Duchess Kate and Prince William take part in State Visit: Welcome President of Singapore

Duchess Kate and Prince William take part in State Visit: Welcome President of Singapore

Our dear Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, made her first public appearance since announcing her second pregnancy and OH MY GOD she had another skirt fly-up. I shake my head at her. Here I was hoping to write something nice – she brought back one of my favorite hats (the Jane Taylor grey hat she wore to Easter service), and she wore a low ponytail which was elegant – and then she had to go and have her skirt fly up again. Thank goodness it wasn’t a full Marilyn, and you can barely see any of her thighs because I believe she’s wearing a dress underneath (if she wasn’t, though, holy crap she would have flashed everyone), but COME ON Kate, this is your first participation in a State Visit and you pull this? You have no idea how disappointed I am, you guys. I was really hoping Kate would nail this appearance. Why do I keep doing this to myself? I keep getting my hopes up that Kate will knock it out of the park and then she does something stupid. When will I learn?

State Visit arrival at Buckingham Palace
[L-R: Kate, William, Prince Philip, Mary Chee Bee Kiang, President of Singapore Tony Tan Keng Yam, Queen; via British Monarchy Twitter]

Now that I have that off my chest, I can start with what I would have written first had I not seen her wardrobe malfunction. Kate took part in her first ever State Visit, as her first of two public appearances today (I’ll have another post with the NHM visit later). She, along with Prince William, greeted the President of Singapore Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife Mary Chee Bee Kiang at the Royal Garden Hotel before escorting them to Horse Guards Parade where they met up with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh for the Ceremonial Welcome. There was a carriage procession back to Buckingham Palace – Kate and William rode in the third carriage, the Scottish State Coach, with Grace Fu, Singapore’s second minister for foreign affairs.


While having tea with the President of Singapore and his wife, Kate said, “It’s a bit colder than our last meeting.” To which he replied, “The weather is lovely.”

When the President’s wife said she was glad Kate could make it, Kate said, “So am I . I’ve been looking forward to getting out of the house, that’s for sure.”

I always think it’s funny when people talk about the weather in conversations; it’s such a cliche, you know. And if Kate was looking forward to getting out of the house, she had plenty of opportunities to, and then she dropped out of them.

William was his normal, grumpy, privacy-obsessed self. When the President commented on the view of Kensington Palace, William said, “You can probably see into our bedroom window which is a bit worrying – I wouldn’t look too closely.” Enough already! I suppose he was joking, but his jokes aren’t really jokes, they’re his attempt at playing off how grumpy and obsessed he is.


Kate wore a new Alexander McQueen coat in grey with a slight plaid pattern. The coat is Kate’s typical style: fitted bodice, lapels, full skirt (which gets her into trouble so frequently). Kate brought back her grey Jane Taylor hat she wore to Easter service in April. Kate wore her Mappin and Webb “Empress” pendant first seen at her last public appearance at the Tower of London Poppy Installation, and her trusty Annoushka Pearl Drop earrings. She also wore her black Prada round toe pumps with a super high heel.

I found the grey of Kate’s coat supremely boring, but I love the hat and thought her hair looked elegant and was out of the way. She should do her hair like this more often. Kate’s jewelry game bored me again, though.


I say the Queen won the style game this round. She looked absolutely wonderful in a navy coat with a navy floral dress underneath, matching navy hat with a giant pink flower, and of course her diamond brooch and pearls (and her smile).


Kate looked well, I think – healthy, and like she’s gained a bit of weight (not too much, she definitely doesn’t have a “bump” yet, but her face and upper body look a bit bigger). Maybe a few more bags under the eyes (more than usual anyway, as she always has a few bags under her eyes), and in some photos she looks grumpy, like barfy maybe (but then again she always looks grumpy when she’s not smiling). She doesn’t look like death warmed over, so hopefully she’ll be back to doing more duties now.

State Visit carriage[Scottish State Coach carrying Will and Kate and Grace Fu; via Camilla Tominey Twitter]


Here’s a nice video:

Quotes via the Mirror.

