Princess Charlotte’s Christening Photos Released

Princess Charlotte’s Christening Photos Released

Kensington Palace released Princess Charlotte‘s Christening photos. The four photos were taken by Mario Testino in and around Sandringham House.

Princess Charlotte Christening Photo Royal Family and Middletons
[“The Queen and members of the Royal Family and the Middleton family together at Sandringham House after Princess Charlotte’s christening”]

The first photo is of the entire family, both the royals and Middletons. L-R Front: Prince William, Prince George, Kate Middleton holding Princess Charlotte, The Queen. L-R Back: Michael Middleton, Pippa Middleton, James Middleton, Carole Middleton, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Philip.

It’s the requisite family portrait, and looks just as lovely as any other family portrait. But I miss Harry. Also, my eyes were drawn immediately to the Queen in her pink coat. And in a fashion update, it looks like Carole’s coat and hat are dove grey.

Princess Charlotte Christening Photo Cambridge family
[“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in the garden at Sandringham House”]

Just the Cambridge family. I like this photo. It’s less formal than the whole family portrait, but still a nice shot. Also, lovely background. Though kind of bummed they’re squinting.

Kensington Palace said in a statement:

    “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their whole family had a wonderful day on Sunday and were delighted to share the special occasion with the thousands of people who came to Sandringham. They are very happy to share these photographs and hope that everyone enjoys them as much as they do.”

Princess Charlotte Christening Photo William and George
[“The Duke of Cambridge playing with Prince George in the garden at Sandringham House”]

This is, like, classic Testino. Black and White intimate and informal portrait of the subjects.

Princess Charlotte Christening Photo Kate and Charlotte
[“The Duchess of Cambridge holds Princess Charlotte in the Drawing Room at Sandringham House”]

And finally, my least favorite portrait of them all. So much harsh lighting, so much white background, so much Terry Richardson. This photo grosses me out, honestly. When I saw this photo, I got the creeps. With the harsh lighting and white background it reminds me so much of Terry Richardson’s photography style. And for why that is gross and creepy, well, Terry Richardson has a reputation as a terrible, disgusting human being. I won’t repeat any of it here, but it is easily Googled. So yeah, I don’t like this photo at all. It is really disturbing to me.

Overall, I’m happy with these photos because they are far less photoshopped than George’s christening photos. Though as someone said on Twitter, they look very Instagram-y. Especially the Kate and Charlotte one – it’s not even in focus.

It was nice to get a good look at Charlotte, though. She looks like she has brown hair. But then again, George also looked like he had brown hair at that age and he’s blonde now. We’ll see what color he ends up with moving forward (you know, before he goes bald). Oh, and Charlotte’s eyes seem brown, right? So both George and Charlotte got brown eyes?

Photos: Mario Testino via Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

237 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte’s Christening Photos Released

    1. I don’t know if there is a disconnect, but there is certainly not as much of a connection as there was in the christening photo of Kate looking down at George.

    2. It’s not just you. It would seem with Charlotte she unlearned how to hold a baby properly, Charlotte’s head is unsupported most of the time Kate holds her. And in the christenning it was visible that she was crying and Kate’s response was balancing the pram instead of picking her up and calm her down – that pram does not look comfortable at all.

      But the positives George looks lovely and is SMILING a true joyful smile. it is the first time I’ve seen that. So nice!!! πŸ˜€

    3. I thought there was a disconnect with William and George in their single photo. William had a forced look on his face. Maybe that is just the way he smiles. He has that look in sooo many photos. Rarely do I see a photo of him where he seems to genuinely smile.

      As for Kate and Charlotte, I thought there seemed to be a stiffness and the tone of the photo was waay to bleached out and photoshopped.

      1. I have never seen the look of love on the Cambridges’ faces. Ever. I don’t care how much they smile or gaze down at their children, I have never been moved because they were moved.

        And before someone argues, well, they are so private… There is no way that at no time that emotion would not flicker across a parent’s face, and in their case, no photographer captured it amidst the thousands of photos taken. No way.

        1. Sorry MavenTheFirst but I disagree. Just take another look at the family photo and how PW has his arm around PG and the position of PG’s arm on PW! That is a display of affection/familiarity/comfort etc. IMO.. I just don’t see disconnect between PW/Kate and their children, IMO.

        2. Oh, I have seen a different look than you MavenTheFirst.

          The times of late, when we have finally seen William with George, you can see how much he loves his son. And, George really is so comfortable with his father.

          The photo where Kate was looking down at the beaming George on his christening day showed a great deal of love.

          Look, this is the British Royal Family and as previously said here on different posts, they aren’t as demonstrative as the Swedish Royals, or others.

          I refuse to say that there is no loving or genuine smiles flickering across Kate and William’s faces when they look at their children. I can fault them for many things, but not that.

          That said, I am not crazy about these christening photos, but when you stop and think of how hard it is to have your family photos splashed all over the world, I really wonder if I might not look a bit tense at times, too.

      2. One thing that has come into my mind, is that with W&K being so adamant about not being like the rest of the BRF you would think they would be more open with displays of affection between each other and the kids. I don’t mean sloppy kisses or anything, just a loving touch or a look in their eyes when they see each other.

        William usually touches Kate when he’s guiding her into position and/or telling her it’s time to move on. When Kate touches William, it’ almost like a stolen moment she’s taking advantage of (like when he was talking to George at the christening). Instead we get the yearly display of “love” at Christmas when they walk hand in hand with their smiles plastered on their faces. I’ve seen plenty of Kate giving William the doe eyed looks, but William never looks at her like he sees her as his life mate and is absolutely crazy about her and glad to be with her.

        For an example see Felipe and Letizia, Max and Willem, Vic and Dan. No overt displays, but you know these couples love each other and aren’t afraid to let people see it.

        As I’ve said before, there’s something wrong in the background. Maybe it’s all William and his internal struggles. If so, he seriously needs to address them and Kate could use some counseling as well so she’s not such a Stepford wife.

        1. People are different? Just because there are displays of affection between Vic and Dan and not enough to your liking between William and Kate does not really mean that there is no affection between them. I would be really scared if people were to judge me on the basis of my public persona when I am out with my husband. I can be guarded and normally don’t engage in a lot of displays of affection with him. That does not mean that I don’t love him.

          And I actually even disagree with you that William never looks at her in a doe-eyed fashion or sees her as his life mate. I think that he gives her plenty of those looks. I think that he is completely smitten by her. And honestly giving each other doe eyed looks is not what it is kicked up to be. Charles and Diana were completely all over each other in their initial years. Plenty of pictures of Charles slapping her bottom and all sorts of things. That didn’t last for long did it.

          To me a far more interesting conversation to have would be : why wasn’t Harry there ? Based on Harry’s behavior with George and Kate and his aloofness with the family I wonder what is going on.

          1. It was just an observation on my part Newbie and out loud thinking. Probably should have just kept it to myself.

          2. Lisa, no need to keep it to yourself. I’m with you. I don’t see smitten from William, never have. I think there is affection but not the In Love Love of the Century PR would want us to believe.

          3. I’m with Newbie on this one. It’s not fair to judge an entire relationship based on public appearances!! Time will tell if this is a true match like it has with HM/PP. I also agree that the better discussion would be about….what is going on with PH and PW???PH as a no show is very odd… And all of the annoying Miiddleton’s show up (so upsetting)!

          4. I get that not everyone likes PDA. But I have never seen the ‘looks’ from William Newbie that you are talking about. He has not once appeared smitten. Don’t get me wrong, I think he loves Kate, but I also think he settled. He thought she would make a great wife/mother/royal/doormat and she had waited around long enough with no one else coming along. I don’t think he is head over heels in love with her, but I think he does love her in his way. I believe though she loves him more than him. There is no great fairytale love story here like the media wants everyone to believe. It is the story of a girl chasing a boy, and chasing and chasing, manipulation, and more chasing, and boy finally giving in. I think they get along great and make good friends. But for a true fairytale romance you would have to look to the Swedish Royals for that. William is far from smitten, more resigned. I have never seen him look really adoringly at Kate, but everyone interprets photos differently. We will never really know what goes on behind close doors or how either Will or Kate are in real life.

