Cressida Bonas ups her fashion game for the paps, so does Pippa + Harry Look-alike dupes people in Memphis, and William’s future appearances

Cressida Bonas ups her fashion game for the paps, so does Pippa + Harry Look-alike dupes people in Memphis, and William’s future appearances

You know one interesting, and dare I say good, thing to come out of the Breakup of Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas?  Daily Cressida pap walk photos!  I’m not sure if she is still going to her job or not, but she has been papped almost every day since the news of the split broke.  So she might be.  It’s interesting that there was a report of her taking “compassionate leave” because she didn’t want to be photographed, and then the next time she gets photographed she’s looking the best I’ve ever seen her look, fashion-wise.

Take a look at the new photosCressida is wearing a black, figure-hugging dress with a black blazer.  She carried a black, oversized bag, and wore sunglasses, that gold medallion necklace that I kind of love, and black boots (whose laces are coming undone).  Her hair is down with a center part, but it looks brushed and sleek.  She looks amazing.  I think this is the best I’ve ever seen her look.  Her style usually leaves a lot to be desired, but she looks great here.

For someone who is “heartbroken” and “does want to be photographed”, she sure put a lot of effort into this look. Maybe she finally got with the program and is “showing Harry what he’s missing” with the daily pap walks and nicer clothing—pulling a Waity, if you know what I mean.  Or maybe she’s just over it and is all “look at how great I am; I don’t need a man.”  Or she just had a meeting and needed to look nice.  Either way, she looks pretty great.

Speaking of people with terrible style who’ve randomly pulled out a great outfit for a pap walk, Pippa Middleton was photographed leaving a gymPippa wore a pair of high-waisted black pants, a white blouse with ruffle detailing around the bustline, and a cream jacket.  She carried two bags including a £750 tote—damn, that is an expensive bag to carry smelly gym clothes in.  She also wore a pair of ratty, old flats.  Ignoring the flats, she looks pretty nice.  A great professional look.  This is one of her better outfits; she usually has terrible style and wears ill-fitting clothes.  Case in point this Suzannah dress she wore to a friend’s wedding on April 26—complete with nipple darts.

The article says Pippa spent two hours on the treadmill, and then went to work at Party Pieces.  Does Pippa still work for her parents?  I thought she quit that to do… whatever it is she does now.  Also, does Party Pieces have a London office?  I thought it was based out of Bucklebury.  I bet the DM made up a place for her to go to make it look like she’s actually busy with “work”.

Has anyone heard of the new FOX show, I Want To Marry Harry?  I know at least some commentators have since they’ve brought it up in the comments.  Well, there is a new FOX show about a bunch of American famewhores women who were duped into thinking they were on a reality dating show vying for a chance to marry Prince Harry—and I’m pretty sure the palace they used for filming is the same one they use on Downton Abbey, going off the glimpses in the promos.  The “Harry” of course is not the real Harry, but a Prince Harry look-a-like.  Sigh, those women are morons.  Anyway, seeing as the real Prince Harry was in Memphis over the weekend, the fake “Harry” decided it would be a good idea to go to Memphis, too, and… screw with people?  Make some money?  Promote his show?  I’m going with the last one.  I’ll bet FOX even paid for this dude’s travel expenses.  It’s excellent promotion for the show, and since it premieres later this month they’re going to be ramping up the promotion of it.

There is a story about Nanny Maria taking Prince George to a local park while in Wellington one afternoon while Will and Kate were in Christchurch.  A man recognized them.  Nanny Maria bought an ice cream cone and gave a little to George before letting him play with some peasant children in a public playground.  There was a previous report that George only eats organic.  That ice cream was not organic, send Nanny Maria to the Tower!

Prince William was spotted flying coach on an American Airlines flight from Memphis to Dallas.  The press is now trying to make it a thing that he flew coach instead of first class or something.  Yeah, it was an hour and a half domestic flight, coach isn’t a big deal.  For the switch to the international flight back to London, he probably upgraded.  Harry flew on an EasyJet back to London.

UPDATE: William has some new appearances scheduled. We already knew about the May 12 visit to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum. William will host a dinner on May 13 for the Royal Marsden Hospital at Windsor Castle. William will attend the FA Cup Final at Wembley on May 17. Wait, he’s watching a football match? How is that considered a royal duty?

