Kate Middleton reveals she has a hamster at Hampton Court Palace, visits Anna Freud Centre

Kate Middleton reveals she has a hamster at Hampton Court Palace, visits Anna Freud Centre

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge did some stuff today, May the 4th Be With You, and didn’t bother to wear even one Star Wars related item. How dare she. Instead, she repeated a bunch of previously worn items to visit the new Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace, to attend a reception at the Anna Freud Centre (her first visit as Patron), and to view the Vogue 100 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

Kate at Magic Garden 4
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate started her day at Hampton Court Palace – former home of King Henry VIII – where she viewed the recently opened Magic Garden and unveiled a plaque commemorating her visit. It’s a really beautiful plaque. Of all the plaque’s I’ve seen royals unveil, this has got to be the prettiest.

Hampton Court’s Magic Garden is “a new and unique way… to explore the palace’s past. Set within King Henry VIII’s former Tiltyard, where the elaborate spectacle of the Tudor tournament played out, the new garden takes inspiration from the fairy-tale-like quality of the Tudor Palace.”

Kate at Magic Garden 6
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

While chatting to kids at Magic Garden, Kate revealed the newest Cambridge family member: a hamster named Marvin.

Princess Charlotte apparently likes Marvin’s whiskers tickling her face. One of the kids Kate chatted to said: “She said she had a hamster, and Charlotte really likes it because the whiskers always tickle her face.”

Ah man, Princess Estelle is going to be so bummed that the Cambridge kids got that hamster she wanted and all she got was a baby brother.

I saw several people say that they thought this Magic Garden visit would have been a fantastic visit to bring Prince George to, and I have to agree. I’m sure George would have loved to play there, and it would have been a great way to introduce him to royal duties while still in a safe, fun environment (kind of like when the Wessexes brought their kids to the zoo). But since this visit would have been perfect for George, of course Kate didn’t bring him. Instead, she used him as a talking point. Again.

From the Mirror:

    “The Duchess spoke to Elodie and Olivia, both eight, from St John the Baptist Church of England Junior School who were sitting on top of the plastic and clay dragon.
    “Elodie said: ‘She asked us what lessons we were missing and how school is. She said George would love the dragon but he would be a bit scared.’
    “Olivia added: ‘It was very exciting. She looked like a very rich lady.'”

Kate at Magic Garden 3
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Though Prince William and Kensington Palace insist on calling Kate “Catherine”, Kate told a little girl to use “Kate” instead.

More from the Mirror:

    “As Kate, wearing a coat by Michael Kors, toured the garden, a small girl tugged on the sleeve of the chairman of Historic Royal Palaces, Rupert Gavin, pointed at the duchess and asked him: ‘Who’s that?’
    “‘The Duchess of Cambridge’, he replied.
    “Mr Gavin said afterwards: ‘Then the child said, ‘Ooh, are you the princess?’
    “She said: ‘Just call me Kate.'”

Kate at Magic Garden 5 Kate at Magic Garden 8
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

There was also a cake that I’m sure Kate didn’t eat.

Kate with cake at Magic Garden
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Here’s a video of Kate touring the Garden.

Kate repeated a Michael Kors indigo twill jacquard swing coat which she first wore in Australia in April 2014.

Kate wore her Mappin and Webb “Empress” earrings and pendant, and her LK Bennett “Fern” pumps – I guess these are 2016’s Sledges since she’s worn them so much lately. Kate also carried a new clutch, also LK Bennett, the “Nina” in trench.

Mappin and Webb Empress White Gold and Diamond Drop earrings Mappin and Webb Empress Mini White Gold and Diamond pendant LK Bennett Fern pumps in trench leather LK Bennett Nina Clutch

Even with the Demented Bunny hat I still prefer the 2014 styling to today’s. It’s a super boring coat, and the navy accessories and anemone brooch add some interest that today’s nude accessories don’t. Also, this coat seems way too heavy and winter-y for today’s event.

April 2014 on the left; May 2016 on the right.

After her visit to Hampton Court Palace, Kate attended a lunch reception at London’s Spencer House as Patron of the Anna Freud Centre. The reception was in support of the development of a new center of excellence for children’s mental health. Kate met families who have benefited from the Centre, as well as supporters, and saw a short film about the ambitions of the organization.

Kate at Anna Freud Centre reception 1 Kate at Anna Freud Centre reception 2

It’s so rare that we hear what Kate says to people, because she speaks so quietly and the videos are usually taken from farther away, but on this video, starting at 0:38, you can hear Kate ask one parent: “What was it that the center provided you and your son with that really helped him thrive now at school?”

Kate took off her coat for the reception, revealing her Roksanda Ilincic “Peridot” dress and Cartier watch. This is the third appearance of this dress. Kate first wore it in July 2011 arriving in LA, then repeated it in July 2012 at a reception at the Royal Academy.

This dress is pretty, but I’m kind of “meh” on all three styling options since that all look so similar. I guess I prefer the one where her hair is up, but it needs a brooch or some pop of color in the accessories.

