Prince William and Prince Harry take US by storm… of media coverage for a private wedding; leave Kate at home

Prince William and Prince Harry take US by storm… of media coverage for a private wedding; leave Kate at home

I’m going to be completely honest, I’ve been putting off reporting about Prince William and Prince Harry’s excursion to America because the way the American press and fans have reacted to the Prince’s visit is cringe-worthy.  It makes me embarrassed to be an American.  Kate did not attend.  We can debate why she didn’t go and talk about all the nefarious reasons behind that decision (and we will), but let’s be honest here, given the press’s reaction to Will and Harry, imagine how much worse it would have been if Kate had been on US soil.  I’m stating it now: it’s a good thing Kate skipped this wedding.  By the way, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie attended the wedding as well, but the US media doesn’t really care about them.

Some backstory:  Guy Pelly is a long-time friend of William and Harry; he is a club owner and is credited with all sorts of negative behavior from Will and Harry (rightfully or not).  When the Wales Boys get into trouble, usually Pelly is right there with them.  Pelly is marrying Elizabeth “Lizzy” Wilson.  Wilson is the granddaughter of Kemmons Wilson, who founded the Holiday Inn.  The press keeps calling her the “Holiday Inn Heiress”, which is incorrect.  She may be the granddaughter of its founder, and will inherit a bunch of money at some point I’m sure, but she is not the heir to the company.  Holiday Corporation (as it was called then) was sold to a British company in 1988.  The Wilsons don’t have any stake in that company any longer.  Lizzy will not inherit the company, so the moniker is wrong.

Harry arrived in the US a few days before William.  Harry went to Miami with Guy Pelly (and others) and partied on Wednesday.  They lounged by a pool and went to a club where Harry was spotted canoodling with a brunette.  Then Harry flew to Memphis, Tennessee on Thursday where he joined William and Eugenie (and the wedding party) for ribs.  Beatrice joined William, Harry and Eugenie the next day (Friday) for a trip to Graceland—the former home of Elvis Presley that is now a museum dedicated to him.  Beatrice of course had Dave Clark with her—he goes everywhere with her; it’s a wonder he finds time for his job at Virgin Galactic (he’s verging on a male version of Kate/Cressida at this point, willing to drop everything to hang out with her).  The Royal’s tour was private, by the way, because they wouldn’t dare mingle with the peasants.

On Saturday the wedding took place at the Memphis Hunt and Polo Club in an outdoor ceremony.  I don’t really care about the details of the wedding, only about the dress.  From what I can see of it, I like it; it’s pretty.  The dress is lace with an elbow-length sleeve.  It does have a weird sheen to it in the pictures, but maybe it’s because the photos are from such a long distance and not that great.  I bet it was better in person.

There was of course a reception.  It seemed more like a dance party/club atmosphere than a wedding reception—at least, that’s how the wedding singer tells it.  I haven’t been to a ton of wedding receptions, but the ones I have been to have been pretty respectable—no craziness—so may be the whole dance club thing is normal?  Whatever.  According to the wedding singer/band guy, William was having a ball and even got on stage and belted out a version of “Shout” at one point.  Harry was dancing with a bunch of people, but didn’t seem to hook up with anyone.  Interestingly enough, it was William that was partying the most.  Harry kept it more low-key than William.  You know, Harry has this enormous reputation as a party animal, but William loves to party, too; but since he’s the Golden Heir his party reputation has been downplayed in the media his whole life.

I want to mention one quick thing, a source inside the wedding said, “The party was extremely private and guests were asked not to bring their cell phones inside the reception area.”  Why the f— didn’t Harry’s protection officers think of this when he was in Vegas??!!!  F-ing morons.

I have no idea who attended the wedding, but I do know who wasn’t there:  Kate Middleton and Cressida Bonas.

Let’s talk Cressida first.  She was supposed to be at the wedding as Harry’s date, but since they broke up she didn’t attend.  There have been a number of new rumors as to why they split, one being that she was mad because Harry didn’t want to pay for her airfare to the US, and then there’s one saying that she got mad because she wasn’t invited to the Miami bachelor party shenanigans.  We’ll never know why they really split, but if they don’t get back together then it doesn’t matter anyway.  By the way, if anyone wants another quote about how pushy and Carole 2.0-y Cressida’s mother is, here you go:  “A friend close to Lady Mary Gaye said: ‘When Cressida explodes at Harry, Mary Gaye tells her she is being silly. She told Cressida to be careful not to undermine Harry by blowing up.’”  Oh, lord.

In other Cress news, she has been photographed numerous times since the breakup.  I guess she didn’t like being photographed, and her position at the marketing job she left Harry to pursue is so meaningless that she has taken “compassionate leave” from work to deal with the breakup.  What?  What job has compassionate leave for a breakup?  I’ve heard of people getting leave when a close family member dies, but a breakup?  Seems even more apparent that this marketing job was nothing more than something to pass the time and make Cressida seem more respectable on her way to Duchess-hood.

Let’s get to the other big absence of the weekend: Kate Middleton.  Kate stayed home in Bucklebury London instead of attending the wedding.  The official unofficial ‘quote from a source’ line is that “She appreciates the media storm her attendance would cause.  She’s also keen to avoid overshadowing Guy and Lizzy’s big day.”  Now, we could call her out for being a narcissist for assuming that she would overshadow everyone (check out Lola Heart’s blog about “Kate’s Excuses for not attending”—number 5 is my favorite; f-ing hilarious), and I was totally prepared to do that, but then I saw how ridiculous the US media has been regarding Will and Harry and I realized that the above quote is completely true.  If Kate had gone to Memphis, it would have been an even bigger media storm.  It would have been awful.  So in that regard, no matter what the real reason and no matter what we feel about Kate/that excuse, it’s a good thing she didn’t go.

