Duchess Kate becomes Patron of 1851 Trust

Duchess Kate becomes Patron of 1851 Trust

Our dear MIA Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has become Royal Patron of the 1851 Trust, which is the charity branch of the UK team’s bid to bring the America’s Cup to Britain, Kensington Palace announced today. The 1851 Trust was launched today in Portsmouth by Sir Ben Ainslie. Kate would have been there to launch the trust, if she had not pulled out last week due to her ongoing hyperemesis gravidarum.

This new Patronage “reflects [Kate]’s personal interests in sailing and in supporting children and young people to build their skills, confidence and aspirations.”

Of her new Patronage, Kate said:

    “I am delighted to be Royal Patron of The 1851 Trust. I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed sailing from a young age and I know it is a great way of providing young people with the opportunity to develop skills and confidence.
    “It is a hugely exciting time for sailing as the British challenger bids to bring the America’s Cup back to Britain. I am looking forward to being part of this journey and I hope that through the 1851 Trust we can engage and inspire a new generation into sailing along the way.”

This is Kate’s ninth patronage, along with her patronages of: Action on Addiction, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, The Art Room, the National Portrait Gallery, Place2Be, SportsAid, and The Natural History Museum.

Side note: of her nine patronages, Kate has made four visits this year to five of her charities: the National Portrait Gallery, the Art Room, Place2be and Action on Addiction, and SportsAid (the M-PACT visit is a dual program for both Place2be and Action on Addiction, so it involved two of her charities, but was only one visit).

Some background on the 1851 Trust (named after the year the America’s Cup was founded):

    The 1851 Trust, supported by Ben Ainslie Racing, aims to inspire and engage a new generation through sailing and the marine industry, providing young people with the education, skills and training to become innovators of the future, and stewards of the marine environment. The Trust will work with young people under 25 years old, from diverse backgrounds. It will be supported by Ben Ainslie Racing, the team to bring the America’s Cup back to Britain – a trophy that left these shores in 1851 and Britain has never won.

I hate to be rude to charities, but I would for once love for a charity to be completely clear about what it is they do, or intend to do. I get annoyed by the vague gloss of these types of buzzword summaries. It’s like all the summaries are the same: “Children and young people! Education! Diverse backgrounds!” Enough already, tell me exactly what you do and where the money goes.

This new patronage announcement would have had so much more impact had Kate actually shown up to launch it. Oh well, she’ll visit it at some point, right? I mean, if nothing else to get another look at Sir Ben. What’s the over/under of when she’ll actually visit? I’m guessing between 8 months and 1 year. So sometime late Summer next year. Oh wait! She’ll still be on maternity leave then. Okay, I guess it won’t be until 2016 then.

Kate Middleton and Ben Ainslie at Maritime Museum
Kate with Sir Ben in June during the launch of Britain’s America’s Cup bid. Photo from Emily Andrews Twitter.

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  1. Oh goody! Another charity she can ignore. But this one will possibly give her an opportunity to show up and root them on during the race and make lots of faces. Too little, too late…next!

  2. Good luck to the 1851 Trust. Like Katie’s other “patronages,” they will soon learn where her real interests lie: herself, lying on a nude beach in a tropical country.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. I made her patronages list from the list KP provided in the press release, so oddly they must not have wanted to include it. I wonder why that is.

      1. I don’t think that counts as a patronage. That’s supposed to be the umbrella organization through which they do their “good works” that involve fund raising. Charles had to top it up with money (from the Princes Trust or the Duchy) because they didn’t manage to raise even 1 million pounds with the wedding appeal.

    2. That’s just an umbrella organization for the three younger royals. I don’t think Kate has much to do with it. They just threw in her name after the wedding.

  3. I return to 2nd pregnancy of Kate. I have new link for you about her condition: http://www.inquisitr.com/1534773/kate-middleton-royal-baby-risk/

    It says tat she is vommitting 30 x/day. Is it really possible ?? It means that she is vommitting every 48 minute!!!

