Kate dropped out of an Art Room appearance

Kate dropped out of an Art Room appearance

So I was attaching this to my previous post, but Kate’s message has been released and it’s pretty long so I thought I’d just make a whole new post for it.

Kate Middleton dropped out of a planned engagement today that was not previously announced. I guess Kensington Palace had planned for Kate to go, but never actually announced she would attend because they are reviewing her appearances on a case by case basis because she’s still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum due to her second pregnancy and they aren’t sure how she’s going to be feeling for each engagement.

Kate was supposed to make a visit to the opening of the new Art Room and Barlby Primary School – the charity’s ninth venue. Instead, Kate sent a message of support:

    “I wanted to share my congratulations with you all for the launch of the new Clore Art Room. I was looking forward to joining you all for this particularly special day as part of The Clore Duffield Foundation’s 50th Anniversary year.
    “I am truly sorry that I cannot be with you all today as you celebrate this milestone. As Patron of The Art Room I feel great pride to see the work that the charity is doing. Vulnerable children flourish in the safe havens that The Art Room provides; this highlights just how important it is to support children at a time when they most need help and support.
    “This partnership with The Clore Duffield Foundation is a significant moment for The Art Room. As I cannot thank the Foundation in person today, I would like to extend my thanks to Dame Vivien and her Foundation for supporting a cause so close to my heart, and making such a transformational facility available to the children of Barlby Primary School.
    “It really is hugely exciting to look to a future with even more Art Rooms, where the lives of many more challenging and vulnerable children will be transformed. I hope that you have a wonderful afternoon. My sincere apologies for not being able to join you but I hope that I will have an opportunity to visit Barlby and see the Clore Art Room soon.”

Wow, that was a great message. Congrats, Rebecca Deacon, on writing such a well worded and specific-to-the-charity message of support.

Yeah, I’m not really believing the HG excuse any more, but sure KP, keep claiming that. You just keep right on claiming HG right up until the public gives absolutely no sh-ts about Kate at all.

There was a previous report from “royal aides” that there were planned engagements in October and November for Kate, but that they hadn’t been announced. This was one of them, and she pulled out. I wonder if Kate will actually make any appearances in the next two months. We’ll probably have more of these types of announcements in the future. Sigh.

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  1. I figured when I read the ‘oh, I am so so so sorry, hope that your charity manages without my presence’ note that she herself hadn’t written it….she is oh so very horribly ill and this visit would have been a tremendous strain on poor weak sick puking pregnant (am I correct in using the simple word pregnant or does she have such a special womb that this common word doesn’t apply?) Adam is right…cunning…conniving, crafty…is this creature. No way does this female suffer from HG and she didn’t have it with George. Period. This is a valiant attempt to keep her relevant and in the news. Lame, but her PR machine is in need of an overhaul…it has been so overworked and the gears must be grinding and smoke might be pouring out of all crevices….I suppose this cancelled engagement might give them time to get it into a shop for repair..

    1. It’s interesting that they decided to release the info that she was supposed to be there but didn’t go, instead of just sending the letter of apology and keeping quiet. Yes, it’s totally a way to keep her name in the press without her actually having to do anything. Her PR is in serious need of an overhall.

      1. I was also struck by the many many apologies. It is overkill and makes it look a bit insincere. It really reads less like a message of support than a I’m sooo sorry note to teacher.
        The note ought simply to have started with her regrets of not being able to attend and then devote the rest of the note to the institution and why this is important for her to support.
        I recently attended a royal event at an art museum and the princess opening the exhibit gave a substantial speech (ca 10 minutes) that demonstrated her knowledge of the subject but she also highlighted the art works that she had a personal relationship with. I got to speak with her afterwards and she was kind, gracious and genuinely interested in our professional opinions and research.

  2. Heh. As we say in my neck of the American woods- from Queens, so it’s fitting for Her Royal Highness-

    “This is some BULLSH*T.”

    (This chica is not gonna emerge until she has a pregnancy belly. I like to imagine she’s gorging on organic food in both her kitchens.)

    1. Agreed, total BS. If she’s waiting to have a belly, we’re not going to see her for a long time.

      1. Heh. I’m certain she’s a hypochondriac orthorexic (excessive in avoiding so-called “unhealthy” foods)/body dysmorphic/anorexic. Her body does not reflect a happy, healthy relationship with food. (Which is why I love picturing herself crying into a whole cake :-D)

  3. Well, she may have written the words, …”I cannot be with you all today” and “I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon…” But I’m thinking she didn’t write the rest.

    I am also thinking that we will see exceptionally little of the duchess for the next 6 months. The times we see her will be limited and carefully orchestrated, short in duration with perhaps little press. May be once or twice before Christmas, once at Christmas and then may be once afterward. That will be it.

    Something seems exceptionally OFF!

    1. Something does seem extremely off about Kate, and William, and how they handle their press. I have a feeling William tries to control his PR people, rather than letting them do their jobs that they are trained for (and that he is not). This BS screams William throwing tantrums rather than letting the professionals handle it.

      1. Something definitely does not seem smooth here. I get the feeling that Billy and Waity change things at the last minute and generally f*ck up whatever longer-term plans and efforts the PR people put in. Poor guys. Working for those two can’t be fun.

    1. Lol. George probably thought the old one was a pillow for him and he stole it and destroyed it so she had to order a new one.