Now let’s chat about why she really didn’t go.  The plain and simple answer:  William did not want her there.  Clearly Will had a grand old time without her; partying it up with friends.  If Kate had been there, Will probably would have spent the entire time with his jaw clenched.  William wanted another “boy’s weekend” with his friends, and didn’t want his wife getting in the way.  William may have some affection for his wife, and there is no way to know what they are really like in private, but to me it seems he mostly doesn’t give a sh-t.  It’s like he still treats her as a girlfriend: he wants her there at certain times for certain things, and any other time she best get lost.  William’s kind of a d-ck.

I have to wonder how the US media coverage of this wedding will affect Will and Harry’s view of the media in general and the US specifically. They had to have hated the crazy amount of press, right? Ugh, I can hear the complaining now.

Has anyone thought of the cost of Harry and William’s trip to the US?  Well the Daily Mail did—which I’m surprised at; usually they downplay how much the boys cost the taxpayer:

    “All good fun, but questions are already being asked about the price of keeping them safe, put at £50,000 (around $84,000).

    Although the cost of the trip itself is being met privately by the princes, they are accompanied round-the-clock by a team of around eight taxpayer-funded officers from Scotland Yard’s Royalty Protection Squad.

    Some of those will have traveled to Memphis in advance to ‘recce’ the private residence where they are staying and the wedding venue. Others traveled with the brothers personally.

    One senior industry source estimated the cost of guarding the princes during their five-day trip would be in the region of £50,000, including business class flights and hotels for all of the officers.”


Links:  Harry in Miami: Us Weekly; People; Daily News; E!  Ribs: E!; Daily Mail.  Will at airport: People.  Visit to Graceland: Hello; Us; Daily Mail.  Wedding: Telegraph; Daily Mail; Us; People; E!; Hello.  Cressida: Vanity Fair; Daily Mail.

96 thoughts on “Prince William and Prince Harry take US by storm… of media coverage for a private wedding; leave Kate at home

  1. Perhaps Kate was not there because no one wanted her to attend? There are reports that William’s friends don’t like Kate and this is not the first wedding of a friend of William that Kate didn’t attend. He does seem to be happier when she is not around, will he be looking elsewhere?

    1. I’m sure Kate was invited, given her status and future Queen Consort-ness, but I could see where Pelly would discretely tell Will not to let her come. It’s not like Kate knows the bride or anything. A Mirror article I read tried to claim how close Kate and Pelly were, but I doubt that. Pelly is mostly Harry’s BFF, and Will’s friend, not Kate’s. I definitely think she was asked not to come by someone, whether it was Will or Pelly. Plus, if Kate had gone she would have had to hang with Beatrice and Eugenie and we all know how much the Yorks and Middletons hate each other.

    2. More on Kate stripping off. I’ve been thinking about this one. Ok, Harry should have been more careful, but after a life of ALWAYS having to be careful then sometimes there is a slip up. It is a double standard but guys can get away with stripping off and charming their way out of trouble. If a female does as Kate then it could be a symptom of something deeply wrong. Kate wore that see through dress to originally get William’s attention, she was photographed falling out of nightclubs and flashing her… There are all the Marilyn Monroe incidences… Stripping off in front of their POs and the villa staff in France. To me this is not exhibitionism but perhaps behaviour of a more serious nature? Her habit of exposing her body to others? I do hope I’m wrong!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! When guests are asked not to bring their cell phones into the reception area, it usually means that the photos have been exclusively sold to a magazine. Although this might be the exception, it was probably done for the royal guests’ privacy.

    1. You’re welcome, I can’t hold a candle to you when it comes to snark.

      It doesn’t matter why there were no phones allowed at the Pelly reception, my criticism of Harry’d RPOs in Vegas stands.

      As far as selling photos to mags, we could see a Pelly wedding spread in Hello, but I doubt it. Seeing as Pelly’s “loyalty” was “rewarded” by having 4 royals at his wedding, I doubt he would put that in jeopardy by allowing a mag to publish a spread full of details about Harry and Will. But I could be wrong.

      EDIT to say that some random reporter on Twitter has been posting photos, like close up nice photos, of different parts of the wedding. So may be they did sell the photos. I can’t imagine anyone (outside their friends and family) caring had there not been royals there, but whatever.

      1. Well, I can’t hold a candle to you when it comes to awesomeness! I feel like we should be a crime fighting duo called Awesome and Snarky. I start bedazzling capes.

        I think the wedding photo thing ultimately depends on just how opportunistic Guy really is. Personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable cashing in on who my friends are. But as more stories emerge about how the Princes felt free to let down their hair (metaphorically in Prince William’s case), it seems like they trust him enough not to try to pull a stunt like that.

  3. After seeing the topless photo of Kate on another blog I am having a difficult time defending/supporting her, therefore I have no comments about her at this time (still in shock). PW is an ARSE!!

    1. That’s quite absurd. She was on holiday with her husband and on the balcony of a private villa. She had every right to sunbathe nude. Have you SEEN the lenses on some of the cameras these days? They might as well be telescopes. I think Kate foolish at times for other reasons, but your logic is silly here.

    2. Hm… While I understand your shock and horror at those photos, I think that’s the one time we should go easy (or easier) on her. Granted a lot of people don’t, and I didn’t at the time, but she was on private property with her husband at the time those photos were taken. It’s not like she was in a hotel in Vegas with a bunch of random people getting naked and bear hugging a chick while her RPOs partied instead of being smart and taking phones away and having people sign NDAs preventing them from taking and selling naked photos to the press. The pap who took Kate’s photos was over a mile away and kind of stalking them at the time.

      While those nude photos are a terrible thing to have happen to a Duchess and will live on forever in the bowls of the internet, I tend to criticize her skirt fly-ups more. The skirt fly-ups happen multiple times and is easily correctable. The nude photos were an unfortunate (hopefully) one-off event perpetrated by a stalker under the guise of a paparazzi.

      It still amazes me that Harry got off relatively scott free and Kate got a ton of criticism for their nude photo scandals. It just goes to show that sexism is alive and well–men can do sh-t like that and they will get supported (do you remember the awful photo support thing where people would pose naked the way Harry did and post it on the internet? Yuck) but a woman will get crucified for the same thing, or even a lesser offense. When I realized that people were criticizing Kate more than Harry when they both had nude scandals–and I think Harry’s is far more offensive–I eased up on my criticism of Kate in that one instance.