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  1. I wonder if the same day engagements are to check off helping the queen, and then doing something in the country for a “charity”- so that she can fly to NY without criticism. I don’t think people with HG ride in carriages and wear 4.5 inch heels. Random note: I think Charles has a suit in that pattern.

    1. I bet you’re right. God, that would really make me mad if she flew off to New York. And I ALSO agree you with that the sky-high heels she wore to both engagements today were ridiculous. The woman is so vain it’s mind boggling.

  2. When it comes to the skirt issue. She probably is an exhibitionist. Otherwise, she either is a complete imbecile or doesn’t care at all and wonders what is the big deal.

  3. I find their coversotion skills leave a lot to be desired! billy’s helicopter “job” is postponed for 7 to 8 months, that is what i read!

  4. Funny, most of the time, the Duchess really doesn’t make a lot of effort to try and contain her skirts.

    Whether they are weighted down or not, coming off a plane or a helicopter, I would gently grab on to my skirts just in case…

  5. A Marilyn Monroe moment doesnt occur with a pencil skirt nearly to the knees. It only would have been a flub if she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. The coat is not her dress, the dress is her dress, and we saw nothing scandalous. The red coat in NZ was different, because it WAS her actual dress.

    Nah, not a big deal today. The winds were apparently fierce today, it looked like a heavy coat anyways. I wouldn’t get disappointed over that.

    She looked lovely if a bit worn today.

    1. The coat or coat dress shouldn’t be flying up either. She has a habit of wearing coat dresses with nothing underneath. Is this the same designer as the red flashing dress from NZ? At 3+years in, they both should know this by now (KM and designer). Weight everything, no matter what, just as HM does.

      1. It’s not the same dress designer as the NZ incident. Further, there was a dress underneath the coat – it was a coat flying up. I’m all for criticizing these moments of “exhibitionism” but this isn’t one of them.

    2. Yes, thankfully she was wearing a dress underneath, as I mentioned, but there is no reason for her coat to be flying around. Looks unprofessional.

  6. Women don’t usually start showing their pregnancy until the fifth or sixth month. For women who are thin like Katie, it’s longer. When did she start showing with Georgie? As for Willy, maybe he looks grumpy all the time b/c he doesn’t have the grace, charm and self-confidence of his mother or sense of duty and decorum of his father? He constantly looks like he’d rather be somewhere else, playing soldier or farmer or whatnot. Maybe he’s constipated? The Queen and the Duke look as magnificent as ever.

          1. Based on the fact that your stomach muscles are knackered from being stretched with the first baby, so they naturally “give” easier the second and subsequent time.

            No matter how much yoga etc you do, the pregnancy hormones are partly designed to soften muscle (and pelvis) to allow healthy growth of uterus/baby.

            Mother Nature is damn clever.

          2. Hey Chic_Happens….I did not know that…about the muscle softening….wonder if this woman will appear in a belly revealing shirt to show off her tight stomach muscles (post only 3 months of giving birth to an 8+ pound baby) after this baby….

  7. Her hair and hat are good choices, but why does she wear such boring, frumpy, blah clothing? She is an exhibitionist. She’s driving me insane.

      1. Just stop. You don’t need to respond to every post to defend Kate. You love her; that’s fine. Others feel differently, like me. And I will say so here if I feel like it.

        P.S. In my book exposing your thigh is exposing yourself. Your standards may be different but that doesn’t make what I said not true.

        1. … she actually irritates me most of the time, and I am pretty disappointed in her performance as a royal. I don’t really think she is fit for the job, to be honest.

          Please do not tell me to stop, or that I love her. I am welcome to post here and agree and disagree as I like. In the past, she has exposed her ass, so I didn’t really consider today an exposure and I find it weird that people think this is on par with her crap choices in the past.

          But certainly, if showing one’s legs is indecent exposure to you, then of course you would think she did today.