    BTW. This link is about “Pricess” title. So I have a question: why Kate isn’t Pricess but Duchess ?? I thought that Prince’s wife is titled “Princess” – Bill (Will) – William is a Prince.

    1. A royal wife takes the rank of her husband, but because she is not a royal herself she holds no rank or title herself. Kate’s rank is princess, and could go by Princess William if the Queen hadn’t given William a title when he married (calling Kate Princess William would be like calling a woman Mrs. John Smith, it’s calling the woman by the man’s name). Because William’s title is Duke of Cambridge, Kate uses the title Duchess of Cambridge. This is merely a courtesy title, she does not hold it herself. Kate cannot be Princess Catherine because she is not a royal by blood. Kate’s most correct form of address is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

      1. One very slight correction: If the Queen hadn’t made Willy Duke of Cambridge, Katie WOULD BE Princess William of Wales, like Princess Michael of Kent, which reportedly he wanted her to do to maintain who he was already; the Queen probably said yeah right. Technically in the most formal announcements, she is Princess William, just after a string of other titles.

  4. Sailing is for rich people. Sure, you can take a kid out of the slums and teach him to sail, but then what? It is a sport and hobby that requires a LOT of money. What about sick kids, people with AIDS, poverty, hunger, land mines…? Not only is Kate shallow, but she’s patron to some pretty cushy enterprises. If she ever does show up for anything, it certainly won’t be demanding. I can’t help but contrast the image of hair-twirling Kate looking at sailboats with Diana walking through land mines and holding hands with dying AIDS victims. (Okay, I know the land mines were probably removed before Diana got there, but nevertheless…).
    BP released this for one reason only – to try to counter the deluge of negativity toward Kate.

    1. I actually think KP has been setting this up for a while, and is not in response to the recent negativity. In June, Kate had an appearance with Ben Ainslie and launched the America’s Cup bid, and at the time they said she would be monitoring and checking in and cheering on Team UK. I feel like the creation of this charity and Kate’s appointment as royal patron are so she can have a legitimate reason for her to hang around Ben Ainslie and the America’s Cup bid. It would have been random if she made a ton of appearances on behalf of this bid when it has nothing to do with charity and she’s not patron of it – while ignoring her actual charities. So this “charitable arm” and Kate’s patronage is just to make it legitimate. I have a feeling they were going to announce this even if she hadn’t gotten pregnant.

    2. You’re right. Yachting is a rich person’s sport.

      My cousin used to do dressage and a few other horsey sports that required an expensive ride. She wasn’t rich but she was good at getting rich people to let them train and show their horses, which is how she could afford it.

  5. I’m sure you meant, “Of her new Patronage, Rebecca Deacon said:” 🙂

    Yet another rich people charity, like the National Portrait Gallery. And another “fun” charity, where she’ll get to go sailing and call it “work.” This choice also opens up journos to write about her time as a yacht girl wearing too short-shorts and giving people an eyeful. I agree, trying to counter negativity but bad choice, especially days after the cricket announcement. No substance here.

    1. I didn’t throw in a Rebecca Deacon shout out? I thought it in my head, must not have made it in, my bad.

      I feel like this is just trying to make her interest in the America’s Cup thing more legitimate. They said in June that she would be monitoring their progress or something like that. Like she would be an unofficial patron of Team UK’s bid or something. I guess this is a way for her to be “officially” a patron and give her a legitimate reason to so sailing with Ben Ainslie.

    2. Art Museums are not necessarily “rich” charities, especially state-owned museums since they get their primary funding from the state and that is always cut back during a recession (and also when there’s not a recession).

      Since they have to get visitors through the doors it is necessary to create exhibitions and I can tell you that no state-owned museum can put on quality exhibitions without external funding! There’s a lot of work and cost involved – borrowing art works from other museums entails insurance and transport, they have to provide security and there’s surprising much contruction work organizing a special exhibition space and mounting and lighting the art works to their advantage. Catalogues are expensive to produce as well – salaries for invited writers and high-quality photo reproductions.

      Remember that a museum like The National Portrait Gallery is for the general public, for the citizens of the nations, and if holding a gala for rich people puts money in bank, I’m all for it.