      Like M said, sunbathing nude on private property when on private time is not bad. The photos are unfortunate, but the act itself isn’t. I’m more critical of other things like the skirt fly-ups and her poor speech-giving skills. In fact, I remember one of the other criticisms at the time was that those photos were taken when William had used his “I’m working as a pilot in Wales” excuse to get out of work.

      By the way, I’m pretty sure there are some nude shots of Prince Charles or Prince Andrew floating around out there, too. And there is a photo of Will peeing around somewhere, too. Kate isn’t the first British royal to have nude photos out there. Her’s was arguably the biggest scandal, seeing as she’s a woman and it happened during the internet age, but she’s not the only one.

      1. If Kate is on a private holiday then it’s bad that the photographers got all those naked shots. Please don’t forget though that there were staff and Protection Officers at the villa and Kate still stripped off. She has a canny instinct re paps and seems to know when there is a camera pointed at her so I wouldn’t feel so bad for Kate.

        1. That’s an excellent point about the amount of staff around them, I was thinking about that when I saw that the villa photos suddenly were everywhere on the internet again. Personally, I give her a pass on that one. It was a stupid thing to do but I’m certainly glad all of the stupid things I’ve done have never been captured by the paparazzi. I try not to look at those photos when they pop up, I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy. Every time she flashed a crowd where she knew there would be media is fair game though in my opinion. What Harry did was far more reckless and shocking, but I think the reason it was more easily shrugged off is because he was fighting on the front lines then and his fellow soldiers came out en masse to defend him. With Kate, she’s never done anything to garner that kind of respect, basically her entire raison d’etre has been not to make a misstep and be the perfect little Stepford Wife, hence the reason it was so shocking.

          1. I think an additional difference between the uproar over naked photos of Harry vs Kate had more to do with what else they were (supposed) to be doing around the time the pics were taken. Since Harry was on R&R from the front lines, it was more easily forgiven then Kannot & Willnot’s. With their pics, they were taken at a time in France when they were supposed to be representatives at the Paraolymics in London. They used the excuse of preparing for their upcoming Asia trip, which is why finding them living it up in France naked was so shocking. This I believe was the start of their trend to take vacations shortly before any royal tours. It also highlights their non-caring attitude towards the disabled. At least Harry enthusiastically participates and helps to raise money via the Invictus Games and similar charities. That is another reason why Harry’s indiscretion can be more easily forgiven. Anyway, neither of them have anything special as far as their bodies are concerned, so taken alone – the pics are basically meaningless.

          2. To Lola and Med (it won’t let me comment to med personally):

            Harry was not on R&R from the front lines at the time he went to Vegas; he hadn’t been deployed yet. And I understand that most people gave him a pass because he’s a soldier and he was “blowing off steam” before going to Afghanistan.. but I don’t. To me, what he did was far worse than Kate (he was so much stupider), even with W&Ks lying and blowing off the end of the Paralympics. BTW, Harry never attended the Paralympics either. Just pointing something out here: Kate did present at least one time during the Paralympics; both Will and Harry blew it off completely.

          3. My understanding was that Harry went on that trip just before being deployed, a typical military thing to do hence all that support from fellow members of the military. What might end up being your one last blow-out trip before something really bad happens to you.

            Seeing as the taliban were threatening to hunt him down and torture him publicly as an example, you can see why the one last trip thing comes into play. Granted, we will never know how fully he was protected while deployed, although little you can do when the enemy is aiming at your helicopter. Over 3000 people complained FOR him to the PCC. I’m not aware of anyone writing in to the PCC to defend Kate Middleton for getting caught topless on holiday.

            With Kate and William on the balcony: She was not only sunbathing topless in front of all the staff and security, she stripped off and changed her bathing suit right out in the open on the balcony. Why not just walk X number of steps into your room to change? Why do you need to change your suit in the middle of your sunbathing anyway? And the fact that they lied, skipped out on the Para-Olympians, and then pitched a fit when they were caught in their own lie?

            Really, they need to grow up. They should both know, as unfair as it is, that someone is always watching. In exchange for their 1%’s existence on the taxpayer dime, that is the trade-off.

          4. Harry complained about the media and his naked photos. He should also know that there are always people watching… especially when there are a huge group of them in your hotel room when you get naked in front of all of them.

        2. That’s true, but then again she knows those protection officers well, so that’s different than getting naked in front of strangers.

          1. I think that as Kate knew the protection officers well then it’s even more gross that she stripped off in front of them! Did Kate do it on purpose or does she just like showing off what she has? Totally gross! And not something you expect a future Queen Consort to do. I can accept Harry’s Vegas photos as “boys will be boys” and he had been in Afghanistan before the Vegas trip. But Harry has the charm which means he can get away with an oops, Kate doesn’t!

          2. @Cathy:

            “I can accept Harry’s Vegas photos as “boys will be boys””–

            And there in lies the sexism. Harry–having been naked in front of strangers, his friends, RPOs he knows so well, while most likely drunk and possibly high–gets a “boys will be boys” pass. Kate–having been naked in front of her husband, and RPOs while sunbathing–gets a “how dare she”. I know Harry gets away with a lot because he’s charming, but still, there’s sexism in the way each were treated. I’m not saying we should give Kate a pass, but I don’t think we should give Harry a pass either.

            Also, you said because Kate knew the RPOs, it’s even more gross that she got naked in front of them, but Harry knew his protection officers well also and stripped in front of them, is that gross? He also stripped in front of a bunch of his dude friends.

            Also, Harry was in Afghanistan previously in 2007/8. The Vegas trip was in 2012. I don’t think that counts as “he was in Afghanistan before the Vegas trip”. Yes, technically that’s true, but it’s not like he was on leave from the front at the time of the Vegas trip. He went to Afghanistan, spent a few weeks, then came back for 4 years, then was deployed again. Big difference.

