Will and Kate were papped going to the doctor: will they complain?

Will and Kate were papped going to the doctor: will they complain?

The first pictures of our MIA Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, have surfaced in a US publication, the NY Daily News (go here to see the pics). There are three pictures of Kate, accompanied by Prince William, heading out of what appears to be her doctor’s office on October 15. Supposedly, the doctor’s visit was for the 12 week scan, but that is of course not confirmed. I was hoping Kensington Palace would release a statement saying she was past the twelve week mark and what her birth month is, but I’ve given them enough time to do so, so I guess that won’t happen today (or at least it hasn’t happened as of the time of this posting).

First thing, if these are true candid shots, and Will doesn’t know the pap is there, then damn he is one grumpy man. He’s got Grumpy Face in all of the photos; I mean, I get that it’s raining, but Kate is smiling. And he isn’t helping his supposedly incredibly sick wife at all – he’s lagging behind her in all the photos. What a bum!

In the photos, Kate walked out of the office on her own, and was smiling in one of them. So she’s at least well enough (and strong enough) not to need assistance. She’s also wearing what appears to be her trusty skinny jeans. So she’s apparently well enough not to be uncomfortable in skin-tight clothing. So… does that mean she’ll actually show up to welcome the President of Singapore on Tuesday? She, along with William, is scheduled to greet the President when he arrives on Tuesday, October 21, for his state visit. I hope she doesn’t drop out again. And if she does drop out, at least don’t do it last minute, that would be so rude.

Here’s the million dollar question: Will they complain? They’ve complained about a number of “unauthorized” photos before, but then they’ve also not complained before. But then they just sent legal docs to Tanna. So what’s it going to be? We could argue about whether or not it is right for them to complain about pap photos (please let’s not do that again), but as far as I’m concerned, Will and Kate just need to be consistent. Pick a stance and stick to it. If they want to complain about pap photos, then fine (we’ll mostly disagree, but fine), but then they must always complain about pap photos. They can’t randomly not complain if the photos make them look good.

PS. It’s been almost six weeks since Kate announced her pregnancy, and there is still no news from KP about her due month, which means Kate isn’t at the twelve week mark yet. Which means she was six weeks or less pregnant when they announced the pregnancy. Was she really that sick at only six weeks? And remember, Will said she’d been feeling ill for a few days/a week, so it would have been five weeks when she started feeling sick. Help me out ladies, do women usually get that sick (and I mean, like HG sick) at only five weeks? I know I’m sounding cynical, but if women normally get sick that early, I’ll lay off Kate, but it just seems early to me (as a woman who has never been pregnant).
UPDATE: Looks like the consensus is my shade here is inaccurate, women can indeed be that sick that early. Thank you all for the clarification. I retract my shade. /UPDATE

PPS. Jessica Hay was WRONG! Hay claimed back in mid-July that Kate was pregnant with her second child and would be announcing in a few weeks. But given that Kate hasn’t even reached her 12 week mark yet, and it’s the middle of October, Kate wasn’t even pregnant when Hay claimed to have the inside scoop on the second pregnancy.

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  1. Hi KMR! Very interesting post and pics! Kate doesn´t seem that typical HG-sick at all!! And she´s not lost that much wheight, of what you can see. After all that droping outings- and vomiting-News, I expected a superskinny woman, that can´t walk on her own.
    she looks happy. She can´t be that exhausted, I bet she really enjoyed that 6 or 7 weeks long kind of “holiday” from all the duties…
    If you are 6 weeks pregnant, you are actually 4 weeks. You always have to reduce about two weeks- The pregnancy counts from the last date of your period. It´s not unusual that the sickness starts with 6 weeks. I had this started within the 7th week of my pregnancy.
    What bothers me, she lucks not that much underweighted than before, but she droped out every kind of “real” work for the reason of her pragnancy and she looks happy with this. This women is a dishonour for the rest of us- using a pragnancy for not having to care for her responsibilities. That´s why men think, if why have our menses, we are not able to do anything, and every problem and argument is reduced to the menses. But anyway, ther are usefull women in the word and less usefull.

