Prince Harry announces Invictus Games to be held in Orlando + Prince William talks about his family

Prince Harry announces Invictus Games to be held in Orlando + Prince William talks about his family

Prince Harry announced in a video message today, July 14, that the 2016 Invictus Games will take place from May 8-12, 2016 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.

Prince Harry Invictus announcement

In his video message, Harry said: “I had always hoped that last year’s games would be more than a one off. For me, the 2014 Games were just the beginning of the Invictus story. I wanted other cities and countries to look at the competition – what it meant to those taking part and those who saw it – and take up the challenge of the next Invictus Games. So today, I am absolutely delighted to announce that the United States has taken up that challenge and will host the next Invictus Games in Orlando, Florida from the 8th to the 12th May 2016. I have no doubt that Ken Fisher and his team will set the bar even higher than London did and that the USA will put on a great show. No pressure!”

Invictus said in a statement: “The US bid for Orlando won the rights to the 2016 Games thanks to the city’s outstanding sporting facilities and great tourist infrastructure, which make it an ideal host city for both competitors and spectators.”

Huh, I wonder how much tickets cost. Because, like, I could totally go to that.

In Prince William news: The Petulant officially started work as an air ambulance pilot at East Anglian Air Ambulance yesterday, July 13. William gave an interview to SkyNews ahead of his new job where he talked about his family and surprisingly didn’t diss any of them (unlike, you know, when Prince George was born).

Prince William pre-job interview

    On only doing this job for a couple of years:
    Well, there’s nothing to say I couldn’t do it for the rest of my life – I might be able to – and still balance the two. But obviously, there’s at some point there’s probably going to be a lot more pressure and responsibility from my other side of my life. At the moment I’m juggling the two of them and a young family, and I’m enjoying it and I like the challenge. But yes inevitably down the line things will probably become a little bit more difficult for me to do that. But while I’m still relatively young I can manage the two jobs as best I can.
    On criticism that his job is a way to get out of royal duties:
    Well I think the term “full time royal role” is banded around quite a lot and no one actually really knows what that means, but I think I can still manage to do my commitments and my responsibilities as well as I can. The Queen is still very active and is still showing incredible leadership. My father is doing many, many engagements as are the rest of the family. So there’s a lot of, a lot being done by the royal family around the country and I hope to still be a part of that and do as much as I can but equally do something that I think is incredibly important and that will prove me hopefully in good stead for the future.
    How things have changed since the birth of Princess Charlotte and being proud of Duchess Kate:
    It’s been obviously fantastic and she’s been a little joy of heaven but at the same time it is a more responsibility looking after two little ones especially when George is around – he’s a little monkey. But it is fantastic having a lovely little family and I’m so thrilled and Catherine has been doing an amazing job as a mother and I’ve very proud of her.
    Having a third child:
    [Laughs] We’ve only just had the second one we’ll uh you know you never know what’s going to happen in the future.

My thoughts:

  • I think it’s interesting that William even entertains the idea that he could still do his pilot job once he’s Prince of Wales and eventually King. Boy, no.
  • I also think it’s interesting that William thinks he’ll still be doing this job two years from now. Because we all know he’s going to get bored in a year and quit.
  • I don’t think William ever finished his Cambridge agriculture course. Given how many announcements KP has given for each step of William’s air ambulance training completion, they would have announced if he completed his agriculture course, and they never did. So I’m assuming he quit that before the end (I guess he got bored before the 10 weeks was up).
  • I don’t understand what William means by his air ambulance job proving him “in good stead for the future”. We all know he is not going to do that job for the rest of his life, and how is it in any way preparing him for his future role as Prince of Wales and King?
  • I’m glad William loves Charlotte more than he did George.
  • It’s nice that William said something nice about Kate. I could ask why William felt the need to comment on the fact that he is proud of Kate for being a good mom, because shouldn’t that be expected? Why be proud of something that is normal? It’s like when women brag about how good their husband is at being a father – that should be expected, not something abnormal worthy of being commented on. But I won’t go there.
  • Ugh, they’re totally going to have a third kid. If they weren’t, William would have shut that down.

Watch his interview, and let me know if his near-constant blinking drove you nuts or if that was just me.

So much blinking!

In royal aide romance news: Kate’s personal assistant Natasha Archer is dating royal photographer Chris Jackson. We heard that Tash was dating a royal photographer back during the #GreatKateWait2. I guess this is why Chris Jackson was one of the only four photographers to get to photograph the royals walking to Charlotte’s christening.

