King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday celebrations

King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday celebrations

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden celebrated his 70th birthday last Saturday with several events and lots of royals. Crown Princess Victoria brought out Prince Oscar for his first event ever, and Princess Sofia came out for her first event since giving birth.

My bad for not covering this sooner, Duchess Kate’s Vogue photos and Princess Charlotte’s first birthday pics bumped this one.

Royals at King of Sweden's 70th bday s
Row 1: Queen Silvia, King Carl XVI Gustaf
Row 2: President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Mrs. Dorrit Moussaieff, Queen Margrethe II
Row 3: President Sauli Niinistö, Queen Margarita, Ms. Jenni Haukio, Prince Albert II, Princess Beatrix, King Philippe, Queen Mathilde
Row 4: King Simeon II, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Hereditary Prince Alois, Hereditary Princess Sophie
Row 5: Crown Princess Margareta, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O’Neill
Row 6: Prince Radu, Princess Christina, Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine, Princess Benedikte, Princess Hisako Takamado, Prince Andreas of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Row 7: Thomas de Toledo Sommerlath, Ralf de Toledo Sommerlath, General Tord Magnuson, Princess Margaretha, Princess Birgitta of Sweden, Princess Désirée baroness Silfverschiöld, Baron Niclas Silfverschiöld
Row 8: Ms. Ewa Westling, Mr. Olle Westling, Mrs. Marie Hellqvist, Mr. Erik Hellqvist, Ms. Eva Maria O’Neill

Both Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine wore Elie Saab. Victoria wore a new gown, and Maddie repeated a gown she wore to her pre-wedding dinner which Victoria wore last year. Victoria wore Princess Lilian’s Laurel Wreath Tiara, and Maddie wore the Modern Fringe Tiara and diamond epaulette earrings Victoria wore her her pre-wedding dinner in 2010.

Crown Princess Mary broke my heart by not wearing a tiara to a tiara function. How dare she. Instead of a tiara, Mary chose a Ole Lynggaard Leaf Hair Jewel and new, special designed earrings. She wore a YDE by Ole Yde floral gown with cap sleeves and a peplum, a yellow clutch and yellow pumps. I’m a sucker for most things yellow, and while I think this outfit looks nice, it seems too casual for the occasion.

Queen Silvia wore a sparkly red-orange gown with pink puff balls on her butt paired with the Connaught Tiara, royal family order, and King’s 70th birthday medal (which all royal guests got). Queen Margrethe wore the blue gown she wore during her 75th birthday celebrations and the Dutch State Visit last year paired with the Baden Palmette Tiara. Princess Beatrix wore the Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara.

Queen Mathilde wore a one-shoulder purple gown and the Wolfers Necklace Tiara.

The menu at the gala dinner consisted of: Marinated Hjälmaregös baked in browned butter with sweetened and cooked white asparagus, 63-degree Sandaägg and trout roe; Roasted reindeer sirloin with roasted almonds, marinated and lightly smoked fillet, carrot variety and vindruvssky; Rhubarb mousse with poached rhubarb, rhubarb sorbet with licorice, covered in white chocolate and rabarberlag.

King's birthday table setting

Earlier in the day there were several events including a Te Deum, a lunch at Stockholm City Hall, and a balcony appearance.

Swedish royals at King's birthday celebrations c

Grumpy little Prince Oscar made his first ever appearance.

Here’s some adorableness from Princess Estelle: yawning, and kissing Queen Sofia on the cheek.

More adorableness: Maddie comforting Oscar while Victoria kisses Estelle’s hand.

Even more adorableness: Prince Carl Philip kissing Princess Sofia‘s cheek on the balcony.

Cuteness: Prince Daniel taking a photo on his phone Estelle with her godmother, Crown Princess Mary. And Mary taking a photo one her phone of Crown Prince Frederik with Victoria and Oscar.

Crown Princess Victoria wore a new white Ida Sjöstedt Couture coat, new Dolce & Gabbana striped dress, a big Philip Treacy hat, and her Kreuger Jewellery pearl earrings.

Princess Madeleine wore a pink Alexander McQueen coat, a Giambattista Valli underneath, and Philip Treacy hat with giant flowers.

Princess Sofia wore a new white coat from By Malene Birger and a new pink Hugo Boss dress.

Queen Silvia wore a pink coat and Philip Treacy hat with burgundy accessories. Princess Estelle wore a blue coat with a new jacket and dress from Charabia.

Queen Margrethe, King Juan Carlos, and Queen Sofia.

Crown Princess Mary – in a repeated Oscar de la Renta coat and purple accessories – and Crown Prince Frederik. Princess Martha Louise of Norway, and her husband Ari Behn.

Princess Takamado of Japan in yellow and Princess Benedikte of Denmark in blue.

163 thoughts on “King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday celebrations

  1. Madeleine was the shining star for me, for the entire birthday celebration. She is looking and dressing so beautifully. Elegant and gorgeous, just what a princess should be.
    Estelle – scrumptious as ever, and Oscar (the Grouch) captured my heart with his zesty little face scrunch. I think I’m going to adore him as much as his big sister!

    1. Madeleine is stunningly beautiful because she is genuinely happy with her life, her children & marriage seem to bring her joy. Sofia looked great considering she only just gave birth a couple of weeks ago. Little Oscar looks so much like Victoria, he has her eyes. I don’t know why the BRF choose to not mix with the other royal families. Surely they’re all related to one another one way or another…

      1. All the European RFs are related – the Scandis a bit closer since Queen Margrethe and King Carl Gustaf are first cousins – and the Norwegian king’s grandfatehr was a Danish prince. I really have no idea why the BRF don’t really mix with the continental relations. I guess there are all sorts of reasons but they do come off as a bit snobbish.