Here’s a really dumb article about William possibly leapfrogging Charles to become Head of the Commonwealth. Part of the article is correct, the Head of the Commonwealth is not hereditary and theoretically when the Queen dies we could have a King Charles of the UK and someone else as Head of the Commonwealth. But then it goes to speculate whether it would be Will to become HotC. It says that people were complaining that Charles looked out of his depth when he stood in for the Queen at the Heads of Government Meeting last year. But why the heck would anyone think Will would do a better job? He has no experience whatsoever. Ugh, this crap is so stupid! /UPDATE

I wonder when we will see Kate again.  She doesn’t have anything on the books officially, except a trip to Belgium on August 4th.  We should be seeing her for Trooping of the Color on June 14th, but she’s not actually confirmed for that event.  Order of the Garter is June 16th, but she’s not officially scheduled for that either.  The royal reporters on twitter were claiming Kate would have a busy summer, but as of right now it doesn’t look like it.  I’m just hoping she actually makes an appearance in May.  Come out of your hidey-hole Katie; we won’t bite, I swear.

Links: Cressida article. Pippa article about leaving the gym, and article about attending friend’s wedding.

33 thoughts on “Cressida Bonas ups her fashion game for the paps, so does Pippa + Harry Look-alike dupes people in Memphis, and William’s future appearances

  1. cressida is a very very georgeous girl, great blonde hair, her legs are long and good , i think she underestimates her looks, waity spends the whole day grooming herself but she is stii unattractive, cress needs to brush her blonde georgeous hair and she will look like a movie star

  2. Wow – alot of royal news there. Good job putting it all together.
    Between Cressida and Pippa – I think Pippa wins this time. Cres looked happier – but maybe she’s just pulling a Kate. IDK.
    The PH lookalike thing is just so stupid – you’d have to have the IQ of a brick to believe that guy is Harry.
    It was kind of cool to see PW fly coach. Granted, it was a short ride, but neat nonetheless (or maybe the US airline prices are just that outrageous!)
    I still think that there is a strong likelihood PW, Kate, and the Midds parents are vacationing in Zurich until the end of this week. I explained this in depth on Love, Lola’s site.
    No way will PW leapfrog over PC. I mean, if PW should become King soon, how will he possibly have time to party with all his friends for their weddings, and anyway, he’s probably got several more “transitional years”coming up.
    As far as Nanny Maria taking Prince Grumpy for ice cream and then playing with the peasants – I say “Yeah!” She’s the most down to earth of the lot!

    1. Kind of a catch-all post. Not sure if any one thing really deserves it’s own post, so I lump them all together.

      I like Cress’s outfit, but Pippa’s is definitely more professional.

      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were on holiday. I expect them to take a holiday after the tour. No big deal, honestly, I just hope it doesn’t last the entire month of may. It won’t for Will since he has events scheduled for next week. but for Kate her vacation could take forever.

  3. Holy cow! I just realized I skipped over the pics of Pippa at her friend’s wedding. She looks absolutely awful. The coat would be a million times better without that super high waistband that comes right under her breasts – it makes the “nipple darts” just so obvious and awkward at the same time. The fascinator is boring, and Pippa is aging as bad as Kate. I’m pretty sure they both smoke in an effort to keep their weight down – but between the smoking and the tanning, they are both prematurely aging. I mean, they both look like they are in their late 40’s!

    1. That coat it terrible! What was she thinking? That fabric is awful and holds all sorts of wrinkles. Yeah, her skin looks bad. She looks far older than she is.

  4. William is President of the Football Association, a BS title he was given for no work…well turning up to watch the FA cup final and hand over the trophy is the sum total of what he does each year!

    1. Kind of like how he is the president of BAFTA, so random and for doing nothing.

  5. Cressida is a beautiful girl, I hate to go negative but, whenever I see pics of her I can imagine someone blowing smoke in one ear and see it come out the other. Additionally I don’t think she looks professional. Maybe her outfit is ok where she works but it looks like she going out for drinks. Pippa Pippa Pippa no other words needed – WTF! PW blah blah blah

    1. She looks way more professional here than she normally does. But yeah, I guess that outfit is more a going out outfit than say, Pippa’s.

  6. Are you certain Kate smokes?? I would be disappointed if she does. Not a good look for someone with her potential, style and beauty. Besides she’s an athlete.

    1. Well, I believe there have been pics of her in the past smoking and pics of her pursuit cigs in them. She supposedly quit. I imagine she is like most smokers in that they quit but have bouts of relapse. Nicotine is very effective for anxiety and I do believe that Kate has issues with anxiety. Not to mention weight control obsessions. Also her skin tells me too much sun and some history of smoking. She is human like the rest of us and has her issues, as we do.

    2. Kate has smoked in the past. Not sure if she still does, what with George and all. Harry smokes, too. Cressida smokes. Chelsy smoked up a storm. Does William smoke? I’m not sure on that one, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Philip smoked at one point, but I’m not sure if he still does. I’m pretty sure the only one who is really against smoking is Charles. He hates it and forced Camilla to stop. Don’t know about other royals.

