Duchess Kate due in April 2015

Duchess Kate due in April 2015

Royal Baby #2 is due in April 2015. The reports suggesting Kate Middleton had her 12-week scan last Wednesday seem to be true, as Kensington Palace has officially announced the Duchess of Cambridge’s due month this morning.

According to the Palace, Kate is still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, but her condition is “steadily improving”.

Oh, and the press release says “a baby”, so the random reports that Kate is pregnant with twins is officially debunked. I’m not sure why the tabloids seem to want Kate to give birth to twins, but they pushed the twins narrative last time, too. Can’t they just be happy with Charlene’s twins?

If Kate’s 12-week scan was October 15, then her due date should be April 29, 2015 – Prince William and Kate’s wedding anniversary. I’m just hoping that KP doesn’t shut down the road all month long and let the poor journalists camp outside the Lindo wing all month, to then have the baby not be born until May. That would just be rude.

As a sign Kate’s HG is improving, Kate will attend the greeting of the President of Singapore and his wife on October 21. Kate, along with William, will greet the President at the Royal Garden Hotel, and then travel with him to Horse Guards Parade where the President will receive a Ceremonial Welcome.

Kate will not be attending the State Dinner – no tiara, darn it! – but will attend the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 Awards Ceremony at the Natural History Museum that night.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail says Kate is 14 weeks pregnant, which would make the due date around April 15th instead. /UPDATE

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  1. As soon as I saw the DM report, I wanted to come talk to you about it since it touches on a tinfoil hat conversation we had in the last thread.

    When the pregnancy was announced, Tanna said the baby would be due in March or April, which sort of tallied with Jessica Hay’s timeline as far as far along the pregnancy was.

    DM is also very clear that Kate is 14wks along, not the 12wks everyone is assuming. The DM is very clear that all this information has been confirmed by the palace.

    Speculatively, if Kate is genuinely 14wks along, then conception was mid-July approximately. You can get positive result on a counter pregnancy kit after 7 days. Which means someone very close to the situation couldn’t keep their mouth shut and or knew the results of any fertility treatment Kate has undergone (a widely held assumption) and Jessica Hay found this information and trumpeted it. It’s very creepy that the dates of Jessica’s ‘confirmation’ to whichever tabloid she went to tally with a mid-July conception date. Either she’s a creepy stalker with exceptional psychic powers to know exactly when Kate was pregnant OR someone is feeding her this information and she rans straight to the tabloids with it.

    1. I still have my doubts about Jessica Hay. Isn’t it 14 weeks pregnancy, but only 12 weeks fetal growth? So then Kate would have conceived around George’s birthday, which is after Hay went to the press (first reports are from July 14, at 4 AM, which means Hay talked to the press on July 13 at the latest). Or if it is 14 weeks pregnancy and 14 weeks fetal growth, then Hay went to the press mere days after Kate conceived (if we’re judging by the Oct 15 doctor visit photos, which I am, which puts 14 weeks at July 9). Also, in Hay’s quote, she mentioned Kate showing signs of pregnancy (fuller face, changing hair, holding things over the tummy), as if Kate were more than a few days pregnant. Also, Hay mentions all Kate’s inner circle (Carole) buzzing about it. But if Kate conceived mere days in advance – or a week later – then how could even Carole know about it? If Kate did use fertility treatments, then maybe the changes Hay mentioned were from that, but still, she went to the press awfully early (mere days, or before Kate actually conceived). I obviously don’t know, and I hate to go against Tanna on stuff like this, but I still have doubts about it. It seems like Hay’s announcement matching the time of conception is just a coincidence.

      I have to admit, though, I really don’t want Hay to be right, so I may be seeing what I want to see, you know. So if it turns out that Hay is right, I’m prepared to eat some crow. But for now, I think it’s just a really weird coincidence. I guess we’ll see when April rolls around.

      PS. I don’t doubt Hay (being fed from Carole) would go to the press early. Last time, Kate was about four/five weeks along when Hay announced the pregnancy (given Hay said Kate was six/seven weeks when she went to the hospital, and that was about two weeks after Hay made the announcement), so the fetal growth would have been only two/three weeks. So basically as soon as Kate confirmed the pregnancy, Carole was off telling Hay to let everyone know. The problem for me this time is that given Kate’s possible conception time (for 14wks pregnancy/12wks fetal growth math), Kate wasn’t even pregnant when Hay went to the press (or was merely days pregnant for 14wks pregnancy/14wks fetal growth math). That just seems too early. Again, though, don’t know for sure.

      1. Let’s hope for all our sakes that Jessica is just very, very lucky in her predictions because IF she is right, then someone is clearly feeding her this information.

