Kate pulled out of yet another appearance

Kate pulled out of yet another appearance

“A royal source” (via the Express) announced today that Kate Middleton pulled out of yet another appearance. Like last time, Kensington Palace never announced the appearance, but today a source confirmed Kate was supposed to visit Sir Ben Ainslie’s new America’s Cup team base in Portsmouth, Hampshire next Monday, October 13, but is unable to attend because she’s still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (sidenote: I’ve typed this so much by now that I don’t even have to check the spelling anymore, I know it by heart).

How interesting that they leaked this info. Instead of quietly pulling out of the appearance, they had to leak that she was scheduled to go to show how much she really wants to work (like seriously, guys, she’s so dedicated), but is too sick to go anywhere (like seriously, guys, she’s so sick). That’s right, KP, keep her name in the press and try and convince us what a hard worker she’d be if she weren’t “so incredibly sick”. Because that will totally wash away the negative press you got for threatening Tanna with legal docs.

This latest dropped appearance brings Kate’s total to 15 engagements on seven different days (the Express said 16 engagements on six different days – no idea where that extra engagement came from but I’m absolutely sure they are missing a day). She’s been MIA since her last public appearance on August 5 at the Tower of London Poppy Installation, eight and a half (8 1/2) weeks ago. We caught a glimpse of her and William out to dinner and catching the train five and a half (5 1/2) weeks ago, at the end of August. And it’s been just over four weeks since she dropped out of Oxford and announced her pregnancy.

We still haven’t had an official KP update announcing her due month, which means she’s still not 12 weeks yet. The Express is claiming she’s 11 week now.

The Express mentioned how Kate was back to attending Sports Awards ceremonies a mere two weeks after a three day hospital stay during her last pregnancy, but by next week it will be five weeks since she announced her pregnancy, without a very public hospital stay, and yet she hasn’t made any appearances. I guess KP learned from last time and is keeping Kate away from events to show just how sick she is – they don’t want us easily confirming what big liars they are this time. Unfortunately that only draws out the conspiracy theories because it seems so odd that we haven’t seen her for so long.

You know what’s interesting? That Kate is so totally sick that she can’t go anywhere… except her parent’s house, if People is to be believed. Their sources claim Kate has been staying with her parents because Kate is sick and needs her mummy to take care of her, and that “having to deal with all the staff and everything else that comes with a big palace full of rooms” is just oh so tiring. I’d believe Kate is in Bucklebury with her parents, but what’s interesting is that Prince George is still in London with Nanny Maria, as evidenced by the harassment claims against Tanna where they said he was following them in all sorts of London parks recently. I guess the stress of “everything else that comes with a big palace full of rooms” includes her loud, rambunctious son, so Kate has gone to mummy to get away from him.

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  1. I’m over it. She’s “sick” we know it, quit saying she was going somewhere when clearly she wasn’t. If you want to keep her name in the press, just release updates on her condition. Quit trying to make us believe she was actually going to work.

    1. That’s how I feel. I’m so sick of the “she’s so sick, she can’t do anything” narrative. She may be sick, I don’t know, but at this point I don’t even care anymore. I’m kind of at a place of “call me when she does something”. And that’s really bad for them. People already don’t really care about her, and her absence from royal duties coupled with the BS PR makes people care even less and is turning off those that used to.

  2. Honestly, I believe that they’re scheduling these appearances just before announcing that Kate won’t be coming after all. I doubt she really had anything on her schedule planned that far out; that’s not how things usually work with her. In my theory, KP is calling up these people, arranging an appearance, and then canceling publicly shortly thereafter. This, in their minds, adds to the impression that Kate is such a hard worker and just so devastated that she can’t come to these appearances. In reality, I’d wager that she never planned on it.

    1. To play devil’s advocate, her team could have scheduled these events thinking she would be over her HG by now, since she recovered in two weeks last time. Or they scheduled them knowing she’s either not really sick or has already gotten better and thought she’d get off her ass at some point, but then she held up at her mother’s and refused to come out. But let’s be real, you’re totally right. They scheduled these events knowing they would cancel, so they could use it as PR and say she’s so devastated that she can’t stop vomiting long enough to go. These dropped appearances are just more Cambridge BS.

