Kate Middleton covers British Vogue

Kate Middleton covers British Vogue

Following in the footsteps of Princess Diana (who covered Vogue four times) and many other royals, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has covered an issue of Vogue – British Vogue’s centenary issue to be exact.

Kate Middleton covers Vogue 1
[Josh Olins for Vogue UK]

The portraits are a collaboration between Kate’s Patronage, The National Portrait Gallery, and British Vogue to celebrate British Vogue’s 100th anniversary. The portraits were shot by British photographer Josh Olins in the Norfolk countryside. This is the first photo shoot Kate has ever consented to, and the portraits will appear in a 10-page spread in the June 2016 issue, out next Thursday, May 5.

The collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery means two images from the shoot are installed in the Gallery’s Vogue 100 exhibition. Kate will visit the NPG on May 4 to view the installation (this is on top of two other appearances she has that day).

Kate's Vogue portraits at the NPG
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The director of the NPG, Nicholas Cullinan, said:

    “Josh has captured the Duchess exactly as she is – full of life, with a great sense of humour, thoughtful and intelligent, and in fact, very beautiful. Not only do they reflect her love of the countryside, interest in photography and championing of the National Portrait Gallery as our very committed patron, but they also encapsulate what Vogue has always done so brilliantly – to pair the best photographers with the great personalities of the day, in order to reflect broader shifts in culture and society. We had fun in making and choosing these images, and I hope that comes across.”

[Vogue UK]

“very committed patron” – Hehehe. You’re too funny, Nicholas.

Kate Middleton covers Vogue 2
[Josh Olins for Vogue UK]

The photos were taken in January and Kate was “involved in selecting pieces for the shoot”. In two of the photos (including the cover), Kate is wearing a Burberry “Double-Breasted Suede Coat”, and in the other Kate is wearing a Petit Bateau “Women’s Striped T-Shirt”. Kate is also wearing Burberry pants and white shirt, and a vintage hat by Beyond Retro.

A spokesperson for Kate said:

    “Since 1916, Vogue has been a leading champion of British portraiture. The Duchess was delighted to play a part in celebrating the centenary of an institution that has given a platform to some of the most renowned photographers in this country’s history. She is incredibly grateful to the team at Vogue and at the National Portrait Gallery for asking her to take part. She would like to thank Josh Olins for being such a pleasure to work with. The Duchess had never taken part in a photography shoot like this before. She hopes that people appreciate the portraits with the sense of relaxed fun with which they were taken.”

[Daily Mail]

Not going to lie, I was pretty darn shocked when I saw these photos. I didn’t think we would ever see Kate pose for Vogue, and I was especially not expecting new portraits of Kate right now. I was expecting new portraits of Princess Charlotte since it’s her first birthday on Monday.

Kate Middleton covers Vogue 3
[Josh Olins for Vogue UK]

PS. Yes, I know the King of Sweden’s birthday celebrations took place, and I am going to cover them. But since this is a Kate blog, Kate comes first.

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      1. KMR: that 11yr old throwback pick was the era she was SWF-ing Jecca. Hat, jacket, jeans and boots.

        Either way, channelling Jecca!!! Now and in that 11yr old photo.

  1. The quote from the director of the NPG is hilarious, I actually laughed out loud. I like the photo of her in the red and black stripy top, she looks lovely, however I find her clothes quite blah for a lack of another adjective. She doesn’t look chic and stylish like a Vogue cover girl should.

    1. Hmm, at least the top half is alright. Look a bit further down though and prepare to be alarmed at how skinny this chicka is. I feel disturbed looking at it, thought it was a ‘photoshop gone wrong’ thing at first, it’s not good. I really dislike this photo as it makes me feel there is something seriously wrong with her. Pls someone tell me this is those Vogue idiots at their skinny-Photoshopping again?

      Nice to see Big Blue in a shot for once! (Yes I’m being sarcastic)!

        1. First thing I noticed, as well, till the eyebrows. The picture of her in the hat is certainly a version of Kate, but it’s definitely not the much photographed Duchess we regularly see. Ah well, I guess every photographer tries to make their mark. Just a little hard to take, is all

      1. I’ve just looked at the bottom half of the photo closely – her body looks warped, a terrible photoshop job. What gets me is that she’s so thin already, was there need for it?

    2. This is the best Whiny entitled bill and waity hair cathy middleton and poor jason PR can come up with plus photo of Charlotte (when we have the SRF babies and children to admire for their parents hardwork, dedication and inclusion of the people) And

      With King Henry, HM POTUS/FLOTUS the mil, taken over the News with Harry’s I Am Invictus Games!

  2. I like this shoot. Very down to earth and un-fussy. But why is this the first time she’s ever agreed to be on the cover of a magazine? In any event, I am sure the write-up is going to be the nauseatingly sycophantic drivel we’ve come to expect with these things.

  3. This explains why her brows were so darkly coloured for her first (?) Engagement in February. Clearly the vogue team did her make up during yhis shoot in January, and after that she was copying their techniques. If you notice, her make up has been alot better all of a sudden this year, except for the too darkJanuary

    I think she looks like herself in casual clothes, and vogue photoshop not withstanding, and they’ve really gone to town here, i like this version of her.

    1. Agree that she looks much more comfortable in these clothes. It’s one of the things that bother me: she nevers shows her true self, she acts how she thinks she should be acting, with the “posh” accent and bespoke clothes. If she went to engagements wearing pants, for example, I bet it would look way more natural.

  4. I think that the timing of these photos is bad (many critics) and is interesting (just before IG, just before Charlotte’s birthday)… even if the timing was maybe not choosed by her.

    I think that it is interesting that when she makes engagements for the NPG: it is each time or almost for exhibition where there are photos from her, for photography of George…

    I don’t support anymore the photoshop anymore on the magazines for anybody (star, royals, each women and men).

        1. Jealous? Of her daughter ? A one year old? The very best bit of being a parent is being proud of your children I simply cannot image jealousy .

          1. There have been many instances of women being envious of their daughters. Even a one year old. For some women, any female that takes attention away from themselves is a threat, even a one year old daughter.

          2. My own mother envies everything I do and have, which makes our relationship rather difficult. It would be great if she could be proud of me instead. For years and years I put a lot of effort in pleasing her, but there was nothing I could do. That doesn’t mean that Kate is necessarily jealous of Charlotte, but (sadly) that kind of feeling and troubled relationship between mother and daughter do exist.

          3. Unfortunately, my mother was that woman jealous of me. She resented me (second child, first girl) for connecting with my dad with ease and didn’t like me taking attention away from her. There were times when I even felt sabotaged (with an ugly outfit, or encouraging me to eat poorly with her while nodding if an aunt said I gained weight). Those women exist, and they cast big shadows.

            As for Kate and Charlotte, it will be very interesting to see the dynamic she and Kate will grow to have. She might be an easy, mellow kid and not acrimonious at all, but I bet Charlotte will be very much Daddy’s girl and might even emphasize she’s a blood royal from time to time if she and Kate butt heads.

          4. Added my plus to this.

            Kate exhibits classic narcissistic characteristics and one if which is jealousy/resentment of females. All females, including – sometimes particularly – daughters.

            As a daughter of a narcissist, I see trouble ahead.

          5. I feel for Charlotte in having such a narcissist in mother and a pimping grandmother. Neither presents a good role model. I saw the other day a lovely story about Lady Sarah Chatto; let’s hope she can be a strong influence.

          6. Gosh I am amazed. How low can a mother sink? What on earth has Kate got to be jealous about? No one cares about Charlotte because we haven’t actually seen her . There is zero interest around her from what I can see of the BBC coverage of her new photos. This may be what they wanted, but eye need to be careful what they wish for.

          7. This is true. Mother’s can be envious of their daughters from birth. It doesn’t mean they have them. Sometimes it’s as simple as needing to adjust to attention being diverted. And jealousy is a common experience.

            Not to say this is often either it could happen to have. Attention is given on certain. Occasions when the mother was once the main recipient.

            It’s more common than you would think,but does t always last longer than. A few thoughts in my experience dealing with new mother’s. Many are self aware enough to admit the jealousy.
            As to what she could be jealous over… What do many of us have that’s rational in our jealousy? It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

          8. That’s really kind of you, Birdy. Not being able to imagine a mother being jealous of her daughter. Shows that you know what motherhood truly means.

            As others have said, it is possible and very, very damaging to the girl!

            I swore off the Kate part of this blog for a bit because I was upset by how angry I was getting. But, this really drew me right back in and boy am I ever angry! So angry, I had to post!