          Take it easy Faye 🙂

          1. Come on guys. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion here without malice or judgment. We all dislike Katie to one degree or another or we wouldn’t post here. We all have that in common. 🙂

          2. You’re welcome to post wherever you want, and when you reply to one of mine and say that what I said isn’t true when there is photographic evidence there is, I will also reply however I see fit. If the site owner doesn’t like that, I assume she’ll tell me.

            I do find it amusing that someone who replied to every post in this thread to defend Kate is telling me to take it easy, so thanks for the chuckle. Have a nice day, done with this now.

        2. Flashing high mid-thigh while climbing the stairs plus a miniskirt 6 inches inches above the knee? Counts in my book as flashing, inappropriate, and against BRF dress protocol.

  8. I love her hair. Also, I just saw her outfit from the gallery tonight and it is such a different choice for her. I like it. But I will say this, for someone who has been sick and unable to do anything, she sure had no problem finding time to shop for new outfits (I know, people are going to say she probably bought these awhile ago, but nobody really knows).

    1. Yes, and I mentioned that in my post, but she still shouldn’t have her coat flying around. She should know better by now. It looks unprofessional no matter what.

      1. Not just unprofessional — it makes her look like a dingbat. Children have fewer wardrobe malfunctions than this grown woman.

        The designers she chooses should be doing their best to make outfits that withstand common weather conditions such as WIND. The fact that they aren’t makes her look stupid. Like, gee, I don’t know, maybe she should support a designer who can provide her proper attire?! She looks either stupid or like she’s intentionally instructing these professionals not to help her avoid repeat wardrobe issues! It’s ridiculous!

        1. Well, if I remember correctly, it was reported after the New Zeland/Aussie trip that she had intentionally forgone the weights in her hems. It’s pretty obvious she enjoys the attention showing off her body gets her. She is like a child craving ANY attention, even negative attention. I just don’t buy the bunk that she does not like being papped. She does, but only when she is ready to “show off.”

  9. She looked very pretty and healthy at tonight’s event, but that dress is not what I would call appropriate, exactly. Low cut in the cleavage area, high cut on bottom to expose her thigh. I get that she’s probably happy with her new pregnancy body, but for a work event? I don’t know.

    1. I saw a photo of her bending down to speak to a little boy, and the long sheath skirt is parted and sticking out behind her backside while her skinny little legs were front-and-center. It was such a bizarre and boring outfit. Jenny Packham really dropped the ball there.

  10. I’m happy to be able to say something positive about Kate. I just saw photos from the event tonight and I think she looks stunning. The dress is gorgeous and the slit just gives it an edge, which I think is completely appropriate for her age. Same thing for the shoes. I wish she’d worn her hair up to show off the beautiful statement necklace and earrings, but I agree with KMR that she uses her hair as a security blanket. But thumbs up for tonight. (She sure doesn’t look sick.)

    1. I’m sorry Dag but with all the make up she has caked on, she looks like a trollop. The slit is too high and the dress is too high; any formal wear for a such an important engagement that a state visit where she is representing the United Kingdom and the Crown should minimally be knee-length.

      1. I have to agree with Seth. It was a beautiful gown, and I loved the shoes, BUT she looked like a starlet at the Emmy Awards than a future Queen of England. What part of “I married into the royal family and I must act with a certain amount of dignity and decorum” doesn’t she understand?

        1. Nothing. She thinks she’s a rich celebrity who can just be known for her clothes. Queen Mary, the current Queen’s grandmother, must be spinning in her grave. Though not university educated like Kate, she was very well read in history and the British constitution and had a shrewd understanding of politics in her day. Kate knows nothing, or if she does, she’s been saving it from all of us. She and Willy are helping (started by Willy’s mother, Diana) to turn the Royal Family and the monarchy into mere celebrities. And when that’s complete, I think the British people will abolish it. Why should taxpayers pay other people millions and millions of pounds to live in palaces and go on vacations and shopping trips while doing almost nothing for the privilege? It doesn’t make sense. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have spent their entire adult lives (over sixty-five years) maintaining the monarchy as a relevant and even vibrant part of British society. Willy’s obsession with ‘privacy’ and Kate’s obsession with seemingly doing NOTHING ironically takes the monarchy back to the Hanoverians, especially George IV and William V. Difference is that back then, the press was more differential and virtually all of British society had no connection to the monarchy, so it didn’t matter that much. The public had no clue what the Royal Family did on a day-to-day basis b/c of the lack of information. Today I can go on Instagram for pics of Willy and Waity and look at the Court Circular on the monarchy website to see who does what when. I know that Willy and Waity have had NOTHING listed for WEEKS and won’t for weeks more, b/c nothing comes up. Now monarchies have to have the veneer of democratization and value for society or they are gone. That’ll happen when Willy and Waity take over.

