Kate, Harry, George, and William tidbits (plus polls for Christening outfit colors)

Kate, Harry, George, and William tidbits (plus polls for Christening outfit colors)

I was going to do a whole post dedicated to Prince George‘s wardrobe and how he has only worn three different colors in his entire life (in the photos that we have), but then I saw some other tidbits about Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry that I wanted to share, so I changed the post around.

I’m going to start with the polls, then move on to the other stuff. First, let me say that when I went through and counted all of the photos that we have gotten of Prince George since his birth, I was surprised at the number; I thought it would be lower.

We have seen pictures of George 25 times since July 22, 2013. With 6 of those being “unauthorized” photos (though there are more “unauthorized” photos floating around out there, these are just the ones I’ve covered). Of those 25 photo ops, George has only worn three different colors: blue, white, and red. Even when George wears white, there is a sprinkling of blue on there. And the two reds are actually the same red overalls. George has worn blue 18 times, compared to red 2 times and white 2 times (not including the Christening gown or the white blankets). Seriously, Kate, boys don’t always have to wear blue. They can wear green and yellow and orange, too.

George's Clothing Colors

I kind of feel like I should only include blue, red, and white in the “Which Color Will George Wear to Charlotte’s Christening” poll because those are realistically his only options (and given his track record, he’ll wear blue), but for kicks I’ll add in some other colors.

I’m also including a “Which Color Will Kate Wear to Charlotte’s Christening” poll for kicks. Kate wore cream last time in order to match the Christening gown. As with George, Kate’s most worn color is blue. Will she go blue, cream, or another color on Sunday?

Moving on to other stuff now: I know there was some debate about the pics of Prince George with Nanny Maria by the helicopter that appeared last week, and what day they were taken and if Prince Harry really was taking that helicopter, since we didn’t actually see Harry in the photos. Well more pics of that day have come out, and yes Harry was taking that helicopter, and he is in uniform which means it was official business which means the pics were taken on June 11 as Harry left to go to the Camp Bastion Memorial Dedication Service, even though Star and the photo agency say they were taken on the 12th. Here’s a link to more pictures.

Speaking of Harry, he’s either currently in Africa or heading there this week. He will miss the Christening on Sunday. I guess that rules him out as a godparent.

Will and Kate have invited well-wishers to view them and the other royals walking into the church at Sandringham for Charlotte’s Christening on Sunday (like how well-wishers can view the royals walk to church at Christmas). Expected guests are Prince George, the Middletons, the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Camilla. As well as the godparents and other guests.

The woman who runs Amaia Kids clothing shop has given an interview to Hola (via Hello – they are sister publications) about Kate and her shopping habits. Amaia said:

    “The first time she came into the shop she was with her mother. It was quite funny because she said, ‘I’ve just had a baby and I’m a little lost. Would you be able to help me?’
    “She usually comes alone and although we show her everything we have in the size she needs, she usually knows what she wants. She’s very decisive but she does let us make suggestions, and sometimes she buys things she wouldn’t have picked up.
    “Three weeks before the Princess was born, she came in and bought three cardigans, three shirts, two pairs of shorts and long socks.”

Amaia kept reiterating how charming, sweet, and natural Kate is.

Kate was supposedly seen out shopping yesterday in Norfolk. So I guess she’s back at Anmer following her tea with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on Friday.

Kate shopping in Norfolk

Speaking of that meeting with Brad and Angelina, here are some supposed photos of Pitt and Jolie arriving at Kensington Palace on Friday.

If you want some sugar with your morning coffee, check out the Twitter hashtag #WhyILoveKate. It’s pretty funny.

Prince William played polo on Saturday.

103 thoughts on “Kate, Harry, George, and William tidbits (plus polls for Christening outfit colors)

  1. KMR thank you for clearing up the mystery behind Harry and the helicopter. Its good to know that what was reported was accurate! Can’t wait to see the photos from Charlotte’s Christening! I must confess, I dressed my son in only blue/white for sometime after his birth!

    1. Well one can argue it is not a accurate report. The date is wrong, even in this publication. That is why the big majority of people didn’t believe it in the first place, that and a 6”2 ginger was nowhere near the heli (in the first pics).

