

      I cringed a bit when I saw that they were using Mario Testino for pictures. I’m so glad they didn’t make Diana’s name come before Charlotte and Elizabeth when naming their daughter, but I worry that she’ll always be facing down comparisons and that her parents will keep trying to make her into Diana 2.0, even in small ways.

    2. Re Wimbledon: Yes, it is an appearance because we see her, but I wouldn’t count it in the official tally at the end of the year. I would classify that in the “Out and About in the UK” category.

      Re Kate being Diana. I know there are people out there who want another Diana, but to me I don’t want Kate to be Diana 2.0. I want Kate to forge her own identity. I just want that identity to include working hard and giving speeches.

      Re comparisons to Diana: I’m a bit surprised W&K didn’t go all out and make Charlotte’s christening happen on July 1.

      Re William not marrying Kate had Diana lived: I totally agree. The only reason the Middletons were able to get in there was because William was a damaged little baby who wanted the family he never had. And the Midds played on his problems.

      1. I think William would have put his foot down about a christening on his Mum’s birthday. However, he was ok with the christening being a day or two after and of course, at the same church were Diana was christened.

        No, Kate could never be another Diana and yes, her personality and her interests need to be developed and presented to the outside world. Whether flashing Diana’s ring (now, Kate’s), or dressing like Diana, Kate can never be another Diana. If she were more mature and emotionally secure, she would carve her own way in the world and be recognized as her own person, not just a Diana wannabe.

        No, William would never have needed Carole — and thus, Kate — had his mother lived. Someday,, he is going to wake up and get his own life, too.

        It’s all a mess.

        1. “If she were more mature and emotionally secure, she would carve her own way in the world and be recognized as her own person”

          You hit the nail on the head. Kate is insecure and that’s why she SWF’s Diana instead of carving her own place in the world.

    3. That’s a really great post, mary Elizabeth. I feel the same way.

      Maybe the sporting events should be doled out to Kate, by KP, as a reward system. Like, she gets a gold star for every state/military/charitable event she attends. She gets a smiley face, but no extra points for shopping, playdates in the park, tea with movie stars, and giving birth. When she gets, say 15 stars, she can pick a fun, high profile event to attend. After 50 gold stars, she can have a holiday. If she’s goal oriented, this could work out great!

  5. Well I’m certainly not surprised by the number of engagements Kate has done so far this year, however I do finding it a bit disappointing that most of her engagements were for Royal Family duty compared to engagements supporting her chosen charities. It seems as though she will only do the absolute minimum and only when required by the Queen. I do believe that we won’t see any significant increase in her attendance until the children start attending school full time, if even then.

    I was reading another much more sugary Kate blog and they are thrilled with how Kate & William keep Diana’s memory alive in all they do. While it’s lovely to honor a beloved parent why can’t it be done privately instead of in such a huge, public way? It almost feels as though they are setting little Charlotte up for a lifetime of comparisons to her late grandmother. And with all that Kate does to garner those comparisons for herself the only things she hasn’t tried to replicate is Diana’s work ethic and compassion, which in my opinion are the things that matter the most. For as much as William stated that “no one was trying to fill my mother’s shoes” it sure does seem like they are.

      1. Hush yo mouth! It will be 2017! She’s on a schedule! This baby needs to be close in age so Charlotte will have someone to stand around with while her older brother does heir to throne/Kingly things.

        1. Yeah, I agree with 2017.

          2013 for George
          2015 for Charlotte’
          2017 for baby #3

  6. I am shaking my head in disgust. Does giving birth to a baby seriously count as an official work day?! She hasn’t done a single thing that is considered work! I don’t consider taking care of your own children (especially with nannies on standby) official work. She doesn’t have to take care of her own home (housekeeper for that), doesn’t have to cook for her family (chef for that), doesn’t have to maintain her grounds (gardeners for that) and basically does jack squat! I was raised in a big family, by a single mom who put herself through graduate school, while working full time and raising four daughters single-handed, so I am utterly disgusted by the press making Kate out to be some amazing, hands on mother with a “special bond” with her kids. She has no job, is incapable and unwilling to earn her own money and mooches off her father-in-law and still can’t even manage to do the minimal requirements of a member of the Royal family. Every single thing she has done this year has involved getting dressed up, waving and flashing her plastic, inane smile and having people fawn all over her. Her maternity leave is obviously BS, because she has full time childcare and manages to leave her mansion to go shopping and meet celebrities, yet she can’t manage to spare a few days (or even hours) to visit her charities or do something at all to give back. Does she not realize that her luxurious “private” life is funded by the UK people? She acts like millions of dollars should be given to her AND she should have total privacy and not have to lift a finger, but that’s not how the whole Royal thing works. As much as I love and respect the Queen, I am praying that the monarchy is dissolved after she passes and that Kate and Will will have to live like normal people and actually work and give back. Other celebrities are famous for a variety of things they have done, but Kate is famous purely because she waited a decade to marry someone with a title and power. She’s moderately pretty (but aging horribly), has frumpy old lady taste in clothes, no personality, no wit and no people skills. Her obvious lack of compassion for all the people so much less fortunate than her is revolting and I, for one, am not at all fooled by her embarrassing woodenly read from the teleprompter PSA’s that she has obviously been forced to do (I especially despise her so very fake “sad and concerned face, maybe she should practice that in the mirror more). She is utterly unfit for the role she married into and I believe that both she and Will should be stripped of their titles and massive allowance from Daddy Charlie. In addition to all that, I think she is seriously mentally disturbed and is obsessed with Princess Diana and SWF’s her as much as she can. It’s creepy and sad. That and the genital flashing really makes me think she is seriously, seriously mentally ill. I am hoping that the Crown either passes to Harry or the UK becomes a Republic, like so many citizens want. My fiance is a Brit and says that the general public has great contempt for them and that most favor a Republic. Maybe all that taxpayer money that gets spent of Billy’s lazy helicopter rides and Kate’s 1,000.000 pound (hideous) hats could be given to all the elderly, disabled and abused women and children that suffer in the UK every year.