        Whilst we are having this tinfoil hat conversation, i’ll throw in the fact that the Palace shut Jessica down almost immediately. That makes me think that Jessica, whether lucky prediction or was given this information by an insider, was right. Shades of hair extensions vs scar. #shadesofpalacedenyingstuffthatturnsouttrue

        1. I don’t doubt Carole fed Hay the info last time. Kate really needed the PR boost after the France debacle. George was a PR baby, so of course Carole made sure to milk that as soon as possible. So I wouldn’t put it past Carole to do that again. I just don’t think the time lines match this time.

          Yes, KP shut that down quickly. Did they shut her down the first time? I don’t remember and can’t find an article quickly. Interesting they never said Kate wasn’t pregnant, just that she hadn’t spoken to Hay in years. Hm…

          Something else sketchy about Hay, the papers claimed last time that she had quit her job at a law firm and relied solely on being paid to talk about Kate for income. Don’t know whether that’s true or not, but it seems sketchy to me.

      2. Well we know the Midds are feeding information to various people. They have to keep their Kate in the news! She definitely looked very smug on the picture going into the building. William is William. I imagine he’s basically happy about the baby, but not happy with the timing. I think he wanted a couple of more years of George under his belt before they brought another one into the picture. But the Duchess Diva had other plans.

        And now the countdown is on for DM to have the usual dripping, glowing, fashion icon reviews when she makes her appearances tomorrow. I still don’t get how she can go from throwing up constantly and feeling so bad with HG that she had to run home to mommy to getting dolled up to greet a head of state and make an appearance at a sports awards show. Then she’ll go back into hiding until it’s time to go on vacation with her family.

        I imagine we won’t see her until Christmas now and we’ll be going through the nauseating press stories with the countdown. Hopefully this one won’t be covered like they covered George. Not looking forward to her bounding out of the hospital with her Pantene hair again. Ugh!

  2. Some site has pics of Will and Kate emerging from Farthing’s (the OB’s) office with an envelope of ultrasound pics. I can’t remember the link, but Kate looked to be in ruddy good health. Which is a good thing, but again, calls the HG diagnosis into question.

      1. I’m thinking that’s the PR people. Had to have a good reason for her not getting off of her backside and that’s the best they could come up with. We’ve never actually heard the doctor himself make the diagnosis, just press releases.

      2. Keep in mind Kate’s doctors have never said anything about her condition. It’s always been KP releasing the information. The docs may have diagnosed her one way, and KP could have just outright lied.

      3. Agree with the others. Her doctors have made statements after the birth of George, but the HG statements came only from the Palace both times. Moreover, if you look back at their statements during pregnancy 1, after a while they stopped saying HG and started saying “severe morning sickness.”

  3. So she was 6 weeks pregnant when papped with the bottle of wine, and when William had her carry her own luggage at the train station.

    1. Yup. You seem to have nailed that. Clearly, Will doesn’t care a whole lot about Kate, as he never shows any type of kindness toward her. And the wine…well, I would guess they knew about the pregnancy by then. Something tells me that this girl is vitally aware of pregnancy very early in the game.

    2. Something like that. She was in the hospital by six weeks last time, so it’s odd that she’d feel well enough to drink wine at six weeks this time. Hm…

    3. I’d forgotten that little detail. Drinking during pregnancy aside, I can’t believe a woman with HG would be able to drink and shlep luggage. Everyone I know who’s had HG experienced it pretty much right away.

      Also, how classy of Will to let his newly pregnant wife carry the heavier luggage. Who said chivalry is dead (eye roll)?

    4. My hope is that Kate maybe experienced another period after she got pregnant, which happens sometimes, and really didn’t know until after her and Will returned from the Norfolk holiday.

  4. So, here is what I don’t understand about her HG. She seems to only have it four about 4-5 weeks, where as most women with HG have it for a least 3 months with severe weight loss. Those photos from the doctors office make her look quite healthy. Supposedly she was sick this time the whole month of September with two weeks or so in October. She was fine in August since we saw her on date night and at King’s crossing. So somehow she only seemed to get sick when she was suppose to make a few appearance. Now all the sudden she is fine (I know HG is better after 12 weeks) and there are tweets of people seeing William and Kate in a pub the other night. It just seems odd to me that if she really has HG that she only has it for such a short period. Does anyone know people with HG that had it for such a short period? The same thing was true when she was pregnant with George. She was sick for about a month (December), but then felt fine enough to go on vacation in January and not make an appearance until mid February. Something just doesn’t add up. I think she has bad morning sickness, just not HG, and she is using that as an excuse to do nothing. I feel like this is a way just to get the public to feel bad for her-IMO.

  5. Oh my God kmr in the daily mail news i saw this video and when kate gets into the car her belly literaly dessapear,isnt a proof that it was surrogate???

