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Kate and William attend “Mandela” premiere amid news of his passing

I want to preface this post by saying that the news of Nelson Mandela’s death broke shortly before the end of this event, he was 95.  I also want to preface this post by saying my heart goes out to Nelson Mandela’s daughter who was at the UK premiere of the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom; it is awful that she couldn’t be with her father when he died.

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Princess Michael, part 1: “Princess Pushy” or not so bad?

Princess Michael of Kent has given a new interview to Tatler magazine, and there is a story about it with some excerpts in the Daily Mail.  She is surprisingly candid for a royal.  Being a royal, I would expect her not to talk about other royals, especially William, Kate and Harry.  There is nothing too revealing, but she did mention them and talk about their houses at Kensington Palace. 

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Kate makes a ‘glamorous’ charity appearance again, this time for SportsBall

Kate made an appearance at a charity ball last night in aid of SportsAid, one of her charities.  SportsAid “helps the next generation of British sports stars by giving them financial support and recognition during the critical early years of their careers.”  I must say, Kate really seems to shine when she does any sports-related charity work (and by “work” I of course mean “appearances”).  I found one quote from someone Kate talked to very interesting, she said: “I’ve met Kate before during the Olympics, she’s lovely and so interested and supportive of athletes [emphasis KMR].”  I truly believe this.  I also truly believe this is one of the only things Kate really is interested in.  I don’t know why Kate doesn’t focus more of her patron work on sports-related charities.  She bullsh-ts around with addiction and bullying* when the only thing Kate has ever showed any actual interest in** is sports.  You know, there are so many things she could do if she focused on sports, and helping youths and disabled people through sports.  She might actually do sh-t if it involves sports, but then again this is Waity we’re talking about, so maybe not.

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Winter Whites Gala with Prince William, Taylor Swift, and no Kate Middleton

Centrepoint’s Winter Whites Gala was held last night at Kensington Palace.  Prince William attended the event, Kate did not.  Taylor Swift attended the event, as did Jon Bon Jovi and Colin Firth (!).  The Winter Whites Gala is basically a yearly fundraiser put on by Centrepoint to aid homeless teens and new adults.  I’m surprised Kate didn’t want to go and meet all those celebs, you know she loves celebs.  Maybe she didn’t want to be upstaged by Taylor Swift and decided to stay home.  Kate didn’t attend last year’s Gala either, because it was a week or so after her hospital visit.  I am surprised whenever Kate skips a gala or any other event where she gets to wear a fancy dress and get her hair done, because you know those are her favorites.

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Kate Middleton is a moron: her skirt flew up AGAIN

You know what bugs me, when I read the headline for the Daily Mail’s article on Kate.  They said, “The Duchess of Cambridge has a Marilyn moment!”  And I’m thinking here’s how the headline should read:  Kate Middleton has a Marilyn moment… for the SIXTH TIME!  At least the Mail recognizes that this is not the first time Kate has pulled this stunt; and also mentions the fact that the Queen weights her hems to avoid these types of embarrassing situations, but Kate does not.  They said:  “It’s not the first time that Kate has suffered a close call with her outfit – unlike the Queen who weighs her hemlines down with lead curtain weights.”  Look, I’ve seen the video, I understand that it was extremely windy, but she’s a Duchess and this has happened six times:  weight your bloody hems!

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Kate steps out for 100 Women in Hedge Fund’s Gala

Kate attended the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala on Thursday… and then went shopping on Friday.  First of all, it bugs me that Kate attends the 100WHF gala every year since she really does not belong anywhere near any accomplished woman ever, since she threw her life away for a ring.  She has done nothing of merit with her life, yet she gets fawned all over and treated as something special, like she deserves to be in the same room as women who are banking executives at major institutions and directors of multimedia business groups.  Having said that… Kate kind of has a reason to be there this year; the 100WHF is raising money for Action on Addiction, one of Kate’s charities.  Of course, this type of gala event is the only way to get Kate to do anything for her charities, because all Kate wants to do is get dressed up and play princess without actually having to do any work.  The gala was held in the state apartments in Kensington Palace, so Kate didn’t have to go very far to get there. 

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