  4. Willy seems like he is a headache of a lover. It seems like he resists his position in life, and resists being in a COMMITTED relationship too. He always has the ‘mild annoyance’ jaw clench on hand for events with Kate. Whenever he’s photographed without her, he’s beaming. He seems to treat her like she’s incompetent. Wait a minute though, didn’t she perform far better academically? I would be absolutely humiliated if I were her. I feel badly for Kate. I think she clung to him because she was raised like most everyone else in England to worship status- to strive to elevate oneself on the social ladder. It was the biggest thing that could have ever happened to her, having Will show any level of interest. So she clung to hope like a barnacle and took whatever he threw at her. It seems he loves escaping his responsibilities and exercising his immaturity. He may still have a good amount of his mother in him, but no doubt he’s been poisoned against her with so many years of ‘only daddy’s’ influence. And we all know what daddy is like.

    1. You know, I could see were there might be a lot of emotional/mental abuse in that relationship. It would not surprise me if William undercuts Kate every chance he gets and makes her feel incompetent and small and beneath him, in order to make himself feel powerful. If that were the case, I would feel so badly for her. I don’t know if that’s the case, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were.

      1. I am going to agree with both of you that Will just cannot seem to act like an adult. He is forever running off without his wife and child. Yeah, it is just a friend’s wedding, but he has a real pattern of taking off with friends and leaving Kate behind. I also am beginning to see a pattern of him diminishing her and I believe that is why she acted in a passive-agressive manner towards him at least 4 times during the tour. I think Kate is getting fed up. Oh…and regarding the Cartier watch he gave her weeks before the tour as an “early anniversary” gift, I really think it was a “sorry I got caught vacationing with my ex” gift. Just my take, but the time frame seems to fit. This marriage is in big-time trouble. I wish I were wrong, but something tells me I am not.

        1. I really think it was a “sorry I got caught vacationing with my ex” gift — I agree.

          I do think that since she’s produced the Heir that she has gotten more confident in defying Will.

      2. I think he’s done that his entire life. I watched a documentary about Diana, and Willy’s primary school teachers were interviewed saying that he would threaten them and the other children saying he was going to be king and that he would have his ‘men’ kill them if they didn’t do what he wanted. It seems he was a little brat from very early on and no doubt having everyone kiss his butt hasn’t helped matters as he’s grown. I do think Kate definitely has a backbone though. Otherwise she wouldn’t have survived in the relationship as long as she has. I think she knows how to play on his weaknesses and has learned how to manipulate him and make him chase her around, using his arrogance and entitlement against him. Playing hard to get, teasing, making fun of his appearance, reading books about how to drive his type, alpha males, wild etc. But I also think he’s incredibly defiant in general, and I think he probably ‘escapes’ on trips like these and loves them- but I don’t think trips like these are when he cheats, they’re too high profile. Sneaking away to private properties or bringing his mistresses to him in private seems more likely. If I were a gambler I’d put money on an affair or many of them in the years to come. In the end I still pity Kate. Even if she’s mastered getting Willy to eat out of the palm of her hand, it must suck to not be able to just have a healthy functional relationship with your husband. I think it all must be so exhausting and I think he makes her feel like crap on a regular basis.

        1. Truthfully, it seems like they both have some degree of mental health issues. However, Kate’s seem to be worse. Kate seems to exhibit several possibilities under personality disorders – including borderline, narcissistic personality, and histrionic disorders. All involve someone with tendencies to think and act like a child – her always running back to mommy, the exhibitionism, her passive-aggressiveness, her being afraid of being “abandoned”, her princess fetish. With PW, he also shows evidence of personality disorder – a more mild borderline or perhaps a mild narcissistic personality disorder. Of course, I’ve never treated them, but observing their actions and inactions, this is what they both seem to exhibit. Kate’s seems to be worse, as she seems to be stuck in childhood, between ages 12-15. William might be the same behind closed doors, as that was the age he was when he lost his mother. If my suspicions are true, they will never grow up, even with intense therapy. These tendencies are already deeply ingrained, and we will likely not see any change for the better in them until some event shakes them to the bone.

          1. She may have narcissistic personality, and histrionic disorders, but I think there is more to it than that. I’m not going to claim to be an expert or to know what she’s really thinking, but there has to have been some sort of emotional/mental problems that go way back that led to what she does now. She did have some sort of problem around age 12-15 didn’t she? That’s been claimed before, right? She looked sickly in photos from that time. Maybe whatever that was was the thing that stunted her emotional growth?

            For William, well William is just a narcissistic ass, and has been his whole life. It comes with his position I guess. The coddling and favoritism and privilege went to his head. He’s never really had to grow up, and therefore he hasn’t. That “never having to grow up” thing could also apply to Kate.

            Now, before my comment is taken the wrong way, I’m not saying we shouldn’t criticize all the crap Kate does, because we should, but I’m just postulating a theory to explain her behavior. I know from experience that emotional trauma early on in life can have affects lasting well into adulthood. I could be totally wrong about Kate, though.

        2. Yes, I’ve read old articles where they talked about how horrid Will’s behavior was when he was a child. He’s always been an a-hole and the “first child preference” hasn’t helped.

          There was speculation at some point that Kate wore the pants more than we all realized, because she would have had to know how to play him enough to survive all those years. It goes back and forth between her having a backbone and her being a puppet of Carole and puppet of Will.

          I go back and forth with Kate, sometimes I feel really badly for her for being pushed by her mother and then having to suffer with Will’s crap, and other times I remember that she wanted this life. But at the end of the day, even if she did want this life and know what she was getting into, she can’t be happy. She has to hate some part of her life, and that makes me feel badly for her. No one deserves abuse.