    1. Not really, you can still see it a bit when he shuts the door and she bends over to look at the baby. I did hear that someone who is supposed to witness the royal births was not there for this one.

      1. The Home Secretary opted out of witnessing the birth. Said as much to parliament. It’s not the first time they’ve skipped. The last time a home secretary witnessed a royal birth was back in 1926, for HM’s birth. So even Margaret didn’t have a government witness back when the tradition was mandatory. These days it’s optional. And all have chosen not to witness.

    2. No, what you see is completely normal after a birth. Once the baby is born, the remainign “bump” is just excess skin and empty uterus (bear in mind the uterus grows from the size of a fist to enclose a 9m baby). Once the baby/placenta has left, it’s squishy. I mean, REALLY squishy! Kinda feels gross, to be honest.

      So although it looks like a bump, it’s really an empty squishy mess – the uterus quickly shrinks back (breastfeeding helps that) and muscle tone resumes.

      So, nope, completely normal for a one-day postpartum tummy to fold/squish in on itself. She should expect to have a bigger postpartum tummy next time too!

      1. My stomach squishes and I haven’t even just given birth. I think it’s normal if her stomach moved. Also, because this was brought up when it happened last year, if her stomach moved then it proves she wasn’t wearing a fake bump when she left the hospital. Because people said her stomach looked like she was still wearing a prosthetic, but a prosthetic wouldn’t move like that.

  6. Regarding Palace statements refuting Kate specific rumours, yes they didn’t deny the facts stated in the rumours. Instead they deflected by saying Kate hadn’t spoken to JH for years.

    They did the same thing with the scar vs extensions. They didn’t outright deny the extensions, but instead told a story about a scar left by a childhood incident.

  7. I have never seen soo much drama surrounding a baby like this woman. other Royal women in Uk and other countries do not have such drama, they get pregnant, work and give birth back to work! with kate her life is drama, her clothes are drama (they fly everywhere), her make up, her family, it never ends, DRAMA DRAMA, shes exhausting!!

    1. I think the reason there is so much hoopla about her clothes and hair and pregnancies is because there is nothing else about her to write about. She’s proven time and again that carrying on a conversation about anything other than shopping or hair or vacations is pointless so they have to come up with something.

      I sometimes wonder what the other princesses in other countries think of her as they get out there and work and dress appropriately (sure they have some missteps too, but not like our Kate), have babies and get back to work. She’s setting such a shining example for the girls of Great Britain!

      1. I agree with you, Lisa. There really is not much else to say about Kate. So the media focuses on her clothing. In my opinion, she lacks taste, but that’s me.

        As for other European princesses — even other female members of the British Royals, Kate is lazy beyond belief. She thinks she can do anything she wants, dress any way she wants, because poor Diana was hounded so dreadfully by the press.

        I hope Harry gets married soon. To a classy, gorgeous woman who knows how to behave. Watch the media focus on someone else for a change and see Kate crumble.

  8. Well, for sure that creature did not have hg or, in my opinion even ‘severe morning sickness’…too quick of a FULL recovery to believe it. She’ such a liar, fake, phony as it is….when she supposedly braved 12 hours of drug free labor and had a lovely time I smirked….and leaving the hospital with an 8+ pound baby and hair all done up….makeup in place…and supposedly deliberately turning side ways to show what an awesome role model she is…look at me…it’s AOK to have a huge belly after delivery….then fast forward 3 months…she exposes her flat belly….this creature is ridiculous and deluded if she thinks that since she has THE RING everyone will take her word as gospel. Not me. No way. That super sized belly and her bouncing about in heels or wedgies or whatever the hell they were just doesn’t happen imo…right after a 12 hour labor and planning to nurse? I’ve backed away from the surrogate theory and still don’t quite believe it but still…..this creature is a flat out slap in the face to the monarchy (if she was supposed to be a breath of fresh air…break out the mouthwash)….and to women who truly suffer from hg or even severe morning sickness….while taking care of what they need to do. She is a pointless creature imo….her life seems totally useless, boring, and tedious….can’t begin to imagine what she does with her time….and she appears to LOVE to flash…rebellion? resentment? to get wills attention? Oh well, she’s good for entertainment…and gossip:)

    1. One other thing I remember from the birth was that it was reported that she and Will ordered a pizza after she delivered and it had something spicy on it. I thought mothers who are breast feeding avoided spicy foods.

      1. Yes, I do believe you are right…and if I had had that many hours of labor I would want to sleep…not eat pizza….but back to the nursing ….maybe other women who have nursed can help out here…I can’t handle spicy foods ever…so what do you think other posters…pizza another reason to have suspicions?

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