            And Lisa, by all means, please keep thinking out loud. That is what makes this blog fun to see everyone’s opinions :). No one on here should dictate what conversation we should be having. If you think of something by all means please voice it for others may agree or may not have thought of it. And Newbie, the Harry conversation is further down the post. πŸ™‚

          5. Above all, the cambridges are stilted people. Despite the elaborate performances they put on, they don’t perform well in front of the cameras.

            They all can’t be Diana and Harry, who come across as genuine and charismatic. (w&k seem like a bad imitation)

            I would like to believe they are crazy about their kids, but I tend to take a negative view on that point.
            Take the polo game, kate was always directing him, never playing ‘with him.’ She didn’t pick him up and hug/kiss him. Nor, when george was nervous about the walk, did he reach to w or k for comfort. That behavior itself is questionable. They seem like babysitters.

            Charles used to be in the nursery taking care of wills and harry. Is william around at all?

            It doesn’t have to be overt, but it’s a lack of tenderness between all of the cambridges, which makes me question their relationship.
            The photoshop is bad, but it only goes so far.

            Even liz and phil look absolutely besotted with their kids.

            Charles adored his boys and still seems to have a great relationship with Harry.

    4. I do think Kate is more suited for boys, and it was said she wanted a boy and William wanted a girl when she was pregnant with George. Charles had wanted Harry to be a girl, and no doubt Will wanted a little girl because girls aren’t threatening to him and since he lost his mother it makes sense, so I think the whole family was keen on Kate having a princess next. Who knows they may have even had IVF sex selection treatments. Kate probably would have been most pleased with a few boys. I’m kind of excited to see how many children they end up having. More than 3 would be entertaining

  1. I like them better than George’s Christening… I thought I was going to love them. They’re cute, but didn’t meet my expectations. Oh well…

    I missed Harry too πŸ™ too bad he was unable to attend.

    Pippa should have worn another color; she would have looked better in the family picture with another pastel. Carole’s outfit looks better in gray, but WTH! She is not looking at the camera.
    The queen was the best dressed that day, I truly liked her soft baby-pink coat and dress but somehow the detail of her dress is lost in this picture. Too much lighting/exposure?

    L.O.L at George pulling his hair πŸ˜€ hahahaha
    Georgie, is it because that is what you see mom doing all day? Or is it just a toddler being a toddler? (childless person here).

    I do wonder… what happens if Charlotte looks JUST LIKE CAROLE? I kinda feel we all secretly want to see a lot of Diana in her, but what happens if she is just all Middleton? I’m troubled.
    George makes me think of Mr. Middleton (Mike, not William).

    1. Hi Bea, regarding the hair pulling it’s a form of self-soothing, kids and adults sometimes do this when they are feeling anxious or nervous or sometimes just bored. My kids tended to twirl their just before falling asleep. To me it seems that Kate tends to do this also as a form of self-soothing or stress release.

      1. Hey, like my cat licking herself after falling off the counter or being scared awake by something!!

    2. Agree.

      George is tired, had a full day after hidden for from the public almost two years (hence, the hair pulling to be acting on demand) and it’s tiring around so many people/walking waving (lol).

      There definitely is a lot of middeltons in ackward standing placement in the photo op – the hangers on siblings should have been at the end and carol and pa middeltons standing together.

      Not counting HM DOE (since their presence is needed) but the only royals are POW and DOC – William the Weak didn’t think his only brother should be in attendance – Prince Harry is surely missed.

    1. I was wondering that, too. They stood next to each other in both the wedding portraits and George’s christening portraits. It seems odd that they wouldn’t be standing next to each other in these portraits.

      1. It looks to me like they were lining them up boy-girl and maybe Mike wasn’t standing by Carole when Mario called them to line up. Just a thought

        1. Charlotte has almost disappeared with km choice of dress colour in both group photo and the family outdoors (near Prince Harry hair helped).

          Prince Harry was correct – that George is a lot of Churchill (and G-grandpa Spencer)…

          1. It appears to me that Catherine is leaning away from Her Majesty as if to say “dont hit me” haha. If i was the Queen, i would punk Catherine every time i saw her just to remind her who’s boss lol.

          2. LOL. I thought that for a second too, but I think she’s just leaning in to her husband and kids. Not quite sure why HM is leaning away though.

      1. Love it Lauri, although for some strange reason I have an image of her there at Charlotte’s conception, standing on the sidelines making sure that everything goes smoothly, as we have all read that they can’t do anything without her.

        1. πŸ˜‰ and carol leaving through the side door at the Lindo…

          The siblings should have been at the far end of the middeltons (far end of PW).

    2. Someone on the Daily Mail suggested that it was so Kate and Pippa’s cream outfits didn’t blend together. That makes sense to me, if putting Carole and Mike together meant that Pippa had to stand behind Kate. I have to believe there were other options, though.

  2. They are nice. The one with George and William is beautiful but, honestly, the pic with kate and Charlotte is the beigest freaking thing I’ve ever seen. A pop of color truly can go a long way. But like I said, nice enough.

      1. Terry Richardson is a horrible man. He clearly thinks that taking photographs, obviously meant to convey sexual assault, is an “art form”. He manages to make women, who are otherwise classically beautiful, look like absolute trash in his photographs….and my all time favorite piece of his work, the late Amy Winehouse having “fun” with a chicken…ugh. I absolutely loved amy winehouse….her life was destroyed by men like him…total exploitation of a women who was obviously crying for someone, anyone to help her. This guy is total gutter piss. I wish a petition would be circulated to stop this man from taking anymore photos…i was reminded of his “work” by that photo of Kate and Charlotte as well.

        1. Honestly, Terry Richardson should be in jail. He is a disgusting human being who should not be allowed anywhere near women. It makes me sad that W&K chose to release a photo that evokes the style of Richardson.

    1. They easily could’ve posed Kate and Charlotte in front of a colored wall or piece of furniture or in the garden for a color contrast.

      Honestly, the beige, off white, cream look reminds me of Kate’s decorating scheme for Anmer and KP. Girl does love her bland neutrals.

      1. Note that in the article for the christening announcement, it was mentioned that kate specificaly asked that all flowers be white.

  3. Thank you KMR. I am just concerned about Charlotte’s head. Her head just flops. I like the photo of William and George in monochrome. There does not seem to be a connection with William and Kate as he is not even looking at her.

  4. I miss Harry. And they could have shared at least one of the generation shots of baby and her namesakes.

    Loved seeing a happy George showing the teeth…so cute!

    The one of Kate and baby Charlotte is very jarring. Lot’s of shadows. And this was supposed to be a professional photographer? This one would have been discarded or edited?

    Very weird and strange to have two brown eyed babes…or is it just me??

    1. Oops…I just thought one of her namesakes has passed away. πŸ™ but they could have had a portrait of Grandma Diana in the shot, or is that too morbid??

    2. They did the “four monarchs” photo at George’s christening. I know it’s not future monarchs, but it would have been nice to have a four generations shot with Charlotte. Four generations is always a big deal in any family.

      And the weirdness of two light eyed people having brown eyed children has been talked about many, many times before.

        1. 1) That would not account for her green eyes in some photos. Because there have been photos where her eyes looked green.

          2) I’ve seen people wear color contacts and it completely changes the color. If she were wearing blue contacts, her eyes would look blue.

          1. No worries, Jenny. It was an interesting thought that I had to think about for a minute. But after thinking about it, I don’t think so.