      1. The royals could try to arrange a substitute, like when the Duke of Edinburgh was unable to go to Italy, they sent Princess Michael and when he was dropped from the Paralympic Games ceremony, they sent the Earl and Countess of Wessex with the Queen. Since they are simply canceling these events, it makes me think they are “phantom” engagements so that (some) people will stop talking about how lazy Katie is, then try to garner sympathy by canceling them at the last minute by saying she’s *so* ill. Clearly the National Portrait Gallery and her other patronages should look for someone else to be patron, b/c she’s just not up to it, the *poor* dear.

    2. It’s also not fair to the people they are scheduling these things with because you know the possibility of an appearance from a member of the Royal family sends everyone into overdrive to get things just right and then at the last minute, “Oh sorry, but she’s not up to it. She sends her regrets.” Can’t be building too much good will right now.

  3. I feel so bad for her charities. They probably spent money and had activities lined up. In addition, there are kids involved and they had their feelings hurt. Enough is enough.

    And where is George? I think that they were upset because the press got wind of the fact that the nany is raising their son. I find it telling that George is not with them. Where is Will? Anmer? KP?

    1. I suspect George is Kensington or Anmer with the nanny, not with Kate. Hence the recent appearances of him playing with the nanny sans Kate -and the reason why W/K are so upset about that.

      1. ! Pero Jorge acabará con fluidez en español si la niñera lo levanta ! But George will end up fluent in spansh if the nanny raises him !

  4. I reapeat my question again: SHE IS SO SICK TO DO HER DUTIES SO WHY SHE ISN’T HOSPITALIZED ???!! She is to sick to appear in pjublic but so healty to be not hospitalized and stay at home (KP or her parents’ house) ????

    All this situation makes me to suspect that Kate is very seriously sick (not HG) – maybe she has an AIDS or another serious contagious illness – this can explain that little Prince George isn’t with her – she doesn’t want to infect him. Another explanation of whole this situation is that is’s DEAD and KP doesn’t want to annouce that (maybe KP is looking for a double and when KP found it we can see “Kate” finnaly). Another explanation is: maybe something wrong happend to her face (for eplample smallpox – she has pustules on fer face; I don’t konw if he had or not smallpox in her childchood) and she doesn’t want to show her face in public.

      “She is to sick to appear in pjublic” – PUBLIC
      ” Another explanation is: maybe something wrong happend to her face (for eplample smallpox” – for EXAMPLE
      ” I don’t konw if he had or not smallpox” – HE

  5. If the appearance was never announced before, why do so now, when she can’t come? It is literally pointless -except as a manipulative PR exercise to make it look like she was going to do something. Give.It.Up.

    Again, while she may very well be tired and have some morning sickness, no way does she have severe HG. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be at home with Mummy once again at Bucklebury.

  6. If she were a normal working mum she’d slip in the bathroom, throw up and get back to work as working mums do the world over, day in, day out.
    What makes these people special? Really, I mean it. What is it??

    1. My aunt had such grave HG that, starting during her early second trimester, she was hospitalized until my cousin’s birth. She was on an IV for several months, as well as put on such intense anti-nausea and anti-depressant medications that my cousin was born and went into immediate chemical withdrawal. My aunt also had her tubes tied afterward, and adopted her second child, because her doctors told her that HG is often worse for subsequent pregnancies, and she could very well die if she ever got pregnant again. I’m fairly skeptical about Kate Middleton’s HG — my aunt would never have been able to move from private residence to private residence in her condition — but there is a difference between bad morning sickness (like my own mother had) and the sort of life-threatening experience my aunt had.

  7. Although I do think a large part of these announcements are to make her look good, part of me thinks KP is trying to help these charities/foundations a bit. For instance if she had quietly pulled out of the Art Room opening then no one would have been aware that a new Art Room was opening. At least with the announcement of her cancelations these charities/groups get their name in the press for a time.

    1. Yeah – but so what? There are no photos of her there to share with their donors and in their annual reports to encourage others to participate in the charity, like Kate does. And that’s because Kate doesn’t participate in the charity. Do these charities really want to be remembered as the people Kate didn’t help out because she was throwing up? The only thing people are getting out of it is: Art Room = puking Duchess.

      1. If she can’t limp out of mommy’s house for a charity event, but she can fly across an ocean and look all dolled up for some fun in NY it would kind of blow her “poor sick me” cover story out of the water. Not to mention make her numbers in the polls drop even further.