      That’s just the perspective of an art history professional.

      1. I recently attended an exhibition opening that was opened by a royal lady. She gave a substantial speech on the artist with anecdotes on her personal relationships with some of the paintings because said artist was a royal portrait painter.

        Having a royal opening an exhibition brings the press, both the printed and the televised. This means free publicity for the museum because marketing is expensive too! It is especially important for the smaller museums since the big ones like the National gallery has a larger budget that the smaller ones.

        1. Art Historian, those things hold true when the royal is active and engaged with any charity. They can do good, especially in areas that usually get funding cuts (arts, culture, heritage, performing arts). Showing up once a year to visit a portrait of herself does not qualify KM as a good art patron.

          1. I agree that Kate is generally useless as a royal since she doesn’t do much. However, like I said above – attending an exhibition opening or a fundraising gala will bring press and/or possible donors, and if just one event actually benefits the museum I have no problem with it.

            However, it is also to some extent dependant on the nature of the press coverage. I’m annoyed when her official visits are only reported on in terms of her clothing and not much about the charity in question, but that is the fault of the journalists.

            I think it would be great if she was more involved in her charities. However, I can’t comment on how much a royal visit will benefit institutions outside the art world because I have no expertise in that field. I only know that when exhibition openings are attended by royalty they get more press coverage and thus the potential that it reaches a wider audience. It doesn’t really matter if the royal in question is seriously dedicated to art because that is the nature of the game.

            However, I think it is great when royals use the platform of the visibility for good. Like Queen Maxima championing gay rights, etc. and CP Mary being a patron for organizations dealing with mental illness as well as her foundation for children, who are lonely, bullied or have parents that suffer from substance abuse and/or mental illness. Royal women like these do more than an occasional visit. They work intimately with the organizations they support and they attend internationl conferences on these issues.

            Kate could do so much more and have a real impact, but that doesn’t mean that her meagre efforts are entirely unsuccessful or pointless for the charities in question.

          2. “I’m annoyed when her official visits are only reported on in terms of her clothing and not much about the charity in question, but that is the fault of the journalists.”

            I completely agree. Part of the problem I noticed is the journalists spend a ton of time on what she was wearing, and then most of the article is quotes from people in the crowd or the people she met saying how great she is or how good she looked.

            If Kate actually made formal statements about the charity/event every time she visited, they would print her actual comments. What she needs to do is make more official comments. Not just speeches (though she needs to make way more of those too), but intelligent formal comments to the people whom she’s visiting, in front of the journalists so that they are allowed to print her comments.

            Kate never says anything worthwhile to the people in the crowd, so all the journalists can print is fluff from the crowd. But if Kate said something of substance about the charity to someone, the journalists could print that. Not only would it make the charity look good and give them more significant press, but it would make Kate look better as well, because she’d look knowledgeable and engaged.

          3. AH, one of her charities had to cancel a fund raiser because of lack of interest. KM did nothing for them, and it was a fashion show where she could have thrown in an old (or new) dress and raised bundles from her fanatic fans. She isn’t bringing attention or money to the few charities she “supports” – that is a big part of the problem. Even when she shows up, no impact.

          4. KmReview,
            Kate could def do much more with her platform and in relation to her charities.
            It isn’t really that difficult. research the charity in question, talk with the people running it, write an appropriate speech and practice the delivery. It shouldn’t be hard for her, it requires the same skills she learned in college.

            I didn’t know that and that is a great failure on Kate’s part. It also puts her in a bad light.

            Generally, I agree with you both that Kate isn’t serious about her royal duties and her charity work. I don’t believe that she cares at all or we would have seen a more serious effort on her part. I simply commented to explain how the PR game works with royal guests in the museum world because that is a field where I have some expertise. Also because I got a bit annoyed with the whole idea of art museums as “rich”charities because that is not the case at all! They need much more funding than they get in order to uphold the responsibilities they are subject to by LAW. By law, public museums are obligated to care for their collections, produce new research and disseminate the knowledge they produce from research (in books and exhibitions). I’m not familiar with the museum laws in Britain but I know the Danish ones, and the museums here are very much dependant on external funding to fullfill their lawful obligations.