        I love that there was a Japanese presence atthese celebrations, like like there was at Carl Philip and Sofia’s wedding.

        1. It’s always great to see Princess Takamado at these events, she has such a beautiful smile and wow that yellow outfit sure did light up the room! I bet given how formal and restrictive the Japanese court is, it must be fun for her to come to these events and be able to let her hair down a bit.

          1. Lauri,
            You beat me on commenting! I LOVE seeing Princess Takamado at events like this! I’ll never forget that lovely mint green gown she wore last June to CP and Sofia’s wedding!! She looked so beautiful and, like I said at the time, her smile really was the ‘piece de resistance’ (so to speak). So warm and inviting, makes you want to come up to her and just start having some girl talk!

        2. Many members of the BRF had married into the families of these continental royals: king Edward VII to Alexandra of Denmark, Maud to Haakon of Norway, Margaret & Louise to Gustav of Sweden.If the BRF don’t value historical & blood ties then what do they value?!

          1. Queen Margrethe & Queen Elizabeth are 3rd cousins and she was interviewed in the new BBC documentary about the queen. I’m guessing she’d be related to King CG as well.

      1. Right? He’s barely 2 months old and is already showing so much personality. I’m glad we’ll be able to see him grow up.

  2. He looks so gorgeous! He’s thinking ‘what the heck is this! It’s cold! Where is my cradle!’

    1. Perfect!! And that little guy’s eyes are beyond cute, I just love that picture. People, don’t push me, I may be tiny but I rule and I can make your lives miserable. (This is in reference to his being a baby nothing to to with his being a prince. Babies rule!)

  3. Great post! Thank you so much. Perfectly captured.

    Queen Silvia is looking so much better these days. Less blown up with fillers and much, much happier.

    Folks, this is how modern royalty should be. Personalities shining through. Children a part of the celebration. Love Victoria kissing Estelle’s sweet hand.

  4. Lovely photos! Seems odd that the BRF wasn’t invited … or did they decline?
    Estelle is just the sweetest little pumpkin! And she is dressed quite chic for a young girl, which is a good thing! Modest yet chic. Comparing her to Charlotte, who is always seen dressed in old grandmother’s clothes. I don’t blame her, though. I blame the mother who has no imagination.

    One thing I would like to point out and for everyone to see – notice how straight everyone’s posture was??? Especially the women. Hint hint to someone …

    1. The BRF was invited, of course, but did not attend. I believe they sent a representative, but I can’t seem to find out who it was…

      1. If the BRF were invited (which I’m sure they were) they did not send a representative.

          1. I don’t get it either. It’s just rude not to send someone. Even if it is a third tier royal, send *someone*. Other families sent second and third tier royals as reps.

          2. I think the BRF thinks that they are too high & mighty to attend such events. I propose the next time all the other royal families should boycott or turn down any invitation to BRF royal events. Sending a dinky greeting card is not the same as attending – they should know that. It’s basic manners!

          3. It just makes everyone see them as pompous and arrogant. Not present for one event is fine, but to completely snub all invitations? That’s just low. What is wrong with the whole lot of them? They’re behaving like the Addams Family.

          4. Snubbing all BRF invites would be petty, and I would hate to see the other RFs sink that low.

    2. The British royals didn’t attend Queen Fabiola’s funeral either. The usually only send two people because they want to save money (which is what I read on the internet).

      1. Yes, snubbing is petty but the BRF have been snubbing many royal invitations or only sending junior royals. It would have been wonderful if the Queen had come or even W+K. When’s the last time the Queen had attended these continental royal celebrations?

        1. If the Queen could travel all the way to Canada & Australia ( yes, they’re her commonwealth countries) , she could have visited these continental countries, her “next door neighbours”.

      2. Save money? Absolutely nothing to do with your comment but the idea of the BRF wanting to save money is bringing thoughts like, well how about no more lascivious tours with mega bucks going into ridiculous and almost insulting costumes for the flasher, a few less heli rides and I could go on and on. Personally, I think the BRF think that they are ***the*** ‘royal’ family and deign to go only where they wish. And until I found these websites and blogs? I didn’t know about the others so that says something right there. I can’t say too much here on KMR about some other royal families or their members because my views on them would be absolutely unpopular and I don’t mean that KMR has a problem with differing opinions but mine would be way way out there 🙂

  5. Yay!! Thank you, KMR!!

    I’ve been following these events on Royaldish (can’t stand the adolescent, hateful commentary, but they have pictures and videos galore).

    Overall, I thought everyone looked great, but my favorite is CPVictoria’s stripped dress/hat/coat combo.

    There are lots of pics of the family hanging out on the balcony and everyone just made my heart melt! You can really see the affection and ease they have with each other. At some point, Estelle went to her uncle CP and it made me believe that he will be a good father – it’s quiet obvious that he loves his niece and being with children.

    Good for Sofia to make it out for the Te Deum!

    I continue to be a fan of Daniel’s double-breasted jackets! He can pull it off so nicely, like Charles.

    Oscar the Grouch, hahaha, I love it!

    Madde continues to look smashing.

  6. I’ve been away and busy – and wow, so much has happened since then!!!!

    Great post KMR 🙂

  7. Love the family : cute Oscar and Estelle. I love the scene of the handshake with the priest who wanted to salue Victoria first, but Victoria shows him her daughter saying say her hello first….
    They all seem happy to be together. Good to show Oscar for a new photography

    I love the dress and the coat from Sofia (and Victoria too). Not a fan of the dress of Victoria for the dinner.