            How dare this cover coincide with little Charlotte’s first birthday? How dare it also come out when Harry and his dedication to the Invictus Games is just almost upon us!

            A mother who loves her little girl would have waited for this cover story. A woman who loves and respects her husband’s brother — likewise.

            It’s all about her, isn’t it? And, TO BE HONEST, there’s nothing there, (WITHIN YOU)) so big deal, Catherine!

            I agree that she does appear to be channeling Jecca. Kate may like the casual look, but somehow, this is also a bit suspicious in timing. Didn’t William miss Easter and go to Jecca’s wedding? Does not matter when the pix were taken, she had to know that Jecca’s wedding was Easter weekend and I am sure it was not just spring on her that William was going. Even if it was, this was her chance to remind Jecca, “I got the Prince. I got the ring!” Sorry, Catherine, I don’t think Jecca really cares.

            I feel sorry for Charlotte. She is a cute little girl and will always be haunted by the grandmother who died so many years before she was born . She also has a mommy and grandma who don’t understand how important it is for a female to be allowed to grow into the woman she wants to be. A woman with talent, intelligence, caring traits. A woman who does more than wait for years for a man to finally pop the question. A woman who overcomes her anxiety with hard work and dedication. A woman who also understands that hard work goes beyond what it can do for herself, but how it can truly help others.

            I hope Charlotte gives her mom a run for her money. I hope she becomes very poised, very confident and her own person. A woman who will let Kate know that life is what you make of it and the world is yours for the taking when you work hard, care immensely about others and do what it is that you were honestly created to do!

            Ok, I need a drink. Wow, I really do!

    1. You are right Clem. I think Kate couldn’t make one opinion about the mouth the magazine would appear, but the timing is completly wrong. But I bet she is very happy, being the center of attractions is her biggest vanity.

  5. I really like the photo where she’s in the Petit Bateau top, she looks great. I actually really love this length of hair on her and they way she’s been styling it. She looks beautiful when she relaxed and genuinely smiling, there’s a glow to her in these moments.

    Of all her patronages she’s consistency done engagements for and with the NPG. It’s easy work, potraits of her, viewing art and talking to expert around her field of study and mostly in the social/economic group she had a similar background to. George’s one year shots were taken in one of the exhibitions they put on if I remember correctly, or have a partnership with. Both pregnancies she had engagements there, one of her few speeches was there too. When Nichloas took on the post at NPG she had a lunch over at KP that counted to her CC with him, one of the handful functions she’s hosted there. So really Nicholas has ever reason to be happy, in comparison with all her other patronages, to them she’s a better patron.

    It doesn’t surprise me that they’d release these around her wedding anniversary and 5th year as a duchess, irrespective of Charlotte’s 1st birthday coming up. I think KP thought they’d be a big fuss around her 5th anniversary like the media usually does every other year, 1000th day, and landmark anything around Kate.

    There wasn’t, which I was surprised by, even Kate click bait and royal family focused DM just had one article by the editor of Majesty going on about how terrified of letting people down and messing up Kate was (don’t buy it all, public opinion – or anyone else’s but the Middletons – doesn’t seem to register to high on their radar if the interviews they’ve given from their engagement to the recent ones around the Queen’s birthday are anything to go by, never mind their actions).

    1. George’s first birthday photos were taken at the Natural History Museum.

    1. The problem is the photos don’t look high fashion. They look more like Town & Country, or maybe even Field & Stream. She can do high fashion and glamour, I wonder why they went for such a country look. Especially for the 100th issue.

      1. This! These photos don’t look like they belong in Vogue. They do look like they belong more in Town and Country or Country Living or something like that. Which is fine, if that’s what Kate wanted, but then don’t cover Vogue.

        1. I think of those jaw droppingly beautiful shots of Diana at a similar age – Testino? In comparison these are very ordinary – not bad, she looks fine, just ordinary. Diana oozed something in photos – not sure what word to use- but Kate just looks like pretty girl next door.
          Edit was it Demarchallier ?

        2. I agree. Doesn’t seem “glam” enough for Vogue. But she does looks lovely. Her make up looks really good on the cover in my opinion.

        3. Good point. It’s certainly not high fashion but in addition it lacks the attitude of high fashion. That’s the point of high fashion – a person can wear anything but wear it in a way and a manner that makes it high fashion.

        4. Agreed that these are perfect photos for Town and Country. These are not high-fashion at all- they’re really boring and underwhelming. Fashion would have been wearing a gown while sitting on a fence. Instead, we have her 68th striped top which just emphasizes how thin she is.

          And, that hat made me think the 1990s were back, and that she kidnapped it from either 90210 or Blossom, and this is her headshot as an auditioning actress for a sitcom.

          1. I would have loved a photo of Kate in a gown, and preferably big jewels, sitting on a fence, or a horse. That would have been amazing.

      2. I think she is too “involved” in selecting the pieces for the shots. If she had left the Vogue team to choose and manage for her, it would have been star quality. I bet she chose these blah pieces and nobody dared to criticise her. That cover fits better for National Geography magz or Animal Planet ads. She just needs to add Lupo there and she is set. Definitely not Vogue.

        Those eyebrows are horid btw. I doubt that Vogue decided to blacken her eyebrows like that. It makes her face look fierce and very manly. Perhaps this too is her instruction to the makeup artist? I cannot imagine a Vogue makeup artist would draw a duchess’ eyebrows like that deliberately.

  6. I’m a little perturbed. Kate can spend hours at a photoshoot, yet doesn’t spend time working for her charities. Im sure this benefits the Gallery, but I’m at a loss.

    Does she look lovely? Yes. I don’t care for photoshop either. Her brows are a bit much as is the wiglet. I’m just tired of all this tomfoolery.

    Thanks for this post, KMR!

    1. I was thinking the sae thing Rhiannon. She can spend hours getting dolled up and posing for a photo shoot but can’t be bothered to get her bum into gear and to do some “real” work

      1. I agree Rhiannon and Tanya. Mabe for Kate “real work” means always look “perfect” for photos.

      1. @ daisy
        I read that article in The Guardian. Did you read any of the readers comments?

        One comment made me laugh out loud….it went something like this…No it isn’t art it looks like something on the cover of a knitting pattern !!!

  7. I rather liked the second picture of her in the striped shirt, the first one not so much. I find the first one too rigid, too dark. She looks comfortable and natural in the other one.

  8. She looks like a man. She’s not intelligent, as her many comments and gaffes have clearly suggested and of course she’s laughing & full of good humour in these pictures, as she’s getting to be a celebrity on the cover of British Vogue. There are too many pictures and examples of her rudeness and ill humour out there. Ah well, if Kim Kardashian, the textbook definition of useless, can get covered by Vogue, so can the Duchess.

    1. I think that it is interesting that they will not be interview but a few quotes Kate has given. I bet that the quotes will be generic, without substance : apart some citations about Georges, Charlotte and maybe we must stop the stigma around mental health. We will see….

    2. Bingo Red Tulip. I have been grasping for the right words about her “look” and you nailed it. Masculine!!! And the eyebrows are as wide as train tracks. She is so extraordinarily ordinary.

      1. “She is so extraordinarily ordinary.” Fantastic Yorkie, And I agree about her looking Masculine. I really hate when Kate is grinning, she looks scary. But the other pictures I liked.

  9. I wonder if she’ll give an interview for the write up or will it just bra general thing we’ve all read before. But of all magazines of course it would be Vogue, she’d be crazy to pass that up. No girl would pass up vogue!! Only step up would be the September Issue of Vogue US, quite frankly. If it’ll be 10 pages, I wonder what other photos they’ll include. Perhaps baby Charlotte will be included.

  10. A new article from DM : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3567529/Duchess-Vogue-cover-star-LIZ-JONES-dares-say-s-bit-Boden.html

    Interesting observation at the end :

    But here is my important problem. You only grace the cover of Vogue when you want to become an icon and have your ego massaged. You are joining the fashion elite.
    Like Diana, who wanted to be a mother, a Princess, a charity worker, an everywoman, a pin-up, Kate has sold her soul to the devil that is vanity and elitism, and those fashionistas who judge others only by their BMI.
    Kate, who up to now has protected her privacy and that of her children ferociously, has opened the floodgates to the sort of forensic scrutiny her late mother-in-law endured.
    There is no going back. Pandora’s dressing-up box has burst open.

    1. Both Kate and William need to build a healthy respectful relationship with the press. If they don’t the pandora station box really may open.

