Royal Round Up: Letizia, Maxima, Mathilde, Charlene, Elizabeth, Sophie, William

Royal Round Up: Letizia, Maxima, Mathilde, Charlene, Elizabeth, Sophie, William

This week’s Royal Round Up includes someone we haven’t talked about in a while, Queen Letizia, dolling it up in a tiara. It also includes photocalls from Queen Maxima and Queen Mathilde and theirs families; Princess Charlene celebrating Prince Albert‘s 10 year anniversary; and the Battle of Britain flypast and the 7/7 commemoration.

Queen Letizia

I’ve been meaning to cover Queen Letizia for a while, and have even written up posts on her, but then they kept getting bumped for other things. The last time I covered Leti was, oh boy, May 25. She’s been busy since then and I haven’t gotten around to her, but this week she was all “bam tiara, don’t bump be again”, so I was like “okay”. So I’m covering the State Visit to Spain from Peru. I’m just covering the State Visit in this post. I’ll do some catch up posts later for all her other stuff.

Queen Letizia, King Felipe, President of Peru Gala Dinner July 7 2

The President of Peru and his wife paid a State Visit to Spain on July 7 – 8. On the evening of July 7, King Felipe and Queen Letizia held a State Banquet in their honor. Representatives of state institutions and business, cultural, and economic spheres and the media from both countries also attended the banquet.

Letizia brought the ballgown realness in this new Felipe Varela midnight blue tulle ballgown embroidered with crystals in the shapes of leaves. Letizia wore the Spanish Floral Tiara and her wedding earrings along with the Grand Cross sash and metal of the Order of the Sun (Peru).

She looks amazing, right? This is what you imagine when you think of royalty.

Earlier in the day on July 7, the official welcome ceremony for the President of Peru was held at Royal Palace of El Pardo. Letizia went with white Hugo Boss separates: a white top and white pencil skirt. She went with nude Magrit heels and clutch, and TOUS freshwater pearl drop earrings.

Queen Letizia, King Felipe, President of Peru welcome ceremony July 7 2

Queen Letizia, King Felipe, President of Peru reception July 8

On the evening of July 8, the President of Peru and his wife held a reception for the King and Queen at the Royal Palace of El Pardo. Letizia went with Felipe Varela again, this time repeating a black cocktail dress she previously wore in 2013 and 2014. It looks like a simple black dress from the front, but the back is actually sheer with a floral motif embellishment. Leti went with a Hugo Boss clutch and Prada heels, beautiful diamond earrings and her Cartier column bracelet.

Queen Letizia, King Felipe, President of Peru reception July 8 2

Queen Maxima

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, and their three daughters – Princess Amalia, Princess of Orange; Princess Alexia; and Princess Ariane – held a photocall on the beach in Wassenaar, Netherlands with their dogs on July 10. This is a lovely family photo op with the Dutch Royal Family, and I love that they included their dogs.

Interestingly, these photos were taken the day after Prince William and Duchess Kate released Princess Charlotte‘s christening photos, and what a stark contrast there is. I understand releasing official portraits, and I think William and Kate should still do that, but I hope at some point in the future the Cambridges start doing these types of photocalls. It would be fun to see Prince George interact with his sister.

Queen Mathilde

Speaking of photocalls, the Belgians did one of their own. The Belgians held theirs at Pairi Daiza animal park in Cambron-Casteau, Brugelette, Belgium on July 11. King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, and their four children – Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant; Prince Gabriel; Prince Emmanuel; and Princess Eleonore – visited the animal park and played with some lemurs and feed some elephants.

Princess Charlene

Prince Albert celebrates 10 years on the throne of Monaco this year. The first day of celebrations was yesterday, where a crowd gathered outside the Prince’s Palace of Monaco and Prince Albert gave a speech. Shocking everyone, including her husband, Princess Charlene gave her first ever speech in French, saying in part: “Albert I was the Explorer, Rainier III was the Prince-Builder, and you are the Prince of Hearts, of my heart.” [People]

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella did not come down to the square for the celebrations due to the sun, but they did appear on the balcony. Jacques wore white and Gabriella wore a little pink patterned dress; both were held by their nannies. As part of the celebrations, Albert and Charlene received baptism gifts for the twins from the citizens of Monaco. Gabriella received a 1925 Cartier belt buckle brooch, and Jacques received a Cartier tank watch.

Other members of the royal family were also in attendance: Princess Caroline, Andrea Casiraghi, Sasha Casiraghi (and his adorable grumpy face), Tatiana Casiraghi; Charlotte Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi, and Beatrice Borromeo.

Here’s another picture of the babies.

British Royals

On Tuesday, July 7, Prince William attended a memorial in Hyde Park to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings – showing his human side for once, hugging one of the youngest survivors, Emma Craig, after she gave a speech, saying in part: “[The terrorism attacck] may not have broken London, but it did break some of us. Sometimes I feel that people are so hell bent on saying terrorism not breaking us that they forget about all the people who got caught up in it.”

On the morning of July 7, 2005, four suicide bombers attacked civilians using public transport – three simultaneous attacks to the London Underground, and one on a double-decker bus – killing 52 people and injuring over 770 people.

On Friday, July 10, The Queen, along with Prince Philip, Prince William, Prince Edward, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, among others, commemorated the 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain with a flypast over Buckingham Palace. The Battle of Britain was a World War Two (WWII) air campaign waged by Germany against the United Kingdom in the summer and fall of 1940. It was the first major campaign fought entirely by air forces with the Nazis hoping to gain superiority over the Royal Air Force (RAF). The decisive Allied victory of the Battle of Britain was Germany’s first lost during WWII.