    But wait a minute: Do we know these pics are really current? In the last pregnancy we have this pic from the Cambrigdes, when he fetched her from the hospital in Dez 2012. He wore the same blue jumper, with a darker framed glasses like on this one. And I remeber a pic from her wearing then a similar darker cape. Either their garderobe didn´t change that much or maybe these pics are old and relaunched as new ones, to make money, because theres nothing left to make a story of? What do you think KMR? Best wishes!

    1. Thank you for the clarification, I retract my shade of her early-starting sickness.

      William has had that same “collared shirt under a sweater” look for years. It’s pretty much his only casual outfit. And he’s worn that blue/purple sweater on multiple occasions. As far as leaving the hospital in Dec. 2012, they left during the day, and that building in these photos is not the hospital. So I say these picks are new. We’ll see if they complain.

      Considering how sick they’ve made her out to be in the press, I’d have thought she’d be too weak to walk on her own like that. Like at least have Will give her a hand, you know.

      1. Exactly, he´s trudging behind her like a grumpy bugged husband, with apparently no need to help her vital and beaming wife, who seemingly is floating over the ground.
        It makes things women who suffer from real HG really look bad…
        not fair Katie!

        1. It makes Will look terrible. The more they claim HG, without Will acting like a loving, supportive husband, it just does more damage to his image.

    2. “I expected a superskinny woman, that can´t walk on her own.” – so do you expect her on wheelchair, on stretcher or being carried on Will’s hands (arms) ??

      BTW. Sb knows if rues of etiquette allow Duchess (Princess) to show in public just on wheelchair, on stretcher or on sb’s arms ???

  2. She doesn’t look too sick to me in those pics. She’s such a loser and a phony. She’s probably sitting on her a$$ at Mummys’ house being waited on. She’s a spoiled brat.

  3. I’m really glad that she looks well, although I don’t believe Duchess DoLittle has genuine HG. Sickness can for sure start even before the positive pg test at 4 weeks, but most women plough through it and collapse in a slumber at 7pm (I certainly used to).

    I also noted she has heeled boots on – so I guess the nauseous equilibrium is fine *raises sceptical eyebrow* I recall when leaving hospital when pregnant with George, that was one of the only formal times we’ve seen Kate in flat boots. When you’re bilious and nauseous, heels make it worse – hence sensible flats with George. This time though, she’s virtually bounding along in skinny jeans, heels and smiley face.

    Really don’t think she can skip Singapore job next week after these were leaked – and if they DO complain, it’ll be because their excuse is ruined and proper work has to begin.

    Love the blog, btw.

    1. I’m glad you like the blog. And thank you for commenting about how early sickness can start. I’ve retracted my shade. 🙂

      Actually, Kate wore flat-ish boots when leaving the hospital in Dec 2012 after her HG stint. –> http://www.hellomagazine.com/imagenes//royalty/2012120610361/pregnant-kate-leaves-hospital/0-52-274/kate-middleton-1-z.jpg

      When leaving the hospital with George, she wore a wedge heel. –> http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1261034/thumbs/o-MIDDLETON-570.jpg?3

      I really hope she makes the Singapore job. All the cancellations have been annoying.

        1. OH! Yep, you definitely said “leaving hospital WHEN PREGNANT with George”. I thought it said “leaving hospital WITH George”, like after he was born. I’m so sorry about that, my mistake. Please forgive me.

  4. Kmr sorry for my english but why she lie so much is so weird,why she do this to britsh people,why she dont show george very much like she did in Australia and Nz???

    1. No idea. I wonder if it’s because they are just that lazy and don’t want to work, or if they have something they really want to hide. Seems so odd they’d spend more time lying than doing stuff to make it so they don’t have to lie. I think if they had more photo ops with George, the demand for him would go down. But I guess they are selfish and don’t want to share him with the people.

      1. I think they are lazy and simply don’t care what people think. Negative public opinion isn’t going to alter their wealth one way or another. They are going to live the style they want no matter what people say about it. And I agree, more Grumpy Baby exposure would probably give them a little more privacy.

  5. “I expected a superskinny woman, that can´t walk on her own.”, “I’d have thought she’d be too weak to walk on her own like that. Like at least have Will give her a hand, you know.”– so do you expect her on wheelchair, on stretcher or being carried on Will’s hands (arms) ??