  11. I like the pictures n theory but she looks so overdone and thin. At least he smile seems genuine–but of course it does, t’s for VOGUE! She must be thrilled. I dislike the clothes, but it’s Kate. Country royal girl seems the theme. Nothing glamorous or royal in it, which is what one would expect from royal portraiture. It feels like your generic outdoor photoshoot any photographer could do. I am really sad at how thin and sick she always looks. They tried to give her light in the eyes, a spark she doesn’t have anymore IMO. It just makes me sad? I know she hunted for this herself but… I don’t know. I always have conflicted feelings.

    I laughed at the comments from the NPG’s president. Come on, really, how many people believe that rubbish? She is a terrible patron but then again museum patronages are just about showing up for fundraising galas and the like. It would be nice to see them as patrons as lesser known museums to give them PR and cash. Museums are wonderful!

    I really do like her hair and wish my similar cut could look like that, but I don’t have extensions nor do I wear a wiglet. 😉

    1. Kate doesn’t even show up for fundraising galas.

      Yes, museums are wonderful!

  12. “Great personalities of the day”, and that means…….Kate?
    Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Wipes away tears).
    Thank you British Vogue. I never realized you were such excellent comedians. I’ll chuckle over this for the rest of the day.

    Great personalities…..hee hee hee.

  13. I like the shots. She seems a bit more real than the fake posh princess facade she puts up. Thing is, does this girl own anything other than stripes? It seems like ALL of her tops are striped shirts. Girl needs to learn about other prints and colours and branch out. It’s boring.

    And none of her harsh eyeliner. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! She looks so much better without that harsh dark line around her eyes. It’s about time.

    1. Yes! I was thinking the exact same thing about the eyeliner – she looks so much better with a natural eye and it actually makes her look younger. We should all take note. 🙂

    1. ClHer eye makeup is stunning and it is about time someone told her no to the ridiculous eyeliner she wears. The entire picture is odd to me though. Eyebrows that are far too heavy and over power her face, light eye makeup and finally a real lip color, but only bronzing and shading on the rest of her face. She needs a pop of color on her cheeks. To me it distorts her face and leaves her book ng waxy. I wish she learned that the liner and nude lip don’t have that be her go to every day! I am not find of these pics. The whole pugnacious is odd, another stripped shirt, not a single statement piece in these pics.

  14. Since when is black jeans and a striped shirt high fashion? I wear that to go grocery shopping. This doesn’t look like Vogue. A professional stylist put that together? I mean, Kate looks happy and photogenic. But I am not impressed with what is supposed to be the 100 anniversary of Vogue. It doesn’t look like Vogue.

    1. Hi Cookie, I imagine that the Vogue stylist brought lots of gorgeous clothes but couldn’t persuade Kate to wear anything more adventurous than black trousers instead of her normal skinny jeans.

  15. Her eyes areher best feature. Makeup helps to accentuate them.Why oh why oh why would you experiment with new makeup for the cover of Vogue?!? She looks washed out, plain, and not like herself. Kate- your regular look of accentuated eyes and close to nude lips is stunning. Keep with what works. I am so sad to see she didn’t bring out her eyes in this shoot.

  16. I like the striped shirt picture, but find the cover photo’s eyebrows too distracting and severe. I think the striped shirt photo will be the one that people remember in the future.

    The hat is cute but it’s more Vogue Australia than British Vogue. I don’t mind the casualness since I think Kate is most comfortable and photographs best that way. And, I assume we’ll get a more formal photo shoot in the future anyhow.

  17. Kate’s face looks lovely but her hunched-back posture & skeletal-thin frame show that she is not healthy at all. I wish there was a portrait of her wearing one of the tiaras ( or all 3)then we will have a proper look at her regal posture. Vogue should have focused on the

    fact that she is a duchess with a common touch who is also the future queen of UK. Maybe the palace wouldn’t lend her the tiaras.

      1. Speaking of tiaras, KMR, any coming tiara events for the BRF? Especially the ones where Kate will be going. Can’t wait to see whether she has received the royal family order from the Queen.

        1. The only two upcoming tiara events that I know of for the BRF are the State Opening of Parliament in May and the State Visit of the President of Colombia to the UK in November. I highly doubt Kate will go to the opening of parliament, and if Kate goes to the State Banquet in November I doubt we’d see any good photos of her (Charles and Camilla went to Colombia in 2014 so I would think they would go to the Banquet which means Kate wouldn’t be clearly visible in any photos or video we get of that event).

          1. Thanks for the info KMR. I wish there were official photos of Kate in the full princess mode with tiara & diamonds. I wonder why this hasn’t been done before.

  18. The picture in the stripped top is nice. The one in the hat begs the question:why does Kate have 2 wooly caterpillars over her eyes?

  19. I can’t get over the shock right now that she did a photoshoot for Vogue. I wonder if she gave an interview at all? I really don’t see how this is for the NPG? I feel like that is just an excuse. Vogue has made it clear they wanted to shoot Kate since the engagement. It seems like Kate wanted that as well and just had to find a way to make it work without her looking like she just wanted publicity. Now she truly is just a celebrity.

    I am beyond shocked right now. I am curious to see the other photos when they come out.

    1. Wasn’t it said at one time that the Duchess would never pose for a magazine cover? I seem to remember something like that either before the wedding or right after it.

      1. I remember reading that, too. But I wasn’t sure about it so I didn’t mention it in my article. But yeah, I remember reading something about how Kate didn’t want to be considered a clothes horse and wanted to be taken seriously so she didn’t want to pose for Vogue, even though Anna Wintour was all about trying to get Kate to pose for Vogue right after the wedding.

        1. Okay, I am glad I am not alone. I remember that as well. Anna Wintour was trying hard to get her and I thought the Palace or someone official responded to the rumours by saying Kate would never pose for a magazine.

          1. I also remember that quote. That’s why I laughed out loud when the article popped up on the dailymail yesterday. In the same statement they said that “The Duchess is not a fashion horse”….. Holy guacamole:-)

        2. It seems like Jason had to change Kate’s pr-strategy.

          I think the plan initially was that Kate wouldn’t grace any covers, but due to Kate’s complete lack in charisma, they had to change the plan. This way Jason tries to make Kate interesting and relevant again. They try to make ther IT-girl the new Diana, but Jason doesn’t understand that all his intentions falls flat due to Kate.

          This will come and bite Kate in her but.

          Also very interesting that there have been no massive interest in the Five-year anniversary.

        3. I remember that too. Anna Wintour said many times she wanted Kate on the Vogue. I agree with you Larissa. Jason seems to have changed his strategies about Kate, but the biggest problem is and will always be Kate herself. And really, no real interest in the 5 year anniversary of wedding. It shows how the couple are doing things and the public reaction.

          1. ahh thank you Feeshalori. Even 5 years ago, the article says that everyone assumes that the magazine Kate will eventually appear on is Vogue. And viola! Here she is. I hope the Queen is not happy and says something to her. This just seems like a vain and shallow thing Kate wanted and somehow managed to do it under the veil of ‘work’.

  20. I haven’t read any other comments yet so please forgive me if I make repeat observations.

    I think these photos are beautiful, the color and lighting is superb and so much better than the Mario Testino photos taken for Charlotte’s christening. I have to admit I didn’t recognize the Duchess in the black and white photos, she looks so much like Jecca Craig it’s a bit eerie. I do like the lighter makeup, looser done hair and the bit darker lip color on her is very flattering.

    I wonder how posing for a well known magazine plays into the Cambridge’s demand for privacy? I would understand posing for the National Portrait Gallery, which is one of her patronages, but posing for Vogue? I think that will make the case for privacy a bit harder to defend.

    1. I am so glad they used a professional make-up artist for these photos. The lightened eye makeup looks so much better on Kate. I hope she sees these photos and realizes she looks better with less. Except they went a bit crazy on her eyebrows. I actually think Kate has nice eyebrows and doesn’t need them darkened or thickened up.

      I think Kate looks great in the photo without the hat. I am not crazy about the other 2, like you said, it doesn’t look like Kate. But the red shirt photo screams Kate and she looks very pretty in it.

      As for privacy, because this was somehow for the NPG, that will be their excuse. But I don’t quiet understand either 🙂

    2. “I wonder how posing for a well known magazine plays into the Cambridge’s demand for privacy?”

      Hell if I know. I wonder how this will affect things going forward. Like, will the British press be more likely to print candid, pap photos of Kate now? We’ll see I guess.