    About the absence of the BRF : Edward and Sophie had an engagment, no?

    1. This is what always strikes me whenever I see pics of the SRF: they seem genuinely happy to be together. It’s like a real family gathering, not a stiff reunion dictated by protocol.

      I know Sophie and Edward are the go-to couple for these events, but the BRF has many other working royals, I’m sure someone else would have been able to make it.

  8. Hi all, long time reader first time commentor here. I’ve been enjoying KMR blog posts and comments from fellow readers, which in my opinion makes equally enjoyable reading as KMR’s excellent posts.

    How sweet is that photo of Estelle kissing Queen Sofia! I find it adorable, that Princess Estelle feels comfortable to greet a family friend with a kiss. Any grandma would love to receive kisses from a little girl! For me, it shows how confident and ‘secure’ Estelle is at a very young age.

    I also find it interesting that Japanese Royal Family is sending a representative, but I don’t see any reps from Middle Eastern Royals. Anyone know if the SRF are familiar with ME Royal families?

    1. Hi and Welcome, rysch!

      There was a Middle Eastern presence from Jordan but I don’t know who they are and there were no photos of them that I saw.

  9. I love this family and I love that Mary was taking pics and that Daniel was taking pics of Estelle with Mary, as she s her Godmother. They are just like a normal family and kids should be part of the celebrations. I really hope that the BRF did not decline an invitation.

    1. I’m wondering if Frederik will be one of Oscar’s godparents now since he took a photo with Oscar.

      1. All the Nordic CP couples are very close friends. QMII recently said that they are even closer than she and her contemporaries are.

  10. Oh MY GOD, prince Oscar made his first ever appearance. This is why I love SRF. They don’t have the paranoia of William and Kate. Everybody dressed fine and being happy. Great post kMR.

    P.S. I know it is out of topic but have you ever seen BBC documentary “Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute”? It’s amazing. I found it much better than the other documentary (no Kate and her ridiculous voice, Thank God). The documentary is narrated by Prince Charles and it shows footages of the Queen and her family. There are testimonies from Charles, Anne, Lady Sarah Chatto, cousins of the Queen, and William and Harry. The two brothers watching old family footages is great, and I noticed that when the Queen Mother appears Harry calls her Gan-Gan (William calls her Granny). I don’t know if “Gan-Gan” is an expression used in the family for grandmothers (I thought it was an expression “created” by George). Charles and the Queen watching footages is fantastic, it shows the interaction between mother and son and the Queen has a great memory.

    1. Queen Victoria was called “Gangan” by grandchildren and great-grandchildren in her family, so it’s definitely not new.

      1. Thank you very much for the information, ABKM. I didn’t know Queen Victoria was also called “Gangan”, but after seeing this documentary I suspected it was an family expression.

    2. Jamel,

      I watched it on YouTube and loved it! My favorite commentator was probably Lady Sarah Chatto (Princess Margaret’s daughter). She seems to be the most down-to-earth semi-royal and you could tell that, while she clearly still misses her mother, it really warmed her heart to see these old home movies of Margaret as a little girl/teenager. 🙂

      1. Yes Kimothy, Lady Sarah Chatto is a great woman. I’ve always seen her only in pictures an family videos, but now I have to say that, after watching this documentary, Lady Sarah has now my huge admiration (i googled her to know more about). She is Harry’s godmother and he seems to like her very much. I read Diana also liked her, so she must be really a great woman.

    3. Agreed. It’s fabulous, and Charles is great as narrator. I actually think he should do something on a wider range, like a tour of England, highlighting key industries where innovation is leading to new ways while nestled in tradition or something like that. He has a very good voice and its obvious he takes an intelligent approach to what he’s doing. He might have done this before, but something with today in mind would be interesting for us Americans to see behind the scenes.

    4. I also watched the documentary and loved it (and it made me wish I had footage like this from my parents and grandparents to reminisce on – when I have kids I’ll be sure to film them a lot.)

      Agree on Charles and Lady Sarah, and I also loved to see Anne commenting, I had never watched an interview with her.

  11. I loved everything about this event. From Oscar looking like a carbon copy of his sister to Estelle planting herself more in my heart. I love all of Vic and Madde’s looks. They are confident and secure women and it shows. Kudos to Sofia since she just gave birth.

    A few standouts:
    – The inclusion of the inlaws in the picture was sweet
    – Mary! As much as I hated the squid in her head, she pulled it off. I want those eggplant gloves and tan coat.
    – The menu! I love when KMR highlights this as I eat my steel cut oats with almonds and bland.

    Thank you so much for covering this event, KMR!

    1. I love Mary’s tan/eggplant combo as well as Benedikte’s light blue/chocollate brown combo.

      Mary almost always nails it so this is a rare fail from her. IMO both the dress and the hair piece are wrong for this occassion. This is a tiara event!

      I love hair ornaments and I really like Ole Lynggard’s designs but I fail to warm to this combo. I can see the idea behind the ornament but I think it wasn’t styled perfectly. It looked messy with her hair down and it sort of clashed with the floral gown. I think such an ambitious and challenging piece of jewellery should be styled as the absolute focus of the entire look – with an updo of a sort and a simple yet elegantly cut dress in a neutral monochrome colour.

      Victoria’s and Madeline’s Elie Saab dresses are nice but rather forgettable and i have issues with their tiaras. Not the tiaras themselves – both are lovely but they seem off. Victoria has worn Princess Lilian’s Double Wreath Tiara successfully before. It is a difficult tiara to wear because it is rather tall but not very wide. I think it needs a more bouffant hairdo. The Modern Fringe that Madeleine wears is a lovely all-purpose tiara but here it looks as though the base is very tall giving the tiara the effect of floating on top of her head. I just don’t like it when the base is so visible.