          5. Thank you for commenting about the museums and what a responsible royal could do to help. I love museums and if it were me, I would be a patron of them, too. The history and art is important to preserve and to learn about. And it is important to support the museums, because mostly they rely on donors and public support. Kate could do a lot in terms of supporting these museums and invigorating young people to learn about art and history – since young people usually don’t take it seriously.

          6. AH, I didn’t realize that was the situation with museums in Denmark. We call that the “unfunded mandate” phenomenon. Your institution is given the legal requirement to do X, but not any (or not enough) funding to do what you’re legally required to do. We see it a lot with museums being told to make scans or video of some works available online, but they’re given no money or technology staff to make that happen. Aarrrghhh.

          7. There has been a lot happening in the big museums in terms of making them more approachable. Statens Museum for Kunst (the national gallery of Denmark) has created an art room for children – both in terms of teaching about art but also giving them the opportunity to be creative as well. As far as I know, they needed external funding to make this initiative happen.

            The CP Frederik and Mary opened the art room with their two eldest children, Prince Christian and Princess Josephine. It was televised and it was really sweet to see the children experimenting with different materials, making funny things and showing it to mum and dad. PR wise, it was brilliant – there was both the whiff of royal glamour but also an endearing picture of a young couple engaging with their children’s art making, which is completely relatable for “ordinary” people.

          8. That sounds adorable. I love it when the royals take their kids to engagements.

          9. Edit: The Princess Isabella. Princess Josephine and her twin brother Prince Vincent were infants at the time.

            The 3-year-old twins made their fist public appearance (apart from balcony appearances) this summer on the CP couple’s offical visit to Greenland.

  6. OMG….how stupid does her PR machine think we are….her new charity….gee, sailing…wow! And the royal baby at risk …..seriously, a baby ANY baby at risk and the doctors are not hospitalizing her but allowing her mummy to search the net for remedies? BS! She doesn’t have hg…never did…how ridiculous to say she is hurling 30 times a day…and yet was able to run off to her mummy’s house (which was financed at least in part by William…and btw where is he? If his precious wife is so sick and the baby is at risk…where the hell is he??? Nope, not buying the PR puke….boy, she must have some really laid back doctors….thank heavens for Carole and her computer or that useless whining lying daughter of hers would be in serious trouble…BLECH!

    1. Where is William? Kate is said to be staying at her parent’s with George, but William is MIA. Leaving his “sick” wife and child doesn’t exactly look good – so much for the loving husband/doting father line.

          1. Really? And when is the altruistic William starting his charitable job as an East Anglia ambulance pilot? If those reports are true, why is he swanning all over the map except where he should be, lwith his wife and job?

          2. He was reportedly going to train for six months starting in September, and start the job in spring (March?) if he passed all the exams.

      1. I know right? Such a devoted husband and papa…I’m not sure if I read it here or on another forum but someone said ‘their pr people probably have pez dispensers with valium’…and from the looks of the news (scarce as it may be) some pretty important staff members are abandoning the ship wreck of the lambridges…a bit off topic here but I really hope that Nanny Maria hangs in there…that baby needs her!! Carole is nothing but a pimp and for her to drag that little guy out and about just to show off is sickening! And I suspect horrendously expensive. I really don’t think that these lying fools can ever regain credibility….what does anyone else think?

        1. I agree… both her parents are pimps. That baby/ those babies will be raised by the grandparents, who didn’t exactly produce any admirable offspring.

      2. Honestly, the more they push the “gravely ill” image, the worse William looks. And if she isn’t gravely ill, she should be dragging her sorry butt to these appearances. It isn’t hard! An hour or two in the chair for hair and makeup, show up, wave, leave. It’s not like people wouldn’t cut her slack and let her go home almost immediately!

        I’m sort of shocked she’s blown off so many appearances, because if they simply planted the story that she had to excuse herself to throw up during the middle of a conversation with [insert semi-important person’s name here], it would definitely drum up sympathy and get people off her back. I’m sort of waiting to see if this happens at her first appearance or not, because it would be a sure-fire ticket to getting out of any subsequent appearances.

