Kate Middleton debuts bangs as she attends Wimbledon with Prince William and Sophie Wessex

Kate Middleton debuts bangs as she attends Wimbledon with Prince William and Sophie Wessex

Fresh off her daughter’s Christening, and with a new haircut, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, attended day nine of Wimbledon today, July 8, with her husband, Prince William. Sophie, Countess of Wessex sat next to William in the Royal Box. Also in attendance were Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, and Michael and Carole Middleton. UPDATE: Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall were there, too.

Yep, Kate decided to foray into bangs territory again after she cut bangs just before announcing her pregnancy with Prince George in 2012. She seemed to tire of those bangs quite quickly last time, but decided to give them another go anyway. I don’t hate the bangs. They are no where near as bangs trauma-y as Princess Charlene’s bangs from earlier this year (which she promptly got rid of), but these bangs are just going to be another excuse for Kate to play with her hair.

Kate usually repeats outfits for Wimbledon, but that tradition went into the garbage with the chucks of hair that used frame her face. Kate wore a new dress from LK Bennett, the “Cayla Long Dress” in cardinal red (£250.00). She repeated her Mirabelle “Lolita” earrings from her Fostering Network visit in January, and her Diane von Furstenberg “Leopard-print Snakeskin Clutch” she carried to Wimbledon 2012 and to a reception in LA in 2011. She of course wore her Cartier watch.

I hate how this color always seems to photograph with an orange tint, but I do like the cut of the dress. It’s a good length. Nice and long, so no worries about showing anything. And I’m so happy she brought back the leopard print clutch. It’s one of the few fun clutches she has.

LK Bennett Cayla Long Dress Mirabelle Lolita Gold Plated Loop Earrings Diane von Furstenberg Leopard-print Snakeskin Clutch

Kate of course made faces, because that’s what she does at Wimbledon. #ForeheadWrinkles.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex sat next to William during the match and talked to him for a bit. Sophie wore her Alice Lee dress she debuted at Ascot Day 3 on June 18.

Michael and Carole Middleton. Carole be crotch clutching, yo. I guess now we know were Kate gets it from.

Prince Albert.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

For those of you know asked in the last thread about Rebecca Deacon. She showed up to Wimbledon today. She’s on the right in this photo. I guess that means this was an official appearance and will be counted in the court circular?

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall were there, too.

181 thoughts on “Kate Middleton debuts bangs as she attends Wimbledon with Prince William and Sophie Wessex

  1. I think Carole has better style than Kate. There. I said it. But I’m basing this on just a couple of pics I’ve seen over the past year – I haven’t been a Kate watcher for long.

    The dress: hate the color, but the cut is very nice. Kate looks good in it.

    I got so excited when I read the title, thinking Kate had a dramatic haircut 🙁

    1. I hate that this shade of red photographs so orange. Kate has a Katherine Hooker dress in this same red shade that also photographed orange. Kate usually looks good in red, but not this orange-y shade of red.

    2. Ma carol-threesome back to stalking Petulant Will again – showing up where the royal appear. The middletons really need to get a life and some hanging on…

      Petulant didn’t seem keen on his aunt Countess Sophie speaking to him – there are photos of him staring at her, as if he didn’t want to speak with her. Km face looks very fake and somewhat ‘medicated’ when not making faces and grinning (thinking the paps are not around).

      1. Oh, for crying out loud, no wonder this woman wore red!! Given time, Kate will start believing she IS Diana! (sans the hard work Diana always did)

      2. Kate’s dress looks nothing like Diana’s. I agree that Kate SWF’s Diana a lot in her dressing, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to day Kate is SWF-ing here.

        1. I realize that as well and also that Kate’s dress doesn’t resemble Diana’s, but sometimes coincidences just seem to abound in her color choices on particular occasions.

  2. Liked her dress. A nice cut. And, boy, does she lose baby weight quickly. Am I crazy, or do I not see the haircut? It’s still long. I wish she would cut it more, if indeed it was cut.

    Looks like now that she is no longer pregnant, she colored her hair. It looks nice, the color.

    Crotch clutch by Ma Middleton? It’s genetic. And, will Carole ever really smile and have it light up her entire face?

    1. It’s just the bangs, you can see the shorter pieces in the first photo. I don’t think she cut the length at all, except maybe to touch up layers or something.

      I noticed she lost all her baby weight. Like, there isn’t even any left in her chest.

      1. She lost it even faster than with George! I kind of feel like that’s it for babies for the Cambridges. I don’t care how genetically amazing you are, it takes a lot of work to not only drop baby weight and be toned like it never happened-less than 3 months after you’ve given birth.

        1. Hi Ray, I think she drops the weight so fast because she doesn’t gain much extra weight while pregnant. When I was pregnant with my son (many, many years ago) I only gained the recommended 25 pounds and after the birth there wasn’t much left to lose so I lost it rather quickly. Now when I was pregnant with my daughter I gained 50 pounds and that extra weight really took some time and effort to lose.