        Also, if she’s as ill as they say with HG and has all of the symptoms that accompany it, she should be rail thin and not that great to look at right now. I’d stay hidden if I were her. A rosy cheeked appearance might make real sufferers of this condition hunt her down.

        1. I’m kind of dreading when she finally emerges. If she isn’t thin, people will cry foul. You know they will. So even if she’s medically stabilized, I would anticipate she would do her best to stave off weight gain or perhaps even lose weight. She’s already so skinny, though, that any weight loss could be really unhealthy, for her and her baby.

          She just strikes me as the sort of woman who shouldn’t have more than one child. Not just because she seems ambivalent about parenthood. I don’t think a woman who experiences severe morning sickness should be expected to — or, as I might imagine, pressured to — produce multiple children. If she’d married anyone else, she could have stopped after one child, or relied on a surrogate … but for a future Queen Consort it’s completely out of the question. HG can be life-threatening. Since she tolerates pregnancy so poorly, what if she’s actually at risk for complications? What would happen to the royal family if Kate Middleton died in childbirth? Would William be pitied for losing another important woman in his life, or would he (and his family) be vilified for pushing his wife to give him the royal “spare?”

  8. Someone tweeted that they had served kate’s mummy and George at a restaurant….I do not for a moment believe it but it’s out there. So, if this is true that means that at least 2 cars full of rpos had to follow kate’s mummy and the baby to said restaurant and stay there to protect them while they eat??? Seriously? I think this is yet another desperate and as far as I’m concerned totally insulting attempt to have us believe that poor poor sick sick sick kate has her son with her…..what a bunch of crapola!! I finally got the time frame right….baby George was being harrassed in London at the same time as he was in Buckleberry ‘lunching’ with his grandma and close to his oh so very hands on can’t bear to be away from him…mother. Wow….that’s one very accomplished baby full of magical powers…..

  9. I guess I had better broaden the time frame (not that it any way diminishes George’s awesome power to be in two places at the same time)….George has been in Buckleberry with his mama all this time but still got harrassed in London while with his Nanny Maria. I don’t know about anyone else but to use an innocent baby in this way is flat out reprehensible….he’s a pr prop to those insufferable fools and their press office…..

    1. Freedom of Speech, she can have a blog about whatever she wants. That also means that you have the freedom not to visit this site. And KMR doesn’t hate Kate Middleton. As many have stated many times, criticism does not equal hate.

    2. I agree with 2Pence that KMR does not hate Kate. I’ve read her posts about how she initially was positive about Kate and only grew disillusioned as Kate began to show how empty she is (my words, not KMR’s). I’ve read others on here say the same thing, and I, too, feel that way. I thought Kate would be a real asset to the Royals and I’ve only grown increasingly disappointed as she demonstrates that is not to be.

    3. Because we care about the state of the British monarchy and Kate is such a raging disappointment. That clear it up for you?

      If you just want to read a bunch of fawning. There are other blogs out there. They’re mostly full of stories about how she has great wedges and hair.

  10. Is Kate still waiting on the postman? She ordered a new fake preggy belly and it still hasn’t arrived? Did she put the old one down in the kitchen and know can’t remember which kitchen she was in?????

  11. I repeat my question again: SHE IS SO SICK TO DO HER DUTIES SO WHY SHE ISN’T HOSPITALIZED ???!! She is to sick to appear in public but so healthy to be not hospitalized and stay at home (KP or her parents’ house) ????

    All this situation makes me to suspect that Kate is very seriously sick (not HG) – maybe she has an AIDS or another serious contagious illness – this can explain that little Prince George isn’t with her – she doesn’t want to infect him. Another explanation of whole this situation is that she’s DEAD and KP doesn’t want to announce that (maybe KP is looking for a double and when KP found it we can see “Kate” finally). Another explanation is: maybe something wrong happened to her face (for example smallpox – she has pustules on fer face; I don’t know if she had or not smallpox in her childhood) and she doesn’t want to show her face in public.

  12. We have failed to address the irony in the room. The fact that, royally speaking, all Kate had to do was produce some heirs. And it makes her sicker than a dog to do so. Nine years of waiting around so she could have Will’s children and she’s right back at home with mummy.