Natasha Archer dating Chris Jackson

PS. In programming news: Victoria Day is today and Crown Princess Victoria as well as the rest of the Swedish Royal Family is out celebrating. I may cover that later today, or I may cover that tomorrow. So watch this space for some SRF coverage.

Photos: Invictus video screengrab / Skynews video screengrab / DM

100 thoughts on “Prince Harry announces Invictus Games to be held in Orlando + Prince William talks about his family

  1. Maybe William was trying to send some secret code through his blinking. I think he is thinking about what he’s going to do when he’s not sitting on the throne. Good, he needs to.

    Harry is building a legacy of service like his mother. People will remember him for the Invictus Games, Walking Wounded, Sentabale and whatever the future brings.

    William will be remembered for his fly away wife and his petulance.


    1. “I think he is thinking about what he’s going to do when he’s not sitting on the throne”

      Do you think he’s thinking the monarchy won’t last that long, or that he will step aside once HM dies?

      Totes agree with #KingHenryIX

      1. KMR, one of the two is going to happen. People may be so completely fed up with William and Kate by the time he gets to the throne that they’ll vote in a Republic. Or, and I really believe this one, he is going to step aside once HM has passed. I think he’s made her some kind of promise and will break it when she’s gone. It’s not like he doesn’t have a track record of not completing things.


        1. That would make it King George, not Henry. I agree that this may very well happen, I have no idea what that would end up looking like.

          1. If William chose to step aside, philosophically he would need to take both children with him. Before the ages of 18 this is pretty simple. There is no good way for him to refuse to do the job but force his son to do the job he himself hates. he just cannot get away with that. If W&K refuse the job, they wouldn’t be capable of raising heirs to the throne, not in the public’s eye.

            If he steps aside, they’ll find a way to remove the kids as well. They did all kinds of legal gymnastics to remove David, the government would do the same thing again.

          2. What would they do to remove PG and PC? My understanding was that it was difficult, and they couldn’t just remove Charles (though people claimed they wanted to). I agree with you it would be bad, and that they are not likely to raise PG to do a good job if they won’t themselves, but from a legal point of view what can actually be done? (I don’t know, if someone does please tell me). In all likelihood it will be a long time before we find out anyway, the queen mum lived to over 100, if the Queen does likewise won’t PG be an adult and thus able to make his own decision? Would PW announce it with his father became king or wait? If anyone knows how that would work let me know.

          3. Even if the Queen lived to be 101, like the Queen Mother, Prince George would still be under 18. He would be 13 or so.

            And yes, if William were removed from the line of succession before his children were legal adults, the government would find a way to remove his children, too. They did with Edward VIII. The government removed him and any future children (he didn’t have any at the time, nor did he ever end up having any, but the government included that clause just in case).

            In terms of when he would do that if he were to: The government has to approve who becomes Prince of Wales, so my guess would be that William (and his kids) would be removed before he was crowned Prince of Wales.

          4. If William walks, whatever laws that need to be created would be created to remove him and any of his line. Uncle David’s possible children were also removed from the line at the time he left / they threw him out.

            If he wants out, or they want him out, they will write and pass whatever law is necessary. It would be more difficult if either of them were 18 or older, but as children their rights are basically controlled by their parents.

            People can say “No, you cannot remove William or his kids, there is no law for that.” And there wasn’t a law but they kicked David out anyway. If the people want William out, or if he wants out himself, the kids have to go too. It is the only way that makes sense.

          5. Exactly. The government would make up any laws they had to to remove William and his children.

          6. He’s not going to step aside. What would Carole think?
            She arranged this entire thing, anyway. The meeting and courtship and marriage of W&K. Does anyone seriously think she’d allow W to step aside and take his kids with him? They’re HER kids, aren’t they? And, she wants to be Queen Mum.

      2. Say yes to Henry IX. That should be the bumper sticker available for sale in the UK.
        I’d put one on my car’s bumper, too. (Here in the States). I assume, there’s a different name for these things in GB.

        Still, we should make them and sell them. I think they’d be very popular.

      1. Would Kate and the Midds still back him? He would stand to get quite rich if he were to step aside. Imagine the popularity? “He stepped aside for live to protect his kids”.

