Does Amal Alamuddin have better fashion than Kate Middleton? Daily Mail thinks so

Does Amal Alamuddin have better fashion than Kate Middleton? Daily Mail thinks so

Shots fired: The Daily Mail took a huge pot shot at Kate Middleton and her fashion. They ran an article that compared Kate’s fashion to that of Amal Alamuddin – George Clooney’s new wife – and gave Amal a glowing review while Kate was called “safe, constrained, staid, and frumpy”.

What the H, Daily Mail? They usually love Kate and her fashion and give her glowing, often overrated, reviews. And what’s weird, I totally disagree with the Daily Mail on this. While I have my ups and downs with Kate’s fashion, I hate Amal’s fashion. It’s seriously terrible. The Daily Mail didn’t pick out the worst of Amal’s street fashion, and that’s probably because Kate doesn’t even dress that badly so there was no comparison. Kate doesn’t have horrible bleached denim jeans paired with a crop top for a reason – Kate, dare I say it, has better taste than that. I hate to say it but I prefer Kate’s skinny jeans to Amal’s bleached jeans (wow, I never thought there would come a day when I would say that).

I will say that Amal’s white pantsuit is fabulous – I would steal that if I thought I could pull it off. And I will say that at least Amal wears her clothes, rather than having them fly all over the place, revealing her bum while at work. So she has that going for her. And she definitely takes more risks than Kate, but of the outfits the Daily Mail compared, I prefer Kate in all but two. Amal wins with the pantsuit and I hate Kate’s doily dress so Amal wins that one by default.

I can’t believe I’m siding with Kate on this one, but yeah that just happened. I’m sure most people will disagree with me, but there you go.

Another thing: you know who is even thinner than Kate Middleton? Amal Alamuddin. Seriously, homegirl is super thin.

Dear Kate, please don’t look at Amal and think you need to be thinner. You need to be healthy, don’t try to one-up Amal in the skinny department. Challenge not accepted, Kate. Challenge not accepted!

This is actually pretty funny to me. Kate used to be the golden girl, but her image has been so tarnished that even the most sycophantic paper has basically turned on her. The Daily Mail used to put other people down to build Kate up, and now they’re putting her down to build Amal up.

Part of me thinks that’s sad, though, because why do we have to tear one person down in order to build another up? Why can’t we take them on their own and say that neither has great fashion; Kate has her moments, Amal has hers, and leave it at that?

By the way, this post is strictly about Kate and Amal’s fashion. There is clearly no comparison when it comes to work ethic and work history – Amal wins by a mile.

Here is a small picture of the Daily Mail’s photo comparison. If you want to see bigger photos, go here for the article.

Kate v Amal

11 thoughts on “Does Amal Alamuddin have better fashion than Kate Middleton? Daily Mail thinks so

  1. I actually found that story more than a little annoying. While I don’t care for quite a few things that Kate wears, Amal is giving me just as many cringing moments. Comparing Kate to Letizia or Mary I can see because they are in similar positions. But Amal, no. I do love the white pants suit too, but while Kate seems to be dressing dowdy in some pictures, Amal is almost going too young for her age and position. Two different types and they both need to eat. If Kate tries to get to Amal’s level of skinny (and she’s not that far off) they will be hospitalizing her for issues related to that and calling it something else.

    On the cancellation of the event, not surprising. If she’s reading any of her press she must realize a lot of people out there just don’t give a hoot at this point. She needs to get it figured out if she wants to salvage any shred of her reputation.

    1. I find a lot of Amal’s clothing choices to be too twee for a woman over the age of 8 let alone a woman in her 30s. And you are correct that comparing Kate to Amal isn’t right considering they are in two very different positions. But then again the Daily Mail once compared Kate to Kim Kardashian (Kate won that one if I remember correctly), so yeah. I think the story itself is more sad than anything. I wish the media didn’t pit women against one another all the time. But especially to sycophant over one who doesn’t really deserve the praise (that used to happen to Kate all the time, where she’d be the one getting the sycophantic praise).

  2. I agree that the comparisons are wrong; I mean why compare these two? they’re so different anyhow – I’m thinking that Amal is naturally small boned and petite, Kate isn’t, she is just way too starved……..BUT Amal’s white pant suit is to die for………I love it sooooo much..I’m trying to think to what occasion I would wear it though….my lifestyle is all wrong..but I love it just the same..(sigh)

  3. Amal would do better if she drops the front hemline to match with that of the back. You don’t need the skirt to be blown up with the front hemline like that. I do like her style. Amal being older than the Duchess, is somehow much more attractive to look at than the Duchess. Maybe it’s the younger style of clothing???? Or maybe I am just enamored with the fact that Amal is definitely not just a pretty face.

    As far as the Duchess is concerned, I only look at her clothes. Showing up at a charity function all decked out in $3000 Alexander McQueen dress, $700 Jimmy Choo shoes… just defeats the purpose. Go in less expensive clothes and give the difference to charity.

    And why is Prince Charles paying for her clothes? The Cambridges don’t have money???

    1. I don’t know why Charles pays for her clothes other than he gets a stipend from the taxpayer–in the form of the Duchy of Cornwall’s income–to make his royal duties and is therefore covering his kids royal duty expenses because they don’t receive a stipend from the queen? I don’t know.

  4. Finally someone who thinks Amal Alamuddin has not an ounce of taste! I couldn’t BELIEVE that horrid lace-and-puked-up-wedding-cake concoction she wore the day after her wedding. To get in and out of a boat, no less! I’m sure there were tons of “Kate Middleton moments” as she hauled herself up out of that silly little speadboat. But for some reason the new Mrs Clooney is enjoying a media blackout on her panties right now.

    1. I’m surprised Amal didn’t flash people with that white dress with the floral pattern. Getting in and out of those boats, she probably did at some point. I guess the press is pushing her perfect image so didn’t print those photos. I don’t know why people think Amal has great fashion sense, she really doesn’t.

  5. ya Amal is a hardworking woman who all her life shes been working hard to reach levels that are unimaginable, you realy think this woman is an idle, uselless being who at 28 years was sttill being nutured and taken care of by her mom, and her only job was to wait for a prince to call and roll in bed with him, SHAME ON THE DM do not trash Amals name shes not a tart like kate!

  6. Firstly the assumption that either one of thesewomen dress themselves is silly. I don’t know amal but Kate has no dress sense and has a stylist to pick out her clothes for her. They should be pitching the stylists against each other not these vapid women.

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