      2. Seth, I agree completely about her makeup. I just consider that a lost cause…she’ll never change that so I just gave up on hoping she would. I never thought about the slit in the dress being inappropriate for a state occasion. I t doesn’t seem too high, but is it that any slit would not be correct?

        1. It’s a matter of opinion. I personally don’t think anything above knee-length is appropriate for a formal occasion. I think people are too casual nowadays.

          1. Cocktail length is above knee though? That’s usual evening attire unless it’s Black Tie when a full length gown is appropriate.

            Dianas best look were cocktail length. Remember the Revenge Dress on the night of the Dimbleby/Charles interview. KAPOW!

          2. Like I wrote, it is my personal opinion that anything above knee-length is inappropriate in a formal occasion. It is not a fashion ‘rule’ by ANY means! Maybe cocktail length is appropriate to most people. I personally don’t think so. Just my opinion. 🙂

          3. BRF protocol is skirts at the knee or lower. To me that would apply to slits as well (ie. no higher than the knee). That may not be what people consider fashionable, but it is the work dress code for the family firm (BRF).

  11. I am glad that she pulled the hair from her face, but the panda eyes were in effect. If her morning sickness (HG) was so bad, then why did she ride in a carriage? I had bad morning sickness with my kids sickness, not HG, and I got on a hayride. It was torture. I am so tired of these two. The Queen would have been better off havi g Sophie there.

  12. Yes, her coat/skirt blowing up was unprofessional. At least there are no indecent/exposed shots. As bad as her conversation was, at least it was appropriate. William was completely unprofessional with his bedroom joke comment. That is NOT the kind of joke you make with foreign dignitaries with whom you are not on a personal basis. If my president or the foreign diplomat of my country had made that comment then I would be mortified. Pretty much every 21 year old at my University had enough sense not to make jokes like that in a formal business context.

    1. I was speechless at that bit. Who would ever think that would be an appropriate joke to make to a president, let alone with a president of a country that likely has a different sexual ethos than your own country? William, apparently. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your second-in-line to the throne.

  13. I did have high hopes that Kate would be able to surprise us but umm, no, she still hasn’t learnt about weighing down her skirts so they don’t fly up. Surely the people at Alexander McQueen would know to put skirt weights in Kate’s clothing? I am happy NOT to see the sausage roll hair curls again.

  14. I must say, this is the first outfit I’ve really liked of hers in quite some time (to the point where I covet every little bit of it). Ponytail looked professional. Makeup was caked but looked as though it had been applied to unsuccessfully hide some eyebags.

    I agree upthread with the fly-up making her look like an idiot. Granted, it wasn’t as bad as NZ and is somewhat easy to let slide since she had a dress underneath, but she still looks like a dingbat. (Maybe she opted for no weights due to the coat being made with a lighter weight fabric, or them affecting the silhouette- which is flattering for someone as super-skinny as she is- but girl needs to a professionally minded stylist.)

    As for William making that bedroom joke… for real? On a State visit? How dumb can he be? (Someone needs to thump him on the back of the head, even if it causes a few hairs to fall out.)

    These two losers are going to rule one day? Man, I will miss the Queen when she passes. (And I miss Diana.)

    1. You bring up such a good point. I have taken the Queen for granted. She has brought consistency and service to the crown. I will miss her work ethic. Neither Charles nor William will ever be able to replace that. It is a pity that Will hasn’t taken the time to learn and grow with her tutelage. Can you imagine learning history from her perspective? It would be amazing.