July 2011 on the left; July 2012 in the middle; May 2016 on the right.

117 thoughts on “Kate Middleton reveals she has a hamster at Hampton Court Palace, visits Anna Freud Centre

  1. I may be in the minority here, but I love that coat the first time she wore it and the dress. I like that she took off the coat for the second engagement, that way it actually felt different from the first one engagement. I liked both outfits from the day events today. But I am already tired of the Fern shoes!!! I want to take Kate shoe shopping! She is so missing out on all the fun heels out there :).

    I think Kate did well today. There are things I could nit-pick, but overall I think this was good. Now if she would just do this more often…..

    1. Hi Overit, lol it’s so funny how we can look at the same photos and have completely different reactions! Thanks for being a positive foil to my pretty negative comments πŸ™‚

      1. Two events in one day. It must be a record for Kate. She must have also received a memo about recycling her outfits after the India and Bhutan tour. I think it would have been wonderful for her to bring George. Yet as a mother of a boy of the same age it can be a crap shoot. Kate has a nanny. So I can understand it. Yet my son is not going to be the King of England someday.

        The whole Catherine Kate thing. It seems me that William and the PR team are trying to make Kate more sophisticated. Yes it is her given name. Yet I feel she doesn’t embody the persona that they want to project. Referring to herself as Kate goes hand in hand with “normal” narrative. It just seems like a fake persona. My personal opinion. As well her posture is horrendous.

    2. I agree. I think her interactions in both the videos were a lot better than what we’ve had so far!

    3. I agree, Overit! I liked both outfits. Accessories could’ve been taken up a notch and it would’ve been nice to see her wear trousers to a playground, but overall she did well.

    4. Love it too. I’m a big MK girl though.
      And yes.. If only she can handle doing these softball events more often. Like once a week? And being George so he is not scared. Got to start somewhere!

      Love her styling. Maybe not for this, but still.

      That cake looks amazing!

    5. The dress looked God awful since she is so much thinner than the last times she wore it. She has no rear end. None!!!!! The coat was ok, but so similar to other coats.

      Nice to see her out and about at events, but I’m afraid in my humble opinion, the damage is done and it’s been so severe, that even if she attends an event and seems to have done an ok job, I have lost my ability to say too much in the positive vein. I’m frankly, fed up with her. Mark me down in the cranky column, today!

      1. Right?! Boyfriend and I are huge gym rats. We practically live there. I was reading the post when they were at the safari and I turned to show Boyfriend a picture and was like “Kate clearly doesn’t squat.” We both laughed. And he said something along the lines of “Holy crap, when did she get so skinny?! She’s not attractive anymore.”

        And totally agree with the rest of your comment. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. How many times has her PR said she’s going to hit the ground running or she’s keen on something and it all ends up being a lunch bag let down?

  2. May the 4th be with you KMR!!

    I just can’t look at her anymore, her posture is so poor!! God how I want to tie her hands to her sides and slap her on the back until she learns to quit carrying herself like a question mark!!

    Well, the colorful clothes we saw in India and the softer makeup we saw in the Vogue photo shot are now officially history, never to been seen again. It’s back to the boring, unstyled coat dresses, blah (but expensive) pumps and the tiny clutches that serve no purpose other than to ward off anyone who dares to get to close.

    Too bad she couldn’t take a moment to say something about this wonderful new children’s area or about her brand new patronage.

    Argh, I might just have to take a break from following her! The dullness of this woman is becoming too grating for me to take much longer. And the longer I follow her the more apparent it becomes that she is completely unsuited and unprepared for her current and future roles.

    1. Lol, Lauri, the first thing I actually noticed today was Kate’s posture and even mentioned it to my husband. She is a great walking advertisement for better posture. Every time I see her, I stand up a little straighter πŸ™‚

      You always comment on her posture, I always comment on her shoes πŸ™‚

      I was also thinking it was too bad at the plaque ceremony that Kate didn’t say something simple like “Congrats on this wonderful new children’s area. I look forward to bringing George and Charlotte back one day. You have all done an amazing job and should be very proud, so give yourselves a hand.” Or something simple along those lines πŸ™‚

      1. I was going to make the exact same comment about her posture! I have mild kyphosis and everytime I get myself slouching, I think about her and stand up straight :p

      2. I really wish Kate would say at least a few words, you know. How simple to say just a quick sentence. I mean, it’s so simple.

    2. May the 4th Be With You, Lauri!

      Kate’s fashion is really boring. I’ve been putting together a post on my favorite pieces from Kate’s wardrobe, doing a pre-George V post-George thing, and I’ve realized why I tend to dislike her clothes more now: it’s because she doesn’t style and accessorize them anymore. She used to style and accessorize them way better and now she doesn’t (except for this purple dress, clearly). So even when she repeats an article of clothing from her pre-George days, I don’t like it as much because it’s poorly styled and accessorized.