After the flypast, Philip, William, Edward, Sophie, and others attended a reception for the six remaining Battle of Britain veterans at the RAF Club. During the photo-taking portion, Philip, in all his Philip grumpiness, told the photographer, “Just take the ****ing picture”. Sigh, oh Philip.

Photos: Casa de S.M. el Rey / Getty

96 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Letizia, Maxima, Mathilde, Charlene, Elizabeth, Sophie, William

  1. Okay, first, LOVE Leti’s dress. The color, the style, it screams Queen Consort without being loud and over the top. Felipe is just wonderful to me. Tall, handsome, actually looks like he cares about what he’s doing. Leti is very lucky to have him as a husband.

    Max and Willem and Mathilde and Phillippe know how to do the family thing. I love seeing these royals out with their families because it doesn’t look forced and they look happy to be in each others presence. I really like the picture with the lemurs on them.

    Charlene and Albert! I pretty much like everything Charlene wears because of the clean lines. She’s got the body type that can pull this look off. And I love that she and Albert seem to have seriously reconnected with the birth of the twins. And well the twins, I really don’t have to say how adorable they are. Double goodness. Also glad to see that Charlene gave her first speech in French. Good for her!

    1. I totally agree. Charlene and Leti dress to their body type and aren’t afraid to take risks. I so want to raid Leti’s, Char’s, and Max’s closet.

      1. Totally agree!

        Note how regal the royals are even on casual park/beach outings with the children – no faded ‘jeggins, and the likes.

  2. Lisa your right about Charlene’s French speech! This month the princess & Albert have been married 4 years!

  3. Thank you KMR. I adore the blue ballgown on Leti. As Lisa said, Leti announces herself with it. I am not too keen on the back of the black dress. However Leti keeps it elegant and dresses to the occasion.

    I like the photos of Max and Willem with their daughters, Amalia, Alexia and Arianne. I notice they all look a mixture of the Dutch couple. I like the way too that the girls dress in different colours. They are not all dressed the same yet can be seen at the same time. It is such an informal set of photos. The Belgian Royal family look very stiff but it is good seeing them out and about. I suppose for the children they are not used to being in the public eye however they look well behaved.
    It was good to see the Battle of Britain being commemorated. It was Britain’s darkest hour but even serviceman from other countries helped. It must mean a lot to HM, as she grew up then.

  4. ps Is Charlotte C. expecting again? Their son looks adorable. Good to see Prince William laying a wreath to the 7/7 bombings. My brother was living and working in London and I remember taking the call knowing he was safe. His American friend went back to America afterwards, and they looked after each other that day. Rest in peace to all who passed away that day.

    1. Finally I like how Elenore hides behind Mathilde as she is obviously shy. Elisabeth and her brothers are not able to do that.

  5. Sophie looks and sounds amazing. She is the epitome of elegance and grace; a feather in the BFR’s cap. She had her growing pains, but look what she’s become. Wow. Her dress is very similar to Pippa’s at the christening. I loved Pippa’s look, but Sophie just took it to the next level! I’m just so impressed.
    As to Prince Phillip…don’t blame him…he’s old damn it, and he’s been around the block too many times to put up with photographers pussyfooting and procrastinating. He’d probably been holding that f bomb in since the MT shoot for Charlotte.

  6. “Letizia brought the ballgown realness” – so true, KMR. Leti’s sheath is beautiful. It is a nice surprise to an otherwise boring sheath. I like her simple and understated style. I’m loving her hair, too. She had some engagements recently and her hair was gorgeous. She wore it wavy and it frames her face nicely.

    W-A and Max’s photocall was nice. The dogs were a nice addition. You can only be so scripted when a pet comes around. They look like a warm and loving family. I like how W-A and Max interact. It is nice to see a couple have nice moments like that.

    The Belgians photocall was okay. I’m not a fan of zoos, but whatever. I am quite neutral on them on this RF. I do find them to be a class act and Mathilde is a strong woman in her own right.

    Way to go, Char! It’s awesome that she gave a heartfelt speech in French. I am sure that it added goodwill to the event. There were many Monegasques who looked down on her due to not knowing the language. The twin are adorable. Sasha is grumpy and I love it. Caroline is the epitome of class, IMHO. Her style is both on trend and classy. Andrea, all I can say that he does not look good. He looks ill. I hope he’s okay. I heard that his wife is pregnant. Stephanie looked great at the event too. She normally looks like a hot mess.

    Will…all I can say is that he paid his respects. Prince Phillip is a boss.

    Excellent round up, KMR.

  7. I think Maxima and Willem-Alexander do it well. Maybe they’re “bicycle monarchs” but they appear to really connect and they both get out on behalf of their country. I think their photos are lovely.

    To be honest I don’t get the admiration for Charlene. She seems pretty plastic to me. What am I missing? Anything?

    1. W-A and Max recently visited Washington DC and they were a delight. A friend of mine was at the dance party that was thrown. She said that bith were very friendly, approachable and open.

      I find Charlene to be the ultimate ice queen. She was very animated before she and Albert were engaged. But as soon as she got engaged, “poof”! I always felt bad because Albert is a bit of a tool. I always thought he married because he needed a legitimate heir. It didn’t help help that there were rumors of another baby so close to the wedding. If Will and Kate’s wedding was a ceremony that lacked love and emotion, Albert’s and Char’s looked like a funeral. I do say that she has, in her few engagements, risen to the occasion. She carries herself well and rarely puts a foot wrong.

