Princess Charlotte’s first birthday photos

Princess Charlotte’s first birthday photos

Now these are the photos I was waiting for. Kensington Palace released four new photos of Princess Charlotte to mark her first birthday tomorrow, May 2.

Princess Charlotte - Official Photographs Released Ahead Of First Birthday
[HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images]

The photos were taken by Kate Middleton at their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall, in April.

Lupo exists! – and he finally made it into a photo! In the photo above, he’s running around in the background.

KP released the photos on Twitter with the captions:

    “The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share new photographs of Princess Charlotte. The Duchess took these pictures of her daughter in April at their home in Norfolk. The Duke and Duchess are happy to be able to share these family moments, ahead of their daughter’s first birthday. We hope that everyone enjoys these lovely photos as much as we do.”

I always side-eye whenever KP says this: “The Duke and Duchess are happy to be able to share these family moments”. Because I know it’s total BS. William, especially, and Kate would much rather never show us their children, let’s just be honest about that.

Yay! Charlotte’s finally wearing a color other than pink or white! I actually like this photo of Charlotte in blue squirming in the chair the best even though she has a kind of “who are you/what are you doing there?” look about her face. I also love that her hair is kind of falling out of the bow.

Princess Charlotte - Official Photographs Released Ahead Of First Birthday
[HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images]

These photos are definitely better than previous attempts at Kate’s photography – so we know Kate is capable of improving at something.

Something that interests me is that Kate seemingly took to heart some of the comments that people have had over the last few photo sets. People commented that Lupo had not been included in the family photo at Christmas, so here is Lupo in a photo with Charlotte. People commented that Charlotte only ever wears one pink outfit, so here she is in blue. Interesting or unrelated?

Charlotte is looking more and more like George as she gets older – especially the below photo. She does have blue eyes, and her hair seems to be lightening up a bit.

Princess Charlotte - Official Photographs Released Ahead Of First Birthday
[HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images]

PS. Please don’t say negative things about Charlotte’s looks. It’s fine if we don’t think a baby is cute, but it’s mean to be negative about a baby’s looks. She’s a baby; she can’t help the way she looks.

I honestly feel so sorry for Charlotte because she is going to grow up with so much pressure to look a certain way that there is almost no way she’s not going to feel negative about the way she looks at some point in her life. It’s going to be an amplified version of what we all go through at some point because 1) she’s growing up in the spotlight with an intense pressure to look like a grandmother she’s never met, and 2) people dislike her parents. The York girls went through hell because of the dislike of their parents and the fact that they didn’t look a certain way. Let’s not do that to Charlotte, especially when she’s only one year old.

Princess Charlotte - Official Photographs Released Ahead Of First Birthday
[HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images]

200 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte’s first birthday photos

  1. Oh God, I loved these photos. She is really looking like George, with brunette hair. And I’m glad to know Lupo exists, too. LOL.

  2. Well I think she looks cute – actually much prettier now she is a little older and perhaps showing a bit of personality. I think like many little girls she looks better in blue, but I just wish her mother would stop dressing her in such an old fashioned way. The squirmy photo reminds me of the Swedish princesses – how I wish they could all be friends.

    1. I think that’s why I like the squirmy photo the best, because it reminds me of Princess Leonore.

        1. I agree with you Birdy. I think Charlotte looks very different every time I see her. Oh God, do you believe I’ve read comments about the picture of Charlotte pushing the building blocks cart saying she is already “flashing” like her mum. Other commenter said: “If Charlotte is anything like her mother, putting that toy will be the hardest she works in her life”. Disgusting. These comments are really cruel.

          1. Thank you Jamal. Comments like that disgust me! I think KMR’s comment above about how much pressure and scrutiny this little baby will probably have when she gets older is sad and likely true. I’m so glad there are so many in this community who reject that kind of vile, insidious, judgmental attack of a baby. Criticize the adults all you want but leave the kids alone.

    2. She does look better in blue lol

      I think the old fashioned clothes are for the pictures. Do you really think Charlotte is dressed this way all the time? I hope not…

    3. Maybe Leonore can visit her in London. I hope Princess Madeleine will have an official engagement with Kate.

      1. I’ve also hope they would do events together. It seems like two royals in the same city would perhaps spend some time together or at least host a charity dinner.

        1. I think Madeleine would be happy to do something with kate. I believe though kate wouldn’t be willing because she knows that she can’t hold a candle to Madeleine in any department

  3. I don’t think peope “dislike” her parents. Sure many people have issues with them and her monarchy… But it can’t be said (overall) their disliked when they still garner much positive and celebrity attention.
    I can’t agree on whether The Yorks were well liked cause I wasn’t around then. But, again for the most part- the royal family- especially the Cambridges, Harry + The Queen, are very popular. Even if more people are starting to question some things.I think this last month has proven that

    1. Like or dislike of William and Kate is not the point at all. How the York girls were treated (and they were treated very poorly) is not the point either, though it relates. The point is don’t make fun of a baby’s looks because a baby can’t help the way he/she looks.

      1. I personally think no one should be attacked for how they look, especially children like Charlotte and George. Although I love seeing photos like these, I hope they can grow up out of the spotlight as much as possible. I was refering to your point saying you felt bad for Charlotte because “2) people dislike her parents” In general, the royals are popular and well liked. Maybe you should delete that part of the post if it doesn’t send the message you want it to.

        1. I actually think I should add in “and grandparents” instead. A lot of the negative comments that have been directed at Charlotte on here have been about how she looks like Carole. Maybe not in the world at large, but at least on here I think Charlotte has fallen victim in the past to people disliking or not liking her parents and grandparents and taking it out on her.

        2. I am not sure I agree. In general the younger generation – my kids – have zero interest in the royals. I doubt my ( adult) sons even know who George and Charlotte are. Their young female friends are interested in the fashion but not a lot more.
          I don’t think they are disliked I think it is worse – total lack of interest.

  4. For the first time since her newborn photos I genuinely think she looks cute, so no negative comments needed. She looks so different from the HM 90 image just last week.

    1. JL I agree with you about HM picture. Complete 180.Maybe it was lighting. It was a very dark picture. As well it being inspired to look like a painting Charlotte is a very cute baby. She is starting to look more like George. I will give credit where credit is due. Kate actually did a very nice job on these pictures.

  5. The photos to me are a bit meh. Nothing about her looks! I just don’t think the photos are very interesting – they look like something I’d take with my iPhone and I do wish, if they are going to release them, they’d get a professional in and do it properly. I hate the fact she’s making money over some dull pics when there are professional photographers out there (even Chris Jackson, c’mon!) who could do something stunning.