          1. I gained 50 with both of my kids, ugh. But I lost the weight twice as fast after the first than with the 2nd. I was also never on the kind of post pregnancy routine we know Catherine follows. No green juice for me, I don’t even think smoothies were around back then haha. My idea of downtime was having my toddler napping, the baby just finished nursing and sleeping in my arms and me with an ice cold (full sugar) can of Pepsi and a bowl of pretzels (healthier than chips, that was my reasoning), watching whatever caught my eye on tv for a quick 1/2 hr (with any luck!). That’s what made me happy, and to be honest, I wasn’t worried about my weight. I was young.

            Though, if I had a wardrobe like Kate, I may have been more motivated 😉

          2. She also drops it quickly because that’s pretty much all she has to do all day. Eat food that follows whatever diet/eating style she is on, prepared by someone else. She has the luxury of exercising for however long she wants to without having to run after her toddler and tend to her baby 24/7, do housework, work or make meals.

          3. I agree bookworm and pence, she doesn’t have anything else to do but exercise, get massages, facials, hairstyling. I wonder if she believes that looking her best and thinnest is part of her “job”?

          4. Ray, Kim K may be many things, but she does the work that’s needed to keep her brand going. I am by no means a fan, but if Kate applied a fraction of the amount of work Kim does to her job as a royal it would be a step up. It may seem like it’s all play time for Kim K and her family, but I think having to hit all those parties and events would be a pain in the ass after a while and having the cameras at home with you constantly would suck too.

  3. She still has boobs. You can see them in the dress. In fact, the dress seems to emphasize them, but they are small.

    I also looked at some of the photos of her at the christening again and in a few, you see pointy breasts. Like in her wedding dress. She must like that look. I guess William does, too.

    Yes, she has lost her baby weight very quickly. Just like last time.

    I thought the cut of the dress was pretty and I am not sure about the color.

    William didn’t look too enchanted to be speaking to Sophie and did you see the look on Sophie’s face — the look she gave toward W&K when they so animated with one another?

    I don’t have time to browse the Net, but are there pix of William at any service honoring the victims of the subway bombing in London?

    1. Km wear better attire/dress at fun events – than attending royal duties/meet greet/smile half hour affairs.

      Lovely Countess Sophie always Rep HM RF in her regal and appropriate wear in public.

    2. Yeah, Sophie and Will were not as happy and smiling with each other as Will and Kate were. Granted, Sophie never does manic expressions like Kate does, but still. Didn’t see a ton of affection there. I doubt Will and Sophie even talk much during family gatherings let alone outside them.

      1. You are probably right, but tough noogies for Will. Sophie is his aunt by marriage and is without a doubt his superior intellectually, even if not his superior within “royal protocol.” He can at least make an attempt to treat her with the friendly respect she deserves as a hard-working member of the family. However, since he rarely treats anyone in the family with much friendly respect, I guess that’s too much to ask. Someone please take the stick out of that man’s backside. Please.

  4. I like Sophie’s outfit. It is good to see Sophie out in the Royal Box. Is there a reason Kate is wearing red. The style of dress is nice but it screams attention and what red also signifies. I wonder why it had to be the men’s quarter final and not the ladies quarter final. Kate looks more animated though, with her parents doing the babysitting. Is there a reason Carole and Mike are always with them. Is it to support Kate or in to make Kate behave ie Wide Sargasso Sea.

    1. I agree such ‘look at me’ dress at a casual game (trying to rival Kim; even the length is weird here) – Kim is much more prettier anyway and dresses appropriate. Ma carol look pass her age in this dress (lovely dress but not so on carol).

      Other royals may be there to deflect from the workshy expensive trip from Anmer for these two and threesome middeltons.

    2. What does red signify?

      Kate never watches the women play. She only ever goes to the men’s competitions. I wish she’d support the women, but Kate seems to not like women much in general and prefers men.

      1. My grandmother, rest in peace with her politically incorrect soul, used to say only whores and children wear red. I didn’t start wearing red until after she died. And it’s only accent pieces.

        1. ??

          I wear red all the time. I like wearing red. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing red.

          1. I think the color has changed meaning in modern society. In my grandmother’s Sicilian culture, wearing red kinda meant you were a floozy and/or flaunting disrespect to the establishment.

          2. I mean, I can understand the whole “scarlet letter”/”red light district” thing from the past, but I don’t think that is really a big deal at this point.

  5. Kate seems pretty because shes always in hiding, let her appear at least five times and her flaws start showing too well, wrinkles, leather face, big ears etc

  6. This whole look is rather meh for me. The dress is pretty and I know that the midi length is very on trend right now but I agree about how it photographs orangey. Not a big fan of the bangs on Kate. Imo, these bangs are acting almost like a curtain to hide her face and without cutting any of the length off the rest of her hair it just looks much too heavy. There are a couple of pictures on the DM of her stroking her hair and it’s about the only time she looks truly happy and relaxed. Is it just me or does she look tired and haggard today?

    1. LOL I saw those hair stroking photos. It was creepy the way her face looked while she was stroking her hair. She was so… satisfied.