      1. I noticed the same thing. She used to look much nicer when dressed up. Now her clothing seems boring. What changed?

        The same with her hair IMO. It used to look much better. Now it seems like it is too floofy or a tad frizzy? I don’t know, but it was much prettier in the past. I also don’t think the sides twisted back suits her, but she seems to be really into that look lately!

        1. She may be growing out the fringe, but it looks too retro when it is down for my taste and too little girl when it is twisted back. She needs to look more sophisticated. The vacant look in her eyes seems to be back and dear God, the woman needs to play around when th new make up colors. She needs to let go of the freaking eye liner. It is almost as bad as her posture! I could see CP Mary styling that dress with her eggplant ha and shoes, completely breathing some life into it. She seems to be withering away. Looking at the pics from 2011 and 2012 highlight how dull she looks, unhealthy.

      2. That sounds like a great idea KMR!! I’ve seen on several other sites, people saying how boring her style has become since the birth of George, so I would love to see examples side by side.

      3. I feel like none of her boring styling would matter if she showed more warmth. Wear boring trousers to the playground engagement, play with the kids, say a few words, etc.

    3. Lauri, I think I’m going to join you in your break from her and stick to the other royals for a while. I must admit I was so bored I couldn’t even finish reading the post (so sorry, KMR, this is nothing against your great work, I know you put a lot of effort here).
      Her visits are always the same: crotch-clutching, head-tilting, “George would have loved that”, some other funny story about the children or about a pet. She brings nothing new to the table. I know you can’t blame someone for being boring, but it’s like she’s not even trying.

      1. Oh, but she is like this just because she doesn’t want to cause drama like Diana did and upset the RF, who love her as she is.
        Also, she is trying not to outshine Charles and Camilla.


        1. Do the royal family love her? I can’t imagine Anne or the York girls do, I worry about Harry who seems to be used but not genuinely cared for. HM doesn’t seem overly impressed. Charles isn’t happy about his access to his grandchildren.

      2. Hi Paula, you are more than welcome to join me. Although be warned I’ve seriously considered doing this before then find that I can’t keep quiet about her lack of …well…everything.

    4. Laurie, I feel the same way. I feel so mean but I can’t stand her cheesy fake expressions of interest.

      I think she is using these new appearances to get ready for Wimbledon. She wants to blunt any criticism when Carole and Pippa appear in the Royal Box. As the royal tennis patron she must be salivating at being able to dole out those seats.

      Can’t stand her–I really need to get away from her narcissism and shameless self centerednes.

      Thanks everybody. You really are a very measured thoughtful group of people!

      1. Even if she works, she will be criticized when she goes in Winbledon and we will see these commentaries : “She breaks a 100th year tradition, but she builds her tradition : she will not risk to be absent for Wimbledon….”
        I wonder if she will have the patronage for Wimbledon : it is not official for now?

      2. Indiana, you always give good comments, too. Don’t leave. Or, do so for a while. Coming back, you may be a bit more relaxed. You will proasbly still want to criticize her, but you will have gotten a break from the things that are so irritating.

        Or, just read the threads about Harry and the other Royals.

  3. I wanted to give a quick “Hi, how are you doing” to Seth, if he’s still reading. Seth, you’ve been on my mind lately and am hoping all is going as well as it can for you and your family.

        1. If you do watch Star Wars, either watch 4, 5, 6, and 7, and skip 1-3, or watch 4, 5, 2, 3, 6, and 7 in that order. Episodes 1-3 are not that good. Episode 4 is great, Episode 5 is fantastic, Episode 6 is good, and Episode 7 is good.

          1. I actually think she should watch them in the order they came out, 4,5,6. Then 1-3 (1 is horrible, 2 is fine, 3 is decent), they are worth seeing at least once and it is fun since you have an idea of the pre-story after watching 4,5,6. Then watch 7, which is kind of a combination of 4,5,6. It is a fun series, but the original 3 are the best!

          2. I watched them in numerical order when I watched them for the first time, which I don’t think is a good way to watch them the first time. I do think all of them are worth watching if only for the knowledge of them, but some people don’t want to watch the prequels. I would definitely start anyone who hasn’t seen with 4 since you would want to start with a good movie.

          3. I like the Original Star Wars the best. I went to see them in the Cinema with my dad when they came out in 1997 again. I had to hide behind my hands when Darth Vader came on as he frightened me due to seeing the shortened versions on super8 film is it. I liked a New Hope and the Empire Strikes back which is the best one if a little frightening and darker. I found Return of the Jedi entertaining but a lot of strands to follow and I liked the ending. I was pleased they returned to the old characters in TFA but liked the way they setup the characters.

          4. Star Wars IV: A New Hope is the first movie I remember seeing and it was thrilling! I wanted to be Luke Skywalker and though it was too bad he wasn’t a girl.

            I-III are not good in terms of storytelling and acting but the art direction and the costumes are amazing!