  13. Wow, if it IS true that George is still in London with the nanny, and Kate is staying in Buckleberry with her mother … I’m not gonna even sugarcoat it, Kate Middleton is a horrible parent. If she is so sick she can’t even visit with her impressionable infant son on a daily basis, she should be hospitalized. The fact that she isn’t hospitalized — and the fact that we haven’t seen large amounts of medical equipment getting shipped into Middleton Manor — implies that she is perhaps sick, but by no means gravely so. I just cannot wrap my head around how these people can be some of the most prominent of public figures on the planet and have such BAD public relations specialists working for them!

  14. Has HM finally put her foot down?


    The announcement of the event around the Singapore state visit makes me wonder. If she is “too sick” to work now, how can they be sure she’ll be healthy in two weeks? One more example of why the HG diagnosis is called into question. Or is this a test from HM, to see if Kate Middleton dares to call in sick to work when the boss is looking?

    1. Who knows but vacation season for the Middletons is coming up in a few months. Imagine the outcry if Kate didn’t get in a few appearances before jetting off to Mustique and the Alps.

    2. Saw that, thought about covering it, but didn’t because I doubt she’ll show. They just made a big deal about her cancelling appearances, and not announcing them in advance because they’re “taking it case by case” and whatnot. So then why announce this so far in advance? Not that it’s terribly far in advance, but it’s over a week away and if they just cancelled an appearance for next Monday, why would they think she’d be well enough to attend this? I’ll believe it when I see her there.

      1. And why announce the New York trip as well so far in advance? Kate had better make sure she’s got some local and immediate appearances tucked under her belt before traveling to the Big Apple, otherwise the fur will really fly over that one! That trip will just be perceived as one fun-filled vacation break tailored just for her.

          1. I hope you’re right, Stephanie. I did read that in my local paper. I think Kate really needs to make contact with her charities and for really important events rather than for what could be perceived as a frivolous trip to New York.

      2. I wonder if they have decided that if she is still vomiting one week before an event, they will cancel it. But, if she has not vomited as much as a week before an event, the hope is that she is on the mend and can go. So maybe we can expect a cancellation of the state visit on Oct 14 if she is still sick?

  15. Has Prince Carl Phillip anounced his wedding date? I am very surprised that Sofia has not planned the wedding by now & released the date? It has been anounced from Monaco that Princess Charlene is expecting twins in december, it was announced this week!

  16. What if she already lost the child? I would even really feel sorry for her then. It´s all in such an early condition or she fell into depression regarding now the “even more work”, that comes with two children….
    she must be surley overstrained, because the poor has no help, like so many others.

  17. @KMR — Have you seen the latest Kate story an the Daily Mail? (“Sick Kate goes home to mum and dad: Pregnant Duchess ‘struggling terribly’ with debilitating antenatal sickness”) Weird final push to paint Kate in a sympathetic light, literally running right before she’s set to start scheduling in real duties, which seems contradictory, to say the very least.

    I was thinking just the other day that we hear so little from Kate — that she’s never given a sit-down interview, that she’s never helmed a public issues initiative — and it’s certainly catching up with her, painting her as a vapid and unsympathetic person. I don’t understand why, as a privileged woman who has purportedly “suffered terribly” from a little-known but serious pregnancy-related medical condition, she hasn’t (and, in all likelihood, won’t) use her considerable influence and blessings to attempt to advocate for and spearhead research and support for women who share her condition.

    I can understand how The Firm might be reticent when it comes to providing the women who marry into the family with the sort of platform that both Diana and Sarah Ferguson went on to (I’m sure they feel) abuse and exploit, but they cannot expect the monarchy to survive, to be supported by a public’s taxation, when the citizens get the compounding impression that the royal family’s new generation are a bunch of passive, disinterested, empty-headed brats.

    1. ALSO wanted to throw this idea out there: Do we know anything about the DM writer? Doesn’t Carol Middleton have a history of leaking stuff to the press to manipulate variables? Did Her Majesty put her foot down when it comes to Kate’s canceling appearances, and so Kate’s people ran to the DM to drum up sympathy and buy her more time in her “sick bed?”

      1. “” Did Her Majesty put her foot down when it comes to Kate’s canceling appearances, and so Kate’s people ran to the DM to drum up sympathy and buy her more time in her “sick bed?” That is what I think. HM may finally be pulling her ostrich head out of the sand with these two.