  7. Glad to hear that she has another charity and I hope she feels better soon. Pregnancies can be difficult. It’s s subject that women don’t talk about enough. As a women I support Kate with the challenges she is facing with her current pregnancy.

    1. As a woman, I am horrified by her playacting at being truly ill. Her behavior and activities last time around belied an HG diagnosis. By continuing to overreact, snowflake is damaging other women who really do have HG. All she’s doing it making it more difficult for those women to be believed by their bosses and HR departments. “Oh, you have what Kate Middleton had? You mean when she flew to Mustique and Switzerland? Get back to work.”

      1. Oh you are SO not alone in your anger….I am absolutely livid at the mockery this creature has made of HG….I had seven children and I was really really sick with my first one…everything made me sick…with the others it wasn’t quite as bad but my daughter was so sick with both of her pregnancies that we ran back and forth to the ER for iv’s….she isn’t planning any more children since it was so rough. And here’s waity ….I want 3 children because my family is so close…I am having serious doubts about William’s …let’s just say ‘participation in the PLANNING of this baby’…he had said repeatedly that one is enough for now and then she turns up preggers….hmmmm……

        1. Pregnant and downing wine (caught in pictures) at 5 weeks. Not planning on getting pregnant or doesn’t care about medical advice?

        2. @royalsareajoke…I distinctly remember reading that someone asked William about another baby and he emphatically said there wouldn’t be another one for a while. And then boom, she’s expecting. Wonder if that’s one reason he’s not around so much to hold her hand.

  8. Charity? Really? America’s Cup challenges are very expensive and drawn out over a long time. This will NOT help the poor or the homeless or bring income to the UK as challenges are usually sited in places like the US and even NZ. It could mean that Kate gets to go sailing with some cute sailors but at the level of experience needed they will not have the time to be training up beginners or be “great way of providing young people with the opportunity to develop skills and confidence”.

    1. I don’t know how exactly this charity is going to help anyone. Seems a bit sketchy to me. Doesn’t the bid thing NEED money to make it happen and whatnot? Why are they raising money to give it away? Seems so odd.

      I feel like EVERY charity says, “it’s a great way of providing young people with the opportunity to develop skills and confidence”. Enough already. Specifics or I’m not buying it.

  9. Waity PRs team is working tirelessly to make this woman happen, she aint happenning and never will, she should be out their hands with her charities or helping and visiting the disadvantaged people, kate thinks being a Royal is partying with celebs, and now a sailing club, her social climbing will never end!!

    1. I agree Adam…she thinks of herself as a celebrity. At least celebs entertain us or DO something and one I greatly admire is Reba McEntire…she is so talented and she supports an awesome project in Las Vegas…it’s a place where 2 adults take children and create families, it’s a village with separate houses. She doesn’t broadcast this and I found out from a tour guide. And there’s Danny Thomas creating St. Jude’s and his daughter Marlo keeping that legacy alive. Sorry to go off topic..

    2. When she was dating William, she went to a LOT more charitable events, as far as I can remember. Anything and everything to keep her name in the papers, and to give herself an excuse to dress up … invariably in outfits that were somehow reminiscent of Diana’s.

    1. Especially if you were carrying a potential future monarch, right? Like, however much you would naturally care and worry about your own child, there’d be extra pressure to fulfill that duty to your country. So stressful. Except Kate doesn’t seem that stressed.

      1. And the fact that she is carrying a royal baby ….like the 2nd coming of the 2nd coming and the baby that kept Scotland in the fold….for damn sure the powers that be would be looking out for that child. I resent the insulting pr crap…I really do….I can’t believe that if this female is so terribly sick that she is hurling a gazillion times a a day that she would be hospitalized with or without her consent…for God’s sake if a baby’s life was at risk…c’mon…..don’t try to pour the kool aid down our throats….and Lisa….I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if William is staying away from his precious wife because he’s having another tantrum….damn, woman….I said no more kids so soon!!!! This of course is in conflict with the sugary articles about how Wills won’t leave her side…how he’s in constant communication with her doctors (plural of course)…..what a bunch of pr generated hogwash….imo

  10. I guess it is too much to hope that Kate would choose charities that do more than entertain her.

    So much for making the world a better place. She barely works for the ones like the Art Room that actually do. Maybe, they need to start a soccer club or a yacht team? Something entertaining. Then, Kate would show more interest.