            The new one draws heavily on IV, so heavily that it tethers on the line between homage and copy. It is still very entertaining! I’m tickled pink that the main protagonist is a girl and it was great to see Han Solo again. He is his own rogueish self πŸ˜‰

          1. I know I’m a sad old lady.will have to start putting that right, starting with 4,5,6.i know all the characters of course and I’m sure we’ve had a few light Sabres in our house over the years.

      1. I love Star Wars! What is your favorite? Mine was always Return of the Jedi, but recently I have begun to love Empire more, so now I think it is tied πŸ™‚

        1. Empire is my favorite. I like Jedi also, and A New Hope, but Empire has always been my favorite. What did you think of The Force Awakens?

          1. Empire is my hubbie’s favorite and I appreciate it more now than when I was a teenager. We just recently re-watched them all and Empire by far stands out from the other 2 (even though I still love Jedi :)).

            The first time I watched the Force Awakens, I was really disappointed, only because it was hyped so much. I liked it a lot the second time I watched it but felt like JJ took the safe route story wise. He pretty much copied A New Hope, which he was probably afraid of upsetting the fans, so he went with something he knew was good. I like the new characters, especially Poe, whom they need more of! So, overall I thought it was good, not even close to the originals though. I’m hopefully for the next 2. What did you think?

          2. I kind of had a similar experience to you. I was disappointed after watching it the first time because it had been hyped so much. Even after multiple watches the best moment I had watching TFA was the first time that music and logo hit in the theatre the first viewing. I loved Poe and want so much more of him. I actually liked Han Solo which is a huge improvement since I haven’t liked Harrison Ford in a movie in a while. I was very disappointed that they basically copied A New Hope, and didn’t do it as well as that film did. But I understand how much pressure JJ was under to make a good film. Taking into account the pressure he was under, I do think he made a good movie. It just didn’t live up to the hype that it had around it. I was very, very disappointed in Kylo Ren, though. It stills bothers me that Finn held his own with Ren for so long during the final battle, and that Rey was able to basically defeat Ren so quickly. Just from a storytelling perspective, it’s a mistake to make your villain so weak in the first film. I did like the film, though, and I am very much looking forward to what they do in the next two films.

          3. I would have tought if William had married someone say from the army then Anne would respect her. The York girls seem to stick together and Eugenie elbowed her way past Kate at Ssndringham. I too would have thought that George would have benefited from going to Hampton Court Palace. It would have been a fun outing and seeing his mum interacting with the crowd and officials. Instead it looks like Kate wanted a fun day out. It is good to hear Kate talk. However surely the father and son are giving each other s emotional support which the centre provides. It was good to see Kate doing two engagements but the one at Hampton Court reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. May the forth (force) be with you.

          4. Well I am glad I am not alone KMR. And I know what you mean-I got chills the first time in the theatre when the title and music started. So good.

            I hope the next movies have more Poe, he was by far the best new character. And I was frustrated with Ren as well. I realize they didn’t want to make him too powerful yet, but they kind of made him too weak. I also didn’t like that they had him take off his helmet so soon. Leave some mystery. The ending also bothered me with Luke and Rey just staring at each other for so long. They should have just had Luke look over his shoulder at her so we could only see his eyes and end it there! That is just my opinion. I agree it was good and much much better than the prequels, but nothing compare to the originals. I hope the next 2 are far more original. Who do you think Rey’s parents are?

          5. Fully agree, Overit. In an attempt at making him not too powerful they inadvertently made him too weak, which is not good in terms of storytelling. It actually really pulled me out of the film when Ren took off his helmet because I know who Adam Driver is and as soon as he took of his helmet I no longer saw Kylo Ren and only saw Adam Driver.

            While watching the film, I thought it was super obvious that Luke was Rey’s father. But now I’m not so sure. I’ve heard some fan theories, and both Daisy Ridley and JJ Abrams have tried to throw people off of guessing who Rey’s parents are. I don’t know, but I do think there is some sort of connection between Rey and Kylo Ren. Whether that is a familial connection or they were just studying at Luke’s academy at the same time before Ren destroyed it, I don’t know.

      2. I think I am the only person in the States who has not seen one Star Wars film Just have no interest in the series at all! But, for those who love the films, Hope the 4th was with you.too. And, now join me in a Margarita, por favor, for Cinquo de Mayo. I think I have misspelled Cinquo. Sorry!

        1. Lol, I know someone who has never seen any of the films and protested the newest one by going to whatever comedy opened that same weekend.

      3. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan! Got my eldest daughter into it. I was at Target when they were throwing out displays and I rescued a Ray standee which now proudly graces our office. I want my girls to have positive female role models, so no Duchess, obviously.

