Prince William and Duchess Kate hold hands as they join the royal family for Christmas church

Prince William and Duchess Kate hold hands as they join the royal family for Christmas church

Thank you for all the Christmas wishes everyone. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, or an awesome December 25th if you don’t celebrate Christmas!  To the royal-y things… Prince William and Kate Middleton are so in lurve, you guys! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held hands for the second year running while walking to the Saint Mary Magdalene Church on the grounds of Sandringham Christmas morning.


Others who joined the Queen and the Cambridges for church include Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, Prince Edward and Sophie and Lady Louise, and Princess Anne and her husband and son and his wife. Camilla did not attend. According to Clarence House, Camilla put her back out earlier in December. That’s why she didn’t attend the Buckingham lunch last week.

Royals walk to church

It baffles me that there is still a “will they/won’t they” regarding whether Will and Kate will bring Prince George to church on Christmas. The royals never bring their children to church until they are much older. Hell, the Wessexes didn’t even bring James, Viscount Severn, and he’s seven. George is 17 months. Will and Kate were never going to bring him. But of course, that didn’t stop them from talking/complaining about him. Kate said, “I’m sorry we didn’t bring George but you would have heard him in the church.” While William said he was looking forward to going home to see what destruction George had created. Sigh. We get it, Will and Kate, George is loud and destructive. Enough already.


According to the Mail, William and Kate did not join the Queen for lunch after the service, instead heading back to Anmer Hall and having lunch with Kate’s family, because “The Duchess has long been keen to host a big family Christmas in her new home, the kind of Christmas she enjoyed as a girl.”  But apparently it’s cool with the Queen because “The Queen understands that they have other family commitments.”  Will and Kate really are breaking all sorts of royal Christmas traditions, aren’t they.  First the spent 2012 Christmas with the Middletons, and now they spend this Christmas mostly with the Middletons, and the Middletons even got to go to church service.  Seriously, William Middleton.  At this rate poor Prince George will end up George Middleton as well.

Royals leave church after Christmas service

You know how we all think Kate hates her changing pregnancy body and that’s why she’s been in mourning lately… well Kate mentioned her body to a woman in the crowd. Mary Young said, “I told [Kate] she looked beautiful and she said thank you and she feels big.” She feels big? Seriously? She barely looks pregnant. Either Kate has some serious hate for her changing body or she’s one of those a-holes who say they look fat when they don’t so that you’ll give them a compliment about how good they look. I wouldn’t put it past Kate to be one of those a-holes phishing for compliments (and for some reason they always do it to people who weigh more than them, because they’re a-holes), so that may be what this is. Or it’s just Kate trying to “relate” to normal people, or something. But I do think she genuinely doesn’t like gaining the pregnancy weight.


Honestly, though, if I didn’t know Kate was almost six months pregnant, I wouldn’t know. She looks like she’s a normal, healthy weight; not pregnant at all. When is she going to start showing more than a tiny tummy when she presses her hands to her crotch?  …BTWs, I’m pretty sure I could make that same tummy pop if I pushed my hands to my crotch, and I’m not pregnant.


Kate continued her fall trend of wearing new clothes at every event except the St. Andrew’s gala with a new brown coat from Moloh paired with her brown Betty Boop hat from Lock and Company that she’s worn at least four times now, her Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf earrings, brown Valerie pumps from Emmy Shoes, and Cornelia James gloves.  UPDATE: This outfit is so boring and blah that I forgot to comment on it; let me do that…. I think this outfit is boring and blah. /UPDATE


Here’s a photo of Kate talking to Charles as they leave the church. What do they talk about!?


Kate’s family is staying at Anmer Hall with Will and Kate, and they joined the royal family for Christmas service. Yep, the Middletons finally got to spend Christmas with the Queen. Kind of. They weren’t invited to actually spend time with the Queen at the big house, but they got to sit in the same church as her for half an hour. Below are picture of Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton (who is obscured by Carole’s head), Pippa Middleton and James Middleton. Huh, you’d think they’d be grinning from ear to ear.


Shout out to Princess Eugenie who won Best Dressed in her pretty white coat and fuchsia hat.


Below are two videos of the royals walking to and leaving the church.

Below is the Queen’s Christmas message.

Below is a video of Kate’s visit to the Scout meeting. I’m posting it because I just saw it and it contains something I am fascinated by. For some reason, I’m obsessed with knowing whether Kate eats or not – because, you know, we think she has some sort of eating disorder – and when she visited the Scouts, she did an activity where she cut a chocolate bar with a fork while wearing a boxing glove and told to eat the piece of chocolate. I wondered at the time if she actually ate it or not, and this is a video of the event showing Kate putting the chocolate in her mouth and chewing it! The video cut off so I don’t know if she swallowed, but she chewed it. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

Link: Mirror. Daily Mail.