          2. But aren’t colored contacts painful to wear? Whenever I’ve read about actors using them in films, they almost always mention how painful they are and how they can only be worn for brief periods?

          3. @Bets: I had a friend who wore colored contacts for a long time and never complained.

            The only times I’ve heard actors complain about contacts was when it was some crazy thing like vampire eyes or white-out eyes or something that they had to wear contacts for.

            But I’ve never worn colored contacts myself.

        1. This subject has been discussed a lot. There are always people who mention how weird it is that two light eyed people can have two brown eyed children, because recessive and dominate genetics. And then there are always people who say that it is possible to have two brown eyed kids from two light eyed parents because genetics is far more complicated than people think.

          I am not a genetics expert. So I kind of just ignore the kid’s eye color at this point.

          I’m way more interested to see if George stays blonde, and if Charlotte ends up a blonde or a brunette.

          1. From what my dad told me brown is dominant over green and blue. Green is dominant over blue. It does not matter what colour eyes the other relatives have.

          2. I should have added that a friend told me that two brown eyed people can have a blue eyed child and then that child would carry the brown eyed gene. Normally two recessive blue eyes would not.
            Kate had blonde hair has a youngster which turned brown so I am guessing the children’s hair will go brown. I think hair is more genetic and goes through the generations so if a red hair appears it can be a while until another red haired person appears.

          3. My mother has brown eyes, and I have blue eyes. My mother’s father had blue eyes and her mother had brown eyes. So my mother had brown eyes, but the blue eyed gene. So I got blue eyes due to that blue eyed recessive gene combined with my father’s blue eyes.

          4. I’m 100% not a Kate fan, but on this one I will defend her completely. My husband and I are both blue eyed brunettes. His are a dark sapphire blue, mine a light aqua. Both of us have very, very dark brown hair. Both of our boys have brown eyes, one a light amber brown and the other has an olive tint. The older has very blonde hair, the younger looks like he’ll be a ginger.

            I’m tired of this conversation, because, as you said, genetics are far more complicated than people think. Whatever else they might be, Will & Kate are the biological, normally conceived parents to those two adorable children.

            Does anyone else think that Prince George could take Prince Michael in a royal staring contest? They both have such an intense gaze. Which is beyond cute on a toddler and very intimidating on Prince Michael.

          5. Girl I completely agree with you. I, too, am sick of the eye color conversation because it gets us no where. There will always be people who think the kid’s brown eyes are weird, and there will always be people saying it’s normal. As I said, I am willing to chalk it up to me not being a genetics expert and leave it be.

          6. My take on genetics? That we all have complicated, crazy mixed-up chromosones in our genetic soup pot, and the child is the recipient of a blending of ingredients. Good luck trying to figure out the roulette gene spin. My dark-haired, olive-toned brown-eyed sister and BIL produced a fair milkmaid of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed child. Needless to say, this was an unexpected and intriguing result. So it doesn’t bother me or raise any questions in my mind as to what color eyes these two children should have because of their parents’ coloring; I’m looking forward to see the final result of their own.

  5. Does Kate have her teeth clenched in the last (awful) photo?

    I expected better portraiture than this. I think they were going for casual and ‘normal’ for the last 3. As if.

    There really is no softness to these people (Dolittles). The only one that looks properly chuffed is Charles.

    1. I agree re: KM’s teeth! I also think William’s smile feels a bit forced. It just seems like KM & William were not super happy to be together that day; as if they just wanted to get the whole thing over with. Pity. HM, Charles, Camilla and Phillip look wonderfully natural.

  6. I’m surprised. I thought I would have gone ga ga over these photos. To me, they are rather humdrum — except for the photo of William with Georgie. Really nice!

    In the beige looking photo of Kate and Charlotte, I thought Char looks a great deal like Carole. The photo the other day of her in the carriage — I did not see any Carole at all. Funny thing about babies. One day they are the spitting image of either Mum or Dad, or Gram or Grampa and the next day, they totally look like someone else.

    Again, the photos did little for me and I am a big fan of baby photos.

    1. Charlotte does look Carole-y in that last photo. Hopefully she grows out of that.

  7. Seeing the group shot makes me wonder if Pippa and Carole’s choice of blah colors was intended in deference to Camilla and HM — to let those two have the only pops of color in the photo? As for Kate, I think she thinks about her public outfits as costumes and the symbolism is always a bit too literal. Going to church, must look pure. Going to Canada, must wear a red maple leaf on my head. Etc. etc.

        1. Mary Elizabeth, here are some snippets from the article on how Kate’s is recreating the past.

          It was choreographed like a movie,” Ingrid Seward, author of A Cenutury of Royal Children, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “Because Kate has a photographer’s eye, she likes to paint a picture and likes to recreate.”


          Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, adds of Kate, a University of St Andrews art history grad who took Charlotte’s baby portraits herself, “I love what she is doing, setting up little vignettes.”

          Says Emma Baxter-Wright, author of Vintage Fashion: “It looked a little like they had traveled back in time.”

          1. I read the article. So sycophant-y. So sugary. It makes me want to vomit.

          2. Thanks for the warning. At least it spared me a vomit.

            Kate, with her History of Art degree, comes across as very lightweight in her knowledge of and involvement in art. When she chose to be Patron of the National Gallery, my first reaction was, the gall… such impudence! Whatever can she contribute to a conversation there with all the established names in the art world? She could at least have waited until she was accomplished enough in her own right (not even as an Artist, but just as a compassionate human being) before making herself Patron of a highly knowledgeable crowd.

          3. Thank you, Lauri.

            So, she did succeed in her desire to make this all seem like a throwback in time. We all picked that up!

            Just a nice christening would have been fine!!!!

      1. The pic of Will and Georgie warmed my cold heart. Georgie is a spirited child, not the a$$hole that his parents claim him to be.

        I agree, KMR. I saw Terry Richardson and gagged. My nephew is a stylist and has worked with the cretin before. He said that he felt that he needed a bath after working a other him. I don’t call many people vile, but he truly is. His photos aren’t even that good.

        Okay, back on the subject. I do like the picture if the family. The room is beautiful and I miss my ginger. James looks like stranger danger. Kate doesn’t look so plastic.

        I do not like the picture of the Cambridge family. You cannot see Kate’s eyes due to the squinting and the heavy handed kohl application. They don’t call her panda eyes for nothing. The dynamic is very off. I thought that Will and Georgie were photoshoppped in. The picture of Char and Kate is also cold. I see Grey Gardens in their future.

        I will say that we did see Testino use this style in one picture if the engagement pictures. It was a lose where Kate has her arms folded and she is looking to the side. I hated that picture It made her look like a blockhead.

        I like Kate’s pictures better.

        1. Oh god, I bet your nephew has horror stories he could tell. Uncle Terry is so disgusting. And you’re right, he’s not a good photographer. His style is bland, basic, and just plain ugly.

          Re James: Not going to lie, at first I liked the whole Tzar Nicholas thing, but it’s over done now. He needs a new look.

          I actually like Kate’s photos better, too. She got a ton of flak for them, but out of all the portraits we have gotten so far of the kids, hers are far from the worst.

    1. If you folks recall it was the same in George’s christening. At the time a lot of people thought they had arranged/asked the guest to wear one of two colours: beige/white or blue. If you go back to the images you’ll see everyone is dressed in those two colours. I think the same was tried here with the whole 50’s theme.

      1. I agree, but notice that the royals did not play along. Because it’s a christening, not a costume party.

        I for one am glad that Charlotte looks like she will have dark hair. With all the inevitable Diana comparisons, she’s better off not being blonde. Although let’s hope she’s not a Carole clone either.

        1. Agree re Charlotte being a blonde. I hope she has dark hair in order to lessen the comparison to Diana. Though, like you Amy, I don’t really want her to end up looking like Carole either. I hope Charlotte ends up looking like Kate.