    1. May the 4th be with you guys too!

      (We did it here, NZ, yesterday – all wearing Stars Wars T shirts provided by one of the girls at work)

        1. If I knew there was a Star Wars special here yesterday, I would have joined the party sooner! Sometimes a Kate post can hide gems!
          Anyway, I’m a huge fan too, may the 4th was with you guys and hope you enjoy your cinco de Mayo as well, although here is almost sete de Mayo.
          I will join JET Texas in saying what a positive role model Ray is for girls, the exact opposite of our favourite duchess really, and what an amazing actress is Daisy Ridley.
          I would have loved to visit the Star Wars set myself, how jealous I was when William & Harry went, only God knows.
          For the rest of the fans here, at least we have the next episode to anticipate and let’s hope it will be even better! πŸ™‚

          1. I know right. I have never been more envious of the royals than when William and Harry went to the Star Wars set.

  4. I agree with you KMR, she could have brought George & nanny Maria to the first event. She could have spent some time playing with George and showing him the garden and then when she needed to speak to people, cut the cake, unveil the plaque etc. she could have used the nanny to take care of George. I’m not sure why she chose to wear heels & a dress to the first engagement as she climbed a ladder in one photo and bent over to look at the dragon in another. I’ve never liked the dress that she wore to the second engagement, I don’t like the fit up top and it definitely needs an updo so the sleeve detail can be seen. She has no sense of colour, she could have worn a brighter colour as it is spring over in the UK.Two engagements in one day – I’ve got a feeling the Queen gave them both a stern talking to after the India tour, hopefully a sign that both husband & wife will make more of an effort.

    1. I agree with you : she could put colors when she is around children. It is spring!!!!! I hope that the Queen gave them a stern talking!!!

  5. Point form today. I’m in between calls right now. Hurray for night shifts! NOT!

    – Terrible posture as always. And crotch clutching like crazy.
    – She needs a new hair dresser. I like that her hair isn’t in her face, but the style looks very childish. There are so many other options.
    – This would’ve been a perfect occasion to bring George. Alas, wasted opportunity.
    – She looked the best in 2012 when her hair was up so you could see the details on the dress. Having her hair down is just a distraction.
    – She really has zero clue when it comes to style and accessories.

    And there go the tones. Time to head out to another patient!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about a new hairdresser. She wouldn’t even let the Vogue stylist do her hair. I find it refreshing to change stylists every few years, even for one appointment. The same thing gets boring after a while, though Kate likes boring.

  6. Couldn’t Kate wear a cheerful & colorful coat since the engagement is at the children’s garden? It looks as if she’s attending a funeral. I miss the bright & vibrant colors of her India trip wardrobe. Kate doesn’t have the charm or the presence to light up a room. Everything is so boring about her. She should have brought George or even Charlotte to change the monotony of her engagements. Even she looked so bored!

    1. Ida that is what I was thinking. Way too dark. It’s spring time wear a more cheerful color. Take a lesson from the Queen. She always wears appropriate colors for her engagements. Also she usually wears vibrant colors so people can see her in the crowd. If she doesn’t want to go that route. Then take a page out Diana’s book. Diana would wear more cheerful colors when meeting children. Especially when she went to children’s hospitals.

      1. Gray in May. I just don’t understand. As another commenter posted on another article. Can someone get this woman a color wheel. No joke.

        1. And in the UK it’s in the high sixties up to the mid seventies lately! Heat wave! Even I, a California gal, would have been warm in a coat like that…

  7. I feel like I have to give Kate a little credit today. She wore one of her horrid full skirted coats that could have added a new flashing episode to her repertoire. However, some how, for once, she had the sense or just dumb luck to wear a slim fitting dress underneath. No chance of flashing the little kiddies. All that being said, I think her choice for the occasion was bad. Really dull and boring. If she is deliberately trying to be boring, I think we should give her an A++. She has nailed that one. This would have been the perfect time to wear a nice trouser suit with lower heels in an interesting color. Even if she had gone with usual navy, she could have added a bright colored blouse or top for interest.

    I may be the only person on the planet who doesn’t have a problem with the Fern shoes. The color is a good versatile neutral for spring and summer. I actually like the color and think it is an improvement over some of her older nude shoes. However, it wouldn’t kill her to wear something outrageous like red or bright pink or purple. What I don’t like is the pointy toe and hooker heels. Another thing that really bugs me is her continuing use of what I consider to be an evening style clutch for daytime use. A handbag with a handle or shoulder strap would be a nice change. But then she couldn’t stick her handbag in her crotch.

    1. Just look on the LK Bennett website they have some great colourful summer sandals! And either don’t carry a bag at all or stop with the clutches which just make her posture worse.

    2. I actually think the Ferns are one of Kate’s better nude pumps (and are miles ahead of the Sledges), the problem is is that Kate has so many and has worn them so many times for so many years that I really hate nude pumps at this point.

    3. I don’t have a problem with the shoes either. Sometimes a girl needs a neutral shoe. BUT that’s when you want whatever you’re wearing to pop. I don’t mind the pointy toe or height either. I’m a sucker for super tall heels. I don’t think I own any heels less than 4 inches.

      Kate’s problem is that her shoes and clothes are all boring. And she has to many pairs of shoes that are similar. She’s all about the monochrome palatte. I wonder if she separates her clothes by colour and goes to the closet of whatever colour she picks for the day.