      1. Char sure do seem like a ‘ice queen’ (since marriage), something is off… but there was a time -pre marriage, they both seem ‘close

    2. Hi bluhare, I think Charlene is a bit of an acquired taste, people either love her or they don’t, there doesn’t seem to be middle of the road when it comes to her.

    3. I’ve read an article before that like Grace Kelly, Charlene is suffering depression because the snooty people of Monaco hate her.

      1. I think that she is probably suffering from depression because she is married to an old fogey who can’t be bothered to love her. The pictures in today’s dailymail show her trying to hug him and him pushing her away.

    4. I like Charlene because in my mind she is coming out of the cocoon. I didn’t know her prior to her wedding. Her sad face that day with all the stories of runaway bride intrigued me.
      In the most recent events (starting maybe late in her pregnancy) she appears to be much more happy and perhaps finally comfortable to be in the public eye. I just hope it isn’t another miserable-princess story. I also like her because I read she is quite disliked by her people. So I’m rooting for her. I know people bring up the botox, etc. I don’t really see it.
      I do think she is naturally very pretty and perhaps because she isn’t a size 0 people dismiss her immediately and I don’t like that.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you KMR!!!! This ballgown on Leti is the dream of every little girl who ever dreamed of being a princess!! The color is stunning and I love the embroidery around the hem, wow I can’t say enough great things about this dress.

    I love the Dutch photo call pictures. Willem and Max are so great together, he obviously knows what a wonderful wife he has. The open affection they show for each other and their adorable daughters is heart warming.

    What a sweet gesture from Charlene to her husband, a wonderful sentiment given in French in such a public arena. I have to agree with riahannon that she does come across a bit icy but since her children have come along it seems to me that she has regained some of her warmth. I do remember reading before the wedding that she didn’t really have any friends in Monaco and that the court wasn’t very welcoming to her and I imagine that Albert’s sisters aren’t very friendly either. Coupled with the horrible rumors swirling around the wedding I can understand why she would be rather closed off and uncomfortable in public.

    Go Prince Phillip!!! I like how over the 60+ years he has walked one step behind his wife he has never been anyone but himself. Sure he can abrasive and his gaffes are legendary but he tells it like it is and you can be certain where you stand with him which I highly admire.

    1. Okay, so this sort of sums up my dilemma with Pippa, showing up in the Royal Box at Wimbledon is a little much for me, yeah I know she was invited by still, but then she does something great for charity and that sort of makes me like her again. Anyhow here’s a link to an article about a marathon she ran last month to support the Tusk Trust, one of Will’s charities.

      1. Good for Pippa. I have to hand it to her. Quite an accomplishment — and, for a worthy cause..

        I also want to hand it to the Brits. Ticking off a life box. Is that the equivalent of the more crass American expression of one’s Bucket List? Sounds so much more impressive the British way!

        Thanks, Lauri, You and KMR are my “go to girls,” for great articles.

      2. Good for Pippa! I think that he married the wrong girl. I would love it if Kate did these sorts of things.

        I think that people feel that in order to be a real princess, you need to love kids and all that kids involve. Princess Anne was always seen as a rebel because she was never photographed hugging kids. Or even pretending to want to hug them. She does a lot of ground work for Save the Children and is lauded for it.

        I say this because Kate is keen on sports. Why not do these same sort of things? No one would begrudge her.

        I digress…but I do have to give Pippa a shout out. She does work. It bothers me that she has that d*mn signet ring on.

        1. I agree rhiannon about Kate working with more sports related charities. She should take a look at Charlene of Monaco and how she works her love of swimming into her charity work. She also does a lot with other sports related child oriented charities.

          The major problem, as I see it, is that Charlene genuinely likes being around kids and teaching them about swimming and encouraging them in other sports. Kate has almost always come off as stilted when she’s near kids. I think that if she weren’t so wrapped up in maintaining this facade she’s built around herself she could actually connect with them.

          And she also has to WANT to do this. So far all I can see that she actually wants to do is stay at home, shop, get her hair done and (despite the proclamation that was made earlier this year) meet celebrities.

          1. I totally agree. Charlene warmed my heart when she talked about teaching swimming education in her native SA as a lot of kids drown there.

            Kate needs to have a want or desire to do anything. Now that she has Big Blue and two kids, she’s good.

          2. I have to say that the only sentiment that Charlene ever invokes in me is pity. As for Kate, I agree that her vision of her life has always been what she is living now. Having an enviable lifestyle, surrounded by luxury and nature and raising her family and making William proud (as he said today). That is it. She is stilted also because she has never worked a single day in her life. She has no clue how to connect with people or impress them.

          3. I wonder if Kate is any less stilted with kids when the cameras aren’t around? I’ve read somewhere that she has visited her charities privately and has a great time with the kids, now I don’t know if that’s just being said or if it’s true.

        2. Princess Anne raised two sensible children. I think if you don’t like kids why be criticised for it. At least you are honest. The royals bring up children differently. Even in photos you can see if the child is comfortable with you. If the adult is pretending it will show through body language anyway.
          Kate always looks awkward when out and about talking to kids and it shows. Therefore the more practise the better for her. Carole has raised hers and needs to let William and Kate raise theirs.