          1. Oh wow! When I was describing the various personality disorders I suspect Kate & William MIGHT have – I was relying on my training. Aside from some bullying issue, I am not aware of difficulties Kate was having around age 12-15. I have seen pics where she looks a little heavier, but not sickly – I am not sure if these are the same pics you are referring to. The personality disorders are typically a mental/emotional disorder directly resulting from childhood trauma of some sort. I’d say overall with Kate, the biggest factor in her life has been the relationship with her mom. The whole stage mom – perfect kid dance all the Middleton kids had/have to do would be enough to drive anyone loony. William’s issues I think are more well known and even understandable. Still, these are just possible explanations, and even if true, are simply that – explanations and not excuses for them to get out of work and other responsibilities. I really don’t feel all that sorry for either of them because they have 24/7/365 access to the best help for anything anytime they want it. Others have worked through similar issues with far less money and access to the kind of help W&K can access.

          2. I’m sure you have far more training than I do, and your descriptions fit them, but I’m just postulating based on my own experience with emotional trauma from mother issues/other family issues/school bullying. But Kate could just be an a-hole, what do I know.

            Re the problem around age 12-15, I don’t remember what it was they said she had, it was probably some BS excuse for something, I don’t know. I recall her looking kind of pale and sickly in some of those photos, but I could be mistaken.

            I really shouldn’t even be bringing this stuff up like it’s fact, it’s not, it’s just me speculating. I don’t want to start rumors or base anything off of my own speculation. But IF they have mental/emotional problems, I do feel somewhat sorry for them (doesn’t mean I’m not going to criticize the heck out of them, because they deserve it, but I can still feel pity for them while disliking them). Getting help isn’t as simple as people think. It’s hard to admit you have a problem and even harder to find a therapist you trust to help you. And then you have to accept that help and learn and grow and overcome all those years of trauma. It’s not always about having the money for a therapist.

            I’m just trying to understand Kate–and William. But it’s hard to discern much from the outside. Pure speculation, and probably projection on my part. I’m kind of sorry I brought it up.

          3. Sorry if I got too technical. Like you, I also have personal experience with a family member ( as well as my training), so I know first hand just how difficult some of these situations can be. Everything you say about the work involved with therapy is spot on. My take on it was – for whatever issues they have, they have almost instant and access to the highest quality treatment – not everyone does. But I appreciate what you are saying.

  5. William has said that Kate has a temper so I don’t worry about her. It’s her emotional insecurity that I think is the problem, she does seem to have spent a lot of time running back to Mummy’s house while married. Kate wanted to marry a prince and once she was in his circles she hung on and now must live with the consequences. Did she marry the title or did she really want to marry the man?

  6. Doesn’t matter. Willy’s great-great-grandfather Edward VII, and of course his father Bonnie Prince Charlie have set the gold standard for royal cheating. If William is cheating (and that’s not a big if), it surprises me as much as saying that humans breathe air. As for the protection issue, there is absolutely no way eight protection officers only cost £50,000. Also the US Secret Service was said by the DM to be guarding the Duke and Prince while they were in the US. I think the DM is wrong and that it’s the Diplomatic Security Service guarding them. They have full-time protection responsibilities for the Secretary of State, UN Ambassador and visiting diplomats as well as protection responsibility for NON-heads of state. They also dress identically to the Secret Service and other protection units and are trained similarly: dark suits, sunglasses, transparent wires snaking to earpieces, Heckler and Koch submachine guns, FN90 shotguns, armored black SUVs. With the local and state police forces deployed, I’m sure the cost is far more than what we’ve been told. As for Waity, who cares? She’s a whore and I doubt she simply is waiting around for Willy to get home.

    1. I think the Daily Mail got the figure right. I estimated Maldives to be $114,000 worth of security and mentally tallied the numbers for Memphis and the figure I came up with was within a couple of thousand dollars of what was published. This wasn’t a state visit, they had eight Scotland Yard guards with them, you can see the same security in other pictures from the past year. Local law enforcement would have extended them some courtesies.

      1. I base my figures on the fact that each PPO with overtime, costs £250,000. Then there’s the Secret Service/DSS agents, whose salaries are not disclosed and the local law enforcement shutting down roads, controlling traffic and deploying uniformed officers around the estate to control the crowds. Americans never do anything subtle. Three police officers will never do when we can have thirty. We’re talking millions of dollars, not $114,000 or whatever.

  7. It’s possible Cressy took compassionate leave b/c she truly believed that Harry was going to propose and is inconsolable about the matter… Right.

    1. Even so, compassionate leave for a break up is a bit much. May be calling in sick one day because she’s really heartbroken, I could get that, but not official compassionate leave.

  8. I think the reason why waity got into a more uproar over the nude pictures than Harry is
    because, she & billy lied about skipping the paraolympics! They said were preparing the
    tour of aisa!

  9. Guy Pelly was part of that Mahiki set that had front row seats to all of the makeups and breakups during the Will-Kate courtship and was Will’s “wing man” after the 2007 breakup and help find him blondes to celebrate his “freedom”. The Daily Mail archives from this time are full of stories like this:

    Guy knows the clingy, desperate Kate and they how badly she embarrassed herself chasing after him all those years. That group of has no respect for her AT ALL and never will. (Wasn’t it this group that made the “doors to manual” jokes about her Mom?) I honestly don’t blame her for not going to this wedding and I see it as a slap in the face to her that he went. But he’s never had any respect for her, so why should he now?

    1. That’s true, thank you for posting the link. That set has never been kind to Kate. I’m really not surprised she didn’t go.

    2. Good for Kate for skipping it then. As for Willy boy, I think he just does as he pleases like daddy. I don’t think it’s personal. Kate had to have known what she was signing up for after all those years. I bet she stewed in KP or at mommy’s, but I also think the perks make up for it in her mind. Never having to worry about money, being the most photographed woman in the world, etc. I think Kate is quite fortunate superficially. It’s the deeper more meaningful things that seem to be amiss.

      1. The perks may make up for it in her mind right now, but they won’t eventually. She’ll realize one day all the things she’s been missing–friends, and loving husband–and she’ll start really rebelling, more than her superficial rebelling she does by not weighting her hems and whatnot she does currently.