    2. People usually blink a lot when they are lying or being untruthful. I think he’s full of it and if he doesn’t know what “full time Royal” means, I just don’t know what to say. If he wants to work his little job, I think he should abdicate his spot in line to the throne and raise his “little family” on the income he makes from that. No perks, no free rent, no helicopter rides… He wants all the perks without putting in the work.

    3. I’m guessing his contact lenses were irritating him. He seems to be wearing his specs while flying now which is interesting. . Get the man some eye drops!

  2. I find it rather interesting that William believes he will be able to perform non-royal work for the rest of his life. Or does he believe that the monarchy will no longer exist by the time he would become king? Maybe he thinks that the number of engagements currently undertaken by the various members of the family will decrease to the point that he would be able to continue working at a non royal job. Or is this just what he tells himself in order to not think too much about having to take on a role that he doesn’t really want? I guess only time will be able to answer these questions.

    Yes, his constant blinking is quite a distraction. I wonder if his contacts were bugging him? Or does he do this when he’s nervous?

    How great that the Invictus Games will be coming to the States!! I had thought that since Harry started them that they would be more of a Britain/Commonwealth event although open to all. I mean that the first one was held in England and then I thought that the Commonwealth countries would be the next to host. Anyhow, still great that they are coming here, I’m guessing that Harry will be on hand to host.

    1. Maybe both Will and Harry are preparing for their futures. Harry sees the future as being a full-time working royal who gives back. Will is setting up a fall-back career in the event that the monarchy ends.

    2. I thought the Invictus Games would be held mostly in Commonweath countries as well. So I was surprised when they announced it would be in Orlando. I sat there thinking, “Is there an Orlando in some other country?”

      1. When he visited the site of the Warrior Games in Colorado, he was really impressed with the rehab and training facilities for wounded vets. It was what inspired him to build Invictus Games.

        I’m not going to go into politics and the US military here, but there was no way the States wasn’t going to TRY to get these games. No way.

  3. I absolutely noticed the blinking, it was going double time before he even started talking. What does that mean? I’m sure someone reading KMR knows the pathology behind the blink!

    Good job, Harry and Invictus planning team! I thought the Invictus Games was an amazing opportunity for wounded soldiers to find purpose and confidence, and for their countries to support them. These men and women need that, to be shown they are more than just the tours they’ve done. What better way than through competitive sport. So glad Invictus Games wasn’t a one off. Maybe Canada, 2018??…

    1. Some people said during the Games that they didn’t think it was worth while to give wounded Vets an opportunity to showcase their sports. But I think it’s much more than giving people an opportunity to show off their sports abilities. The Games encourage Vets to put their focus on something other than their injuries or their service. Even if the Vets don’t make it to the Games, they are still signing up for sports (per the Games press release). It probably helps with the mental side to things, too. So I think it’s probably a good thing.

      1. It helps with mental, physical, emotional. Many vets return home and engage in risky behaviors. Drinking, drugs, violence, dangerous driving.

        One of the approaches to this is to try to get them to engage with extreme sports as a more positive outlet to deal with / achieve the adrenaline rush they’re going after in negative ways.

  4. Prince William sounds like,because is 89 year old grandmother is still working, he can do what ever he wants, instead of taking some of the workload from her.

    Also, Tash should take her own advice regarding the wedges.

  5. Excellent news that Harry will return to US soil. Really great!

    William is such a loser. Ugh. He will get bored with this job. I’m not surprised he didn’t shut down the notion of another child. It will keep Kate out of the limelight, and he can have an excuse for his public retreat, as well.

    1. I’m betting they’ll have a third. It will be one more engagement for the court circular. And the kids are the only good PR they have going for them and a ready excuse for everything.

      1. Agreed. After the third (and maybe fourth, fifth… wouldn’t surprise us now, would it?) child, Kate’s perpetual maternity leave will eventually evolve into compassionate leave – i.e. looking after her elderly parents, as the loving Middleton child that she is. This woman really never intended to do a day’s work in her entire life, and she’s not embarrassed to show it, amongst many other body parts she’s also exposed.

    2. I think William uses the kids as a shield from public duty as much as Kate does.

  6. Good for Prince Harry continuing his involvement with the Invictus Games.

    I can understand William undertaking a role like this because William is the more sensitive of the two brothers. I hope William finds his niche. William was either stressed or thinking about his answers deeply whilst blinking. I am pleased he spoke well of his daughter. It seems that he is a proud father and he should be. William sounded vague about a third child and did not sound as warm as Harry.