        1. They were released by Vogue UK. KP also posted them on Twitter, but they were officially released by Vogue.

      1. Poor Kate….she simply looks like she constantly and consistently tries too hard. She is part of the Royal Family now but she just doesn’t fit. It’s like she tried too hard to get Prince William too. Granted it’s not fair to compare her to Diana, but Diana brought an innocence and genuine love when she married Prince Charles. Kate didn’t bring anything. From the beginning, she’s appeared like she’s “always on” and it’s all about her. Now, whenever I see photos of Kate and/or read about Kate, the saying “money can’t buy class” is always present in my mind.

  21. Besides Diana’s striking Vogue photos, there are also gorgeous, regal Vogue images of Princess Grace, Princess Caroline, Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Stephanie, probably more. Kate looks pretty but I agree – they are just average photos. I would have loved to see her go full-on Princess mode with diamonds and tiara.

  22. I think this will sell very well for Vogue, but if it doesn’t then the Kate Effect is over. It will be interesting to see the numbers.

      1. From what I read, it sounded like the 10-page spread would be all Kate, but I’m not sure.

  23. Well it hasn’t taken long for the negative reviews of this photo shot to come out.


    Also, the comments on the Express’ article about this shot aren’t very positive, someone pointed out that she could take the time for this shot but not the Irish Guards. I think the Cambridge’s have an up hill battle ahead of them to win back the press and the majority of the public. I really don’t know if a high fashion magazine photo shot was the best way to go about it.

    1. I really don’t think that it was the best way to go about it either.

      Head down, bum up would have been a better option. More good deeds and less photo ops to show people that you really do care about your charities would speak volumes.

    2. It’s funny, that article says she didn’t want to look to thin in the outfits. Which I so don’t believe since she has made herself this thin.

      The article is pretty mean but I agree with some comments. She can do a photo shoot but not spend a few hours with her charities in January???Gosh, they are shooting themselves in the foot, their PR foot

    3. The comments from a couple of papers has not been positive: the Irish Guards is quickly brought up along with Kate’s dismissive comment of not wanting to create expectations. And fair enough too. Blowing off that event really resonated with the public; incredibly unwise move to dishonour the military. And, it seemed, because she had beauty treatments planned instead. Geez, how dumb is that?

      William and Kate do so few engagements, with all sorts of excuses made, that it is astounding when time is found – and swathed in secrecy no less – for a fashion magazine photo shoot. Sigh. Really, really bad PR strategy. I’m sure they thought at the beginning of the year that any bad press was momentary, and that it didn’t register. I must say I am surprised and pleased that the press has kept up the momentum in keeping the Cambridge’s to account.

      The cover photo is fine but as others have said, belongs to Country Life (UK) magazine, and others of that ilk, rather than Vogue. There is a world of difference between the totally hot Diana cover and Kate’s pedestrian version. Kate is just very dull and no matter what is thrown at her to make her appear fabulous, or what PR froth is thrown at us, nothing can change it. Charisma – or lack of it, aside – the gaunt look seems to accentuate a more masculine look, aided by the large teeth and the very heavy eyebrows.

    4. I agree. In my opinion this photoshot should have been done later, after some good, effective and well prepared engagements. But Kate’ s too lazy to work, too vain to say no to some vogue photos

  24. I was quite surprised when I saw the pictures. Not because it is a photoshoot, but because it is a fashion magazine. I would have never expected this from her and I was fine with that, actually. The article by Liz Jones from the Daily Mail can be incredible bitchy, but I fully agree with this: “You only grace the cover of Vogue when you want to become an icon and have your ego massaged. You are joining the fashion elite.”
    As much as I think the pictures are lovely, the whole Vogue thing makes me feel uncomfortable. As for me, whenever I think of Vogue, I think of celebrities from the show business and Kate, well, she should not try to be one of them.
    Also, as a woman who has been known as a clothes horse and has endured so many criticism for her lack of work and commitment, is this path really the right choice?????She is ok to be photographed for the cover of a fashion magazine and having her ego massaged, but can’t be bothered to leave her home for a couple of hours to attend a charity event or St Patricks Day. Kate has just made official her clothes horse title.

    Finally, moving away from Kate, I just want to say I love your blog. This is the first time I leave a comment (english is not my native language, so I’m sorry for any misspelling), but from now on I´ll try to be more active.

    1. I thought your command of the English language was great and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

      I guess this will teach her charities not to have a photo shoot set every times she visits! Maybe next year the Irish Guards can set up a little photo booth for her?

    2. Hi Alice, welcome! Your English is very good. I agree with your comment.

  25. Folks, break out your champagne. Duchess Kate finally wore trousers! Trousers! Actual pants, not spray on jeans, not skinnies, not nylon tights masquerading as jeans, but actual honest to God pants.


  26. I barely recognised her. She looks beyond photoshopped.I find the cover photo ugly. KP is really pushing her as a celebrity- nothing but image. Another meaningless endeavour.

    The syrupy fawning is unseemly and gag inducing. And funny. As if she had character and a personality.

  27. Trivial question I know – but do these photos mean she does NOT have tattooed eyeliner? I don’t like these pictures particularly but she looks better without the heavy black outline around her eyes. The eyebrows are another story.

    I love the Diana photo in the Daily Mail – I was never a huge fan of hers but she did grow into a great beauty. Kate is merely attractive.

    1. She does not. The eyeliner has always changed in thickness, darkness, length of application, and within or outside of the waterline. I’ve always thought this was 1 of the silliest internet rumors since it was so easily debunked.

      If anyone has applied liquid eyeliner before it will almost always come out thick like Kate’s.

  28. Vogue has done some gorgeous covers and usually the editors are spot on in bringing out the charisma of the profile. In this case, was this the best they could get out of Kate? Photographers have the knack of capturing the depth and substance of their subjects. There is no depth to the pics and I don’t blame the photographer – kate looks like a thrilled teenage girl who somehow landed her first Seventeen cover. There is nothing fashionable about her outfits and the Burberry coat fits awfully on the cover. Plus the whole colour scheme screams ‘fall’ instead of spring-summer. I swear Burberry has prettier coats to offer – why this? Overall, it’s a pretty drab and ordinary cover by Vogue. Kate doesn’t look bad, but she looks so plain. No glamour, no style, zero sophistication. A very strange editorial decision by Vogue.

    1. A bright fun color in one of the Burberry trenchcoats would have been nice. The purple, teal or red! (I lust after having one of those coats. I have a quilted coat that’s fabulous.)

      1. I really don’t get why they didn’t do something like that. Fashion magazines are supposed to catch your eye, be out of the ordinary, and over the top. With such a calm and neutral background they should’ve done outfits and gowns that were great pops of color.

    2. So true-it does feel like Fall. I am surprised the surrounding area was not more green in the photos. They were taken in January which is fairly wet. She looks like she was photographed in a desert setting. The background is very plain, so I wish she had chosen more color.

    3. ” it’s a pretty drab and ordinary cover by Vogue. Kate doesn’t look bad, but she looks so plain. No glamour, no style, zero sophistication. A very strange editorial decision by Vogue.” Perfect words, michal.

    4. I guess it depends on how much control Vogue had over the shoot. It is no secret that Will and Kate’s PR is highly controlled and micro-managed. I don’t think that Vogue had the final say. These photos are not bad adn she looks pretty – but they look more catalogue than Vogue. They simply don’t fit the visual profile generally characterizes Vogue.

      I also wonder if there’ll be an interview. IMO, a photoshot is pointless without an interview when it comes to royal PR. Just this month a Danish fashion magazine has an interview with CP Mary (about her work), which is accompanied by a photoshoot. If there isn’t an interview, then what story is it that KP wants to tell with this photoshoot? The message has to be more than Kate likes the countryside and is relaxed in casual wear.

  29. I didn’t realize that you could get false eyebrows, do they come in a kit with Kate’s wiglets?
    Merkins for eyebrows? As worn by Duchess of Cambridge?

  30. Am I the only one who thinks it is strange that she goes to the NPG to view pictures of herself? And this will count as ‘work.’ She has the photos taken and then goes to view them after she was the one to select them.

    1. No Overit, you’re not the only one. I think it is strange too. Let’s wait and see if this will count as “work”.

  31. This whole eyebrow debate cracks me up. I suppose this dates me but I recall when Brooke Shield’s voluptuious eyebrows were the envy of all. I think the pictures are nice but underwhelming.

    1. I was thinking that the Duchess’ eyebrows looked an awful lot like Brooke’s and yes, the full, natural brow look is very much on trend but imo the Duchess’ eyebrows were done just a tad to thick and heavy. I frequently have to pencil in my eyebrows between colorings and let me tell you it’s a fine line to walk between just enough and too much color. Some days I end up looking like Groucho Marx and have to start over again.