        1. Haha!! Oh yeah, you have the meaning behind that satisfied look down pat. I’m surprised she wasn’t drinking out of his water bottle (in lieu of dregs from his wine glass on the bedside table), and then, you know, wiping the back of her hand across her mouth. Just. So. FREAKIN’. Satisfied. Ahhh, life is good (heh heh)

  7. She cut the wrong part of her hair. She needs to whack off some of the length, not the bangs. The bangs, as you said, are just going to lead to something more for her to fidget with.

    She didn’t cake on the blusher this time around which was good, but she needs to schedule that appointment with her Botox genie quickly. Or we’ll just get used to her looking like this.

    Just to throw this out there, I think she’s plotting number 3. She has definitely shown in the past couple of weeks that she does not want to work and pregnancy and the children are perfect excuses for that. And yes, she’s lost some weight and hopefully won’t drop back down to looking like Skeletor. Keeping some of the weight on will actually be better for her if she’s working on three, that way her body is not yo-yoing from famine to feast which can cause real havoc on a figure.

    1. From what I’ve read on different sites, Kate wants 3 children before she turns 35 so I’m guessing that once Charlotte turns 1-1 1/2 she’ll be pregnant again. After that it will be another couple of years before the kids start school full time so I think it will be another 5-6 years before we see an significant uptick in work from the Duchess, if ever.

      1. I’m with Lauri from CA regarding the work schedule for her. I kinda knew this the moment it was reported she would take her first 2 years “adjusting” to royal life – yeah because roommate and professional royal girlfriend for a decade wasn’t nearly enough.

        I’m thinking 3 kids – the Middletons magic number.

        1. When you already have a boy ad a girl, why would you want a third child?
          Three seems like an odd number unless the first two children are of the same gender and you want a child of the other sex. Four, I can see. Two boys, two girls, but even then, wow, four kids!

          I never knew anyone who wanted three kids. I know people who want 2 — again, preferably one of each sex and I have one friend who wants 4. God bless her, or should I say, God help her?!

          1. I understand it. My husband and I both are from families with a total of 3 kids. We each loved it growing up, though your are right neither of our parents wanted 3 originally. However, I think when you come from that type of family you are more likely to want it since you have experienced it. There are so great things to having 2 siblings as opposed to 1. We are considering 3 children instead of 2.

          2. “when you come from that type of family you are more likely to want it since you have experienced it”

            I’ve seen people say this before in regards to Kate wanting three kids. That she wants three kids because she comes from a family of three, and that people usually want however many kids their parents had. And to that I say, “My mother was one of four; I’m an only child.”

          3. I guess having any number of kids that you want is fine and I should not judge. However, I can see why Carole and Mike went for three after having two girls. I just wonder why Kate and William — already having the heir and a spare of both sexes would want a third. But, then again, it’s all about not having to work, isn’t it? Pregnancy and motherhood for Kate are good excuses.

          4. A few of my friends are having three kids, not for gender balance but because they like the idea of a big family without actually having a big family, if that makes sense?

            I see Kate having three kids too.

        1. But Kate seems to constantly have her way, so it won’t be a surprise if she tried for a third. That would grant her a perpetual maternity leave, another excuse not to work, and by the time the kids are in school and grown, she’ll have the new excuse of having to look after her elderly parents, being the loving Middleton child that she is. This woman knows what she’s doing.

    2. One year of maternity leave, promises that she is keen to get back to work, and another pregnancy with HG that keeps her from working but allows the annual trip to Mustique. I’d say pregnant by September 2016.

        1. I say pulling out of duties due to HG by March 2016. Won’t go a day over the end of maternity leave this time haha.

          And her weak “comeback” will be Char’s 1st bday photos haha

    3. The betting people are already taking bets for when they announce #3. And lots of people are saying they will have three because Kate wants three. But Will said at one point that he only wanted two. So we’ll see how that goes.

      I think William is trying to recreate his childhood, but “do it right” this time. And that includes only having two children, but getting the girl that Charles didn’t get. William got his two kids, and the girl, so his family recreation is complete.

      I guess we’ll wait and see if they have a third.

  8. Okay, I will say she looks very pretty, but she normally does. Its a nice enough dress, but seriously she has a few that look so similar. She wore a very similar red dress while pregnant and she has two similar in blue. I would like this dress more if I had not seen her wear something so similar before. I don’t buy that she doesn’t want people looking at her so she wears a simple dress. Red to me screams look at me.

    I’m not sure why she cuts such long bangs. They are at that annoying length, so she will always be touching them. Did she change her hair color as well or is that an affect from the orange/red dress? Her ‘animated’ expressions show that she at least got botox again between her brows.

    I will say I am jealous of how easily she looses weight. It has only been 2 months and bam! Either that or she has amazing spanx on. 🙂

    1. She very likely does have spanx on, as well as exercising at least 2 hours a day for the past 2 months. I’m not the least bit surprised she looks like this. She doesn’t work. I do not believe she is a hands-on mum. I believe she prioritizes exercising.