      Daisy looks lovely in blue but I want her to give the Baden Palmette Tiara to Princess Marie. It is simply too twee for a mature lady like our Daise – and she has worn it quite enough times in recent months. Enough is enough. Let her stick to the Floral Aigrette which can be worn in many different ways and give poor Marie another tiara option.

      1. I agree AH, this tiara would look wonderful on Marie! I do wish that Daisy would lose that grey fur stole, nothing against fur stoles just the fur on that one reminds me of a raccoon and frankly I just don’t think it flatters any of the beautiful gowns she pairs it with.

        I noticed the same thing with Victoria’s tiara, with this hairdo it looks a bit to narrow, a fuller hairdo would have been the way to go. And yeah, Maddie’s tiara just isn’t sitting right on her this evening. I wonder how difficult it actually is wear a tiara? Getting it to sit right on the head must take some work, especially if it really doesn’t conform to one’s particular head shape.

        1. Obviously I have no direct experience with tiara wearing *sigh* but the fit is very important: Mary had the ruby-diamond tiara she wears altered some years ago, mainly because the frame it is mounted on didn’t fit her head properly. Another factor is that most tiaras (unless from the 20th century) were made in a time where women generally had a lot more hair. Hair that would cover a high, “floating” frame, etc.

          Some of the larger, heavier tiaras can be difficult to secure. According to Queen Silvia the Braganza Tiara (the biggest big-gun tiara of the Swedes) is very heavy and difficult to secure. I suspect that Silvias use of false hair for tiara events has soemthing to do with practical considerations.

      2. Art Historian, I always appreciate your “tiara talk.” After reading your comment, I went back to look again at those you mentioned – I never would have noticed the points you brought out on my own.

      3. It’s also interesting to look at different RFs’ ‘tiaras policies’. For instance, I kind of like the lending for life practice of BRF because it makes sure that a tiara will remain in the family’s reserve. I am not sure about the size of the DRF tiara collection but it seems they don’t lend a lot or give away, especially to marry-ins?
        I have noticed among the SRF ladies there is a lot of swapping of tiaras and even outfits, which is great, I actually love the Connaught tiara on both Silvia and Victoria although this swapping hasn’t – as yet – included Sofia.

        1. The DRFs tiara collection is respectable but not substantial. Queen Ingrid brought two tiaras with her from Sweden but left the DRF upon her death as they were inherited to Anne-Marie of Greece and Benedikte of Berleburg (her two younger daughters). She also had two tiaras made for them when they turned 18 (Margrethe got the Alexandrine Drop Diamond, which were already part of the collection).

          So I’m not sure if the 4 tiaras that left the DRF because they now belong to Anne-Marie and Benedikte can properly be counted among the tiaras of the DRF.

          However, the lovely Alexandrine Drop Diamond Tiara left the family as part of the divorce settlement between Joachim and Alexandra. This is the reason why Princess Marie’s lovely floral tiara is a loaner. The ruby-diamond set that Mary wears belong to Frederik.

          Daisy kind of hogs the rest. The emerald tiara belongs to the Crown Jewels and can only be worn by the Queen. The Perle Poire is her other big-gun and it is very closely associated with her (like the Girls of Great Britain or the Vladimir that QEII wears). The other substantial tiara is the recent Naasut Tiara, whcih was a gift for her 40th Jubilee and in this context it isn’t really polite to loan it to another (even though the yellow gold clashes horribly with her silver hair). That leaves the Baden Palmette and the Floral Aigrette as “lesser” tiaras. The Floral Aigrette is very beautiful and very versatile so it would be nice if Daisy tossed Marie the Baden Palmette as a second tiara option.

          1. Thank you AH for your thorough answer. You certainly drew the picture for me.
            I was wondering if Mary’s recent acquisition of her new diamond tiara was justified in the light of tiaras’ shortage in the family.
            The tiara that Anne-Marie inherited is beautiful and was loaned for weddings within her family but I wouldn’t trust them to keep it for very long because they have liquified some pieces in the past. I have nothing personal against her but since I am biased against her husband, I will say that imo, he would do anything for money.
            I can understand though that this way, family tiaras are ultimately lost never to be replaced, since the ordering and buying of one in these days is considered rather excessive.
            Nevertheless I hope Margrethe will find it in her heart to be more generous with Marie.

          2. The Khedive Tiara is very beautiful. it is a particular favorite of mine and I would love to see it back in the DRF. It was very nice of Ingrid to share out her tiaras equally among her youngest daughters but Anne-Marie married into a RF that isn’t exactly tiara poor so IMO the Khedive could have stayed in the DK.

            I guess that the Khedive belongs to Anne-Marie personally – and this particular piece is invested with some significant family traditions that was started by her mother. I doubt that Anne-Marie would sell it.

    2. I have to ask Rhiannon, and this is as much a question to myself and everyone else as well. I too think it’s great that they included the in-laws in this photo but I know if it was the Middleton’s in a BRF photo my eyes would be rolling into the back of my head so far I’d have stroke. My question to you all, is why do I (we) feel differently about the Middleton’s, is it because of W&K? or because they get more press coverage? or do they appear to take advantage of their royal connections too much? I don’t know anything about the in-laws shown here, maybe the Swedes complain about them as much as I (we) do about the Middletons?