    I know this buys into their ‘let’s be normal’ thing but looking at these compared to the recent Annie L ones of the Queen and grandkids and you’ll see what I mean. Kate’s just not a photographer and I think we, the paying public, deserve better. It’s not like they can’t afford it, this feels very cheap and a bit of a slap in the face to those of us who pay for those kids to remain invisible 364 days of the year. I want something better, if she can get Vogue for herself then she can get a decent set of pics taken for her child’s first birthday. JMO.

    1. Kate is not making money off these photos. They were released for free.

      I actually prefer these photos of Charlotte over the Annie Leibovitz photos of the Queen. I dislike how dark and dreary the Leibovitz photos were.

      1. I wasn’t trying to defend the Leibovitz photos so much as draw a comparison between professional and amateur, I agree the AL portraits are not to everyone’s taste but my goodness they make an impression and the quality is evident. These pictures, whilst fine, wouldn’t merit a second glance on my FB feed.

        I just think we deserve a bit better than this. Victoria and Daniel had a lovely mix of professional and personal family pictures released on the birth of their son. Why not do this? Prob because for Will & Kate it’s too much bother, time, invasion of privacy, not living in same house etc etc. These two min snapshots (where we don’t even get to see a smile, and I’m sure she’s a smiler) are ‘good enough’ for the taxpayers.. Are they? Really?

    2. I agree! All of George’s birthday pictures have been taken by professional photographers. Why can’t Charlotte get the same treatment for her birthday? Oh wait! She’s not the heir….she doesn’t matter as much. Smh.

      1. I would have liked one family photo including Lupo who I am sure the kids both love playing with. I am not bothered by Kate taking the photos .

    3. Agree on this. They could release both hers and professional photos if Kate is so eager to show her photography skills.

    4. I really don’t care who takes the photographs. I complain about them a lot, but inside their four walls with their children – that’s entirely their choice.

    5. Regular whiny bill and cathy Middleton seem to love displaying how previlidged and entitled they and kids live .

      Why not a professional photo, like the SRF – no class!

  6. She looks cute, she is looking like George, I love her in blue (if I will have a little girl, I will not her dress in pink because I hate this color and the stereotype (pink for the girl, blue for the boy).
    And I am happy that the picture was posted before Invictus Games

    I surprise that the Royal Family Twitter has not retweeted the pictures

    1. If I had a child, boy or girl, I’d dress them in green and yellow because those are my favorite colors.

      The RF Twitter person is probably off since it is Sunday.

        1. Burnt orange with lavender! Those colors would go great together.

        2. Oh you’ll have to post us some photos of your multicoloured kids, Kimothy! I’m guessing all you’re waiting for is their father to find you and sweep you off your feet? Any luck in that department yet?

          1. Birdy,
            Right now, I’m just focusing on my feet and their healing! I went out on a date back in January (right before my feet issues blew up) and it was soooo awkward, like, beyond typical-first-date awkward and I know it’s going to be even trickier for me because of my medical issues.

            I’m no fool, I know that transplant isn’t a turn on and, unfortunately, I’ve had past dates pretty much confirm my hunch (after I told one guy about it, he said something to the affect of “oh so does that mean you’re going to die soon?” Needless to say, the second date was our last one). Over the years, I’ve learned that other transplant friends go through the same thing or something similar. They’re dating someone, everything is fine….and then, when something has them head towards a detour (hospitalization, something else), their significant other because insignificant (if you catch my drift).

            I’m now more honest on dating websites and specifically SAY that I’ve had an organ transplant just so that, if the guy is weirded out by simple reading that, he can just move on go to the next profile.

            Sure, I go on and see the latest “matches” for me (my stoooopid credit card automatically renewed back in March and I was livid) and I’ll even check out a few profiles but right now, I’m just trying to focus on myself and allowing my body the chance to heal physically.

          2. Hi, Kimothy:

            Sending tons of good wishes your way. May your feet heal nicely And, may you find the man of your dreams!
            I was shocked to hear the comment one of your dates made to you! That is just insane! he guy was an idiot. I cannot imagine how painful that was to hear and how difficult it is to stay positive that the right guy really is out there.

            You are an amazing person. You have fought so hard to be true to yourself. You have undergone surgery and follow up that very few of us could ever imagine enduring. Still, you retain your caring manner and your incredible sense of humor! I believe very strongly that there is a perfectly wonderful man out there for you. Keep working on what makes you happy. Keep reaching out and helping others. The universe works in special ways. Your prayers will be answered and we just ask to be invited so we can dance at your wedding, ok?

          3. Just so all you Americans know I will be wearing a hat at Rhiannon’s wedding and at Kimothy’s!! And both will be proper hats not Kate’s silly little things.

          4. I’ll join you. I love hats. My only time I wore one was at my sister’s in law wedding in Scotland. It still lies in the closet so I’ll be thrilled to wear it again! πŸ™‚

          5. Thank you so much jenny, Elina and Birdy. I greatly appreciate it. Right now I’m reading “The Single Woman: Life, Love and a Dash of Sass” by Mandy Hale. She’s hailed as “Christian writer” but her book is written from a realistic, down-to-earth perspective in the dating world with solid advice, IMO. It’s showing me (and giving examples) how to enjoy this season of my single life and to hand it over to God (which is soooo hard but I am getting better at it).

            What’s funny is that, when I was at Barnes & Noble two weeks ago, the layout of the store had changed and I couldn’t find the Christian authors/books section at first so I gravitated towards other things (almost bought my first Manga but changed my mind) until I found the Christian section. Ms. Hale’s latest book “Beautiful Uncertainty” but when the inside flap mentioned her original book, I had to buy it plus the latest one. So far, I’m glad I made these book purchases.

            Like I said, I *do* go to and sometimes checkout the matches that are highlighted for me but, truth be told, I’m purposely keeping my expectations very low, simply so that I don’t set myself up for a hard fall.

          6. Good luck Kimothy! I wouldn’t think anymore about that loser with his silly comments.
            What I will remind you about is to stay open to what the universe sends your way as you never know when you are going to connect with someone?
            And you’ll probably meet him when your mind is focused on something else completely too!
            Have fun and enjoy your life as it will happen πŸ™‚

          7. Again, hello, Kimothy. Glad you found a book to offer you guidance. I loved when you mentioned that you know you have to hand it over to God, but that sometimes, that is hard. Just a reminder: You did that when you had your surgery, yes? You handed your life, your health, over to a Higher Power, who in turn put you in the hands of special surgeons. I don’t want to get all religious here, but I loved that you mentioned putting it in God’s hands, because no matter what our beliefs are, often we find it hard to let someone else take control of our beings. Good luck, friend.