      1. I would love to sit and chat with the Queen, it’s such a shame William doesn’t seem to care.

  15. I thought Kate did well yesterday.

    I also wonder how often other Royal ladies skirts get blown about, but we just don’t see the photographic evidence of it. Kate gets the most attention, and photos of her skirts flying garner a lot of clicks – hence they get posted online?

    Not everything you see online is how it really appears – it could well be Kate is no more unlucky than the rest of the Royals, she just has a bigger spotlight on her.

    Just a thought…

    1. I saw one instance where Camilla’s coat flew around in the wind. She was wearing a dress underneath, so she didn’t show anything. I thought it was really stupid of her, she should know better.

    2. Her first few upskirts caused reporters to dig into the past to look for other events from other royal ladies. Overall it was 1-2 for the others before they learned their lesson. We’re on what, 16 now for Kate Middleton?

  16. I noticed she changed up her lipstick to a lighter matte color which is a little make-up trick for those times when you play hooky from work and need to look like you’re recovering from something the next day.
    There’s also a picture of her in Hello where she’s stepped on the bottom of her blue dress with her new heels (first one): http://www.hellomagazine.com/royalty/2014102121527/kate-middleton-attends-wildlife-photography-awards/
    Shouldn’t she be a little more cautious with her attire now that she’s super sick and preggers? Or can the second one have a dented head no problem because he’s the spare?

    1. The long part of the skirt was too long and the short part was too short. Should have removed some inches from the bottom and covered her knees.

      1. oh yes! definitely cover those knees….they’re not the worst on this planet, but very few knees are meant to be on view…..I blame Carole – she is often seen with ‘knees’ showing – not pretty, and not at her age either………(scream)

  17. The daytime coat dress style seems to work on Kate and the hair is lovely, all out of the way; not keen on the coat dress pattern though, but that’s a personal thing. The evening attire is a curious mix of daring and boring at the same time. I’m not wild about the shade of blue, but that’s me again. I think Kate is struggling with the length of this outfit, in that she seems to be catching the skirt with her feet – not a criticism as such, as it must be very difficult to walk without catching something! strange she should choose a such a style…..I’m not a fan of the huge slit up the side – I don’t think it is appropriate for this occasion and looks tacky – sorry! yikes!! the hair is back – please put it up! and show off the jewels….

  18. While having tea with the President of Singapore and his wife, Kate said, “It’s a bit colder than our last meeting.” To which he replied, “The weather is lovely.” Does anyone else see that as a jab at kate or is the president too polite for that?
    William was his normal, grumpy, privacy-obsessed self. When the President commented on the view of Kensington Palace, William said, “You can probably see into our bedroom window which is a bit worrying – I wouldn’t look too closely.” OMG….no words.
    When the President’s wife said she was glad Kate could make it, Kate said, “So am I . I’ve been looking forward to getting out of the house, that’s for sure.” (God forbid she should say something like…I’ve really been looking forward to meeting you)…
    And I am on team yes…she was exposing whatever she could get away with and it’s disgusting. Her coat dress or whatever flew up and it didn’t appear to bother her a bit…totally unprofessional…

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I am not known for my tact, but even I cringed when I read what Kate and Will consider appropriate small talk with a foreign dignitary. It’s like they really feel these people are beneath them and that it’s only about “getting out of the house.” The Lazy Duo are such mental slugs they should be honored to be in the same room with most of the people they get to meet, let alone a head of state. Bad form, Will and Waity! Very bad.

      1. The Middleton family caught flying back from somewhere via Scotland makes me think there was a Bill and Kate Middleton holiday in there too.

        1. I thought the lovely and motherly Carole was home tending to Kate.
          After all, daughter dearest had major morning sickness, didn’t she?

    2. Their tongues are tied in diplomatic knots. Honestly, these two shouldn’t be let out in public with the faux pas they commit to dignitaries from other countries.