          1. So true. I was never a fan of kids, until I had my own. If Kate went the way of Anne or even Pippa, I wouldn’t hold it against her. But, she is very stilted around kids and you don’t see kinds trying to clamor over her like they did Diana.

      3. Lauri I’m glad you mentioned Wimbledon. Her appearance at the men’s finale on Sunday drove me nuts. The way she is smirking and looking at the camera made me a little sick. She obviously loves having her photo taken almost as much as Kate. It is annoying that she gets to be in the royal box. But what really bothered me is the looks she kept giving the cameras.

  9. Queen Leti looked beautiful, as always. Queen Maxima is my absolute favorite, as she really puts herself out there for her country.

    As far as the Windsor-Mountbattens, it irritates me to no end to see the useless men of that family strutting around with their chests full of medals. Yeah, I know they were all in the military at one time, but you cannot convince me they actually earned those medals. It’s all about them, their family, their vanity. Truly insulting to hardworking military members and extremely archaic, IMO. No one will convince me otherwise.

    1. As far as I’m concerned only Harry and Philip deserve the damn medals. Why does Edward have any?? Didn’t he bail out if the Marines?

    2. I don’t understand it either, how he shows up to certain events in uniform, unless he is the “honorary” colonel or commander of some regiment or another.

  10. LOVE Leti’s gown, she nails it every time and is so elegant and beautiful. I can’t stand Prince Philip and wish he would save the rudeness for his own time, not when out in public. He clearly is used to the world revolving around him and I am of the personal opinion that Royalty should behave well and not use profanity when they are at any sort of public function. Just my opinion…

    1. I agree about Prince Phillip, he has made rude and/or bigoted remarks in the past and doesn’t seem to care about the impression he leaves.

      1. Why should he care? There have never been any consequences for his actions and behavior. He’s pretty secure in his position as spouse to the monarch. That’s why I don’t expect too much will become of Kate. She’s just a spouse, not the future leader.

        1. Philip’s bluntness always makes me laugh.

          As for take the effing picture, I don’t know how long the photographer was faffing around and at 94 you’ve earned the right to be impatient.

  11. Leti looks amazing in her tiara, could do with a wee bit more weight on her, She’s healthy so does it really matter?
    Thank you for including the photos of Max and her family, I especially love the 2nd and 3rd ones.
    I did have a wee giggle at Philip telling the photographer to hurry up, we’ve probably all been in that position where the photographer has been fluffing around and have thought the same thing. He is in his 90s so I think he can be let off that one.

  12. My, my, my! How different Phillip looks in a DM photo and the Christening photo! I think now we know why it took 4 days – the photoshopping on Phillip alone would have taken at least a day!

    1. I am laughing so hard right now!!!! 😀 LOL!!!!!!!!
      Yeah, he should be more patient. He needs all the help he can get (from the photographer) 😀

  13. Poor Prince Philip! He must feel much exasperation in photo calls at his age but that does not serve as an excuse for being rude to the photographer. Hopefully the Queen will counsel him on royal politeness and general civility toward others in such situations. No matter one’s age or station in life, there is never an excuse for bad manners.

    1. They’ve been together longer than she has been Queen. I don’t think any amount of counseling can cow him into behaving.

  14. ya I dont think princess charlene is the ultimate ice queen, she and leti and have an incredible poise, which i hope kate will have one day, shes always a mess!! seen pics of charlene in the pool with kid and other places and thats not an ice queen i have seen, and Albert is throwin an extravagant party for the citizens of monaco to celebrate their 4 years anniversary i think lady gaga among others will be in attendance, wow, william just cant spoil his wife can he!!

    1. I think the BRF DO spoil each other – it’s just done privately so the commoners don’t go ape-sh&t. Reportedly Christmas Eve at Sandringham is a “bring out the bling and evening gown” affair. But what WE see are some plain folks walking a country lane in church clothes on Christmas Day.

    2. Kate may be a lot of things, but a mess is not one of them.

      I don’t think much of Charlene or Letizia. They both look plastic as all get out to me. That being said, I don’t know much about them as I don’t follow either. I will do some reading and see if that changes my mind.

      1. I saw Kate as pretty plastic once I realized she has naturally curly hair. And that it takes a LOT of effort for her to go out the door looking the way she does and she does it every time. But never speaks. She is not “effortless” and natural – she is putting on a show. It doesn’t help that my Barbi doll had wedges – she didn’t talk either.

        1. Then apparently I’m plastic as well, because I have exceedingly curly hair and I straighten it. I do talk, however. But I don’t wear wedges.

          I also never said Kate was effortless and natural.

          1. I didn’t say you said Kate was effortless and natural.
            My definition of plastic is manufactured and unnatural.
            Straightening one’s hair is manufactured and unnatural. So is getting a permanent for people with straight hair. So is using extensions, wigs and weaves. Lady Gaga is plastic. She wasn’t born that way. Don’t get me started on Kate’s theater make up.

          2. @LadyBlueRibbon:

            To me, plastic is more than just straightening one’s hair, or curling one’s hair, or dying one’s hair whatever color one wants.

            Most women don’t leave the house “effortless and natural”. Most women wear make up, do their hair, and all sorts of other things to make themselves look better before leaving the house. That doesn’t make them all plastic.

            Lady Gaga is plastic because everything she does is completely fake, not just her hair and make up. Her entire personality and voice when speaking is fake, and manufactured to garner her attention in order to make money.