    2. You gave me an interesting idea for a post. Kate’s clothes that look similar. Might be fun to go through all her clothes and see how many items she has that all look the same.

      1. British vogue is a head start on you. Google their ‘katepedia’ article which was published in February 2013.

        They lined up all her outfits from engagement upto publishing deadline for that month.

        The accompanying article also discusses her known thought processes nee requests regarding her clothing and public self presentation and grooming.

        It’s quite a read.

    3. I don’t think she’s lost all the baby weight, the cut of that dress hides it. Just like the cut of the McQueen coat did on christening day. If you look at that McQueen coat, you will see it was pulling at the waist, and didn’t fit perfectly. Just like this red dress doesn’t fit perfectly, as illustrated by that photo posted above. Her arms are thicker than they used to be, and she still has a tummy. She looks better with a little weight on her, anyway.

  9. I love the cut of Kate’s dress. The color is also pretty. But here is my issue: she needs accessories. A brooch, a pin, a scarf. Not some dangling earrings. I got really happy when I saw the clutch. This lose are the unexpected touches that she needs. Her hair is like ugly curtains and I will leave it at that. Maybe she self soothes woth stroking her hair. Kate looks rough. I mean, she isn’t aging well The good neas os that the pictures are not photoshoppped to death like they are on Tumblr. She looks nowhere near 33. She needs to cut 5 inches off her hair and go to a darker color. Those idiotic faces are doing her no good.

    William. I can’t. He’s beyond ride and it was apparent. Sophie looked lovely. It was nice to see the Wessex and Cambridge family together, but it also goes to show that there isn’t a warm relationship there. I love Princess Michael. Shes haughty, grand, entitled, and just over the top. She makes no mistakes that she is a diva.

    I actually want Scarole’s dress. The world must be ending.

    1. Might I also add that she has the gall to show up in a new outfit. So, she basically gave the finger to austerity and service. Won’t show up at 7/7, or pay respect to the vets, requests a new tennis court, buys a new frock.

      1. You are right, Rhiannon.

        It’s all fun and games and shopping for Kate. Oh, and being the center of attention.

        I simply cannot believe she did not have the decency to show up at the 7/7 ceremony, or that she can summon up the decency to respect vets. I can see that people who are struggling everyday must be getting very tired of her and of Wills.

        1. It’s funny I was thinking the same thing. She cannot spare anytime away from her kids to go to the 7/7 ceremony. But she can spend hours getting her hair done which she must have done on Monday or Tuesday since it did not look like this on Sunday. We see what her true proprieties are. If you are ok leaving your kids to get your hair done, then why can’t you spend the same amount of time honoring those who died? There is a good chance that while Will was at the 7/7 ceremony yesterday, Kate was at the salon.

          1. You know the more I think about it the more I find myself glad that Kate didn’t attend the 7/7 memorial service yesterday. Here are my reasons 1) all the attention would have been on her and her clothing, hairstyle etc… instead of on the memory of the victims; 2) William would never have hugged that young lady had Kate been present, she would have made sure of that. Without her there we saw a more caring side of William that we haven’t seen in some time; 3) if she had attended then this engagement would have been used ad naseum to show how wonderful and caring she is, how she came back to “work” early just to show her support etc, etc… which in my opinion would have been a slap in the face to the victims of this tragic event.

            There, rant over 🙂

          2. Lauri form Ca, I agree it was a good thing she didn’t show up. It demonstrated how careless she is and was a bad PR move but in the end was better that way.

            About her work being praising I’m afraid that is inevitable. It was the same with George, she was on maternity leave for months and couldn’t work more than two events in two days, suddenly after NZ/OZ tour the PR team change it to ‘oh she went back to work five weeks after birth’.

            By now after George she had attended two official engagements (the first unnanced after she was spotted grocery shopping frozen foods and alcohol) and by the looks of it the christening and Wimbleton are going to count…

          3. @Lauri from Cal, another reason why it’s good she didn’t show up at the 7/7 memorial service: she might have worn that flaming red dress given her predilection for wearing inappropriate colors to solemn occasions.

          4. “If you are ok leaving your kids to get your hair done, then why can’t you spend the same amount of time honoring those who died?”

            So true, Overit. So true.

    2. Oh Rhiannon, there’s two of us liking Carole’s dress? I like it too, but there seems to be something funny about the way it fits Carole, were the photos taken at awkward moments? I’ve seen some photos of Carole in that dress and they show that dieting so much can take its total on the body at her age.

      1. The print, color and cut are quite amazing. She does need some curves to help it out. The shoes are all kind of wrong. I can see Maxima wearing and slaying in this dress.

    3. Kate needs accessories in general, for all her outfits. Most of her outfits could benefit from accessories. I wish she’d start wearing brooches like the Queen and Camilla.

      1. I think that $74,000 Cartier ring necklace would have looked nice with this outfit and for that price she should be wearing it all the time to get her monies worth.

        1. True. The dress does have a similar feel to the Stella McCartney blue dress Kate wore that necklace with the first time. So it would look good with this dress, too.