Photos: Getty/Victoria Murphy Twitter

112 thoughts on “Prince William and Duchess Kate hold hands as they join the royal family for Christmas church

  1. Eugenie looked very pretty. I think that she is so lovely. QEII is truly a legend and I love to watch her on video. Phillip looked quite spry and lively.

    Kate looked okay. Not great, not bad. I am tired of hearing them complain about George. They might as well call him an ***hole while they are at it. Did you notice at rhe end of the last video that Kate and Will did not bow? Harry took his hands out of his pockets and did his cute head bow that we saw at the christening. Peter Phillips did it too. Kate and Will just stood there.

    Don’t get me started on Ma Midds. She didn’t look like a woman who is pining to be in the Royal Family. She always looks like she got stuck in a wind tunnel. Sorry, the only Middleton that I like is Mike as he always looks like he wants to be anywhere but where he is

    1. Eh, Kate was blah. Nothing great, nothing greatly bad. Just blah. I’m so over hearing how loud and annoying they think George is. It was cute the first time, since it seemed obvious that they had never taken care of a baby before, but now it just makes them seem like they don’t like their kid and probably pass him off to the nanny as much as possible. If they are trying to “relate” by complaining about their kid, they are going about it all wrong.

      I did notice Harry bow his head. I wonder why Will and Kate didn’t.

      1. I noticed Harry bow his head but not W&K too. To me that just shows lack of respect. But both videos show Kate has no respect for tradition or protocol either. The Queen should be first out the door of the church, then Prince Philip then Charles then William. I see that Kate had left the church second, was see racing The Queen to the door? And when shaking the Vicar’s hand after the service, William should have been first to do this, not Kate! After all the time Kate has been around the royals before the marriage and after you would have thought she would have absorbed some of the rules and protocol. Or does she just not care?

        1. It is weird because there was the big deal in NY with Will walking upstairs first without helping Kate because of speculated protocol. Maybe it’s like a coat that they put on and off when they want. Sigh about negative to George. Don’t they understand George can feel their negativity and will act out more? Some things are just the child, but parents can help make it or break it. My youngest is on the Autism Spectrum so I live it daily. Thank goodness Kate was wearing a long coat or we could have had an oops moment when she had her blow-out coat moment. And is it just me, or does she look like a drunken sailor in the head shot? I do like her coat though. She and Charles discuss how much they dislike(d) their first child.

          1. Lol protocol must be like everything else to them, only when needed. They pull out the Diana card only when it gets them something, or gets them out of something. They harass that press only when the press doesn’t do what they want; if it benefits them, they’re cool with it.

  2. Kate’s outfit was seriously lacking and she can leave the heels at home instead of clomping around like a horse in them. So many things annoy me about these two – dissing George at seemingly every opportunity, not respecting HM enough, how about just respecting your elderly relative. And why was she so eager to get outside? Did she want to make sure she was there to have her picture taken. I don’t know how strict the protocol is for leaving at something like this, but she was way ahead of everyone, including William.

    William should just legally change his name to Middleton, because that’s what he is. They have thumbed their noses at the traditions of his family since they got married and it ticks me off to no end. Next year they will walk in with the Middletons, apart from the rest of the family.

    At least Harry gets it.

    1. Kate dresses too old. She is a young woman and should look as such. Fashion is about fun. Eugenie, Bea, and Autumn Phillips get it. Sophie is older than Kate but looks younger. I wish that I could talk more about substance in regards to Kate. But, there isn’t any.

    2. I was surprised she went out ahead of Philip and Charles. I have a feeling as the years go by that Harry (and his wife if he finds a good one) will be the one carrying the family, because William doesn’t seem like he wants to.

      Beatrice and Eugenie wore heels with a similar height to Kate’s. Not saying that’s an excuse, but we must criticize all of them, you know.

      1. True. I don’t like those sky high shoes. They are on gravel and it isn’t a smart choice. I know that the shoes are expensive, but clomping makes them look cheap. I am all for a maximum 3 inch heel. I think that thise high heels can be intimidating to others as you appear to be towering over people.

        On another note, Kate looked so at ease at the scout event. The only thing that made me laugh was the thought of her ruining that scarf with that makeup, lol.

      2. To be fair to Kate, it’s possible that she needed to get outside for air; some of those chapels get hot. The heels to not look notiicibly off when being photographed with Will. It would look like stair steps if she didn’t bring up her height. It also helps with crowds to reach and shake hands. She would be smart to relate these things in a candid interview but respecting a royal reserve. But he’ll would have to freeze over first. William and George Middleton could go into the marshmallow business with Uncle James. Harry on the throne would be fabulous.