            If Kate is plastic, it’s because she puts on manic grins and fake sympathetic forehead wrinkles and never speaks. Not because she straightens her hair.

          3. Kate does not strike me as plastic. She strikes me as a bit under-exposed and dull. Possibly a bit silly and ditzy as well. She has had very limited exposure to the world and the professional world and it shows. She has also had limited exposure to travel or cultures and that also shows.
            She strikes me as a simple, probably very nice and kind person without any informed opinions and nothing much to contribute to the world beyond raising children. Nothing wrong with that. Most people are like that, but they also don’t have her huge platform.

            I certainly don’t see her as fake, plastic, unhappy, living away from William etc. -things that I have seen said here and other forums. I think that she is loved by her family and William, she is beyond lucky and she is blissfully happy in her life and complacent and without a single thought in her brain that might count towards something. That is all.

          4. I enjoyed that Newbie, and I agree. I think you’ve described the situation as it probably is, very well. Everyone likes to speculate, but truth is she’s happy, a little boring, trying hard to be a good mom, and likes to dress up pretty whenever she gets the chance. Wrong personality to undertake the role of King consort, and doubtful she’ll ever shake the earth for us.

            They are happy as clams, and all our little “blow darts” affect her not….but so fun to theorize anyway 😉

          5. Happy to find someone here who agrees with me Ray ! Unfortunately while you and I may feel that she is the wrong person to undertake the role she has, the BRF may feel that she is exactly the right person. They like their consorts nice and bland.

        2. To be fair, *a lot* of people with naturally curly hair spend hours straightening it. That doesn’t necessarily make them “plastic”.

          PS. My Barbies always came with heels which would get lost in about five seconds. They never stayed on her feet and I couldn’t be bothered to care, so I’d just lose them so quickly. Then I’d find a random Barbie heel somewhere in my room later.

          1. I’m going to disagree – if you spend HOURS to straighten your hair – you are pretty plastic, because that is how you choose to spend your time – on appearance. And I know PLENTY of women who do not spend money on cosmetics and aren’t getting “made up” to live their lives. I do think the determining factor is the amount of TIME you invest in creating the look you are after — because if that is how you spend your time – you are pretty plastic.

          2. No, KMR. Sorry; I thought my response was going to post under LadyBlueRibbon, but it didn’t. I was responding to that post.

          3. bluhare – is not the point of spending hours on your appearance because you want people to judge you on your appearance? Otherwise why do it? Do people who straighten their hair surround themselves with mirrors so They themselves can enjoy it? No. It’s done so that others look at it.

      2. I feel that way about CP Mary. She always looks so plastic to me. Charlene does seem cold, though she seems to have warmed since the birth of the twins. And Leti is, well, she seems to try to be very perfect all of the time, or at least that’s how I perceive that. Which can come off plastic-y. Though there have been moments where Leti lets her human side come through which is so nice to see.

        1. I don’t know much about CP Mary either other than some people don’t like her much. 🙂

          But I agree with what you said. The photos of Letizia above make her look like a doll on a stand to me. She’s lovely and dresses beautifully, but she looks like it’s all for display.

          Again, to her fans, I don’t know much about her, and this is just my impressions looking at her. Pretty much the only news I get abut her is here.

          1. CP Mary is actually a dynamic person. There is a documentary on her that is on youtube where you can get to hear her speak at length about her childhood, her family and her life in Australia.

            There are two camps on Mary and Fredrick. Some people think that they are wonderful and have a fairy tale marriage. Then there is the other camp that would happily burn her at stake.

            I personally think that she is a shrewd and smart woman who has had sufficient exposure to the world to know how things are done and games are played. I think that she has good intentions and a great work ethic. I also think that she and Fredrick do not have a blissfully happy marriage (like Kate and William do) precisely for that reason. I am sure that they have ups and downs like many marriages, but overall they work well as a team and they know it, they love and like one another and are in it for the long haul. I think that they are great assets to the Danish RF.

            I know nothing about Leti. I agree with those that think that she is “competitively skinny”. Her daughters always look sombre and miserable, so I wonder what their home life is like.

          2. Newbie I kinda buy into the fairytale marriage with Mary and Frederick.

            I have seen that documentary on You Tube (few available in English) and I see a lot of pictures of them working out together, horseback ridding, riding their bikes as a family that I just assumed they have a million of things in common and love hanging out together + a lot of PDA which I like to see with royals.

            I have read a lot of Mary haters out there on the web. Mostly because she “spends a lot of $ on clothes” but I think she “recycles” and brings out a lot of OLD (like 4+ yrs) expensive items and is always working, out and about so I don’t think it’s so bad… but then again, they don’t get a lot of coverage so there isn’t much available in English (or Spanish) so I guess I could be missing out on a lot.

  15. Letizia’s ball gown is gorgeous! I love pretty much everything about it – the colour, details, cut. She looks fantastic! I also really like her hair in the photo of her with the white dress. I like her hair with a bit of texture in it.

    I didn’t realize that Prince Albert was actually on the throne. For some reason, I thought he was the heir. Can anyone tell me why his title is Prince and not King or another title?

    1. It’s really weird. Monaco can revert back to France if there isn’t a legitimate Grimaldi heir It’s a principality versus a kingdom.

      I can be wrong with my guess.