    1. Hi Laura, it was great that William spoke well of his daughter, I hope someday he’ll be able to do that with George. I was wondering though what leads you to believe that William is the more sensitive of the two brothers? I’m asking because I think that Harry is the one with more empathy and sensitivity.

      1. Hi Lauri, at a guess the way William handles and touches animal’s like the horse or the elephant and talks to children. I think if he was with the right girl then he would act differently as she would help him through his problems. I think William acts this way for a reason. However not sure what the reason is. Sorry I can not be more specific. I think Harry is the more confident of the two and not afraid to express himself.

        1. Hi Laura, thanks for this insight. I had hoped that Kate would help William be more at ease in his royal role and with the media but I think just the opposite has happened.

          1. I agree. I also think that when they first got together, the whole privacy thing was extremely important to him because of his mother’s death, and so she got indoctrinated into that way of thinking and probably took a very anti-public view to please him. I don’t get the impression that she has any opinions other than what William and her parents tell her. Also, William needs to realize that the agreement made with the press when he was a college student is no longer in effect. He is in his thirties now, is married and has two kids. He needs to grow up and stop being so selfish and start earning the millions that are being given to him off the backs of the hard working tax payers. Kate is absolutely the wrong person for him as she just encourages his selfish, petulant behavior and takes advantage of his workshy attitude to hide out in luxury and go shopping and take vacations.

            I hate to sound snobby, but he would have been far better off marrying a woman from his background, who understands that all the money, power, perks and privileges are in exchange for a life lived in the public eye and lifetime service to your country. He has no sense of duty and just wants to do what he wants and his awful wife is worse. She may be a commoner, but she’s not the kind of commoner I respect. How different would things be if he had either married a titled philanthropist or a hard working commoner, with an education and a career? (I don’t consider her joke of a degree to be an education, she still knows nothing about world affairs or how to talk to intelligent, interesting people who have actually accomplished things)

    2. I’d say William is the more ‘tetchy’ of the two, bad-tempered and sensitive to any criticism. I’d don’t think he’s overall the more sensitive and empathetic brother, which is where I’d put Harry.

      1. Considering the stories of William being a huge terror ever since he was a kid, and bullying Harry as children, and all of the stories since then… I agree with you.

  7. I agree KMR! I could totally take the two hour trip to Orlando for this too!

    Doesn’t W wear contacts? That could be part of the constant blinking. Doesn’t answer why he’s allowed to fly since one would think near 20/20 sight may be important…

    They’ll totally have a third baby. Cambridge baby #3 coming 2017.

  8. One part of me thinks that William’s work with the air ambulance is admirable. I hope he remains safe. The other part wonders just how many Royal engagements he can and will leave up to others. It does not seem right.

    Harry rules! I would also like to head to Orlando to see the Games. Could schedule a trip to Disney World for the kids. I hope I am not dreaming. It surely would be fun! Good for Harry!

    1. It’s a dichotomy. One the one hand, William’s rescue piloting is admirable work, but on the other hand he is using it as an excuse to run away from his destiny and his duty to his people. So unfortunately the good he’s doing with his job is cut down by the fact that he is merely using it to escape.

  9. As someone pointed out on Celebitchy, “No one really knows what [work] means” is Williams “Whatever [love] means.” Like William genuinely doesn’t know what it is to work. Work is just something you do once in a while, when you can’t get out of it, so that you can do whatever you want the rest of the time. That ten week Cambridge course is a great example. He spent four days in Spain, and ten days in the Maldives while he was supposed to be at school. So, an eight week course then. And reading between the lines, the reason he left the SAR in Wales was because they’d had enough of him saying he needed time off to do Royal work, while telling his courtiers he was flying. He’s already reduced expectations for this new job by committing himself to four days on at a time instead of the six that his co workers do. Does anyone think that he’ll wait a year to take his first holiday? That interview was a word salad of talking points. Well played, Jason. He won’t last at this new job, but not because he’s bored, but because he doesn’t actually want to work. At anything.

    1. “word salad”. That is an awesome phrase, and I will be implementing it in my day to day. Thank you, Red Snapper 😉

    2. Whatever work is can only come out of William’s mouth. The rest of us who work for a living know what it is. We spend more time at work during the week than with our families or outside having fun. It is that thing we do to put food on the table and shoes on our kids’ feet. Some people love it. For other people, it is just a means to pay for living.