          8. Cathy and jenny,
            Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and advice. I’ll definitely listen and take them to heart–pun intended. πŸ˜‰

            Yes, jenny, my family and I *did* have to “let go” and “let God” regarding the actual transplant operation, not knowing how long I would have afterwards or if it would even be successful and here I am–nearly 20 years later! πŸ™‚

            I think I want to focus on my feet, the upcoming transplant games, my 20th anniversary and apply the ideas I have for “Transplantation Education” and my YouTube channel (it’s collecting dust, I know). πŸ™‚

      1. πŸ™‚ That’s what I tried. Worked for one year. Since then she NEEDS pink in her life. Like, really, really needs pink. No pink dress, no good mood. πŸ™‚ And mama decided to just go with the pink flow πŸ™

          1. I know! How come Kate hasn’t copy that style? She’s so into retro / Victorian and the like. Hm, very selective vintage style she’s got.

      2. I would if KP released these early and not tomorrow (or as scheduled with Royal Family Twitter) because of the some what poor reception (they didn’t make as big a smash or massive excitement and positive review as I would have expected) over Kate’s Vogue cover.

    2. I don’t think they would tweet today since it is sunday. Shops are closed, almost all the people are not at work, they are at church or at home, their PR staff deserves the same privilege πŸ™‚

      1. Though if they’re professional social media folks they’d know how to use any of the social media sites that can schedule tweets. They wouldn’t have to actually be working to have retweeted it if it was arranged ahead of time.

    3. Clem: my brother and sister-in-law chose yellow & neutral colors for my neice. By aged two she was in love with pink and only wanted to wear pink! But at least she chose it herself

      These are the best photo of Charlotte yet so no complaints. And I agree w/you that the timing release was good.

      A poster on CB( or here, can’t remember)said that Will & Kate were sneaky sloths. That sums them up perfectly, imo. After others work v hard to accomplish a goal (eg Prince’s Trust anniv., Invictus), they tweet an announcement/get a haircut & that take attention away from that person/event.

      So if a pregnancy announcement came anytime between May 4 – May 12, I wouldn’t be surprised. It would fall right in line with their sneaky little slothy ways.

    4. My son loves pink and wears it a lot. He gets compliments. Real men wear pink! πŸ˜‰ Even my husband has picked up on it and has some pink dress shirts. Smash gender stereotyping! Haha. When he was a baby he wore a teal t-shirt and skinny jeans (he has no rear so all his pants fall down; now they make skinny jeans for little boys, it’s great!) and someone cooed over my baby girl. Teal is a color for girls, you know that? Yeah. It’s so silly. All my friends who have girls, they pretty much ONLY wear pink and giant hair bows.

      Right now my son is in a dress shirt, skinny jeans, and a cardigan. He dressed himself. πŸ˜› Kid loves clothes.

  7. Beautiful Charlotte! I wish I could see more photos of her ever so often. I wish Kate could have included George in one photo. Just want to see the interaction between the 2 of them.

  8. Love your “P.S.” comment, KMR because it’s so true. Charlotte is gonna get sooo much flack simply because of the fact that she’s a girl. She’s either going to be compared to her paternal grandmother OR her mother OR someone else within the royal family and it’s going to make her self-conscious either way.

    So far, I’m indifferent but I *do* like how these photos are much clearer than previous ones. The ones in the snow are blurry, the “family Christmas” picture obviously photo shopped Charlotte *into* the picture and the one with HM with her youngest grands and great-grands had clearly photo shopped Charlotte herself!

    It’s great that these photos were released and I see a bit more of a resemblance to HM! I just wish we’d see her in more than just dresses and cardigans! When George was her age, we’d seen him in a variety of outfits! I’d love to see her in denim overalls and whatnot!

    Maybe they’ll release some brother/sister photos? It’d be great to see something (pictures/videos) of the two simple being kids: chasing, playing, teasing, etc. Ah well.

    1. “Charlotte is gonna get sooo much flack simply because of the fact that she’s a girl”

      Exactly. Before Charlotte was born I kept saying that I wanted the baby to be a boy because it would mean less stress on the child. Just being a girl is going to get Charlotte so much more stress than if she had been a boy.

      I, too, would love to see a video of Charlotte and George playing. That would be great. Alas, I doubt that will ever happen.

      1. Probably hiding her and not adapting her to public life will only make things worse. By not knowing much of her personality, people will focus on her looks, just how we do with Kate. And being sheltered will make it much harder for her to deal with this kind of criticism.

        1. Totally agree!

          Like PG who seem scared of meeting POTUS.

          I feel at this 5 yr mark – it is better billandcat stay in hiding with the kids and carole but without the royal perks.

        1. I’m not so sure… Time will tell. They seem to show G more as he is the heir to the heir to the heir, and hide Charlotte away.

          1. It’s HMs 90th – a very special year. Any normal year I’d agree, but with a three day celebration planned with Trooping at the centre, I think everyone will be made to attend, regardless of whether W&K like it or not. I think Greta makes a good point about Harry too #boom

      2. What makes me sad is we never see them interacting. No pictures of them playing or being together. They’re always solitary and there’s something sad in that.

        1. Ellie,
          Agreed. Aside from the super-sterile, wearing-hospital-white-posted pictures from last summer, we don’t have any of them behaving like brother and sister. My folks have lots of pictures of my first sister and I from when she was a baby and I was 4 years old. In fact, there is a favorite (and I remember Dad posing us!), where we’re in my bedroom, they have Melissa positioned in my lap and Dad’s saying, “don’t choke her….don’t choke her….” and, of course, in the picture, I’m doing just that! I’m the smiling big sister and my sister is only semi-smiling because I’ve got her in a mini-headlock! *That’s* what I enjoy seeing! Siblings BEING siblings and tormenting each other when they’re little! πŸ˜€

    2. I’m with Kimothy KMR, I do think your PS comment was valid and Charlotte needs to be viewed on her own terms and not because she is Kate’s daughter and Carole’s granddaughter.
      The kid is going to have a hard enough time being Diana’s granddaughter so I’m with you guys and think she’s a sweet little kid. I do love the big blue eyes!
      Here’s to letting her be a kid, having fun and doing the things kids like doing at that age. I did like to see Lupo was still around, it would have been cute to see a photo of Charlotte playing with Lupo, or even Charlotte and George playing with Lupo.

      I do wish Kate would lay off the Photoshop filters. When I was at university studying design the very first project we had to do involved using as many Photoshop filters as we could to produce an image. Afterwards the lecturer said “now I don’t want to ever know that you have used them again”. All these years later everyone in my class still stick to that rule, use of Photoshop should never be noticeable!

  9. What a little dolly, so happy to see these photos! I think Kate is getting better at taking pictures…

    You know, at first I thought she looked like George, but on closer look it’s more her expressions and less her features that make her resemble him.

  10. In the picture where she is wearing pink and holding something red, she is the spitting image of William.

    It is nice to see these, but why does Kate insist on taking these photos herself? Why don’t they hire a professional photographer? About every 3 years I get professional portraits of my family (because I have little kids). The top photo outside looks like she took it with her iPhone. Poor lighting and not framed well. Also, due to the bright colors of the toy, your eyes go to it instead of Charlotte. The lower photos are much better. Anyway, happy birthday Charlotte!