  3. One more small thing. Do they really think we’re buying the “we’re so in love we’re holding hands” thing? You only do it once a freaking year so either commit to playing the scene year round or drop the hand holding. Unless he’s just making sure she keeps up with him in those heels.

    And yes, I thought Beatrice’s heels were too high as well. I remember seeing footage of them attending a wedding of a friend and I watched Pippa, Beatrice, Eugenie and nearly every other woman there do this stilted tip-toe walk into the church. It was so awkward! If you can’t walk in them you shouldn’t wear them.

    1. But… but… they’re so in lurve… LURVE I tells you! Their LURVE only manifests on Christmas day, and only for the short walk through the crowds and paps, but it’s totally LURVE!

      I don’t understand why women wear super high heels in general. Especially ones with platforms. Don’t they realize it makes their feet look bigger? They look like they have giant hooves for feet.

      1. “Duchess Kate and Prince William closer than ever as they host first family Christmas” are the headlines from HELLO! magazine. I say what a bunch of whooey! Just because they were playing for the cameras by holding hands means nothing. Will can’t wait to get away and get some strange or rather familiar ie; Jecca Craig or whom ever and Waity can’t wait to get the stuffing out of her under ware and get back into her skinny jeans. Ma Meddleson looks like she had a rough night and it blows my mind the lengths the Meddlesons will go to be near the Queen–who is now being practically ignored by Waity and Willie–the entire scene was a sad charade.

        1. I’m amazed they didn’t sell an exclusive interview with pictures to Hello! magazine. It could’ve been titled “How the New Royal Family Does Christmas”. Ugh…these people make me nauseous.

  4. Add me to the crowd of being appalled by the lack of respect to their elders. It starts with no one but one of the Clergy helping Prince Phillip with his coat. Kate trying to be the first one following HM down the stairs. Only PH and PP nodding as HM leaves the Church. The Middleton kids did not look happy to be at the Church. I think they all had a row before they left for the Church. They didnt want to stay home at AH as they wouldn’t look like good Christians. Although they didnt seem to be real church goers before Kate Married William. So stuck at AH what do they do about Christmas service? Where do they go to church? Should have thought about that before. Don’t get me going about Kate’scoat flying open so we could see how short her dress was. That girl will never learn.

    1. I really am shocked that the Midds didn’t look happier to be going to church with the Queen. I would think they would be over the moon.

      1. If there is no tradition of going to church on Christmas Day in the Middledton family then the Middleton siblings probably just looked peeved b ecause they had to get up and get dressed on Christmas Morning?

  5. Hi KMR, Happy Day after Christmas!!

    I really look forward to the yearly Walk of the Royals, getting to see them all at one time is great. I really liked Eugenie’s white coat and cranberry hat although I thought Beatrice’s coat was way to short and the shoes…the least said the better. I really like Autumn’s coat and boots, this woman gets how to dress. The only thing that really thrilled me about Kate’s outfit was the fact that it wasn’t buttoned so high on the neck.

    I do wish W&K would hold hands more often when they walk as it’s done wonders for both of their postures. Also, then William can’t keep wringing his hands and Kate doesn’t have to direct attention to her crotch like she’s trying to land a 747 in there. For me it’s win/win! 🙂

    Onto their constant criticism of their son. Okay, we get that he’s loud, he’s destructive, he’s basically a pain in the ass. I understand this, I had one child who was like that too and it’s very hard to raise a child like that. You want to love them and enjoy them but they drive you crazy. However, I think it’s sad that the only comments I have heard William make about his son are negative ones and now it appears that Kate (as always) is following Williams lead. Maybe they are trying to act like they can relate to other parents, but constantly criticizing your child is not the way to do it.

    On to the Middletons. It was nice that the Queen personally invited them to attend church with the RF. But couldn’t Carole and Pippa find time to do something with their hair, like run a comb through it before they left the house?? And please, please would someone buy Pippa a bra!!!

    Sorry this post is so long but I had a lot to work with today 🙂 lol

    1. With the way they talk about George in public, I wonder how they talk to him. Is it a near constant barrage of “no” and “bad” and “keep quiet” or do they throw some positive reinforcement in there. I personally love baby boys, I think they are great, especially curious, rambunctious ones. It can be very tiring and wearing on your mind and temper, but there is such a joy there. I sincerely hope they don’t berate the joy out of this little boy and turn him into an obedient little robot.

      As for Kate’s comment about George, yes, she does parrot William. A lot. Like all of the time. “Interviews” with them are mainly with him and his parrot on the side.