      1. Theory:

        Because the Middletons are the only in-laws that get included. Not just one set of in-laws were included in Carl Gustaf’s birthday celebrations/portrait, all of his children’s spouse’s parents were included – Daniel’s, Chris’, and Sofia’s. But with the Middletons, it seems like they are the only in-laws ever included in anything. And it’s a sharp change from before when no in-laws were included. So it seems to us like the Middletons are either getting special treatment or they are “cashing in” on the royal connection.

        1. However, the Middletons are very obviously cashing in on their royal connection – especially when it comes to the various “career” attempts of Pippa and James.

        2. Hi
          I was under the impression that other in laws do get invited to BRF events but they are more low key and not obvious like the Middleton family appear to be. I recently read somewhere that Sophie’s father now lives with them.

      2. I agree with KMR. In the last Jubilee, the Middleton Family were prominently displayed on a boat on the Thames. It is said that Sophie’s widowed father sometimes attends church with them for some holidays.

        Dan, Chris, and Sofia’s family are often invited to many events, but it does not seem they have the same profile as the Middletons.

        1. Thanks KMR, AH and Rhiannon for your thoughts on this. I do see that the press follows the Middleton’s much more than they do other in-laws and I’ve heard that it’s because the Middleton’s have cultivated a relationship with certain reporters and photographer. I really do go back and forth with my thoughts on the Middleton’s, some days I think they didn’t ask for all this intrusion and then other days I see where they have certainly benefited from their royal connection.

          When W&K first got married I have to say that I thought it was great of the Queen to include the Middletons at Ascot and other events, as other in-laws have complained about rarely seeing their child once they marry into the RF.

          I am finding myself more and more judging people and situations around the Cambridges in a rather negative light due to my negative judgments about the W&K. I find it interesting that once I think ill of another it’s tough to accept anything that person does in a good light.

          Anyhow, thanks again for taking the time to give my your thoughts on this.

          1. I couldn’t agree more with you, Lauri! I feel the same way too! Once I have a negative impression of someone, whatever that person does won’t be good enough for me. It will take a miracle to change my negative perception of that person to positive. I know it is a bad thing but I just can’t help it. It’s just human, I guess.

            This is the reason why I can never seem to accept Kate. She left an indelible negative mark on my mind since before the marriage. I don’t like to hate a person so I just wish she’d turn herself around and change. Stat!

          2. Didn’t the Middleton’s also hire a PR person/company at some point? I read this somewhere; I had the impression it was post-university and pre-engagement. Not sure.
            Do other in-laws ring reporters, photographers, have PR reps? It’s amazing how photographers happened to turn up wherever Kate was. Or when Pips and James are at the airport… and on and on.

            I think this is where the public has tired of the Middleton’s. They appear to be ‘working’ the public and wringing as much as they can for themselves out of the royal connection: work/personal connections for Pippa, and general celebrity status for Carole. It’s all so calculated, or comes across that way.

    3. @Rhiannon
      I’m love with those gloves too!
      Have you noticed Maxima often finishes off her look with a pair of leather gloves which match her outfit?

  12. wow , this is what royal families should look like, glamour, happy, healthy, united, BRF are failing miserably, I have never seen george and charlotte with other members of the BRF, it is sad!!!

  13. I liked that they walked through a hallway of coat of arms. I was hoping to see Sofia’s but she doesn’t have one.

  14. I adore the SRF, they are so likeable! Even thought these sort of events must surely bore little Estelle out of her mind she is such a well behaved child. The ladies look lovely (Sofia looks great for someone who gave birth just a couple of weeks ago) and I rather like Mary’s hair jewellery. The continental royals have a great relationship, so it’s always interesting to them together. They should really start boycotting english events and stop inviting them anywhere.

    1. Boycotting BRF events would be petty and I don’t want to see the other RFs sink to that level.

  15. I happened to come across pictures of a young Queen Silvia (1970’s), and WOW, she was over the top gorgeous. (Wish she would have opted to age a little more gracefully, the work she’s had done is too obvious). She’s a real mix of both her daughters, but maybe a bit more Madeleine than Victoria. Anyway, she was a beauty, no doubt about that.

    1. She was absolutely gorgeous. Plastic surgery is a personal preference, but hers doesn’t look good. Frankly she didn’t need it. She seems like a warm and loving woman.

  16. Thank you so much KMR!!! I really needed a break from the Cambridges and a chance to breathe some beautiful, royal air.

    My goodness everyone looked lovely in their gowns and tiaras. I have to say my favorite for this evening was Queen Mathilde, didn’t she look fabulous in her lavender gown and jewels? I don’t think Mary’s gown and head piece are quite up to this event, maybe the dress looked…I don’t know…fancier in person? She more than made up for it by styling her camel coat with eggplant gloves, hat and clutch and that beautiful brooch. Of course, Victoria and Maddie looked stunning, but they do almost all the time that it’s barely worth mentioning.

    How odd that Edward and Sophie couldn’t make it for these festivities. Maybe they had a scheduling conflict, too bad as I enjoy seeing Sophie interacting with these other royal ladies. I have to say that an event like this would be a perfect way for W&K to get to know the European royals, in a more relaxed setting, where the spot light isn’t on them. And what a great way for Kate to see how other royal ladies carry themselves and style their outfits. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Little Princess Estelle sure stole the show away from her grandpa!!! I just love how confident she is! It was so cute as the family was entering the church for the service, she put out her hand toward the priest but I guess he didn’t see it and extended his hand toward Victoria but Victoria motioned toward Estelle and the priest, noticing his error, shook her hand first. I have to say I’m just a bit older than Estelle and wish I had half of her confidence in these circumstances. I feel that she is going to be a wonderful Queen when her time comes.

    1. I forgot to add: congrats everyone on your lovely posture!!! Even when holding their clutches in front of them, their back are still straight and their shoulders are back! I’m so proud!