          PS. The Queen does what she wants. She wanted to dress in blue for a boy’s christening, and pink for a girl’s christening. HM don’t give any sh-ts about what Kate wants.

    2. Kate does get quite symbolism-y on occasion. Like how she’s always dressed in white and navy for sailing events. Green for visiting an arboretum. Red and maple leaves for Canada.

      1. It’s interesting to me because sometimes her clothes are so intentional and then she does something like wear hot pink to a 9/11 memorial and black to a kids’ event within the space of a couple days.

        1. Maybe she’s a mood dresser. I always overpack when I go anywhere. I plan my outfits for days and evenings etc. Then, when I’m packing I throw in a bunch more shit, in case I’m not in the “mood” for whatever outfit I’d intended.

          Although, if you wake up feeling happy-and-you-know-it on the day you’re visiting the 9/11 memorial, it’s still a faux pas to sub in the hot pink attention grabber for the somber black you’d intended to wear. That’s just going too far.

          1. I don’t pack extra clothes for mood changes, but I do pack extra clothes in case something happens. Like I spill something or whatnot.

  8. Like the both the family ones quite a bit. Agreed the one with Kate and Charlotte looks rather creepy and odd. I don’t like it at all!

  9. I think the pictures are lovely and meant to be casual. Princess Charlotte and Prince George are the ones to be showcased in the pictures which is why Princess Kate and Prince William are not looking at the camera in the individual pictures. I for one only wanted to see the babies.. We see W&K all the time.

  10. So, this is what we waited for? I’m not in awe over these photos, except the b&w of William and George, which was so loving. I also like how Georgie looks in the photo, pulling his hair. (photo of the Cambridges together). The group shot was terrible, as far as I am concerned. But, what else can one do with such a shot? Best part of that picture was little George’s feet on the furniture. He’s just a cute and typical toddler!

    Photo of Kate with Charlotte was not good. All that white/beige. And, I also did not see much of a connection between Mum and child.

    Truly, I expected more.

    1. I expected more, too. Especially since we waited four days. What could have possibly taken so long when the photos aren’t even that great?

  11. Well I do like these better than the Jason Bell photos, not quite as much photo shopping although they did manage to give William hair in the group shot. I liked the outdoor photos much better, the lighting was good and you can see Kate’s hat in the left corner of the B&W one of Will and George. In fact I think the B&W one is my favorite, much more real, you can get a sense of the closeness between Will and his son, plus it’s the only one with George smiling.

    Lastly, that room is beautiful, very classic and elegant. Maybe the creams and beiges Kate decorates with is an attempt to replicate this type of look.

    1. I agree with you that I like these better than the Jason Bell photos. Bell’s photos looked so fake and photoshopped and plastic. At least these don’t have as much photoshop and don’t make the subjects look like plastic dolls.

      Re Kate’s hat in the B&W photo. It looks like Kate is bent over the pram. Like she’s attending Charlotte who is in the pram.

  12. There’s something unsettling about the top photo, at least to me. The line-up in the back row is all off. I realize they’re dealing with an odd number of people, and they were also probably trying to avoid someone standing directly behind Kate, but to have Carole in the middle (and so off-center) strikes an odd chord. Would have been better to have Prince Charles or Phillip directly behind the queen, as well. Would have liked KM’s parents to be standing together, and Pippa and Camilla on either end. Shame Harry couldn’t have attended. Also would have liked Kate to be turning slightly toward William as he is doing toward her–she could have managed that while still properly displaying Charlotte’s dress. The only true stunner is the B&W of William and George. The one of Kate and Charlotte feel smore like a private photo put up on Instagram. Not feeling it.

    1. Totally agree about the line-up. It looks like they were trying to make a very clear distinction between the families and it throws the entire picture off balance. Perhaps I’m just imagining and it’s really just trying to get a male / female lineup, but the Middletons look like they are practically on top of each other.

  13. I have to be honest, we were all so critical in many ways of Kate’s photos of the children and I don’t think Mario’s photos are that great at all. Placing the white clad Kate with the off-white dressed baby against that white wall was awful. Kate’s face looked ghostly.

    Mario, what were you thinking?

    I think Kate’s photos of her children were far better and I mean that!

    1. I agree that I think Kate’s photos were better than these ones.

  14. I love all the pictures. IMO, PW/Kate have a wonderful bond with their children. Sorry I don’t see a disconnect at all. The Middleton’s….they are so annoying!! Prince Harry should be in this photo, I am very disappointed in PW for not including his brother.

    1. I understand that Harry is working in Africa, but they could have scheduled the christening either before he left or after he got back so as to include him.

      1. I still can’t believe that they had the Christening without Harry. He is Petulant’s only brother and they used to be so close. I am not very happy about this at all.

      2. From what I understood William wanted it to be close to his mother’s birthday. So creepy.

      3. I agree KMR. It seems like PW is intentionally leaving PH out or Maybe PH feels he can move on with his life since he is no longer the spare. I guess time will tell. PH is still my favorite and I hope he finds a bride soon. This transition has to be difficult for him. One day he is a major player in the BRF and the next, two small kids still the spotlight! It’s sad because the BRF may not realize that PH is the total package, just what they need.

  15. I was so excited for these photos since Mario is such a great photographer!!! But man, I am disappointed. I feel like someone just told me Santa isn’t real. 3 of these do not even feel like Mario’s work. The Will and George one does and it is not wonder that it is by far the best.

    The group photo isn’t bad, it is typical of what was expected. But the other two….The outdoors one of the family of 4 could have been good. But it looks like Kate’s neck was photoshopped or maybe it is just a weird angle. But her neck looks very thin, giving her a bobble-head affect. The photo just doesn’t look like a relaxed/happy family like they wanted-it still looks staged.

    And I agree with everyone else on the Kate-Charlotte photo. The lighting and angle is horrible. It looks like an amateur’s photo that got to close to their subject. Well the one thing I will say for that photo is it confirms the fact that Kate wears fake eyelashes. πŸ™‚

    1. I was expecting so much more because all I’ve ever heard of Testino is what a great photographer he is. These did not live up to my expectations.

      1. I wonder if they were just too difficult a group to appear cohesive and get a decent photograph of. The Queen looks amazing, as she did at George’s christening.
        You should host a poll about a possible number three, or four – since she is setting a precedent to recreate The Queen’s events now (i.e. The pram).

        1. To me, a great photographer with a good reputation worth his/her salt should be able to get the best out of his subjects. Testino could have done so much better with the photos other than the group shot. These were nothing extraordinary and looked like they could have been taken with a cell phone.

  16. Has George has picked up the habit of constantly playing with his hair?
    When is Kate going to update her makeup habits? How many more years of drawing the line all the way around her eyes and over darkening her eyebrows are going to pass before she has a real makeup artist teach her that she is no longer in her 20’s and is aging herself?
    Such a relief to find this site. When George came out in the identical outfit for the second time I commented on several US websites and was just destroyed by critics who think the family can do no wrong.

    1. Hi Catherine, it’s funny you mentioned her makeup. A little while ago, I think when she was pregnant, during a few of her engagements Kate was actually doing her makeup better. By that I mean, she wasn’t rimming her eye fully and in some photos it looked like she actually put eyeliner on her waterline like you are supposed to. I was very happy that she finally stopped with the full liner, but now it appears she is back to it. I assume she does it for photos, but my gosh I wonder what she looks like up-close with so much makeup on? I wish she knew that rimming the full eye actually makes your eyes look smaller not larger.

      And Welcome to this site. I know what you mean about other sites. People look at Kate with rose-colored glasses and don’t want to hear anything realistic about her. This site is refreshing! πŸ™‚

    2. From what you described, Catherine, you had a similar experience I had before I started this blog. Whenever I would comment on articles on US sites (Yahoo, People), I would be yelled at for being too critical.