    3. I didn’t understand his quip about the “full-time royal role being bandied about and no one knows what it means..” The Queen knows what it means, Phillip knows what it means, Charles and Camilla know what it means, Edward and Sophie know what it means, it appears that only William and Kate are ignorant to what it means. I have to say some of what Will said made him sound like a clueless lad instead of future monarch.

      1. They’re all full time royals. If they weren’t,they’d give up their HRH’s, perks, houses and titles for periods of time. The only question is whether they work full time or not.

        1. I don’t know if we can call fulfilling royal duties a “full-time job” in the way us mere mortals think of it. For instance, the Queen, even at Balmoral or Sandringham, does her red boxes daily except on Christmas and she might attend meetings with various ambassadors during the day and then attend an evening event. While us mere mortals have more set hours and days that we work, imo being a full time royal is more of lifestyle. What I don’t understand is Will saying “no one knows what it means” when other members of his family appear to be living it.

  10. My plan is In place. Orlando is not far from me at all. Harry’s making this too easy for me…I will be there.

    I think that Harry is proving himself to be the better heir. He is building a strong legacy. He wants to serve. He also realizes his duty to bith his country and monarchy.

    William is also servong, but I’m dubious. How apropos is it that he’s a rescue pilot? He may face accidents that are similar to his mother’s death. He can now save people where there was no kne who could save his mom. That’s just an opinion. I was a little offended when he said that HM is still working like she is. Um, how is it normal for any 89 year old to work like that? I just say take up the slack. Let her rest.

    We’re on the money that there will be a 3rd Cambridge baby.

    As far as him saying that he could do both…I’ll end this with a quote from Nene Lakes “Girl, bye..”

    1. I thought of you when they announced that the Games would be in Orlando. I thought,”There’s Rhiannon’s opportunity to meet Harry”.

    2. You know Rhiannon, if he proposes to you at Disney World, you both get Mickey Mouse Ears1

      We can arrange a quick wedding in the States and then, the more lavish one in London, or wherever you wish!

      1. We need to do it quick. The sooner we marry the better. I already know that I want Charles to walk me down the aisle in London. My father passed and I don’t have another option. Plus, it will make a great picture of him handing me over to Harry.

        Shall I do St. Paul’s or Westminster? Or the chapel at Windsor Castle?

        1. Oh, such a difficult choice! Westminster is steeped in such an incredible history and has the truly majestic quality, but St. George’s Chapel is no slouch on the historical side, either, and would make for a warm and intimate setting. Plus, you could have your reception at Windsor so easily–you can’t beat that!

          I wouldn’t do St. Paul’s–I think it doesn’t have quite the welcoming atmosphere that I would want in a wedding, personally.

          1. I love the idea of Westminster, but St. George’s is better. I loved the Wessex wedding there As much as I like the idea of a carriage ride in London, it makes me a wee bit anxious. The short carriage ridea back to Windsor would be perfect.

        2. Westminster Abbey. It’s older and more historic. William I was coronated there, and many monarchs are buried there.

          That would be great to have Charles walk you down the aisle. He has no daughters to do that for, so that would be nice to include him in that way.

          1. You in white, either all velvet or edged with it with perhaps a lined cloak for the horse drawn carriage. Bridesmaids in red or green velvet, Harry in uniform of your choice, your bouquet of paperwhites and greenery; holly perhaps. The church decorated in evergreens with variegated holly (berried of course), fairy lights and subtle ornaments. All white flowers; no poinsettias! The choir will sing beautiful carols. . . . . . . and the gods will smile and it will snow. But not enough to screw things up.

            I’ve got it all figured out. Just meet him already!!

          2. Oh yes! St Martins in the Fields is beautiful! A couple of my forebears married there so it’s a special place in my family.

          3. Oh, I voted for St. Paul’s without reading this, bluhare. I love this idea. It’s amazing!

            I still like St. Paul’s. So regal, so gorgeous. I did not like the atmosphere at Westminister and wondered why Kate and William chose it instead of the cathedral where Diana walked that magnificent aisle. Oh, I guess it has bad luck surrounding it thanks to the divorce of Charles and Diana. Still, she took the ring with no problem.

            If not St. Martin in the Fields on Christmas Eve, then, St. Paul’s.

            And, don’t forget the glass coach.