    1. This is my first time commenting here. Always been reading KMR posts and I have to say, I AGREE with every word you just said! It may seem harsh to some readers, but there’s a lot of truth in it especially after we’ve been subjected to constant news and exposure on the lives and work ethics of Will and Kate for the past 14 years (pre and post marriage). I agree that Kate must not be pressured to be like Diana. She needs to be her own person with her own personality and mind. But don’t tell me as a normal human being, she does not feel a bit affected by stories of underprivileged/disabled people and problems affecting the world? You can easily think of many! I think it’s asking too much from Kate to dedicate herself to one worthy cause because she won’t dedicate her time to anything apart from fishing for her prince, shopping and meeting celebrities. She can at least do visits to hospitals/orphanages/schools for the disabled everyday for an hour and just spend time with people and interact with them. How hard can it be? Show a human side of yourself please! It doesn’t have to be a formal visit! You can just drop by in comfortable clothes and shoes and show you care! If she did this, I am sure people will have more respect for her and if she is not parading in her ‘glamorous but matronly’ clothes, maybe people will somehow be more interested in what she’s doing, rather than what she’s wearing. At the rate she’s going now, she is no different than Paris Hilton and Kim K whose jobs are just to be useless and get paid millions. And this is the most degrading level a woman can ever stoop to.

        1. Thank you! And Sarah, I completely agree with you too about Kate needing to show her human side. She would gain so many admirers if she showed some humility and frailty. Even if we saw her dressed down, not looking perfect, out with girlfriends getting coffee or something normal like that. Or take George to the park and sit and chat with the other mums (and dads). Just anything where she naturally is low key and spending time in public, having normal interactions with regular people, would do wonders for her popularity. Women, especially, can’t relate to a woman who doesn’t work, revels in luxury, doesn’t have to lift a finger to keep house or raise her children and refuses to show her natural, human side in public.

          1. I t ad somewhere that when she goes out, especially with George, that her security detail asks people (supposedly very nicely) to not take any pictures. So even if she’s going out and being real, unless a pap gets tipped off, it’ll never actually be seen.

  7. Kay, I know he’s off the market, but have you picked Prince Carl-Philip as your Royal hottie yet? He’s pretty dang gorgous. 🙂

  8. I vote for Daniel, Haakon, Chris ONeil or Frederick as the July Hot Guy. Preferably Daniel. He’s my back up if Harry and I don’t work out.

    I want Kate to do well. She doesn’t have it in her. You cannot compare her to Diana as Kate will always come up short. Kate could create her own niche. But she doesn’t want to. I do feel bad for Charlotte because she will be compared to her lackadaisical mother and revered granny. Kate wants to live the life of a Real Housewife versus one who dedicates themselves to a life of service. She had 10 years to practice after all.

    I do miss Diana. She was mercurial, spontaneous and had a sense of purpose. She was no saint, but she had heart. I watched her evolve from a fairy tale princess to an independent woman on the precipice of greatness. I remember crying my eyes out when I heard of her death. I was angry at her for being there and leaving her boys. But I realize that she has a far greater impact and purpose now. It’s a shame that William has lost his purpose. His legacy won’t hold a candle to his mother, father and grandmother combined.

    1. Daniel’s been hot guy, hasn’t he? I thought he was the first one because I remember thinking Harry was robbed. 🙂

          1. I didn’t want to do Chris this month because I just did a Swed last month with Carl Philip. But Chris is definitely coming.

    2. So nicely said, Rhiannon. Diana was truly one of a kind.
      Kate could never fill her shoes and she should not try. She should be her
      own woman and make her own way. Doesn’t seem she is able to do so at this point.
      She needs to grow up and get a life of her own, not one revolving around William and answering to him and Carole.

  9. KMR – I compared this number to previous years numbers – and they are shockingly similar! Photos and Videos noted but not included in totals:

    2014 from Jan to July
    5 royal duty appearances, 3 patronage appearances, 2 royal family, 2 photo releases – one for Children Hospice Week and one of the family. That’s 10 days in the UK. Add in their vacation/tour of Aus and NZ and that is 17 more days plus 1 day in Belgium for WWI commemoration.