    1. I believe that she takes their pictures so that she can copyright them. By doing that she controls how the photos are used and where they can be used. It appears to me to be just one more effort to control the media image of their family. πŸ™

  11. She’s a cute baby.

    But it’s weird, I don’t feel any kind of connection. She is a cute little girl, but looking at those pictures doesn’t make me happy. I just don’t get this happy-sunshine-feeling. Maybe it’s the color scheme, maybe it’s because Charlotte is only rarely shown to the public, maybe it’s because her mom (or whoever) picked the pictures in which Charlotte doesn’t smile…. IDK.

    1. Like you I don’t feel any kind of connection :more interested in Estelle. Maybe for the reasons you mention, but maybe for the question of the age.

      1. Estelle is very popular in Germany (like the whole SRF) so we got to see pictures and videos of her on a regular basis. Her baptism was even on German TV! Today, about 10 minutes ago, 5 out of 7 headlines on one of the most important online gossip outlets were about HM Carl-Gustafs birthday, Madleine, Sofia, Victoria and Estelle. Then there was an article about a German football (soccer) player who died in an accident. And somewhere in between they wrote about Charlotte. The Vogue thing was only mentioned down low the page.

        I think, my lack of interest in Charlotte is the result of the lack of information.

  12. She’s a really cute baby. I want to pinch those cheeks!
    And now I’m thinking about that photo of Harry poking that baby’s cheeks in Nepal… I wish they would release photos of him with G and C, but that’s probably never happening.

    1. Yes, a photo of G and C playing with Uncle Harry would be too sweet!!!! I wonder if Harry really has much interaction with G and C since they spend most of their time in Norfolk and Harry’s based in London.

  13. I think, she is a sweet, cute little girl!
    There is nothing to critizice about her!
    That’s all, because she is a baby!

    Lovely! ❀

  14. Very sweet photos!!! And I’m so glad to see Charlotte in an “activity” photo, it shows a bit of her personality and cute smile.

    KMR, I noticed the captions below the photos read “HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images” What does Getty Images have to do with this?

    1. That’s where I downloaded the photos from. The photo credit that came with the photos included the “via Getty Images” part which is why I included it here. The photos were a free download, by the way, in case anyone was wondering. So Kate/KP isn’t making any money on the photos.

      1. Thanks for the answer KMR! I was rather surprised (but not really) that the Express wrote about Kate’s Vogue cover and now Charlotte’s pictures, Richard Palmer was saying on Twitter that they had no interest in giving the royals PR for photos they release on Twitter, this was in answer to questions about the video with Harry and the Queen. While I like seeing these photos, I do wish the press would make a decision and stick with it; if the Cambridge’s only want to release photos and information on social media then fine, but then the press imo shouldn’t pick up those tweets and give them the PR.

        1. You’re welcome Lauri.

          These photos weren’t solely released on Twitter, they were released through photo agencies. Palmer tweeted that before he tweeted the photos, implying that that’s why he was willing to tweet the photos and why the Express ran them. I think he is sticking to his stance, but since these photos were released properly, he was willing to use them.

          1. Richard Palmer and Rebecca English had a conversation on Twitter if the video with Harry and HM should be released in their papers or not. They came to the conclusion that it was such a good cause that publishing it makes sense…

            But that doesn’t mean that the press isnt rather angry. The Vogue cover of the Duchess made the front page of the Dailymail (print version)… πŸ™‚ but not in a good way.


          2. They product off the photos in some form always. It would be foolish not to. Still, with this couple that has such a pr centered control… Motives spring to mind over PR savvy behavior.

          3. Just wondering – are the photos with Getty due to the Chris Jackson connection as he is with Getty?

  15. Charlotte is a lovely baby there is no doubt about it.
    However, looking at the photos makes me feel she is alone in the universe and it feels a bit like Diana in front of the Taj Mahal. Just a feeling of me, nothing else.

  16. Like most, I also feel no connection to her.
    Bringing George on the tour as a baby was what helped people feel connected with them as a family. But as he’s gotten older, the more distant they become. With Charlotte, it’s as if she doesn’t exist except in a few photographs.

    I will say, it is nice to see a little personality in the photos, squirmy and walking. I think she is very cute, those cheeks!
    It’s interesting to note that as a girl, she will face much more pressure/criticism from the public. Thank you for protecting her from that by reminding us all of the stigmas she will face.

    I’ve noticed that Kensington Palace has been very active in the time since William and Kate returned from the tour. Perhaps they finally started catching on to the immense damage they’ve done to their image?

  17. She’s a beautiful little girl. I especially love the last picture of her…..she does look so angelic and I can see Diana in her eyes.

  18. I think she’s beautiful and the pictures are wonderful. She looks very Windsor in the third picture but a much cuter version. Lucky for her.

  19. She’s an adorable baby, but something sterile about these pictures.

    Probably I’m just prejudiced against Kate, but there’s something bland about the decor, furniture, clothes, and overall feel of the photos. But I guess bland is what Kate does best.

  20. OMG She is adorable. All I see is huge blue eyes and I love it! I also love the conservative clothing. I went shopping yesterday for newborn boy clothes and the choices are just awful. Try to find something that doesn’t have big words plastered all over it or large, stiff, appliqued animals. Go figure! I really appreciate Charlotte’s attire compared to “famous” celebrity babies. I think photos taken by Kate are more personal than a professional. I don’t really see George when looking at her but maybe if they were next to each other I would.

  21. I think the pictures are sweet and Charlotte is a lovely little girl with those big blue eyes. I just hope her parents don’t keep her and George so isolated that they only have Lupo for company.

  22. Here’s the thing for me. When I see pictures of Estelle, Leonore, Nicolas, Oscar, other royal family babies, I get a little squealy for lack of a better word. I don’t get that way with Charlotte. I even look forward to seeing George. I just have very little connection to Charlotte and I think she’s an average cute looking baby who I would probably be more excited about if I saw her more. My favorite is the one of her in the chair looking at the camera with that “who are you” face. She looks like she’s going to be George’s running mate when she’s up to speed on the walking thing.

    That being said the photos were slightly better and I’m glad to see Lupo playing in the background.

  23. I like the last picture of Charlotte the best; she looks like she’s ready to play a game of go-fish against George for all the cookies in the cookie jar. She’s very cute, and I hope she had a great birthday.

      1. Totally agree!
        I hope KP finally gets that regular picture releases is a good strategy to create some sort of bond with the public so that when Charlotte and George are adults, the public isn’t like, “who are these kids?”