    2. Saw that. So weird. They say she’s been in Bucklebury for the last two weeks, with George, but then they were just accusing Tanna of harassing George in a London park not even two weeks ago. So George was in London then. So strange. Also, there were a bunch of specific quotes about Kate and how she feels. So either those quotes came directly from Carole, or a KP PR rep. Also, if Kate was hiding out in Bucklebury the last two weeks because she doesn’t want anyone to see her, why the hell did KP schedule appearances when they knew she wasn’t going to do them because she didn’t want to leave her parent’s house? Such BS right there. And if Kate is having fluids administered by doctors at home in order to avoid the hospital, why was she allowed to leave London? Did her docs take her via ambulance and set her up at her parent’s house? Seems odd she would want to be so far from her doctors when she’s so gravely ill.

      1. If it’s as serious as the DM says, and I wouldn’t believe that source, Kate shouldn’t be put in the position of a serious at-risk pregnancy that threatens her life to produce another heir. Nothing should be worth a woman’s life, and if she is indeed as sick as reports say then I really feel sorry for her. But they have one child and plenty of heirs in the royal family to inherit if need be. However, this could be another play at the sympathy card to explain her disappearance and lack of appearances, and I would think the public would be heartily sick of these predictable ploys by now.

        Everything is full of angst and drama with this couple. Other royal couples have announced their pregnancies with a minimum of fuss and have gotten about their business. William and Kate have been scrambling around since day one to explain lack of appearances with constant excuses while living the good life and pretending to be normal, and I’m sure this must be exhausting to all involved trying to do damage control with these two. Too little, too late.

    3. ” that she’s never given a sit-down interview” She did the engagement interview, where she had the questions ahead of time. When she said she only cares what William thinks, she’s the most prepared ever, and she’ll hit the ground running with her work. They did four takes of the Diana question because she kept flubbing the answer (that someone else had written for her?). At the end of the interview she bounced around like a hyper five year old. That’s the closest you’ll see of the real her, and let’s face it, she’s no brainiac.

  18. This is going to sound awful but I wonder if she’s really not pregnant and they’re going to say she miscarried. Everyone will feel sorry for her and not bash her when she does so little. Something is so weird about this. I think they’re another Chuck and Di already living separate lives with slightly different circumstances.

  19. http://tvnz.co.nz/world-news/sick-duchess-kate-flees-her-family-s-home-6104360
    “Catherine, who is around 10 weeks pregnant, is staying at the home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, with her son Prince George (…)” – this link says that George is with her. so, where he is: in LOndon or with mommy ??

    “Her mother Carole Middleton has apparently been researching alternative sickness cures (…)” – Kate must be very seriously sick/ill (mayb e this is not HG and she isn’t pregnant, maybe she has another serously illness/sickness, but if so, WHY SHE ISN’T HOSPITALIZED ???
    I’m afraid that we’ll not see Kate for many next months. 🙁

    1. This article is from 2011 and says she is infertile. If she really was, George wouldn’t have been born. Sensationalist trash.

  20. Maybe Kate iks in hospital but KP don’t want to tell so and in which ‘cos KP don’t want to repeat history with prank phone calls making by jurnalists and KP want to prevent another suicixde ???

  21. Maybe Kate is in hospital but KP don’t want to tell so and in which ‘cos KP don’t want to repeat history with prank phone calls making by jurnalists and KP want to prevent another suicide ???

  22. If her episodes of throwing up are unpredictable, then she cannot make public appearances. Imagine if she hurled all over after getting out of her vehicle in front of 50 paps, or hurled making a speech? HG is far different than having a few bouts with morning sickness. I think people are being too hard on her. Kate was raised to be a delicate flower by mommy Carole and frankly being with William is a full time job. She’s a homemaker, why is she demonized for it?

    1. Using that logic how did she make it to her doctor appointment and back? She didn’t look like someone who could possibly hurl at any moment. I know that look, I’ve been there with a condition I have and you don’t look like the Cheshire Cat with a grin on your face.

      As for being a homemaker, that’s all well and good for her to think that’s what she is, but reality is she married into the Royal Family of Great Britain. She’s married to the person who is second in line to the throne. It is a PUBLIC position. If she wanted to be Suzy Homemaker she should have married a doctor or lawyer and not a public figure. And I still don’t think she has HG.

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