    2. Mathilde’s purple gown and jewels were great. She was one of my best dressed of the event.

  17. I love that the SRF look like a real family! They are so close and you can tell that they spend much time together. With the BRF it’s like we’re not allowed to see them as a normal family and that’s so sad.

  18. I think C-P & Mad should have brought out their children. Usually I like Vic, but it makes her look selfish! Just my humble opinion.

    1. CP’s son is only about 2 weeks old, maybe a bit young to bring to an event 🙂 Personally, I don’t think Vic did it to be selfish, I think it was each parents choice and Victoria and Dan were the one’s who decided too. But, I would have liked to have seen Lenore in all her squirmy wonder today.

        1. Prince Alexander, Carl Philip’s son, is only two weeks old today. He wasn’t even two weeks old on Saturday during Carl Gustaf’s birthday celebrations. It’s perfectly understandable that Carl Philip and Sofia didn’t want to bring a not-even-two-week-old baby out to a large crowd celebration.

          1. I think it is amazing that Sofia was there too, I have a lot of respect for her in doing that. Especially as a first time mother.

        2. I thought CP stood for Crown Princess. But it can stand for Carl Philip depending on context, I guess.

    2. I have to confess one more time here how much a sucker I am for princess Leonore, so I admit I was terribly disappointed of her not being included in her grandpa’s festivities. I am going to blame Maddie and Chris for that rather than attributing a selfish behaviour to Victoria. I loved that she brought out Estelle and that we get to know Oscar; he’s certainly a spitting image of her!
      Royal cuteness is in abundance in this family and I’m happy to get as much possible.
      I actually loved this event and the king’s anniversary, it’s certainly a landmark and I thought everyone looked amazing (OK, maybe Vic and Maddie a little more than the others but let’s face it, they have IT). Even CG looked a perfect picture of a proud king and grandpa, I absolutely loved it!
      Thank you KMR for this post and the wonderful collection of pictures.
      Lauri, I just saw your post there, we share the same fondness for Leonore, only mine is greater! 🙂

    3. How does Victoria bringing her children to this event make her selfish?

      1. Yeah. That makes no sense. Estelle turned out fine from all the exposure. And besides Victoria is giving them equal treatment. They appear at the balcony at the same age.

    4. Victoria is first in line for the throne. If anyone’s children were to be there, it should be hers. Possibly Maddie and CP had the option NOT to bring their babies, and Victoria may not have had a choice. She looked so happy to have her whole family there, though!

      1. Ladies, I think that you have misunderstood what Elina said. I think that she meant to say that Madeline and Chris decided not to bring their kids. And she is not thinking that Victoria is selfish. Elina ( again I think) is saying that she is blaming Mads and Chris for not bringing Leonore and she is not blaming Victoria for anything.

        I hope that sort of clears any misunderstanding up LOL

        1. Thank you Tanya S, that’s exactly what I meant. I thought KMR, Mri and Ray were commenting on Halia’s one, so I didn’t realise I was misunderstood.
          However it may happen a lot with the state of my English, lol. 🙂
          BTW, hope your moving is going smoothly!

          1. I am so happy that I was able to help Elina! LOL

            Oh the moving is going Ok. We take over the business on the 25th of July and I have 7 weeks of training to do before that. Yesterday Hubby and I went to the City to have Psychometric testing done and then an interview. The Tests were a nightmare but we managed to get through and we went really well in the interview. Just one more down and then the training starts LOL.

          2. Hi Elina! I just went flicking through the comments before I went to bed and saw this. I WAS responding to Halia, don’t know how my reply ended up so far away?

          3. No problem, Ray.
            Tanya, wow, all this testing so you can take the post office business. They sound serious in OZ.
            I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colours. Good luck!

          4. @Tanya S
            Did you hear my squeek as I read your news?
            That’s great they have given you the take over date for the business now. The locals will be so happy you are going to be taking over, I’m sure what happens in NZ is true in Australia as well, small towns tend to die when they lose the local post office.
            I’m so pleased for both of you. It looks like a great place to bring up a family too. Now, are you going to have to buy an Akubra?

          5. Thank you both Elina and Cathy. It is a long drawn out process and I forgot that I have to achieve over 80% in the testing at the end of the training which to me is scary. We are paying for this and for the business and they make you jump through so many hoops LOL.

            It is a beautiful place and I may just have to buy an Akubra Cathy, so as to fit in LOL.

          6. 80%?
            Phew! Mind you, I doubt they would let you start the process if they didn’t think you would pass. I reckon they do that so people pay attention. You’re intelligent so I think you’ll be sweet.
            Don’t forget to add a Drizabone and some RM William’s boots to your shopping list!
            I’m imagining Miss Four in little jodhpurs and tiny elastic sided boots! #cute

          7. Oh Cathy, I want to go shopping for her now LOL. Sadly the boots and jodhpurs had better come in pink or purple or we are doomed LOL.

          8. Tanya I have an akubra and a drizabone so I’m all ready to pop in and see you!! Brilliant outfit for watching boys play football in the rain….

          9. Oh that’s great news Tanya! I’m surprised they put you through those tests. So glad all is going well.

          10. Oh Jen I think that want to make sure that you are suited to the job. If you or anyone else wants to friend me on FB just email me at the above address.

            One of the questions was this. A Petrol tanker has 480 litres of petrol. One driver takes 2/3 of the petrol and another driver takes 1/4 of what is left. Then 5 drivers come and take equal amounts of what is left. What amount of petrol did the five drivers take?

            And with no calculator. At that point I lost any Mathematical ability that I ever had LOL.