  4. Wow. Just wow. Not only is she not attending engagements. She is putting out press releases to draw attention to herself to keep herself in the public eye. No one knew about the plans except the charity. This is literally the definition of phoning it in. Just write press releases to garner sympathy without actually putting in any effort. The press will cover it and everyone associated with the event will get their name in the news. How convenient for her. KMR you are going to need another list: Events Kate Cancelled But Used the Media: 1. Oxford 2. Invictus 3. Art Room

    1. I know right. If she was going to cancel, why not just cancel, it’s not like anyone knew about it. Why make such a big fuss?

      You’re right, be do need that category added to the list. I’ll do that now.

        1. Oops, you’re right. Thanks for reminding me. So 6 she’s dropped out of then.

  5. This is so sad. I am conflicted. Does Kate not have an advisor who is telling her about her lack of work is not only a threat to her reputation, but a threat to the monarchy? She needs to work, period. Sophie dealt with infertility and difficult pregnancies and she worked. Kate has consistent excuses and it is tiring.

    1. I’m starting to think that William is controlling their PR, rather than letting the PR people they hired do their jobs. This inconsistent BS screams William throwing tantrums and trying to control everything and refusing to let the professionals do their jobs.

  6. I repeat my question: IF SHE IS SO ILL/SICK THEN WHY SHE ISN’T HOSPITALIZED ?? In her 1st pregnancy she was and at the beggining. She is too sick/ill to make appereances but she is so healthy to stay at home, at KP ??? Do you understand it ?? I don’t.

    1. I could see the doctors and nurses coming to her (as they should have done the last time to prevent prank phone calls and dead nurses). but I think she’s not really that sick. The Hg is just an excuse.

  7. Maybe Katherine should just say when she can attend an event, rather than when she cannot. This kind of reverse PR is annoying and unnecessary…..

    1. It really is. No one even knew about the appearance. she could have quietly cancelled and not made a big deal about it.

  8. It’s interesting how she fell pregnant again right at the time when they were talking about greatly “stepping up her appearances.”

  9. I imagine that in Kate’s entire life she has probably never, or hardly ever, had to do something she didn’t want to do. And now that she is married to the future king, she will never again have to do anything she doesn’t want to do. No one can force her to do anything. I’ll be shocked if she ever makes a solo appearance outside Great Britain, and I predict the she won’t make very many within GB.

  10. If Kate actually took an interest in such activites and charity appearances when she was not early pregnancy, then maybe we would all believe she actually cared about missing this opening. As it is, no one believes for a minute she is sad about not being able to attend.

  11. Maybe Kate hsn’t HG ?? Maybe she has very risk pregnancy (bed rest) and she is on cotinuation of pregnancy and HG is only a excuse ?? In 1st pregnancy Kate normally done her duties, she didn’t hide at home.

    Another idea. Do you remember a scarf at her head ?? http://www.telemagazyn.pl/aktualnosci/plotki/2,4092,tajemnicza-blizna-na-glowie-kate-middleton,s,id,t.html#galeria-miniatury – sorry for article in Polish, important is only a photo. This scarf looks like a scartf after lobotomy. so maybe she isn’t in 2nd pregnancy but very seriously ill, maybe this sickness whereby led to lobotomy attacked again and 2nd pregnancy and HG is olny a smokescreen ??
    What do you thing about that idea ???

    1. Kate did not have a lobotomy; if she had, we’d certainly know it from how she acted. Kate is a fully functioning adult with her prefrontal cortex intact and is able to feel and express emotions. Kate did not have a lobotomy. What is highlighted in that photo may be a scar like KP claimed it was, but most people think it is part of her hair extensions.

      1. yeah….. But how do you excplain that fact, that this scarf wasn’t visble earlier ??? IMO: Kate was in the hospital (in “her 1st pregnancy”) to do the lobotomy. This nurse, who “commited suicide” was IMO killed. When she is dead she can’t tell the truth. Another strange thing is that Kate was in hospital (after “giving birth do Prince George”) only 1 day and she was in so perfect form and smilling. IMO it was to early after giving birth to be so strong and so healthy. So IMO she was at hopsital to consult the status of her health after lobotomy and this baby who was presented in front of the hospital WAS BORN BY THE SUROGATE. IMO Prince George was too big for only ONE DAY NEWBORN!!!! If that day he was only 1 day old he sholud my much smaller.

        And do you really think that KP admitted that Kate has lobotomy ?? IMO – NO, due to not to scare English peple and whole world. Now suddenly ilnness/sickness attacked again (maybe with full of its power) so panicked KP must use the smokescreen.

        1. That scar picture is from Oct. 2011, well before she went into the hospital during her first pregnancy; and that scar hasn’t been seen since.

          Re George’s weight. He was said to be 8 pounds at birth. And there have been instances of babies being 10 pounds and at least one instance of a 14 pound baby (it made the national US news) at birth.

          1. OK. But I firt time hear that drips you can have AT HOME. IMO drips you can OLNY HAVE IN HOSPITAL. In first pregnacy she had drips in hospital, not at home. Offical news are that she has the same HG as during 1st pregnancy so she must have drips for not to be degydeated. So DRIPS AT HOME now, not at hospital ??? Being Ducess is being Duchess but IMO medical rules are the same to each patient: common people and duchess.

        2. It is not uncommon to be released from hospital one day or even earlier after a birth if there aren’t any complications. My cousin went home 4 hours after she gave birth to her son and she was perfectly fine.

      2. “Kate did not have a lobotomy; if she had, we’d certainly know it from how she acted.”….

        ….yes, she’d be a lot more pleasant and present.

    If that day he was only 1 day old he sholud my much smaller. –> he shulould BE
    after “giving birth do Prince George” –> “giving birth TO
    So IMO she was at hopsital –> HOSPITAL

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