          1. If we do it at St. Paul’s someone will need to have a paper bag ready. I will surely hyperventilate.

            I like the idea of an October wedding. The winter is nice, but I don’t want to wear a coat over my gown. I want something simple like Victoria’s.

          2. You have to have the glass coach. It will be the last time for at least 2 decades that there will be a chance for the public to see it and this will be the last major royal wedding for that same amount of time. Must have the glass coach!!!

          3. Omg. The wedding planner shall be Bluhare!

            My2Pence, I do like Mathilde’s dress. Victoria’s looked dingy and dirty.

          4. Rhiannon, the glass coach is a definite! So is St. Paul’s.
            Harry will insist! And, we will all be there to support you.
            An October wedding sounds lovely. What’s the weather like in
            London then? Shall we say early October?
            Or, if you can bear to wait, how’s May? Late in May?

          5. rhiannon you’d better reserve a good section of seats for the KMR team because we’re all going to be there. And if you hear hissing when W&K approach you’ll know who it’s from…and whatever you do don’t invite the Midds.

    3. As soon as I heard that Harry might be coming to the States I started planning your wardrobe!! Tanya and I are with you all the way!! Poor Harry, he won’t know what hit him 🙂

      1. I’m ready. I say that we start planning outfits. I already have an idea of what I’ll wear in the engagement photos. My thought is that we take our engagement pictures in Key Largo at sunset. I’ll wear a blush colored shift and Harry will be casual.

        1. Can’t wait for the proposal, Rhiannon! Don’t wanna miss it! Can I be there? It will melt my heart!

          1. You all are invited to he there. It will be emotional for all. I think that he will ask my kids for my hand in marriage. It will be a lovely time.

      2. Just getting my passport done now so that I can fly from Australia for you Rhiannon. As Laurie said poor Harry won’t know what hit him.

        And I will also go on a diet so that I can fit into my bridesmaid dress for you. I have an adorable three year old you can borrow as a flower girl if you like. She has already had practice at being one and she did very well considering that she was just under two LOL. I love the idea of Charles giving you away

      3. May would be nice, but London’s weather can be prickly. The Midds will not be invited. At.all. And Kate would have a list of things that she can wear. I will make sure that her hems are weighted.

        And to make it more delicious, I would wink at Camillla as I walk up the aisle.

        And my curtsey to HM would be fabulous. It would put Mette-Marit’s to shame. And we all know that MM can curtsey.

  11. I hadn’t watched the interview, but I did read the Daily Fail article. There was one thing in that, that stood out to me….apparently willy is going to be working 2/3 of the normal shift pattern to take into account his royal duties.
    Also, his comment on George, the words he used about when George is also around….just how often is he shipped away with the Nanny?? Poor kid!

    1. That’s why I transcribed some of his quotes in my post. Because not everyone wants to watch a video.

  12. This interview was rehearsed in detail to address (read: excuse) the legitimate criticism bill and his useless missus receive.
    Hence the obnoxious refernce to the ‘full-time royal comment,’ the term, which was made up specifically to excuse the lamebridges.

    Decent people would step up and accept the hand they were dealt and not leave elderly grandparents and an elderly father to carry on, while they indulge in yet another personal whim.

    Then again, will calls them the “royal family,” aren’t they just his “family?”
    He was careful not to insult the kids this time. Such cheesy lines. Does waity actually let him hold char?

    Billy Midd is 33, Forget being king, he isn’t fit or prepared to take on the role of the heir.
    He has zero credibility. What has he accomplished? Who takes him seriously? Especially, when he goes from gap year to gap year, only to shun his royal role. Bill is as fake as his limpet. Probably more so.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that heiry takes on a “full-time” royal role, in addition to working with the wounded vets, when he returns in September.

    They don’t want to be “full-time” royals and the public is starting to see through the cracks.

    Seriously. Being royal is the easiest position possible.
    You have a staff to do the hard work and get you there on time. Read the brief, turn on the charm, and put on knickers. When fergie was a better duchess, you’re in trouble.

    Ugh. Such a disappointment.
    Parliament should kick them out sooner rather than later. Expensive, useless, lazy gits.

  13. Lets hope william wont come to orlando to steal his brothers thunder and hard work, princess charlene has twins, and l am wondering whjy shes not hidiing ort using her kids for pr purposes or taking a year matternity leave??