      1. I agree that date was so off.

        George in blues is km ma carol middleton interfering ordering loving nanny Maria, on what how to dress Pr. George including that recent heavy forehead forehead hang hairstyle, at the Polo -needed a bit of trim.

        I feel Angie Brad hated to be present at KP with the laziest set of royals – especially having been in HM presence/ w/Camilla, DOC – what a let down for Angie decade hardwork with these two P*w!

          1. Let’s just say it rhymes with sweep putt, and it’s a real compliment here in bluhareland. 😉

            If saying that gets me banned, KMR, please delete the comment!

    2. Or at least kind of accurate. They still got the date wrong, but at least there is no more doubt about whether or not it was Harry using the helicopter.

  2. I voted for blue, because let’s just be realistic, that’s probably what he’ll be wearing.

    I was old-fashioned and decided not to know the sex of my baby, so a lot of people gave yellow, green, more neutral colors for the clothes. After he was born, we got some blue stuff, but in the country I live in, it wasn’t that big a deal that BOY = BLUE.

    1. My favorite colors are green and yellow, so I’d dress my kid in those two colors, boy or girl. I guess it depends on the person. Some people really want to go with the traditional gender colors and others don’t care as much.

      1. My favorite outfit for my newborn son was a onesie with little yellow stripes and a duck on the front – it was so cute!

        Green definitely became my favorite color to dress him in.

        Yeah, I think it totally depends on the person!

    2. … and strongly feel km and the middletons will do what they can to be in beige to match the ‘RF Christening gown’ – a bunch of fake phony climbing wanna be…

      What a load from P*km… these degrading ‘regular’ pampered lazy … “will open the paddock to greet guest” – we all know the SRF wedding and Princess Maddie Chris inclusion of their people for their son’s birth is the reason these lazy snowflakes change their secret ‘private ceremony’. These two will be the end of the Monarchy after Prince Charles (and Prince Harry) or Prince Andrew * Edward.

      carol and the meddleton family thanking their stars Prince Harry will be away – HM POW RF will need to spend the least time around these signet ring meddletons.

  3. As always, this post is a fun way to start out the week. A poll and some interesting ideas concerning W&K and George and Charlotte. Harry, too.

    I am doing research for a project and just jumped online quickly to check out KMR.

    I wish I had more time to comment because this is a fun.

    Whatever color Diana wore to Harry’s christening, I will bet, Kate wears for Charlotte’s.
    When I have more time to google photos of Diana back then, I will and then I will vote.

    Or, maybe, I should just say pink. Kate will wear pink.
    Little Georgie deserves a more colorful wardrobe, too.

    Thanks, KMR. God way to start the week off.

        1. Diana wore pink to William’s Christening and Kate wore cream to George’s. I think Kate will go with either cream like she did last time, or pink because Charlotte is a girl. But I could see Kate going blue because she wears blue so much.

          1. PG will wear white and blue. Mostly blue.

            Kate will wear — I’m sticking with pink (with some cream, or cream with some pink). Charlotte will look precious in her white gown and I could care less what PW wears.

            Now, I log off and get to work!

            Have fun, everyone.

        2. .. but Diana in blue was due Prince Harry (a boy) – will see what other creepy Diana repeat km and carol will copy; if km would continue this creepy Diana repeat by performing royal duties, give back help charities and the needy subjects – that would really help earn Waity km wearing dedicated (hardworking royal duties) Diana, POW ring.

  4. Thanks for a fun post, I love the polls! I think George and William will wear blue and Kate will wear a cream/white frock to match the christening gown, heck she might even recycle the outfit she wore for George’s christening. It’s how they roll.

  5. Thank you for the fun post KMR. I think George will wear blue. Seeing him wear that green jumper was a surprise. Though I wouldn’t be surprised Kate dresses George in the colours William was dressed in. All this nostalgia dressing is making me feel creepy. I was going to go for pink. I think that is the most likely colour Kate would wear but I think it depends on what HM wears. I would probably dress a boy in green, brown, yellow or orange. I would never dress a girl or boy in black unless it was a sombre occasion. Girl wise pink/blue/green and yellow. Though in times past girls were dressed blue because of Mary and boys were dressed in red like cardinals. Sorry just what I read somewhere.