      And lol at George picking up playing with his hair from Kate. I hadn’t thought of that. But it seems like such a natural thing he would do if he sees his mom constantly touching her hair.

  17. I had a deja vu with the pic where the four of them are together.
    It really reminds me of the one Michael Midd took, they are very similar – both in a open field. with lots of light…
    For me that is the second worst pic. Yes is way better than Michael’s but the light was not good on them. Kate’s eyes turn so light when she is in the sun that allied with the eyeliner makes her look like a vampire – not in a good sense though.

  18. I’m a bit disappointed with the photos considering Mario was taking them. They’re nice but nothing special. The photo of Kate and Charlotte seems very forced to me – doesn’t look natural. It is almost like advertisement in a brochure or something to that effect. Definitely would not think this is a real mother and daughter.

    Are William and Mike wearing the same tie? (or is it time for me to test my eyes again??)

  19. My favorite is the black and white of George and William. Just seemed to be the most genuine and unposed.
    I know the formal family shot has to be super structured, and I actually liked it better than the group shot for George. I am not a Carol fan AT ALL, but she looks really good in that picture.
    The picture of Kate and Charlotte is nice, in the way that we actually see the baby’s full face. Other than that, the quality is like something one of my kids would snapchat to a friend.

    1. I’ve taken better photos than the Kate and Charlotte one on my iPhone.

  20. As you noted KMR, it seems odd that both the babies have brown eyes. Does Kate have a darker eye color? William’s are blue correct??

    And, the pictures. Such a disappointment considering his other work. And, the last one of Kate and Charlotte is terrible. As many noted harsh lighting, no color, etc. And, her look is creepy!

    1. William has blue eyes. Kate has either green or hazel. Some articles say green, some say hazel. In photos, sometimes her eyes are very green, and other times they are more hazel-y. Either way, neither parent has brown eyes.

    2. I have green/hazel eyes, my husband has hazel eyes.
      We have one son with pale blue eyes & two other sons with chocolate brown eyes.
      Its not unusual – genetics just love to eff about like this!

      1. Genetics are the weirdest thing: I have a friend whose parents both have light brown hair and yet she has the most vibrant red hair you’ve ever seen. People always love to make a fuss about it (Harry/James Hewwit) and I can understand but it’s natural! (And wow, 3 boys)

        1. Red hair is a recessive gene, and both parents have to carry it to have a redheaded child.

          I’m a redhead, my husband has black hair but his Dad was a redhead = we have 3 redheaded sons!

          It’s noisy as heck, but my god boys are affectionate! I wish I could post a pic to show you my lovely rabble! The blue eyed son has light red hair, both the brown eyed boys have darker auburn colour.

      2. I hear you. I have green eyes and my husband has “patchwork” eyes (light brown and light blue). Our daughter has sparkly chocolate brown eyes and our son’s are a murky hazel (poor buddy, but he does have a gorgeous head of hair and lovely clear skin!)
        On the other hand, we all have varying shades of brown hair, no surprises there.
        Genetics do like to toss the cards in the air, that’s for sure!

  21. I forgot to add, that in the fourth photo where we can really see Charlotte, she looks so much like George at that age. You can tell they are siblings.

  22. Random, but I just noticed that Charles is wearing a blue tie to match Camilla’s blue dress. How adorable of them.

  23. The B&W shot of William and George is the most natural and candid of all the photos; I just love George’s toothy grin (just like his Dad). George’s personality is just so obvious in these photos; his feet on the sofa in the group shot is too funny and in the family foursome he looks like he’s tugging on Daddy’s ear. I’m sure there’s got to be a photo that hasn’t been released of William holding his daughter as well.

      1. Ah, from that angle it looked like he was clutching William’s ear and a wisp of hair was flying in the breeze above his hand.

    1. That would have been lovely. We have not seen William hold Charlotte at all yet. He didn’t outside the hospital, he didn’t walking to or from church, and not in these photos either.

      1. Yes, why haven’t we seen William hold Charlotte?

        Maybe, he is one of those men who doesn’t feel comfortable around infants. Still, she’s his infant! And, he really does look loving with George.

        I remember seeing a photo of young William — probably around 13 or 14 holding someone’s infant (don’t know whose) and he was so loving toward that baby.

        It would have been nice to see him with his little girl.

        1. Re William potentially not being comfortable around infants: I was thinking the same thing. He missed most of George’s first few months, by Kate’s own admission. So William probably never got used to dealing with an infant. So he may just not like being around infants. He did hold George outside the hospital, but he has not held Charlotte publicly at all. Shame.

  24. The pic with Kate and Charlotte looks almost fake. Like, it looks extremely photoshopped or something. I don’t even own a camera besides my phone so I can’t pretend to know anything about photography, but something is very off in that picture.

    Charlotte’s eyes do look brown here, but all Caucasian babies still have blue eyes at 9 weeks old. I just looked at old pics of my niece, and her eyes were a dark blue-ish hazel when she was three months old. She’s 6 now and her eyes are a very dark brown.

    I think Charlotte’s eye color here shows how much this photo was manipulated regarding colors, contrast, shadows, filter, etc. Especially in an indoor setting where I’m assuming a professional photographer would have control over factors like lighting, the colors are all off. If she does have dark brown eyes, they won’t actually turn dark brown until she’s 6-9 months old (and yes, I just googled that, I didn’t know that off the top of my head).

    It almost looks like the baby’s head was photoshopped onto her body. Like if Charlotte was crying in the original picture but Kate looked great, so they photoshopped the baby’s head from another picture where she was happier.

    1. Yes, the first thing I noticed in the 4th picture was that 2 month old Charlotte’s head appears to be as large as her 33 yr old mother’s!

      Odd photoshopping or taken from a really weird angle? Just wonder what vibe they were going for in that incredibly odd “professional” shot. Overcandid; Charlotte just had her diaper changed and they’re coming down the narrow hall from the back room, and surprise!, it’s Mario…say cheese, dahling.

      Oh actually, check Diana archives. There may something similar πŸ˜‰

    2. Francesca, you are on to something! Charlotte’s head does look photo shopped onto her body in that horrible last photo of Kate holding her in the white hallway. And, Ray, you are sooo

      The picture does look like Mario surprised the two in the hallway after a diaper change. And, check the Diana photo archives, indeed!

    3. I think Charlotte’s eyes in that photo just shows how terrible the lighting was, not necessarily photo manipulation.

  25. I can’t get enough of these photos. Not in a good way, though. Just had to look at them, again.

    In the family group shot, doesn’t Carole’s face look blurred? Mike’s, as well? I thought Mario was tops. Now, I think not.

    BTW, the setting for the group shot– which has nothing to do with the photographer — looks like a posh powder room in some U.S. mansion that has been turned into a catering hall. For those of us Americans, I hope you see what I mean. I’ve been to too many weddings where the powder rooms look like that before you get to where the actual bathroom is.
    These places are the usual hangouts for drunken, weepy bridesmaids who keep sobbing, “I’ll never find a husband.”

    1. Bahaha that’s funny. Now that you mention it, it totally looks like a country club powder room.

  26. I was looking forward to the photos, but they are kind of disappointing. Not counting the official family photo (#1) they all look like they are supposed to be candid shots, but I think the only one that really gives that impression is the black and white one with Will and George.

    I want to like the picture of just the four of them, but something seems off. I can’t put my finger on it. Is it how they are standing? Is is that Kate’s head looks too big for her body?

    The fourth picture is pretty terrible for an official photo in my opinion. It looks like a candid shot while walking down a hallway. But it doesn’t quite work. The background is odd. Kate looks like she is forcing herself to smile while trying to wrangle Charlotte and make it look natural.

    It leaves me with the question of how many photos did Testino take and why did that last photo make the cut? Was it because it was one of the better ones?