      As for the Middleton’s appearance, I’m thinking maybe the Midds clan had Christmas the night before and indulged in a few (dozen) adult beverages. Probably beginning with Ma Midds alleged glass of white wine at 6pm. Either that or Whiny and Waity had them slaving away in the kitchen to prepare for HM visit.

    2. ” It was nice that the Queen personally invited them to attend church with the RF. ” There’s no evidence of that. Members of the public can attend the church service with advance notice.

    3. I just wish they’d throw in some nice things, too. I mean, it can’t all be bad, you know. People want to hear good things as well.

      Pips just does not know how to dress well. She’s even worse than Kate.

  6. Hi, everyone,
    Happy Day after Christmas.
    Glad I am not the only one who thought Kate’s lack of respect for the Queen was terrible. She and William really are disgraceful when it comes to honoring the Queen. As for the Middleton Family and their pushy ways, ugh! Carole is particularly annoying to me. So pushy and so in charge. William is a wuss when it comes to dealing with Kate’s family.

    Am I the only one who wishes to comment on the unveiling of Kate’s left thigh when her coat seemed to open up in that one photo? A sneaky peak at the toned legs of Little Ms. Flasherer. Not as risqué as previous ones, but it’s there. I also hated the brown coat and hat. Come on, it was Christmas!

      1. Nope, I’m with you Jenny. I commented on that up thread. And I have to put, I picked my moniker Sugar without realizing that’s what people get called for lathering up the froth. I was thinking Sugar and Spice, but didn’t want to go anywhere near Spice because of the Girls so…. Anyway, KMR,can I change this?

        1. I can’t find a way to change people’s names, sorry. But the next time you post, you can use your same email and type in a different name. It might end up in moderation because of that, though, but I’ll approve it and then you can use that name. You’ll end up with a new geometric pattern by your name, too.

        2. I’ve added a plugin for comment edits that I think allows you to change your name as well.

    1. He’s probably been showered with praise and admiration the entire time he’s knows the Midds. They probably give him a huge ego boost, so it’s not surprising he let’s them get away with so much.

      Kate’s wearing a dress under the coat, so we only see a few inches above the knee. It’s not like she’s almost flashing her vadge like in NZ.

      1. Oh please don’t remind me! Every time they have something about W&K on the news they play that bit with Kate doing a flash. EEEEEEEKKKKKK! Can a 5-6 month woman really wear heels that high and skirts that short?

    1. Hahaha, I can’t believe Kate beat Victoria in the fashion stakes. As to beating Katie Price and Kim K., hell I could beat them and I wear either jeans or yoga pants. 🙂

  7. I don’t care for Kate’s coat at all – the fabric is very boring. She has brighter, prettier coats so I’m sorry she didn’t wear one. She still does not look pregnant in my opinion and her eye makeup seems heavier than ever (sigh). Both her mother and her sister could use a little more style to their hair, they both look a bit blah. And what happened to Pippa’s boyfriend? Earlier in the year it was rumored they were engaged or would be soon. Is it still on?

      1. Kate used to wear more single-breasted coats a few years ago. I wish she’d go back to that.

    1. Nico got a job in Switzerland or something over the summer, I think. I don’t know if they are even still together.

  8. Happy Boxing Day, all! I did appreciate how Kate was juggling all her bouquets at the mini-walkabout post-church services, and no one came to help her. Love it!!!!

      1. Hi, Beatrice – I’m American but just thought I’d get into the spirit of all things British. I just love the term, “Boxing Day,” and the tradition behind it. Here in the U.S., it’s known as “making Christmas gift returns to the store and looking for bargains.” lol

  9. Here’s something to think about – would you want Charles or Philip as your father? Do you really want to hang around those two at Christmas? William is probably going shooting with them all day on Boxing Day and he spent Christmas Eve with them as well. I don’t think it is so odd that William might like to be around the Middletons on Christmas Day – say what you will about them – but there is real family warmth there.

      1. But Kate spent 10 years hanging around waiting for William. This is the family she wanted to be part of so why is she not wanting to fit in? First step would be to get friendly with the York girls. Would she have chased William so hard if he was just an ordinary bloke?

        1. I’m just saying that sitting around with the royal family is probably not as much fun as you might imagine. Unless you have a planned activity like going shooting or horse back riding or whatever… that it really is an intense 3 day gathering from Christmas Eve until Midnight, Christmas Morning, and then Boxing Day party. Haven’t you spent enough time with your family?

    1. I agree on that point. There seems to be real family warmth in the Middleton family, which seems to be missing in the royal family. I wouldn’t blame Prince William for wanting to spend Christmas day with them either.