    4. I thought the same thing when I saw that coat, Sue. Oh, no, a possible flashing. Glad she wore a straight dress beneath it. And, I think she could have brought George. The garden was so pretty and he would have enjoyed that cake! I wish she had said something, too.

      Too much to ask!

  8. Wasn’t the coat worn for Anzac Day? How can that then be ok for opening a fun kids play ground? She needed something bright and colourful and she should have brought George plus nanny to watch over him while she was busy
    Shoes are soooooo boring.
    Posture just awful .
    BUT if anyone from overseas visits (KMR might be coming to London this summer?) do go to Hampton Court it is fabulous. I went for the first time last summer and absolutely loved it.

    1. Yes, Kate wore this coat was worn during an Anzac Day event. I agree that it seems odd that Kate wore this to a somber event and to an event with kids.

      If/when I get to London, I’m absolutely going to Hampton Court Palace. I’ve looked into their different tour opinion.

      1. I’ve never been to Hampton Court (we were going to go but didn’t make it). I hear it’s AMAZING. I’m so sad we missed it but we’re planning on going back to London next year (and a longer trip to Wales – I encourage everyone to go to Cardiff and the surrounding areas, so great, so many museums and everyone is so delightfully friendly!).

    2. I agree with you! Hampton Court is so pretty. I was lucky enough to visit when I was studying overseas. Such a beautiful place.

  9. I like the dress, but my favorite outing of it was 2012. The coat seems too plain without colorful accessories. This type of event should be where Kate can really shine. She did well enough, but it could have been really memorable and it wasn’t. If she wore more practical outfits for hanging with kids so she could get on the playground equipment or sit on the ground comfortably at their level it would make a positive difference, I think.

    1. I read somewhere that she said she was desperate to take off her shoes and play with the kids, so why does she constantly wear dresses and 4 inch heels to a kids event?? A nice pair of trousers with flats or at least a lower heel would have been perfect. Big sigh…

      1. My guess is she probably said that to create the impression that she is overly excited, extremely eager to mingle and play with the kids. But c’mon, we all know Kate Middleton is not someone who enjoys/wants interaction with people other than William and The Midds. She is not fooling anyone. When you say something but act the opposite manner, the action and body language will scream how/what you’re really feeling.

        The reason why I feel this way is because I do that too to people I don’t really like but am forced to be with. For eg. I don’t particularly like my cousin but in gatherings or situations where I am forced to be in close proximity and have to engage in a conversation with her, I will end up making empty promises and having to fake like we are BFFs. After that, I don’t really follow through with her.

          1. I don’t know about y’all, but as much as I love my heels (they make legs look fab!), I don’t wear them all the time. Like when I’m driving. I’ll drive in flip flops/flats and put the heels on when I get outta the car. I always have a pair if flip flops and like 3 pairs of Nikes in my car. You’d think Kate would do the same while in the car. Mind you, the sensibl thing would be to wear an appropriate outfit. So really, zero excuse! But hey, I think I may be asking for too much.

          2. Either her staff don’t vet the places and advise her accordingly or she just ignores their advice. Heck, at this point I’d would be surprised to find out that she just gets into her at home and gets out again wherever her driver stops without even bothering to find out where she’s going and why.

          3. Remember Charlene interacting with kids at a playground? Slacks and flats, I believe. Or, at least not very high heels.

            I think Kate doesn’t want to get down and dirty on these visits. I believe she has to be told what is going to happen at the events and she chooses her wardrobe to show herself off, not to mingle with the children.

        1. Agree, Sarah. If she was so “keen” as she says, she would’ve just taken her shoes for five minutes and played with the kids. It would have actually been wonderful to see.

  10. I like the coat. The clips in the wiglet needs to go. Why am I so tickled that the hamster’s name is Marvin?

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, KMR! May the 4th be with you all. Oh, I totally watched the Empire Strikes back today!

  11. Greetings Everyone,

    A very quick two cents worth from me…

    1. PR stunt – the Cambridge marriage is Doomed. The separating out has already begun.

    2. Reasons: Billy boy nowhere to be seen when middleton turns up for her Vanity showing at the gallery. If anyone remembers when that “real” portrait that everyone slated when it was unveiled and many absolutely hated it – well it was “THE REAL KATE” as her eyes, the determination and manipulation were all there to see… only because it was the “wonder of the world” was it missed.

    3. Billy boy is as absent in this children’s photographs as Middleton is. Yes she may well have taken those photographs – but where is the cohesion between parents and children?

    4. Get real – you open a playground for children in the site where the most horrific things in British History have taken place, yet would not take her own son. What is with that?

    Is he so precious that he cannot get “germs” (even a private visit with no1 kid) could have been arranged and “manically controlled” for photographs, yet again – none.

    5. After flashing her butt yet again – unfortunately all over the world, even a Vogue photo shoot, she just couldn’t help herself.

    Turned herself into a Z list celebrity.