  11. Unfortunately this woman is, like her mother, more concerned with her own entertainment than actually performing any duties for the charitable causes to which she has attached her name. Simply attaching one’s name to a charitable cause is not a substitute for actively supporting it. The Duchess misses the mark on most, if not all, of her charitable endeavours and, unfortunately, is seemingly not commited or dedicated to any.

  12. Hi Royalsareajoke! Your comments about the nanny & baby hits home with me. I agree totally with you! I hope they never get rid of this nanny. This nanny is wonderful to baby George!

    1. Those rumors of “Evil Camilla” have been around forever, usually from the less reputable tabloids. I call BS on that article because of this: “Camilla Parker-Bowles is “tricking” her into making Charles her successor over William” The Queen’s successor IS Charles, not William. The only way William would inherit after QEII is if Charles dies first. The Queen cannot make William her heir over Charles unless she asked Parliament to change things, which isn’t going to happen. Camilla doesn’t have to persuade the Queen of anything.

  13. Exactly. People are so bloody ignorant. Charles is heir apparent. He can not be displaced in the line of succession by anyone. The line of succession isn’t a popularity contest, despite what the rubbish tabloid class wants people to think. Parliament regulates succession and hasn’t forced an abdication since King Charles II when King William and Queen Mary were co-crowned. As I like to say, if Charles is alive for one second after the Queen dies, he WILL be King of the UNITED Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, not “England”. That p.o.s me too. There hasn’t been an independent monarch in England since Queen Anne in 1707. Since 1922 it has been as written above. And I highly doubt the Queen has Alzheimer’s. Perhaps a slight touch of age-related forgetfulness or dementia but I highly doubt full-blown Alzheimer’s. I mean these rags just make stories up. And the rags also LOVE to say Camilla is an evil schemer behind the scenes. Hogwash. She is a straight forward practical woman who is in the love of Charles’ life and an excellent help to the Queen and the Duke in their public duties, especially as a patron of organizations helping sexual assault victims, literacy, homelessness and osteoporosis. The Queen has made her a Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, which is the highest personal gift she can bestow upon someone. If you want to know who’s “in” in the Royal Family with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, check who has the Order. The Countess of Wessex who is the closest to the Queen was granted it years ago. The Princess Royal was given it after her kidnapping attempt in 1974. The Duke of York and the Earl of Wessex have it. Who doesn’t? Katie darling. Hmm… wonder why.

    1. Everyone who has the Order has earned it. And the Duchess of Drama has yet to earn anything except maybe her mother’s undying love (as long as she toes the Middleton line).

      1. I’m sure Willy will bestow it on her when he becomes King, assuming Bonnie Prince Charlie doesn’t… and there is still a monarchy to do such things.

        1. Unless William pitches a fit and Charles gives in, I doubt he would give Kate the Order. Why would he? It’s not like she’s done him any good, and he dislikes that she takes attention away from him. And QEII is never going to give it to her, because she doesn’t do anything. Kate will have to wait for Will, and then he’ll give her everything.

  14. May I just say, this is one of the best conversations I’ve read about the topic. Pointing out the incongruity of Kate wanting to be known for more than her clothes, yet never speaking on the topic at hand is astute. Kate goes to these organizations and tells the folks doing the work that they’ve done a good job and has her picture taken while she is doing it. That is not the same thing as advocating on behalf of them and speaking about the organizational needs – she makes no speeches nor engages the press with an interview. So all the public is left with are pictures of her and the only thing to talk about is what she is wearing.

    1. Exactly. Kate can talk about it all she wants, but she’s never going to be more than a clothes horse if she doesn’t ever speak publicly.

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