    2. Monaco is a principality not a kingdom, not sure of the difference between the two but I recall this question being asked before and this was the answer. I’m wish ArtHistorian would give us a little lesson on this 🙂

  16. I guess I stand alone here. I thought Leti’s gown screamed, “Disney World Princess.” I just hated it. Maybe, I have just lost my fascination with her after receiving the shock of her before and after facial surgeries photos. I am all for making tiny adjustments in one’s appearance if that will give someone more confidence, but her overall, massive facial reconstruction — if that is the correct word– makes me think much differently of her.

    I thought that Charlene looked lovely and her speech was very touching. Yes, it is nice that she and Prince Albert seem to have reconnected since the birth of those adorable twins. The babies are darling. Loved little Jacques asleep during all the hoopla. His sister looked sooo cute. And, little Sasha is darling, too.

    The Dutch Royal Family are so special. Loved seeing the family having fun together.

    As for William, it was nice to see that he was moved by the survivor’s speech. And, for the survivor, what courage it took to admit that people who are hurt in such violent ways are forever haunted. Yes, it’s nice that people can forge ahead, but sometimes, I think, we expect so much of people and her honest admission was something that needs to be heard. Good for her and nice of PW!

    1. Hi Mary Elizabeth, I agree that the young survivor that spoke highlighted an important and often overlooked issue. We so often put those who “get over” or “move on” from difficult situations quickly on some sort of weird pedestal and expect others to do the same. We need, as a society, to realize that the suffering might be continuing and not make judgments about that.

      1. I think that’s why depression is so looked down upon. As a society, we expect people to “get over it” and “move on”. So people don’t understand why people suffering from depression can’t do that.

        I agree with what you and Mary Elizabeth have said, that we should realize and accept that not everyone moves on and forgets so quickly. That some things have long lasting affects. And that’s okay.

    2. Mary Elizabeth:

      I know what you mean about Leti. Wowsa! I guess her vanity (don’t blame her, she is judged every day), eating issues, and this I don’t know, something is way off and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, bottom line: I think little girls can find other more fulfilling role models? Something is way off and ahh I completely agree on your statements about the survivor’s speech. Have a nice day!

      1. Hello, MYR,

        You ane also on my go-to list for good articles, now. Thanks for the link.

        So, who to believe? This is quite intriguing a story!!!

        I agree that little girls need role-modles who aren’t just glamorous women, who dress well. I believe Leti does a nice amount of good work, but I am also very turned off by her (as previously posted) due to her totally different look after plastic surgery.
        One poster on another section said Leti modeled her new look after Queen Rainia. I think so, too.

        There was nothing wrong with Leti’s appearance prior to her surgery, except that she must have really disliked herself. I may be judging her too harshly, but it worries me that she changed so much. She has daughters. They probably inherited some of her features. Is she going to encourage them to have plastic surgery, too?

        Again, I am all for a little bit of help here and there — especially if someone is truly bothered by an aspect of their appearance, but when I looked at Leti’s “Before” photo, I could see nothing wrong. She changed her entire look. I bet her parents were hurt by that.

      2. Oh FFS. Even if that is true and Leti and Sofia conspired to cause Juan Carlos to abdicate by leaking info to the press about his transgressions, *there would be no leaked info had he not had those transgressions*! Juan Carlos effed himself over, as did Cristina’s husband.

        And yes, how dare a woman have ambition and be determined to be smart, educated, and still glamorous. And how dare she want to answer her own questions. I mean, only baby-killing heathens have ambition and can speak for themselves.

        Come on. Of course she has ambition, she has a masters degree in journalism. And that bit about the abortion rumor: Even if Leti did have an abortion, who cares? It’s her body.

        That whole post just read like some anti-woman propaganda. Yes, Letizia is horrible, so is Sofia, they’re both conspiring witches. And you know, poor Juan Carols being forced to abdicate after being a terrible corrupt king, and poor Cristina’s husband being caught swindling public money.

        There is nothing wrong with women being ambitious and calculating. Men do it *all the time*! And in fact, if all of this is true, I think that makes Letizia a badass.

        Sorry I got sarcastic and yell-y there, but the way that post presented their “woman are bad for being ambitious” argument aggravated me.

        1. I’ve never been able to get on team Leti. Her over exaggerated posture and competitive skinnyness (imo, people!) leave me chilled.
          I do agree, however, that the above article was misogynistic and slightly medieval(?) in tone. There is nothing wrong with smart, ambitious women. But some men will always be threatened by that.

          1. Whoa. I surely hope your “rant,” KMR was not directed at me.
            I don’t care for Leti and I found the article interesting, but did ask, Who to believe? Meaning I did not know exactly what to think.

            I am not a feminist, nor do I think women should continue to rail so much against the injustices that they think they face. Everyone faces injustices, everyday. It’s how we choose to deal with them.
            Imagine living at a far different time when women could not vote, own property, or have careers. Women do all that today and more. I guess I am just one of those “silly women” to many, who embrace my role as a mom of two young kids. I am tired of some people putting me down for staying at home, but that is my choice and I enjoy it and think that it is where I should be. I freelance, so I do work to make money. I guess that moves me up just a tad in the eyes of many who seem to think I’m useless unless working full-time outside my home.

            I’m sorry, but I could care less if someone accuses either a man or woman of being calculating or too ambitious. What I choose to criticize most people of is being uncaring, stingy and mean.

            Women hurt themselves, I think, by remaining so angrygry about the supposed perils they face in an unjust society. Move to a country where women are forced into slavery or arranged, bad marriages, and tell me just how lucky we are in this part of the world. Women have been complaining since the feminist movement and before. Men can complain, too. About their lot . Complaints get us nowhere. Being a person who achieves one’s goals, no matter what they are, is something I admire. And, getting over anger and moving past it, is what I think I try to do.