      2. She’d have to either cut that hair or tie it back/do up-dos to be able to really wear necklaces, brooches, or scarves effectively, though…..

      3. If she wears brooches her hair would either get tangled in them or cover them or both and we’d never see them anyway.

  10. It was reported on RD that the christening was in the court circular as an engagement. I have no words. I fancy this will be too.

    Dolittle is certainly feeling her oats these days, isn’t she? How about that attention screaming power colour? And that constant, tight knit gang of Midds clustering around her. Something seems to have changed.

    She’s popped out the heir and the spare (a GIRL, to boot!). Now it’s time for payback, it seems. Probably feeling invincible at the mo.

    I don’t care for the bangs. They are a bother, nothing else.

    1. I don’t think she realizes how not invincible and replaceable she is… As we’ve seen in the past, providing an heir and a spare isn’t enough to guarantee security when things get rough. I think she’s getting cocky, but doesn’t realize that she’s playing with quicksand and has no status or money on her own, at all. She is literally poorer than I am if you took away all the money and perks other people give her. I actually work for a living and would even if I was fabulously wealthy and it amazes me that she is so content to mooch off other people without doing anything other than giving birth twice. I think she believes her own press and thinks there is something special about her that makes her superior and more deserving than other people. It’s very disturbing and, honestly, it will be satisfying to see everything come crashing down eventually. I have been an avid Royal watcher my entire life and I have NEVER, in any Royal family, seen so much hatred and disapproval leveled at a Royal family member, even in the Fergie days. The People themselves don’t like her and disregarding that can turn into a slippery slope. I’m sure Marie Antionette felt she was invincible too…

      1. Amen, Bets. Fergie had it bad. And bad doesn’t begin to do it justice. I think that the brouhaha about the christening made a lot of folks mad. They are coming for her now.

      2. It doesn’t seem like people don’t like her. In fact, I feel like it is the opposite. The people still seem to adore her and wait for every move she makes. That is my perception anyway. Can anyone who lives in England say if she is loosing popularity over there?????

        1. Well, I don’t live in England, and this probably isn’t an indication of long-term trends, but there are (as of this writing) 6,600+ green arrows on a Daily Mail comment asking why Kate couldn’t be bothered to show up at the memorial but could go to Wimbledon. Most of the top comments on the articles about Charlotte’s christening were not exactly glowing.

          If this keeps up, it is going to be one interesting ride!

    2. Yes, Charlotte’s Christening showed up in the CC. George’s didn’t. It really does seem like Charlotte is getting more attention for her birth and Christening than George did. It’s like she’s the heir and not the spare.

  11. I liked the color of her dress, but I do like orange-reds. It was a very LOOK AT ME kind of dress. And a new haircut! Must take all of the attention, mustn’t one.

    If you have eaten rather a lot lately and need to purge, there is this vomit-inducing article from the Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/kate-middleton/11723154/Hats-off-to-the-Duchess-of-Cambridge-for-the-christening-from-heaven.html
    “How does Kate do it?” Really? She does it because she does nothing else! Because she has a large team of PR people, stage managers, and uniformed child minders. And the apparent Queen of Party Planning HRCF Scarole.

    AGH! William doesn’t really look happy anywhere anymore. Although he did look happy when talking to George, but that’s about it. The Petulant indeed.

    1. I read that article and thought the same thing, she has nothing else to do and a large staff to do all the real planning and grunt work. I am rather surprised that the author of this article could get through it with falling off her chair laughing.

  12. She looked nice, but very basic. There is nothing visually interesting about her outfit – other than her clutch. It looks like a dress that I could get from any department store at any price point. I’m kind of rolling my eyes at the fact that THAT dress cost almost $500.

    In regards to her hair – meh. It’s such a subtle change, but it’s newsworthy because it’s Kate Middleton’s hair. She should try different parts, like off to the side. Go for a swoopy bang once in a while. Or as another PP mentioned, take a few inches off from the bottom.

    1. I completely agree bookworm. A side part or side swept bangs would be a nice change! She also would look so much better with about 4 inches taken off. Her hair would still be long but a little healthier. But she seems to like it that length

    2. I saw a dress that looks very similar, and even in the same color, at Macy’s for $150. It always shocks me how expensive Kate’s clothes are when they don’t look expensive at all.

  13. Btw, I can’t believe there are still no christening photos released yet. I thought for sure they would come out today. I guess the retouching is taking awhile? 🙂

    1. Well they have to release them tomorrow so as to cover the criticism of Kate being at Wimbledon in expensive new clothes while ditches memorial events.

    2. The photoshopping on George’s photos was vile. That one with Kate holding George and William looking kind of over her shoulder had William photoshopped in. There was another one of them sitting side by side which had William added to the photo. I suspect that photo of them in the window was 2 photos, one of Kate and George and the other of William and Lupo. That is one of the reasons why the background was so dark. I’m a graphic designer so use photoshop but not THAT much.
      Mario Testino is a really good photographer, he doesn’t need to photoshop as his photos are well light and good.