    BTW. Sb knows if rues of etiquette allow Duchess (Princess) to show in public just on wheelchair, on stretcher or on sb’s arms ???

    1. I would expect someone who has supposedly been HG ill for six weeks to be weaker than someone who is able to bound to her car no problem. At least have her hold the rails or hold Will’s arm for support or walk with trepidation. That’s how weak people manage. No, I didn’t mean wheelchair, but I meant holding onto someone for support, if she’s been vomiting up all her nutrition. Kate was bounding around.

      1. Hi Konrad from Polen,

        I must agree with KMR on this point. If you have HP you loose quickly very much weight, and because Kate was very thin before she got pregnant again, one can assume she might need help in her condition. But she looks very vital and not that unhealthy, we might assumed because of ALL the dropped-out appointments, compared to her last pregnancy. It´s good that she´s ok, because I dont´wish anybody something bad, but on the other side, they are a bunch of liars then?! Must be! Bad Karma…

  6. Yes, HG can start, according to what I’ve read, as early as 3 weeks. And there is nothing to say her morning sickness didn’t start out “normal” and then progress to HG standards by week 6.

    Also, we have been seeing conflicting reports from random “journalists” the last 5 weeks, that Kate is getting worse, that she’s getting better, etc. Obviously she is not getting worse. If her vomiting has let up since Sunday or Monday, let’s say, then no reason she can’t muster a shower and put on some clothes for one appointment two days later. No big deal here.

    But apparently there is snow on the ground in these pics. There is doubt circulating that they arent even current.

    1. Thank you for commenting about how early sickness can start. I thought I read it started at about six weeks and got worse from there, but since I’ve never been pregnant, I wouldn’t know. Thank you for informing me.

      From the reports I’ve read it seems like she was really ill, then she got better, then she got really ill again, or something like that. All a bit ridiculous. I wish KP would just release a statement and stop the speculation.

      Where is the snow on the ground in the pics? I genuinely can’t see it. All I see is rain. Did it rain on Wed. in London?

  7. I got sick at 4 weeks and it lasted until month 8. I just don’t believe Kate had true HG the first time or this time because I had very severe morning sickness that still wasn’t bad enough to classify as HG.
    One of the “requirements” for HG is a loss of 10-15% of your starting weight (I lost about 10%). This is not physically noticeable because your stomach grows, but is only noticeable on the scale.
    HG requires hospitalization for replenishment of fluids. While Kate was briefly hospitalized early in her pregnancy, women who have HG have to be repeatedly hospitalized throughout the pregnancy, not just in the beginning.
    When you have it, it lasts. You do not just have it bad one day, and the next you are fine and can go shopping. “Outings” are limited to only what is absolutely necessary, usually just OB or hospital visits. Recovery is slow and minimal at best and you do not recover the same as pregnant women with “regular” morning sickness. Also you are weak and you absolutely need help walking and are more susceptible to dizzy spells, fainting, and falls.
    True HG lasts the whole pregnancy or most of it; if the sickness it goes away in the 1st or 2nd trimester it is technically “just” severe or acute morning sickness and not HG. It is not possible to have any sort of regular routine until after you deliver and you are mostly bedridden because of the nausea and weakness. There would be no “maybe she will be well enough to attend future engagements” because HG requires complete bed rest, usually throughout pregnancy. It is impossible to work in any capacity with HG.
    Lastly because HG can be so traumatic, it is difficult for a woman to get emotionally and mentally ready for another pregnancy. Women will hold off getting pregnant for years or may opt not to have another child. In some cases, therapy is needed to overcome the trauma of HG because it causes feelings of depression, anxiety, and incompetence. HG can be an early trigger for postpartum depression or even perinatal depression and anxiety (depression during the pregnancy).

    1. Wow, thank you for the first-hand knowledge. It sounds like you were really suffering. I hope everything’s okay now and you are healthy and have a healthy child.

      So sad that Kate uses this illness as an excuse when it is clear she is not suffering the way woman who have truly had this illness do.

      1. KMR…I love your blog….I would go a step further than it’s sad….it’s
        absolutely obscene to use a horrid illness as a cover…obscene and I hope that someday this horrible horrible woman gets called out on her lies….