    1. You’re right – in Catholic cultures, blue is the color of the Virgin Mary and red/pink is the color of the Holy Spirit/strength, so girls were dressed in blue and boys in red/pink.

    2. I am sorry that Harry is not going to attend the christening. Surely when planning the christening this could have been taken into account. Harry would make a good god-parent for Princess Charlotte.

      1. Not entirely sure of the timeline but I think Harry’s schedule was already in plan before Kate even knew she was pregnant. His handlers would have definitely been planning his retirement from the army for a long time and what he can do afterwards. His retirement and and the conservation trip was announced when Kate was pregnant. If they will wait for Harry, Charlotte will already be around 5 months old.I think the Church has rules on how young the kid should be. In my predominantly Catholic country, children and baptized while still weeks old. The sooner, the better.

        I am sure Harry would be there if he can and William would love it if he came. I am also sure that Harry and William are still quite close though the media will never tell you that of course because it goes against their narrative of Kate and William being isolated from the BRF by the Middletons. Most of our sources are from the Daily Mail and to be honest, I don’t think anyone in Britain ever considered that paper as respectable.

        1. I see. Thank you J.
          I am not Catholic but my nieces are. They were christened at a few weeks old and two years old together respectively. I did go to a Catholic school for a while though.

        2. Mia Tindall was born in Jan 2014 and she was not Christened until Nov 2014. Eugenie was born in March 1990 and not Christened until December 1990. So there is a precedent for waiting over six months to Christen a royal baby.

          1. Sorry to say this but all the stories and the pictures so far paint the picture that Charles and Harry are quite detached from George. There is nothing to suggest otherwise. There is plenty to suggest that they do not share a relationship. Unfortunately I have to believe the DM on this.

          2. Maybe they just wanted it out of the way? A lot of people are waiting for a new set of pics.

          3. I think they realize they need to get stuff done while Elizabeth and Phillip are still able to do things. I think it was arranged around their Holyrood week on purpose.

            To be honest – Christenings are the most boring of events and I’m sure Harry’s glad to not have to attend – as most relatives would be!

  6. I hope he is doing all this other “work” on his 3 days off?
    Because he is a “normal” guy, and you have to pre-plan in the
    “normal” world, for days off, to meet with your “friends” for tea.

    1. …are you kidding – Petulant will be on leave for ‘Royal Duty’; reports did state his job would allow time for ‘Royal Duties”… (he is already on leave)- cant make this up, what a pampered life on taxpayers.

      Any reports where PW 40k taxpayer funded salary will be donated (not)…

  7. Oh, another poll. Love it!

    I am also betting that Kate chooses pink and cream for her look at the Christening. A pink coat and cream and pink dress, or a cream coat and pink (God forbid) fascinator. I think her dress would then be a small print of cream and pink.

    I’d love to see Little PG in a dove gray suit (short pants) and a white shirt and nice little bow tie, but I think Kate will dress him in blue. I’d be surprised if she didn’t.

    I think he will wear a suit, though. Short pants, as already said. Little boys of that age look so cute like that.

    I also think he needs to wear some bolder colors and hope down the road little Charlotte will, too.

    I love the way little Estelle and Leonore dress. Just adorable.

    Fiona, I loved your comment. LOL.

    1. It would be nice to see Kate use some accent colors. She tends to dress head-to-toe in one color.

  8. Maybe Kate was SWF Diana at the last christening by copying her Prince Harry christening picture look. I voted blue because that’s what Diana wore for Prince Harry’s actual christening, but she wore pink and white to Prince William’s christening. If Kate is indeed SWF Diana, but in reverse, then she would wear pink and white this time like she did to Prince William’s christening and the pictures.


    1. That Charlotte is a girl has it more likely Kate will wear pink in some form. Not as a Diana copy, but because of her daughter.
      IMO anyways.

      I will say this. Those shoulder cuffs on Diana at Harry’s Christening are pretty close to Kate’s for Georges. Though… Those flourishes on the shoulders and the ripple/ruffle/fabric folds on her outfit were all “on trend” at that time. If Kate chose shiny fabric that would be hard to ignore..