  19. When the President’s wife said she was glad Kate could make it, Kate said, “So am I . I’ve been looking forward to getting out of the house, that’s for sure.”
    Since from the comment on the weather it appears that kate has met the President before I am thinking that her comment to his wife might have been along the lines of ‘looking forward to seeing you again…

  20. Ah, the coat incident. Yes, she had a coat on beneath the coat, but I think the flared skirt of the coat was her attempt to stick it to the public once again. “Ah, see, a burst of wind and there goes my coat. But, look, I have a dress on beneath!”
    I think she is an exhibitionist. I’ll give her this: Her legs are toned. But, they are sooo thin.
    This woman hasn’t a clue as to how to behave in public. Nor, can she be the dream wife of the future king when it comes to meeting other dignitaries. She’s childish and vapid.
    Diana was a class act. This woman gets away with murder.

  21. Oops, sorry. I mean to say that she had a dress on beneath the coat. And, I forgot to comment on those high-heeled shoes. She’s pregnant, yes? I cannot believe how so many women can wear such high shoes when they are with child. I couldn’t. Just worried constantly, that’d I’d turn my ankle and fall.

  22. Sorry but I don’t think Kate should be let out of her box until she learns what she should say at these meetings. It was a meeting with a head of state not someone from down the road. I’ve heard that Kate stunned Michelle Obama with something equally inane when she meet her.

    1. Kate doesn’t appear to show any interest in others. It’s all about her, I’m afraid. I agree with the posts above: she could have expressed some delight in seeing an old acquaintance, the wife of the President who welcomed her not too long ago, and return the favour, yet, her responses all had to be centered on her. William is just hopeless. He must be at least aware of the criticism of him and his wife, and I am not surprised he shuns public life moreso than ever since he married La Middleton, but his deep disdain for everyone outside of his circle is something he seems to no longer make an effort to hide.

  23. Both of these outfits are poorly made and cost ridiculous sums. The other bespoke Burton (I refuse to call it McQueen) was over $8000 (Black Watch tartan). This new one would be a similar cost, isn’t lined, doesn’t fit properly, and the plaid doesn’t match up on the sleeves or darts. On her it looks like a costume. The blue baby blanket / Kardashian’s outfit was probably over $6000, too long, too short, and poorly fitted.

    All that money, no taste, no style, no class.

  24. Thar she Blows, Again:

    Still can’t believe how her coat blew up during the Meet & Greet. One other thing. Do the Royals have anyone who preps them for such meetings? Kate and Will are so much taller than the Singapore President and his wife. Wills can’t hide his height, but could someone have suggested to Kate that she not wear that hat and wear a pair of heels that were not so high? The photo of the foursome looked ridiculous and slighted the visitors. It’s amazing how these two make mistake after mistake and still win approval wherever they go.

    1. The Queen has a “dresser” who has the job of making sure the outfit she is wearing is appropriate for the occasion and the people that the Queen is meeting. The dresser would make sure that hems as weighted down as well. As Kate is going to be Queen Consort one day she probably had a dresser offered to her, it’s a shame that Kate didn’t take up the offer as she sure does need it. You can always tell when Kate has chosen her own outfit! eg She once worn a belt over a coat where the belt was upside down – it had a bow on it and it just looked silly being the wrong way round. William would/ should have a valet – it’s not a vanity as the valet’s job would include things like making sure he had the right regimental tie for the right occasion. To some it may not sound like it’s needed but imagine if he turned up at an army function and the tie he had on was from the navy!

      1. Yes, a “dresser” would be appropriate for Kate and for Will.
        The belt situation? Reminds me of Michelle Obama, who wears a belt over everything!
        She’s always dressed for State Dinners as if she is joining Beyoncé on the Red Carpet.
        She’s not the classiest, either.

      2. William has a valet. He’s had one since he was 10yrs old. Whether or not he has employed one or used Charles’s valet in the interim years, he definitely appointed one 2yrs ago. The appointment was reported in the papers, and he was part of the staff that accompanied them to AUS/NZ….he’s in the pictures.

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