    6. These two live in a bubble, their PR, personal interaction with the public is at an all time low, even the photographs of Charlotte have not silenced the critics.

    7. What 2 events in one day? Really? When a 90 year old and a 94 yr old can do 4 and then attend a state dinner – what is there left.

    8. I am sick of seeing this kind of Bull Dust – the wonder of “recycled’ clothes, her hair, her shoes, her jewellery (not at all a gripe at you KMR), was referring to the comments on many of the other newspaper sites around the place.

    Middleton and Billy boy have no substance, I am true to my word and have written that letter – to both Her Majesty and Prince Charles. Will update you when I receive a response and believe me I will.

    The British Royal family (PR) whatever – have failed miserably in trying to make billy boy and kate the fake even likeable, they are lazy, pampered and neither of them give a toss or have a brain cell between them – except a selfish gene.

    Last but not least on that subject I give credit where credit is due to the Hardworking, dedicated and quiet members of the BRF who carry the load for these parasites.

    Queen Elizabeth I (the First) had a very telling response to anyone dare saying anything about what she was doing – or not as the case may be.

    “Must – is NOT a word used for Princes..” (the exact wording escapes me on 2 hrs sleep)

    And therein lies the fall of billy boy and kate the fake.

    So from me, I have had enough of the pretence of billy boy and kate the fake, there are no redeeming features here. No empathy, no compassion – just all window dressing.

    I would rather see the hardworking Prince Harry (Invictus Games) and you can bet on Kate’s naked butt that they will pull a stunt to try and over shadow it.

    I love seeing the European Royals – they are the real deal.

    So, KMR keep up your great work. I admire your dedication. Much respect and gratitude for the lovely comments posted and the sharp insights – always lightens my load.

    A basket full of happiness to you all, a candle to light your way, keep joy in your heart and a pocket full of dreams.


    Will check in when I am closer to shore as I am on the move again. (just picked up a signal by fluke).

    1. Hi Wild Rose! I’m glad you found time to write your letter, let us know if you receive a reply. The Queen is an amazing woman, I watched a BBC documentary that Prince Charles helped to create. What an amazing life she has had and her dedication and hardwork are commendable, it is a real shame that number 2 in line to the throne has no concept of what work is.

      1. In a behind the scenes shot that a Vogue photographer shot from behind. As it is a tad blurry it’s not 100% certain but after seeing it I’m 95% certain Vogue has captured Kate’s butt crack. Vogue likes to document the behind the scenes shots of every shoot and in doing this imo captured the Duchess’ true essence.

      2. Greetings Rose

        have to make this really quick – one was the wreath laying in India

        the Other when I went off my rocker with the british vogue (happened recently) check my posts. As I can only access stuff when in a position for stability – internet I mean and postage from ships and etc is not exactly the Royal Mail – but check for my raging comment on the vogue matter – I raised a number of other issues that I was covering because I was so incensed by the vanity and shite work ethic etc. So figured Prince Charles needed a rev up as well. Basically questioning what was the use of the pair of them and funding a lifestyle of laziness amongst other things. It took me 2 days to write as I was actually unloading stuff, trying to deal with emails and was fed up with the freeloaders. I just want and explanation for this. I was polite!

        Check out my comments – I am sitting out in a brisk wind trying to balance my laptop and do not hold out much hope for having a connection for much longer.

        Hope that helps

        kindest regards…..

        The Wild Rose

      3. She flashed her butt in a behind the scenes shot from the Vogue photoshoot. It’s all over the place now. Lola did a whole post about it.

        1. I try to have something to look forward to when I am working. Hot chocolate, a you tube video, something. Today, it’s going to be checking out Lola’s blog. This opening of this playground is just fluff to fill in a calendar imo, gotta keep this woman out there and in the spotlight. Absolutely nothing of substance or importance, I’m reasonably sure that the playground would have been just as much fun and just as relevant w/o her presence and yes she should have taken George. It’s a playground. She couldn’t bear to leave George and Charlotte to hand out shamrocks (and I’m sure that dog wasn’t upset over it) but she leaves them to open a playground?? Charlotte might be too young, but George would have had a blast and Cathy I’m just like you should have been able to handle one little boy. Maybe Nanny Maria’s uniform was at the cleaners.
          And maybe it’s just me but Cathy’s hair looks dull and lifeless.

    2. I hate when fans use the word “recycle” when Kate repeats an item of clothing. I saw one site that said Kate “recycled” the Lotus Tiara at the State Banquet last year. I use the words “repeat” or “rewore” because that’s more accurate and less stupid.

      For the last Invictus Games, Kate upstaged by announcing a pregnancy. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen this time.

      1. I agree. But I wish when she did repeat she changed the accessories. As we have said before a scarf, bright shoes , something other than a clutch.
        Think we should stop suggesting a nice pair of trousers after the Vogue incident. I wonder who posted those photos?