      1. Also, Kate looked like a plastic doll in George’s Christening photos due to too much photoshop.

    3. I’m thinking they will come out on Saturday night here, midnight in London, for the Sunday papers.

      EDIT: KP is releasing the photos today.

  14. Sorry for the several comments in a row, but the photo of her animated expressions-the one with her giving the ‘ohhh’ face. To me that looks so fake. Like she is trying to be animated. It reminds me of her fake ‘I really care’ face. She just seems to be always putting on an act now.

  15. can we all just take a minute for a quick shout to prince michael of kent? he always looks so bad ass with his beard and withering stare. he and princess anne are true royals. you can just tell looking at them. i just love him. there. i had to say it. i’ll move on now.

    1. He is one cool cat. Can you even imagine what he thinks of the Cambridge/Middleton saga? A chapter in royal family history he’d rather skip, I’m sure.

      1. Indeed. I want to have a kiki with him and Princess Michael and the Gloucesters. I’m sure that they have some issues with Kate.

        1. A huge shout out to HRH Prince Michael of Kent. I would like to know what Princess Michael of Kent thinks of Kate. The Gloucesters, the wife Katherine was a teacher and before that Katherine had to wait to marry her husband. I think. I much prefer orange/red dresses. All the other royals are wearing colours to blend in. Kate is a constant planner.

          1. Laura,

            Princess Michael of Kent went on the record before the engagement and said that she didn’t think Kate had what it takes for the role.

          2. Kate looks like she is jockeying for position to take on the role of the Duchess of Kent in the awards ceremonies at Wimbledon. Wimbledon and Ben Aislie’s Sailing are the only patronages she deems worthy of her time and efforts.

        2. I am IN, rhiannon.
          High tea and a good old gossip with the Brits, then we should work in the “KMR girls night out” with Max at the same time. Sushi and Sapporos and we’ll all let our hair down….what do you say ladies? 😉

          1. I’m in!

            Here my thing: you know that I’m gunning to marry Harry. I would literally request a tea with Sophie, Camilla, Princess Michael, Anne, and Princess Alexandra.I might even throw the duchesses of Gloucester and Kent in the mix. I would bring my notebook and ask questions and learn. Those women could teach me a thing or two. Kate has such a diverse team of women that she could learn from.

            While Anne and Sophie may not have been at 7/7, no one threw shade at them. Why? Because those women work. Sophie caught no flak for attending Wimbledon. She’s gracious and respectful. She even said that she studied the Queen. Kate is too dim to take advantage.

            So, when I marry Harry, I will be more than ready. And I will work Katie under the table. I would require that I have at least one engagement with Camilla a month. We would have a ball.

          2. Throw in Camilla. She’d be fun to have a drink and gossip with.

        3. Rhiannon, don’t forget that you would have myself and the lovely Lauri C to help you as well.

          Between the three of us, we would wipe the floor with Waity and we can use her out of control hair to do it!

          1. Rhiannon, I’ve started planning your wardrobe already!! I also think we should schedule you some time with Maxima and Leti maybe even Victoria just so you can have some input from royal women who aren’t afraid to let their warmth and love for their spouses show, unlike most of the BRF. Tanya and I have you all taken care of 🙂

          2. I plan on being Max’s bff. Vic and I will vacation together.

            I can’t wait to see the wardrobe that you have planned for me.

    2. He definitely has an old school royal thing going on. Very stately.

    3. Prince Michael of Kent is such a dapper gent! He’s also very interested in art and knows a lot about Fabergé. He has been in a few documentaries about the Royal Collection and he seems to be such a suave and educated man. He is the only member of the BRF that I would actually like to meet and have a chat with.
      I remember reading an interview with a painter who had done his portrait and he said that Prince Michael was a very pleasant, educated and witty man.

  16. I don’t think that her tummy is as flat as people seem to think. The extra fat/skin usually accumulates on the lower abdomen, not upper. And with a loose dress like this you can not directly see it but in one of the photos where she is standing to clap you can see it jutting out a bit.

    1. Actually you can see her round lower ab in the first picture here: http://fromberkshiretobuckingham.blogspot.co.uk/

      You can clearly see that she still has the rounded lower ab.
      As you can see green juices don’t make lower ab fat disappear and she does not have some sort of fat melting super power that the media would like us to believe. The lower abs *can* become toned but after the second child it is significantly mushier and takes a *lot* more work than after the first. Just drinking green juice is not going to work. She will have to spend hours doing cardio but more importantly lifting heavy weights. Then it might go back to being just a tiny bit curved and not round like that anymore.

      1. Oh good catch Newbie. Although I debated looking at the picture because I greatly dislike that blog and don’t want to give her traffic :). But I looked anyway because I was curious. You can see a small stomach, or what most of us look like after eating :). Still all we will hear about is how Kate is back to her pre-baby shape.

        I’m not going to lie though, you made me not want to ever have two babies. It sounds like getting the lower abs back is difficult and ab work is already hard without having children.

        1. Lol – it is not that bad. What you start with matters a great deal. If you have pretty good muscle tone there I think it is easier. It will probably be much easier for her to go back to being almost flat than it was for me because she probably had hard-as-a-rock abs to begin with, while mine were not.