    2. The eyebrow debate cracks me up because I don’t care at all about eyebrows. I just leave mine natural. So they are whatever they are.

      1. When I was younger I left mine alone too, but time has taken it’s toll and being very fair haired and going white means that if I didn’t apply some color to my eyebrows it would look as though I didn’t have any.

  32. I do like the photo of Kate in the Petite Barteau top and I admit good hair. William is meant to like the outdoor pursuits. Maybe that is why Kate choose that theme. I am pleased the Vogue shoot as something to do with the National Gallery. The timing before Charlotte’s birthday is a bit off though.

  33. To me, I think the country shoot was maybe the best choice even though it’s not Vogue. Kate always seems much more comfortable in casual clothes and the whole country lifestyle than as a royal – especially recently. I don’t think the photos would have come out nice with a more dressed up shoot.
    I do wonder why she doesn’t/can’t do more charity work that involves sport and outdoor activities. They can help both physical and mental health and organisations like Scout need more promoting with the new generation. She could literally use just sport and promote charities that deal with rehabilitation, promote inclusion of marginalised communities in sport, use sport as a platform for helping children in inner-city communities away from gangs, raise awareness and funds for sporting academies because Britain is behind other European countries in that respect, and she could go to as many Wimbledon matches, ski trips she wants without people batting their eyes. Heck, Pippa could help her in the planning. No clue why no one is guiding her down that path. She did do so well in the beginning when she attended sports and scouts events.

    P.s. KMR love your blog and your dedication to updating it frequently. I’ve loved and followed European, African (I’m from Africa, lived in Uk and now Japan) and Asian royalty for years and your blog is my favourite.

    1. I totally agree that Kate should do more charity work involving sports. It’s really the only time she lights up and seems engaged. And yes, sports do help with mental health so she could tie it into that if she really wanted.

      Thanks EL!

      1. That’s fascinating, Sally. It would have been great if she had posed with some kids for the cover of “Scouting”.

  34. I think women with naturally dark and thick eyebrows look great, like Keira Knightley or Jennifer Connelly. They would look strange with thin ones since their face is meant for thicker.

    Kate has naturally thin and lighter brows. And they are shaped perfectly for her face so these thick/dark brows don’t fit her. It’s amazing how the wrong eyebrow can affect your whole face. I have heard and agree that eyebrows are the most important feature on your face since it can change your look so much. I think Kate would have looked much better with her natural brow. They are very distracting and not in a good way

    1. Is this the reason she looks.. different? It’s not just me, (thank goodness) as others are saying they don’t recognise her recently. She definitely looks unlike herself, is it the eyebrows? I think she looks like Carla Bruni, this isn’t a bad thing but why does Kate not look like Kate anymore?

      1. The eyebrows and a lighter hand with the makeup, we just don’t recognize her without the raccoon eyes. Actually I think she looks much better without the heavy eyeliner but it did take me a minute to recognize her. I still think she looks an awful lot like Jecca Craig when she wears a hat.

    2. The thing is, they tried everything to make the alleged style icon stylish. And the one thing which is a thing in the moment, are eyebrows. Voilà. Fill them in as heavy as you can, pray and hope for the best. Well, it didn’t work. She was never a style icon, she is not a style icon and she will never be one. All those icons I remember so far had way more charisma, warmth, intelligence, humor…. Audrey Hepurn, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren,…. even Madonna! This boring little girl might know every single shade of beige but she is just a little doll, living in her rich-girl-hipster bubble without having a clue how to spell the word personality.

  35. Was this the best Vogue could do? Even Princess Anne looked spectacular in her Vogue cover.

    Vogue has managed to emphasize emphasized her looks, how masculine she is. Kate is not pretty or beautiful she is a handsome woman.

    And she is alarminly thin.

    I agree with everyone else, she can manage to be without her children for a Vogue shoot but nor for Irish Guards.

  36. The commenters on Instagram are over the moon and praising her beauty…. Maybe that’s why they are focusing on social media and not on traditional media. The feedback is positive. If I was walking in Kates shoes I would only pay attention to the i.e. Instagram comments, relax and smile….and continue with my laziness. Sigh.

  37. She finally got the black eyeliner removed. I thought it was ‘permanent’, there is no way she applied that every day, even after it was apparent it looked terrible and she probably regretted it. Far too harsh as she aged. She can’t bleat about privacy and do a vogue cover. How does Vogue help Britain? Or the monarchy?

  38. When you get right down to it – she’s selling magazines with this photo shoot. Nothing more, nothing less. No different from any other day or any other press. And all she is doing, is standing around in the country – which is what she is becoming known for.

    How exceptional would it have been, if she had a ball for some charity, wore some high fashion and posed for it in collaboration with Vogue and made a ton of money for the charity. But she didn’t. The only “cause” she is highlighting here – is her own.

  39. Greetings Everyone,

    It has been a little while since I have commented – with an unstable internet connection I will do the best I can.

    First the positive – “Vogue 100 years of celebrating celebrity faces and fashion” a plus.

    Now the bald truth:

    The True Self of this vain individual has just been plastered over a Magazine which had at least some credibility BEFORE having kate the fake on the cover.

    My explanation:

    1. PR to wipe out the exceptionally great press and dedication of Prince Harry and Her Majesty. Especially with the Invictus Games a week away. The bravery of those service men and women, their families and their coaches humble me.

    2. To promote herself – so that the World (peasants) is reminded that she is more important than anyone else in the BRF including Prince Harry and the Queen.

    3. To divert the attention from the unfavourable press that she has received in the last 2 years (or more) for her abysmal work ethic and “flashing” exhibitions.

    4. Her daughter’s birthday – again attention taken away from a child (under the guise of this shite).
    The “mother daughter rivalry – even a 1 year old is a proven theory. History has many variations on that theme.

    5. A pure and utter contempt for the very rules/not negotiable rubbish billy boy and spoilt madam laid down.

    a. No Vogue – deemed vulgar and did not want to be seen as celebrity (her own words). Lying madam.

    b. The hypocrisy of calling out Peter Philips when he married Autumn and it was published in the Hello magazine of which pure disdain and disgust were made known at the time.

    c. The people abusing Liz Jones for daring to say what she did, which was extremely brave and honest then accusing Liz of being a bully, of hating kate the fake which is a pure double standard.

    6. A “cheque book” and “money grubbing” middleton/Windsor triple standard.

    So – upshot, kate the fake has made a deal with the devil, sold her story, made sure she was plastered over Vogue and has just turned herself into a Z list celebrity.

    Q. What part of this trash and tripe that billy boy and her fakeness have screamed at us for years about (being normal, down to earth and idiotic privacy issues) does this Cover and content serve?


    This is appalling and it is evident that the DM, Telegraph among others think exactly the same way as I do.

    Yet – the most galling thing about this is that it is Liz Jones they attack, it is those of us who ask that while she was being pampered for this personal gratification – the Irish Guards were blown off, Royal Duties were neglected, and thousands of pounds spent for her 15 minutes of smugness.

    This is a step too far. By doing this the spoilt madam and her gormless husband have just cheapened the Monarchy, blown any chance of redeeming themselves by hard work has now been sunk completely.

    Drooling over photographs is one thing – but how dare they (especially middleton) do the very thing they swore not to do. Re-writing history to suit themselves.

    I guess lies come easily to these two. Niether of them give a toss about what people think – as long as their nests are feathered, their privileged lives are paid for off the back of the people and done it in such a way that it they have tried to squash the popularity of Prince Harry and Her Majesty (along with the other hard working members of the BRF who carry these two loafers.

    It is a sickening abuse of privilege. Another opportunity wasted –

    Enough already – the British Public are not taking this well, it has left a bitter pill to swallow especially when reading comments such as “flaunting their pampered lifestyles….” others will never purchase another copy of Vogue again, and those of us who dare to comment on the fact that the butt flashing madam is 34 years old, not a girl, is lazy, work shy, and can find all the time in the world to doll herself up yet not get to the 70th Anniversary of D Day landings and the St Patricks Day skive off are the ones who are being abused for not “praising” this brainless, vapid twit.

    Many are sick of the sight of middleton’s falseness – the constant copying of Diana (and not because billy boy expects it), middleton always wanted the limelight, the glory without the real graft and it saddens me to see how far this Monarchy has fallen by her involvement in it.

    There are no redeeming features in this Cover at all. The article in the DM and Telegraph told it like it is. Good on them – someone had to.