  14. Didn’t watch the video but I’d just like to comment on the blinking thing you said. Maybe he was nervous or being too conscious of what he was saying.

    I don’t understand why he was allowed to take a job that he will do half-assed while doing another, more important role (being an active member of the royal family) which he already is half-assing? His grandmother is ore than 80 years old, his father isn’t very young. It’s extremely likely that he will be king in his late forties. I don’t think he is prepared enough nor is he respected well by the politicians and dignitaries of the world. The Crown Princes/s of Jordan, Sweden and Dubai are doing a bang up job proving their worth. Why is William not doing his share? I genuinely won’t respect the Doolittles until they can pull 200+ engagements a year.

  15. He isn’t pilot, he’s co-pilot, an extraneous position at EAAA. This keeps being left out of the news reports on this. Time will tell if he works this job, gives up, hides out, or eventually flies enough and trains enough to become pilot.

    1. The coverage on this job has just been overloaded with sugary PR. You have to look carefully to see anything resembling the truth. In one of the pictures the Fail mentions the pilot. That is the only mention that William isn’t flying this ship alone like other guys in the EAAA. You could’ve easily missed it if you weren’t looking at all of the million and half pictures they published.

  16. Life & Style has an interesting article out right now. I know they are a gossip rag, but some of the stuff in the article mentions things that we mentioned, like Kate being able to meet Brad and Angelina or go to Wimbledon but can’t find time to meet veterans. It is worth a read:

    If it were true, it would be awesome if the royals also thought Kate was lazy.

    1. Thanks for the link to this article Overit! I remember reading that when W&K were dating the Queen was less than impressed with Kate’s shopping, clubbing and vacations and suggested she get involved in some charity work so out came the roller skates and short shorts. Since that one time I haven’t heard of Kate being involved very much in any other charity, oh maybe briefly for the Starlight Foundation, but I think that was a one off as well. To be fair when W&K did their engagement video she did say she hoped to make even the smallest difference and at the rate she’s going that is exactly what will happen.

      1. Hey Lauri, I remember reading that too. The Queen didn’t like that Kate didn’t have a proper job. Kate helping out with the roller skating day for charity was in direct reference to the Queen thinking Kate was lazy. I believe she only did that to appease the Queen and not because she has a heart for charity work. I know this is all conjuncture and we have no proof, but it sure seems like there is a bit of truth to it considering how little Kate did in her 20’s. The Queen believes in hard work, so I can’t imagine she is happy with Kate’s work ethic.

        Lol and you are so right about the engagement interview. Kate I guess is living up to her word about making the smallest difference :).

        1. Wasn’t that one charity event, the short shorts / roller skating one, tainted by the bullying of Beatrice? Not telling her about the 80s theme, Kate caught swearing at her, reporters finding Beatrice sobbing in the Ladies room, etc.?

          1. I know its the charity event where Kate fell on the skates and supposedly the Queen thought Kate loved attention to much. But I had not heard about making Beatrice cry. How did reporters know that? I can’t believe I had not heard that…..

          2. Some old articles about that event. I can’t find any mention about the rumor of Kate not telling Beatrice that it was fancy dress. But apparently, how Kate and her friends were treating Beatrice sent her into the washroom crying.



    2. I don’t understand why having kids counts as valid excuse for her ducking out of royal duties? It’s not like you’re expected to work from 8 to 5. Most engagements only last for an hour. Jeez.

      1. You have to count the 2 – 3 hours she probably takes to get ready. Getting that hair under control and putting on that Spackle takes time.

    3. I agree with the Queen when it comes to Kate. Some of the comments on that article are so unflattering to the Queen and in support of kate that all I can say is “meow!”

  17. Helicopters are so dangerous. The frequency of crashes of emergency helicopters is fairly high. I’ve always been surprised that this career choice was approved.

    1. I think it is too dangerous. If something happened, it would be so horrible for everyone concerned. I always have bad feelings about people flying. That’s why I have only been to Europe twice. I just hate the thought of such a long flight over the Atlantic!

      I’m sure William has been trained well and I just hope all will be safe. It is just to horrible to imagine anything terrible happening. Look at poor JFK, Jr. That crash was just gruesome. All crashes are.

  18. If you actually examine what William said you’ll see that he really didn’t say anything. Yes, he strung together some words, but he didn’t craft any kind of interesting or substantive statement. He’s an air-head ninny poof.

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