    2. Tess…it’s the suffering that women such as yourself go through that makes me so sick of kate’s morning sickness….hg….it’s a flat out LIE….she didn’t have it with George and she doesn’t have it now. I think these pictures will set well with the nimrods….I almost sure that they knew damned well that they were being papped….I’d so like to slap that smile off that horrid woman’s face!!!!! This is ‘see the happy couple’ PR puke and even at that the wimp can’t even act the part of loving husband, papa to be well….she’s a LIAR…a FAKE…you said thqt women don’t exactly go out and get knocked up again after suffering so much…and here’s old smiling/smirking/picture of health kate….how utterly stupid do their PR people think we are….it’s PR….the doctor could just as easily have come to her….no way do I believe that the ‘scan’ couldn’t have been done at one of the palaces or her pimp of a mother’s house…which wimpo helped pay for…not buying this crap for a moment!!!!

  8. She looks to have gained weight. She’s heavier than her starting weight – see thighs here and compare with NZ descending the plane. Not to mention the case by case review of her ‘workload’. I’m now convinced she didn’t have HG. Severe morning sickness, definitely not HG.

    Someone posted a theory on one of the forums postulating that she may have OHSS which has the immediate effect of making a person very ill initially AND you gain rather than lose weight. It is particularly bad if you get pregnant when early in the course and if you are very thin. It can present like HG in terms of the vomiting and nausea, but you gain rather than lose weight.

    IF Jessica Hays knew that they’d started this course of treatment, remember that Kate didn’t attempt to put on weight naturally for afew months ahead of any pregnancy attempts like she did with George, she could have been correct as far as pregnancy is concerned. Maybe Kate was pregnant and then wasn’t, and the past 5wks have been about ensuring that she is. Tanna gave a speculative date of March/April for the birth date which works with Jessica’s statement. Others are now saying April/May which tallies with aa second successful attempt. We’ll see who is right in 2015.

    1. You mean Kate was pregnant in June and into July when Hay claimed Kate was pregnant, and then Kate had a miscarriage (before or after Hay announced the claim?), and then got pregnant again in early Aug.?

      I guess we’ll see is 2015. But if Kate were well past 12 weeks – which she would be if Hay were right – then why hasn’t KP announced the due month? If Hay were correct, then Kate would have been 12 weeks around the time they announced the pregnancy to begin with, why not announce the due month and why claim they had to announce early?

      Gah, this is all so annoying and confusing. I wish KP would just announce her due month and her accurate condition and end the damn speculation already.

      1. Did they officially announce the month last time around? I remember some rumored comment from Carole about how the baby would be a leo (turned out to be Cancer). I can’t see William agreeing to the due date being announced, not with his privacy obsession. More likely something like “expecting in late summer” was announced *if anything*, and deliberately given as a few weeks beyond the real due date.

        KP cannot announce anything because I doubt they have access to the facts. William won’t tell them, so all they can do is go with whatever lies or fabrications he tells them.

        1. The palace made an official announcement that the baby was expected in July. There was a rumour it was due July 13, but that was never confirmed I don’t think. And then George came on the 22nd, one day before he would become a Leo I think.

  9. Yeah. I’m going to have to go with Kate probably has regular morning sickness and not HG. Also, who smiles going from an office to a car in the rain? Someone who knows a pap has been called to take her picture…

    1. In that pic, judging based off of the position of the building, I think she was going into the building, not coming out of it. So maybe someone opened a door for her and she smiled when she greeted them?

      1. I think you are right KMR – she is going into the building. That means the photographer captured them going in and out of the building – not just out. Which to me rules out a random passerby – I think someone was tipped off to get these shots.

    2. 12 weeks was expected to be around now, and we know her Consultant is Alan Farthing, so it’s more than likely a pap just hung out at his London Office for a few days hoping they’d turn up for a scan.

      Which they did, we think.

      Not necessarily a tip off – I think if Kate had known, she’d have faked her weakness for the cameras. I actually think these images catch her out in the lie.

  10. “I expected a superskinny woman, that can´t walk on her own.”, “I’d have thought she’d be too weak to walk on her own like that. Like at least have Will give her a hand, you know.”– so do you expect her on wheelchair, on stretcher or being carried on Will’s hands (arms) ??