    Shame on kate the fake, shame on billy boy – the sooner the Anmer Hall dimwits have their funding cut the better.

    Reality bites and this bite could well one that proves to be fatal. Their lack of character, poor judgment, coupled with abysmal work ethic will see the House of Windsor fall unless Prince Harry succeeds his father.

    Some may not agree with my comments, some of yours are very insightful however the common thread is the further disappointment, digust and double standards that seem endemic in these Clowns.

    The British Public, members of the Commonwealth and those who are just interested in Royalty itself are now seeing the true colours of a pair of spoilt, indulged and self important prigs – and that is not a sight to behold but one of narcissim with no conscience or sense of responsibility.

    They will never be my king or queen consort – that ship has sunk.

    Now out in the real world, life is busy, I am so looking forward to getting what coverage I can of the Invictus Games, bless Prince Harry for giving it his all and the love that his Grandmother has for him just shines from within.

    Will check in just before leaving for the next Port of Call…

    I am lurking about on land for about a day and a half – many packs of food, water, blankets, clothing and books to deliver yet it is all worth it.

    Take care my friends, wherever you are, whatever you are doing….

    always emember that “you can not light a candle without feeling the warmth of that bright little ray” so keep a smile in your heart, a spring in your step and a basket full of happiness to you all.

    Thank you KMR for your wonderful updates on Prince Harry – a good, kind man with a joyful soul.

    The Wild Rose

  40. She doesn’t look like herself on the cover.Her eyebrows have changed and not for the better in my opinion.But if she’s feeling her look good for her.She and her brother James are more similar looking to each other.
    Also,I suppose that to an extent beauty is in the eye of beholder.In my view the Duchess ranks slightly above average in the looks department.I have never regarded her as very beautiful.
    I like the sunny background and the casual setting of the photos.It reflects the Duchess’s personality and I appreciate that.Personally,I can’t imagine her posing like Diana did.

    1. That’s a fair assessment Candice, and I agree. The only thing is, I’ve always thought James was a foundling, I can’t see that he looks like anyone in his family!!

  41. Charlotte Casiraghi did a few commercials for Gucci, altough in equestrian type of clothing she looked extremely glamourous. Now compare to these pictures of Kate, the basis of Charlotte’s and Kate’s shoots are similar but the outcome is sooo different.

    Charlotte would have rocked these pictures. This is one example of how dowdy Kate is.

  42. The photographer and photoshoppers did a splendid job bringing out the masculinity in her. The downside: It could be anybody, I can’t see any genuine personality shining through. Those pictures are entirely 100% forgettable.

  43. She looks gorgeous. She wisely did not try to emulate Diana as a fashion icon. She is not yet a princess so gown and tiara would have been inappropriate. I love it that she is trying to create her own style. I hope we get to see more photos from the shoot

    1. It was really wise not to portray her as the second Diana. 1) It’s not possible to copy Diana, as she was so unique 2) Kate has no charisma AT ALL. Her Royal Dowdiness, the Duchess of Drab, can only be photographed the way it was done. Her at a desk, in an office, in one of the kitchens, on the tennis court, …. That would’ve been fun but even more damaging for the already tarnished image.

    2. She is a princess – on her children’s birth certificates her profession is princess. I wish she was creating her own style, to my mind she is just copying the other wealthy country women in Will’s set ( I deliberately don’t say her set, because as I understand it she is. It welcomed by that crowd. )

  44. Greetings Everyone,
    Birdy, Ray, Rhiannon, Tanya S …..

    The Container being unloaded is held up for another half hour so…. your messages just popped up as I was about to close out…

    I am absolutely furious about this lazy, vain, narcissist – and so much so that I am going to write yet another letter to the Queen as well as Prince Charles about this.

    My view is that sometimes we have to say exactly what we mean and stand by it.

    The lack of publicity around the 5th anniversary – is because the marriage is in trouble.

    The birthday of Charlotte is going to be “over controlled” and another “paranoid” attempt at the “normal tripe”.

    The funding for the lazy sods may have been cut so to hedge their bets on criticism about the money spent, she was probably paid by Vogue.

    Not much difference between middleton and kim Kardashian except Kim actually worked for her money. Even if it is said that Kim is tacky – kate the fake is worse, she just takes and that in my book is shameful.

    I am excercising my democratic right by questioning the double standards of these two layabouts, their down right arrogance and dismal work ethic yet taking every opportunity to flaunt their status in front of the very people who they are answerable to.

    Another question I am going to put to both Her Majesty and Prince Charles is why after all this time they are still “babied” and to add insult to injury the games they play with the public/privacy issues.

    e.g. Threatening to sue over intrusion of privacy, flashing at Memorials, failing to attend important duties/Commemorations yet have the gall to show off on a damn ski field and primped for a photo shoot to show herself off. Vanity at its worst.

    Last but not least I am going to ask the question – what is the point of having them?

    Middleton is not Royal – she is married to a Prince who may NEVER be king. I am going to remind both Her Majesty and Prince Charles that without the goodwill of the people the Monarchy will not survive and a fashion spread for vanities sake does not cut it.

    That will be one hell of a letter. Once it is properly drafted, handwritten and sent – I will let you know the response.

    I am sick to death of this “up yours” game.

    One other thing I will also raise is the fact that Princess Sofia gave birth 2 weeks ago and was back attending to Royal Duties a couple of days ago way sooner than the bone idle fake kate. I will also raise the fact that no matter how much PR spin is trotted out – people are not buying it.

    That is how hacked off I am – or the best way I could put it without having every second word redacted because I am swearing!!!!

    That is how I really feel. Trust me – when I saw those “vanity” photos, coupled with two 34 year olds who are taking advantage of hard working people, and laughing all the way to Anmer Hall, this is one person (me) that wants an answer to how the Royal Family let this farce go on for so long and not do anything about it.

    I am entitled to question the institution of the Monarchy and I will.

    Livid and disgusted are the mildest forms I can use in any comment section. Middleton may as well have posed for Playboy – she certainly has the dress code (St Andrews underwear photos) and exhibitionist tendencies, so it is about time someone got an answer from the Senior Royals about this…. so I will ask the questions.

    Meanwhile – just being “piped” ships turning, so container will be open in next 10 minutes.

    Kindest thoughts, from an “angry ant” but wishing you a day or evening full of joy, love and laughter.

    The Wild Rose

    1. WildRose I scour every comments section for your thoughts if I don’t have time to read everyone else’s. You are so articulate and I almost always agree with everything you say.

  45. Thanks Wild Rose for putting things straight and calling a spade , a spade. Do you think the queen & prince Charles will respond? Keep us in touch & good luck on your journey!

  46. I was brought up in the “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” world of Parental Words of Wisdom, so I’ve never posted on a Kate Middleton related site. Forgive me if I veer a bit off course.

    I feel that Kate has now slid down the slippery slope and has become a social “celebrity”. I have never felt she was “royal” as that word, to me, brings to mind certain words like duty, service, commitment, noblesse oblige – you know, all that Her Majesty The Queen type stuff.

    When I saw the B/W cover, I sincerely did not know who it was at first. Then I spotted Big Blue prominently displayed front and center. This photoshoot was for the benefit of her NPG patronage? Cue the earworm of the week – HM saying “Oh, really? Puh-leeze.”

    On the heels of the Vogue/frantically-working-overtime-KP-staff PR, of course the photos of Charlotte were trotted out this morning. Hey Kate, children’s clothing for girls come in other colors than pink. Just thought I’d let you know there are other options out there – I bought my grandniece a really kicky purple with rainbow print skirted snapsuit dress! So please just STOP the “blue for naughty boys, pink for ladylike girls” BS ridiculousness.

    Ending on a positive note (one reason I chose to post here was for the refreshing environment halfway between the sugar and bitter flavors): Prince Harry, best of luck with the Invictus Games this week. Even though the US will kick your butts 🙂

    My niece will be in Orlando and waving a flag for me. BTW, Harry – she’s almost 30, no boyfriend at the moment, blonde (not natural – sorry) and in a US Army uniform. Right now she is a helicopter mechanic but will be starting pilot training in the fall. (Psst, her favorite brew is Yuengling). Just sayin’…

    One final note: kudos to KMR and all the contributors of a wide range of insightful, thought provoking, and downright funny posts and comments. Thank you:-)

    1. #boom. Oh Szolo you did make me laugh. Please continue posting. But two things you have got totally wrong …. Sorry?

      Harry only has eyes for Rhiannon who he is going to meet and fall in love with in Florida in the next few days ( can’t wait for her to tell us she got a hug)

      The Brits are coming to Invictus… In The words of FLOTUS ‘bring it on!!!!’

