Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas broke up

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas broke up

So much for Duchess Cressida.  It seems Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have split up after nearly two years of dating.

There were reports that they broke up because Cressida was “too needy”, but the palace has been adamant in denying that; claiming Cressida is the opposite of needy.  “Sources”—and by that I mean KP—insist the split was amicable and Cressida wants to focus on her career.

Another “source”, this time one close to Cress, said:  “Cressie is only 25 and pretty young for her age at that. Prince Harry will be 30 this year and is at a different stage in his life. He is incredibly fond of Cressie and understands that she wants to do something with her life and with her career before she considers settling down.”

That source also said:  “It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they got back together in a few months time.”

If they are truly broken up, then that’s sad, but it’s also the right thing to do if they weren’t feeling it.  However, is this a stunt to throw people off the trail so they can hang in private without having constant engagement rumors surrounding them?  Will they get back together and announce an engagement by the end of the year?  What does this mean for Cressida’s Ring campaign?  Are they letting her save face by saying she’s not needy and the split was amicable because she wants to pursue her career?  Or did she really do the dumping?

I have to say, if she broke up with him because she really does want to pursue a career, then that is so great for her.  In fact, that would change my entire opinion of her.

Prince Harry spent the day hanging with some injured service people who will compete in the Invictus Games.  Unfortunately that coverage was very much overshadowed by the spilt announcement.  Cressida was spotted out in London getting a juice.

Harry will travel to Estonia and Italy from May 16th to May 19th. Here is Clarence House’s press release about the trip.

Links: Telegraph, People, Daily Mail, E!, Popsugar.

19 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas broke up

  1. When I first heard about this, I immediately thought ” so he’s pulling a William, huh?” This sounds exactly like what William did with Kate – dumping her for a few months after a long period of dating, and then getting back together to get married. I think the Ring Campaign is working and Harry is taking a break to hook up with as many women as possible (get it out of his system, maybe?) and will get back together with Cressida within a year and marry her shortly afterward.

  2. People said the same thing about Chelsy Davy, especially when she was at Willy and Waity’s wedding. Look what happened there. I think Harry enjoys being a lad (as long as no more photos come out) and Cressida was a bit immature, not to mention a little too “grungy” for the British royals. If he was a Danish or Swedish royal, I doubt “they” would care that much.

  3. I think Cressida is a different type of girl than Kate. It seems that Cressida can see more to life than Kate. After all Kate didn’t do much after leaving University but wait around for William to propose, Cressida is working and getting on with life. Cressida is still in the Royal social circle as she is friends with Beatrice. Maybe this is just a case of two people who have found that they don’t “fit” anymore?

  4. Eh, I really do not think they are a great fit. They just seem awkward around each other, and what is with the whole Cressie-really-does-not-want-to-settle-down publicity campaign? My daughter was a professional ballet dancer by age 16 and I can honestly say that by 26 a dancer has either made it, or not. It is clear that she is not committed to that life, so for anyone to use her great ambition to make it as a dancer, that person is being disingenuous. Whatever is going on, it’s not about that.

    1. Very good observation about her dancing “career.” We know the media always upgrades people’s jobs – a good, solid doctor is suddenly top of their field, a student working in a law office part time is suddenly a paralegal or lawyer-in-training, a young kid without a job who likes to party becomes an event planner. So with Cressida, it’s not surprising that somehow her “career” is the fallback/reason for their splitting up. Personally, I never cared much for Cressida – I thought Chelsea Davy was a much better match up for Harry, and a very “solid” woman in her own right as I believe she was to become an attorney. Anyway, I think Harry can do better, and by the pics of him with William, Beatrice, & Eugenie at Graceland, I don’t think he is too distraught.

    2. I’ve always thought they seemed awkward around each other as well, so I was surprised when the lasted so long.

  5. i hope harry gets a superb wife, chelsy and cressie are georgeous, kate with all her lazy expensive ways is still a pointless, needy plain jane .

  6. Honestly, I don’t believe she did the dumping because she looked so smitten with him a month before. I think he did the dumping because he wanted to be friends with company and she wanted serious relationship with marriage. That’s not this couple and I believed they would break up this year or next because Harry seems to be growing and she is not at that stage in life. I also don’t believe this about her and her career. Right now she has a job in marketing when neither her degree nor her certificate in dance have anything to do with it. As soon as Harry came along she just bogged herself down with any job she could find to be available to him, just like Waity. But I don’t think he will pull a William and get back with her. Honestly, Harry has always been pegged as different from William and Cressida different from Kate so why would their relationships go along the same pattern? I don’t see a reconciliation because if there was a chance of one then KP would never have leaked it to the US press and called her ‘needy’ they were too aggressive and had to back track. I think they are really over. They haven’t been seen together in weeks not even by twitter they have been broken up for weeks and Harry isn’t going back to a girl he has to baby sit for her to be comfortable with him.

    1. I’m not sure whether they’ll get back together, and I don’t trust myself to make a correct call on this one because I didn’t think they would last as long as they did, so they have already surprised me. If they did end up marrying, I think the marriage would fall apart quickly, and I think Cressida would make a terrible duchess. Not because of lack of work ethic or lack of proper appearance, but I just don’t think she’d like the restrictions and would rebel against them and sh-t would hit the fan. She wouldn’t be “Duchess-y”, she’d still be “free spirit Cress”.

  7. I find Harry to be quite odd and Cressida inmuture. She could not handle the pressures of being a Royal as Kate. Harry should continue to look for a suitable wife. Harry blah blah

    1. I’m kind of over Harry. He has shown himself to be hardly any better than Will. Granted Harry has much more of a connection with children and I do believe he is passionate about his military work, but he still takes a ton of perks all while complaining about the media. He complained about how the media treated the Vegas incident when it wasn’t the media’s fault that he A) got naked in a hotel room with a bunch of strangers, and B) he and his people let a bunch of strangers into his hotel room and didn’t think to take phones away and make them sign NDAs. He and his team failed at their jobs; all the media did was do their job.

  8. I personally like Harry more than I do Willy. He has represented the Queen on several occasions (the Olympics closing ceremony, the U.S. visit in 2013 for Wounded Warriors, and his trek to the South Pole). Also he served twice in a combat zone and was under enemy fire. What has Willy done in the same time? Sired a son, played at being a “soldier” and taken three vacations (the royal “tour” of OZ and NZ where they did about two hours of work a day doesn’t count). Willy’s idea of “enemy fire” is a bad story in the Daily Mail.

  9. Good points made on Harry’s behalf. I guess I struggle with the dueling personalities, good Prince and very bad Prince.

  10. You should report on the partying and shenanigans the brothers are getting up to in Memphis. Is Kate delusional? Is she at home awaiting his daily/nightly phone calls thinking he’s not getting up to anything nefarious? I wonder if he’ll cheat.

    1. Adorable! I think the Zoo faces are the best; he was really laying it on then.

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