    2. Kate’s dress at PG christening had a very similar colour to Diana’s dress in that picture!

      Why is Kate’s fashion style so similar to Diana’s?

    3. That is not Harry’s Christening picture. That is the first photoshoot they did after Harry was born. Kate copied several things from that shoot in her George and Charlotte photos.

          1. Hope this does not post twice. I am having computer issues.
            Rhiannon and KMR are correct. Diana wore blue to Harry’s christening and the white dress was for a family portrait of Diana with her two princes.

          2. OK thanks. I guess I got carried away with the SWF idea. The picture just really struck me. Plus I didn’t really know that was a thing of Kate’s until reading this blog.

  9. I love the polls too! I want to see Charlotte in a hair bow just because. I can honestly say that I am meh about the christening. It’s so nice that they are opening the courtyard to the plebs. I just can’t with them. The only thing that I was looking forward to seeing was my sweet ginger.

    The Middleton’s will be their signet ring and tacky smiling selves and I can’t. I would pay big money to see Anne be there and ice them.

      1. Right?! I am partial about bows on a little girl. I was not thrilled with the initial pics because she needed a bow or a barrette.

        1. A bow would be awesome. I doubt Kate will do that, though.
          Still, doesn’t Estelle look precious in her bows? Leonore, too?
          I agree, a bow is the way to go!

          1. I adore the look of a bow on toddlers. My nieces wear them. I think a bow on a headband would look sweet or a little sunhat with a bow. I think Kate is strange in that she will not try anything new yet she copies Diana’s look. Kate isn’t William’s mother.

      2. And will the head band or bow be available on Party Pieces too?
        *imagining the web page… “your little girl can be a Princess too with our Charlotte band”*

  10. I’m a little afraid Kate will dress George in the same thing he wore for those pictures released after Charlotte’s birth. I say this because isn’t that outfit really similar to what William wore to Harry’s christening? It WOULD be a lot of repeating for George, since he’s already worn the outfit twice if I’m correct (he wore it to the hospital to meet Charlotte too right?), but that’s the other reason I kind of think she may do it, because I have a feeling she wants people to be less interested in his clothes, kind of like the same reason she repeats so much for off-duty appearances.

    1. William wore similar outfits or the first photoshoot with Harry, and Harry’s Christening. White shirt and blue shorts. So it is very likely Kate will dress George in the same thing again.

    1. I agree 100% LadyBlueRibbon!! But until Kate decides to actually make a difference with her charities the only thing left to discuss is either her fashion choices or the fashion choices she makes for her children.

    2. It’s not supposed to be sad, it’s supposed to be fun and funny because Kate is so predictable.

      1. I agree. When Kate does something well, I have and will praise her. But she doesn’t give us that. At the rate she is going I see a future with her and Charlotte similar to Big and Little Edie a la Grey Gardens.

      2. There is literally nothing else to talk about with Kate. The next big topic will be: Will she or won’t she show up to watch some tennis!

        Thank goodness there is Hot Guy of the Month and other royals who give a crap about their country to follow!

  11. I’m thinking that since the majority (myself included) are predicting George will wear blue, she’ll break out something else. But then again, William seems to like having George be his little Mini Me and his old stand by suit is blue, therefore I’m sticking with blue.

    As for Kate, whatever it is it will be bland so I’m not so concerned.

    The whole Brad/Angelina visit is so…it would be one thing if I believed this visit would some how influence them to get off of their royal backsides and get involved, but a big part of me realizes this was the two of them being giant fans and William granting one of Kate’s big wishes. I’m convinced this was his push present for Charlotte. I can’t imagine Angelina taking Kate seriously. Angelina is a woman who believes wholeheartedly in her causes to the point of spending her own money to make things happen. We know W&K don’t roll like that. Kate got her face time with the celebrities she and William have sworn off of and that’s all it was. She’s probably hoping to become friends with Angelina and have the kids over, blah, blah, blah. I’m thinking Angelina walked out of there convinced she was nice enough but extremely bland.