    1. They do look like they are supposed to be candid shots. And with the release on Instagram and Twitter first, it just seems so… budget. Don’t get me wrong, I like that KP releases photos on social media, but why bother with professional shots if they are just going to end up looking like budget social media shots taken by a 15 year old? I’ve seen “candid” shots of other royals that still looked like a professional took the photo.

  27. The purpose of the day was to celebrate Charlotte, and yet there’s not a single photo where’s she’s in focus & directly facing the camera.
    If the brief was to flatter the parents with out of focus shots, then fine (although selfish of them). If it was to have a photographic record of Charlottes Christening, then absolute fail.
    Over stylised, over choreographed nonsense.

    1. JL I agree. Charlotte should have been the focus but the lighting makes it all about Kate. If Char wasn’t wearing a christening gown you wouldn’t know it’s her special day. The photos are disappointing.

    2. I agree JL. While I was glad to see a picture of George smiling, we didn’t get a really good shot of Charlotte, either too fuzzy, too far away or as you said not directly facing the camera.

  28. Whoah! Did anyone else notice PG’s little fangs! That kid has sharp canines! I’ve never seen a picture of him grinning before, so I’ve never seen his teeth. To be honest, it was a bit of a shock. :-/ Mario Testino is an incredible photographer and editor, but I think he went a little overboard on making everyone look prettier and shinier than they really are. The effect is that the entire Royal family looks like wax statues from Madame Tussaud’s. Yikes. Princess Charlotte is cute, but pretty average baby looking and it did bother me that there didn’t seem to be a real connection between Kate and her daughter. If you watch Princess Estelle’s mom with her, it’s a whole different thing and the super strong, loving, adoring bond is extremely obvious and natural. You can tell that Crown Princess Victoria loves her daughter to pieces and is an extremely hands on mom. Something is just off about Kate and she looks plastic and posed with her own children. Probably anyone else would say that the picture of her looking “adoringly” at Charlotte is proof of their bond, but it looks fake and staged to me. While walking to the christening, Kate looked like a nervous, awkward model for a giant pram company, not a new mum taking her daughter to church. Something’s just really off and I’m not sure what it is?

    1. I am still wondering if there is a postpartum thing happening? The smile during the pram walk was scary stepford wife like but I am chalking that up to the difficulty of that entire maneuver. I don’t think I could have done that without taking the pram on a tumble down the hill while cursing in a most unroyal like fashion.

      1. I think that Waity is still really unsure and nervous around the rest of the Royals and this shows when she is with them, there is a lot of crotch clutching and a lot of forced smiles. I think that there is a lot going on in the background that we do not know about and she is trying to act like she thinks that she should be acting ( if you follow my meaning). The thing is, if she got out and did more engagements and did more with the royal family she might feel a bit better. HM was not keen on the fact that Waity did not have a job before she was engaged and maybe there is something going on behind the scenes with HM not happy with her doing so little.

        I think that Waitly lacks confidence and that things between Petulant and Waity is not all roses. She might also be aware of the fact that once Harry was born that his parents marriage was all but over and she might have this in the back of her mind.

        Or I could be entirely wrong and she might just not be comfortable around her own kids, which is sad.

        1. Hi Tanya, I’ve frequently thought the same thing, that Kate doesn’t appear to be comfortable in the spotlight. Early in the marriage she went on a couple of engagements with the Queen and looked quite comfortable in her company. I wonder if something has happened between the RF and W&K that has caused her discomfort in their presence? Also, when first married and attending engagements she seemed much more at ease and sure of herself than she does now, which seems a little backwards to me, you’d think over time she would feel at ease in the public eye as opposed to more nervous. Like you I think more is going on behind the scenes than we know about.

          1. It’s weird. For someone who waited and fought for ten years… once waitykaty got the ring and she did a diana.
            Suddenly she doesn’t like or show up to polo, weddings, go out with william etc etc

            Giving her the ring of doom was the dumbest decision. What good qualities does she bring to the table? Besides her cheese toast, tie purchasing monster-in-law?

            They may have the ring of doom/kids, but history should tell them that no one is safe or secure unless you’re the top king/queen (and not even then… edward the 8th).

          2. Lauri, we think very much alike! She was a lot more comfortable around the Queen a few years ago than what she is now. I have a feeling that her Mother might have something to do with that.

            Kip, I really don’t think she thought about life post wedding. It was just get Petulant up the aisle and worry about the rest later, which is fine, but she has fallen in a heap.

            I just really hope that Maria shelters those poor kids from what I can see to be a shambles of a marriage and I bet money that it will be over with within 5 years…..or after HM dies. William respects his Grandmother to do anything that drastic while she is still alive, but he would have no problems doing it after she passes away

          3. Well, some things did happen to publicly humiliate the Royals.
            Kate’s flashing while on tour. Her skirt blow-ups around the UK, too. Those did not go unnoticed by HM, I am sure!

            Truly, I am certain she got a shakedown after those incidents and she is so childlike that she is now in constant fear of HM and company.

            It’s sad if she has post-partum depression . For her, the children and William.

            I think that despite the fact that William supposedly wanted to shield her from the life his mother led in the media, he cannot do that completely. Again, childish Kate believed she was off the hook. No unnecessary public appearances (which she obviously detests), no unfair treatment by the press. Yet, all the money and clothes and perks the Monarchy can buy.

            Yes, I agree with others. There’s more going on behind the scenes than we can even imagine. Although, we are some astute posters and KMR is really astute, too.

            When the tell-all comes out, we can all say, “Ah, we told you so.”

            Just wish emotional help would be pursued in a positive manner by those who could use it. And, who among us hasn’t been in need of that at one time or another?

          4. Don’t forget the France photos, Mary Elizabeth. Nude photos of her were plastered all over the internet and foreign tabloids. No doubt she got a telling off by the palace/HM for that one. That probably also had something to do with her shaken confidence.

          5. Kate and her mother were probably so focused on getting Big Blue that they didn’t think about life after the fairy tale wedding. I doubt their strategy and game planning factored in the reality of royal life and service to a work-shy woman, living with a spoiled petulant prince and maybe facing the censure and disapproval of a hard-working RF. I’m sure that area was glossed over and now reality is setting in big time. So, yes, any confidence Kate may have felt is getting shaken big time, I would think. No wonder she wants to retreat to Anmer Hall and to the comforting arms of her mother at Buckleberry Manor, but that’s not helping her in the long run with her maturity and development.

    2. I was shocked when I saw his teeth, too. I’ve never seen them before.

        1. I was sort of tongue in cheek with that, but as people are fond of saying, the internet does last forever. And I don’t know how someone could be critical of a *two* year old’s teeth!

          Much better to notice the lack of photoshop on one of William’s teeth. They failed to lighten it with the rest.

          1. Heh. I was surprised to see the kid had teeth, LOL, because we have not seen him laughing before. Cute little baby teeth, too!

            He is a perfectly formed little child like all children are. What’s not to love?

  29. I actually just went and had a look back at George’s christening photos and I have to say they are much better. At least you get a proper look at George. Also, it would have been nice seeing a photo of William and daughter.
    Kate does look awkward holding Charlotte and the photo of the four of them in the garden look like Charlottes head is resting on George. Poor kid.

    1. I liked the four monarchs photo and the one where Kate was looking down at a smiling George, but the other photos just looked so fake and plastic-y. I didn’t like them. But yes, we did get a good look at George.

      1. Yes, the photo where Kate was looking down at the smiling George was perfection!

        These photos of Charlotte’s christening lack warmth, lack happy family, lack a real look at the star of the day, Princess Charlotte. How sad.

  30. That photo of Kate and the baby – the baby’s head is almost the same size as hers! What the heck? And it’s not even in focus!

    Not impressed with the collection. Mike Middleton doesn’t appear to be wearing his signet ring, either. Smart guy!