            I was not directing this pat of my post at anyone in particular, just everyone who screams unfairness about the lives women are facing, today. The world is a scary and tough place. We all need to support each other and do the best we can to make it better.

            Thanks and end of rant.

          2. My rant want not directed at you, mary elizabeth, at all and I’m sorry if you thought it was as that was not my intention and I would never intend to insult you.

            My rant was directed at the article, which I took issue with because it degraded a woman for being ambitious and wanting to speak for herself and blamed the misdeeds of men coming to light on her (instead of just blaming the misdeeds of men on the men who committed those misdeeds), because I don’t think there is anything wrong with a woman being ambitious and wanting to speak for herself.

            In all honesty, I probably shouldn’t have posted my previous comment, but the article made me so aggravated that I didn’t listen to my own advice and instead posted my emotionally charged response before truly thinking about it. I’m sorry for doing that as it clearly upset you. If you would like me to remove that comment, I will.


            In response to your rant about being a mom. You are completely free to be a mom. No judgement. I do judge Kate for only wanting to be a mom, because she is a public figure paid for by the taxpayer and there are certain expectations that come with that. But anyone else is free to do what they want with their lives.

            But that’s the thing, they are free to do what they want with their lives. If a woman wants to be a stay at home mom, then she is free to make that choice. And if a woman wants to be an ambitious manipulator and run a company (or whatever) then she’s free to do that, too.

            I personally don’t care what choice one makes, as long as one is open to everyone else being free to make their own choices. My issue comes when one puts down another for their choice, while relishing in the ability to make one’s own choices. So if I choose to learn programming and become a programmer, that’s my choice. You chose to be a mom, and became a mom. Neither one puts down the other and we both get high fives, you know.


            In terms of woman hurting themselves by complaining too much. For the most part, I agree with you. Women complain and then never do anything about it. They want the world to change around them instead of changing themselves to fit into and conquer the world. Which is why I am learning programming in order to better my situation.

            However, I disagree with your argument that because women in other countries have it worse than us, we have no right to complain. There will always be someone out there worse off than you, but that doesn’t mean what you are going through isn’t still bad. I do agree with you that it is all about how we deal with the situation we’ve been given. But that doesn’t mean we can’t complain about the situation before we deal with it.


            Again, Mary Elizabeth, my rant was not directed at you. I am terribly sorry that you felt I attacked you and judged you for being a mom as that was not my intention at all. Having had time to reflect on my previous comment, I realize that it was not a well formed argument at all, and was highly emotionally charged. That type of comment gets us nowhere.

            Though I did not intend to insult you, I clearly have. I am sorry for offending you. Please know that I have nothing but respect for you, I always enjoy your comments as they are fun and well balanced (even when you are ranting against me), and I am sending air hugs your way because I’m sorry that I hurt you. Please accept my apology and assurance that I will spend more time reflecting on my comments before I post them in the future.

            As I said above, if you would like me to remove my previous comment, just let me know and I will.

          3. OMG, KMRr, I have major PMS today and a two year-old who has gotten two time outs since 8am, so I really should never have posted what I did. Thank you for your thoughtful and very kind words and for your apology, which I offer one your way, too. Please forgive my rants.

            I think the world of you and all you have achieved with this blog. The fact that you are studying programming, too, is so admirable. I know you will succeed in every endeavor you undertake.

            I agree that every woman should have the opportunity to pursue what she wants in life. My feelings about Kate are exactly like yours. If she wants to be a full-time mom and stop all the public engagements, then do it! Instead, she has the Nanny, Carole, a huge staff and everything she wants without too much work. At least, I don’t imagine she works too hard. But, who am I to tell what goes on in her hone.

            I know I said that we have little right to complain when women in other parts of the world have it so very hard, but we all have the right to complain. Then to act to better our situations, right?

            Again, my apologies for my post. I was not directing it your way. Just to others, too, whom I mistakenly thought were putting my life choice down. How stupid of me.

            You don’t need to remove your post, but you may certainly remove mine.

            Thank you for your kindness and for this blog which we all love so very much.

          4. I’ve never been a Letizia fan because I see her too plastic (I have mentioned in the past I lived a few yrs in Mexico and they covered her before the press in the US paid any attention, so I have seen her change soo much, I just can’t).

            The thing with Letizia is whenever I used to make any comment (not praising her) all her fans would get very defensive and nasty – kinda how they do with Kate on all the sugary-fangirl blogs. Scary. I have even been accused of posting under a gazillion names on NEWMYROYALS hating on Letizia – that day I wanted to go back on the whole 2-3 weeks posts of her I had not been able to comment just to piss-off that crazy fangirl :p 😀 xD

    3. Leti’s dress does scream Disney Princess, which is why I love it. lol

  17. I’m so over Leti. So over her.

    My mom had a Barbie from the 60s and of course, guess who got it as a child? Me!!!
    I loved it because the clothes were so much more glam and sophisticated than the cheaper ones for the Barbie of my days. At any rate, I also got the stand that you could place Barbie on. Whenever I see Leti standing up straight in one of her sheaths, I think, “Oh, Barbie” Or, more accurately, “Barbie propped up so stiff on that stand!”

    I agree that her ball gown looked like something Cinderella would wear at The Magic Kingdom. Of course, Cinderella’s dress would not be made of such expensive fabric. Did love the tiara, though.