  10. I have recovered from my shock and I am back to “I feel sorry for Kate” Of course she wanted to go to the wedding!!! PW probably told her she couldn’t go…!I hope she stays strong as PW attempts to become an adult, a responsible husband/father and future King (hope no one is holding their breath)

    1. She wouldn’t have wanted to go to the wedding, she is very much disliked by that group. Try to see if you can find the video on YouTube where Princess Eugenie shoves her at Christmas time, it pretty much sums up how Kate is regarded. Don’t forget, Prince Harry came up with the Limpet nickname the group then used to describe her. All is not as rosy as it seems from the outside. Kate is merely tolerated and they make sure she knows it’s only because Wills tolerates her. She would have spent that wedding weekend in tears.

      1. Here’s the video, that Kate/Eugenie part happens at around 3:20 mark.

        Yeah, I don’t think Kate would have wanted to go to that wedding anyway. They haven’t been very kind to her over the years.

        1. Thanks! I found another good video: At 1:35, Prince William sarcastically responds to Kate’s question as to whether or not he’s singing with, “Trying to”. How hard is it to tell if someone you’re standing next to is singing? At the 1:00, Prince William starts moving around his Poppet around on the balcony as he always does in public, it would be better puppetry if you couldn’t see him using his hand so much.

        2. This is another good video: Prince William calls her a “Bitch” at :14, at which point she blinks back tears. At :54, Prince William has to pull her aside so she doesn’t cut-off Prince Charles and Camilla and go down the steps before them and explains to her she almost made a huge royal no-no and she has to be more aware. Frustrated that she positions herself in a way that blocks that staircase, he has to move her again, tells her, “You see those stairs? You go down those stairs.” I’m pretty good at reading lips too and I’m fairly certain he also calls her “Idiot”. Kate’s oblivious, he has no patience for her and she takes it because she wants to be Mrs. Prince William that badly.

          1. Thanks for the links. I have seen these before – I am glad they have made an impression on others here as well. First of all – William has alot of the same issues Charles did with Diana. They think their fiancees/wives automatically know details and nuances of Royal Protocol. They cannot, for the life of them, understand that not everyone grew up the same way, and it takes some time to learn them. HOWEVER – some of the protocol is just basic courtesy, i.e. the queen, Philip, Charles and Camilla do and should go first in line/procession. I don’t understand why Kate has such a hard time with this. I grew up with a similar, albeit not quite as formal “respect your elders”, which I think alot of people have, so it’s not such a stretch to understand that you wait for the others. Again, narcissism comes to mind, i.e. that all eyes are on her, so she only thinks about herself, especially in front of the cameras. So really, they both have alot to work on – though Kate did seem a bit more confident with this last tour (but then again, they were the most senior royals there).

          2. That video is hilarious. He really gets so annoyed with her. I noticed she got a new umbrella. That one was huge and got in the way of Camilla’s umbrella when she was walking down the stairs. And of course it bonked Will in the head. During the Tour, Kate had an umbrella like the one Cam had in the video.

          3. I don’t see “bitch” on his lips at :14. I do however see an annoyed Willy. He did hold her back so she didn’t descend the stairs before daddy and his mistress, and it seems he did act like a total dick that day. Kate allows herself to be treated this way, she’s my definition of a doormat. It’s aggravating

        3. I’m of the opinion that KM probably earned the cold shoulder from the Yorks. Too many stories through the years – including things published in newspapers not just blogs and forums – about her bullying treatment towards B & E through the years. Both B & E have dated men who aren’t titled. That doesn’t give me the impression that they think you have to an aristocrat to be worthy of their attention.

          1. When I said, “they”, I meant that whole set in general being unkind, not just the Yorks.

            But yes, Kate has supposedly been quite rude to Beatrice and Eugenie. The York’s hatred of the Middletons is well deserved.

  11. kate is NOT INNOCENT as u guys are trying to potray her, kate and her mum STALKED billy for over a decade for the ring, if willy was bad to her then nobody forced her to be there, kate was after the ring for the perks, and lets not forget she is lazy and uncharitable and selfish, there are better girls who could have married billy, but kate the clingyy stalker was always in his face!!!!!

    1. With Kate, it’s kind of like those stories you hear about those idiots who decide it would be cool to have a tiger, get a small cage, throw it in their backyard and one day the tiger attacks them. You feel compassion because no one wants to see anyone get mauled by a tiger, but for the most part you’re thinking, “Hey, A**hole, that’s why you don’t get a lion from some guy named Three Fingers Louie and put him outside next to your kid’s swing set. Lions don’t like that, because, you know, they’re LIONS. What is the point of this story anyway? Why are they even explaining how this mauling came about? The story should read, “Lion mauls owner. Period. It’s pretty self-explanatory. If I were that lion, I would have eaten that guy’s sorry ass. He fed him Hamburger Helper in a Disney Princess bowl. Idiot. But I hope he gets better soon.”

    2. No, Kate is not innocent. She wanted that life and actively pursued it. But even so, no one deserves abuse if that’s what Kate is getting from Will. Like I said somewhere above, I go back and forth with Kate, sometimes I feel badly for her and sometimes I don’t. But no matter what, there are some deep-seeded emotional problems in her, and I feel sorry for anyone suffering from that. We can dislike her, criticize her, and pity her all at the same time. Pity one part of her life, dislike her actions, and criticize her mistakes.

      I mean, imagine what kind of mental/emotional problems led to her thinking the only way for her to get through life was to stalk a prince and be his doormat until he caved and married her. The underlying emotional problems that led to all her crazy actions are what I pity.

      1. Blame the Mum as she encouraged and enabled Kate to stalk William. And Carole provided a haven when William dumped her.

          1. Yes, I think Carole has issues. She definitely has insecurities based on class and her position in life–probably given to her by her mother who I hear was also a social climber. I think Carole imparted a bunch of her own issues onto her children.