          1. Okay Newbie, so I will just make sure my stomach is rock hard before getting pregnant. That shouldn’t be hard, lol :). No seriously though, thanks for the info because you did scare me. I hear so many horror stories of how your body is forever ruined by babies but then I see someone like Kate who bounces back (I know she has a personal trainer, food, money, etc). So good I’m a little less scared now….

          2. Many people said during both of Kate’s pregnancies that your pre-baby body matters in how you carry while pregnant, too. They said because Kate had rock-hard-abs she didn’t show as early because the ab muscles prevented her showing too much too soon.

        2. Well, Overit, don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, eh? Thanks for contributing to the “keeping the lights on” fund this month! 😉

          1. Don’t worry Jane, I don’t make a habit of it.:) I am surprised to see you on a critical blog of Kate though.

  17. Am I the only one that thinks Kate looks godawful? The bangs are terrible and she looks pale, puffy and wrinkly. What could be so exhausting about shopping endlessly and watching the nanny raise your children? The orange-ey red color is horribly unflattering and I think she should have gone with forest green, dark blue or chocolate brown, all of which flatter her skin tone. I also can’t stand her overdone facial expressions. You can tell she is trying way, way too hard to seem fun, enthusiastic and involved, but it just comes across as faked and inauthentic. Little babies who have gas do the same thing, but they are much cuter and have a better excuse. Maybe she has really bad flatulence and has to unhinge her jaw to laugh to cover up for it? She does tend to look perkier at sports events where she can watch things she actually likes, versus events where she has to pretend to care about those less fortunate than her (i.e. everyone). Not as many fake frowny sad faces at sports events. I seriously hope going to Wimbledon isn’t considered work for them… :-/ Sorry to be so negative, I just don’t see anything about this appearance that I like or approve of.

    1. ” What could be so exhausting about shopping endlessly and watching the nanny raise your children?”

      Being stuck in a lifestyle that is not as glamorous as you expected? Pretending to be happy being married to a controlling man who took 10 years to fully commit to you and even then prefers to live a separate life? (total speculation)

        1. OH my gosh, that picture made me bust up!!! It should come with a warning :). I actually don’t think that is fake because no woman would want to make that face.

        2. See. That right there is the downside to constantly being photographed. No matter how much the camera loves you, some days it’s like WTF. Actually, I love these pics of her. Not in a jeering way, but they do show a “normal” side of her we don’t often see. Those cricket photos of her in Australia? OMG, best pictures EVER.

          I think she does have a goofy side, just too afraid to show it anymore. She’ll get back in touch with it, I’m sure, hard not to with two little ones. Kids looooove when their parents act like goofballs, and if you want to hear those little nuggets laugh…

  18. What are they doing to Carole. She’s aged so much. Ever since the royal variety show, Carole looks hunched and old, and in the above pictures, jowly. Her legs look like gristled sticks. Every picture since the royal variety show is making me feel sorry for her. No one should age that fast.

    She doesn’t look like the Carole of 2-3yrs ago who stood up straight and strutted even in pictures.

    Meanwhile, Kate has never looked better. Kate has been glowing since Carole took control of Amner just before Christmas (even if that has since been denied)

    1. I agree with you about Carole! I think all of her scheming is aging her!!! She must spend hours looking at old Diana photos and videos to feed her obsession!

  19. Again, I am going to be brutally honest.

    Kates hair looks bloody awful, I saw pics of it in on the Hello website and it just dangles around her face making her face look rounder and a lot older.

    Seriously when is someone going to get the guts to tell this woman that she is making wrong choices. And people keep gushing over how in love she and petulant look. To me it looks like they don’t like being in each others company.

    The dress photographed terribly and a hate orangey reds. But at least she wasn’t in white LOL

    1. I saw the DM had an entire article about how “in love” Will and Kate still are. It kind of reminds me of during the 2012 Olympics when Will and Kate “hugged” kind of during a cycling race and the media flipped out because W&K are never affectionate toward each other.

  20. Some people are seriously delusional. I was just on the “Duchess Of Cambridge News and Style Files” page on FB and some of those people there must have diabetes. One of the comments was, ” amazing couple… should be so tired after christening BUT ..here they are again ”

    Really, FFS WHY should she be tired? She pushed a pram , did not support the babies head and then no doubt as soon as they were all out of sight, fobbed the kids off to the poor Nanny who was dressed as Mary Poppins.

    These people are so gushing with their comments it makes me sick .

    I am in a bad mood today with a horrible cold.

    1. I hope your cold doesn’t last too long, Tanya!

      And yes, why should she be tired after the Christening? It’s not like she had to do any work or anything.

    1. I just call it like I see it Lady Blue Ribbon and William is a real life version of Mr. Burns. I would even say he has his attitude when it comes to money too.

  21. First of all, I have already given up all hopes of seeing Kate change to be more proactive with her charities and engagements. I won’t count meeting celebrities, going to tennis matches and film sets as engagements because that’s just stupid. So I am not going to comment about her work attitude.