    BTW. Sb knows if rues of etiquette allow Duchess (Princess) to show in public just on wheelchair, on stretcher or on sb’s arms ???

  11. waity is a drama queen always looking for sympathy and attention, not to mention a fake, a liar, she can fool william, but she cant fool the rest of the people!

  12. One thing I noticed is that when people began complaining about not seeing either of them we suddenly have these pictures show up. Who would have known about the appointment if it wasn’t leaked? Also, if she had HG (and I don’t believe for a second that she did/does) how could she stand the car ride and why is she out in the rain getting wet? You would think that all of that nausea and vomiting would have weakened her and they wouldn’t want to take any chances of her getting sick from a cold. i mean it was probably only a few seconds from the door to the car, but still.

    1. Yeah, unless the pap was camped out basically 24/7 on the street where Kate’s doctor has his office on the OFF chance that the doctor wasn’t making house calls to KP or Bucklebury, I don’t understand how the photographer could have managed to get these ultra-exclusive photos. I mean, if he did, it will probably turn out to be the highlight of his year, because no one’s seen Kate since August … but I really, really doubt someone with a decent zoom lens was actually in the vicinity unless the Cambridges or their camp specifically called him.

      1. I’m going with someone called them. It’s just too coincidental. It was raining on October 15, I don’t think the pictures are old.

        1. I don’t think the photos are old either. The main point I guess is that there is “snow” in the photos, but it is quite obviously (to me) light reflecting on a rain-soaked street and car.

  13. So, what is this creature going to do when she can’t have any more children? For attention/pity/sympathy/pr/photo ops? I don’t think wimpo was involved in the planning of this baby but that’s just my suspicion ….and waity wants 3 children…only…since her family was ever so close knit…..she can’t be preggers every year for the rest of her imo totally pointless life now can she? Dear God, let this child be another healthy boy….said that before I know but can’t say it enough. If only to myself….a little girl would stand no chance of growing up mentally healthy in that god awful excuse for a family. jmo I know I hide my feelings well but I can’t stand that woman!!!

  14. She’s probably smiling because she just found out her baby is fine! Give her a break people. If she is not yet 12 weeks, she is probably being very careful because a large percentage of miscarriages occur at this time. Also if she is not yet 12 weeks she probably doesn’t care if people haven’t seen her…. What mother would put their unborn child at risk for a selfish public!

    1. Thank you for the link. While there are definitely questions that arise – like who took the photos – I have to agree with Jane there, that there is no real evidence that the photos are old.

  15. @crazy mag “give her a break” may be you should see her work tally before she got pregnant, and you have to wonder, why didnt she work her arse off , before her pregnancy, but the truth will always remain the same, shes has always been lazy, likes to spend money which she has not earned,…. nothing will ever change for this social climber,

  16. IMO, KP has now a very difficult problem. If Kate will not attend to this welcoming vist (the day after tomorrow) – this will be a confirmation that this pictures are old. Why the person who is loooking so healthy and smilling can’t attent to welcomming visit ???
    So, IMO Kate must go obviously she is feeling. She and KP are in front of the wall, They have only 2 possibilities: Kate will go and then we will have to believe that this photos are current and real; 2nd – Kate stays at home and KP will have an opinion of liars and crooks.

    1. Ugh, will we ever get a year when there aren’t Middletons-at-Sandringham rumors/denials? Enough already.

      1. Not as long as Carole draws breath or until she gets a permanent invite to Christmas at Sandringham which won’t happen until (if) Wails is on the throne.

  17. Crazyamg you have a right to your opinion! Please remember that “if” lazy waity is underpressure,it is because she is not worked at all. The “pressure” would disappear if she started her job and put on her big girl high heels!

  18. Halia, I agree with you about her royal duties or lack of! But now that she is pregnant and having a difficult time at it, I just think PW should work even harder!

  19. CrazyAMG, i respect you & i am not picking on you please keep that in mind! Those 2 are allergic to work. Interesting news Prince Carl Phillip is having big wedding Saturday June 13, 2015! What can i say i do not have a life. Halia

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