          11. @Tanya S
            Blimey, is the answer 120l?
            Did you have to pay extra baggage allowance to take the drizabone home to the UK? (For those reading this comment thread, a drizabone is a stock-man’s coat made of oilskin, they are big and a bit bulky but they are the best thing for riding in the rain. the back is designed to go over the back of the saddle so no rain dribbles down and it long enough to cover your legs)

          12. So the 5 drivers each take 24 litres of the remaining 120 litres? Are these questions designed to test your patience to see how you’ll cope with difficult questions, LOL?!! I think the people of Condobolin are much kinder than that. Thanks for the FB invite. I’m not on FB (have resisted for years) but will tuck your email address to one side just in case if I may. In another way, it’s good that AP is careful in whom they entrust with the franchise given that post offices are the heart of regional communities. They must be pleased that your family has bought the business; young families are the new lifeblood.

          13. Cathy and Jen, I have no idea what the answer was. I actually put that they each got 20 litres, but I am sure that it is wrong.

            AP is very strict and we have had to have the normal police checks as well as anti Terrorism and counterfeit checks as well.

            I will be happy when I am in there training and learning. I find it much easier to learn when I am actually doing something.

            Yep the town will be thrilled to have a family moving in and especially as Miss Four will do her schooling there. And we will get involved within the community as well.

    5. I don’t understand this either. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine should bring their children with them, but then the one who did bring her children with her, Crown Princess Victoria, she’s being called selfish for doing so. My English isn’t that good, but that’s how I understood it. I probably didn’t get it right?

      Victoria is my favourite royal, so perhaps that’s the reason why I got stuck on this. I think it was really nice of her to bring both her children with her. The picture with Prince Oscar is soooo cute!

  19. Beautiful family and so many Royal well wishers on hand, too. Lovely!

    I agree that the Swedish Royals are tops! What’s not to like?

    It was lovely to see Estelle and baby Oscar. Oh, how sweet of Victoria to take her daughter’s hand, while holding her infant son. Just precious, actually.

    I think Madeleine is fantastic, too, Loved her hand under the baby’s head. She seems so caring besides being so very beautiful.

    Sophia looked wonderful for having just given birth Call me a party-pooper, though I didn’t like CP kissing her like that. It was as if he was pulling attention to them — away from the others. I hope it was a sincere and spontaneous kiss, but for some reason it looked like something he planned to show “just how happy we are.” Oh, am I terrible?

    It was wonderful to see so many people there and if the Brits were invited and did not send anyone, that is a shame. It’s in very poor taste!

    Thanks, KMR, for introducing us to the other Royal Families and for this special post. A family coming together for such a special day is what life is all about. There really does seem to be a caring way in all the Swedish Royals — and the others who joined them, do.

  20. I like Victoria! To me it would have been fair to bring out Leo & Nic. PV is the heiress, not an only child! This comes across as Estelle & Oscar are the only King’s grandchildren? You are right about Alexander being to young! This is just my humble opinion.

    1. I would have loved to see Leonore and Nicolas out at the celebrations, but that’s Maddie and Chris’ call. They clearly did not want to bring their kids. I don’t see how Maddie and Chris making a call about their children has anything to do with Victoria.

      1. The two little kids may even have stayed in London with nannies to maintain their routines while their Mum is so busy?
        The queen sometimes has very limited people on the balcony – just the heirs. Who knows but I’m sure CP VIc didn’t ban the other children.

        1. I wondered if they didn’t take Nickolas as flying, landing really, is a bit hard on little ears – the air pressure changes. And if you don’t bring one and take the other? Or there may not have been room for the nanny etc at the castle with all other royals staying?

    1. Good question, perhaps Wild Rose can ask the Queen when she writes to her. I would genuinely like to know the answer. Not proud of my royal family over the constant lack of respect to other royal families.

  21. Victoria and Sofia sure put Kate to shame, making such high-profile public appearances so soon after giving birth!!! For all their talk of wanting to “modernize” the monarcy, the BRF seems as stuffy and ice cold in the past 5 years as it ever did (if not MORE so). Comparing these photos to the portraits taken with QE2 last week, which granted were not comparable types of events, I realize how stale and sterile the BRF is starting to feel. The SRF almost feels like glorious, wonderful down to earth neighbors. Thank you KMR for this post and for sparking my interest in other Royal house I never even thought to think about before I found this blog.

    Kate would never dare been seen so quickly post-birth as Sofia, before she got her pre-baby body back. I wonder what kind of life that is inside her head… I could never be a happy person if my body image were that important to me.

    1. For me the most important thing is the SRF look like a family. They clearly adore each other and all the new babies. The BRF seem so obsessed with hierarchy .

    2. Well said Charlotte! The BRF need to realize that they only have the respect and popularity that they do due to the Queen and her longetivity and also any lingering interest left for Diana. Once the Queen and Prince Philip pass away, BRF need to really think about their future and continued existence. WK are proving more and more that they are not the new and hopeful young blood that the BRF needs; Prince Harry has a level of popularity right now and hope he can continue to do good work.

  22. I adore Sweden’s Royal Family. I’ve followed them for less than 4 years (thanks to Princess Estelle’s photos and videos) and have not been disappointed.

    I love the balcony photos especially Prince Carl Philip giving a kiss to Princess Sophia — and CP Victoria kissing the hand of Princess Estelle — and Princess Madeleine looking at Prince Oscar. When the public loves you back, you can’t help but show your appreciation in such a natural way — beautiful.

    Always lovely to see Princess Takamado of Japan (yes, rock that yellow!) and Prince Albert.