    1. I’m guessing the head size thing is due to the angle at which the photo was taken. Whenever photos are taken from a high angle the subjects head looks too big. I’ve seen it loads of times in celeb photos when the photographer is higher up than the celeb walking the red carpet. The celeb ends up with a giant head.

  31. I haven’t had a chance to read through all of the comments yet, so I may be repeating some things, but Kate looks like she did in George’s christening photos to me in that she looks like she’s on something. She just looks so dead in her eyes. The mouth is doing the big wide smile and the eyes just aren’t faking it.

    The picture of George and William is very cute. Charlotte may turn out to look like George as she grows up. And someone pointed out that there seems to be a disconnect between mother and daughter. Looks like the same disconnect she had with George in his photos. I seriously think she’s got some postpartum issues going on.

    Even at Wimbledon she looked a little too happy, if that makes any sense.

    Oh well, just my observations.

    1. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought Kate looked much more “not home” in George’s christening photos.

  32. Support your daughter’s head and neck Kate! Please support your baby’s head and neck!!!!!!!!
    Watch Maria and she will show you what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. What strikes me about the black and white shot is that little George is the spitting image of his aunt Pippa : (

  34. Like the photo of George and William. Also like that George was sitting with William in the family photo and interacting with him. I think that it shows there is a connection between the twowhich is nice.

  35. This is what happens when you choose to wear a dress which is identical to your baby’s christening gown. In the last photo of Kate and Charlotte, I seriously thought Charlotte’s wee hand was Kate’s! It looked perfectly fitted together. The color is creepy because it reminded me of that scary scene in Insidious of the two sisters near the longcase clock. Sheesh!

    1. lol yeah it does look like Charlotte’s hand is an extension of Kate’s arm.

  36. I hope they didn’t pay much for these because they bore me. She should hire whoever Queen Rania hired to do that photo shoot with her kids.

  37. Photoshop much?
    Pretty sure the picture of the four of them was altered to include k&c with w&g. The shadows seem to be off. Kate looks so distant from these kids. Not sure I would automatically jump to ppd, she doesn’t seem to connect well with anyone. Just a cold person.

    Brown eyes again. surprise surprise. You all know where I stand on that, not to mention G doesn’t look much at all like william.

    They thought diana was a nightmare to deal with. Now they have the male version of Diana and kate; I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she is just as needy/drama queenish as Di was.
    It might explain the windsor’s resistance to deal with them. He may not act like it, unfortunately, he is the heir to the heir… for the time being.

  38. Kmr is weird that many members in this family have blue/green eyes like diana,carole,queen,kate,william…only michael have brown eyes and both kids have his brown eyes?i made a internet test and this impossiple having so many people in theis family with light eyes like diana blue eyes…

  39. The family of 4 shot is very badly photoshopped. I notice two things –

    1. Kate & Charlotte have been cut & pasted in to the shot. You can see Charlottes head would be in the same space as Georges body/leg if it were a true shot.

    2. Kates head to body ratio is shrunken (ie her body has been made smaller or her head made larger) in this picture. Compare it to the all family shot – look particularly at the size of her head compared to the width of her shoulders. The all family shot matches the live footage on the day – she has been shrunken down in the family of 4 shot (and the duo with Charlotte). Vain, much?

    1. Wow, now that I’m really looking at the pictures it is an odd photo. They couldn’t do a real shot of all four of them. How bizarre.

    2. I could see how Kate and Charlotte are photoshopped into the Camb family picture. But I don’t know if I agree that Kate’s body has been altered. To me, the size of the head compared to the shoulders is the same in the full family shot and the Camb shot. Her neck does look smaller, but I think that may be due to the fact that there is light hitting the back of her neck in the Camb family shot whereas there is shadow hitting the back of her neck in the full family shot.

  40. Another thought for y’all – do you think Kate has angled it so Will hasn’t had a photograph with Charlotte so (a) Kate & baby make all the covers and (b) because she wants to avoid any “Daddys little girl” talk? I always thought she’d want 2 boys to SWF Diana & so she can be Williams only female to love. Is she happy at having to ‘share’ the Princess role? Even with her own child?

    It’s VERY odd that she clamped hold of Charlotte at the hospital, at the Christening – there and back – and now with all the official photos.

    1. I honestly believe that Kate see’s Charlotte as the closest thing she’ll get to being photographed with Diana and that’s why such a big deal was made out of Charlotte’s christening. If you compare this with the christening of Prince George you’d be forgiven for thinking that Charlotte was the heir. Although part of me thinks that William would have loved that – in his mind if Charlotte was the heir it would have “restored” his mother to her rightful place and her HRH title. (Just my amateur psychology!!) Also, I suspect we will see a lot more of Charlotte than we do of George just to remind people of Diana so they can ride the wave of nostalgia and goodwill.

  41. Mario Testino is one the greatest if not the greatest of his generation. His achievements in shooting portraits keep him, in my eyes, in company with the likes of Yusuf Karsh, Robert Doisneau or Louis Cros. He is that good! Portray art works like this: the cam integrates and processes what you give; and what you give relates to who you are indeed. What people see throughout these photos is the truth. So much as there is a sense of disconnect between Catherine and her new born girl, yet there is a tangible connection between William and George.
    Upon the main portrait, three things blew my eyes. First, the distance between the Middleton parents; then the fact Catherine keeps posing holding her girl like an accessory; the grin on the Middletons, save Mike, is a bit scary – and their noticeable cramming behind William is quite peculiar. This portray is actually mood-shattering because it is not mind-appeasing. The psychology of the whole set makes it way too atmospheric in the wrong way. To highlight my thought, just look at the two sets of in-laws standing up: you can clearly see they exhale two different types of vibe and, yet, it is the christening of a new born baby! Last but not least, Harry’s non-attendance to the event aggravates the oddity of
    the whole thing, forcing Joe Public to wonder.

  42. ya the whole scenario is just meh, those kids are just average looking like their parents, nothing to go gaga about!

  43. The more I think about it, the more highly outraged I get that Harry was not there. Why couldn’t they have held the christening prior to his leaving for Africa?

    What a not-so-subtle slap in the face William gives his flesh and blood each time he includes all those Meddletons in family gatherings. I know they are his wife’s family, but for God’s sake, he cares more about them than his own. He and Harry were so close throughout their childhood and early adulthood.

    Leaving Harry out and thumbing your nose at the other Royals, too, would have hurt Diana very much. She knew what it was to be lonely and hurt.

    1. Well. We’ve heard Carole doesn’t approve of Harry. Feeling is probably mutual, but I can’t imagine that would be the reason he’d miss the christening. I think it was a scheduling of prior commitment issues.

      Africa was on the books before the baptism, wasn’t it? And to change flights, rooms, engagements etc would be at huge cost. The prince should not have been obligated to change his plans. If it was important to the family to have him there, they could have waited till he was home. There is no age limit on a baby’s baptism…and George was 3 months. Anytime within her first year would have sufficed, I’m sure.

      The family portrait is definitely missing Harry. Too late to change it, but someday, they may wish they had done it all differently. When Charlotte is old enough to wonder why, what are they going to tell her? It was more important for her to fit into the christening gown, and if they waited for uncle to come home it may not have? Or, that’s the only time Mario could fit us in? They’d better come up with a darn good reason, and neither of those are acceptable!

    2. Do you think maybe Will and Harry talked about the Christening before setting it up? Since they were/are close. I think it is possible that they spoke about it and Harry was fine not being there. Maybe Harry was okay not being part of the pomp of this affair? Just a thought…

      They had to do the Christening before the Queen went on her August Holiday and I don’t think they would have wanted to wait until after that knowing how restless the public gets. Plus doing it now while Kate is on ‘maternity leave’ buys her more goodwill for not working until Autumn. People are easily distracted from her lack of anything

    3. The more I think about Harry not being here and why W/K didn’t arrange the christening earlier or later, so that Harry could attend, I’m beginning to wonder if its because of the SWFing again. Diana was born on 1st July and christened on 30th August, when she was 2 months old. Charlotte was born on 2nd May and was christened on 5th July, when she was 2 months old and so close to her grandmother’s birthday. I’m beginning to wonder if the early christening, when compared to George’s wasn’t also an attempt in revoking Diana’s memory or an attempt to turn Charlotte into the next Diana.