    2013 Jan to July
    9 royal duty appearances, 7 patronage appearances, 1 royal family, 1 video release for children’s hospice, 0 foreign appearances = 17 days! This was the year she had George in July.

    2012 Jan to July
    13 royal duty appearances, 6 patronage appearances, 5 royal family appearances (3 because of Jubilee), 0 foreign appearances = 24 appearances! Not even pregnant or children to care for!

    2011 April to July (because she didn’t become “royal” until April)
    3 royal duty appearances, 4 royal family appearances (including her own wedding!) = 7 days!
    Add the appearances starting with the Engagement announcement in Nov 2010 and you wind up with:
    8 royal duty appearances, 5 royal family appearances (engagement announcement) = 13 days!

    Five years worth of data to compare is very useful. It shows the comfortable life Kate is enjoying and what little impact she is making for the people of the UK. We can look at the 2nd half of the year trends in December. But I’ll do a quick analysis to in another comment to see if we can make a prediction.

    1. Okay here’s what I’ve got for 2nd half of the year:
      2014 – 23 days (which includes 2 Wimbledon match watching – and an unofficial trip to NY)
      2013 – 17 days (which includes showing off George at hospital and his Christening)
      2012 – 30 days (which includes 5 Olympic events and 10 days in South Asia/Jubilee Tour)
      2011 – 24 days (which includes 13 days in Canada/US/Denmark)
      Most of these include walking to church on Christmas!

      So based on this pattern – might we see a foreign trip this fall? Or did William’s trip to China/Japan earlier this year constitute the Cambridge’s contribution to overseas diplomacy for 2015? *Reminder Kate would have been in Malta in Fall 2014 if not for uncontrolled puking – instead she went to NY in December.

  10. As another has mentioned I am absolutely appalled that giving birth counts as an engagement? How is this possibly justified?? Does the press get to question these numbers? I mean with this reasoning shouldn’t breast-feeding count in her totals? I’m truly speechless!

    1. I actually just searched the court circular to make sure I am on the right track in a conversation I am having elsewhere, and Charlotte’s birth is an entry in William’s calendar as well.

      Wonder if I should look back and see if the conception is noted too. 🙂

      1. Ha Bluhare! At this point I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. I actually think this one is indefensible.

        1. Times are hard for this couple. I won’t be surprised if breastfeeding, playing with her/his kids, tying shoelaces and blow drying hair are counted as engagements. This is the future for the two!

          And I just want to LOL when I read that giving birth was an engagement! It sounds like Kate and Will went to a baby factory, with Kate dressed to the nines and both of them giving that hard frown pretending to be engrossed in conversations with the factory personnel and then exiting with a baby. That is an engagement if you ask me …

  11. I for one tend to believe that Carole was parked at Anmer for a month. Details of her visit smacked of a Carole visit. And if not, why didn’t she refute the story when it was first released back in May? Why now? Probably because back in May she was solidly planted at Anmer. Now that she has decamped the story is easier to deny. Sounds like she’s trying to clean up her image as well as any suggestions that her marriage might be in trouble in time for Charlotte’s christening. I agree with Bets about Michael Middleton avoiding confrontation with Carole by hiding out in the potting shed. Don’t think that Carole will stand for anyone crossing her. She continues to come across as manipulative, controlling and loathsome.
    And while I like Mario Testino’s work, here is yet another example of Kate trying to follow in Diana’s footsteps. Would love to see a chart comparing Diana’s work schedule versus Kate’s following the births of their children.

    1. I agree with Geri. I think Carole was at Anmer for quite some time and that the bad publicity has not gone down well. I think this is more about trying to clean up her image before the Middletons meet up wit the Queen for that post christening afternoon (as mentioned by DM yesterday).
      Is Carole still angling for that title too?

  12. What about Pierre Casiraghi for the hot guy of the month. He’s getting married at the end of the month. Not exactly royalty but almost.

    About Kate’s very limited number of engagements: would it be possible that Charles or even the Queen asked her not to do too much (not that she seems to be willing but…) because Charles and Camilla get much less coverage than her though I believe they do much more? Because no one can ignore not even them the bad impression she is leaving to so many people for not working a lot.

    1. All members of the BRF set their own schedules. That has been made clear by both staff and royals themselves. HM and Charles need these two to be popular, beloved, and seen to be working hard. W&K are the ones holding W&K back.

      Dragging this back out from Royal Reporters twitter.

      Spring 2012

      Richard Palmer @RoyalReporter
      @sofia09870 Kate’s office says she is dictating her own pace and is happy with it.

      Richard Palmer @RoyalReporter
      @HMtheRedQueen She is dicatating the pace and her office says this how she wants to do it.

      Richard Palmer
      One Sunday broadsheet claimed llast weekend there was concern Kate was doing too much. But there is no concern on that score.

  13. To me these people are so aloof and full of themselves,they don’t even notice their tactlessness.While London is chaos and people have problems getting home,William jokes and laughs about it.Easy when your chauffeurdriven car is closeby.

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