    The helicopter pictures are odd for me. His relationship with George just seems so disconnected to me. And except that he may not have had a lot of contact with him, I don’t know why. Harry is a natural with kids and we just haven’t seen any of this with George.

    Anyway, we’ll see them march into the church, get the photos they deem appropriate and they’ll go back into hiding. Maybe William will even actually start working his “job”. Though I’m not holding my breath.

    1. I think George has spent time with Charles and Harry and aren’t as disconnected as the press coverage would have you think. There isn’t always a pap nearby like with Carole.
      Harry and George got along well at the polo match, but kept it private in a tent. And Charles is said to see him more than you’d think. He makes time when he can. At the trooping there were rumors Charles became quite playful with his grandson.
      It’s not flaunted, but I do think from how cute George is with them he’s quite comfortable. The press narrative is for whatever reason against this.

      And IMO the Brad/Angie meeting was wel played. They do conservation work and are trying to fund a film about the topic and a man who played a large role in it. William does support heavily conservation. This seems like a goood meeting. And to stay longer would be small talk, kids, maybe a small tour and meeting/playing with charlotte? Possibly some photos.
      I’ll throw loads of side eye as how they made time and then some for the Jolie/Pitts, but not a charity visit.

      1. Here is the video of trooping. The flypast is at 2:28:00

        Charles nor harry made an attempt to interact with G, charles chatted with william for all of 20 seconds.
        Waity ignored anyone on the balcony, who isn’t a middleton.
        Someone on some website said that harry played with him… Find that hard to believe, especially after the helicopter pictures. Damage control?

        And by that I mean, Harry is a natural with 95% of the kids he meets.
        Isn’t it strange that there are hundreds of cute pictures/videos of harry with kids, but not one displaying a similar warmth with his own nephew who is already two years old?

        By the grace of w&k, Charles and harry are allowed to be official baby gift acceptors.

        At this point, who expects the cambridges to do or become much more?
        They have sailed on excuse after excuse for the past four years.

      2. I agree – I am sure there are regular outings to Highgrove on Charles’ schedule – the royals, can and do conduct themselves privately. It is the Middletons who take George out to public places where they are papped and because that’s all the public sees – they assume that’s all that is happening. We do not see 93% of Kate’s life. I remember Zara telling the press that Mia (six months younger) met George at Highgrove which is down the street from Gatcombe Park. I think people try to read too much into the balcony appearances – the royals are presenting themselves to the public and watching an air parade – it’s not a family hanging out that just happened to gather on the balcony. They were hanging out before they came out and are going back inside to hang out some more and have lunch. And where do you think they were before the polo match? Hanging out at Highgrove together. It could very well be that Prince Charles was more interested in watching his sons play polo then playing with his grandson who he just played with at his house.

        So I think folks forget to look at the context surrounding these photo opportunities – we are seeing a tiny fraction of their lives and these people see each other WAY more then you realize. It makes sense to me that Charles might interact with children WHO WEREN’T STAYING AT HIS HOUSE who he was related to at a polo match.

        1. Well said, LadyBlueRibbon. Also if I were Charles, I’d be terrified of interacting with George in public. Let’s say he picks George up and George starts crying for unrelated reasons like maybe he’s hungry or his grandpa accidentally interrupted a very important moment of him playing with his car – the media/public would pounce all over that as a sign that George doesn’t like Charles/never sees him.
          Also, Charles has never been one for showing affection in public. I don’t know why that means he isn’t affectionate to George in private. Maybe he just wanted to let his young grandson run around and be free to do his own thing. Many toddlers don’t like being crowded.

          1. I think that all of you are being quite generous regarding Charles and Harry’s involvement with George. It is a laudable effort to keep a positive view on things, but I suspect that it may be misplaced in this case. So far we have zero photographic evidence that they spend any time with him. On the other hand we have several situations where we see C or H have the opportunity to interact with him but do not. We also have several articles claiming that C has no relationship with his grandson.

            I normally do not pay any heed whatsoever to the DM stories, but I think that there may some truth to the one that says that Charles does not see George.

      3. I don’t think PG would have wanted to follow Harry out to the helicopter to say good bye to him, if there wasn’t some sort of connection.