    I do have a question, though. Is Kate left-handed? Because she seems to be using her left hand a lot – flipping hair, touching her crotch etc … it’s not to show off Diana’s ring … is it? She’s been doing this since the ring was on her finger. And if it’s true that she is doing this on purpose to remind everyone she has The Ring, somehow I’ve seen the ‘evil’ side of her. Like in Little Mermaid when Ursula became Vanessa and smiled wickedly to Ariel when she finally got Prince Eric? In the real world, Kate is Vanessa and Ariel represents all women. LOL!

    Regarding her clothes – I liked that the length of the dress was quite long and below the knees. She’s a tall woman so that length made her look classy. Kudos to her! But the colour red is just copying Diana again. Someone posted a pic of Diana wearing red to Wimbledon in 1994. She’s obsessed with Diana. I can’t help but wonder if Kate wears Diana’s clothes at home and smiles to herself at the mirror? That being said, Kate doesn’t have style at all. She wears dresses with similar designs every single time. Only the colour changes! And as time goes by it gets very predictable. Her hair is not helping either. But sycophants will always have great things to say about her. I wonder will they get tired of her 20, 30 years down the road if she’s still sporting the same hairstyle, same choice of dresses, same non-existent working attitude?

    Moving forward into the future, I see more of Georgie Porgie wearing creepy replicas of Will’s clothes and Charlotte wearing replicas of Diana’s clothes when she’s little. See? Predictable! Hehe …

    1. I agree with Sarah about wearing the same design each time just in different colors. She has gotten quite repetitive-I miss her first year of marriage. But I disagree about the color copying Diana. I saw the dress Diana wore and if Kate’s dress were red *and* similar in style, then I would think she was emulating Diana. But just the color does not make me think so. Kate has been to Wimbledon so many times, that eventually she would wear the same color that Diana wore there. Kate does favor red, so I am not surprised she chose it as it is a good color on her. So in this case, I don’t think she was trying to copy Diana. She just picked a popular color. She is bound to wear some of the same color of dresses as Diana because there are only so many colors. It is the style that changes my opinion. And luckily this dress looked nothing like Diana’s.

      1. From engagement till George was born, her style had way more personality. I don’t know what happened, but it’s all so predictable now. I mean, her clothes are still beautifully made in gorgeous fabric and I would wear any of it in a heartbeat, but…it’s all been such a yawn lately.
        Maybe she should bust out and go full on Elle MacPherson yummy mummy. That might be cool, shake things up a little 😉

        1. I think what happened is her skirts flew up a few too many times, and she was showing a lot of thigh on other occasions and so somebody with some influence council-ed her.

    2. No Kate is not left-handed. She is right-handed. She puts her left hand out there to show off the ring.

      Re the color red is copying Diana, I’m going to copy and paste what I said to Pence upthread: “Kate’s dress looks nothing like Diana’s. I agree that Kate SWF’s Diana a lot in her dressing, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to day Kate is SWF-ing here.”

        1. I’m reading a book about Diana now — darn, I cannot remember the title, but it’s not one of the more famous ones. At any rate, any photo of her with Big Blue on (love that, Vava), are just so tasteful. As someone so elegantly and eloquently said a while back, Diana wore the ring. With Kate, the ring is wearing her. Will get the name of the book, btw. I recommend it.

        2. Diana also wore the ring more elegantly. Kate just exudes a vulgar vibe about her, and that ring has rubbed past her crotch far too many times.

  22. Kate is such a disappointment, she stands for nothing. Like her clothing choices she is boring.The lighter hair color with red tones is totally wrong for her, it makes her skin tone look washed out. She needs to go back to using cooler based hair coloring and darker. Also, some lipstick would help.

    1. It would help but she has such thin lips I don’t think she could pull off anything other than the nude color she wears some times.

  23. I was shocked that William joked about the tube strike at W. I take the Go and Via as well as other forms of public transportation and did not appreciate his poor taste in making fun of a strike. Does William regularly take the tube? Does he comprehend how inconvenient a transportation strike is? Kate cut your hair.

    1. Ya I thought that was in poor taste too. He wanted to be funny, but in reality he never has to worry about public transportation. It ended up making fun of those who didn’t have a way home due to the strike. He never has to worry about finding a way home.

      1. William always tries to be funny and ends up either offending people or just plain making people feel uncomfortable. He thinks he’s hilarious but he is a terribly unfunny joke teller.

        1. So true, KMR. He is a terrible joke teller. And, you are right, he seems to always find a way to offend someone. He needs conversational skills and a better way to present himself when speaking in public.

          Hello, Jason? Are you there?

    2. What was William’s joke?

      I highly doubt William takes the tube at all let alone regularly.

  24. Can someone please enlighten me on the comment DM made in one article that William doesn’t get on/ like Sophie Wessex? What is that about ? Or is DM making something up to go with the photos?

  25. Daylight photos are very unforgiving. She looks her age indoors. I bet in person Kate is rather gorgeous and even intimidating

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