      1. The countdown is on! Hold on, Harry! Hoping for a handshake, will settle for a hug. I really hope I don’t suffer a panic attack.

  47. I don’t like those pictures at all – I think there is something manly about her face features. Her figure is also the one which rather belongs to teenage boy than to a women. I think she is loosing her femininity due to her underweight. I am sure if you see her naked you would be terrified.

    1. I think her weight is, as we say in England, ‘the elephant in the room’. KMR quite rightly doesn’t like us to comment too much on such physical attributes, but it is getting to the point that not voicing concern is worse than voicing concern. I do hope Will is aware of the problems, and stops suggesting he likes skinny women. I work hard to stay slim, so I know the issues , but Kate is really beginning to give me concern.

      1. I don’t think this is about William having a thing for skinny women but his having a thing for Jecca who happens to be naturally super skinny.

        In the beginning, when they were on an engagement, a woman told her not to lose anymore weight, or something to that effect, and Kate said to her “it’s all a part of the plan.”

        We all know that Kate spent her waiting years, and now the sham marriage ones, SWF-ing the only two women who’ve ever meant something to William: Diana and Jecca but she will never be either of them. So if her plan is to make herself look as close to Jecca as possible, then she needs to stop. A man either loves you or he doesn’t. Trying to turn yourself into a pale imitation of who and what a man really truly wants isn’t going to make him love you.

  48. Since I saw the picture with the hat it reminded me of something, but I didn’t know what. But now I know what she reminds me of: a Quaker!!!!

  49. The photos of Kate are bland and boring. Nothing what I expect on the cover of VOGUE. Kate was keen to have her photos exhibited in the NPG and for her vanity she has preferred rather to neglect duties than to miss the photo shooting.

  50. All l can see are teeth and brows in a painfully thin and angular face. Kate looks nice but these Vogue photos are nothing to write home about. I make no comparison to Diana’s cover shot, but this is more akin to a sporting catalogue shoot not a Vogue cover. And of course Kate looks happy, it’s all about her and naturally she can probably spend all day on a photo shoot when she blew off spending an hour or so with the Irish Guards. So naturally the only incentive to visit the NPG is to view her favorite subject – herself.

  51. I’m so tired of the endless over promotion of this lackluster woman – all because she married a prince. Yes, she is pretty, and has nice clothes. So fitting that she is on the cover of a fashion magazine because that’s all that she can bring to the table. Someone pretty to look at and show off clothes she defines as fashionable. In the past 5 years she has done nothing noteworthy or remarkable yet here she is. Constantly being promoted in the media. This is what is wrong about our society. Coveting false idols when the really caring, hard working, and noteworthy people go unnoticed. Sigh.

  52. I like the one with the striped shirt. The close ups are really odd. It’s all teeth and the eyebrows are horrible.

    In the closeups with the hat, she looks like a tourist taking a picture on a ranch in Texas.

    I do love her natural makeup aside from the brows.

  53. Hey there everyone,

    Forgive me for any spelling mistakes have been unloading containers, distributing supplies, and lived on lukewarm coffee for the past 23 hours… no joke (apart from my ripping into this disgraceful exhibition of middletons).

    I am going to throw the cat among the pigeons now:

    How is this for the thought of the day:-

    You know how there was that very famous “alone” photograph of Diana at the Taj Mahal WITHOUT
    Prince Charles, even though the circumstances are murky around the setting up of that….

    Well what about this – Vain Kate the Fake on British Vogue WITHOUT Prince William?

    Is that THE TAJ MAHAL moment all over again?

    I am still absolutely fuming, have managed to scribble notes on that letter I am sending to Her Majesty and Prince Charles requesting answers to my concerns….

    Just try and go there with my train of thought… they get back from a Jolly in India, after blowing off important events prior to it, have time to make sure a photo shoot is covered for kate the fakes favourite subject WHICH IS HERSELF….

    So I now wonder if on the 5th anniversary of that wedding spectacle that this is
    the Taj Mahal = Diana (marriage trouble) 21st century version?

    Obviously that will cause a fair bit of thinking about – no doubt there will be doubters however maybe that sign is already there … and since middleton along with her gormless lazy billy boy fair piss@d me off I can only imagine what Her Majesty has had to say.

    However got to go, truck is pulling out in 2 minutes will get back to you when I am in range next and by the way – love all of your comments.

    A basket full of happiness, let love, laughter and joy light your way….

    The Wild Rose

    still… fuming

    1. Are you in Rakiraki at the moment? Just wondering how they are coping after the storm and how the clean up is coming along?
      Take care out there Wild Rose!

      1. Hey there everyone,

        Just checking in – while the coffee is brewing… have managed a 2 hr stand down to get my thoughts together..

        KMR rocks – so love the posts when I can get them. Never ceases to amaze me!!

        Thought I would let you know where I have been “lurking” about kicking off from Lyttleton Christchurch weeks ago, up to and including the lower/to northern pacific run.

        This includes the Full western sea board of the Fijian Islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu coupled with the varying islands within the Yasawa group. By varying means of travel from Sigatoka, upwards of the coast Nadi (a sad and sorry sight) the mangled mess along the way, to a little Island called Serua which has special personal meaning south of Nadi. From there literally inland, up the coast by boat/ship (on foot if transport not available), heading on up to Rakiraki and inland villages.

        I had actually driven the Queens Road and Kings Road less than 2 years ago and believe me what there is now is a proud group of people, with only what they stand in and what little they have they share. Rakiraki brought me to tears (however you never ever cry in front of anyone) their very resilience is something that humbles me.

        The broken homes, the lack of drinking water, the landslides, the utter devastation all around makes you wonder about the very strength of the human spirit.

        So we help where we can, you look at each and every person in the eye – you respect their pride and just listen to their stories, then you just keep on working – whether it be picking the bits of wood that was a home, finding shelter or just being present in a place that is broken all around.

        Have been up and into the outlying islands – much of which has been flattened, supplies slow to get through but people share, and we just go on helping.

        Were moving when that latest Cat 3 cyclone was bearing down on Samoa – that was hairy to say the least, once that drop off was done then headed off again to northern waters.

        Prior to this had been up as far as Christmas Island (1000 nautical miles) south of Hawaii – very little there, the community was very small – two flights in and out in a span of 14 days, via Nadi, Christmas Island then Honolulu, but it is the sights that are not reported that stay with you.

        The pride that the Fijians, Samoans, Tongans etc are to be treasured especially in the face of what they deal with.

        It is in those moments that having lived through 5 years with the Earthquakes that flattened the City I actually live in that you truly understand what courage and fear mean. Blended experiences, just a different circumstance.

        At the moment doing road runs (to inner villages in the northern corners of outlying islands). Very little downtime, I suppose I would not want it any other way.

        Life as I know it and see it. Have taken thousands of photographs – just for my personal life journey – a visual journal of the good, the not so good, the wealthy, the poor, the homeless, the cardboard boxes that are the four walls of safety for some.

        I think the only kindness that anyone can ask for really is to be able to be somewhere that they can feel is a home – even if it is a cardboard box, a park bench or a doorway.

        Enough about what I get up to…

        Please keep up all the excellent comments that you bring to the table – I fall about laughing at some, others I just grin, but to all of us who are out in the real world and not holed up in KP or the Anmer Hall bunker – I say use your voice.

        Use your voice – silence is not the answer in respect these cretins (billy boy, kate the fake or their offspring).

        It is the like of Prince Harry with the Invictus Games, Prince Charles and the Princes Trust, the quiet workers like Prince Philip, Sophie Wessex, The Princess Royal and Her Majesty that are the glue.

        Keep these guys honest KMR – and anyone else who reads my comments, from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Your kind, caring words bring a smile to my heart.

        So enough already – I will try and check in again however it maybe a few days, internet is too unstable, the terrain is rough, the diesel from the ship will be ingrained in my clothing for years to come but I would not change it for anything.

        A basket full of happiness to you all, a candle to light your way, fair winds and calm seas.

        The Wild Rose

        1. wildrose, you are an inspiration! Prayers for your continued safety as you do your good works in the world.

    2. You could have something there.

      If if remember correctly Diana had her Vogue shoots when she wanted to re-brand herself, just before the marriage ended.

      Is their marriage already in such a bad state, that re-branding is what Kate tries here or did she just want a Vogue cover? If she just wanted a Vogue cover, she and Jason are playing a very short sighted game. Or doesn’t she or Jason understand in what state her public profile is now?