      1. Curious to hear more concerning the perception of “real warmth” in the Middleton Family I don’t see much warmth emanating from Carole. She appears to have the grumpy face that Little Georgie has. To me, Carole and Co, knew a good thing when Wills and Kate became roommates and the push was on to land the Future King. I am sure they do and did all they could over the years to make William feel welcomed at their home, but with a plan. A royal plan concernig their daughter. I really don’t see any genuine warmth in the Middleton clan Pippa and James seem to be looking for more than their 15 minutes of fame.

        I do agree that spending too much time with the Royals could be dismal, but Kate signed up for this and much more. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, can you?

        1. Never thought of it before but you’re completely right. They seem to have very little warmth, at least in public and Carole has grumpy face all the time (I don’t know why, since usually she’s the one who tips off the paps and photographers).

        2. They may be opportunistic but they do hang together pretty tightly as a family unit. They vacation together and there are some nice family pics and stories. I think they enjoy each other’s company. Otherwise why would Kate run back to her family at every opportunity? She would be wandering elsewhere for warmth if her family environment wasn’t at least warm and familial.

          1. I don’t know, Jennifer. To me, a woman of Kate’s age, a married woman, does not spend soooo much time with her parents and siblings . I think it is a control thing with Carole. She controls her kids even though they are adults. And, Kate must not feel that comfortable with the Royals to run home as much as she does.
            I am very close to my parents and sister, but my husband and I spend a great deal of time without our families around us on a steady basis. It makes the visits we do have more special. I do call my mom everyday and she calls me, too. But, it is odd to me that Kate spends so much time with her parents. And, her sibs.
            Vacations, etc. Again, I love my family deeply and am grateful to have come from such a loving home, but I’m not off vacationing with Mom and Dad, or running home most weekends. I just think with Ma Middleton, it’s not so much warmth, but, as already stated, Control.
            Happy New Year, all.

    2. I have the impression that Philip hasn’t been a great father, especially since it is quite obvious that Anne is his favorite and that can cause all sorts of problems and resentments. Charles has been quite open about his problems with his father.

      I actually think that Charles is a nice father and he seems to have a close and warm relationship with his sons. Furthermore, I had a conversation on another site with a poster whose father is friends with Charles and she has met him several times. She said that Charles is a very warm and charming person.

      1. Yes, Charles has talked before about his troubled relationship with Philip. I think it’s awful for a parent to be so open about child favoritism. I’m sure it always happens, but it can be damaging to the other children and best kept as quite as possible IMO. Philip seems like a nasty person in general.

        Re Charles’ charm: he is usually game to give great funny photos during his tours. He danced while in the middle east and wore a sombrero while in South America.

  10. Kate looks old and not pregnant.

    I saw pictures of Sophie’s coat in the DM and I thought she looked great.

    Poor, poor George. To be stuck with those parents…

  11. I don’t think they are “bashing” Georgie Porgie. I think it’s just a way for them to make things seem light and sorta relating to us poor folks down here. Just as I see how William “criticize” her as delightful “bantering”.

    This time, the Duchess does look well. I don’t think her eye makeup was at all harsh. I just don’t like the coat, the pumps and brown from head to toe. I would have done up the scarf and the dress with a really cool colour like ice blue.

    I have to say that Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie do take risks with fashion and not play it safe as does the Duchess. It’s too bad that they are a bit pudgy and um..not so attractive looking which really lend the Duchess more command in the attention arena.

    1. Hi Beatrice,

      I thought that they might be trying to relate to us mere mortals too, but really can’t they say one thing nice about the kid? Most parents, especially if their words will be posted in every news paper in the land, would try to find at least one thing nice to say. William’s comment about Kate’s hair didn’t really bother me as the two of them seem to trade barbs at each other, it’s not always him picking on her.

      I do feel for B&E sometimes, as them seem to struggle with their weight just like their mom. but on the other hand some of the clothes they choose just don’t flatter their figures at all.

    2. Will and Kate would seem more like normal parents if they couldn’t stop gushing about how awesome their special little snowflake is. Most parents I know brag about their kids to strangers. The only parents who say negatives are family members and close friends, but even then it’s a mix between complaining and gushing. Will and Kate may be just trying to relate when they make those comments, but they are going about it all wrong. Sure, say some anecdotes about how loud and destructive George is, but then wrap that up in gushing. It’s okay to say that babies are annoying sometimes, because they are, but that can’t be *all* that they say.

    3. Hi, Beatrice 🙂

      I do not think they are pudgy at all, I just think they don’t have the anorexia that Kate does

      1. Are you sure Kate doesn’t have bulimia? Look at her hands; they appear to be getting like the hands of a bulimic person round the knuckles.