        Harry was in his uniform and I concur, I don’t think he could have picked PG up and cuddled him close. In the photo where he is looking down, PG is blocked from the picture, but they do appear to be interacting . Harry is obviously looking at someone very small in that shot. I assume that was George.

        And, none of us know how many hugs and times he is held in private by Harry and Charles.

        This is not to say that I don’t believe there is a strained relationship now between William and Kate and PC and PH.

    2. Interesting take – never considered the “push present” angle. I do think this was an “introduction” to begin socializing more in the future. I just finished reading that stupid Katie Nicholl’s book (Kate the Future Queen) and it seems Kate spent a lot of time in Africa with William on vacation so she’s at least conversant in the wildlife situation. Just like she is in polo!

        1. Well I certainly don’t pay to read these books – I get them from the library! They are all fluff – but you’ve got to read them to find out if there was something you didn’t know.

        2. My mom checked a copy out for me. BORING. A major piece of fluff.

          Kate the Great is lauded throughout, But, as was suggested here to me, Chapter 4, which I initially skimmed over, does offer a bit of insight into Kate’s young adulthood when she spent a summer working on a boat — wearing the shortest of shorts.

          I have to be honest, I am really getting bored to tears with W&K.

          Today, would have been Diana’s 54th (I believe) birthday. What a loss to her sons, to the people of the UK and to people everywhere.

          It’s amazing how she is frozen in time. A young woman — Kate is nearly that age — who did so much good and worked so hard for others. Yes, she had her problems, but if William truly loved and admired his Mum so much, what a tragedy that Carole has tried to take her place and how sad that the wife he chose does so little for others.

          1. Oh goodness. Diana was such an iconic figure.
            I am sure that whomever William married would have been compared to her, but Kate is so odd. She SWF’s Diana all the time, but has yet to carve out her own special ways that would elevate her in the eye’s of the public. Kate, as others have mentioned, is basically known for her fashion.

            If she chooses to be a full-time mom, then be one. Instead, all the nannies, all the Carole help.

            What does Kate really want?

            I miss Princess Diana and the good she accomplished and the kindness that emanated from her. Yes, she did have problems, but she was always there for people who were less fortunate.

            She taught Harry well.

    3. Lisa, I was a little surprised that the helicopter photos didn’t involve more interaction between Harry and George, but I thought about it and Harry was on his way to an engagement (a very important/serious one at that). Maybe he was running late, or maybe he didn’t want to risk bending down and George accidentally getting his dress uniform dirty. Maybe he was afraid that if he interacted with George too much, George would latch on and try to go with him. The article apparently says that George actually did try to get on the helicopter and started crying when his nanny wouldn’t let him (which btw is adorable).

      1. I have a brother who does not yet have kids, and dotes on my children. I can tell you that an uncle who is genuinely captivated by their nephew will find it hard to resist the chance to pick him up – especially when said nephew is at the cutest chubbiest stage and all of 2. Doting uncles and aunts and grandparents can’t get enough of their little loved ones at that age when they are innocent and chubby and saying funny words. Harry’s reaction was standoffish at best and cold at worst. All the times we have seen him.

        I was willing to give Harry the benefit of doubt regarding George, but after seeing the photos I do not buy anymore that he is taken with George in any shape or form.
        Maybe Harry is not really into kids and it is just for PR ? What other explanation can there be?

        1. I would have to see a lot of photos of Georgie interacting with his uncle and grandfather before I would start believing them because whenever the internet raises a fuss Jason jumps.

    4. I’ll be honest, I’m kind of hoping that since we’re predicting blue, that she will notice how predictable she is and dress George in some other color.

      Yes, there have been stories before about how Kate wanted to meet Angie.

  12. So Crown Princess Victoria goes on business trips and meets with foreign dignitaries. Prince William dodges work but meets with celebrities over his charitable interests when it suits him. Granted, he met with celebrities who put him to shame with their charitable work. Also, he has fumbled through a few meetings with foreign dignitaries. However, I can’t feel sorry for press attention in general when he uses celebrities to highlight issues instead of doing real work (like Harry is doing.)