  44. Spot on, Ray.

    Carole does not like Harry? I’m sure if the Ginger did make it known (God forbid) that he fancied the Pipster, she’d change her tune.

    I hope Harry finds someone special to love. Someone who will truly love him. He has much more heart than many others.

    1. Absolutely agree with you. Harry’s the best asset the Royal family have and the sooner everyone realises this the better. Everyone is waiting with bated breath for William to step up to his duty but Harry has been going about his for years and seems happy to accept the responsibility.

    2. Haha, That’s probably why she doesn’t like him! Nothing to do with flinging food across the table…She served up a bootylicious version of Pippa at the wedding and he passed. The NERVE.

  45. Do you think they will release one more photo from the Christening later? That is what they did with George. I want them to release one more in hopes that it is better πŸ™‚

  46. Video of Prince Philip dropping the F bomb today. Is this what was meant by “the gloves are off”?

    1. Nope. The gloves are off in regards to W&K’s dramatics.

      Phil and his shenanigans have been protected since 1947.

      1. Yes, along with the video I was reading a funny article about all his crazy comments over the years. But he is not being too well protected if the video gets released though.

      2. Not really well protected though Phillip’s gaffes are legendary. I thought the one today was pretty funny and something along the lines of what I’ve said to Mr. from Ca when he wants to take one of his thousands of cell phone photos πŸ™‚

        1. I feel the same way with Mr. Rhiannon. The best part was his face. First,.he has no.more f*cks to give. And it looked like chaos and we know Phillip doesn’t do chaos.

  47. Regarding the issue of eye color – both my husband and I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. Our first child had blue eyes & red hair. Going back a couple of generations, there are no blue eyes and no hair color other than brown. My mother, however, had a single green eye (her other eye was brown). I don’t understand how it works, but can assure you our children were our genetic offspring!

    1. Genetics are weird.
      But it’s strange for two dark brown eyed children in a family full of blue eyes on the windsor side and light eyed on the midd side, one midd might have hazel eyes.

      One kid with brown eyes could’ve been chalked up to funky genes, but two kids? Something’s fishy.

      1. This is my last post of eye colour I promise. It does not matter what eye colour other relatives have. Eye colour is determined by the mother and father as you get a couple of genes from each parent. Normally people with brown hair have brown eyes. I have brown hair and blue eyes because both my parents have light coloured eyes. Maybe Duchess Kate has brown eyes and wears green/blue eye contacts because that is what Diana had. I rest my case.

  48. The more I think about Harry not being here and why W/K didn’t arrange the christening earlier or later, so that Harry could attend, I’m beginning to wonder if its because of the SWFing again. Diana was born on 1st July and christened on 30th August, when she was 2 months old. Charlotte was born on 2nd May and was christened on 5th July, when she was 2 months old and so close to her grandmother’s birthday. I’m beginning to wonder if the early christening, when compared to George’s wasn’t also an attempt in revoking Diana’s memory or an attempt to turn Charlotte into the next Diana.

  49. So it appears that the gloves really are off and this time aimed at Pippa and James. I am of two minds about this family, part of me thinks they were thrust into a position they really didn’t want to be in and are trying to make the best of it and the other part of me wishes they would be more discreet and invisible. Anyhow, here’s the next link from the DM in their ongoing snark fest with the MidCambs.

    1. Wow, interesting article, Lauri.

      It said what we all have been saying for quite some time: How William was looking for a new family after losing his Mum. And, how the Midds seem to be in for life.

      I’m afraid I don’t feel sorry for Pippa and James. True, they did not ask for William and Kate to marry, but surely, they are not stupid. They saw what was in that for all of the Midds. And, I am sure the relationship with K&W was top on every family member’s list of discussion at all family dinners and gatherings.

      Pippa and James have used their connection to the Royal Family and seem to be far from pulling back anytime soon. I agree with you that I also wish they would be far more discreet and invisible. The Middleton children don’t seem to share Carole’s ability to become entrepreneurs. I think they, like their dad, are riding Carole’s and Kate’s coattails,

      If Kate never got involved with William, do you think her career would have gone anywhere? I’m sure her Mum would have found another rich guy to pawn her off on. Gosh, I sound mean.
      Kate, if she does not have that many friends, seems to need her Mother and sister very much. That is not going to change until she grows up and/or makes some new friends. Which might be difficult. I mean, how is she going to know who to trust?

      On another note, I loved that photo of David Beckham in the article. Wow!
      Too bad he’s not Royal. He’d be a great subject of the Hot Guy of the Month on this blog.
      Could we make an exception, please, KMR?!

      1. Oh yes please to David Beckham!

        Besides the fact that he is smokin hot, what’s sexy about him is that he is a total family man. 4 kids, still with his wife, resisted the crap lure of celebrity as much as he could. Sigh, really really love this guy. I even really love his wife.
        Maybe you should do hot guy and family, KMR! Nothing is more interesting than 2 successful people making it work in the spotlight. Must be true love!

  50. The Middletons have ALL cashed in on Kate’s marriage to PW. Did you. Office that Carole is front and center in the picture and Prince Phillip is pushed off to the side. Poppa and James are pictured but traditionally in other royal portraits it’s just Royalty in official portraits. It’s a fine line they walk. PW didn’t want Kate’s family to be frozen out but that doesn’t mean they should be included in all of the official royal portraits. Yes the family should have pictures of all of Kate’s family but for official royal portraits I think it should be just the royal blood line. Pippa’s dress was also bespoke and she showed up at Wimboldon wearing an outfit that isn’t on the market yet–meaning she probably got it for free. They have build their lives centered around their sisters good fortune. I also believe that Party Pieces became mega successful only after the family milked the royal connection with their royal paper plates and party supplies. Its a huge turn off for me and i think it reflects poorly on Kate and PW too.

    1. Absolutely! It should be noted that the order of precedence is in effect in public or private and that Prince Philip is to have “place, preeminence and precedence next to the Queen on all occasions and in all meetings,” except where regulated by Parliament, not the Midds. Prince Philip should have pointed that out and shoved Ma Midds aside. The Queen and Prince Philip are in charge of the Royal Family. William, Kate, George and Charlotte are royals and thus under their charge. The Midds are not and should learn their place.

  51. Lauri from Ca, hello magazine/ Monaco royalty scroll down & the babies are held by their nannies.
    Please let me know if you find them?

  52. PLEASE google basic genetics…. It is simple. Two brown eyed people can have a light eyed child due to resesive genes, but it is impossible for two light eyed people to have a brown eyed child; and they have two of them! Camilla has always stated that Kate couldn’t have children due to adolescent illness, and Charlotte is Pippa Middletons middle name. The baby is very dark apart from her eyes. Is it too difficult to figure out?

  53. What is Michael Middleton doing with his fingers? Is it some type of Masonic symbol or just happenstance?

  54. Oh, and what was Michael Middleton doing in Syria for all those years? Wasn’t it his mother that worked in secret cypher at Betchly during WWII?

  55. There is a photo of Carole Middleton holding her daughter in her arms and making some type of symbol with her fingers. Some one should review it. Oh, and genetically speaking 3 of the 4 grandparents of Charlotte had blue eyes as well as all of the Germanic genes in the Windsor-Mountbatten family, so what gives with the children?

  56. Does anyone believe Charlotte is really just 2months old? She seems to be almost as large as the Grimaldi twins that are 7 or 8 months old.

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