  24. Happy Birthday Charlotte! I think that Charlotte looks adorable, with her cute cheeks and blue eyes but no real smile. I like the photo of Charlotte in the chair and the third photo. I think that Charlotte could wear some other colours. It is a shame Lupo or George is not interacting with Charlotte. Charlotte does look rather solitary.

    1. Ps. It is good to see Charlotte walking. However my second niece Charlotte got up and stood up for me when I asked her what she was doing. I didn’t have to initiate it for a photo. The poor tot needs some soft trousers rather than a dress that flaps up. I think the photo with HM, showed that Charlotte is not very robust compared to Mia Tindall.

  25. I like the photos, but the feeling that they only releases the photos to appease the public demand distracts me from fully enjoying them.

    Also it bothers me somehow that she looked so much smaller in the Queen’s birthday photos that were released recently. It feels inconsistent.

    But overall the photos aren’t terrible.

    1. I think she looks smaller only because she was around so many “big kids” but on her own she is starting to look like a toddler. Also, kids just grow “overnight” sometimes and its possible that these were taken 4 weeks or so apart.

  26. Although I’m not a baby person, pix of Estelle made me smile.

    As for poor Charlotte and Georgie, they look like any stranger’s kid on Facebook and therefore uninteresting. I don’t know what it is, but there’s nothing in the photos to make me smile or feel any warmth toward them. I remember watching video of a SRF christening, and the entire atmosphere was heartwarming. Pix of Harry and Willy when they were little were heartwarming. This, not so much. Like I said, she could be any strange child.

    And she, indeed, looks isolated in these pix. The portrait shots just seem kinda cold and removed. The kid is not responding to mummy, that’s for sure (or mummy to her, IMO). Only the top one has a bit of a spark. I feel I should love these pix and find her adorable but I don’t. Sigh.

    1. I have read your comment several times, Maven and I get what you say. Maybe, Kate was just too focused on getting “perfect” shots that she forgot just who her little girl is. I had an editor once give me amazing advice when I turned in an article that just smacked of “this is poorly written.” She said, “You forgot how much you like to write and it shows. Now, go back with all your notes and re-write this. Have fun, but be serious, too.”

      It worked. Although, at first, I wondered how one can have fun and be serious! But once I threw myself into the piece, it took on a life of its own. In other words, I stopped worrying and started doing!

      I think if Kate and Charlotte had been more engaged with one another, the shots would have been more real. There was too much removal of their relationship (unless, this is the kind of relationship they have). The photo with the most personality was the one with Charlotte squirming to get out of the chair. I could just hear Kate saying, “No, darling. Sit down. Sit down!” And Charlotte’s little mind saying to herself, “In your dreams, Mum.” The photo of her with her little alphabet blocks in the wagon had some spirit, too. It just got lost in that wide background of green grass. A tighter shot would have meant more.

      Whenever I take pictures of my daughter, I just want to have fun with her. Some of the photos are really good because they show her at her best. Others, may be off-center, or a tad blurry, but really, it’s all about enjoying one anther. But, then I am not in the position of wanting to release them to the world.

  27. I like these because the Annie L. ones look like a painting and I much prefer photographs to look like photos! We get a far better sense of what Charlotte really looks like. She’s cute and I see some William/George in her, not just Middleton family. But, really, as an animal lover, I’m most happy to know Lupo is ok. It’s been too long since we’ve heard about him or seen him. I don’t mind Kate taking pictures at all…but my favorite remain the ones with George and baby Charlotte together, even if technically they were critiqued for the soft focus I thought it was sweet to see their interaction.

  28. Stop the presses – Kate has doubled her color palette in dressing Charlotte!

    Like many of you, I can’t seem to summon any emotional attachment to Charlotte. Or George either, now that I think about it. Yet photos of the Swedish crew and the Dutch, Norwegian, Belgian, and Spanish kids make me smile.

    The photos are nice. Blandly pleasant. A bit of thought about composition and lighting plus non-beige backgrounds would help a lot. I’ll award her points for the one picture with green grass and colorful toy. I do wish it had been shot in portrait closer to the subject, the unnecessary landscape cropped off the sides, and had all the bloody wagon wheels in the photo. E for effort.

    I am embarrassed to admit that when I first looked at that photo, all I could envision was a gust of wind blowing her dress up over her head. I know, that was just all kinds of wrong…mea culpa.

    Hopefully, this flurry of Cambridge-based PR will mellow before the Invictus Games. It would be disrespectful and insulting to all the military personnel who have worked so hard for their moment in the spotlight to be overshadowed by a much-ado-about-not-much William or Kate story .

  29. Happy Birthday to Princess Charlotte. Hope she has a fun time.

    She is a cute baby and I can see some of William’s expressions in her face. Especially, her eyes.

    I love those pretty dresses. I’m old fashioned, but I am a sucker for baby girl dresses and clothes! She does look nice in blue! The little blue shoes were very cute, too. Oh, and the teeny hairbow!

    I agree that I feel rather distant when I see her, though. I guess because we have not been allowed many opportunities to see how she is progressing through her first year! Would have loved to see her Daddy holding her and Big Brother George playing with her, too.

    That last photo is so cute. Who said she looks like she is about to play Go Fish? So very true!

    And, she’s walking! The action shot pushing the little wagon, or whatever, shows one determined little Miss. You go, Girl!

    And, yes, Lupo lives! What a star — even although he was relegated to background!

    1. Let me join you in wishing Happy Birthday to little Charlotte first, and yes, she’s a cutie resembling more to William, IMO, like many other girls who take more from their fathers’ side.

      BTW, I’m a sucker for baby girls’ clothes too and to anyone here who thinks they can avoid pink colour from a little girl, they may be heading for a big surprise. I’m not saying it’s a rule, but usually girlies go through a pink (and princess) phase, no matter what their parents say about it. Good news are that they probably get over this phase as quickly as they get into it.

      My fave picture of Charlotte is the so called squirmy one, not that the Cambridge children are squirmy, God forbid if they don’t behave or even play nicely. I suppose with all Kate’s whitewashing and control efforts, it’s lucky that we get a glimpse of Charlotte’s personality here. In all her traditional, freshly pressed and crisp dresses and cardigans, maybe she’s not as ‘proper’ and ‘ladylike’ after all. I surely wish she will develop her own mind, away from her mother’s conformity ideas.

      Come to think about the ‘coldness’ or indifference of these pictures, I think W&K have succeeded in taking away our interest from their children, especially Charlotte. The public doesn’t really care except of the occasional curiosity about them, which in W&K’s mind, is what they really wanted, right?

      1. When Estelle or Leonore wear pink it doesn’t bother me as much because I know that their parents are above stereotyping.

        With Charlotte, the fact that her parents have trouble describing her personality makes me question their parenting.