  13. Allowing people to herd themselves in a paddock to watch them walk into church? In the middle of a heat wave? They apparently think quite highly of themselves.

    These are the same people, who, two months ago, sent menacing letters to the neighbors/media warning them to stay away because of privacy.

    1. Unfortunately, it will be sad to see a “huge” crowd there.

      I can understand the excitement for some, to see their favorite artist/author/whatever but I could never do it for anyone. I’m boring and like to watch the pictures and videos from the comfort of my desk or my couch.

  14. Daily Mail posted a correction to a story they wrote soon after Charlotte’s birth that originally said Carole would be moving into Anmer for a month and has been having marital problems. Here it is:


    According to Richard Palmer, Carole is the one who pursued the correction. That seems like a huge mistake to me – there’s a reason the royals never just deny all the incorrect stories that come out about them (like Kate’s 82981093812038 pregnancies) – it’s because now every time there is a story about Carole and it isn’t corrected, people will think it must be true because she didn’t bother pursuing the correction.

    1. Oh I do love a good laugh! I’d say it must have been very close to being correct?
      On another note and possible is it true story is the one in this week’s New Idea which has Carole at Anmer Hall when Camilla turns up to see the children and Carole turns her away and will not let her in. @Tanya S have you seen it yet?

      1. That doesn’t sound like Carole at all. It sounds like one of those disgusting obviously fake stories the Globe runs all the time.

        1. More like it doesn’t sound like Camilla at all. Why would she travel all the way to Anmer Hall? And alone and not with Charles?

        2. I love the Globe. Those stories are recycled in the royals section of Celebrity Dirty Laundry. My favorite was the queen banning Camilla from the realm for stealing the gin.

      2. There’s no way this can be true. They may sneakily shun Camilla, but given that she’s married to the provider of a large part of Kate and William’s income makes me think it’s highly unlikely Carole would be stupid enough to just turn her away. Especially since Camilla’s husband will be King before Kate’s husband is.

    2. If you read it, all they’re apologizing for is for saying that Carole moved in after Charlotte’s birth, wasn’t running the household and her marriage isn’t in trouble.

      Methinks the straw was the marriage in trouble part. You’ll note it doesn’t say they didn’t live there before Charlotte was born, nor do they say she wasn’t in the middle of their lives.

    3. I can’t understand why she would care so much to pursue a correction/clarification. Why couldn’t she ignore it? Doesn’t the mail just post a lot of rubbish and speculation ALL THE TIME? She’s given them such an authority.

      I totally believed it to be true, though 😛 so I guess I was not alone and that really pissed her off.

      1. Yes, why THIS story. There have been a lot of stories written about her that were probably not true. Why is it this one that she decided to pursue?

  15. Oh I am still trying to get over last week’s story where they insinuated that Camilla was a drunk and that she gave Prince Philip a black eye.

    And that Kate never touches alcohol. They have obviously never seen the pics of her falling out of nightclubs and into cabs

    1. @Tanya S
      Read this week’s article, it will really make your head spin!
      I’m thinking that someone’s trying to throw Camilla under the bus?

      1. Just like “nobody puts Baby in the corner,” NOBODY throws Camilla under the bus!
        Seriously, if they try, there will be hell to pay. Big time!

        1. I just read it and what a load of Rot. In the article it says that William and Kate want Carole to be the primary caregiver to the children and that she is teaching to George to paint and make cookies, just like Diana did with William.

          I have one small problem with that. CAROLE IS NOT IS F*CKING MOTHER. What is Waity doing when all this is going on? Getting her hair dyed? Chasing butterflies in the garden?

          The article says that you would never see Camilla in casual clothes. Again this is a woman who has dirt under her fingernails and has jumped from riding jodphurs into an evening gown with just a quick wash under the armpits.

          As for nurturing, I can see exactly what the sort of “Nurtring” Carole has done for her kids. They are cannot make a decision without her and in Waity’s case I think that she still asks Mummy’s permission to fart.

          Camilla seems like a lot more fun and down to earth than Carole and like Mary Elizabeth has said, if this story is true then there will be hell to pay, as Charles will be livid. And Carole should not forget who is paying the bills.

          Getting off my soapbox now LOL

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