      I really don’t know. Yes the Cambridge pr is BAD, yes Kate only thinks of KATE, yes the Cambridge marriage is doomed.

  54. On Saturday night I watched “Posh People: Inside Tatler”, A tv programme about an English magazine. In it the editor makes a comment about Kate and that Kate would never pose for a photo shoot.
    And then next day these photos are released, kind of interesting, right?
    Kudos to Vogue UK for getting the shoot that no one thought would happen?
    I suppose I should say well done to Kate for ending up with a Vogue cover but I just don’t see this as a worthy cover, as others have said – it looks more like a series of photos from a catalogue than from a high class fashion magazine. I didn’t even recognize Kate at first! Photoshop to the max, of course, and those eyebrows (yikes!). But I have cancelled my appointment with the dentist to get my teeth whitened again as Kate’s over whitened chompers are a bit scary to me.

    1. Here’s another take on Kate’s Vogue portrait, this time from The Guardian:

      The pics are a vanity exercise. They do muddy the waters. If monarchy is a symbol of duty, service, noblesse oblige, then what of this, the latest in ‘celebrification’ of the Cambridge’s? They don’t seem to want to do the duty part at all, which nullifies their existence on the payroll.

  55. Why is Kate recycling a look with a big hat from when she was 10 years younger? Kate needs to grow up and become a woman. Or is this a way to start a re-branding of the Cambridges as down to earth and like the rest of us. The pictures are okay and as many have said Kate looks kind of masculine. I would have liked to have seen a cover with a formal picture of her with hair up, some serious bling, a gorgeous gown (off the shoulder) and a great tiara. The more casual pictures should have been part of the inside spread. Kate just lacks an air of sophistication and confidence, when I looked at all the royals attending King Carl’s 70th, the younger royals who are her contemporaries just outshine her. Kate is as dull as dishwater.

    1. I guess it is a way of re-branding the Cambridges as down to earth. I also believe she is channeling her inner Jecca, too.
      Sad, that Kate can’t seem to find her real self and hold on to her. I agree that she seems more comfortable in casual clothes, but does the casual look have to reflect Jecca? Or, am I being too critical of her? I just don’t know.
      VOGUE is all about fashion, so why not do the fashionista thing? She could still find her own look for that style — especially with the help of the crew from the magazine . Maybe, then, the clothes she wears to all her events will have a bit more life, too. Take their hints and hold on dearly to them!
      And, oh, yes, BB, the other royals do outshine her.

    1. Haha, forgot about that little guy, but YES!! And Groucho also comes to mind. Truly, those eyebrows are just too much. They certainly don’t look natural, and I think that’s the look they were going for. Natural, simple country girl…dressed in Burberry. Right. I think most people here agree…this was a vanity project. And we are not amused.

  56. These photos just seem like pages from a mail-order magazine to me.
    Like I would consider buying that top, based on the presentation by the model.

    What is royal about them? It’s a picture of a relaxed, content country lass. OK. A Royal Duchess? Wife to the second in line to the throne? Future Queen? There is just none of that there.

    So maybe she does not yet feel herself that way, fine. She is low-key. Fine too.

    But if I did not know her and someone showed me those pictures, I’d be like “Nice top. Scary hat. Which magazine did you pull that from? Do they have a return policy?”

    You know?

    1. I think what we’re dealing with here is Kate has nothing to offer.
      I’ll explain.

      Great photographs. Those that capture our attention. They’re not just images. They have some power behind them that makes us go beyond the person and clothes. What they’re made of is seen and not the physical aspects. THAT makes great photographs. IMO.

      What Kate has shown so far is she has no interest in anything outside of herself and her gains. Yes, she’s done charity work, but we’ve yet to see her really care about it. Seen her follow through. Seen her do much more than “raise awareness” or “self promote” so what inner beauty or strength is there in that way?

      Times (IMO) she’s shown any sort of inner light or personality she’s active, shopping, dressed up. Times she’s shown human emotion and not of a Cavaliere King Charles dog’s head tilt (no offense they’re great dogs!) she’s real and it’s humanizing. However, i’ve only noticed this in those rarely covered photos of William with very aggressive body language towards her. There you see something from within that is natural and beautiful in a way. Not saying being yelled at and sad is beautiful. More that it’s an emotion and makes her real.

      Diana had that. Harry as that. Other royals from other families have that.
      What helps also is what they’ve accomplished. If you’ve done something for the world we process this and can see someone as (I think the average is) 10% more or less attractive than just their physical appearance. Science!

      So, why these images failed so fully is Kate has offered us nothing except her physical appearance. And unless you’re stunningly gorgeous or taking some artistic risk with makeup or imagery this isn’t worthy of being in the NPG.

      As for Kate. This is just very basic. The clothes are basic. The imagery is basic. I’m not sure what was to be accomplished here. There’s nothing special. Nothing of Vogue for fashion. I’m only seeing how Kate got her photo taken again.
      And these images didn’t have to be breathtakingly powerful. Maybe just something that made us view her as more than the negatives. Something from inside that makes us think she’s more than those poor traits. Too much?

      1. I see your point RS, and agree. Kate shows nothing within. I recall the image a little while back of her turning in William’s direction as he walked on ahead of her as she exited a car; the distress/anger/humiliation was so raw. It was uncomfortable to see anyone in that level of pain though it is one of the most real images of her.

        The Vogue photos were meant to show her ‘private existence’. If so, it is a mighty bleak one. The choice of location was rather barren and monochromatic, no interaction with anything or anyone (save a brief pat of Lupo). All rather cold, a word used to describe her personality. So maybe this is all there is. Or a personality so well hidden, instead projecting anyone who may be more acceptable (=Jecca). Apologies for the armchair diagnosis!

        1. Haha most of comments here are forms of “armchair diagnosis” so no offense taken!

          I did find it odd this was to be a more natural Kate. And she’s not interacting with much of anything. There’s no gardening. No activities like horse riding. Not of her on a bench sketching. Nothing really. Lupo… Barely.

          This backfired.

  57. KMR is my favourite Kate blog, but I do read other blogs. Earlier today I saw a picture taken from this photoshoot. It cant possibly be an official picture. Could be a fake !! It’s taken from the back view where Kate is leaning on the fence. It’s taken from quite a distance away. You can see all of her back, the thing is…..her pants are pulled lower than her waist and you can see the top of her backside. Flashing for Vogue . Sorry I can’t find which blog.

    I also look at the pictures on the Duchess Kate blog. There are some more pictures from the photoshoot. Kate is wearing different clothes. A checked lumberjack type of shirt.Another one in dungarees petting Lupo.

    1. The June edition of British Vogue is apparently out in the UK, which is where those photos are coming from. But since I’m in the US, I won’t be able to get a copy of until it becomes available online. I found a website which allows me to buy British Vogue online, but it is still showing the May edition of the magazine. I’m guessing the June edition won’t be available until Thursday (like Vogue originally said), so I’m expecting to do a write up of the full spread on Thursday.

        1. I saw that earlier on Twitter. It’s possible that, since those clothes aren’t Kate’s and were just used for the shoot, the pants they used were too big for Kate and they slipped down during the shoot.

          1. Is this a different red shirt? This one doesn’t look like it has stripes.
            Which Duchess Kate blog has the other pictures Matty?

          2. But didn’t the shoot feature particular clothes and prices? Burberry pants, as per your article? Plus the striped top? I assumed they brought pants that were too large but took the picture anyway since little of them were seen. Funny though. Mishaps around her nether regions happen with regularity.

          3. Really, she is too much! Any opportunity she can get to flash is a good day! Ray, I’m with you. I hope Vogue said, “Keep the pants!”
            She makes me feel sick.

          4. You are being kind, KMR. Wouldn’t someone at the shoot have pinned them in a way that ensured they stay up? The Duchess of Flash Rides Again!

  58. @ Cookie
    Someone has posted the falling down pants pics further down KMR blog.
    KMR has said she is covering the photoshoot later this week

  59. KMR, you are very kind. If the pants were too large for Kate, wouldn’t the stylist at the shoot have secured them for her? It’s just so typical for a little flashing to go on, it seems.
    Typical and not very ladylike. But, it’s Charlotte who is the ladylike one, isn’t it?

    Frankly, I am getting really tired of Kate’s serial flashing. And, I agree with Ray. I hope VOGUE told Kate, “The slacks are yours for the keeping.”


  60. I do not like the way she styles her shorter hair now. It’s all wavy and haphazard around her face. She looks much better when her hair is straight around her face and the big curls are on the bottom only. These are not the most flattering photos of her 😐

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