  12. I think all the suggestions in previous posts about Kate are probably accurate…personality disorders, lazy and selfish, possible childhood traumas. May I add one more? She is, very simply, shallow…an empty vessel. She may be manipulative, but she’s not smart or clever. Ma Middleton is the one with the Plan for Kate and she groomed Kate, perhaps from the day she was born, to catch a prince. Now that’s she’s accomplished that, what’s to do? Go on lots of vacations. If Kate were not a Royal and you met her at a party, once you discussed the weather, there would be nothing left that she could converse about. She seems to have no hobbies or passions in life. She doesn’t seem to have any close friends. She’s really empty. I think this may be the main reason Will’s friends dislike her. Look at Guy Pelly’s wife, Lizzy Wilson. She’s not only a commoner, she’s American! Yet she has several degrees and has traveled and apparently is fondly accepted by the Royals and their crowd. She has substance. Kate does not.

    1. True. I would bring up that Kate does have a hobby–shopping–but going by her lack of nice style and overall boring choices, I have to question whether she really loves clothes and fashion, or if it’s something to do to distract her from her troubled marriage and lack of meaningful relationships in her life. It’s like how a kleptomaniac doesn’t care about what they steal, it’s the act of stealing they like. Maybe Kate doesn’t care about what she buys, it’s the act of buying things that makes her happy/distracts her?

  13. I just saw yesterday that there is this new reality show titled “I want to marry Harry!” with of course a look-a-like. Major eye roll, the US media bends over for those boys.

    1. We’re all hoping these girls are just famewhores and not so dumb they think any British ginger is Prince Harry. Animal from the Muppets looks more like Prince Harry than the guy they found.

    2. I know! How dumb are those chicks. Their famewhore-i-ness has caused them to lose their ability to reason.

  14. I believe that Kate has done what many women before her have done and will continue to do, she has lost herself in her husbands interest and job. It’s not that unusual. It is just magnified because of her position in life and the whole world is there to judge. I would hope that she can pull herself out of it so that she is more productive and less dependent on PW. She needs to have friends outside of PW circle (family doesn’t count). I want her to succeed because she has this huge platform and there are very few people that can actually make a difference in the world – Kate could be one of them!

    1. I believe you are talking about women who have put aside their own interests and act simply as support for their husbands. Kate doesn’t fit this category because the only interest she’s ever had was wedding Will.

    2. Actually, CrazyAMG, your point about Kate having this huge platform is what alot of us are complaining about. She indeed does have a huge platform in which she can make a difference. What many of us are concerned about is – why doesn’t she use it? We understand it takes some time to learn the ropes, but a big part of the process is learning by doing. Several interviews with members of the RF, including Diana have said this. There is no “princess book” to refer to. But she chooses to hole herself up at home, shop, and does a handful of appearances every 3 months. In this way, she will not learn much nor become very comfortable in her duties for a very long time – I’m talking decades. As far as “losing herself in her husband’s interests and job” – I don’t see that. Yes, I remember she said she is trying to complement her royal duties to that of her husband. But, he by definition, does not have very many royal duties, because he doesn’t want them (yet). So, I find this just to be a clever excuse to minimize any duties. As a said before, people want to see growth, not perfection. But she demonstrates neither. In time, as things change and they become Prince & Princess of Wales, and eventually King and Queen Consort, she will have an exceptionally hard time with the responsibilities of the transitions and duties associated with the title since she hasn’t taken the time now to learn.

      1. I watched some show on PBS around the time of the Diamond Jubilee and in it both Princess Anne and Prince Edward said that they had to be thrown in and learn on the job. They both said they were terrible at royal duties when they started but learned by being thrown in and having to fend for themselves.

  15. Concerning the York sisters. Can someone help with their role in the RF? The only thing I can see is that as Kate’s importance and influence moves up in the RF they are on a downward trajectory??

    1. I think the York girls’ popularity is on an upward trajectory. They assume royal duties, seem to be liked by everyone, and know how to party without causing scandal. I admire them for refusing to carry or be held responsible for their parents’ terrible choices.

    2. Prince Charles has been trying to streamline the monarchy, creating a distinction between major and minor and minor royals, citing economic necessity. At the Diamond Jubilee, the only royals on the balcony were the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton, representing Prince Charles’ vision for the future. Had Prince Philip not been ill, that never would have flown. As the only blood Princesses of their generation, their status was reconfirmed the following month when the Queen established the Order of Precedence, stating that when not in the presence of Prince William, Kate Middleton was expected to curtsy to the York Princess. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice have conducted themselves admirably amidst all this, they receive no tax payer money, are not classified as working royals, instead they hold down regular jobs and still fulfill royal duties. The Princesses are well-liked within the Royal Family, with the notable exception of their ongoing feud with Kate. That hasn’t hurt their status within the family, Kate is merely tolerated for the sake of appearance by several other members out of deference to Prince William. These girls might make some fashion missteps and did a bit of partying a few years ago which we all did at that age but have great strength of character, do not need the perks of HRH status and may just wind up proving themselves over time as the most popular royals of all.

      1. I think the Yorks get romanticized a lot by those of us who aren’t big fans of Kate. I don’t think they’re as admirable as some would have us believe, and in some ways aren’t much better than Kate. Beatrice vacations almost as much as Kate did, and has a boyfriend who ditches his job at a moment’s notice to tag along with her (or at least it appears that way, but then he’s working for Branson, right?). I know Eugenie is working in NYC right now, but there’s no way she’s making her own way there on an intern’s pay.

        I don’t mean to sound like I don’t like the Yorks; they’re fine as they are, but I’m not going to build them up either.

        1. I agree.

          Taking away the rose-colored glasses you see that Eugenie is basically living a socialite’s life in NYC going by all the parties and functions she attends; rather than living a normal intern’s life–seriously, she could not afford the lifestyle she has by being an intern, her parents have to be paying for her.

          Beatrice took something like 7 vacations last year, and has been on at least 2 so far this year. She quit her job last year, too. Has she found another one yet?

          Dave Clark is almost the male Waity. I’m not sure what he does for Virgin Galactic, but it affords him enough time to take all those vacations with Beatrice, and he is constantly in London going to clubs, parties, and dinners with her.