  30. Very cute and pretty pictures.

    I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say this is an unprecedented spate of PR by William and Kate. India, Obama, Vogue covers, Charlotte’s pictures…. time in London, engagements scheduled…. has a shoe dropped, at least in terms of doing the bare minimum?

    1. Well Kate does have engagements scheduled next week but all of them are on the same day. I imagine that it will be back to Norfolk after that.

  31. She is looking so cute and a lot like George in these photos! I love the one where she’s pushing her alphabet cart outside with a joyful laugh. It’s great to see pics of a healthy, happy and active baby. And she is a lucky baby that she gets such huge grounds at Anmer to run around in.

    I gotta say though, seeing the white and gray furniture made me cringe- it’s not the colour of furniture you want to keep in a home with a baby (soon to be toddler) and a busy toddler in it. But if their white furniture gets ruined by their kids, then wk only need to dip into the public purse to buy brand new furniture.

  32. Also, come to think. KP has now come up with a “clever” plan to get positive publicity for WK and to silence their detractors: just release pictures and video clips. Notice that William and Kate have hardly been on an official engagement since (except for meeting the Obamas), but they have in the news me garnering some positive press due to the Queen’s 90th bday, their kids and appearing with the charming Harry in a video. That’s it folks, this is how the lazy duo intend to stay in the news: get positive press with some pics and videos, while still hiding away and doing minimal work.

    1. I agree with your theory Red Tulip! In fact, W&K seem to receive more positive attention when they don’t actually do anything, it’s the interaction with others that seems to be their downfall (at least one of their downfalls).

    2. And do it on social media, thus they see the adoration of the plebs on Instagram and Twitter…

      It works. Unfortunately.

  33. The York girls still get hell. They are treated simply awful.

    Charlotte is so cute!! Happy Birthday darling. I see a hint of Her Majesty in her smile. The one where she’s pushing the little cart. Of course I can’t tell anything by photos, but she looks like she’d be a calm and laid back little girl. What heaven. I can see why William would be over the moon with this little girl.

    Actually, I sort of hope she looks more like a Middleton when she grows up. Then people can’t compare her looks to Diana.

    What a little beauty. I’m smitten.

  34. Although it’s possible Kate pressed the button on the camera, I sincerely doubt she took the pictures without any help. My own efforts at attempting to photograph my children at this age left me flustered and them in tears. Not to mention their clothes all rumpled and messed. Any pictures I managed to get were of a teary eye child grabbing for the camera, or heads turned in the wrong direction. It’s very difficult to photograph kids and have the pictures turn out this nice. Also if you compare Cs eyes in the picture with the ones she took with QEII they look much smaller than theses. In fact her whole face looks different in terms of features. This suggests heavy Photoshopping in Kate’s photos to enhance her looks. How sad.

  35. I will be honest: I need to eat her cheeks. She is a cutie pie. I love her in blue. And that hairbow….Love it.

    I just wish that we saw her more often. I don’t begrudge her and her brother a safe and secure environment. We know nothing about her and I don’t feel a connection to her.

    Thank you, KMR, for this cheek-tastic review!

  36. Such a gorgeous little girl. In the photos with HM, I thought that Charlotte looked very much like HM, however in these ones she is looking very much like George. I love the little dress’s as well. When we take special photos of Miss Four she is all dressed up. The rest of the time she lives in normal kids clothes that make it easier for her on her search and destroy missions.

    1. “search and destroy missions”
      Thanks for the laugh Tanya – Miss Four must be ready for school now?
      It sounds like she is full of energy!
      How is everything going re preparing for the move?

      1. I love “search and destroy,” too. Little Miss Four is a girl on a mission! She must be so much fun to have around the house. And, speaking of housing, any news? Please keep us informed. It sounds so exciting for you, Tanya.

  37. A very cute little girl who looks like her dad. The photos are dull, sterile and not so great in composition; the pushing of Kate as some fabulous photographer really bugs me.

    Also, it’s a bit strange how there’s little connection between the photographer and baby Charlotte. No smiles except in the one of her pushing her walker outside (with the dog running around in the back!). She looks so serious. It’s the same with George. They’re probably delightful little ones but I don’t think their environment with Mum and Dad is entirely happy; look how delighted George is when he’s pictured with Maria, versus in these pictures. I don’t know, it’s just a weird observation that bothers me. No joy, no spontaneity in the pictures.

    1. Yes Ellie, I find it strange that there seems to be little connection between the subject in front of the camera and the photographer behind it. Granted that it’s hard to get kids to focus on taking a picture but still…even George’s pics are like that too. And I suppose it’s Kate’s style of photography to have this bright white light and the white background faded

  38. The Cambridges sure know how to make them babies. I like how Charlotte’s eyes are basically a replica of her dad’s and George’s eyes are from his mum. The previous few photos didn’t do her justice, or perhaps it’s true that Charlotte simply had to grow into her looks a little bit. Nonetheless, she is shaping up into a very cute baby girl, although George is still the cutest baby I have ever seen. Charlotte comes across as a more refined, lady-like version of George – a perfect foil for George’s “scampy” character.

  39. Babies tend to look like either little kids or tiny versions of older people. When I’ve seen many of Charlotte’s pictures, like the ones with George and the ones from the Queen’s 90th, I’ve thought she looked like a small older person; this is one of the few shots we’ve seen where she looks like a little girl. It’s refreshing.

  40. I think Charlotte is cute, but there is something missing in the pictures?
    Like she can’t have her own personality, if you look at Estelle from Sweden first birthday, she has here own personality.

  41. I just remembered, Kate took her camera to the Queen’s photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz. Hmmm, maybe there is more Charlotte to come. Hopefully Charlotte and George and cousins together!

  42. Thanks to KMR for this post and the insightful and sensitive comments she included above. I’m grateful to you for setting the positive tone here right from the start. Criticize the adults but leave the kids out of it. Thank you for that reminder.

    My fav pic is the action shot with her on the go with her little walker. That pic, to me, shows the most of her personality. What a cutie pie she is!

  43. Charlotte is a beautiful little girl and the photos are quite good. I recently read a bio of QE2’s early life and her parents were highly protective of their girls and tried to give them as normal a life as possible. They were determined to keep their family time to themselves. Sounds to me as though this is a royal tradition.

  44. Oh, Charlotte is 1 year old today (this is my month too). I was waiting for KP release new pictures today, but they didn’t so I’m posting here again. It seems like yesterday when we were expecting Kate to give birth. Although William and Kate are arrogant, spoiled and lazy, I hope that at least they are good parents, caring, loving and companions. Charlotte and George deserve it. They are two innocent children that were born in this life with parents who seem to care only about themselves. But I hope Charlotte and her brother grow very close and be great friends. And I also hope that does not happen to Charlotte what happened with Harry, where the spare only serves to make the heir look good. If they make Charlotte look bad just to favor the future king George, this is terrible. I read that even the nannies of William and Harry favored William, leaving Diana furious. She and Charles always treated their two sons the same way. Once the two boys fell and the nanny ran to help only William, leaving little Harry fallen and crying. The queen mother also favored the future kings, Charles and William, but she was fair and in her will she divided her estate equally to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I hope that Charlotte does not face the same problem her uncle Harry did. Happy Birthday, little princess.