    3. I agree with you Wild Rose!

      It looks like a hastly pr maneuvre to make Kate relevant. It’s like the marriage is near is ending and Carole/Kate have to do anything to make Kate the IT girls she was in the beginning of the marriage. Kate will need all the goodwill she can get, before the divorce proceedings start. If William divorces her she will have nothing. People didn’t like her before the wedding and she has during the last five years flundered away all her goodwill, mostly due to her arrogance.

  12. The comment to a parent at the Anna Freud reception sounded very ‘learned’ to me – i.e., as if she had been given a few stock questions to ask. It did not sound like genuine interest, and the facial expression did not convey true interest to me either…

  13. The only positive thing I have is that I think Kate is wearing a more supportive brassiere than she did on vacation in India. Things look a bit more “perky”. However it is back to the hideous, aging, messy long hair and Rocky Raccoon eyes.

  14. The woman of no substance is on the move!

    When you come to the site to read people’s comments because they’re more exciting than “Kate” — well, you know there’s something wrong!

    I’ll read more about Star Wars, please!

  15. I liked the coat dress best the first time she wore it, and I actually thought the “bunny eared” chapeau was fetching on her! I loooove Roksanda Ilincic, and Kate has a few beautiful pieces by this designer. I loved this one best on it’s debut, though, I think the glowy tan and long hair did it for me (I almost cried when she cut her hair so short, I did love it, even though she was always fiddling with it) then. Make up a bit harsh, but she loves her black eyeliner (I was told it’s aging and since before I was her age I’ve worn a dark espresso brown and I’d never go back). Shoes are passable, but I hate 99.8% oh her clutches…this one included.

    Also, I am in the “bring George” camp. What’s the harm? Bring nanny Maria too, everyone knows she looks after him, so not one person would bat an eyelash if she was along to help wrangle him while Kate did her duties. I bet he would have thought that cake was something else!

  16. Thanks KMR for another day of posts and interesting conversation. I thought Kate did a Great job today. I do wish all these events could be spread out though. Even consecutive days would give each charity or event or cause its day in the sun; more time in the spotlight. Having everything back to back feels muddled.

    As far as outfits go I thought she was dressed fine for the events. As much as I would have loved to see George ‘slaying’ and climbing all over that dragon πŸ˜‰ in Hampton court, I think it was smart not to bring him. It could have seemed inappropriate to bring him to something like this because it would pull focus away from the kids who were there for the event. It seems like the point of these visits is to draw attention to the people involved in the place you’re visiting. So I’m glad they kept it about the kids who were there.

    Oh- and KMR I totally agree- what a gorgeous plaque that was!! Wish we got a better picture of it.

    1. I agree about the engagements that need to spead out more however our dear Kate prefers to pack them because it suites her better, not considering about the effect on the charities. First, it makes her look more busy and then it saves her time from commuting, outfit changes and even preparation time. People may excuse her easily if she’s ill prepared for three engagements for example. It’s a way to keep the quality standards of her engagements low and in the same time allows her to hide in Anmer for longer, as compensation. She just wants to ‘get over and done with it’, it’s part of her work ethic, imo.

      I have to disagree with you about George. It was the perfect opportunity to bring him to the Court. It would show how much children can enjoy the playground. Yes, the plaque looked gorgeous.

  17. Imagine if it wereHarry who were at the opening of Magic Garden…. There will interaction with the children, happy smiles….

    I love the comment from a child : she is a rich lady… That says it all

  18. When I first saw the photos from the engagement at Hampton Court I actually thought “Who am I meant to be looking at?”
    It took a second or two to realise that front and centre was Kate, she just looked so bland! Sorry to say it but she seems to be going backwards. She’s got no pzazz, no “it”. I think any fire we may have seen in her eyes was in the pre-engagement years when she was still hunting down William, it all seems to have burnt out now. It could be that since she has dieted herself into a stick figure that she needs all her energy just to keep upright, well sort of upright considering the slouch. My personal opinion is that William moved the family to Norfolk because he realised Kate isn’t up to the job and wanted to shield her from others finding this out. I think we are getting the best Kate can do now.

    1. I agree, she does look bland. She used to wear bright colors and accessorize with bright scarves and hats, etc. She would dye her hair a rich dark brown before events and it was always glossy and perfect. She looks thrown together lately. Her hair used to be so polished and gorgeous. Her makeup was smoky and pretty and she actually used pink on her lips. Now it looks like she does her hair herself. Her skin tone is super pale lately too and it doesn’t do her any favors. She looks disheveled to me

  19. Her hair is a mess and she looks much older without her spray tans. She’s losing it. I think 2011/2012 Kate would be upset with her recent looks

  20. Does anyone know how old William and Harry were when they started being taken to engagements? Or Louise and James? Just curious about the comparison.

    1. Charles and Diana took both boys on the royal tour to Canada in 1991, so William was 9 and Harry was 7. Louise didn’t appear on the balcony at Trooping of the Color until she was 8, and I’m pretty sure it was the same age for James. I believe Louise and James were both 8 when they started walking to church at Christmas.

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