  12. Autumn Phillips looked better in the brown than Kate, I just wished she had worn brown tights. Kate’s coat was too long, perhaps she should look at Autumn’s and Eugenie’s coats to see how its done. Even with this really long coat we still saw the wind blow the coat open and show her really short dress and toothpick legs.

    1. Kate and Beatrice should have split the difference in their coats. Kate’s was long, and Beatrice’s wasn’t long enough.

  13. I actually like Kate’s coat and hat, but that’s me…I am older than the average on this board. I DO NOT approve of her too short dress underneath. I mean, girl has to take off the coat sometime, and then what? I agree that Eugenie was absolutely best dressed. Her time in NYC has served her well because lately she dresses much nicer. Poor Beatrice needs to pull it together because her coat was too short and she clomped in those shoes/boots. She can do better by going with a more classic line/styles/colors. If she stopped sticking out fashionwise, she would actually be more attractive. Does that make sense?

    As far as Will and Kate not showing proper protocol and outward respect for the Queen, I think that ship sailed long ago. Personally, I would balk at some of their customs, too, but Kate signed up for it and they both have their ridiculously lavish lifestyles funded because of these traditions, so if for no other reason they should fall in line.

    1. I actually love Kate’s brown hat; it’s one of my favorite hats she has. The coat is just blah to me. It’s not bad by any means, but it doesn’t really stand out because of the brown.

      I doubt Kate took her coat off inside the church. She usually doesn’t take her coats off when she goes inside for an event.

      I’m not a huge fan of Beatrice’s style. I mean, I can appreciate that she takes risks, but most of the time they don’t pay off. And yes, you make total sense re her looking better if she didn’t have so many fashion fails.

      I sure as hell wouldn’t want to spend Christmas at Sandringham. I like setting my own schedule and lounging in my pajamas. I’d hate the military-like schedule and all the costume changes. But I didn’t wait a decade to be a part of that family.

  14. Did you notice Sophie’s reaction when Will and Kate didn’t bow their heads? It’s worth another viewing of the video! She throws up her hand twice in an “are you kidding me?!” gesture and then does her own exaggerated and exasperated head bow.

    Agree to disagree about that get-up that Bea had on. It looks clownish to me, mostly due to the bad proportions, but also due to the color combo. The Queen was the best dressed! Her outfit was seriously on point. Love the color pairing.

    1. Could you please point out which part of the video, and which one you are talking about? I watched it through and couldn’t see what you had mentioned.

      1. In the second video around 1 minute and 58 seconds in. Bea starts sniping to the woman in the fur trimmed coat (directly behind Kate — and I believe that is Sophie Countess of Wessex, though I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I have any part of that wrong). The woman in fur trim very pointedly bows her head as though making a point and then raises her hands twice in exasperation. I’m reading into it I know, based on the gossip about the Ferguson girls’ alleged snobbery towards Kate. But also, Will and Kate were not following protocol so it wouldn’t be far off.

        1. I think that was Autumn who made the hand gesture and bowed…..actually watching the video the majority of the RF didn’t bow….So are we saying Kate and William should have bowed because they were closest to the car or did everyone break protocol? Sophie and Anne talked on the upper steps and didn’t even look at Elizabeth while she left

        2. Are you referring to the woman in the brown coat with a fur collar? If so, that is Autumn Phillips, Peter Phillips’ wife. I’ve watched that part a couple of times, but can’t quite make out what is happening. The only person that I can distinctly point out that bowed his or her head is Harry.

          1. Yes, that’s who I was referring to and now I know it is Autumn. My interpretation is that she’s annoyed that no one is bowing to the Queen. When I Googled this person, one of the top hits was about her extremely deep curtsy to the Queen. So, she obviously has a love of protocol and I can see being annoyed that no one was even paying attention to the Queen’s departure. I get exasperated when people don’t pay proper respect to elderly relatives too (though no one has to curtsy of course!)

  15. I just don’t know about these two. William grew up with this protocol, he knows it, he just refuses to use it. If he had bowed, Kate would’ve then done one of her looks at him and followed it with her awful bob curtsy that she does.

    I’m sure there was some talk among the family members after church after they returned to their bunker with the in-laws. Knowing how families can be, I’m sure there was lots of talk.

    1. I would love to be a fly on the walls of either Anmer Hall or Sandringham. I would imagine that there would be some rather catty comments flying back and forth. 🙂

  16. Oh how modern of them allowing the Middletons to attend the service with them lol. The pretentiousness of royals never fails to amuse. Kate’s eyeliner once again takes center stage. When will she learn how to line her water line and smoke it out instead of outlining her eyeball at her lash line. Makes her look hard. I think she may do it because she has sensitive eyes and they water or turn red when she lines her actual water line, but she still wants to line the top and bottom so she just ignores the criticisms. She has to know people think it looks goofy by now.