  45. As adorable as I think she looks in the pictures, I cannot help but think that these pictures are another distraction from the Cambridges’ negative press. A bit funny timing that Kate’s Vogue pictures are released so close before Charlotte’s, as if not giving the public enough time to digest her pictures, expecting already the worst and use Charlotte to short-stopping negative comments.

    I also see a very abrupt change of their privacy policy. Sudden involvement with Vogue after clearly refusing to make appearance, suddenly splashing the public with George and Charlotte that all news tagged with Will and Kate will automatically be directed to their children. I don’t know if all these are done on realisation that as royals they have to live in public’s eyes, or merely hiding behind their children to prevent having exposures on themselves. Really curious about these PR decisions… Especially when Will and Kate are absent from public engagement.

    1. Hi Mia, Red Tulip made a similar observation up thread and I agree with both of you. While it’s nice that they released photos for Charlotte’s birthday, it always feels that they do these types of things to burnish their image not because they genuinely want to include the public in their children’s lives.

      1. I agree. It doesn’t feel genuine. It’s more because they had to. Can you imagine the outrage if they didn’t release any pictures of Charlotte?! She’s a cute kid, but like the others, I don’t feel any connection to her. It feels like damage control at this point.

    1. They’re all less Windsor until the 20’s. Just like William was all Spencer. Those are some powerful genes.
      Even Harry has lost some looks, but to his credit he has inner beauty to compensate.

      1. I actually think Harry looks better now than he did when he was a teenager. But that’s just me.

        1. Oh I agree KMR. It’s interesting that William was more handsome than Harry when he was younger but now his looks are fading while Harry just keeps getting better and better looking. I truly believe how one approaches life, with all of it’s ups and downs, reflects in their outward appearance.

          1. Oh Miss K , Rhiannon and Greta will be so jealous!! Glad you like my English Prince. He is why we still support the monarchy!

          2. I fly into WPB early tomorrow. Will see I can get in. Then drive to Orlando. I heard he’s there until the 13th.

          3. Ray, I wasn’t at the game itself. I was actually meeting a friend for lunch. He works in the area and he knows I have a thing for Harry, so he was totally cool with my detour to see Harry before lunch.

          4. Harry definitely grew into his looks. He had this red headed elfin thing going on when he was younger and with the blushing that spread so quickly he looked very young for quite a while.

            Definitely looks like a man now. Being able to make mistakes and learn from them has helped him mature a great deal. William’s constantly being covered up only made him more petulant and this hatred he carries inside of him for whatever he’s raging against at the moment has found it’s way to the surface molding his looks into something less than what he could be.

  46. I was just watching a little gif from when W&K left the hospital with Charlotte. The couple were holding hands as they walked down the steps toward their waiting car but as soon as he hit the bottom step William let go of Kate’s hand like it was on fire. Geez, the woman just gave birth to your daughter not 12 hour ago and you can’t even hold her hand in public without getting paranoid? Rather sad to see.

    1. There have been quite a few moments like that where I’ve felt sorry for Kate and don’t want to imagine what she’s gone through (and is going through) with William. Regardless of a man’s status or title is, I would never let him treat me like that–especially after giving birth to his longed-for daughter!

      1. So often she looks at him adoringly and the sentiment is not returned. But this happened before the marriage, she wanted the ring, the title, the money, the fame…this is not a 19 year old Diana pushed in to a marriage this is Kate who thought she knew exactly what she wanted, it’s just that the fairytale isn’t quite going where she hoped. Marrying a very rich business man might have made her happier. Her mother knew Diana’s story yet still pushed her daughter into it. As I’ve said before be careful what you wish for. And as others have said Kimothy, true love doesn’t come when you are looking, and doesn’t always come from where you expect. But you are clearly a beautiful person and you will find the one- perhaps that gorgeous doctor??

  47. The pictures are cute. in the last one I can see a little of Queen Elizabeth in her.

    My problem is that, as nice as it is to have these pictures, I feel like they were released because Will and Kate feel like they have to so the populace will be grateful enough to ignore the fact that they get all the privileges of being royal without any of the work. I don’t get any sense of them wanting to share. It’s like they begrudge us these photos as if it’s such a burden to have people interested in their lazy lives. How tough it must be to have the entire world ready to love you for absolutely no reason other than cute pictures of your kids, which, by the way, “normal” people usually can’t stop waving around at everyone. Most parents show off so many pictures of their kids that people get sick of them.

    Anyway, it’d be nicer if they were just so happy and excited about Charlotte’s first birthday that they wanted to share it with us. Funny how their quest to be “normal” never involves actually doing anything “normal.”

  48. Well, the knives are out. Not for Charlotte but how WK are in a “image saving” mode to portray themselves as one of the plebs, and using the release of Charlotte’s pictures to deflect criticism from all their epic fails (including the Vogue cover). What a sorry bunch of users and sloths these two are! Thank goodness for journalists who can see right through their charades.

    Daily Beast: “First came the β€˜Vogue’ shots of Kate in a Breton top, then the sweet pictures of Princess Charlotte. Despite their wealth, she and Prince William want to seem just like the rest of us….Kate was probably also savvy enough the pictures [Vogue] would be savaged by the Sunday papers and she would be crowned the Duchess of Dull….By happy accident, she had a trick up her sleeve to make sure the Vogue story and images were quickly forgotten: releasing images of one of the only two people in the world who could knock her off the top of the news cycle; Princess Charlotte.”

    1. If they really wanted to be “seen just like the rest of us” then they would be putting in 40/hr work weeks. Yep, the gloves are coming off, I wonder what trick they will try to pull out their collective hats now.

      1. I honestly think only the Queen understands the demands of a working week. In the UK 4-5 weeks holiday plus bank holidays is usual, but we are well known in Europe for working long days. I really don’t think any of them understand the concept of getting up at 6am to walk the dog or go to the gym, organise kids lunches, iron the shirts …..well you all get me! Neither do they know what it’s like to come home to a house full of hungry kids, sports kit needing washing for tomorrow, bills to be paid. They are so far from normal.
        But I would t change my life for Kate’s, I’ll manage without the silver spoon.

          1. I read that Anne especially requested her aide to keep her busy and always fill her schedule. Very amazing woman and a great example for younger royals.