  23. Where are all the Norwegians?

    As I keep saying this is not the place for Ed and Sophie, I think Charles and Camilla should be there – similar age to the King and would be an appropriate show of respect. Maybe ( pure speculation) European royals agree with me on Camilla….

    1. Martha Louise and her husband were the reps from Norway. The King, Queen, and Crown Prince couple were going to go but there was a helicopter crash the day or so before so they stayed in Norway.

    2. I don’t know why the BRF don’t send other representatives than Edward and Sophie but I suspect that it may have something to do with the fact for a long time Edward was the only prince with a spouse (and perhaps the only member willing to go). Now they have developed relationships with their continental counterparts and they seem to be well-liked (evidenced by photos).

      Charles and Camilla seemed to enjoy themselves very much when they visited Denmark during QEII’s Diamond Jubilee – but I think the reason we rarely see Charles among the contintal royals is due to the fact that he has a very busy schedule. QEII and Philip are old and have been for a long time. They seemed to get around more when they were younger.

      1. I think you are being a little kind. There is frankly no excuse. No doubt when it comes to his coronation he will expect everyone to turn up. I am not popular on this site with my views on Charles, but he is as vain and spoiled as his son, despite some good work.

        1. Maybe I am but I kind of feel the need to be kind right now.

          I honestly have no idea why none of the senior royals from the BRF attend important events among their Continental counterparts. They may be a snobby bucnch but I suspect that the answer falls somewhere between praticialities and established habit.

  24. Hi! I have been a reader but not a poster. I wanted to say it is so fun to learn about other royal families. Especially the Swedish royals, they just look like so much fun and like people I would want to hang out with!

    Thanks for the great posts!!

    1. Hi Kris welcome. We all come here for Kate and then enjoy all the other information even more. Most posters here including myself adore the Swedish royals. KMR works so hard to bring us so much more than Kate.

  25. I don’t have much to add that others haven’t already mentioned. Yes, this family seems genuinely happy together, which is not the impression one gets with the BRF. I can’t believe the BRF didn’t send a representative. But mostly I wanted to comment to boost KMR’s non-BRF post numbers. I need to learn more about these families, they seem more worthy of our attention.

    1. +1

      I’m always a bit late to the party and randomly comment on previous comments but I always like to add something (even if just a +1) to non BRF POSTS because I enjoy them so much. I love KMR Blog but I should admit by now I really dislike W, not a fan of Kate and while I respect Prince Charles and the Queen’s work and duty I’m not really a follower. I know not all like the rest of the royals but I thoroughly enjoy your coverage, KMR.

      And the Swedes rock lol

  26. I’ve been catching up on all the posts I missed this past week and I must say you did not disappoint KMR. I will say that I found it odd that they were suddenly in my spam folder, but happy that things have been rectified.

    I love seeing the royal families together at events like these. Especially when they are tiara events. Considering most of the families sent the heads of their families and heirs it would have been nice to see PC and Camilla there. I think they would forgive HM for not attending as she’s cut back on her travel. I’m sure William is thrilled they don’t attend because it means he’ll have a track record to fall back on in the future.

    Looking forward to more posts in the next five weeks I’m off. Thanks for the great work!

    1. Yeah, the emails going to the spam folder happened because I had to get a new server with a new IP address.

    1. Estelle’s parents show their affection for her so well. They pick her up when she’s tired and make sure that she knows they are there for her.

      It’s can hurt when a child can’t help being ignored.

  27. The youtube video on QE was awesome. It appears the BRF is close within their own family. The women were so glamorous! The coverage of the Queens life was really a treat to watch. I think PW’s wife should watch it and take notes. PH’s comments were adorable to hear. Rhiannon, don’t miss this video!!

  28. Beatrix, thanks for posting the video. Princess Estelle is truly a remarkable little girl. It’s great to see CP Victoria and Daniel guiding and supporting her at this age because she is second in line to the Swedish throne.

    Estelle conducted her “first” royal engagement at the age of 2 years old — and it was fun to watch her shaking hands and accepting flowers. She is very comfortable in the public eye.

    1. Which shows why Kate should have taken George to the opening of the Magic Garden at Hampton Court today – an ideal opportunity ( and she shouldn’t have worn that ANZAC coat, but I’ll comment on that later….)

      1. The issue is (from what I read) that George doesn’t know who he is (so I don’t think he will be shake hand and accept flower).
        And maybe she is afraid that he will be not good behave.

      2. Birdy, I thought the same — that Kate should have taken George to the Magic Garden engagement, but alas, she did not. What a missed opportunity. Oh well. That’s OK. As long as she is out there increasing her public engagement numbers for 2016, I’m cool with it.

    2. You’re welcome. That video is adorable too. I did follow the SRF until about last year so even at Christmas their previous Christmas videos were new to me. I am quite smitten with them.

      Estelle is such a cutie and so well behaved. I am amazed by her good behavior (she’s still a little one) and by her confidence <3 Her parents have wisely exposed her to duties and public life.

  29. I’m watching a video on youtube of his birthday celebrations. The crowd is singing to King Gustaf while he and his family are on the balcony.

    They are singing He’s a Wild, Wild One. LOL. I’m finding this hilarious considering his background. Indeed he is a wild one 😛

    1. And we are happy that you do Halia. The great thing about KMR is we can agree to disagree in a nice way.

    2. If you are referring to my question above, I didn’t mean to sound like you weren’t entitled to your opinion, because of course you are. I was just curious because I didn’t understand what you meant.

      English is really hard for me and I struggle to find the right words and probably I do not always find the correct words. So I’m sorry if I sound a bit rough, half of it is the language barrier and the other half probably the Finnish way of speaking.

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