      1. I too suspect it’s tattooed. I have mine done, but the dye will actually completely fade out in about ten years – it’s from a German company who makes medical implant dye that’s MRI safe. I hope that’s what Kate had done so she won’t be an old woman with saggy tattooed eyes.

      2. I forgot to mention that I don’t have the raccoon look. Actually it’s a very minimal daytime look and makes me look more awake. Tattooed liner done correctly is a wonderful thing. Many celebrities are rumored to have it too. Plus you can always cover up with concealer/nude eye pencil if you really don’t want to have an eyeliner look.

      3. I can’t find an image of her anywhere, where she isn’t lined like a raccoon on her bottom lids. It does appear it’s tattooed 😐 Note to self, never get permanent makeup

        1. There was a picture of her right before the wedding that convinced me of it. She had on a black wrap dress that swallowed her and her eyeliner looked so harsh. I’ve seen women with it done and it can look very lovely, but her ink is too dark and too severe.

  17. I really like Princess Eugenie’s fuchsia hat with the white (or cream?) coat. Katie’s coat looks like it was made of material we use for a mud rug. Oh… yes Willy and Katie are in SO much love b/c they are holding hands! 10-year-olds hold hands on the playground when they’re in “love”.
    If I were the Queen, I would be having serious conversations with the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Willy, Waity, Prince Harry, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Archbishop of Canterbury about bypassing Willy and Georgie Porgie and making Harry next in line after Bonnie Prince Charlie.

    1. …I really do love it Seth when you say exactly what I’m thinking, but put it into words so much better….this ‘conversation’ is way overdue; a fireside chat is needed now…

  18. Does anyone here have kids? Because as a mother who spends a lot of time talking about how destructive her baby is, I can tell you. Its bragging. Will and Kate love their kid and are proud of how big he is like every other parents in the world. When someone asks them about him, they say how wonderful he is. Oh, and I thought she looked amazing. The coat was cut to hide her stomach though, you could see. Like almost every pregnant woman, she probably feels fat. Really. Thin people also feel fat.

    1. Hi Lyna,
      I don’t agree about complaining about babies. I have four, and we all complain about no sleep, getting thrown-up on, but after two seconds of that you’re showing one thousand pictures on your phone of every cute expression and outfit. My friends were constantly wanting to hold my babies. I couldn’t stop smiling unless failing over from sleep deprivation. W&K don’t seem to have any joy in being parents. It’s like another royal task. What’s going to happen with this new baby? Maybe it’s a gift for George, like a stuffed rabbit to play with. Worse, I think this is a desperate attempt for Kate to have a girl so that she can manipulate Will forever. If true, it’s somewhere between sick and sad.

      1. I’ve never known any parent who could only come up with comments about how destructive, noisy, or annoying their children are. I’ve heard a few make wry comments, but they’re usually balanced: “Oh, Joey broke a vase skateboarding in the house the other day, but he was so sweet about apologizing and helping to clean it up.” “Anna drew on the wall again! I can’t believe it. Good thing I love her so much.” That kind of thing. And when you’re being interviewed about your child and knowing that only your words, not your tone, will be reported, you have to be especially careful.

        1. Exactly. I know some people who don’t have kids so I joke about the “war” at home but many times we are quiet and playing games or laughing. There’s balance. I think W&K are two self-centered people-we know Kate is to the tune of keeping Will-and neither like/want the endless job of being a parent. I think it’s harder in the privileged world. They can pick and choose when to care for him because of full-time nanny. I think all the positive Will has always enjoyed because of being Di’s eldest is going to be gone in a thunderclap if George and Co don’t have a real relationship and are angry kids.

    2. Hi Lyna,

      Yes, I have two although they are adults now. 🙂 I posted that I was tired of hearing W&K complaining about George as I’ve never heard of them saying one thing positive about him.
      You mention that they say how wonderful he is, do you know when they said that?

    3. Is that a British thing? My friends don’t brag in that way about their children but maybe it’s a British upper crust kind of thing?

  19. Prince Harry really would make a wonderful king. He has made mistakes in the past yet, he has helped so many people. He is warm with people and yes he is respectful of his grandmother with his bow.

    1. I think when it comes to royal events and doing his duty he really outshines everyone except the Queen. I also think Prince Charles will make a good king, believe it or not.

      1. I agree. I’m also one of those who think that Charles will make a good king, and I also feel that QEII hasn’t been the best of queens, mainly because she seems unable to adapt to changing times and changing social mores. She has just been sitting so long on the throne and that can generate its own sort of reverence. The same happended to Queen Victoria late in her reign and she was actually quite a bad monarch. Early in her reign her inexperience and ignorance cause several political crises and her decades long seclusion after Albert’s death caused problems as well.