    The Dutch Royals on the beach? Lovely! So happy, so dear. It’s nice to see such love.

    And the Monaco twins? Just want to pick them both up and hug them!

    Doesn’t Sophie always look awesome? She is such an asset to the British Royal Family.

    I also agree that William showed great kindness — much compassion – to the survivor who made the speech. Yes, we do often neglect to recognize that they still must suffer. It was good of her to bring that up. I am sorry so many people were killed and hurt. Such a senseless act.

    1. Haha, when I see Leti’s posture I think “stand up straight Lauri quit slouching”, it’s funny how we all see different things depending on our experiences.

      I agree though, the BRF are very lucky to have Sophie in their family. I love hearing about her relationship with the Queen, it must be such a blessing for her after the other two daughter-in-laws she had, neither of which she got along with.

  18. New article today from William’s first day on the job. He actually had nice things to say about his family. And I know it is reading between the lines, but I think everyone who said they will have a 3rd child is right.

    The only thing that is stupid is the title of the article. William didn’t gush about Kate, he made a one sentence comment. He is proud of her….makes me wonder if he wasn’t sure if she would be a good mother 😉

    1. Maybe William is getting over his habit of bashing his son, as shown by this article and the picture from the christening. Good for him if that’s the case. Although the last person I heard of who called their child “a little monkey” was definitely not using it in a positive way, I can see where it might be a comment on George’s playfulness.

      1. I used to call my dog “a/my little monkey” before she died. And I used that phrase is a completely loving way.

      2. I think George looks like he has his own mind and I think first sign of his character forming was at his christening when he was sitting on Kate’s lap clapping – so cute!
        I doubt that Kate will be able to dress him like it’s 1953 for much longer!

  19. That dress is divine! The blue color, wonderful. And I really like the candidates with the doggies. Love seeing them look so happy.

  20. I’m read the comments on this post and would like to add my feelings about Kate. I keep hoping for Kate to change. Some may say it’s ok for Kate to stay at home, be a Mum and raise the children. I feel that is not realistic as she may love William but she not only married the man she also married who he is… in other words the 2nd in line to the throne. If William was just a helicopter pilot then Kate could be a stay at home Mum and no one would worry. But with marrying into the British Royal Family she got another job too. It’s her lack of interest/ involvement in THIS job that bugs me. Others who marry Royals can do it (eg Max, Mary, Leti, Rania) so why not Kate? I personally think that Kate put great effort into getting William to marry her and maybe she is too exhausted and doesn’t have it in her to actually be able to do the job? Maybe that is the reason she is kept away and when she does attend a function she doesn’t speak. Makes me feel sorry for her, especially with Carole hovering and Pippa in the papers all the time.

    1. I don’t know if I feel bad for her…

      I don’t think she is exhausted from her pursuit of William. I mean, come on! She had all the time of the world for that and she was at the best age (truly young) for it.

      I think it might be more that the Royal life (oficial duties + protocol and scrutiny) might be more than what she expected. She got a “feel” for it in the decade as official girlfriend but obviously it is at a different level. Plus, she is quite insecure for all of it. It doesn’t help that her mother treats her like a complete moron (how else can we explain that she believes Kate needs her for every single thing in her life). Perhaps even PW is just used to being with her on his terms (like, not full time since he got away for work as a pilot + royal duties + friends and his party time without) so maybe that might be why she runs to her mother so much.

      Still, I don’t know about feeling sorry for her.

      I think she doesn’t speak because she knows there isn’t anything she can contribute and that will only increase the criticism and scrutiny she gets. Also, a lot of people are happy and in love with her by just showing up and looking pretty, so no need to mess that up.

  21. Finally made it to this post… A lot has been said but I still want to share my 2cents.

    Letizia looks great. She would look so much better with an extra 10 lbs but she looks nice. I like her white outfit better than the ballgown. Perhaps because it covers her more.

    I am a such a Maxima fangirl 😛 I love their family photoshoot. Their willingness to add their dogs to the mix is such a nice touch. Not just because it shows them as incredibly loving of them but also because they were definitely going ALL NATURAL 🙂 I love that. Willem and Maxima come across as another super fun couple.

    I always tend to think of the Belgian royals as super boring :$ sorry. So it’s nice to see her with all the little animals over her (what are they? :p )

    I’m happy for Charlene. I always feel like I’m rooting for her. I hope she truly loves her husband. I think she has warmed up to her role in recent months, like right before her twins arrived. Motherhood has brought something to her relationship with Albert and just joy to her eyes. I wondered if she was missing her career and hating being a public figure and all the scrutiny attached with being a princess. The babies are adorable.

    Nice to see petulant has a heart.

    Sophie looked AMAZING. She is so elegant and lovely and has gotten in such great shape. I’m happy to see the Queen favoring her and showing their closeness publicly.

    I felt really bad for the photographer. I normally find gaffes funny and entertaining but not this time. I’m completely biased. My husband is quite the photo-enthusiast and takes photography very seriously. Annoyingly so. He has purchased more cameras, gadgets, equipment, etc. than I care for and he is very meticulous about his setups, measurements and what-not so I feel for the photographer and did not like the grumpy old man 😛

  22. Cathy you have right to your opinion & I respect it! KM is lazy freeloader & feel sorry for british taxpayers, who have to tighten their belts & go without to fund her luxurious lifestyle! Lazywaity done nothing but cause trouble & waste other people’s money! Halia

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