  7. I think they only fly coach because when it’s a private vacation the police force only pays for coach for their protection people. It’s not that the royals are careful with a dollar/pound.

    Which does make a person wonder about the Maldives vacation where it was said that everyone (including RPO’s) flew first class.

    1. I was trying to be funny/sarcastic with the high airline price comment. Of course, the RF are not all that careful with money- I remember when the Queen Mother was alive, she was adamantly against the RF paying any kind of tax. Plus, they have so many sources of income/accounts, they really don’t need to be careful. Still, I think sometimes they give the appearance of occasional frugality because they like to play the game that they “are just like the rest of us.”

      1. They think we’re idiots. I’ve also read that the plane they were on doesn’t have a first class cabin, so he couldn’t have sat there anyway!

        1. I was wondering that. I almost mentioned it, but wasn’t sure so I didn’t. From the pic, it looks like Will was at the front of the plane, so he was as far in front as he could be.

  8. what potential does kate have, enlighten us further, because so far we only see an empty vessel and style oh please i always fall asleep watching her boring outfits , and beauty , i think someone needs to go to specsavers, if waity had not married a prince, no one would look twice at her walking on the streets of any big city! Shes plain

  9. Regarding Willy flying coach: it irritates me that people are seeing this one small action and saying how down-to-earth he is. Will would not give the time of day to an ordinary person unless there was some good PR in it for him. He is NOT well known for being a self-sacrificing person.

    1. I know, right. Just because Will flew coach this one time or because he takes selfies with people doesn’t mean he isn’t a spoiled rich brat who doesn’t give a crap about the peasants.

  10. Surprised about the smoking because didn’t someone say she did 70 Laps in the pool each day on her recent tour?

    1. What does swimming 70 laps while on tour have anything to do with her smoking? Many smokers are quite active, especially while young.
      There have been pics of her smoking in the past. She probably quit for her pregnancy, but I’m not so sure she quit for good. Her skin does not reflect that, but maybe it’s more sun damage & genetics. Still, there is proof she smoked at one time.
      She can smoke if she wants to, but we all know it’s a nasty, expensive habit that takes it’s toll on a person’s health. I’d hope just for her health, and those around her, she has quit for good.

    1. Experience being the operative word there. She needs to throw herself in full time and get out there and work, make speeches, etc in order to improve. Both Princess Anne and Prince Edward have said they were terrible when they started but through constant experience they improved. No more of this “part time working royal” business. Both Will and Kate need to suck it up and stop making excuses and taking “transitional years” and BS jobs to get out of going full time. I’m looking at Will here, too. Kate will not go full time until Will does.

  11. 70 laps daily and a smokers lung I doubt it! However if she is a smoker I hope she quits because it is very nasty and can lead to COPD equally nasty. Anyway I still think that she is great!

    1. Smoker’s lung? She’s 32 years old and depending on how long and how much she has smoked, it is very unlikely she’d have signs/symptoms of “smoker’s lung” just yet. People developing this often have problems with morning cough and several bouts of bronchitis over several years before full blown COPD sets in. So yes, it’s possible, even highly likely she can swim even while being a smoker without much problem at this age. Plus the humidity of the water helps with breathing. I don’t know I believe 70 laps, and I doubt she does it everyday. She may have done it daily while on tour, but we know she is active in many sports – I think she works out in a variety of ways. Hopefully, she doesn’t smoke too much, and if so, maybe she’ll be more successful quitting now that PG is here.

  12. how long did charlene take to embrace her role, she is working hard, on her charities, with dignity , class and without drama, if a woman like waity has been with a prince for over a decade, married for three years and u still expect us to wait on her at 32 years, this is the best she can do, shes sucks , she does not deserve to wear dianas ring! What was william thinking, is this what the commonwealth deserve a lazy serialflasher with no suibstance at all!

    1. I guess she’s in hiding for a bit after the tour. Probably took some sort of vacation somewhere–maybe skiing? Hopefully she’ll make an appearance soon.

  13. As an FYI COPD isn’t sudden onset. If you are chronic smoker you are damaging your lungs. Additionally the demage done isn’t reversible. So yes a 32 year old smoker can began to experience decrease lung function.

    1. I never said COPD is sudden onset, nor that damage done is/isn’t reversible. Don’t put words into my mouth.

  14. My intent wasn’t to insult you or put words in your mouth. The fact is you shared information that was not correct about COPD. I don’t want to give medical advice or discuss medicine. My purpose on this forum was to have a discussion about the RF. I noticed you don’t like to be challenged on your thought process. I find that interesting. Lets just keep it to the RF, therefore I want offend you ( I hope).

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