  16. A little hard on Kate, don’t you think? In time Kate will do great!!! So when PC becomes King, York sisters could be downgraded, Kate would still move-up

    1. The York sisters only would move down because of what Prince Charles has declared about downsizing the “firm.” Kate would move up by definition because of PW. But honestly, the York sisters are truly “born royal” whereas Kate never will be – no matter what her title/position. (BTW: what the others said above about the York sisters is true as well.)

    2. I think it is expected that Kate should behave a certain way, since she is next to William in rank. The York sisters however do not have to be as regal or formal. I think this puts more pressure on Kate.

      1. Yes. The York sisters aren’t the heir’s wife. Not much is expected of them, whereas Kate has a ton of expectations on her shoulders.

        1. Actually, I think there is a lot of pressure on B & E to act correctly. Their parents have been such absolute nightmares which reflects negatively on their daughters. They have/need to step it up and prove the critics wrong.

          1. I agree and disagree. I agree that their parent’s antics have caused the press to be unkind toward B & E, and it’s not fair at all. In the regard, they must be on their best behavior, dress well, not gain weight, etc, to give the media less ammunition.

            I disagree that there are a super ton of expectations placed on them, though, seeing as almost no one cared that B&E were in Memphis with Will and Harry, and people don’t get up in arms over Beatrice’s 8 million vacations a year. People are infuriated when Kate takes a vacation, or doesn’t work, but Beatrice vacations probably as much as Kate and she gets a pass (maybe because hers fly under?), and Beatrice quit her job randomly last year and not many people cared. People also don’t seem to bother too much with Beatrice’s Male Waity, Dave Clark, who, even though he has a “full time job” at Virgin Galactic, is always seen vacationing and attending weddings and parties with Beatrice.

            So, yes, there are expectations from the York girls, but not as many expectations as people place on Kate.

    3. I just don’t see how the BRF will function without adding B & E to the mix as working royals. There is no way that Charles, Camilla, William, Kate Middleton, and Harry can do all the royal engagements that are done annually now. The rest of the working royals (with a few exceptions) are already past the UK retirement age. In other countries it seems easier to downsize the monarchy, but those countries often have much smaller populations to serve.

      If the royals dramatically decrease the number of patronages and engagements they do each year, they will seem even more like useless scroungers than they do now. They have to keep up the pace or be booted by the increasingly anti-monarchy taxpayers. That means adding the Yorks in eventually, possibly as “part-time” working royals that also have jobs. (Kind of like Princess Michael does engagements but also had a decorating business). The rest of them – William and KM especially – have to be full-time royals with a minimum 600 engagements per year.

      I think part of the problem with B & E right now is that, until recently the expectation (right or wrong) was that they would be working royals when they came of age. Now they are both trying to figure out how to have careers, knowing that maybe they will be working royals or maybe they won’t be working royals. They’ve ended up with jobs similar to others in their set, and who knows if they will make careers of these or not.

      1. I agree with you. I think Charles will have a problem if he kicks out Andrew, Anne, the Wessexes, and others. And at some point, he will need the York girls to step in and do things. There just isn’t a way for 6 people (Harry’s eventual wife will be there also) to do all those engagements. So while I understand his desire to slim the monarchy down, I don’t think that would work out very well as it would also be slimming down the number of engagements and the public won’t like that.

  17. with kate its always she will improve in a few more years when she becomes blah blah blah, and the story of her life continues, u guys are dellusional, kate has been getting a free pass ALL HER LIFE from her motherr to billy, kate is older than willy, but she looks and behaves like a little girl with her dad, when with will, even motherhood hasnt change, her, the tour was a success becsuse of GEORGE, other princess are doing what they are suppossed to do without their husbands , e.g CP mary , victoria, charlene, , will kate ever reach their level, maybe in another life, kate has to bring either george or willy, to get people interested, she lives in absolute luxury, vacationing, servants, and yet she does nothing to make her husband life easier, yes willy is human too and has done more than enough for waity, and he is exhausted period!

    1. In general, I agree. I was thinking – maybe some of the reason that William often has a scowl on his face when out with Kate is that he does get frustrated at her childlike needs. I think he wants her to step up, improve her speaking, including speaking to the public and press, and to remember not to walk in front of the Queen, things like that. Instead, she often forgets and walks ahead of everyone, frequently stumbles when speaking, laughs at inappropriate times, plays with her hair, and is generally painfully unprepaired for any outing. I mean, yes, she will need guidance, but I am sure if she would get out and spend a little time with every member of the RF while they are on duty, she could pick up so much, and not irritate anyone constantly. This is just my opinion – I may be completely wrong. But I do see this as a way for her to learn and do more.

  18. katemiddletonreview- have you seen the “unfit princess” video on YouTube where James Whitaker is in a clip saying he thinks William likes Kate but he’s not “in love with her?” I can’t find the full interview anywhere. In fact, I can’t seem to find any full critical interviews of Kate on there anymore. People who know their friends, royal correspondents, etc. All of the really good interviews seem to have disappeared. I think the Unfit Princess video clip is from Chanel 9 in the UK or AU. No idea, wish I could find some good ones

    1. I’ve seen this video:
      Is that the one you’re talking about? I’ve never seen a full interview/program or anything like that. If there were other videos like that they must have been pulled a good while ago because I’ve never seen them.

      I would agree with Whitaker’s assessment of W&Ks relationship. I do think it was a sense of comfort, trust, and she was the only one willing to take on the job, you know.

  19. Some people think waity will improve? I think she is not interested in improving! Lazy has had 3 years to improve and has made no improvement what so ever. The improvement will come
    the royal issue an ultimatime saying’ go to work or leave this family!’ If that order not issued, the royals are stuck with this situation! Katie will not improve unless there severe consequences she
    she is force to face. In the engagement waity said”I don’t care what anyone thinks.” Kate’s words not mine! After 3 years i have given up on lazy!

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