        1. Nonsense. The Queen has done more to modernize the monarchy than anyone. The Duke of Edinburgh was considered very progressive in the early-1950s to the courtiers, who constantly tried to thwart him. They switched from using bed warmers to rubber hot water bottles (small change but quite radical), he reorganized all of the estates at Windsor, Balmoral and Sandringham that he’s had charge of for over 60 years and made them profitable (despite resistance from senior courtiers), the Queen and he have embraced every new technology that has come out (the Queen personally overruled the Archbishop of Canterbury and Prime Minister Churchill when they did not want the Coronation televised) and she sent the first e-mail in history, many of the traditional protocols like bowing and “presenting” debutantes have been abolished. Granted the Royal Prerogative has been eroded by successive Governments to the point it is really meaningless, but the Queen technically didn’t have any power to stop it. The Queen seems to be more interested in preserving the institution, especially as she believes her father would have wanted it, rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but she has definitely made the monarchy as “modern” as possible. She was raised in a conservative, traditional home at a time when a sizeable number of her subjects believed she had been chosen by God to reign (I forget the actual percentage but it was a lot more than I thought it would be).

          1. I think he will make a really good king as well and I think he’s going to issue William the “put up or shut up” ultimatum. If I were in his position I’d make sure the person coming up behind me really wanted the job and wasn’t just in it for the pretty shiny things. I also think Camilla is going to make an excellent Queen Consort, even though there are many others who won’t forgive her for her past life with Charles. Sometimes you just have to let things go and look at how that person is behaving in the present. Realistically, if it hadn’t been Camilla it would have probably been someone else who broke up the marriage. I think there were just too many issues between Charles and Diana. It happens to couples every day around the world.

            And finally #HarryForKing!

      2. Yes, Harry for King. I honestly don’t think Will and Kate want the honor for William. Just don’t know how to get out of the heir to the throne fact that is attached to Wills.
        Whenever I look at Harry, I see the crown in his future. He has what it will take to keep the throne dignified and yet modernize the position, too. Didn’t Princess Diana think Harry would be more suited to the job because of his temperament? I believe I read several times that she was concerned about William, yet she did her best to prepare him for the role.
        Truly wonder, btw, what she would think of Kate and her family. She seemed like the kind of woman who would want her son to be happy, but I wonder if William is really happy. He deserves to be.

        1. I have wondered what Princess Diana would think of Kate, and I believe she would not approve of the lack of work and effort towards making the most of the position.
          It is my belief, Princess Diana felt the position came with perks and in return, you needed to use the position to call attention to those who needed help in this world.
          Even before marriage, Princess Diana worked with children, cleaned her sisters house for extra money and worked as a baby sitter for an American baby boy. The only way her employer found out she was Lady Diana Spencer, is because a bank statement had fallen out of her belongings. Diana had the aristocratic background, but it is Kate who seems “full of herself”.

  20. I guess I’m with the small group that likes Kate’s coat. I also like the scarf and the hat. I would have preferred booths to the heels. Eugenie’s coat was lovely and I hated Beatrice’s coat. As a mother of two small ones, I talk about them all the time (the good and the bad). PW/Kate comments about PG don’t offend me at all. I think it maybe the only time they speak off script. I find it very odd, when the Royals hover behind HM pretending small talk. But if you watch closely, they never take their eyes off of her (HM). It’s as if they are all holding their breaths waiting to see what her next move will be…….very odd IMO.

  21. Is it possible that family members of married in Royals (ie Kate/Autumn/Sophie) also attend the Christmas Church Service, but only the Middleton’s are photographed? Either way, the Middleton’s seem to love the spotlight!

    1. I think the photographers were hoping to get a rapacious pic of the Middletons as they successfully climb another social ladder and get to go to church w/HM. I wonder how they are treated in society. Was all this crass manipulation worth it?

    2. I think they seem to be rethinking their love of the spotlight after so much negative press – at least Ma Middleton seems to be. I think it’s great that the families are making more of a united front. Pippa, other than the morning show debacle, seems to be photographed less and less. James never seemed to court the press the way the rest of the family did unless he was opening a business. At least that’s my impression from looking at the US press. Maybe now that they are getting a closer look at the royal life they will reinvent their family business plans for Kate and help guide her behavior into something that will leave little room for criticism from the courtiers. If Ma Middleton is really so shrewd of a social climber she had better get to work.

  22. I loved Princess Eugenie head to toe outfit & Autumn Phillips! Autumn Kelly Phillips is a canadian citizen & married to Princess Anne’s son Peter.

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