    2. It seems that these days, Kate and William are pure poison to any endeavour or organisation. The Vogue cover was just a bad idea all up; if ‘Kate took the reins’ as the article says, another really bad idea. Why would she know more about fashion, photography, well, anything, than seasoned professionals. Why, why, why do people let ‘royals’ walk all over them?

      I think we need to be real about royal work. Mark Bolland is probably right: 3 days a week x 5 months of the year. It’s never going to be what the plebs do. However, if Anne, Sophie and all get and out and genuinely raise money for good causes, and can use the influence of their positions to help those in need, well, that’s a good day’s work.

  49. For these two clueless duo to think that all it takes to be perceived as “middle class” is to recycle outfits and wear “ordinary clothes” (yeah right with the Β£4K jacket) against a country backdrop is so insulting. No– we don’t admit slackers to our club. Who are they kidding?

    1. Lauri: My comment above was meant for you but our posts are criss-crossing!

      I hope they never ever let up. We all know WK want to be “normal” only for the sake of appearances. All bark no bite.

    2. That article does clarify a couple of things though. Carole is living with the family, and Kate is hands on in the kitchen. Doesn’t say anything about the kids, but we know they DO have nannies. I wonder if this is all part and parcel of the family’s need for extreme privacy.

      1. Ray: If they have hired cooks and other helpers, who pays them—William, taxpayers, or PC? I wonder if it’s privacy paranoia or William just being cheap.

      2. Whoa, I have not had time to read much about KandW — other than this blog.
        Ray, Carole is living with the Cambridges? Yikes!

        I neglected sending my anniversary wishes your way. May you have many, many, many more wonderful years. April seems to be a busy month for weddings here!

      1. It’s seems the knives are out finally. Kate is no modern woman. She waited ten years for him to put a ring on it. No work, no sense of purpose, except to be the beck and call to William. I don’t even think she puts her children before Billy Boy. That’s just my opinion.

        If she had drive and purpose she could use her position of “princess”. I use the term very lightly. To do good and bring awareness to causes. Whether it be mental health, child bereavement, whatever she fancies for all I care. Yet she does nothing. It’s 2016, wake up Kate women have power and a voice. Use it. And don’t do it that annoying posh accent that you have acquired over time.

        Yet I fear she is content to be dull, unmotivated, and pampered. Probably to her she has it all. Big Blue, William, the children, two kitchens, homes, and UK taxpayers money. What else could Lazy Katie want?

        1. And this could all be swiftly resolved or patched up if she just worked more. Or consistently. Or didn;t blow off her causes she committed to. Or, well, Cared.

    1. Oy, really hurt that one. I guess Charlotte’s magic worn off quite quickly now that people no longer buy the diversion. Sadly this will take a toll on the baby’s image as she grows up. As much of a PR diversion she is made into, people will grow to seeing her as mere PR tool instead of the lovely baby she is.

      1. George and Charlotte are not going to have an easy life. Unfortunately for them they will have a fish bowl existence for being royal. Yet William and Kate make it worse for them. Making it seem like growing up in a gilded cage. Of William’s paranoia. I understand you want your children to have privacy and growing up normal. Yet it’s a double edge sword. When you are controlling the image of how they are seen constantly. Using it to your own advantage or for PR purposes. If you use your children like this. Then that is just sad.

    2. The CDL article is right on the money; it pulls no punches. After 5 years of marriage plus the Waiting Years, Kate has made no impact, contributed nothing, has no sense of service/ duty. It’s not going to change sometime in the future, as if by magic as the crown nears their grasp. Never.

      What do we know? From all accounts, from school days to university, the consistent pattern emerging is that Kate has always been dull and unmemorable. She is also unpleasant and rude when it suits, has absolutely zero work ethic and zero empathy with others. She turns on the smiles for those she perceives of value, but that’s it. Oh, and that she shops and shops.

      We also know that she and her family have zealously pursued status, upping the ante by Kate zeroing in on William. A relentless pursuit, willingly becoming (to be polite) his courtesan. If that’s a modern woman and a role model, we should all just give up. I would be pointing out to any young girl that she was the exact opposite, that no woman would want to end up like that: an empty soul-less vessel.

      Like Eleanor, I feel for the two children. While they have access to riches, they also have two awful role models as parents. Imagine when the children read about their mother and father years from now… how ashamed they will be, as well as disgusted that they were used to deflect their parents’ work-shy ways.

    3. Any valid points are unfortunately obscured by the author’s tabloid claims of plastic surgery and anorexia. It’s one thing for someone to notice a marked difference in weight from her pre and post Duchess days, and it’s quite another to do an armchair diagnosis when you’re writing an article for the public. Plus, the links below are all ridiculous such as claiming George is not Will’s child. Even the Daily Mail has far more credibility and better standards than this.

      1. Hi Anne, yeah I know, CDL does border on the ridiculous at times (entertaining but ridiculous) however, the valid claims are none the less valid even if they are obscured by tabloid claims.

    4. Wow! The knives really are out! Kate does little but smile and bow down to William and she’s adored in so many places. Yet, there are people who do see her for what she really is! Amazing to see this in print.

      What a sad state of affairs when she took a pass on handing out Shamrocks to the Irish Guards to perhaps get her hair touched up for the India trip. What a regular woman she is! Living in luxury and having a nanny to look after her two children while she, while she, while she —- does what? Shop? Cater to W? Get her hair done again? Shop!!!!????

      Diana was a modern Royal. Supposedly changed things forever. But, Kate didn’t get the memo. And, I really wonder what Diana would have thought of Kate? I doubt W would ever have married her if Di were alive.

      1. The shamrock incident really resonated, didn’t it. Kate disrespected the guards. Her life – as everyone on the planet knows – is little more than one of idleness punctuated with a very small number of engagements. KP PR makes it seem as if Kate is run off her feet with children, hoping that no-one will notice that there is a full-time staff of nannies and housekeepers/cook. It is really tiresome and incredibly disrespectful of the public, especially with the UK public that ultimately pays for their lavish lifestyle.

  50. Just chiming in to say thanks to KMR for this treat of a post and to commenters for the always interesting views and extra links. Like a few others who’ve posted, I immediately saw Queen Elizabeth peeking out from that baby face.

    Off topic – I just watched some clips of President Obama’s remarks at the Washington Press Corps dinner, where he joked about his fading importance on the world stage as his term comes to an end – his example was that Prince George met him in his bathrobe. Got a good laugh from the crowd.

    1. That’s a clever remark on Obama’s part. I liked it. I’m sure George being in the robe wasn’t entirely uncoordinated or as unorchestrated as they would have you believe.

    1. Charlotte looks cute here. William was not cute as a baby- he looked bratty and ill-tempered, the same way he does now. Funny how one’s true nature always remains and makes an appearance.

  51. Charlotte is adorable. The photos were nice. I’d like a closeup shot of Lupo! I’m glad he is still around.

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